9/11 & Israeli Apartheid, The Kiss of Death for World Zionism


9/11 & Israeli Apartheid, The Kiss of Death for World Zionism

… by   Preston James


3d230d44South African Apartheid was exposed and dispensed with after many years of struggle and major divestitures of corporate and institutional investments from anything related to South Africa.

The world literally turned against the Government of South Africa and its Apartheid, eventually causing its collapse.

The same thing is now happening to Israel over the Apartheid for the Palestinians it now holds captive in the world’s largest open air prison camp.

The whole world is turning against Israel for its Apartheid against Palestinians and massive, illegal theft of Palestinian lands and destruction of their households.

But there is a background story that is responsible and it involves the covert works of numerous high ranking Intel Cowboys inside American Intel who are dedicated America-firsters and have been working hard to restore America as a Constitutional Republic. Only some of this story can now be told, but eventually perhaps the rest will come out.

It was only a matter of time for Citizens of the World to focus on Israeli Apartheid against Palestinians and the massive, illegal theft of Palestinian land by Khazarian “fake Hebrew” imposters.

And now most of Europe, especially its University students and youth are fully aware of the massive and illegitimate land theft of Palestinian lands by these Khazarian “fake Hebrews” imposters.

And the Europeans are now fully aware of the abject tyranny and monstrous abuses fomented against Palestinians by these Israeli “fake Hebrew” invaders who repeatedly steal more and more Palestinian land, and demo Palestinian houses to clear that land and build illegal Israeli settlements there.

And as concerns about Israeli oppression, tyranny, arrests and serial mass-murder against Palestinians by these fake Hebrew Israelis rises, numerous European Corporations are divesting from anything associated with Israel. And now some American Corporations are starting to divest from any investment related to Israel also.

2The turning of the tide and a change in the “prevailing winds” in America has been caused by the realization inside the US Military High Command and loyal segments of American Intel that 9/11 was a Gladio-style, inside-job, stand-down, false-flag attack done by the World Zionists.

This realization inside the US Military High Command by America-firsters and those loyal to America only has triggered a major lane change of US Policy towards Israel and an aversion to fighting any new wars on behalf of the WZs and Israel.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

This emergent boycotting of Israel by Europeans is now spreading to America.

And like what happened in Europe, it cannot be stopped. Despite all the desperate efforts by the formerly the all powerful AIPAC, ADL and B’nai B’rith.  Each of these World Zionist (WZ) espionage fronts has actually been covertly defanged recently by Intel Cowboys working inside the American Intel establishment and the Department of Defense. This is a major change in the “prevailing winds” inside American Intel and the DOD and is the most significant correction to the WZ/Israeli-staged 9/11 Gladio-style, false flag attack that has occurred.

And the occurrence of the major Snowden disclosures of serious NSA RICO crimes of warrantless spying against all Americans and much of the world at about the same approximate time are no mere coincidence.

The new American Military and Intel High Command now fully realizes that Israel and its assets inside America and the Bush Cabal did the 9/11/01 attack on America, and a significant portion of them are “hoppin angry” about it and want payback.

Yes, the real turning point inside some top levels of American Intel, and especially the high military command, was the realization that the WZ’s used the following espionage fronts, “dualies”, assets and agents to plan and deploy the 9/11 attacks on America and cover it up: Israeli top Zionists, Bush Crime Cabal lackeys inside the highest echelons of the JCS, NORAD, the NSA, and the USAF; major guidance from the Mossad and the top of the Israeli Government; certain select NeoCons and PNACer Israel-American “Israeli-first” dual citizens traitors; the top controllers of AIPAC who are covert Israeli espionage agents that have infiltrated and parasitized America; and the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) comprised of six major international news corporations, three of which are large defense contractors and the other three are members of the WZ “Club”.

The CMMM has served as the main propaganda and coverup mechanism for this 9/11/01 attack on America which has now been conclusively shown to have  been a nuclear event at the Twin Towers, using US nukes stolen by the Bush Cabal, sold to Israel who in turn deployed them and has sold some of them to other nations.

You want names? Watch the following video and add to this the following names Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Meyers, George Bush 1 & 2 and notorious, alleged Mossad Kingpin and international Hitman, Michael Harrari who told who told a former Russian Nuclear Defense Officer Dmitri Khalezov that he was involved (1).

YouTube - Veterans Today -

Israel did the 9/11/01 attack on America with nukes provided by the Bush Cabal.

Veterans Today just published a monumentally important and very revealing series of three articles by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor at VT proving the Twin Towers were destroyed on 9/11/01 by the use of nuclear demolition charges. In these amazing articles it is disclosed that the Bush Administration stole nukes from the American nuclear arsenal and sold them to Israel which later used them in their 9/11 terror attack on America (2)(3)(4).

Hopefully, some day the story of the heroic works of the folks in the High Command of US Military and American Intel associated with this major change in US Policy will be able to be told. At present it cannot, and remains under the surface.  However it is real and growing by the day. Suffice it to say numerous true American Heroes have been hard at work driving a wooden stake through the heart of these vampire Israeli espionage fronts that have parasitically infiltrated and hijacked most of the USG agencies, Congress, the Department of justice and the Judiciary, the US Military and American Intel.

In fact this infiltration has gotten so bad that Israel, the main action-agents of the World Zionists (WZs), have been able to completely hijack American Intel and now have all NSA raw data feeds downloaded by satellite directly to Israel. And numerous private DOD contractors based in Israel have been able to hijack most of the phone billing records, credit card and credit transactions of all Americans.

In spite of how sinister and depressing this situation has become with infiltration and hijacking of American institutions by the WZs, there has been a major change in the prevailing winds inside the top echelons of American Intel. Certainly this change has been long justified because of all the sinister crimes of these WZ (IZCS) infiltrators and hijackers inside America.


World Zionists (WZs) run the world’s largest crime syndicate, the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS)

World Zionists (WZs) can best be described as the world’s largest organized crime syndicate, the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS). They appear to be soulless parasites upon the human race.They are empowered by the Zionist City of London private Central Banksters who specialize in Babylonian Money-Magick and making money from nothing (debt-based notes presented as money) and pernicious usury. They are generally recognized by numerous Intel insiders to be parasites on the world, war profiteers and mass murderers behind every major war, as well as the hidden-hand behind most drug trafficking, pornography, sex trafficking, slave labor and massive banking, mortgage fraud and other and financial frauds and scams.  Using their Imaginary debt-based pretend money, they have bought and now own almost every single US Congressperson, most Supreme Court Judges, and almost every federal judge.

It is important to note that WZs are comprised of a relatively small number and not all are Judaics. In fact World Zionisms origins go back to the “Teutonic Knights” and the European Nobility efforts to capture and dominate Jerusalem during the Crusades.  It is the same families that are still trying to occupy and control Jerusalem.  The reasons for their obsession with this will be disclosed in a later article but is related to their Luciferian beliefs and participation in “Satanic hooded black mass” worship with human sacrifice.

It is also important to note that all wars are Bankster Wars, that is, they are pre-arranged and orchestrated by the City of London Zionist private Central Banksters and their franchise associated central banks all over most of the world. No one has done a better job exposing this than Michael Rivero. If you have the time you will probably find this video quite revealing.

YouTube - Veterans Today -



Do not assume if a person is of the Judaic faith, he or she is a Zionist, because most aren’t.

It is also important to note that few of the Judaic faith are Zionists, but many Judaics are conned into providing support to WZ’s financially and otherwise due to WZs playing on their Racial Survival Delusion. It is also important to note that numerous Judaics, especially some Orthodox Judaics are anti-zionist but get no media coverage due to the WZ’s hijacking of America’s Major Mass Media.

Those that the WZs don’t “own” they typically blackmail or coerce to do their will using sophisticated psyops and human compromise operations. The amount of fear most politicians and USG officials have towrds these WZ sheep-dipped as PNACers, Top NeoCons, AIPAC, the ADL and B’nai B’rith and the associated Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens has been monumental until lately. But now all this has been changing and much of the credit must go to the work of the Intel Cowboys inside American Intel at the mid to high ranges.

It would be very liberating for those Judaics held captive by this WZ generated and deployed racial survival delusion to become informed about its origin (a very crafty psyops deployed by the city of London based WZs). It would be a stark but liberating realization for these Judaics to learn and understand that it was the City of London WZs that used Hitler and a core group of the Nazis to seize them, confiscate their property and place them in Internment work camps where many died. And all done in order to create this racial survival delusion which would serve as continuing cover for the worldwide criminal operations of the WZ’s IZCS.

Those of the Judaic faith could then understand that they have been played all along and used to further the cause of WZs rather than anything long term that would help them.  Yes, it now appears that many mainstream Judaics, especially those living in Israel, have been set up by the WZs for a coming persecution.

In fact it is now becoming quite obvious that the WZs have set up the conditions for worldwide persecution of those of the Judaic faith by placing them in this huge trap where they will likely be blamed for the crimes against humanity of the WZs in Palestine and all around the world such as the 9/11 attacks and numerous Mossad arranged terror bombings and their part in int motivated by belief in this false racial survival delusion.


A secret WZ Agenda to destroy America the Constititional Republic and all American Goyim.

Fifty years of infiltration, hijacking and occupation of America by WZ’s and their main action agents Israel and American-Israeli “Israeli-first” dual citizen Traitors has nearly bankrupted America.  It has also taken America into endless perpetual wars for the WZs, their Banksters and Israel all paid for by the secret fraud by the private Central Banksters using phony debt-based money to transfer the wealth of hard working Americans along with many illegal taxes. This, along with the WZ bought “Free-Trade” legislation in Congress that Ross Perot warned about (the “big sucking sound”), has all been part of the WZ’s secret agenda to destroy America for the City of London Zionists and destroy all American Goyim once and for all.

Part of this secret WZ Agenda is to transform America into a Police State with an Internal WZ army that can be deployed against the American People (Department of Homeland Security, occasionally called “Homoland Security” by some due to the history of some in top positions who exercised radical discrimination and instituted bad job assignments against straight hetero-male DHS management who had not been “dirtied up” or human compromised.

One example of this was rumored to have been for certain male managers being ordered to move their offices, desks and all into the male lavatories.


The WZ has instituted the militarization of the American police and psychotronic mind-kontrol operations to entrain police aggressiveness and excessive force in the brains of police.

1195437989469106298liftarn_Police_brutality_svg_hiAnother part of this WZ Secret Agenda has been to fully militarize the American police and transform them into another military force which can be deployed in unison on behalf of the America WZ controlled “National Security State” to use excessive force to tyrannize and murder American Goyim.

As many now realize most major police departments have been trained by the ADL and ISF clones to view the average American as a potential domestic terrorist and have mind-kontrolled them with constant on pulsed beam operated microwave shoulder held police radios which entrain aggressiveness in many of their brains.


Top WZs are know to be avid Luciferians and associated with occult and Satanic networks which use black-mass hooded rituals, pedophilia and human sacrifice of children.

It is known by some high level Intel Insiders that the WZ has a long history of infiltrating and occupying the USG and filling the landscape and the Major Mass media that they control with numerous, repetitive Luciferian symbols they believe cast spells on “we the people” and bring them under their spiritual influence and demonic power. You may not believe this works, but some experts believe the proliferate display of these symbols can constitute sophisticated mind-kontrol on “we the people”.


A wooden stake is now being driven through the vampire heart of the world’s largest parasite, the demonic WZ/IZCS.

Due to some recent “changes” in the high command of the US Military and American Intel, you will soon see more and more effects of a wooden stake being driven through the heart of the WZ/IZCS vampire and a near complete or complete disempowering of the WZ/IZCS espionage fronts inside America as well as the disempowering and perhaps demise of the WZ controlled NSA.

The NSA is now part of a very large worldwide IZCS, which is actually a RICO Criminal Syndicate which takes orders from the City of London Zionist private Central Banksters, Israeli leaders, and heads of Israeli DOD contractors who have infiltrated and hijacked American Intel including and especially the criminal NSA. 

The NSA has been run by WZ controlled Traitors and Infil-Traitors for many years, and yet they have the balls to accuse Snowden of being a traitor for reporting their massive crimes against “We the People”.

Most important, in the near future you will see a major change coming for the NSA and the associated RICO criminals who sit at its helm and control it and are using it to completely violate the US Constitution and Bill of Rights on behalf of the WZs, especially those who control the new NSA mega-spying facility in Bluffdale, Utah.

Soon you will see the NSA having its wings severely clipped and control over it being taken back by the American high Military Command, which now is staffed by numerous America-Firsters and soldiers who know the truth about how the WZ’s deployed the 9/11 false-flag attack with help from numerous cutouts and traitors inside America.

Soon it will no longer be possible for a head of the NSA to lie through his teeth to Congress and to the American People and get away with it without being charged with felony perjury and get 20 years in prison as this “creature of the night” should have. No matter how hard the WZ and the NSA try to stop this process of its disassembling, it is far too late for them, and the only thing they can do is to try to start WW3 in the Mideast or the Ukraine or start a full scale American Civil War. If they attempt do either, they will probably also be finished.

You may see the NSA losing half its funding eventually or if not that being dis-empowered through major legislation in response to major political pressures from European allies and “We the People”. there are some things which the NSA has become involved in which are extremely alarming and will be disclosed soon by Edward Snowden and others.

38783-israel-killing-machine2The tide is now turning and truth will be screamed from the rooftops worldwide.

The Snowden disclosure was the nexus of numerous converging factors behind the eventual complete exposure and coming demise of the RICO criminals who seized it and have been attempting to use it to create the basis for transforming America into GAZA 2, the largest open air prison camp in the world.

At present, WZs have transformed Palestine into the largest open air prison camp in the world and made all Palestinians living there prisoners of their Apartheid war to establish “Greater Israel”, one of the greatest crimes against humanity in history. And many Europeans are confused how the Israelis can be acting like hard core Nazis that they supposedly hated and had established Israel as a refuge against such future tyranny.


What is really going on at the new NSA facility in Bluffdale, Utah?

Why this new NSA facility is in Bluffdale, Utah, near and connected to a major “beyond-black” deep underground base, which has infiltrated the NSA and hijacked it, and how they are being dealt with and disempowered and deposed will be explored in a followup article. Suffice it to say that major forces high inside American Intel have taken covert actions to decimate the Israeli-run NSA, and either completely eliminate it or weaken it dramatically and transform it into a true constitutional Intel agency working only on behalf of “We the People”.


Everything will eventually be fully exposed, everything and that includes all the NSA’s massive crimes against the American People.

It is known by some Intel insiders that sometime in the future, many if not most of the NSA wiretaps, raw data and “evidence” which has all been recorded and stockpiled will be released on the worldwide internet for all to view and listen to.  This will prove that the NSA had raw data evidencing all Viet Nam related USG/CIA drug trafficking, proof that the NSA knew where almost every American POW/MIA has been and which ones are still in captivity, how Kissinger ordered the US Army and Navy to assassinate as many American POWs and MIAs as possible using mercenary or special ops sniper teams and eventually VX poison gas dispensed by carrier based aircraft (admitted by Admiral Moorer–known as “Operation Tailwind”).

This will show the complicity of the NSA in all political assassinations including JFK, MLK, RFK and Malcolm X as accessories after the fact covering it up as well as having pre-knowledge but doing nothing.


The NSA is a part of a large RICO crime syndicate, the IZCS, and has concealed major USG, American Intel, and Mossad related crime evidence for many years.

And most important this NSA raw data which will be shared with the American public will show that the NSA knew who inside the USG and Military and Israeli Intel were planning the 9/11 attacks, and who actually did it, and how it was done specifically, while they did nothing to stop it or bring the perps to justice. The reason the NSA never has done anything to stop these crimes is because they have been part of the City of London run WZ/IZCS RICO crime syndicate from the very start and were set up by the Banksters to serve their own hidden agenda.

Certainly this phony “War on Terror” was created by the WZ use of 9/11 to spook the American masses to blame all Mideast Muslims, to support illegal, Unconstitutional, undeclared proxy wars for Israel. It was also designed to motivate many Americans to be willing to give up many Constitutional Rights for the promise of increased safety from terrorist attacks that were sure to come. The masses were told that, unless they gave up their rights allowing the militarization of the police and the positioning of the National security State against any American who dissents in any way, many acts of terror would occur in the “homeland”.

As all these secrets start coming out, watch these soulless parasites run for cover, but be certain there will be no safety from prosecution anywhere in America unless they obtain immunity agreements and start singing on their higher ups like parakeets. And as some know, this will lead to the Denver Circle of Twelve “Bloodthirsty Ones” (refer to Stew Webb’s excellent website for more information on this (6)—he knows firsthand since he was married to a women from a top ranking member of the IZCS years ago before he became a Federal Whistleblower—some trolls have tried to discredit Stew and displace his story but those who spend time studying the available evidence soon realize that Stew’s story is true).


Remember this, all secrecy is now ending and this petrifies the WZ/IZCS. 

“Everything secret degenerates, even the administration of justice; nothing is safe that does not show how it can bear discussion and publicity.” Lord Acton

“Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” Woodrow Wilson

Since the World Zionists were able to rise to power, capturing the City of London financial system with their early Intel on Napoleon’s defeat, they understood that complete secrecy of their existence and evil, Luciferian, occult, death cult practices was essential. They never expected to ever be found out and have always feared a “French Revolution” reaction by the masses if they ever found out.

That is why they have worked so hard to buy up or stack the top editors with folks they control. They realized that near complete control of the Major Mass media was essential. And it is now generally realized that the worldwide Internet is the wooden stake in their vampire hearts.

That is why you will see their last stand as a major attempt to pass major Unconstitutional laws to restrict and censor the internet in America and even in Europe. It is unlikely this can work, for it will create a major backlash by “We the People”.

Truth is like an out-of-control freight train coming at them, and they have almost no where to hide anymore. They fear exposure, and yet now they are being completely exposed, and all their formerly secret dirty anti-human deeds are being fully exposed.

These scum have few options left, either get out of America, take their multi-trillion dollar stashes and go into retirement and exile. Or start WW3 in Syria, Iran or the Ukraine, neither of these options any longer appeals to most Euro nations. The only other option they have is to start a major civil war inside America between their National Security Apparatus and “we the people”.

Obviously it is now clearly apparent to anyone with half a brain who studies the evidence available on the Alternative Media of the worldwide Internet that the “visible” American Government has been completely infiltrated and hijacked by the “Invisible” Secret Shadow Government (SSG), which is unfortunately run by several very old, now near-death from natural causes, senior Illuminati or Denver Circle of Twelve Bloodthirsty Ones. However the SSG has numerous “new kids on the block”, many of whom are anti-IZCS and dedicated to actually serving the interests of “we the people”.


Senior IZCS and WZs refer to themselves as the Illuminati, or the Luciferians, or the Lucifer Enlightened Ones.

It is important to note that the senior WZ/IZCS members refer to themselves as “Illuminati”, and secretly worship Lucifer and consider themselves the top leaders of a worldwide interlinked occult network of Satan-worshipers. These scum live to do evil and acquire more and more money, power and prestige. They care nothing of the average person, and view them as subhuman insects to be destroyed.

This intersection between Satanism, human-sacrifice, pedophilia and the City of London Zionist private Banksters, the Federal Reserve System and the large Wall Street Banks as well as those who run the WZ/IZCS as well as the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) is very important to understand. The fact that the BCC cooperates with the IZCS is quite confusing to many researchers, and it is best to consider them two sides of the same WZ coin. They are partners in this massive worldwide WZ Rico crime syndicate.

These folks are all criminal psychopaths and parasites upon humans everywhere and basically comprise a Death Cult. John Kerry criticizes Snowden and says he should man up and surrender to the US Department of Justice. What a notable hypocrite Kerry is.  He should man up and tell all of us how he sold his soul to Lucifer when he joined the Skull and Bones (Russell Trust) Death Cult. He should admit that he worships death and believes in mass murdering humans through staged wars and terrorism in order to purify and “preserve” the human race.


The IZCS is a money-making criminal machine specializing in anti-human crimes which destroy normal sex roles, the family, cities, and healthy American culture and important American Institutions of Government and society.

The IZCS has been a money-making criminal machine with an endless lust to steal the fruits of other people’s labor and use Americans and NATO troops as cannon-fodder for their Zionist wars of acquisition. Its top members are hard core Satan-worshipers aka Luciferians and they are basically a self-centered, anti-human death cult which practices child pedophilia and child sacrifice at the highest levels.


The IZCS specializes in bribery, human-compromise, theft, fraud, deception, duplicity, lying, murder and mass-murder tyranny, sex-trafficking, pornography, oppression of all sorts and the use of the “divide and conquer” strategy to keep others from catching on to their devilish games of death and destruction.

The current VA scandal is merely the tip of the iceberg of the abuse of millions of wonderful American Soldiers who have been served up as cannon fodder to be purposefully sacrificed in WZ/Israeli perpetual wars, all as part of a well developed Agenda to maim and murder American Soldiers and deny many of them any decent medical care. And is now known that the VA has had a secret Agenda to take away the financial rights of many vets and also their rights to own guns for self-defense.

This is a complete abuse of process and blatantly illegal and is a covert way of reducing many vets to institutionalized mental wards of the National Security State with no trial and no personal Constitutional Rights respected. Bureaucratic refusals to provide necessary care for Vets and the faking of related documents is shameful beyond reason and pure evil. And the actual legal/financial liabilities which are potentially prosecutable against these VA and USG perps is fathomless and unimaginable to most, and the financial damages that could be awarded to the Veteran victims since Viet Nam are huge and may approach the national debt.

The only thing worse is sending our wonderful American Soldiers into illegal, Unconstitutional, undeclared wars of aggression for a foreign entity that has been busy for the last 50 years doing espionage inside America against America. Sending the best of America to fight and be used as “cannon fodder” in wars for the Zionist City of London and its main action agent Cutout, Israel, is evil beyond words and a direct threat to the security and future of America. Anyone involved in this has committed Treason and Sedition as well as numerous RICO crimes and felonies as well as crimes against humanity and mass-murder.

Once most vets and Americans in general find out how deep this criminal abuse and neglect goes at the VA, there will be hell to pay for those involved.  Many VA top Policy-makers and “top-dogs” should be tried for criminal negligence and murder, and numerous felony offenses as well as RICO.


Is there a deeper Agenda at play with American Soldiers returning from combat since the illegal WZ war in Viet Nam?

It is now apparent that many covert things were done to American Troops in Viet Nam to make sure they became either disabled or dead upon returning from this WZ proxy war. One was the use and planned exposure of Agent orange designed to murder or disable American Soldiers.  many of those who haven’t died of cancer have paid a horrible price as far as numerous surgeries and various levels of disability.

It is now known that the use of DU was forbidden by the US Military until the wars in the WZ wars in the Mideast occurred. Suddenly all the excess depleted Uranium from numerous reactors could be “discharged” in the battle field. We now know for sure that the use of DU is a plague on the returning American Soldier and a disability or death sentence to many.

High_TreasonAnd yet all these scum responsible still walk around freely rather than being charged with criminal negligence, murder, crimes against humanity and war crimes.  Those responsible should be indicted, arrested, fully prosecuted, convicted and many sentence to either life in prison or death on a military gallows by hanging.

It is also now known that a large number of American soldiers were purposefully exposed to a bad mix of nerve agents released by the American bombing of various Iraqi germ warfare weapon dumps, all precursors sold to Saddam Hussein by American Defense Contractors.

And it is also known that various “experimental” obviously toxic vaccines were forcibly given to American Soldiers which has caused numerous deaths and disabilities in American Soldiers who have returned.

All these horrid deaths and disabilities of American soldiers as well as the secret VA plan to take away vets rights to own guns and policies guaranteed to deny them care have been part of a WZ instituted agenda to destroy American Soldiers or at least disable them.


Is there an even darker part of the secret agenda to destroy American Soldiers?

It has been alleged by some top psychotronic experts on the inside that there a secret plan has been deployed to Mind-kontrol American Soldiers to destroy themselves.

If this plan exists as it has been alleged, it is certainly working because approximately twenty-two American Soldiers or vets commit suicide each day. We know that the very insanity of the conditions present that American soldiers have had to fight under in Viet Nam, and all the WZ Mideast proxy Wars for Israel and the Zionist controlled and related war-profiteers directly contribute to suicidal ideation.  This should be no surprise. But there is something far more sinister at work here.

130627142402It is suspected that the US Military deployed secret “Beyond-black” technology in their vaccinations which provided nano particles of magnetic material which would cross the blood brain barrier and migrate to certain parts of the brain.

This could then be flashed by ultra high tech psychotronics (pulsed beam microwave, Wi-Fi, cell phone tower emissions, ground generated ELF waves forms, or nuclear powered satellite based scalar emissions aimed at specific geographical target areas. It is suspected that these covert emission can be used to entrain the Soldiers or Vet brains and stimulate strong suicidal ideation which can then lead to suicide.

In the months to come you will see many millions of American vets organizing and beginning to apply massive pressure to get the VA medical care they deserve. Well known and respected CIA whistle-blower Gene Chip Tatum has just started a new organization for Vets called Veterans Against VA Corruption (7). www.vatva.org. Stay tuned because there has been overwhelming interest by many vets in joining just such an organization that will work to help them.

And do not be surprised in the suggestion by noted VT Financial Editor and Radio Show Host Mike Harris is followed.  Mike has been suggesting for some years now that the VA budget be transferred into the DOD as a line item.  He believes that this change is necessary in order to make Vet’s health needs a major and urgent priority. I think he is right.

Since all recent American wars are World Zionist Bankster wars for profiteering and as proxy wars for Israel, the Department of Defense should have its name changed back to the Department of War the way it was during WW2.


The WZs and their IZCS has access to unlimited funds through multiple sources to buy almost any politician they want or to finance numerous illegal covert operations.

The IZCS gets its horsepower to function from the massive amounts of money “created from nothing with the flick of a pen” by their brothers in crime the Zionists City of London Central Banksters and their associated franchisee the American federal Reserve and the large banks on Wall Street.

But they also have been able to amass astoundingly large amounts of “off the books” unaccountable cash through their illegal USG approved illegal drug Trafficking into America and partnership with the major drug cartels.


For the last 50 years the WZ/IZCS has been able to cover up all their massive crimes against “We the People” by controlling the Major Mass Media.

Since the IZCS either owns or control all of the six major News Corporations that comprise the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM), they have been able to dispense their massive lies, propaganda, deceit and duplicity for over 50 years and have kept most Americans dumbed-down and ignorant of their true agenda. But alas, all this in now in process of changing thanks to the instant truth transmitted around the world at the speed of light by the Internet.

It is high time that the mass, serial crimes of the IZCS get fully exposed to all Americans and dealt with out in the open. These parasitical scum need to be brought to justice and their grip on America and much of the world needs to be broken.


The WZ Gladio-style, False-Flag attack of 9/11 has created a major change in the prevailing winds and has so far triggered a reluctance by the current US Military High Command to fight any more Proxy Wars for the WZs and Israel.

Israeli was set up to function as the main action agent for the WZs centered in the City of London. It was designed to provide all the Intel functions and to infiltrate and hijack American Intel and the US Military. And up until now it has been very successful. But the IZCS went way to far in staging the 9/11 Gladio-style False-flag attack.  The IZCS was so arrogant in staging this 9/11 attack that they assumed they could never be exposed for this.


Professor James Fetzer was the first investigative journalist to organize efforts with top experts to disassemble almost every single major WZ related USG criminal conspiracy.

Professor Fetzer’s efforts to associate with top experts in fields necessary to completely disassemble these major criminal conspiracies such as the JFK Assassination, the 9/11 Gladio-style, inside-job, False-flag attack on America, the Boston Bombing Hoax and the Sandy Hook Hoax, have been ultra successful, despite his numerous detractors who become offended by his level of detail explored and his extreme conclusions, many of which have already turned out to be true.

Whether you like Professor Fetzer’s work and the work of the other experts he associates with or not, it must be pointed out that Professor Fetzer has actually started a whole new social fad among thousands of Web surfers who can no longer accept the boiler plate WZ lies dispensed in the controlled American Major Mass Media, three of which are major defense Contractors and the other three are also part of the “WZ club”.

The fact is that he and those other researchers he has associated with have cracked almost every single major criminal conspiracy by the USG and the SSG.

Thanks to Professor Fetzer’s group approach to the research of all these major events, it has now become a major new fad and new social sport to utilize the numerous Internet accessible resources now available to debunk the WZ/USG/SSG lies dispensed by the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) and expose what really happened in these WZ staged events.

Yes, thanks to the efforts of Professor Jim Fetzer, many more like him that are now emerging, hard-core investigative journalism in the alternative Media published on the worldwide Internet has become a new past-time and social sport. The credit for this is predominantly due to the energetic efforts of Professor Jim Fetzer going all the way back to 1992.

Professor Fetzer has been the true pioneer in this group approach to research using the application of rules of logic and scientific reasoning. And this new fad is now starting to diffuse to mainstream and even is becoming a normal social convention and institution. And all this as you are now seeing the CMMM being displaced by the Alternative News on the worldwide Internet, where Truth spreads like lightning as it resonates in the hearts and minds of all who wish to live without government tyranny and oppression.


A serious racial delusion has been used by WZ’s to motivate a fair number of non-zionist Judaics who are unknowing of the massive criminality of the WZs to provide them with support and assistance.

There has been a very sinister lie and deception serving as the motivating force for so many Judaics who have been conned into supporting the IZCS and Apartheid Israel.  It is the racial delusion that Israeli Judaics are of Hebrew descent and therefore entitled to taking land away from Palestinians and claiming at their own.

And this claim that Israeli Judaics are of Hebrew descent has been shown to be false. After all, respected, peer reviewed genetic research has now shown has shown that very few so-called “Israeli Jews” who claim to descendents of Abraham actually carry any Hebrew Blood at all, and therefore have no right to title of any Palestinian lands whatsoever. The same respected genetic research has also shown that most Palestinians are actually of ancient Hebrew bloodlines.

What this means in practical terms is that these most of Israelis claiming to be of ancient Hebrew Blood are actually the “fake Jews” of Revelation 2:9 & 3:9 (KJB) and have absolutely no right to take or occupy any Palestinian lands whatsoever.

And it is now becoming quite clear that the blatant abuses and serial crimes against Palestinians ordered by these WZ leaders of these fake-Hebrews in Israeli has now become the WZ’s Achilles Heel. They should have seen it coming but the depth of their arrogance associated with their deep belief in the racial delusion they created has blocked any rational perception for these world parasites.

Now isn’t it interesting that the very term “Holocaust” means “fiery sacrifice” and this is exactly what the WZs set up in Nazi Germany in the 1930’s. naturally this is a hard fact to accept for many but it certainly makes it easier if folks understand that Hitler was a British Agent from the getgo, fully Mind-kontrolled and completely prepared for his demonic role in history at the Tavistock Institute in 1921 & 1922 (5). This use of the so-called “Holocaust” has been synthetically created and managed from the very start in the City of London by World Zionists (WZs). It has been a major tool used to effectively limit any criticism against their Cutouts, espionage fronts and syanims deployed inside America.

maddogisraelThe discovery that the WZs and Israel did 9/11 was the first major turning point.  This alone has generated a great deal of attention to other blatant Israeli abuses and crimes against American Soldiers such as their attack on the USS Liberty which they did as an attempt to drag America into their war against Egypt. And now major attention has been triggered by the Europeans turning against Israel over its Apartheid against Palestinians and major illegal land theft of Palestinian owned land and tyranny, oppression and mass-murder against Palestinians.

Payback is always a bitch and this time it’s going to be a super-bitch.

It was the abject arrogance of the WZs and their belief that their control was so total over American institutions of Government that they could never be exposed or challenged.  They drastically underestimated the American human spirit and innate intelligence of many Americans and will eventually pay a very big price for all they have done murdering Americans and for using American Soldiers as cannon-fodder in their Proxy Wars for profit and acquisition. Payback is now on its way and it will be a real bitch for these WZ/IZCS international criminals and anti-human scum.

Are the Intel Cowboys back at it, and are they going at the true source of all major world conflicts this time instead of attacking the symptoms such as Nazi fascism, Japanese Imperialism, or Communism,  etc.?

As you ponder these important issues just ask yourself if the recent European attention focused to the blatant, extreme injustices of Israeli Apartheid against Palestinians was just a coincidence. Just maybe it was the covert handiwork of the Intel Cowboys who are now doing the impossible to take the hell caused by 9/11 back to the originators of it all. Maybe someday, sooner than later as secrecy ends and everything becomes known, you will find out for sure. Could it be that the grip of the World Zionists has been so complete, so total that the only way to get at them is through covert means?  And are we seeing that in progress now as their whole system is starting to unravel worldwide and come apart at the seams?




(1) http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_911_154.htm

(2) http://www.veteranstoday.com/2014/05/20/too-classified-to-publish-bush-nuclear-piracy-exposed/

(3) http://www.veteranstoday.com/2014/05/20/nuke-cancer-from-911-revealed/

(4) http://www.veteranstoday.com/2014/06/02/vt-nuclear-education-undeniable-proof-of-911-as-a-nuclear-event/

(5) Hitler Was A British Agent, Greg Hallet, World’s Top Muckraker,http://www.theworldoftruth.net/HallettReport/index.html

(6) http://www.stewwebb.com/

(7) http://www.vatva.org/

Additional References:

Gordon Duff on Mike Harris Show on the use of stolen nukes to demo the Twin Towers on 9/11/01 by Israeli operatives, https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=PrYU9Do89Dc



Israel Did 9/11, All the Proof in the World, http://theinfounderground.com/smf/index.php?topic=5367.0

Background Articles by Preston James:



























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  1. Excellent work by Dr James once again. There is a certain inevitability in what is happening today – chiefly because the zio-enemy operates almost exclusively in EVIL WORK – i.e. murder, lies, bogus wars, subversion, massive theft, gigantic deceptions and routine destabilization.

    One hundred years ago humanity reached another point at which it ‘cleaned house’ with the realization and exposure of organized Sicilian crime in the form of Cosa Nostra. It dawned on honest and un-corrupted officials that these people were orchestrating a huge alternative criminal society which dovetailed in with the legitimate one and siphoned off billions of dollars mainly with the (by comparison honest) crimes of extortion, robbery and murder.

    The jewish alternative criminal society was and is truly international and concentrates its efforts on FINANCE, JEWELLERY, POLITICS, MEDIA COMPANIES – AND NOW FALSE INTELLIGENCE.
    They must naturally have their ‘organisations’ dismantled and be severely punished.

  2. Great write Dr.James.,
    I agree the one thing that has focused the world onto their evil actions has been the internet, the one thing they probably didn,t expect and growing more intense exposing their criminal ways.
    I,d never heard of Rothschilds 20 years ago but I certainly know all about it now.
    But they are still entrenched and seemed to be hell bent on creating havoc in Syria, Iran and Ukraine amongst others.
    They seem to be pushing harder than ever almost like it,s now or never.
    They have outraged both China and Russia as if they want a war at all costs.
    Putin has played it well but how insane are they to provoke these superpowers?
    Can they be stopped before they drag the world into a huge conflict or WW3?
    America needs a Napoleon, someone to step from the shadows and stop this madness.

  3. LC

    Now you’re inciting people to commit murder against “Zio-Terrorists on streets & around synagogues & in offices & demonstrations+++ ” That’s a criminal act. I’m not saying the zios are innocent either, but let the judges and cops deal with them, not you. Don’t threaten and bully Jews on the Internet either.

  4. Great article. I do hope it is true!

    Next they need to start on the state department since it is obviously controlled by the WZ.

    There is hope.

  5. Thanks for this reference. Yes, this Mike Harris Radio program is a very important 2 hour show which presented “smoking gun” Intel released by Russia to public domain. Staggering information which shows 9/11 was done by Israel and Twin Towers demoed by use of nukes given by Bush2 to Israel who deployed them with help of Traitors and dual citizens inside the USG and military. Radio does not ever get any better than this.

  6. Dr. Steve Pieczenik Calls for Military Junta – Arrest or Assassinate the Treasonous Criminals in Office
    http //blogdogcicle.blogspot.ca/2013/05/steve-pieczenik-calls-for-military_10.html

    Pieczenik was former special ops, war college instructor on false flags & stand-downs, medical doctor, co-writer of some of the Clancy novels, and former Deputy Asst Sec of State under 3 presidents.

  7. Fine piece Dr. James. While we may disagree on the source of the hideous ideology which seems to rule these people’s every breath, there can be no doubt about how harmful, hateful and just plain sick these creatures are.

    I hope the “Intel Cowboys” do some procreating at night and spawn some vertebrate cousins in all the other government offices the zios have infil-traited and corrupted to their demonic agenda. It’s a LONG list.

    Their tactics for control are numerous but easily spotted once you “tune in” to their methods. Like, for example, the standard Jewish tactic of quoting yourself in order to magnify your apparent importance —-

    “Sicko ideologies doth sickos make.” —— DaveE

  8. “And many Europeans are confused how the Israelis can be acting like hard core Nazis that they supposedly hated and had established Israel as a refuge against such future tyranny.”

    Some say that WW2 Nazis are reincarnated in nowadays Israel bearing their karmic burden of course – this could cover a lot…

    • Sun-tzu called this “blown cover, as cover.” A key staple of the ratio studiorum. Yes, that is Latin. Guess who that refers to. People, like Himmler’s uncle. And, his uncle’s — boss. So, why do you think Pachon resigned recently? For health reasons? Bovine excrement!

  9. For once in your career as a journalist would you please provide your sources for your statement that the members of the US military were purposely exposed to agent orange other than as intended,a rapid acting defoliant.

    Either Veterans Today is bleeding for lack of content to fill these pages or it doesn’t care one iota concerning the veracity of the material.I watched a few literally grasp Jonas Alexis by the throat for what they considered poor sourcing yet these same people allow sensationalistic journalism to spread its misinformation literally throughout these VT articles.I do not mean to assassinate any writer here, but Jonas does set the standard by which to follow in my opinion.

    • No I will not. Unless published in the public domain I never reveal confidential sources. And yes, Jonas Alexis is the Gold Standard for good documentation and referencing as is Prof. Jim Fetzer.

      I will explain the context and known background of Agent Orange. At the time it was known by the mf’er that Agent Orange itself was not the culprit, but it was the Dioxin contained in it that was. This was the same substance used in large electrical transformers which was eventually removed as toxic waste.

      There is a sordid history of American Soldiers being used as guinea pigs for medical experiments without their knowledge and zero informed consent. In Vietnam BZ was administered to some special ops without their knowledge and the results were disastrous and deadly because they turned on each other. During this same period the CIA and DOD administered LSD to American Soldiers without their permission or any informed consent or foreknowledge. Some died. And take the Nuclear Soldiers of White sands who were knowingly exposed to deadly doses of radiation with no informed consent. Most died of cancer.

      Or take the use of toxic vaccines containing highly poisonous adjuvants such as squalene which harmed thousands of American Soldiers. Or take the illegal use of DU and all the harm it causes. The DOD and VA denied that Agent Orange caused cancer for many years, eventually forced to admit it by a preponderance of evidence. Or Operation tailwind, admitted by Admiral Moorer on 60 minutes.

    • By the way, if you don’t agree with my statements, don’t waste your time reading any of my articles. Or take Fluoride. Top policy-makers made sure this toxic waste was dumped into the public water with no medical prescription or long term tests in order to lower the average IQ by 7-12 points. This was done in Nazi internment camps and in Russian Gulags to decrease the probability of prisoner rebellions.

      It has been known for a long time by insiders who defected from the club that top Policy-Makers (a handful that have classically controlled the US Military and used it as an Int’l corporate policemen and aggressor to help them acquire resources and land) care nothing about anyone but themself and view soldiers as mere cannon fodder and worthless and soulless beasts of burden, or mere insects to be sacrificed.

      It is known that most of these top policy-makers are members of occult networks known as “death Cults” and worship death by ministering death to thin the masses and prify the human race. Sick, evil and demented.

      Gen. Smedley Butler, USMC, documented this very succinctly in his famous classic, War Is A Racket.

    • Give me a break dude!

      “as intended,a rapid acting defoliant.”

      I’m sure the scientists developing that had some idea what effects this would be on human and animal tissue over time. I had a personal friend. Actually he was my pastor. 3 tours of VN. Col. and chaplain, U.S. Army, Special Forces. That’s Green Berets. Died in 2011. At his funeral, it was revealed that is was largely AO that did him in. When alive, he revealed to me, that things done in VN were not entirely accidental and/or without knowledge of their effects. This includes napalm, that should be outlawed from warfare as much white phosphorus. Why don’t you query Gordon Duff on these things same as Dr. James and see what kind of response you get. Some things are still (legitimately) classified. Dr. James has already revealed much already. So has Duff. Take your “grammar Nazi” tactics somewhere else. We have a war to fight. We can mop up later …

    • Agent Orange is a Monsanto product. Like everything produced at this frankenstinian corporation the chemicals are always a hazard to human health no matter what their “intended” purpose is for.
      Here’s a good link. They are testing a new and improved ready round up week killer that contains Agent orange as well.
      *****http //www.organicconsumers.org/monsanto/agentorange032102.cfm*****
      *****http //www.organicconsumers.org/bytes/ob281.htm*****
      If the corn doesnt get you the round up will.

    • It was “common knowledge” in the general public during the Vietnam war that Agent Orange was heavily sprayed on the thick jungle foiliage to better fight the war. Photos of planes spraying the stuff appeared on the news at the time. Under those circumstances, it was disingenuous of the Pentagon and VA to DENY veterans’ claims that the heavy spraying of a toxic chemical all around U.S. soldiers in Vietnam did not affect their health. Decades later, they were FORCED to admit it.

      To verify this fact only requires a simple STARTPAGE search, Mr. Dickerson. Obviously, you are not old enough to REMEMBER the Vietnam war, where Agent Orange was often mentioned in the news, or you aren’t interested enough to do a simple internet search. Here…..I did it FOR you………..

      http //www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/federal-eye/wp/2014/02/26/study-supports-claims-of-agent-orange-exposure-after-vietnam-war/


    Today is the finale wherein truth is knocking the brains out of falsehood, lies, and deception that has always guided the rebellious Jew mindset of Talmudic treachery, as represented in the zionazis stone heads ruling the apartheid gangster regime misnamed Israel. This mindset has been hinderance for thousands of years as the human embodiment of satan –




  11. An excellent article, outlining the Zionist infestation of America! There is going to come a time when enough people have woken up to their EVIL that a politically correct approach won’t be an option.

    The only thing these Zionist scum have brought to this country is immorality, misery, and death.
    They outlined their plans in the Frankfurt School protocols and the protocols of Zion, they’d like you to ignore this fact or believe that it’s just a coincidence, only fools ignore reality and truth for lies.

    Let’s not mince words… these people have robbed everyone in this country, they have murdered thousands of our citizens, they’ve manipulated and deceived us into fighting their wars, destroyed the morality of our youth with their television programming that’s specifically designed to do just that.

    When the time for justice comes… my vote would be “Kill Them All and Let God Sort Them Out!”

    • While I don’t agree with your final solution, I must admit your history and summary is correct. My view is that all involved must be tried for RICO, espionage against America, the terrorism of 9/11 and Murrah, and their bribery of Congress and many USG officials, as well as their extreme financial fraud and Unconstitutional Central Banking must be excised from America forever and those involved must be fully prosecuted with all earnings and assets “clawed back” and distributed to their many victims.

    • We have “Brain Fingerprints” to allow US to do the “sorting”!
      (If ONLY law enforcement knew and their admissibility USED!)
      Hint, HINT!

    • We’re back to Pope Innocent III, AGAIN!? Frack me; he killed the REAL Christians!
      Freemasonry is like an onion where the outer layer is a largely unknowing shield to the pond scum within! Judaism is IDENTICAL! (No offense to POND SCUM!)

    • Two times I bought the book Thick Face Black Heart.

      Both times I loaned out the book

      I do not know if that is Your background. Does not matter.

      What matters is Mercy.

      We are to show Mercy and Let God take care of the rest.
      Anything else is like the eye for an eye etc, which will find our world blind and ….
      that IS the way our world is headed, because not enough of us are showing Mercy
      Peace to You BlackHeart.

  12. From Jim Stone (continued);

    “With only 183K of super efficient DNA code, viral nanobots were released into the wild via vaccinations on September 22 2007 and are being peddled as a natural variant of the T4 bacteriophage. But this report PROVES THESE NANOBOT PHAGES ARE NOT NATURAL, AND WERE INSTEAD CREATED BY ISRAEL. These nanobots invade host organisms or cells and insert DNA that causes the host make more nanobots until the host organisms or cells die from overexertion producing them.

    These are likely to be in the papaloma vaccine, flu shots and other vaccinations, vaccines will be the delivery medium these are distributed with. These are most likely in Gardasil, which in fact appears to be designed to destroy the feminine emotional centers and attack the brain, and this report proves it.”

    • I launched a preceding post on this subject but it apparently got lost into cyber-space. Maybe it will show up or it might be in the VT spam folder. If not, go to Jim Stone Freelance to read the article.

    • I certainly hope Jim Stone is mistaken on this, but so far he has a pretty good track record so this needs to be thoroughly researched. It is now well known by some experts that ultra-high tech psychotronics have been deployed against the American masses and much of the world, especially the police which are being militarized in every American city. And yet some individuals are remarkably resistant to this Mindwar against the human race.

      Some experts believe that the massive atmospheric spraying of highly toxic nano-particles by DOD or SSG Contractors is a missing piece of the psychotronics puzzle.

    • Preston, have you seen this interview?
      http //www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=309083
      It’s on the chemtrails, Gwen towers etc and the AI

    • This is what would bother me even more

      http //www.raidersnewsupdate.com/ChristianWar5.htm

      ” …recent years have produced considerable advances in DNA research, with one of the more popular new fields called behavioral epigenetics. This is the “darling of genetic studies,”

  13. This article mentions weaponized vaccines and this happens to dovetail with an article I saw at Jim Stone Freelance;

    “Anyone who is with it enough to find a web site like this one ought to know about the NWO plan for global depopulation and the establishment of compact slave cities that can be managed with ease. (Hunger Games anyone?) What better way could there be to manage a massive depopulation than a fake outbreak, with the real disease being in mandated shots, peddled as vaccines that are supposed to protect?

    You can bet the elite do not want to actually release something that could kill them into the wild in the form of a real outbreak. They would instead opt to use all their ill gotten tax dollars to formulate a shot and inject it into their victims, with a certain percentage of the shots being non hazardous, perhaps 1 in 10, and the rest representing the end of life for the recipient.

    If the disease is a managed disease that is completely non contagious and can only be received via a shot, they can rest easy while the world dies around them. And THIS is why they are pushing vaccines so hard, and now actively working to destroy completely legitimate dissent.”

    This is scary sht indeed and the nano particles eerily resemble the ‘bot’ that was injected into Neo in the move ‘The Matrix’…and then weirdly extracted by Morpheus’ crew.

  14. The Neil Keenan group is preparing a NO-FLY LIST of corrupt officials who have perpetrated crimes against the people. If you would like to ADD names to the list, email them to [email protected]

    ORIGINAL LIST http //neilkeenan.com/neil-keenan-update-no-fly-swatter-straightening-out-some-family-matters/


    This Is Something You Need To Know (by James Casbolt aka Michael Prince)
    https //www.facebook.com/notes/10152488687855030/

    Michael Prince – Paedophile Pindar Head of the Illuminati is Hank Meijer of Meijer Inc –
    https //www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WICAjFlAf4

  16. I don’t think it’s a good idea to put the VA under DOD, because the JCS, Pentagon and their repeated deployments and never-ending war policies are the CAUSE of the veterans’ malaise. The VA needs to be managed by a non-Jew libertarian OUTSIDER. The representative of Iraq/Afghanistan vets said the VA was “calcified” and I agree 100%. They only hire from within their “calcified” poor management “culture”. I was hired as an outsider for 2 years in the financial area ONLY because they were UNABLE to fix the problems themselves. THE WHOLE VA HQ IN DC NEEDS TO BE CLEANED OUT!

    To show just how WARPED the Pentagon JCS is, they have set up recruiting stations all over the world to hire ILLEGALS and give them citizenship, while REJECTING 80% of American recruits, despite an UNEMPLOYMENT RATE of at least 37%.. They need people who will FIRE ON AMERICANS!

    WHO is “fixing” the psychopaths at the Pentagon making these ANTI-AMERICAN policies?

  17. Why I Think Bush Is The Anthrax Terrorist
    *http //www.newsgarden.org/columns/anthrax/anthraxterrorist.shtml

    Excerpt “I believe that George W. Bush is the anthrax terrorist, that he, as president, ordered or approved the mailing of weaponized anthrax produced by the CIA, Fort Detrick, Dugway or some other secret U.S. germ warfare program, that he personally selected some or all the targets and that he did so as a kind of Operation Northwoods meant to justify an invasion of Iraq but also to get the Patriot Act passed and to further implement his unconstitutional seizure of power. I also believe his choice of targets show not just callousness but personal vengeance and was an attack on the constitution and on American democracy itself.”

    “I think back to the weeks after 9/11 when there were rumors of a bioweapons attack by terrorists. First a photo-editor who worked for American Media got sick with anthrax then another American Media employee as well. Then postal workers. Some lived. Some died. The Bush White House pointed at Iraq and I bought it. Why wouldn’t I? Like almost everyone else I was still reeling in shock from 9/11 and willing to believe anything. But time went by and more and more information came out that pointed, not to Iraq, but to the US military establishment and the CIA, evidence that eventually, I think, came to point back at the Bush administration and at Bush himself.”

    “Let me run down the facts that let me to this conclusion ” (continued)

  18. Thanks Dr. James this sure brings a glimmer of hope.

    And many, many thanks to you all Intel Cowboy’s!


    *http //www.rense.com/general15/mediarant.htm
    *http //www.skolnicksreport.com/ootar3.html

    Admiral William J. Crowe Jr – the good Admiral and his buddies on the Joint Chiefs were selling American made weapons-grade Anthrax to Saddam Hussein in the hopes that he would use it on Iran. Admiral Crowe, now retired, is quite wealthy, far beyond what one might expect on even an Admiral’s salary. He sits on the Board of Directors and owns 13% of BioPort Corporation., the only corporation in the US with a license to make Anthrax Vaccine. Another part of BioPort is owned by the Carlyle Group and the Bin Laden family. REMEMBER, all U.S. Armed forces were forced to be injected with a MANDATORY Anthrax vaccine, later connected to Gulf War Syndrome.

    Bioport [now Emergent Biosolutions] Fuad El-Hibri, the founder of the company and former CEO, led the company since its founding as BioPort Inc. until his retirement on April 1, 2012. He continues to serve as the executive chairman of Emergent BioSolutions’ board of directors. The current CEO is Daniel Abdun-Nabi.

    • It’s a fact. VT readers are exceptionally well informed in many manners. The USG is one big roundtable of ultra wealthy crime figures that have bought a position of power and legislative privilege from the US Congress. this is sick and demonic beyond words and the wellspring of endless suffering for honorable American Soldiers who thought they were serving their nation when they were actually being used as World Zionist cannon fodder and targeted for either destruction or disability.

    • Adm. Wm. Crowe passed away in 2007. Bill Clinton (Knight of Malta) spoke at his funeral because, for one thing, Crowe had endorsed him when he ran for president in ’82.

      War profiteer, William Crowe sat on the boards of Texaco, Merrill Lynch, Pfizer, Norfolk Southern Corporation, and General Dynamics. He also served on the board of ‘Emergent BioSolutions’ (then Bioport), a company that provided controversial anthrax vaccinations to the U.S. military in the 1990s. The deal was approved by the Clinton administration, with which Crowe had a previous relationship.

      The slow poison, fluoride laden, government-mandated antibiotic called “Cipro” was manufactured exclusively by Bioport Corporation whose principal investor was a Saudi Arabian businessman and personal friend of the Bin Laden Family Dynasty; Fuad El-Hibra-a.

      Bioport was also financed by The Carlyle Group, whose CEO from ’92 to 2003 was CFR member, former Deputy Director of the CIA, former Secretary of Defense under President Reagan and most importantly, one of Cardinal Egan’s KNIGHTS of MALTA; Frank C. Carlucci.

      Additional investors within The Carlyle Group were the Bin Laden and Bush Family Dynasties. George HW Bush, and son George W Bush are both Knights of Malta. Is anyone noticing a common thread here? Yes, it’s the SMOM who are ultimately subordinate to the Superior General of the Jesuits aka the ‘Black Pope’…higher on the pyramid of evil than organized jewry even.

    • Recently Pope Benedict had to resign because he was found guilty of child trafficking and peodeophilia by the International Common Law Court and was facing arrest, according to reporter Kevin Annett. He is still living on Vatican property to avoid arrest. Now Pope Francis has also been charged by the court for child trafficking, peodophilia, and ritual sacrifice by the same court, and may resign.

      The Black Pope was replaced last year by Nickolas Adolpho, who is ALSO talking about resigning because of similar charges.

      In the U.S., twelve states are now fully constituted in Common Law and all the other states are working to complete the process in ALL their counties. Common Law take precedent over the current statute law. Every county needs 4 paid administrators and 1 secretary PLUS many people to sign up who are willing to serve on the PEOPLE’s common law grand juries when called. The PEOPLE run the courts, not judges or attorneys. The LAW is simple — NO LAW IS BROKEN UNLESS YOU INJURE ANOTHER PERSON OR HIS PROPERTY, i.e., gun possession, drug possession, traffic tickets are NOT crimes. http //www.nationallibertyalliance.org

    • Adolpho resigned on 20 May
      http //www.ascensionwithearth.com/2014/05/breaking-news-jesuit-black-pope-resigns.html

    *http //www.rense.com/general12/review.htm

    Dr. Shyh-Ching Lo (Armed Forces Institute of Pathology) – created Gulf War Syndrome
    TANOX CORP. & BAYLOR COLLEGE OF MEDICINE tested it on Huntsville, TX, prisoners PRIOR TO giving the MANDATORY vaccines to U.S. military troops. [The prisoners all came down with the disease.]

    “George H. W. Bush’s Secretary of State, James Baker III, was reported to have owned part of the [Gulf War] vaccine manufacturing company against whom ailing Gulf War veterans had filed a lawsuit,” writes Horowitz. “Moreover Mr. Bush is said to have been a major shareholder in that company -Tanox Biosystems of Houston.”

    Why is this significant? The so-called Persian Gulf War needs to be reconsidered as a bio-warfare testing ground – against American troops by American commanders.

    The VA has “intentionally” delayed applications for disability for long periods of time, and “intentionally” delayed treatement. IN MY OPINION, the VA is complicit with the Bush/Clinton/Obama administrations and the Pentagon to accelerate Veterans’ demise. Immediately upon Obama’s inauguration, his DHS sent flyers to ALL law enforcement agencies across the US naming “returning Veterans” as TERRORISTS. The criminal cabal running lawless, corrupt D.C., NSA, and the Pentagon are AFRAID of Veterans upsetting their NWO plans. They ‘ve made EVERY EFFORT to designate them as “mentally ill” and take away their 2nd Amend rights. Why haven’t Vets revolted??

  21. I don’t understand why they want to kill American POWs and MIAs. Nor why they want to harm returning soldiers. Can someone explain this please.

    • Vets saw first hand the truth of these illegal wars. Don’t want those stories getting out. Further, once lies are exposed, vets will be truly pissed they were sent to fight for Zion and will be the patriots most capable of fighting back or organizing a rebellion.

    • This is why our government doesn’t want our soldiers to speak out. Once our soldiers get to the intended target (Iraq, Afghanistan, or even Vietnam, etc.) they don’t like what they see and sometimes refuse to fight anymore – as they did near the end of Vietnam.

      As for the recently released Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl from the Taliban, he has some interesting stories to tell. He is some of what he has to say. The rest will appear in this Friday’s Rolling Stone Magazine.

      http //www.cbsnews.com/news/bowe-bergdahl-us-soldier-held-by-taliban-was-ashamed-to-be-american-emails-show/

    • Good answers tim and star.

      It will be interesting to follow the MSM noise that ensues. One can already see the seeds being sown to turn this into a divisive, political event for talking heads to scream at each other about. Is this the turning of the tide as we hope? Or will it be one more platform for the zionist media to scream traitor and keep the sheeple bleating at each other in ignorance? I hope for the former but fear the latter, based on the massive coverage this is receiving on the usual phony media outlets, such as —

      http //www.nbcnews.com/storyline/bowe-bergdahl-released/not-hero-some-question-bowe-bergdahls-disappearance-n120051

      When we see chemtrails disappear and the MSM actually reporting truth, we will know the intel cowboys have rounded up the bad guys.

  22. I fervantly HOPE something is being done behind the scenes about the overt “take-over” at all levels of the federal govt, the courts, the think-tanks, the Pentagon, DHS/ TSA/ FEMA, and all 65 “policy” Czars and their fellow bought-and-paid-for zionist war-mongering Congressmen (all busy writing Anti-American, Anti-Constitutional LAWS against REAL Americans).

    As day after day, week after week, and year after year passes with apparently NO resistance anywhere on the horizon to these parasites and their corruption and lawlessness, many have lost faith. Those who have not already left this country and its sold-out military behind are considering it. WHO wants to live in this miserable place the U.S. has become?

    I started noticing how badly the Pentagon was treating soldiers at least a decade ago. Repeated deployments to war zones were UNHEARD OF prior to Iraq & Afghanistan. It was clear to me that the Pentagon intended to “use the soldiers up and insure they DIED before reaching retirement age”. Then when the Pentagon made untested Anthrax shots MANDATORY despite public objections, it was even MORE evident that they INTENDED physical harm to the soldiers. A large number of those soldiers came down with Gulf War Syndrome. To top THAT off, they gave the troops DU guns, ammo, and tanks to use! I met a young woman soldier who was selling her house because she had Gulf War Syndrome and was dying.

  23. Excellent roundup of the criminal intent and complicity of the players in the ongoing attempt to take this nation down.
    The two selected videos are on target and represent efforts of two American patriots at their posts doing what they can to awaken the People to the deception and to the covert plan.

    Much of the plan now takes place on our soil with the criminal acts of subtrafuge in Sandy Hook, Boston and now Santa Barbera to grab the guns under scripted psyops.

    When you also consider the V.A. Reports as part of the destabilizing process, it can be understood only by knowing that the audits of the Federal Reserve Bank revealed $16 Trillion Dollars was spread around the globe and the the Veterans were deprived of any of those monies , with the American People guild fed with the Wounded Warrior Fund to offset the criminal looting of our Treasury by the Federal Reserve Bank.
    What? We can allow a private Z bank to run our funds all over the world, falsely encoumber the people with an odious debt, make the generations to come debt slaves to this crime, while pitching a deflecting relief fund for veterans who have be left to die with wounds suffered in wars contrived in lies?
    To do all this and use some of the money looted by the Fed to run the psyops to destroy our liberties?
    Check the Boston Blowout video at you tube below.

    The Federal Reserve Bank requires a massive class action lawsuit of $300 Trillion Dollars and the enabling criminals in both parties in D.C. a blast from the R.I.C.O. Act.

    Please add these to your video edits

    Boston Blowout

    New World Order Declared

  24. recently Palestine national football team have qualified for the upcoming Asian cup to be held in Australia in January. it might do nothing about politics but is surely a huge morality and unity for the people of Palestine as football or soccer is labelled the second most important thing in the world. just as for any other emerging nation.
    this is a brave article, probably most of it is true or interconnected in some way. of course the majority of Israelis and majority of Palestinians surely would accept to live in peace and recognition but unfortunately it still is a “taboo”. hopefully Pope’s efforts can contribute to recognition and acension of the state and country of Palestine. nobody normal and respectable really is against Israel or Hebrew, people just don’t accept extremism anywhere in the world.

  25. —–Dr. James —-Finally. The Fukushima Nuclear Reactor research was done by private Japanese scientists. Netanyahu was in Japan telling Abe Israel is interested helping on the Reactor, Abe told him we are negotiating with Turkey. Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD) the Israli- American Zionist was at Shangri-La Summit talking to Abe.

    ——The Pope accomplished in a couple of days, which NO WORLD LEADER did in Over 60 Years.——France24 TV, the Europe Propaganda showed everything from his Jordan, Palestine & Israel, and invited Abbas & Perez on 6/6/14 to the Vatican & both accepted the invite.

    ——-The Israelis were furious since the Pope 1st stop was Jordan—-He was accompanied by Popular Orthodox, Muslim & Rabbi—-Met President Abbas in Palestine & people from Gaza, went to the “Separation Wall”, Prayed leaning on the wall—-When he went to Bethlehem to go to Jerusalem he flew by helicopter without going thru Israel.

    ——On France24-TV Interview, a Priest said 100 years ago Christians were 20%, now we are only 2%—-We received a “Notice from the Settlers” which I’ll show the Pope, telling us all Non-Jews to move out of Israel—–Right after the Priest’s Interview, a gunman killed 4 people at the Jewish Museum in Brussels, Belgium.

  26. It’s a nice story, hopefully it comes true. I really can’t believe Israel did Fukushima, I mean, yeah, weren’t they worried even if America collapsed that all of asia would hate them? These guys are evil to the point of stupidity.

    • The WZs did 9/11, and seem to be involved in every major war and staged attack since the mid 1800’s. Certainly they could have done Fukushima, and some have connected the dots quite well that suggests this.

    • “Corroborative Resources” Their “Build, INFEST, Bird Dog and BURY” business model dates to BC, Carthage! “Carthage Must Be Destroyed”
      “Jewish Ritual Murder Revisited”
      8.5 Jewish Serial Killer List Why do Jews represent 70% or more of serial and/or cannibal and/or other unmentionable crimes against humanity?
      *Organ Trafficking* Where are they getting the organs and why is this a predominantly Jewish business?
      http //www.google.com/search?q=Jew+arrest+organ+traffic+-wikipedia.org
      The important parts of the testimony of all victims is LEO participation/sanitation & PROTECTION of abductions, trauma/sex mind splitting, heinous torture and murder of children and whoever else the scum leaders want DEAD or stalked/terrorized.
      https //www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDfxqGl4iuA

      Jewish friend, Lynn Shirmer,The DiDiva. I believe her child too was threatened!
      https //www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfyzxDk6W2o
      Vicki Polin Testimony Victim of generational satanic Jewish family tree.
      https //www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsTm46RzVh8

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