Bilderberg Plots New World Order Agenda



By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor, for Press TV

15_Bilderberg_2014_Generic-300x231Every year, the world’s most powerful people meet in secret. Their agenda: total world domination. Big media observe a near-total blackout.

It sounds like dystopian science fiction, or a conspiracy theorist’s worst nightmare.

The strangest part is that it’s true. The 2011 destabilization of Syria, the 9/11/2008 Goldman-Sachs-led controlled demolition of the world economy, and probably even the 9/11 false flag events were all plotted or okayed by the Bilderbergers.

Fortunately, the world is fighting back. The rise of the internet-based alternative media has shredded the secrecy surrounding the annual Bilderberg conference, allowing the people a glimpse of what their masters have in store for them. And the nations resisting the Bilderbergers’ world takeover attempt, led by Iran, Russia and China, are gaining ground.

That is why this year’s Bilderberg conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, which ended on June 1st, was an exercise in damage control.

The Bilderbergers’ first concern, according to journalist Daniel Estulin, is the rise of Iran, Russia and China. The gas deal between Russia and China – and Iran and Russia’s successful defense of Syria against NATO-led aggression – have raised grave questions about whether the Bilderberg-led West can continue its world-domination scheme.

May 2014 brought bad news for the Bilderbergers. Russia, stung by NATO skullduggery in Ukraine, announced that it is spearheading a new Eurasian Economic Union. Meanwhile, China has just called for an Asian Security Alliance that would include Russia and Iran. All of this, on top of the Russia-China gas pipeline deal, suggests that the world is spinning out of the Bilderbergers’ control.

In response to these setbacks, the Bilderbergers are contemplating a “grand bargain” with Iran. They recognize that the West’s Zionist-driven economic sanctions have failed. The sanctions have simply led to Iran trading with China and Russia rather than the West. Ending the sanctions could set off an economic boom in Iran, allowing the West to share in the profits.

A “grand bargain” could help situate Iran as an independent third party rather than a full-fledged fire-breathing member of the new Eurasian anti-West alliance. This could represent a big win for Tehran, turning it into world’s-most-courted debutante. It would signal the West’s belated acceptance of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, and put an end to the bullying, threats, and violence that have characterized the West’s policy toward Iran since 1979.

The Bilderbergers’ next concern, according to Estulin, is the rise of anti-EU sentiment in Europe. The success of nationalist parties in the recent European Parliamentary elections represents a direct challenge to the Bilderbergers’ long-term vision of a US-EU alliance ushering in the New World Order.

Estulin’s source says the Bilderbergers put this item on their agenda even before the recent EU elections. He says the New World Order elite is worried that “a nationally driven and divided Europe would be reluctant to take globalization for granted.” Indeed, the EU’s destruction of national sovereignty is supposed to be the model for what is in store for the whole world. If the EU sputters and dies, the dream of an American-European-Zionist New World Order dies with it.

The Bilderbergers are also worried about the blowback from Edward Snowden’s revelations about NSA spying. They are worried that American and especially European citizens will demand privacy protections that will impede the NSA’s “total information awareness.” (The NSA is the all-seeing-eye at the top of the New World Order pyramid depicted on the US dollar bill.) The Bilderbergers discussed strategies for defeating the privacy-rights advocates and continuing their progress towards a world in which everyone and everything is under total, permanent surveillance. They recently gained a small victory by limiting a German investigation into NSA surveillance and blackmail of that nation’s leaders.

The most disconcerting and ominous item on this year’s Bilderberg agenda was a forum on criticisms of Barack Obama’s foreign policy. Daniel Estulin quotes the Bilderbergers:

“Critics of the US president blame him for betraying America’s leadership overseas, citing failures to defend American interests in Syria and lately in Ukraine. Obama’s newly announced doctrine calls on scaling down reliance on military force and using diplomacy and collective action instead. Bilderberg members will discuss whether this policy is doomed.”

Translation: The neoconservative architects of 9/11 and the 9/11 wars are disappointed that Obama refused to bomb Syria, attack Iran, and go to war with Russia over Crimea. They also believe that the US may have to attack China to prevent that nation’s rise to world’s-leading-superpower status.  These fanatics are willing to risk World War III in a desperate attempt to prevent the world from going multi-polar. Some are Hobbesians who believe the world needs a “sovereign” (a sole superpower, namely US-NATO) to prevent global anarchy; others are Zionist freemasons determined to establish a one world government with its capital in Occupied Jerusalem.

If these people get their way, the future of the world will be nasty, brutish, and short.

So now, thanks to people like Daniel Estulin and his sources, we know what topics the Bilderbergers discussed this year. But we do not know what decisions were taken.

Will the Bilderbergers opt for a gradual, peaceful transition to a multi-polar world by making peace with Iran and refraining from excessive aggression towards Russia and China? Or will they give the nod to the neocons, who will then set off a huge 9/11-style false flag attack to launch the next round of bloody imperial conquest?

The neocons easily fooled the world on September 11th, 2001. At that time, the expression “false flag attack” had not yet entered the world’s vocabulary.

Today, false flag awareness is at an all-time high. Whenever a spectacular “terrorist” event happens, whether it is the Boston Marathon bombing, the Sandy Hook shooting, or the chemical weapons attack at al-Ghoutha, Syria, the first question on many people’s minds is: Could this be another false flag?

Non-corporate media outlets such as Press TV, Veterans Today, Russia Today, Global Research, Infowars, WhatReallyHappened, CitizensForLegitimateGovernment, TruthJihadRadio and others have helped popularize the term “false flag.” Thanks to the independent media, millions of people have heard of Operation Northwoods, Operation Gladio, the Lavon Affair, Operation Cyanide, and the 46 drills of 9/11.

So if the Bilderbergers opt for another huge false flag, they will have to take down the internet. The obvious way to do that would be through a “cyber-9/11.”

Did the secret Central Committee of the Bilderberg Group just authorize a massive cyber-9/11? Or have they opted for kinder, gentler tactics this year?

To find out, stay tuned to the alternative media…while you can.


  1. shame the bilderbergers arent outright arrested and jailed for conspiring evil.
    if it isnt evil then why the secrecy and armed guard thugs who WILL shoot anyone trying to enter.
    just the fact of the armed thugs is hired hitmen willing to murder people in the first place!

  2. I guess there is a curse above bilderberg heads that says If you don’t rule the earth someone else will, would you like that to happen? There is no mention that power ultimately corrupts people and nobody’s shoes but God’s are fit for the position. Theocracy has ruled over oil fields for over 100 years now and still no lessons were learned, instead we are all invited to take the nuclear proliferation test again as supposed we are now in a “special part of history” and therefore more fit for the position than anyone before ever was. When an indvidual from western democracy discovers what is under the foundations of his country his first reflex is gag and vomit or prolapse on the flag.

  3. These “People” “Build a Burgers” or whatever they are, want to serve their Master Satan and rule the world!
    They want the World’s population decreased by 75% or whatever the amount, but their day is coming and they will be removed!

    They know their time is short,They and Satan will be dealt a final blow one of these days!
    Yahweh God’s Elect will be rising up soon!

  4. Not a mention of the Bilderburg meeting in the mainstram media here in America. That’s odd. Normally the media try to investigate secrecy. Of course there has been no media attention to many things, like Israel’s nuclear arsenal, or 911 structural failures, or how men who could barely fly a cessna could fly big airliners like experts, or how there were over 70 dual citizen American-Israelis in the GW Bush government. What is the common factor here?

    The media don’t lie, they just don’t tell the truth

    • I would add that I hve never seen a TV program explaining how the holocaust coincided with the destruction of Germany’s infrastucture by allied bombing. When there are no intact roads, railways, power and water systems, and you you have lot of people crowded into camps the inmates will die of cold, disease and starvation. There is never a mention of the fact that the piles of bodies were emaciated; the result of long term starvation and diease, not execution on arrival.

  5. I don’t believe the NSA is the “all seeing eye”. They are a drag net of information and a dangerous thing to have around for those really intent on hiding their crap. To put it bluntly. Why else are the nations bureaucrats trying so hard to have the organization downsized, or at least driving at wanting to screen the information. Why are “they” selling the notion that all of our personal data is kept, but not transferred and sold to the highest bidder, which is a rudimentary concept in business demographics. And why is Russia so ready to support Snow den in the their press if he doesn’t have something truly embarrassing against their frenemey; the E.U. and U.S. suits setting up business in Kiev?
    If Snowden is another Assange, a poster child for liberty through espionage, I can see where his face is more powerful than any information he might have. He is a tool for those trying to embarrass the colonist business faction. And the NSA is nothing more than a storage facility.

    • Actually, the ‘all seeing eye’ symbol represents the human pineal gland. “They” know the secret of accessing higher dimensions and all knowledge through this bio-chemical portal but they want to keep the masses ignorant of this. Sodium fluoride is also especially effective in calcifying the pineal gland to make it non-functional metaphysically.

    • Ive read some Egyptian black magic on an obscure web page many years back. It supports the immortality of the pharaohs and those who serve them. I wanted to know why they were so keen on making sure their servants were in the tomb with the Pharaohs favorite, Peking Duck and all of his stuff. I can see why people like Alester Crowley would jump at trying to capture some of that mystery using drugs. Its all very dark and very much against new testament teachings. Is it a real power? If too many use it to accomplish a goal, yes.

    • “Every human being’s Pineal Gland or The third eye can be activated to spiritual world frequencies and enables you to have the sense of all knowing, godlike euphoria and oneness all around you. A pineal gland once tuned into to proper frequencies with help of meditation, yoga or various esoteric, occult methods, enables a person to travel into other dimensions, popularly known as astral travel or astral projection or remote viewing.

      With more advance practice and ancient methods it is also possible to control the thoughts and actions of people in the physical world. Yes, it is bizarre, but the United States, former Soviet Union governments and various shadow organization have been doing this type of research for ages and have succeed far beyond our imagination.

      Pineal Gland is represented in Catholicism in Rome; they depict the pineal as a pine cone in art. The ancient societies like the Egyptians and the Romans knew the benefits and exemplified this in their vast symbologies with a symbol of an eye.

      Pineal Gland reference is also in back of the U.S. dollar bill with what is called the ‘all seeing eye’, which is a reference to the ability of an individual (or group of individuals) to use this gland and go to the other side (spiritual world) and possibly control the thoughts and actions of people in the physical world by knowing what they are thinking at all times in our physical world.”

      ***http //

  6. Look for obvious changes in news and media coverage and emphasis – straight after the meeting. For example – currently the western media is a laughing stock to most of the world now – including the politically aware in the highly propagandized west itself. They might do something to try to change that. The Ukraine debacle needs to be fixed – it is clearly seen as a New World Order objective but the NWO are seen as the clear bad guys in this by anyone with a brain in their head. Putin has outflanked all of them by not responding as planned when taunted. This is obvious because they have carried on the pre-prepared media campaign as if he had! Nuland has really screwed up this one and left a trail of cookie crumbs back to the neocon NWO. Instead of being picked off one by one – Russia, China, Iran, Syria, etc – are actually combining their strengths to make greater israel a distant dream instead of a close objective. My guess is that the bilderberg meeting will either agree more aggression and an attack on Russia itself – or they will pretend to be the nice guys and go on a NWO charm offensive in order to lick their wounds in preparation for a new attack when they are ready. Lets not forget that the international PONZI SCHEME is also close to collapse again shortly – through unbridled banker industry fraud and corruption. They have a lot to talk about. A monster’s work is never done. The image above showing a GIANT HARPIE is quite an apt one – a demonic influence which also exists behind the scenes.

  7. There’s no question that “We’ve come a long way, baby.” We’ve got the bastards on the run, bigtime. I’ve been fighting the zio-scum my entire working life, about 35 years and it’s getting infinitely easier, these days. They don’t even bother to argue, anymore.

    Now, as for the BIG question, whether they’re desperate enough to launch their Samson Option, it’s hard to say. Surely, however, the zios see their various terror operations falling apart and know bloody well that the Goobers aren’t buying their lies like we used to, even though many are still asleep.

    In other words, it’s only going to get harder for the zios to keep us in line, not easier. Time is not on their side, it’s working against them. The longer they wait, the stronger we get.

    I’ll bet both my houses the Samson Option is already a “go.”

    • Good analysis Dave. In their twisted zio-minds they may well feel that they have to attack whilst they still control the nukes. I say this obviously because the zio new world order plan is a ‘win all or lose all’ card game. The more their activities become common knowledge the closer they get to being disarmed and squashed.

    • “The more their activities become common knowledge the closer they get to being disarmed and squashed.”

      we can see here that it is a ‘race’ for supremacy
      and everybody loses.

      Let us hope that ‘they’ surrender of their own volition.
      Miracles DO happen.

    • ani
      I like you’re version and indeed miracles do happen I’m beginning too see many things going our way yet I’m not disillusioned enough to think we got it covered. YET~

    • I have been study about and working against zion since 2006. I can tell you, that since then they have been going downhill. I don’t bother to communicate with them these days. In fact I won’t and I don’t as a rule.

      Make no mistake. The zionists know that they are looking at extinction and that is how they are going to play it. It will be nuclear war.

    • “They (zio-scum) don’t even bother to argue, anymore.”

      They do still argue, but their only argument is “you are a racist, Hitler loving, Antisemite™” – too bad dueling is illegal, or these scum would be facing either disgrace or pistols at dawn for their libel and slander. On the bright side, once they use that tactic they have made enemies for life, who want to see both Israel and the 1% of the 13th Tribe go down in flames.

  8. So, according to Mr. Gordon Duff, who has enthralled me with revelations for over a year now,
    “About thirty percent of what is on Veterans Today is patently false. About forty percent of what I write is at least purposely partially false, because if I didn’t write false information, I wouldn’t be alive. I simply have to do that.”
    – Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of Veterans Today – See more at http //
    I realize that Mr. Duff, recommended for President of the US, represents a VAST improvement over the current principal occupant of the Oval Office. When Mr. BO’s lips move, then begin to count the lies.

    Given the above, what portion of Mr. Kevin Barrett’s posting “is patently false”? Perhaps the sections on putative (Putinesque?) West v East shenanigans? Russia would seem in bed (or in hock) with the banksters who appear to have no favorites. TPTB (by whatever name) seem intent on the destruction of the US as we thought we knew it. Few of us learned until the past decade or so we live in the denouement of our country’s lifespan, Lincoln and the Creature from Jekyll Island heralding the end, if we ever had a true beginning.

    Bilderberg?! In my opinion, movements of pieces on the Grand Chessboard distract from the destructive molecules and elements introduced into air (chemtrails), food (additives, GMOs), water (fluoride [an ancient one] and radionuclides from courtesy of Fukushima and the perps of that on-going disaster), and earth (fracking any one?).

    • Alananda
      You make a lot of sense I to remember that article by Duff and its been a chore trying to figure out what’s real or bull but I believe I have the gist of it. I specifically liked you’re take on while we all try and figure out the facts from fiction we are in the meanwhile being slowly poisoned. Where I live Cancer is at all time high like I’ve never seen in my 54 yrs.

    • Thank you for that well articulated analysis!! Unquestionably, China and Russia are both in the tight grip of the international banksters. China is Brzezinski’s model Technocracy, entirely a construct of the global elite. There’s plenty of evidence, follow the money, something Antony Sutton did decades ago proving the western elites financed, armed, and provided technology to the Soviets and Hitler. The same was true for the rise of Chinese communists. Standard apex globalist modus operandi. What we are observing is grand theater and hopefully Dr. Barrett will make this important paradigm shift recognizing the Chinese and Russian oligarchs are no friends to a free humanity and are complicit in the creation of a global police state.

    • Christopher, ( forsitan quod in illa villa ‘pydeltrenth in dorsedie comitatu nascaris?) , você é um verdadeiro estudioso! o mundo pouco se importa com as coisas profundas. também está escrito
      يا أيها الذين آمنوا استعينوا بالصبر والصلاة إن الله مع الصابرين

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