A Canadian Rambo?

How did it happen that this young man, Justin Bourque, was able to stroll down the street in Moncton New Brunswick to kill and wound five heavily-armed RCMP officers?

Unanswered Questions on the Moncton Shooter and the RCMP

A Critical Look at the Facts and the Hype Concerning the Moncton Shooting Episode. Is the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Deploying Disinfo at the Behest of US Black-Ops Funders?

How did it happen that this young man, Justin Bourque, was able to stroll down the street in Moncton New Brunswick to kill and wound five heavily-armed RCMP officers?
How did it happen that this young man, Justin Bourque, was able to stroll down the street in Moncton New Brunswick to kill and wound five heavily-armed RCMP officers? Where is any evidence of the actual shootings? Is Justin Bourque a patsie?

by Anthony Hall


The shooting spree said to have resulted in the murder and wounding of five Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers in Moncton New Brunswick raises many questions. Here’s some that occur to me after my curiosity was piqued by FB post published today by American author and pundit Naomi Wolf.

Wolf suggests that the Moncton episode’s whole US-counterterrorist-style might be explained by following the flow of US-black-op-financing apparently now streaming into the burgeoning Canadian police state. Wolf’s observations about possible US involvement in the Moncton shootings helped me to remember theories going around in 2013 about the possible role of US Delta Force/Statfor (see below) in the heavily-armed raids of the RCMP on Native Mi’Kmaq anti-fracking activists in and around Elsipogtog.

An special ops operative deployed near Moncton New Brunswick in 2013 to defend the fracking operation of an Irving related US Company from the interventions of Mi'Kmaq anti-fracking activists.
A special ops operative deployed near Moncton New Brunswick in 2013 to defend the fracking operation of an Irving related US Company from the interventions of Mi’Kmaq anti-fracking activists.

This thought raises further questions. Could the Moncton RCMP be somehow involved centrally in all the blending of US and Canadian policing and military operations as secretly negotiated in the so-called Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America? Is there more than meets the eye to the Ramboesque style of this whole operation in New Brunswick, a Canadian maritime province essentially owned by the Irving Natural Resources Company?

Alternative Media

As raunchy and crude as is some of the internet coverage of the Moncton shooter incident is, the citizen journalists covering this matter tend to run circles around the well-paid stenographers of press releases from official sources. This stenography, evading at all cost any critical evaluation of the actual evidence, is pretty much what discerning people have come to expect from the mainstream media these days.

I have been learning from citizen journalists that shooter drills took place in Sackville, just a twenty minute drive from Moncton, only days before the lethal incident. Apparently the alleged shooter, Justin Bourque, was apprehended and taken to the RCMP detachment in Sackville, not Moncton, after he was apprehended. Why?

It has been credibly argued that the juxtaposition of drills that approximate concurrent or subsequent episodes of mass murder such as on 9/11 embody classic signs of false flag terrorism.

I have learned from one of the You Tubes linked to below that a key witnesses in this matter is a professional actress. Another witness filmed by CTV clearly has huge internal contradictions in her story. I have seen the allegation that relevant Facebook pages, including the one attributed to the alleged shooter Justin Bourque, have been tampered with and altered. I want that allegation to be addressed on the record by the responsible authorities.

Obvious Questions

What am I to make of the allegation that the Rambo-style shooting episode in Moncton seems like a poorly-produced replica of other fairly obvious false-flag events? What is the story behind the dissemination of the key image sent viral of Bourque strolling along with his hunting rifle? Is that a bow and arrow on Bourque’s shoulder? What if anything was the role of RCMP tweeters in sending this image viral? Who is taking responsibility for the appallingly poor police work if it turns out that one or more aspects of the rather implausible official version of these lethal events is actually true? One thing that is almost certainly true is the existence of dead RCMP officers.

Was the Moncton shooting in whole or in part a staged event to secure increased budgets and new powers for police-state attacks on our human rights and civil liberties? Could the event have anything to do with a strategy for re-electing the “law-and-order” party that presently control the national government in Ottawa?

Could the episode be in any way a diversion from the RCMP’s failure to enforce the criminal law on high-ranking officials involved in, for instance, the Senate scandal, election fraud, the torturing of prisoners in Canadian custody, the wholesale and illegal police invasions of our private communications by the ubiquitous surveillance state, the lethal tasering of civilians including subsequent RCMP misrepresentations, the propensity of police to clear other police of any charge of wrongdoing in cases involving the deaths of civilians, the failure (or worse) of law enforcement in the unsolved cases involving hundreds of missing and murdered Aboriginal women in Canada? This list is far from complete.

Former RCMP Commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli took the politicization of Canada's ailing federal police to new levels when he intervened in the 2006 election with the goal of putting his friend Stephen Harper in the prime minister's job. At the beginning of the election campaign Zaccardelli held a press conference to announce the RCMP's criminal investigation into the activities of the Finance Minister of the then-Liberal government of Canada. The RCMP had nothing more to say on the matter once the shift Harper replaced Paul Martin in Canada's top job. The RCMP seems to have walked away from its investigation into the $90,000 bribe handed over to Senator Mike Duffy by Harper's top aid to entice the former CTV reporter to play by the script of a concocted fable hatched and implemented in the Prime Ministers closest circle of advisers.
Former RCMP Commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli took the politicization of Canada’s ailing federal police to new levels when he intervened in the 2006 election with the goal of putting his friend Stephen Harper in the prime minister’s job. At the beginning of the election campaign Zaccardelli held a press conference to announce the RCMP’s criminal investigation into the activities of the Finance Minister of the then-Liberal government of Canada. Zaccardelli’s purposeful intervention into the election campaign had the desired effect. The RCMP had nothing more to say on the matter once the Mounties helped Harper to move into Canada’s top job. More recently the RCMP seems to have walked away from its investigation into the well documented $90,000 bribe handed over to Senator Mike Duffy by Harper’s top aid to entice the former CTV reporter to play by the script of a concocted fable hatched and implemented in the Prime Minister’s closest circle of advisers. More and more politics, show biz, and political policing are merging

There is more than enough contradictory evidence out there on the Moncton shooting to justify at least the asking of some critical and penetrating questions by reporters in Canadian media venues such as CTV, The Globe and Mail, and the CBC (the CPC Broadcasting Company?). The lack of such questioning screams of journalist malfeasance similar to what happened when Sgt. Peter Montague and other RCMP spin doctors concocted a tapestry of lies and half-truths to paint a false picture of Aboriginal terrorism in British Columbia in 1995.

As RCMP media relations officer Sgt. Peter Montague boasted during the 1995 episode, “smear campaigns are an RCMP specialty.” Another police official was caught on camera asking for journalistic help with the RCMP’s “disinformation and smear campaign” targeting especially the Native activists’ controversial lawyer, Bruce Clark.

Presumably the RCMP expect to pay for this kind of professional media help in spreading politically expedient lies. The integration of journalists into the national security state has a long history in the Cold War when the CIA in Project Mockingbird put thousands of journalists on its payroll to spin, lie, and censor for the manufacturing of consent for certain policies.

The spread of purposeful, planned and coordinated disinformation is nothing new in police work, journalism and politics. This kind of activity was accelerated after 9/11 when anti-terrorism replaced anti-communism as the major justification for the even tighter merger of journalists and police into the fast-growing military-industrial complex.

Does this current failure of critical reportage not suggest that the media venues named above have allowed themselves to become extensions of the police and of those that have transformed the RCMP from a law enforcement unit to a political enforcement unit?

Citizen Deserve Genuine Evidence-Based Answers

Might the asking of hard questions by mainstream journalists result in the possibility that those who step out of line might lose the prospect of lucrative jobs such as PR spin doctors or even as Senators with sweetheart deals like those formerly extended by Prime Minister Stephen Harper to CTV reporters Pamela Wallin and Mike Duffy.

Given the list of crimes, violations, and misdemeanors delivered on Canadians so far with impunity by the election-fraud government of Stephen Harper and the smear-and-disinformation RCMP, the time has now passed for the extension of the benefit of the doubt in cases such as this one where the smell of deceit is so unmistakable.

Tony Hall

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 11.35.05 PMScreen Shot 2014-06-10 at 11.34.00 PM

Here is an excerpt from an article by Sakej Ward in a United Church web publication on the Indigenous resistance to the Moncton RCMP’s protection of the contested fracking operations in New Brunswick in 2013

In reference to the Mi’kmaq warrior society being targeted and raided I spoke in the interview about the similarities it had to the raid made by INSET (Integrated National Security Enforcement Team – Canada’s counter terrorism law enforcement department) against Dave Dennis and I. I wanted to add that these similarities are not coincidental. They are part of an overall strategy at defeating any grass roots movement. Stratfor, is a US company, created by former Delta Force (U.S. Army Counter terrorism unit) operatives. After leaving the military the owners of the company utilized and modified a war strategy model of counter-insurgency to be employed against grass roots movements opposing corporations.


On Stratfor see


Alternative Media You Tubes

Actress is the main witness


Shooter drill only days before the publicized shooter incident, a common feature of this genre of false flag episodes


The changing story and internal contradictions of the woman who claims to been the first, or one of the first, to call 911 for RCMP help


Robot Voice assesses modification of Facebook pages etc.


A critical look the Canadian version of what may be a Rambo-style meme of false flag police work


Slightly more polished Rambo assessment focusing on the stretch of credulity required to accept the police version of events as entirely true


Discussion of media spin on the Canadian Rambo

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CBC on the gun story


“True Evidence” inserted pictures from Italy into Moncton story


Something Rather Sinister Here, Something going on in Canada


Arsenault’s Reprehensible CBC report, Canadians are the most asleep people on earth, Canadians should stop sipping so much Tim’s


“On a Mission”


An excerpt from Naomi Wolf’s FB post on possible US Funding of Canadian “counter-terrorism” operations and the need for evidence to support the reported facts of Canada’s supposed Rambo-style shooting episode.

“I found a series of bills pumping DHS [Homeland Security] money (the unaccountable billions out of our budget) into…Canada’s borders and national security. Now Canada does not have a terrorism problem (no one hates Canadians, those sweet, peaceful, rational people). So to justify all that money ….it has to have a crazy people problem. This is not to say Moncton “didn’t happen.” It is to say VERIFY DETAILS as there is a major financial incentive for senior Canadian officials and their closely related news outlets, to have the same fear climate in Canada we now lucratively have in the US. I hope this is clear by now. It is the same reasoning behind everything I will ask you to verify. Money’s relationship to lies.”

Thanks to my friend and colleague Mark Taliano for introducing to me to the false flag implications of the Moncton shooting incident and the pertinent observations of Naomi Wolf who has questioned the veracity of RCMP, eye witness, and media reports



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  1. “She has since disappeared from the internet but if you ever want to see them…”

    If their ever were a motive to share her work this would be it. Someone like that works out of passion for an ideal. If no listens they shrivel in despair.

  2. Excellent article that lays bare the depths of evil the Canadian Govt will stoop to in order to imitate their source of money from the folks that set up and control DHS in America. These scum have sold their souls to acquire the vast supply of US funny money that a false-flag psyop can bring. More of this fine work please.

    • I always appreciate your thoughts, observations and penetrating analysis, Dr. Preston. Thanks

  3. I have yet to hear a satisfactory explanation of why 5 RCMP officers would have been in such close proximity, so as to be easily “hunted” by the alleged shooter.

    • If the official version is true, some professional heads should be metaphorically rolling soon.

    • My guess is that this is a Port Arthur type operation to completely disarm Canadians. Harper’s end to the gun registry was politically expedient, and got lots of votes. However the gun registry rarely prevented people from buying guns, it just tracked them. The NWO types need an incident to disarm, and change the tune from “when every cop is a criminal, and all the sinners saints” to the Musical Ride doing its “O Canada” rendition.

  4. How does that country song go?…… lemme see……. “There’s an Elvis movie on a marquis sign, we’ve all seen at least three times.”

    God, this crap is getting old.

  5. Also Dr. I have on my hard drive a copy of The Popes Hell, painstakingly scanned page by page and sent to me by a Mi’kmak girl who was or is one of the activists you are talking about. Its a bunch of old documents from the Vatican archives that she was very insistent showed the transfer of the throne of England to pope Innocent III. She was also insistent that those documents made Canada a holding of the Vatican to this day. I don’t know how that works because I never read them but she seemed to think it was a revelation that would set some kind of legal precedent for Mi’kmak land. She has since disappeared from the internet but if you ever want to see them…

  6. Not for nothing Dr. Hall but you may want to check this out. The Zeno Narrative states that Henry Sinclair, Prince of Orkney, led an expedition from the Orkney Islands westward to an unknown land in 1398 AD. Sinclair’s grandson William Sinclair built Roslyn Chapel; a masonic shrine. Frederick J. Pohl in his book ‘Atlantic Crossings Before Columbus’ gives 17 examples where the Mi’kmaq legend is identical with the Zeno narratives account of Prince Henry Sinclair’s expedition. The Mi’kmaq flag s identical to the Knights Templar battle flag which in itself is a depiction of the Crab nebula’s birth in Chaco Canyon in Americas southwest. Across the world you will find another Knights Templar flag being flown in Georgia another country undergoing the wicked machinations of the unholy alliance between Zionist Free Masons and the British Empire controlled by the Vatican. They are doing more than just poisoning the water supply doctor. They are poisoning the very collective soul of man. Like Gordon Duff just said one day you are all going to just wake up in a Hansel and Gretal style cage if some of you don’t figure it out soon.

    • I have not read the book. However the sagas make it clear that
      the Norwegians had been sailing West since the 9th century. The Orkneys (wiping out the native population), Faroes, Iceland and Greenland and even Markland (Labrador) were all known to exist before 1000 AD. The Orkneys were under Norwegian control in 1398, and the rulers were Jarls (Earls). The Zeno Narrative, in my view, would be suspect, unless the “Scots” had been given temporary refuge. Given 400 years of Norwegian voyages to North America, there would be no need for Venetians. The Irish and Welsh have their own stories of explorers travelling across the Atlantic. As an aside, Scandinavian R.C. priests often had children. Celibate originally meant not married. As sexual relations outside of marriage was a sin (for RCs not Scandinavians) the meaning changed over time to mean abstinence from sexual relations.

      Who was mining the copper in Michigan’s upper peninsula? Certainly not the “natives”. Early colonials spoke of Welsh soldiers conversing with “Indians” due to the languages spoken being similar. M’i’kmaq is the only “Indian” language with a script. Some have suggested that the script resembles ancient Chinese.

      The Knights Templar, Knights of Malta, Freemasons, and all other alleged “evil” secret societies have been infiltrated and warped by the Synagogue of Satan. I have little doubt that the RC Church has been a target as well.

  7. The Moncton episode and Boston Mara-hoax both have psyops stink all over them, as do all these recent shootings. I see they’ve resumed sacrificing real people now that the others were seen as the phony propaganda events that they were. Ahh, but what’s a few dead cops if it furthers their agenda. Wonder if the cops are ever gonna wise up?

    That one photo of the paramilitary A-hole disgusts me. It figures they’d have Gestapo cops with snarling shepherds guarding fracking operations. We certainly wouldn’t want the poisoning of ground water to go unabated.

    • whoops – meant to sarcastically say “We wouldn’t want to stop the unabated poisoning of ground water.”

      I shouldn’t post before my second cup of coffee.

    • That picture generated discussion at the time of who the dewd was working for. Interspersed in an amongs agencies like the RCMP and the US Armed Forces are mercenary fighers, psy ops specialists etc working for private companies that can stay under the radar better than public officials. Was he an employee of say US Delta Force/Statfor? Naomi Wolf’s thoughts on the US going deeper in debt to torque the national security state agenda in places like Canada might be further investigated.

  8. Justin Bourque’s appearance resembles another well known Justin who is currently causing Stephen Harper a lot of problems – especially in the polls. This event will plant a subconscious negative image of Trudeau in the minds of the Canadian electorate.

  9. Call me a cynic, but as soon as this story hit the MSM and the way it has been subsequently milked, it screams psy-op. Even a police dog has been dragged into it. I feel for the families of the RCMP officers who were killed, but I fear their deaths served a much larger agenda.

  10. Mike Murphy, a Liberal politician and former provincial Minister of Health and Minister of Justice, is from Moncton, and was a prominent TV witness of the Boston bombing incident on CNN and CBC.
    http //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Murphy_%28New_Brunswick_politician%29
    http //www.news919.com/2013/04/16/mike-murphy-narrowly-escapes-harm-in-boston-bombings/
    http //www.cbc.ca/player/Radio/Local+Shows/Maritimes/Shift+-+NB/ID/2380141395/

    • You’ve gotta be kidding. Good find Matthew. Furthermore the “government” is in the process of attempting to pass a bill stripping Canadian born citizens of their citizenship if deemed a “terrorist”. It doesn’t take much to see we are being preped for a massive false flag.
      Great article Mr Hall.

    • Thanks for that significant suggestion of where to look next. What really happened at the Boston Marathon and what is supposed to have happened at the Boston Marthon? Those contrasting quieries might help in the application of the same questions to Justin Bourque’s supposed psycho-Rambo moment. What will be the evidence for the Crown? Have Crown charges even been laid yet against Borque and ??? And yet the Canadian Rambo has already been found guilty in the elaborately orchestrated media circus bedazzling public opinion with its steady fixation on generating fear. Who runs that media operation, that psy ops circus?

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