Alien Agenda IV: Alien Ultimatum or Final Warning ?


by Preston Jamesaliens-nordic


Has a Final Warning been delivered by a benevolent Alien ET group that the Super-elite Oligarchs running Planet Earth must quickly clean house or suffer a Final Judgment/Cosmic Reset?

Several top inside sources, including Veterans Today Senior Editor Gordon Duff have claimed that a very serious message was delivered to Super-elite Oligarchs.

As the reports go, a somber military style briefing was delivered during a recent meeting of a certain top group of Super-elite Oligarchs, not the CFR or Trilats, but perhaps a group something  like the Pilgrim Society.

It could be expected to be exceedingly difficult to get accurate information about such a sensitive meeting and what goes on behind closed doors with high security in place but Gordon Duff has provided confirmation that this briefing did occur.

Indications suggest, but do not confirm, that the briefer, allegedly a very high ranking official in the UN, communicated a very somber message to this group of Super-elite Oligarchs on behalf of this certain group of Alien ETs.

The actual description of the details of the message that was delivered by this briefer has not yet been disclosed. It appears the basic idea was that unless these Super-elites cleaned up the massive corruption and evil in the world, a very powerful Cosmic Entity was going to deliver a massive worldwide Final Judgement, perhaps best described as a Complete Cosmic Reset for Planet Earth.

This briefer may have told this group of super-elite Oligarchs that unless they abated the high levels of corruption they have perhaps allowed and/or produced, 90% in the room would not be there in two years.

It is unknown at this time if this certain Alien ET group that is rumored to have insisted that this message be delivered to Super-elites will be the ones delivering a “judgment” or not.  However, based on what we do know, it is unlikely that they would be the ones. It is likely that the Military Briefer was delivering this warning about another Alien ET group that is very old, has an evil history operating as a major Earth Parasite mass-murderer of humans.  This is the same Alien ET entity which has been the origin of most evil in the world and will continue to do so unless human consent is withdrawn at every level.

Note: This article is written for well informed active Military, Veterans, Intel or retired Intel, USG Policy Makers, and Members of Congress. If you do not have some knowledge of Secret Space War issues, reading this article is probably a waste of your valuable time.

What particular Entity would be delivering a Final Judgment or “Cosmic Reset” to Planet Earth?

I cannot provide you with information as to what the means of any such Judgment to be delivered to the world would be or what the actual reasons will be. Only an educated guess can be made at that. It could be a warning that unless abated societal corruption will run its course and will soon destroy modern civilization as we know it resulting in mass death. Or perhaps it will be a provoked Civil War, or induced urban rioting and the burning of large urban areas followed by a massive crackdown and mass arrests by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS); or the inducement of a major worldwide nuclear WW3; or perhaps an induced major worldwide economic crash followed by massive urban breakdown and loss of government.

Or perhaps a direct geophysical attack on Planet Earth by a certain Alien ET group using advanced Cosmic Space War weapons systems used to induce worldwide weather or environmental disasters. Or perhaps an induced large meteor strike. Or perhaps a direct invasion by an evil, parasitical, cannibalistic Alien ET group known as the Dracos, the reptilian “Order of the Snake”. Perhaps this Judgment will be a massive worldwide flood, a world wide massive alien attack using super weapons unknown to most, such as a powerful worldwide EMP or some other static generating interference or force-filed that would stop all electronics cold. Perhaps a climate catastrophe or numerous, repetitive disasters. Perhaps the sudden spontaneous detonation of all nuclear material.

Or could it be that this particular, evil group of Cosmic Parasites the Dracos are now taking the Earth’s nations into a complete economic collapse and total Nuclear WW3, unless they are stopped cold soon. And a certain benevolent group of Alien ETs, the Tall White Nordics are attempting to warn the super-elite oligarchs that unless they get serious about stopping this and detach from this evil they will lose everything they own as the whole world goes up in ruin in a nuclear WW3.

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At this time it is not known if this briefing communicated a warning of what is set to occur as societal disintegration due to massive corruption at every level, or whether it communicated an alien ultimatum to clean it up or suffer an alien delivered judgment by another Alien ET group which will not allow the coalition between Dracos and Humans to use their jointly developed ultra-high weapons of war technology or their jointly developed time-warp technology to pose a threat to the galaxy or beyond.

Artists concept of what an ancient reptilian, “order of the snake” Draco Alien ET Warrior looks like, based on historical reports. The evil Luciferian Dracos, the originators of World Zionism which emerged from the Teutonic Knights and the Hanseatic League, now suspected to be the horsepower behind Mystery Babylon, Babylonian Money-Magick and the Old Black Nobility aka the “Hidden Hand”.

Are the Dracos Cosmic parasites who have been attacking Planet Earth for many centuries going back at least to Ancient Babylonia?

Some insiders have referred to this exceedingly evil Cosmic Parasite group the Dracos as the evil reptilian Luciferians, with Mars the War God as their leader also known to some as Marduke. Marduke is believed to have lived many years and was previously driven from Planet Earth when human consent was withdrawn.

Marduke or “Mars the God of War” appears on several military awards such as the Congressional medal of Honor and allegedly has a statute on top of the US Capitol Building, some also refer to as Persephone, Goddess of the Underworld and Minerals. Others say this statute represents both in true Masonic duplicity and sexual dualism.

Some believe Marduke is back for another try and this time he may succeed in completing his Alien Agenda which is to allegedly inculcate a worldwide occult Luciferian network of his own super-elite Oligarchs to rule on his behalf. In return he provides all the wealth, power and status these folks can imagine but is using them to take the world to destruction, depopulation while creating massive human suffering to feed his  parasitical negative energy needs.

It has now been established beyond any reasonable doubt to anyone who examines all available evidence already publicly disclosed that Alien ETs exists; crashed Alien ET anti-gravity vehicles have been recovered and back-engineered; that Alien ETs have frequently visited the Earth; have entered into treaties with the leaders of more than one government; have exchanged ultra high tech alien technology for access to human and animal DNA, have established secret underground and underwater bases for themselves; and have established secret bases with various nations as joint efforts for android development, trans-humanism development, and advanced cloning, hybridization and chimera experimentation.

It has also now pretty clear to some who have access to top insider information that there is a complex Cosmic Space War which is ongoing at this time. This space war involves certain alien ET groups against each other, against human groups, and human groups using alien ET anti-gravity craft against each other.


Soon the reality of Alien ET’s and their Anti-gravity Craft (AGCs) will be revealed publicly to the World.

thulsa-doomIt is now known beyond any reasonable doubt that the USG knows Alien ET Anti-gravity Craft exist and that the USG has deep black secret Space Fleet of their own Anti-gravity Craft (AGCs).

Regardless of the typical party line of lies and coverups typically and serially presented by the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM), UFOs have crashed and been recovered, have been identified and back-engineered and the USG has had a Secret Space Fleet of Anti-gravity craft for over twenty years.

And there is an ongoing Secret Space War with various factions battling in Space for Tactical Dominance: Alien ET craft of different Alien ET groups are periodically battling each other, firing sophisticated “beyond black” ultra high-tech space weapons such as plasma cannons and high powered lasers or masers (particle beams); human Space fleets are periodically battling Alien ET Anti-gravity Craft (AGCs); and various Earth originated Secret Space Fleets are battling each other.

There have been rumors dating back to the 1970’s that the USAF and the USN had their own space fleets and at times had some battles with each other. Some insiders have suggested that the 9/11/01 attack on the Pentagon with the cruise missile was done by the USAF in retaliation for the USN investigating an alleged WZ theft of over 3 Trillion dollars. It is known the the Office of naval Intel and the navy accounting section was the main target at the Pentagon.

By the way, the brief video clip by Richard Dolan is not easy to discount. He is very highly respected, always conservative in his conclusions and has become the confident of numerous insiders that know the truth about Alien ETs, Anti-gravity Craft (AGCs), USG back-engineering of AGCs, the USG Secret Space Program, and off-planet colonization and “Break-away Societies.”

[youtube jaxtKeWKPBs]

Richard Dolan was also the personal confident of a top ranking CIA man responsible for UFO matters for the USG, and took his deathbed confession which is staggering in its implications.

[youtube tCO6Y_-9AHA]

“They” walk among us.

It is now well known by many insiders, some of whom have disclosed that there are some Alien ETs that looks like normal humans and are walking among us, deeply embedded in high positions of Government, getting married and producing alien/human hybrids. The lowest estimate of the number is 200,000, some say it is far higher and these folks comprise the Oligarchical “Bloodline Families” and most of the Oligarchy and cannot therefore be easily reasoned with since they are really not human and have a love for Luciferianism in their blood.

It is also well known that some Alien ETs who look human are involved in enforcement activities to cover up actual UFO encounters and suppress disclosure by insiders. Yes, Kelly AFB once had a special team of Psyop experts that “dressed up” and imitated the real Alien ET men in black and suppressed the UFO and Anti-gravity secrets, but most suppression is now done by the real “Men in Black” which are either pure Alien ETs or alien ET/human hybrids.

Has an actual Space Fleet Pilot been recently allowed or “programmed” to go public ?

A very interesting personal testimony of a man claiming to be a US Space Fleet Pilot has emerged. Everyone must judge for themselves as to the plausibility of this man’s claims. Personally I think they are accurate based on what other reports I am aware of which carry similar stories. But if they are not, someone would have had to have provided deep black secret information to this man.

The USAF has had advanced anti-gravity crafty since during the Vietnam war and landed some at night in war zones that were supposed “not to exist” in order to haul drugs out. This was known as Operation Whitestar and when these craft landed (usually only one at a time and infrequently too), everyone was told to turn away and not look.

It is no longer deniable that the USAF has deployed Anti-gravity Craft (AGCs), aka Black triangles for at least 20 years, first photographed by police and many witnesses in Belgium:

And it is important to note that several top insiders have disclosed to associates that one Alien ET group is demanding “complete disclosure” of the reality of Alien ETs soon or they will do it themselves. It is suspected this same group, the Tall Whites aka “Nordics” had instructed their Earth representative to communicate a “Final Warning” to the Super-elite Oligarchs who are deeply involved in running Planet Earth.

[youtube oWLZwD4qq2c&list=PLrXgKEckSUWi9F7fTfoXFxwOU4Xe2iWej&feature=player_detailpage]

The reason for the communication of this “Final Warning” or Ultimatum to Planet Earth remains unknown at this time.

The information provided does not at this time include the Alien ET’s reason for giving this Final Warning or Ultimatum. We can only speculated based on background information. One informed source who does not know for sure has suggested that perhaps a very power Alien ET group, the Tall Whites, believed to be “peace-makers” is concerned that a certain group of evil humans working with a certain notably evil Alien ET group (known to be incredibly bloodthirsty, evil and anti-human, the Serpentine Reptoid Dracos), have began to develop access to means to warp time and create a significant galactic threat which extends beyond the earth’s solar system.

Cosmic Rules of Play have been claimed by some insiders as a means provided to the masses to stop this process that will produce Worldwide Judgment or a “Cosmic Reset” for Planet Earth.

It is strongly suspected that this certain Alien ET group that has delivered this Ultimatum believes that there are Cosmic Rules of Play that require humans in mass must give consent to their corrupt Oligarchical Rulers in order for this evil Alien ET group to work with these certain oligarchs to advance an evil anti-human agenda. If true as this group has claimed in the past, this means that if humans withdraw consent in mass, this evil Alien ET group cannot advance its agenda to destroy humans, Terra-form the earth, colonize it and mine the minerals for their own sinister purposes.

Human enslavement and mass death with great human suffering is the Draco game which their Cutouts help them fulfill in return for vast political power, wealth and status.

Mass human death and maximum human suffering feeds the negative energy needs of the parasitical Dracos. Without this and periodic human sacrifices on Luciferian or satanic holidays, these Cosmic parasites start losing power over the world since their need for negative energy is disrupted. If you stop the human sacrifice of the Luciferian/Satanic cults you will cut off this source of power for the Dracos. And this can easily be stopped if we have some decent leadership in the FBI and the US Department of Justice, since they  have Intel reports which detail all who do these serious crimes against humanity and children, often infants. Historically, those in these key investigatory and prosecutorial positions have themselves been deeply compromised by the International Zionist crime Syndicate of the City of London run out of Cutouts in Israel and Germany and deeply infiltrated into America and many other nations through Israeli espionage fronts like AIPAC, B’nai B’rith, the ADL and the SPLC.

And perhaps the recent emphasis in Europe on Dumping the Federal reserve System in America and on the elimination of Israeli Apartheid as a means to get Palestinians back their stolen land and housing is best viewed as the results of some very effective payback covert operations already deployed.

Luciferian Organizations like the Skull and Bones serve as major Cutouts for the Luciferian Dracos.

It is well known from History that the group that started the notorious Skull and Bones obtained their money from Opium Sales and enslaving humans through addiction in order to amass great fortunes. Skull and Bones is a notable Death Cult that worships death and believes that by ministering death to the masses, they can purify and protect the human race. It is suspected that many of the groups in this occult network have basically contracted with these evil Alien ETs who have a hidden agenda to destroy mankind through the generation of massive war, and various sophisticated soft-kill methods as well as biological warfare means such as engineered plagues.

It is also well known by astute researchers that many of the world top oligarchical groups are part of a worldwide Occult Network that worship Lucifer, are dualistic sexual perverts, have major interests in the “Seven Sisters” or their offshoots (emphasis on capitalizing on the mining of Earth minerals for huge profits). It has been suggested that these folks suffer from a number of dysfunctional delusions which make them a clear and present danger to all other residents of Planet earth, and that they believe that doing evil is desirable and necessary in order to obtain massive power from their god Lucifer, as long as they are not on the receiving end.

If there are Cosmic Rules of Play requiring human consent, how then can humans withdraw consent?

The way that has been proved the most effective has been related to the printing press and the mass media. When Gutenberg invented the printing press this revolutionized instant communication and served to increase the “Moral Density” of the masses as long as it represented the truth. When the Press and Mainstream media was hijacked and became a tool of Madison Avenue as suggested and enabled by Eduard Bernays, it became a tool used to mind-kontrol the masses and advance an evil agenda to corrupt and enslave the masses.

The worldwide Internet has become the New Gutenberg Press and despite the numerous World Zionist driven misinformation sites, the Truth is still being advanced and spreads like lightning all over the world instantly. truth resonates and once out, its massive dissemination all over the world and diffusion among the masses cannot be stopped.

The worldwide Internet versus the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM).

At present the Alternative news provided by the Internet is far outpacing the Controlled major Mass Media (CMMM) in America which has become a USG propaganda discriminator and advertiser of mostly false or exaggerated claims from Big Pharma, military recruiting ads, phony gadget ads, late night phone-sex ads for drunk, high or delusional male listeners.

The Major Mass Media can be a powerful tool of promoting ethics, morality and exposing injustice and corruption in the Government and in business. But it is now hijacked and compromised with owners and Editors serving as agents of those who have hijacked America and have worked so hard to nullify the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and Rule of Law.

Personally, I think that the masses of the world are engaged in a race involving the Internet against the Ruling super-elite oligarchical groups that run the world and promote massive corruption and lies at every level to obtain their own evil agenda.

We know that the Internet is waking many up all over the world and has become a powerful tool of truth. It is stimulating a very massive emerging populism in many nations all over the world including America. Populism is coffin nails to the Ruling oligarchs evil occult agenda. these evil groups know this and are now responding.

And according to Senior Veterans Today editor Gordon Duff, Israeli Intel and espionage fronts inside America have been recently exposed inside the US High Military and Intel Command for doing the 9/11/01 attack on America which was a nuclear attack based on new Russian Intel dumped into the public sector, apparently in retaliation for the USG’s covert interference in the Ukraine and Syria.

Yes, the USG Military and Intel High Command know Israel did 9/11 with the help of some Traitors in the JCS, NORAD and the USAF, and numerous Israeli-American Israeli-first “dual citizens” and they are hoppin’ mad and want total payback asap. This exposure and retaliation has already caused the USN to sink two Israeli Dolphin subs which contained nuclear armed Tomahawks.

And more is coming in the form of very crafty, sophisticated Psyops and covert operations which are designed to produce maximum payback against those in Israeli and America that did 9/11. this exposure will help break the brainwashing of the CMMM and will expose the perversions and evil promulgated by these World Zionist entities which are basically Luciferian and evil to the core.

The worldwide Internet is causing the CMMM to fail.

Lately this strategy has started failing as the staged mass shootings (done by Mind-kontrol) and the phony simulated ones are becoming completely exposed by astute researchers such as Professor James Fetzer with his amazing Sandy Hook work. Too many folks have already learned about what a Gladio-style, inside-job, false-flag attack is and why governments have staged them for hundreds of years. Without all this fake, staged Madison Avenue advertising and expensive Political advertising the CMMM would go bankrupt. Since its business is down due to a growing lack of trust in it, revenues are dropping and much of the advertising revenues comes from the Military for recruiting, Big Pharma, sports, and phony gadgets and systems.

What options are available to the Ruling oligarchs to stop this coming loss of control?

Their options include: starting a color revolution or civil war to give a government more power; stage various false-flag attacks to promote massive fear which can be used to motivate the masses to give up rights, freedom and liberty. Perhaps they can start a Civil War between America masses and their own private Zionist army inside America, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Or they can start a nuclear WW3 over some staged conflict or Color Revolution that they have set up. Or they can perhaps generate a complete 1930’s style depression.  Or perhaps withdraw various types of welfare and food-stamps and precipitate major rioting and burning in certain large urban areas.

The Big Trick, a great deception?

Apparently this Alien ET group which has delivered the warning is attempting to point out that the agenda being followed by this interconnected group of Ruling Elite Oligarchs (an occultic Luciferian Agenda) is actually a very big deception and trick. And they are also apparently making the point that if this evil agenda is continued, it will lead these leaders, their own families and the whole world into massive depopulation and terra-forming at the hands of this evil Alien ET group many call the Dracos whose home base is believed to be the City of London.

Actually some insiders believe that this evil Alien ET group has so far completely deceived these super-elite oligarchs into doing their dirty work but providing massive wealth, power and status, but taking a path that will soon lead to total destruction and mass death including 90% of all Oligarchs. This mass death will be part of the secret Agenda of the Dracos to depopulate the earth of humans, Terra-form it and repopulate it with their own or their android creations and then mining minerals they value.

In order to pull this off they have had to have their own cadre of super-elite Oligarchs doing their evil, parasitical will while being self-deluded into believing that they are purifying and saving the human race by drastically “thinning the herd”.

Many experts on society know that if the masses withdraw consent and become desperate or unable to live with the status quo any longer having lost everything dear and all their dream, no longer have anything to lose and will quickly create a major change in governance. But if they have been disarmed and their government becomes a tyrannical force making war against the masses, then it becomes far more difficult for the masses to induce or create change. That is why it is so important that American retain their arms.

Right now the largest army in the world is comprised of American hunters and gun owners of all classes, races and origins. This provides the ultimate barrier to an out of control USG that has been hijacked by World Zionists working on behalf of the evil, Luciferian reptilian Dracos who worker bees are also sometimes called the “Order of the Snake.”

The Chief Action Agents or Cutouts for the Dracos are World Zionists.

The Draco guarding the City of London which is the Center and Central Command for World Zionism and Luciferianism. It is the Babylonian, Black-magick Financial Power of the City of London Rothschild Banking System that provides the Draco power for World Zionists, aka “World Bolsheviks” in Israel and wherever they have penetrated any nation.

Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of veterans Today, has revealed on several occasions that the Soviet Union, which was started by Bolsheviks in 1917, later created the State of Israel as a Soviet, Bolshevik enclave to use to penetrate American Intel. And he also reveled that American Intel allowed this to hope to use Israel to penetrate Soviet Intel.

When Pollard, a Dual Israeli-American Citizen betrayed America and committed the biggest acts of espionage against America in history resulting in over 1,000 deaths of American agents and assets, contrary to popular belief he was functioning as a Soviet Spy, sheep-dipped to track back to Israel rather than the Bolshevik based Soviet union.

After the Soviet Union fell due to Lee Wanta’s heroic work as President Reagan’s Secret Agent under the Totten Doctrine, Israel has remained a Soviet left behind army and a center for the neo-Bolshevik infiltration, hijacking, take-down, destruction and mass-murder of most Americans, and also to serve as a replay of the mass murder of 66 million Russian Peasants in Bolshevik Russia after the Tsar and his family were murdered.

World Zionism is Luciferianism and is Draco inspired and empowered.

If you haven’t already figured out that World Zionism is actually Bolshevism and is run by Luciferian anointed families, it should be clear now. The City of London Rothschild based, Zionist private Central Banking is little more than Bolshevism disguised as private Central Banking. And Talmudic Judaism is Luciferianism anointed by the Dracos. Some astute researchers believe that the reason Talmudic Zionism is dead set on subduing, asset stripping, dirtying up and then murdering all Goyim as an act of complete neo-Bolshevism revenge against those who believe that they have been accepted by God Almighty instead of Judaics.

If the thesis that the Dracos are evil Luciferians is correct, this would explain the alliance of the WZ’s with Luciferianism, Satanism and memberships in the highest levels of Masonry and various linked occult death worshiping cults, as well as their obsession with murdering all Goyim as part of a seriously dysfunctional and clearly false racial delusion.

The Bottom line to all this is this: Americans must take back America from the foreign infiltrators and hijackers.

Populism is emerging at a rapid rate all over the world in most societies thanks to the worldwide Internet which is the equivalent to a new Gutenberg Press. Truth published in the alternative Internet media resonates with the populace and spreads like wildfire at the speed of lightning. It has now become a new worldwide sport to use the high speed ability of the Internet to research government covert operations and crack them as criminal conspiracies. And millions of amateur Internet researchers are doing so from all ages, walks of life, cultures and nations.

Yes it is becoming a very big pastime and leisure sport and Populist Internet Researchers are getting very, very good at cracking government criminal conspiracies. This is especially so when top investigative researchers like Professor Jim Fetzer and his numerous associates of other top experts start disassembling these government criminal conspiracies that typically use the false cloak of “national security” to keep the public from knowing about their evil crimes. Once Professor Fetzer starts in on a case, thousands follow suit from all walks of life as well as other top experts and continue disassembling these government criminal conspiracies and RICO crimes.

A new major individual Sport and Worldwide Leisure Pastime of cracking conspiracies by basic Internet Research has emerged which provides powerful access for almost anyone of any age to vast quantities of information in mere seconds by the use of sophisticated search engines.

The Powers That Be (PTB) know that unless they do something to either restrict the Internet or mitigate its elicitation of world populism, their power and control over the masses will be short lived. Their options to do so are limited also because of the Internet’s worldwide penetration and the fact that the masses are becoming informed of government staged and deployed Gladio-style, inside-job, false-flag attacks and it is becoming a leisure pastime and new sport to figure out recent covert operations and how they were staged.

Much of the credit for this new pastime of cracking government covert ops must be credited to Professor James Fetzer who started this new trend of what is best described as covert research by groups of top experts in associated fields relevant to each case. This has been Professor Fetzer’s usual methodology in cracking many prominent cases such as the JFK & RFK Assassinations, the 9/11 attack on America, the Boston Marathon fake Bombing, and the Sandy Hook Hoax which had no dead kids or teachers at all.

The simple truth is this, that truth is the perfect antiseptic to government lies and tyranny. If a significant proportion of the masses “wake up” and get active to change things (some experts say 12%), rapid political change for the good will occur. The Media is always the key.  As long at the Major Mass Media is consolidated into six huge WZ linked corporations, the public remains mind-kontrolled and bamboozled by government lies which the CMMM disseminates as the truth.

It’s time for the Masses to “Wake-up” and take America back to be their own Constitutional Republic once again.

The massively corrupt super-elite Oligarchs have been able to maintain rule because of the public’s inability to fathom their own Government’s massive lies and evildoing. Most of the masses have a deep desire to Belicia that either the Government is a benevolent parent figure, some are determined to believe that the Government is God. Up until the advent of the Internet it has been very hard for most to accept that their own Government almost never tell the truth about anything. Or that it is run by criminal psychopaths and the criminally insane who don’t give a hoot about any citizen at all.

The CMMM has been very effective in maintaining this myth that the God is good and cannot lie or conspire against “We the People” in order to take our assets and use our young as cannon fodder in the Banksters wars for profit. But with the advent and popularity of the alternative media on the worldwide Internet, the New Gutenberg Press, this is all changing and for the first time in many years, the public has quick access to most of the truth.

If the masses wake up and stop cooperating with the system at all levels and demand change, it will happen.  If the masses remain well armed and fiercely resist any attempts to be disarmed, tyranny cannot prevail as the masses demand real change and work together to route out the foreign espionage elements and criminal banking that has infiltrated and hijacked America.

Understanding Psi-power, the unconscious power of the group mind of the masses is the key for “We the People” to take back their Constitutional republic of America from the World Zionist hijackers.

This ability of the American People to take back their Constitutional republic is best described as Psi-power. The top Luciferians at the head of the Snake aka the World Zionists have always known about Psi-power and how it must be used to mind-kontrol the masses and direct them to become totally distracted in ways that prevent their own use of Psi-power to establish control over their own nation.

I cannot tell you how this reversal of control may occur if a certain mass of Americans wake up (estimated by experts to be about 12% of the people). I can, however, assure you the likelihood is very high that somehow Americans will find a way take America back if a certain critical mass of “We the People” wakes up. This process is an unconscious spontaneously emergent event in the mass group mind, but once it reaches a critical mass it cannot be stopped by the ruling Oligarchs.

The mass awakening of the masses and group effort to take their nation back is always a mysterious psychological, mass-mind process best called voluntary psychic hiving of the group mind. It can occur in numerous mysterious ways but the results are people waking up and taking back their nation one way or another. It is the reverse of psychotronically, mind-kontrolled, drug or genetic induced hiving because it comes from the heart and mind. Psychological warfare experts have known for many years that in order to maintain control in a nation, the hearts and minds must be won over. If this does not happen, control cannot be gained and if temporarily gained will be lost eventually.

The powers that Be (PTB) aka the Luciferian World Zionists that have hijacked America know that unless they keep Americans distracted with staged TV shows and movies, drug, alcohol, gambling or porno addictions (also called “stoking the flesh”) and complete control of the information highway (CMMM) to be misinformation and lies, Americans will wake up. Right now the PTB/WZs are losing control over the Hearts and Minds of Americans.

The PTB/WZs know that ultimately the ongoing erosion of the CMMM by the Internet, the New Gutenberg Press, will result in the waking up of America and most of the World. That is why they are doing everything they can and also considering extreme options such as provoking a new American Civil War between DHS and “We the People”, an EMP or equivalent attack, or a nuclear WW3 to abate this worldwide emergence of populism.

If you have had trouble sleeping at night or hear ringing in your ears, you will understand this is evidence of a massive, ongoing psychotronic attack on the world through various sophisticated means including Wi-Fi, Cell Phone Towers and perhaps space platform or ground based equipment. And yet despite all this, such efforts have so far not succeeded in suppressing the American Spirit which is now rising and cannot be stopped.



Bonus item for those who have time and interest. Here is an excellent presentation by Richard Dolan delivered in Amsterdam several years ago.

[youtube CMn8NCGVUV0]



  1. What is math got to do with it according to your perception? Can you also give some examples involving math skills on alien usury-growth deals..

  2. Have you heard of DMT? A chemical naturally found in all life, plants and humans which looks almost identical to serotonin on the molecular drawing board…. there is theories that when you’re about to have a near death experience, your pineal gland releases a bunch of this stuff in the brain and thats why people see white lights or talk to Jesus.

    People who have done done DMT thru ayahuasca will tell you their is an intelligence that is much much more advanced then humans lurking on this planet and in the univers. They feel this chemical allows them to see the universe, time travel or bounce into new dimensions…. they can speak to aliens and the kicker is… they always speak of good and evil…. particularly that there are evil entities and positive love entities that are invisible to the human eye all around us.

    It is amazing that our own brains naturally contain the most powerful hallucagenic substance known to man which gives us access to the spiritual world (which might also be the alien world)- perhaps that’s why they put fluoride in the water to calcify the nucleus of our being!

    I just did a quick search on DMT and Aliens… guess others think their’s a correlation too…

    http //

    • Anyone can deny Jesus but at their own peril. When the rapture happens and the Christians are taken out of the this world there will be true judgement on the ones that remain. This will not be a good time to be on the earth. Many of the people remaining will be tricked into believing aliens took them thus why you see aliens all over the internet and television. The adversary knows this.

      I encourage anyone looking for the truth to pray to Jesus and He will help you just like He has millions of others throughout the ages. If you are looking for truth you have nothing to lose. You will be amazed at how faithful Jesus is if you give Him the chance.

      John 3 16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

      This is nothing against you personally, Fred, I just had to offer what I believe and know as truth. My experience has been I will get all sorts of names and rocks thrown at me for offering this truth so I will not be coming back to this post and reading or responding to any responses.

    • Thanks for the encouragement….. Jesus provided so much insight and has helped so many… its too bad the christian ideals and way of living have heen so perverted in the USA and throughout the world…. I think Jesus is a great teacher…… I am not sure of aliens existing…. but I know of athiests who drank this dmt tea and now believe in a higher being or God. There is definately a higher being even within ourselves and within the universe… whether its Jesus or an Alien…. It exists and hopefully we can be enlightened and freed by this energy.

    • the name that can be named is not the eternal name.
      the nameless is the origin of Heaven and Earth…

      道德经 1 2-3

  3. “We are at the end of a 5,000 year-plus historical process during which human society grew in scale while it abandoned the early indigenous wisdom councils & communal decision-making…Power was centralized in the hands of increasingly specialized ‘elites’ & ‘experts’ who not only failed to achiever all they promised, but used secrecy & the control of information to deceive the public into allowing them to retain power over community resources (We The Peoples’ tax payers’ money?) that they ultimately looted. (ie “black ops”?) Robert David Steele/former Marine, CIA case officer, co-founder of the US Marine Corps intelligence activity…Author THE OPEN SOURCE EVERYTHING MANIFESTO TRANSPARENCY, TRUTH, & TRUST…I am deeply grateful to VT for openly sharing their crucial information to We The People…After all, we must work together to make the changes so vitally needed to transform the high levels of corruption & deception in all aspects of our society. Most of us have great respect for the military, & many of us have family members presently serving in these dangerous, chaotic times. Thanks you, Gordon Duff & Jim Dean for making us feel “welcome” to VT!

    • “Given his standing as an intelligence expert, steele’s criticism of US intelligence excesses are beyond scathing–they are damning. “Most of what is produced through secret methods is not actually intelligence at all. It is simply secret information that is, most of the time, rather generic & therefore not actually very useful for making critical decisions at a government level…Indeed general Tony Zinni, when he was Commander-in-Chief of the US Central Command as it was at war, is on record as saying that he received, ‘at best’, a meagre 4% of what he needed to know from secret sources & methods.” Interview of Robert Steele by Nafeez Ahmed/Earth Insight/ 6-19-14/ “The Open source Revolution is Coming & It Will Conquer the 1%–Ex-CIA Spy”

    • Please note Questions in parenthesis are mine, not Mr. Steele’s…As stated above “We The People–Standing TOGETHER To Uphold The Constitution…

  4. I appreciate seeing a comment here about someone who knows about “Tanaath”. I tried really, really, really hard to take her seriously in 2013…but once she said regarding the Archons “Oh yeah, we’ve totally got those things taken care of. You don’t need to worry about them.” (or something to that effect)

    I simply could not take her seriously after that. Yes, my own moniker is a joke, too. Sometimes I feel the need to laugh once in a while, and seeing my own pseudonym reminds to do just that.

    On the other hand, you do at least know who she is – which is ultimately a good thing because too many people simply shut down once you mention either “alien” or “extraterrestrial”.

  5. And just when I was about to direct my dad to VT… haha – I may have to wait on that one. While I have a hard time accepting such stories, I know he’ll dismiss everything.

    Then again, I always read these with an open mind and I never rule anything out — except truth in MSM and ethics in gov’t. Hey, this is more believable than anything on Fox News.

    Gordon Duff has said a certain amount on VT has to be disinfo in order not to get whacked. Maybe this is part of that percentage? Maybe just part of this article is? Maybe this article is releasing important information and disguising it with gaudy window dressing? Maybe this article is code, a message to “intel cowboys?” Maybe this article is the truest thing on VT and reality is more of a matrix than even “truth-seekers” like me can even imagine?

    I agree, though. Something big seems imminent.

    • The important thing to realize is that the Editors of VT do not care what others think about VT or any of its articles. Frankly they do not want new readers, but they really don’t care if others read it besides those it is written for.

      VT is written for the clandestine community, informed Vets, current Military, Military High Command, top policy-Makers, informed Members of Congress (on Intel Committees or related committees), spooks, and retired spooks. The purpose of VT is to get the Truth out to those who can make a difference in Policy-making by making decisions based on real information, not USG propaganda dispensed through the CMMM which is basically a WZ Psyops in general.

      It is my personal belief that there are many folks not in these categories above who are already now awake to much of the truth who are open to learning what has been forbidden, will share it will others and will generate positive mass populism and positive Psi-power to break the WZ’s Luciferian Sabbattean Black Magic Spell placed on “We the People”.

      Getting the truth out to Top policy-makers, the High Military Command and the like is vitally important, but I also think that many of the populace are now awake and ready to learn these hidden, forbidden truths and communicate them to others, thus raising the Psi-power of the masses to all to break the WZ Spell.

    • Perhaps my point was lost that I was attempting to “raise the Psi-power of the masses to all to break the WZ Spell” by directing to this site my father, a man of extreme intelligence and potential impact, but also approaching 80, of a generation that doesn’t digest subject matter such as this that easily. Or perhaps, as you say, you just don’t care about him.

      Here’s hoping that your target audience isn’t skeptical like him, that the Truth IS getting to those in policy-making more than it appears to be, that those policy-makers are as desirous of breaking the WZ’s Luciferian Sabbattean Black Magic Spell on “We the People” as I am, and that they are as voracious readers of this site as I am and pass along links to VT as much as I otherwise do, my apparent uselessness in your readership notwithstanding.

  6. I find this article stunning personally. The only items I question are 1) What if the evil ETs are already here and guiding the efforts of the super-elite oligarchs to terraform and depopulate the Earth’s surface in an effort to take over this planet as a base for their minions (think of the ‘Chitauri’ from The Avengers motion picture) and that they control the planet via continuous reincarnation as members of the Old Black Nobility families? (Note – search VT for ‘Phil Schneider’)

    2) What if the coming ‘Cosmic Reset’ is being done by positive ETs in an effort to apprehend the evil ones on our planet in order to bring them to justice for crimes committed on other planets?

    Maybe I am way off base here, but it seems odd to me that an outside ‘force’ would find it necessary to exercise a Final Judgment via some kind of invasion. If the super-elite are functioning purely according to ‘human nature’, then let those dorks take care of the job of terraforming/depopulation! No eviction notice would need to be served to humanity!

    All in all, it could make a really great Sci-Fi story…if it is indeed ‘fictitious’!

  7. “This exposure and retaliation has already caused the USN to sink two Israeli Dolphin subs which contained nuclear armed Tomahawks.”

    In addition to or including the Dolphin sunk off the coast of Syria?

    “…the mass murder of 66 million Russian Peasants in Czarist Russia in 1917.”

    Do you mean the mass murder of 66 million Russian peasants in Bolshevik Russia starting in 1917 and continuing until Field Marshal Zhukov arrested Beria?

  8. Could this be the reason why the pope vehemently denounced the current world economic system in his interview given to the La Vanguardia newspaper on June 13th? (Friday the 13th…)

    http //

    “We discard a whole generation to maintain an economic system that no longer endures, a system that to survive has to make war, as the big empires have always done,” he said.
    “But since we cannot wage the Third World War, we make regional wars,” he added. “And what does that mean? That we make and sell arms. And with that the balance sheets of the idolatrous economies — the big world economies that sacrifice man at the feet of the idol of money — are obviously cleaned up.”

    Unfortunately the mainstream media simply ignored this part of the interview, you could hardly hear/read anything about it on BBC, CNN, FOX, Telegraph etc. Instead, the pope was condemned as “anticapitalist”.

    Humanity is digging its own grave. So sad.

  9. That’s an interesting thought about the soul being what they are really after. What if they are also breeding us for food like we do to other animals. Maybe this is part of the karmic healing process that we need to go through. We need to understand that other entities (animals) also have souls, and deserve the respect that you and I expect from others. But this is what we were taught to do… by them! It could be that our souls are trapped in a karmic reincarnation cycle devised by them to have us return over, and over, and over…It’s like groundhog day the movie. We won’t graduate until we understand our true heritage that is purposefully being hidden from us…Throw out the television. It’s a hideously deceptive tool they use to teach everybody to hate each other. Practice telling yourself that you love yourself over and over…And soon we will be able to love others, and awaken. You create your future with every action today!

  10. This is such a fantastic story and it is happening! Richard Rockefeller was sent packing in a plane crash last week, but by whom? Were they cleaning their own house? Bankers are being thrown off of buildings (except for citibank) etc…We’re even seeing Sumerian Civilization texts finally admitted to on “ancient alien” tv shows. Obama keeps pushing his white genocide atrocities…Like Clinton in Yugoslavia, Ruby ridge, Waco etc…Democrat agenda “Must destroy the white race, and if they protest about it we’ll call them racists.” Wikipedia is removing all ethnicity facts of Jewish people bio’s. They are all being updated to exclude their heritage if possible. Obama is passing laws without congress so you can’t get your money out of the bank when the shit flies etc…

  11. Yes, the errors are annoying, especially when many of them are due to the “interference” and cyber attacks we have had a lot of lately.

  12. I’m surprised at some of the comments. I thought the readers of VT were, if not up to speed, at least open minded and mature enough to handle and discuss any and all subjects. There should be nothing out of bounds or feared to talk about. The bible is allegory a code book of sorts. Find Bill Donahue on Youtube, very good at explaining things, has hundreds of videos. Try it out!

    https //

  13. Why does Dr James need the headphones? Can’t the aliens beam this stuff straight into his brain?

  14. “Truth resonates & once out, it’s massive dissemination all over the world & diffusion among the masses cannot be stopped”…This is where the mass awakening of We The People is crucial, because we have tremendous collective power within a shared awakened consciousness. We need NOT be victims nor do we need to submit to fear-mongering. It’s ALL about claiming our personal sovereignty & being proactive with intelligent CONSCIOUS choice. Dr. James provides us with a “wake-up call” no matter how hotly debated is the premise of his Secret Space War series. Humanity has a choice, but it requires soul-searching as well as a strong determination to stop altogether & clear out the destructive cycles of the cabal as well as bring the perpetrators to justice. the time is NOW!!!

  15. The biggest part of the confusion re- supposed ETs is the lack of understanding by most people that they are in fact demons from hell, and those in power serve them, many knowingly.

    • agree, people who have read up on illuminati bloodlines get it about Rh- copper based “blue blood” inbreeding to ensure generations of hosts for demonic posession, perpetuating their sick agendas. they deny its the reality but everything they do fully supports the concept. IF psychology and psychiatry were legit, theyed be institutionalized for being a clear danger to themselves and others, but talk of “spirits” is what is considered crazy, when theres secret societies devoted to the stuff?!

  16. Might not even be two years, might be one, might be a half. This has been a long time coming, fix it, or it will be fixed for you. Thank you Dr. James.

  17. There are malevolent, evil beings on this planet and they do stalk us. I have seen them and have been within 6 feet of one. This reality is a hologram. Everything that ever was and ever will be exists in the moment. There is no boundary between us beings or anything in the universe. We are not separate beings or things. Being separate is an illusion.
    There will be mass civil unrest in the US and young people will hunt down their elders who have sold out the younger people to this life of greed and selfishness. The US will be invaded and there will be no place to hide.
    You can control the ability of the entity to impact you. It is a choice.

  18. Bob Lazar described circa 1987, generally how ET’s used high-numbered but stable elements not known then (but since discovered in labs), as some kind of fuel in matter-antimatter engines to warp gravity to an extent that crossing many light-years of space would take only seconds. It’s not a technological problem for extraterrestrial species to visit here, as long as they know where to find us. It’s a big galaxy.

    I think we knew how to create such engines a long time ago, but lacked access to the necessary materials that ET’s possessed. It is interesting to read here that some people believe that an advanced species capable of such travel would not be so uncivilized as to be evil. I think we have good examples of ‘technologically advanced’ yet ‘evil’ right here on Earth.

    I have no problem believing that technologically-advanced people (or aliens) would eat us or otherwise do very bad things, if they gained the power to do so.

  19. The article mentions the statue standing atop the US Capitol building, i.e. “Persephone,” the Graeco-Roman goddess of the psyche, or soul, and symbol of the doctrine of “immaculate conception.” What is the significance of this?

    The act of standing upon property is an aggressive legal demonstration. Standing upon a thing is an ultimate proof of ownership in adverse possession. Could it be that the Capitol’s mystery woman literally owns the entire facility she crowns? Could the United States Congress belong to her?

    ‘Persephone’ was placed on the Dome of the Capitol on December 2, 1863 in the middle of the Civil War. The event was marked by a salute of 47 gunshots as a tribute to John Carroll, the Jesuit bishop who had put Washington D.C. under Mary’s protection. John Carroll had died 47 years earlier on December 3, 1816. The statue of Persephone (or Mary) was placed on the Dome 47 years after John Carroll’s last day on earth. Present Lincoln did not attend the ceremony, claiming that he had “a fever.” He was well aware of what was going on, but could do nothing to stop it.

    The Capitol, incidentally, is erected on property owned by Bishop Carroll’s family. In the 1663 Maryland records, the exact site was recorded under the title “Rome,” its owner a man named “Pope.”

    **http //

    • “Draco” has infiltrated MORE than just the City of London. They can claim that it’s not a secret ‘conspiracy’ because they have left their clues everywhere…if you only know where to look and how to interpret them. It’s the same serpentine bloodlines but it goes much higher than just the Rothschilds et al counting their ill gotten shekels in the London financial district. America has been conquered by the Roman Empire and by extension, ‘Mystery Babylon’.

    • Well said wolf. The clues they leave are somewhat like an announcement into the public realm. If unchallenged they feel they have concent to proceed. Just like when our parents give their concent to a hospital administrator to announce our title into the public realm via newspaper. After two weeks if the title is unclaimed, the child’s title becomes orphaned to the state.

  20. Now, let’s begin the Great Cleaning!
    End the Fed, the CFR, the TLC and the complete blood lines of the banking and “royal” families, who deserve far worse.

  21. KJV Revelations 2 9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. Well it appears that this latest from PJ was not the first to note of there being a body that worships Lucifer. Life is getting interesting !

  22. “A commonsense interpretation of the facts suggests that a superintellect has monkeyed with physics, as well as with chemistry and biology, and that there are no blind forces worth speaking about in nature. The numbers one calculates from the facts seem to me so overwhelming as to put this conclusion almost beyond question.”
    Sir Fred Hoyle, astronomer (1915-2001)
    (intriguing book, written by the Army nurse who was the ‘minder’ of the alien pilot who crashed at Roswell)
    Alien Interview
    Copyright (c) 2008 Lawrence R. Spencer, ed.
    Printed in The United States of America
    First Edition Printing 2008
    ISBN 978-0-6152-0460-4

  23. Highly entertaining article! It’s fascinating to me to see the formation of hybrid worldviews. The old worldview is challenged by new information and a person must modify their perspective to accommodate undeniable facts. So God becomes a cosmic Lawgiver for space aliens. Satan becomes the evil ruler of a high-tech race of space-snakes. It reminds me of Beowulf and the Noachian figure of Hrothgar who knows all about the origins of trolls and fallen angels. You find there the hybridization of the Christian and pagan worldviews in the Christianization of Europe. One thing I find very positive and encouraging about all of this is the shift in prioritization of human suffering. The Satan/Dracos get their energy from human suffering. As a former Christian I can tell you this is a major adjustment. Dr. James is breaking from the common conventional pattern of prioritizing points of theological minutiae and superficial morality over human suffering and misery. Having lived through years of nonsense it’s refreshing to see someone displaying concern for something that actually matters. The solution to the problems of our world is thus the alleviation of human suffering and the promotion of a benevolent ‘do unto others’ mentality, instead of promoting some obscure hermeneutics and rigid anti-intellectual morality.

  24. Does anyone know which artist on drugs created the ugly dragon guarding the City of London?

    • Supposedly it is based on the appearance of ancient inter-dimensional creatures which appeared to certain occult circles and which are claimed to guard the City of London in the spiritual realm.

  25. The issue is the education of the top levels of the military. They are not listening to the right people. There are plenty of elders on this planet who are in constant contact with many things and shaping the construct of the global consciousness is constant work. Fear porn or ridicule is not indicative of being in the loop. Abundance is not the issue, distribution is. The protectors of the people must be reunited with the people. Doing the right thing is unavoidable. The fraud of monetary/ mind control based religions will be exposed. The whole ET issue is only new to those who were avoided due to insanity. It is very clear they have no wisdom or compassion. Origin does not trump heart condition. http //

    • David, Looks like we were richly blessed by our beloved elder, Don Alejandro Cirilo Oxlaj in Guatemala a few years ago! What a synchronicity to “meet” you once again on VT! The best news is that We the People ARE waking up on the grassroots’ level! Dr. James must know he has a lot of support not only in high places, but also amongst everyday people on the ground of Tierra Madre such as our most respected elders of many world-wide indigenous peoples who have incredible knowledge re ETs passed down through their sacred oral traditions. You have much to share with the VT “Family”…It’s time!!! Feel free to contact me if you still have my email address. Blessings, Jeanne

  26. Latest News——–A SAD DAY FOR USA

    —-Our troops gave theirs lives & Iraqis too— not to mention ($—–to a point to borrow from China——–all that for Turkey & Israel—Israel have been stealing Iraq oil for at least for a year—and since when this 2- became friends

    —–Kurds edge towards statehood, with Turkish, Israeli help

    http //

  27. Finding it hard to get my head around this story.
    If anyone finds a flying saucer laying about bet it,s got the Star of David on it!
    They,ve conquered everyone else!

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