VT Nuclear Terrorism Education Series

Plutonium awaiting the "Israeli fix"
Plutonium awaiting the "Israeli fix"
Plutonium awaiting the “Israeli fix”

Refurbishing Stolen Plutonium for State Terrorism


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Recent reports and massive documentation from Russian intelligence sources has supported a hypothesis involving nuclear terrorism.  They claim that elements of what they call the “Bush crime family,” working in concert with national security personnel, some of which have privately confirmed this “hypothesis,” had stolen 350 W54 nuclear warheads and transferred them to Israel for general sale or use.

They also indicated how the nuclear pits were remachined, why they required it and why the W54 with its huge oblong pit was chosen for theft from the US facility in Amarillo.

We are now under, not just the full understanding that the FBI knows of this and everyone involved but that the Department of Energy had proven that this was the source of nuclear material used in the destruction of not only the World Trade Center but other supposed “non-nuclear” terrorist acts as well.

To close the door on more speculation, we have decided to “put up.”  Below is the “how.”  We do so hate “ambiguity” and “sniffers.”

Surface and Corrosion Chemistry of Plutonium

With Bonus:

Where interested members of the public could, were they so inclined, find poorly guarded nuclear weapons awaiting state terrorist elements who simply haul them away and sell them.

Nuclear Shopping Guide


  1. Thank you, Mr. Duff.
    These articles have helped, with a strong dose of spell checking, to affirm many of the worst concerns of thinking people regarding the elite’s current nuclear addiction.
    I am still waiting for disclosure on the activities of nuclear-artificial elements and their action beyond the three dimensions.
    Personally, I really have to wonder, that a deranged criminal group of incestuous nincompoops controls the deployment of technology they don’t even begin to comprehend.

  2. Speaking of the nuclear realities, it is beginning to seem as if Japan is finished as a nation–at least one with an island home. Where might they go? At some point either a miracle cure for Fukushima Daiichi will appear or after some time the whole globe will experience the effects. So far most have not noticed this phenomenon. It is like an asteroid heading our way but still a number of years out. So we can go on worrying about climate change or global warming but not about radioactive material. Are transgender marriages legal now?

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