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Nuclear "Test"
Nuclear “Test”

Destroying Childish Misconception

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


We now believe that recent revelations received from Russian intelligence were based on the Edward Snowden leak of the highly classified (Q) Sandia Labs Investigation on Nuclear Weapons Use on 9/11.

Since that time, we have been bombarded with documents, a virtual flood, that, when exhaustively examined, would allow a technically proficient reader with nuclear weapons or chemical engineering background to reach the conclusions we are led to believe the Sandia report came to back in 2003.

What we advocate is that this document is released in its entirety. Why it is not, we believe, is that this “closes the door” on Snowden forever. The Russians have stated that Snowden brought no “Q” docs with him. We think they are lying or, frankly, they never would have mentioned it at all. Moreover, I think they expected us to figure that one out. Such is the nature of the “spy game.”

It is time to demand that the US admit the existence of the Sandia report. On a personal basis, I am now gaining a new understanding of the many purposeful misdirections tied to 9/11, the “pixie dust” and endless infighting, the narcisstic personalities that come and go and the current binge of propaganda meant to rig the upcoming elections in the US and put a totalitarian Wall Street/Zionist dictatorship in power.

Glasstone Introduction to Nuclear Weapons

Glasstone Introduction to Nuclear Weapons

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Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades.

Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Gordon Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than "several" countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. Thanks Gordon, for this paper. I will have some time to study. Already my first textual glimpse over the paper gave me some valuable insight in some of the inner workings of nuclear weapons technology.

    As you said, all of the papers should be made public. I guess, at a certain time in the future this might happen.

    The “Snowman” story already is an open fraud insofar as it does not really gives new insights and before all it was meant to be a wonderful psyop to give some influential newspapers a much needed touch of “truth”. I’m always astonished how lazy those intel people have become, when it comes to looking for persons who have to do the public deception job and sell their story.

    Billionaire Pierre Omidyar and his background is already out in the open for everyone interested. I’m not quite shure yet if it would not have turned out better for Greenwald in the long runto stay in his old porno business. But it seems more likely that his favorite role model has been Jimmy Wales from another fake enterprise, called WIKIPEDIA.

  2. molecule wrote
    “what are the dual citizen top brass afraid of? They are afraid only of being discovered. Bolshevik top brass deployed Snowden, to put a leash on NSA, and possibly the CIA. That’s where the real war is.”

    How many US dollars were paid to the mujahideen in Afghanistan while under Soviet occupation?

    Today we hear people extolling the heroic leadership characteristics of Mr Putin, compared with the asinine jerks of POTUS.

    On Australian MSN bed-time stories two pieces of the puzzle that seem to me to make up the JWO
    -a lone Russian priest adventurer landed his row boat on Mooloolaba beach from South America, to be welcomed by family, Russian Ambassador and other dignitaries

    -a trip advisor story on the limitations of tourist facilities in Moscow
    Since Paul Craig Roberts has written on the trade deal between Russia and China, extending his theory to the future belonging to the East, I think the above two stories are told to the sleepy children, without saying the true words, of what is to come for Australians.
    Only a few years ago there were very few Russians in Queensland. Certainly I never heard their voices in the areas I went, but I have noticed over the past two years a significant increase in Russian voices on our streets and in our business/facilities.

    I have nothing against Russians, Chinese or anyone else. I resent our collective governments for lying to us, pushing in our faces as ‘worthy’, Zionist ‘experts’ on what is the Zionist agenda for the human family.

    • molecule I hope you realise I am offering you pieces of puzzle that may or may not fit with your analysis of global events.

      People on the alternative sites are saying that the litmus test for Putin is the Federal Reserve.
      While I stand in solidarity with my brothers and sisters in the sinking ‘west’, I am also aware of the East being the flavour of the month. Australians in general remain unaware of the criminal cabal that must crumble, so please God the new powers exercise the characteristics of practices we now know to be effective and healthy human relations.
      I will always remember your words the Powers To Be
      with gratitude.

  3. Just watched Mr Snowden on RT explaining how the CIA already had all the information it needed to track and to stop the cavemen of Afghanistan as they shut down US airspace, crashed a series of passenger airplanes into the Pentagon and twin towers – whilst leveling three of the largest buildings in America. All in wonderful technicolor for the viewing public …. THAT tells you all you need to know about Mr Snowden.

  4. Hilarious for me when the stooge journalists were so impressed with Snowden making them stowe their cell phones in the fridge at the interview. Give me a break, if Snowden (snowjob) new anything and was “real” he’d have known those presstitutes were tracked all the way to that hotel door via phone and another way……cough.

    Glass windows behind him at the interviews? IN HONG KONG? Hilarity. Seems hiding in plain site and asking every intelligence outfit in H.K. to come and find him is the way it’s done these days. Preposterous from day one. Windows would have been lazed by 10 different countries in half an hour. Voice recognition would have had snowjob pinpointed everywhere he went, and don’t give me that skype, TOR horseshit either. He would have been exclusively targeted and it wouldn’t have helped at that point anymore even if he used God to talk on his computer or anyone’s phone remotely within 6 degrees from him, hell, anyone within a half mile of him with electronic comm’s was heard, tracked and parsed instantly and had been for the first week he started this. (if this was real that is) B.S. Just like Assange. It’s just enough for the hoi polloi.

    Announcing that you are in Hong Kong (small place) after doing what he said he did is like hiding in you own bath tub at your own house screaming through a mega phone as to your own whereabouts. Lest we forget, he gave them several days lead time to find him. This is where I clammed up and shook my head.

  5. I can tell everybody one thing. There was nothing like the link supplied above by Mr. Duff that I could find on the internet when I wrote Black Sun Rising part 4. I really want to put it in my favorites but I am afraid committing it to my hard drive may be construed as a terrorist act.

  6. Edward Snowden Censored 9/11 & Boston Bombing Segment On NBC

    http //xrepublic.tv/node/9158

    Snowden fully supports the official 9/11 and Boston Marathon fairy tales.

    Julian Assange, anyone?

    • @ wolf

      “9/11 truth is the absolute litmus test. Assange, Snowden…both phonies.”

      Let’s venture farther down the rabbit hole. Snowden’s story stinks…stealing a vast quantity of documents, taking several laptops to Hong Kong, living in a luxurious Hong Kong hotel, not getting snatched at the airport…

      An aspect of that video that I noticed was his implication that the intelligence community is incompetent. They should have seen 9/11 coming and prevented it, they should have followed up on Russia’s warnings about the brothers and prevented the Boston Marathon bombings. By extension, that’s how he got away with his odyssey.

      What good is it to construct an oppressive police state to control the citizenry, if the citizenry doesn’t know about it? Think “Big Brother Is Watching You” posters in “1984.”

      Thus the Feds gave us the Snowden op, to shove it in our collective face that we live in a total surveillance society, and to convince us that there’s nothing that we can do about it, except cower in fear.

      Some of us aren’t cowering, and that’s why we’re labeled “terrorists.”

    • So true. Great comment. The Snowden psyop was all about letting us know that we live in a total surveillance state and we are powerless. No place to run, no place to hide. And complaining to your Senator won’t do any good because they’ve been promised a seat on the last subterranean maglev to Denver…and they’re in on the scam.

      Just as we can see a car in somebody’s driveway a thousand miles away on google earth, they can see what’s on our computer hard drive and probably what’s on our dinner table in real time. Screw em.

  7. “put a totalitarian Wall Street/Zionist dictatorship in power” That sums up what we have now –

    “Poverty goes up. Crime goes down. The prison population doubles. Fraud by the rich wipes out 40 percent of the world’s wealth. The rich get massively richer. No one goes to jail.” (Matt Teibbi)

    • There can be little doubt that McCain or Romney would have been much worse..I just hope that, before Obama leaves office, that we transition away from being the world- dominating hegemon that we became..

    • “put a totalitarian Wall Street/Zionist dictatorship in power” That sums up what we have now –

      Exactly. Hitlery vs Jeb Scherff in 2016? Meet the new boss same as the old boss. Never changes.

      How did Obongo do on his promise to label GMO’s? He appointed Michael Taylor, the VP of MonSatan, as ‘Food Safety Czar’ for the FDA (fraud and death administration). GMO’s are slow kill mechanisms in the food our children eat. It’s not debatable.

    • An excellent comment wolf. GMO’s, with vaccines, fluoride and chemtrails (food, air, water, blood, covering all their bases) are definitely slow kill mechanisms but, taken together, are a just a wee bit faster. And, you’re most definitely right, it’s not debatable. Fortunately I can opt out of 3 of those and I’m still searching craigslist for that first anti-aircraft missile that pops up, to take care of the 4th.


    • You’re right Matt. It’s a full spectrum all-out synergistic assault on humanity…only it’s on a slow fuse so as not to arouse undue alarm amongst the sheeple.

      In typical Satanic fashion, over decades they have implemented a ‘sickness care’ system designed to profit from the disease and suffering they themselves have caused by virtually outlawing any alternative healing modalities and monopolizing treatment options to allow for the use of toxic big pharma solutions only, thereby destroying your immune system and killing you sloowly while draining your bank account and stealing your assets.

      As far as the 4th, maybe Vlad could help us in the same way Zbigniew helped Tim Osman…
      (wink wink)

  8. Docs not from Snowden, already exposed as a fake by Russia intel, Snowden now trying to get back to Langley. From report to Moscow SVR Director Fradkov & FSB Director Bortnikov
    “We know now that Snowden never ‘stole’ any documents … We know now that ‘Edward Snowden’ is another fraud of CIA-Nato, at least 10 US CIA objectives, furthered via Snowden’s lying praise for CIA media who falsely pose as ‘brave Snowden journalists’, CIA-tied media … helping to silence and kill genuine US dissidents, to crush USA’s internal reformist ‘Liberty Movement’ & ‘9-11 truth’ … ‘Operation Snowden’ is also a process of global intimidation and terrorisation … ‘NSA revelations’ little new, did not and will not result in any significant change in the activities themselves”
    “Report Confirming Active Current CIA Status of American agent Edward Snowden, ‘Operation Fake Dissident'”
    http //homment.com/3K3xdsYD7a

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