Smoking gun proof of “Israeli teen kidnapping” false flag

Tamir Pardo, Chief of the Israeli Mossad


Mossad Chief predicted “three teens will be kidnapped” one week before it happened


Tamir Pardo, Chief of the Israeli Mossad
Tamir Pardo, Chief of the Israeli Mossad

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Every time the Israeli government finds itself in a jam, its enemies rush in to save it. Or so we are supposed to believe.

The pattern is unmistakeable: The US is leaning on Israel to freeze or dismantle settlements…and suddenly a suicide bomb goes off.  The international community has Israel up against a wall…another bomb goes off. Argentina’s Jewish community starts turning anti-Zionist…and the Israeli embassy and Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires get blown up.

Today, the whole world is recognizing and applauding Palestine’s new coalition government featuring the newly-reconciled PLA and Hamas. Israel is going crazy, screaming about the “evil Hamas terrorists.” Suddenly three Israeli teens are allegedly kidnapped. Israel blames Hamas, and initiates a brutal crackdown in the West Bank.

But Hamas had nothing to gain, and everything to lose, from pulling off this kind of kidnapping. The only beneficiary is Israel, which wants to delegitimize the Palestinian coalition government. The situation fairly screams “false flag!”

Now it has emerged that the head of the Israeli Mossad actually “called” the kidnapping a week in advance! Haaretz just reported:

Mossad chief’s chillingly prescient kidnap prophecy

Ten days ago, Tamir Pardo outlined a scenario that was spookily similar to the kidnapping of three teens missing in the West Bank since Thursday.

By Barak Ravid

Ten days ago, at a security cabinet meeting, Mossad Chief Tamir Pardo outlined a scenario spookily similar to the kidnapping of the three Israeli teens missing since Thursday night… “What will you do if in a week three 14-year-old girls will be kidnapped from one of the settlements?,”  he asked. “Will you say there is a law, and we don’t release terrorists?”

So Tamir Pardo has just won a place for himself in the False Flag prognosticators’ Hall of Fame alongside:

*Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Cambone, Cohen, Kagan, Kristol, Libby, Rosen, Shulsky, and other PNAC-ers who called for a New Pearl Harbor in September, 2000 and got it exactly one year later.

*Philip Zelikow, who published a 1998 article in Foreign Affairs speculating on the psychological, political and cultural consequences of a massive Pearl Harbor style attack on America such as the destruction of the World Trade Center.

*Nick Rockefeller, who prior to 9/11 told Aaron Russo “there’s going to be an event” that would send America to war and usher in a National Security State of Emergency.

*Peter Power, the head of Visor Consultants, who confessed that the 7/7 London bombings perfectly mimicked a terror exercise that envisioned bombs going off in the four exact same locations at the exact same times that the real bombs went off.

*The Hollywood folks behind these 9/11 foreshadowings from “The Lone Gunman” and “The Simpsons”:

[youtube SBp3URuMV28]








  1. being izrahell created HAMAS to begin with, to thwart the efforts of a growing PLO (headed by their favorite controlled opposition sellout too btw).. this seems a confession to me “haha WE did it and ya’ll still dont get it.”. most of the crummy rockets launched that rarely hit anything, “HAMAS!”, then the collective punishment follows. want to beat up Jordan, Syria, Egypt, or anywhere else, just say “HAMAS!”, works every time!

  2. last heard in “news” if not mistaken, this was also used as excuse for another action against Syria.
    they keep it up, one of these days they darn sure WILL be wiped off the face of the map like they cried WOLF about with deliberately mistranslating Ahmedinijad saying the Zio-Regime should fade from the pages of history.. he did NOT say “oh hey lets nuke izrahell”. what amazes me is the amount of restraint from Syria and Iran for all the blatant acts of WAR comitted by izrahell against them!

  3. Thanks very much for this revelation Dr. Barrett. Today I was absolutely appalled to see a Russia Today reporter refer to these children as being “kidnapped by Hamas” as part of a story complaining about an IDF raid on the RT Ramallah affiliate.
    If people would actually think about the West Bank,it is cantonised, there is no safe place kidnappers could stash people, the IDF enjoys total access everywhere.
    Where are the demands from the kidnappers? What are they trying to achieve? If they were aiming to kill the settlers why not just kill them, why snatch them at all?
    I assume that three poor little bodies will be stashed somewhere at some point in order to incriminate Israel’s enemies.
    Make no mistake about it, this will be just another lie. They were not kidnapped by Palestinians. It is obvious at this point.

  4. Sigh, can’t speak Yiddish? No job for you!
    https //

    As Gene Simmons was nailed saying, Have the Gentiles do it, dirty work is their job. You know, like bleeding and dying in countries who have done us no wrong, but have caught the eye of the McCains, Bidens et al

  5. In Soviet Russia the Bolsheviks believed they had attained total control of the people. They were dismayed to find that their plans were threatened by the small farmers, the Kulaks. The independent farmer was a threat because he could produce for himself. Stalin ordered the OGPU to seize all of the food and animals of the Kulaks, and thereby starve them out. The front page of the Chicago American dated February 25, 1935 read SIX MILLION PERISH IN SOVIET FAMINE Peasants’ Crops Seized, They and their Animals Starve. To draw attention away from this atrocious act, it was later alleged that the Germans, not the Soviets, had killed six million people, the number that was taken from the Chicago American headline by a Chicago publicist.

  6. as soon as I heard this on the news I called B.S.

    Israel Victims since 1939…. 100 year anniversary coming soon!

  7. LC provided a link that could get buried but it is by far one of the most revealing concerning the deceit that has been committed against all mankind in order to fulfill Jewish prophesy so that they could return to their “Homeland”.

    The content of this link should be spread far and wide.I was able to get it on Facebook, but I don’t know for how long.


  8. Just read that piece, I think it’s great news, reading between the lines. Two slobbering politicians (Lindsey Graham and Mike Rogers) doing their usual “Al Qaeda’s in every urinal” routine and and ex-CIA officer no-one’s ever heard of saying that ISIS might “someday” be a threat. Whoopty doo.

    If that’s the best the zios at CBS can come up with….. well……. they’re just plain desperate.

    Although, when the zios are cornered, look out. Not too worried, though. We may just be on the cusp of a long-awaited ethnic cleansing, of planet Earth, by forces just a LITTLE bigger than the Israelites.

    • How does a man “Thumbs Up a comment?” )

      I guess my disadvantage is that I don’t watch those Cartoon’s. However… I have notices that Jewish producers always make movie after movie of the US being destroyed by virus’s, nukes, earthquakes, meteors, comets, tsunami’s, global icing. etc… But I never see Israel being destroyed? Hum>

    • PS, Mike Rivero says that in Arab (not sure which tongue) that al Qaeda means “Toilet” So why would anyone hang that on themselves. Urinal?? )

    • “Mike Rivero says that in Arab (not sure which tongue) that al Qaeda means “Toilet” ”

      Only sort of – in parts of the Arab world “al Qaeda” is slang for a western style toilet.

  9. There are no co-incidents
    All Creation is inter-related
    Nothing is as it seems

    Eternal Truths in our world without end

  10. –Australia won’t describe east Jerusalem as ‘occupied’ and is wrong to do so

    http //

    • ‘Australia’ might be putting it a bit broadly. The perp trying this on is one George Brandis, the Gilbert-&-Sullivanesque Reichschancellor [Attorney-General] a member of the ‘Mad Monk’ Abbot Liberal-National coalition, a reactionary lunar-Right extremist who is also trying to alter libel and slander laws to permit racial vilification by their pet press hacks, against Aboriginals.
      This Neocon outfit is parallel to Canada’s Harper crypto-Zio-Nazi clique. We shall do our best to ensure they are the last LN cabal to rule before this gang are pitched into third-party irrelevance. A double-dissoution dismissal (as happened with CIA to leftists in 1974) is also possible.

  11. “But Hamas had nothing to gain, and everything to lose, from pulling off this kind of kidnapping.”
    —-The Israel Zionists, are so Stupid & Clueless, they don’t even know the World already labeled them as liars.

    —-Israel the “Evil-Empire & Apartheid-democracy” —-It’s Self—- Destructive Bomb is Ticking.

    —-The Pope accomplished in a couple of days, which NO WORLD LEADER DONE in Over 60 Years
    —-Invited Abbas & Perez on 6-6-14 to the Vatican & both accepted the invite
    —–France24 TV showed the entire visit of the Pope, Jordan, Palestine & Israel his 1st stop was Jordan
    —-On France24-TV Interview a Priest said, 100 years ago Christians were 20%, now we are only 2%
    —-Also, we received a “Notice from the Settlers” that all Non-Jews to move out of Israel which I’ll show the Pope
    —-Right after the Priest’s Interview, a gunman killed 4 people at the Jewish Museum in Brussels, Belgium.
    —-Flew Helicopter to Bethlehem to go to Jerusalem without touching Israel soil
    —-Popular Orthodox, Muslim & Rabbi accompanied him
    —-Went to the “Separation Wall”, Prayed leaning on the wall
    —-Met President Abbas in Palestine & people from Gaza

  12. The Israelites are getting their behinds whooped in the court of public opinion, that’s for sure. Problem is, they’re not exactly gracious losers. Just losers.

    • Side note Loved the worry the world had for the Pope going throughout Israel without a covered car, ala JFK. Why wasn’t he worried? HE IS JEWISH MORONS! His cocky attitude about it, pure chutzpa………..Damn I hate that word. It’s just painful to watch the stupidity of the goy, shear pain at the ignorance….how is it people don’t see this? Banging my head, palm to forehead 24-7. You should come down to S. Florida, we’ll sit on a park bench or go to a deli and people watch. You won’t be ready for it mentally. Inside of 6 minutes, you will re-evaluate all stereotypes as hopelessly true. Impossibly fun. Especially when they start elbowing 80 year old women to get closer to the counter. Ohhhh, they’re just the peaches of human kind….

    • I guess that is the reason I support Kevin Annett, who appears to me to not care about political correctness in going after the pedophiles and murderers in charge of the lunatic asylum that passes itself off as our ‘authorities’.

      My experiences as a Christian have not been as personally severe as Annett, but severe observations and argy-barging on my part nevertheless, while at no stage throwing out the baby (Christ-consciousness) with the bath water. For every murderer/pedophile/sadist in the church, there are (and always have been) multitudes of saints and angels.

  13. Why do they need half a dozen authors for a dozen paragraphs? From the Haaretz article —

    “By Gili Cohen , Barak Ravid, Jack Khoury, Haaretz and Chaim Levinson”

    • And why do Khazars so often look like drowned corpses? (See the picture of Tamir Pardo to see what I mean.)

  14. Rene Tatje,

    The Casino Flamingo gambling ship near the port city of Eilat in Israel has requested a name change to the False Flag Flamingo. When it opens on 7/7 of this year you can bet in increments of 911 Shekels.

  15. Perhaps the Mossad is getting too cocky with their false flags or perhaps for laughs some Mossad agents changed the kidnapping list from eight to three just to have some fun with Pardo.

    From the Haaretz article

    Pardo gave as an example the kidnapping of the 200 schoolgirls in Nigeria by the militant group Boko Haram.

    Brian I wonder if Pardo had a premonition Boko Haram was going to kidnap 200 school girls in Nigeria.

    Rumor has it Mossad leaders chanted Kite Plane Must Hit Steel 911 times.

    I hope Pardo doesn’t ask Obama what will he do if somebody blows up the Willis Tower. The Satanists in the Mossad must love the Willis Tower zip code.

    • The MOSSAD know how to use small nukes on tall buildings. Especially if a few billion in insurance payoffs is in focus and the mini nukes were gifts and didn´t require a payoff. But, it doesn´t appear that “the alias” has the same focus as George Sr, George Jr and their puppetry.
      Question does the MOSSAD consist of any other than satanists ?

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