Retarded Suicide Bombers R US


bush-on-bomb_master_425x320By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor


Did a retarded American youth recently blow himself up in Syria?

That’s the breaking story at They’re reporting that a certain “Abu Hurayra Al-Amreeki” of the al-Nusra front recently tried to suicide-bomb a Syrian army checkpoint with a truck filled with 16 tons of explosives. The report claims his truck, along with three others, was detonated by Syrian army fire before it reached the checkpoint.

While reading this sad story, it suddenly came to me: “Retarded American suicide bomber” isn’t just one unfortunate kid – it’s the whole story of our post-9/11 foreign policy.

The 9/11 inside job was itself an idiotic suicide attack – as Amiri Baraka noted so eloquently in “somebody blew up America.”

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So were the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. The destruction of Somalia, Sudan, and Libya, and the attempted destruction of Syria and the Ukraine, were all suicide attacks by the mentally handicapped.

The US empire is self-immolating. It is detonating itself out of sheer idiocy.

Uncle Sam is a mentally retarded suicide bomber.

What is the point of going to the Middle East and blowing yourself up? What good did it do to blast trillions of dollars to smithereens in Iraq and Afghanistan?

And why did we take 5 billion dollars and a big old bomb over to Ukraine, sit on the pile, and light the fuse?

Did we figure out how to be that stupid all by ourselves? “Abu Hurayra” didn’t. He was manipulated into blasting himself to smithereens by some con artist in New Jersey.

So who conned America into blowing itself up? Let’s rephrase the question: What entity could possibly benefit from Uncle Sam strapping on an explosives belt and blasting himself and the Islamic Middle East to bits?

Could it be the same entity that benefits when Muslims blow up other Muslims?

America – like the Takfiri extremists of al-Nusra, ISIS, Boko Haram, etc. – has been duped. In killing the people we’ve been brainwashed into believing are our enemies, we’re actually killing ourselves.

We Americans like to think we’re better than the idiotic suicide bombers who destroy their own cause by indulging in mindless, insanely counterproductive violence. We think we’re smarter than shoe bomber Richard Reid, who couldn’t get a match lit to set his shoes on fire, or underwear bomber Abdulmutallab, who didn’t know that plastique without a detonator is just sterno camping fuel – it won’t explode, but with luck you might manage to singe your nuts.

We like to think we’re smarter than the geniuses at Boko Haram who think the way to build popular support is to kidnap schoolgirls and threaten to sell them into slavery.

We’re not. We’re just like them. We ARE them. If anything, we’re even stupider, even more destructive, even more of a blight on the human race.

Retarded suicide bombers R US.




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  1. Brian, why don’t we need someone like Glitschige at VT? I don’t know, I kinda like it. A little humor is nice. It’s helpful when these types identify themselves, too.
    Kevin obviously wasn’t just assuming the man to be retarded but using that possibility as a way to make a comparison to every American action since 9/11. I mean seriously, all these people that sign up for the FBI operations or to go kill Muslims HAVE to be mentally retarded in some form. Hilarious!

    • Matter of fact, I think mental retardation is an American epidemic right now! When I see lines at McDonalds, lines to get vaccines, lines at football stadiums, lines at the gmo groceries and the zombies who think chemtrails are airplane contrails, I can’t help but think that fluoride has really done it’s job. We’re a nation of retarded idiots!

  2. Unassailably, this entire mess was created by these things

    Stupid lazy trust fund babies trying to impress their negligent daddies by acquiring more money than them. Never mind that the old farts were better educated and are now dead.

    Operation Paperclip infiltrating the US government covertly to plan its resurgence as the 4th Reich

    The Hitler playbook move to PRIVATIZE the agencies supposed to keep this from happening…played out by George Hard-Wired Nazi Bush Sr. and his completely deluded sons, Jr., Jebbie and Marvin plus Dodi (Koch Wife) and Barb “Pierce/Percey” Bush.

    I am sick of all of it. It is time to stop playing these “James Bondian” games of death, deceit and destruction and clean this mess up.

    http //

  3. Well, Dr. Barrett, you seem to get bolder and bolder and friskier with every word of your considerable wit. Just the use of the word “retarded” will set off PC meters everywhere! And I love it. It reminds me of the current use of the term “reach out” which is running rampant amongst the unwashed masses. Notice how easily it is accommodated. When I hear someone use this term, the first thing I want to do is kick them in the mouth. Not so much because I dislike the words, but because it seems to reflect a person’s “sponge index” of popular inference. I’ve taken great pleasure in pointing this out in my local circles and everyone agrees, but likely will continue to submit to it’s use. But isn’t this the way it is? Everyone tries to stay in a circle of acceptance to the norms of society, a society created by monsters who have no scruples or morals or means to even create them. They are pedophiles, drug dealers, murderers, mafiosos, crooks, liars and thieves. And it is THEM, setting our examples. And it is the lemmings who will follow. This is truly a sad state in which we find ourselves, Dr. Barrett. And I truly appreciate your emphasis on this with every word you write. Please continue. Peace on you!

  4. GS ! You just repeating the centuries old lies and enjoying the stereotype lies and deception. Your ignorance and arrogance is the result of decay and nihilism of society u living in. The message of prophet will continue to go on and forever. Just read what Rumi said some 800 years ago about people who talking without knowledge and wisdom.

    “At the barking and howling of the dogs
    No caravan ever turned back in its road.
    Nor does the full moon on a bright night cease shining
    Because of the howling of dogs on earth.
    The moon sheds her light, and the dogs howl;
    Every one acts according to his nature.
    To each one his office is allotted by the divine decree,
    And he acts agreeably to his nature.”

  5. Does it matters the track had 16 tons of explosives or 16 pounds of it? Does it matters was it blown or not? The article point was not about it! It was about our inability of critical thinking or being too lazy for critical thinking. That all…
    Great and very passionate article!
    Thank you

  6. “… tried to suicide-bomb a Syrian army checkpoint with a truck filled with 16 tons of explosives. The report claims his truck, along with three others, was detonated by Syrian army fire …”

    So four trucks with some 16 tons of explosives exploded? How big is this crater?

  7. Do you know where I can find an article about the false flag Jewish Museum shooting in Brussels?

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