Nuclear Roundtable: America’s Nuclear Arsenal

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Dang it!
Dang it!

Nuclear Weapons Experts Discuss What the Public Never Hears


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Below are responses to questions and statements made in a roundtable.  These are in answer to a US Navy nuclear weapons officer’s comments and questions.  Answers are provided by a VT team member. 

This will be a fairly unique document in that it can give the public a first look ever at real issues involving nuclear weapons, America’s nuclear arsenal and how even our own military is lied to and purposefully misinformed on technical issues tied to the nuclear weapons they themselves handle every day.

We at VT are, not only the last “real” intelligence professionals around, Bush 43 saw to that, we also have the only people who know how to repair and maintain nuclear weapons.  We aren’t kidding.  As nothing can be written down, our current nuclear arsenal is maintained and overseen by people who are simply unqualified.  We are all at risk because of this.  For those of you who understand how important what we are doing is and how this may well prevent us from blowing ourselves up, add what you can in the comment section.

If we are all going to die someday at the hands of state sponsored false flag nuclear terrorism like the incident that nearly took out the London Olympics, we might as well know more about these things.

The U.S. is a collapsing empire that’s financially broke, maybe all PANTEX does now is polish the fu$king things with Armor All and that’s about all they can afford to do. (((This is the 24 dollar question.)))

Any stories that bolster the concept of U.S. or ISRAELI NUCLEAR SUPERIORITY however don’t pass any smell test.  Something is very wrong with those. ((Correct))))

The issue we are getting is that since Rocky Flats went down, we aren’t producing enough pits to match the breakdown of plutonium. (((Correct)))

Between you me and the fencepost, the 12 month rotation interval for nuclear weapons must be tied to a master refurbishment and fleet restocking plan that was put in place because of necessity not because they arbitrarily liked to expose the weapons in open air loading areas like Seal Beach, CA. and Indian Point in Washington State, to possible terror attack during the on-load and offload episodes. ((Correct)))

YES!!! That is the key Issue. Old Pits go bad. Otherwise why would you write off a Pit that just cost you over 5 million dollars each to make after only 35 years of service. Especially if it is supposed to be good as gold for over 100 years.

Why do you turn them into Mox fuel after 35 years of age? That is because they have degraded down to less than 84 % pure PU-239. That is IAEA international law. No PU-239 can be used as mox fuel unless it has degraded down to less than 84% purity. Weapons grade Fuel is 93 plus % pure PU-239.

So why would you scrap 3000 plus old pits that cost over 5 million dollars each if they are good for 100’s of years. It would be much cheaper and easier to just get out the Armor-All and just shine them back up put in new parts and reset the odometer back to zero. Now Jay Leno has a brand new 57 Chevy to play with. Get the point.

The NSSA and the DOE outright tell you in their public information that the old pits are recycled into 84% pure MOX fuel. They even tell you how they do it. You can’t grind up a 97% pure PU-239 pits and mix that stuff with PU from another source. The fission rates are too far apart for the combined fuel to be stable enough to be used in a Mox fuel reactor.

It will literally move around in the fuel rod just like in a lava lamp and at some point BANG. This is what happened at Dimona and in Japan. They all were using very unstable surplus weapons grade PU-239 in there reactors as mox fuel in order to increase new PU-239 production. This is what fast breeder reactors are for. Making new weapons grade PU-239 fuel very fast.

If we only need 3000 pits plus 10% spares then why did we make over 10,000 plus new pits between 1944 and 1994? Why not recycle the ones you have if PU-239 is good as Gold? Do we scrape Gold coins after 35 years and turn them into jewelry or do we recycle the metal and make new coins?

The same scenario applies to PU production. If it is good as Gold for over 100 years then why not recycle the PU metal. That is because it deteriorates with age. The only question is how fast does it go bad and if it does not go bad then why are we retiring them after 35 years and scrapping them. Is the demand for Mox fuel that great? Why?

If PANTEX refurbishment production has halted, this means the entire U.S. nuclear arsenal will be utterly non-viable if NEW PRODUCTION is not taking place anywhere, and Duff may in fact be correct about that.(((YES)))

But properly maintained nuclear warheads in human life spans, (((have nearly indefinite life)))) (((((wrong))))

(((if maintained with NEW ELECTRONICS REGULARLY RETROFITTED INTO THE WEAPON at nominal intervals not to exceed 5 years or so in time for the aforementioned reasons due to gamma ray degradation of the arming,  triggering and timing circuits.))) (YES)

(((Note the PU-239 is mixed with up to 5 % Gallium. Gallium deteriorates very rapidly under neutron and Gamma ray radiation. “This is a very big weapons engineering secret.” Look it up. Just ask any nuclear physicist about Gallium irradiation problems in Nukes.)))

MOX fuel increases the overall operational output power of a reactor in thermal energy, while radically decreasing the safety margins of operating plants with this fuel. (((YES))) Japan and Dimona as examples….

If there is a shortage of warheads, the only logical reason is that the warheads are being reprocessed into nuclear fuel for reactors. ((( Why would you scrap a working Pit if it didn’t have a problem. They cost lots of money to make)))

In any case, nuclear weapons go to PANTEX or had been going to PANTEX in Amarillo Texas for decades, for refurbishment to keep them viable and reliable as the circuitry does deteriorate over time due to gamma radiation exposure changing the semiconductor substrate’s conduction characteristics significantly beyond 12 months exposure in the warhead itself. (YES) (((Semiconductors are made of silicone and Gallium. Gallium is added to the Pit.)))

If PANTEX refurbishment production has halted, this means the entire U.S. nuclear arsenal will be utterly non-viable if NEW PRODUCTION is not taking place anywhere, and Duff may in fact be correct about that. (YES)

But properly maintained nuclear warheads in human life spans, have nearly indefinite life ((((NO NO NO )))

If maintained with NEW ELECTRONICS REGULARLY RETROFITTED INTO THE WEAPON at nominal intervals not to exceed 5 years or so in time for the aforementioned reasons due to gamma ray degradation of the arming,  triggering and timing circuits. ((Correct)))

The 5 year life time is correct only for the electronics. He is not discussing the Explosives or the Boost gas problems or the corrosion problems or the plastic materials problems or the Helium gas build up problems or the PU-24/241 problems etc. He only talks about the electronic problems. This is why vacuum tubes are still used in nukes they don’t go bad due to radiation like transistors and computer chips do. But the high voltage charging capacitors in the firing circuits and the coax cables do go bad.

Electrolytic failure in the charging capacitors is a major concern. They will test OK but when put under actual firing load they explode. Old ones will actually begin to leak or bulge first. The electrolytic also dries out very rapidly. The replacement capacitors are not even made in the USA anymore they are imported from “ASIA” IE Japan Korea and China. Only the Krytrons are still made in the US.

The High Explosives are also very sensitive to neutron radiation. It dries them out very rapidly. Hydrates in the HE love to absorb neutrons this makes them very unstable after time. You and I both know how dangerous old ordnance is to handle. How many safety classes and lectures did we all have to take on that one alone.

The moral of the story is if it ain’t broke then why are you trying to fix it. If the PU does not “stink”  or go bad then why are we scraping it only after 35 years. Why not just recycle the old PU into a new pit so we can save a lot of money and time. Why can’t you just melt it down and make a new pit from the old pit. We still have the molds that the original pit was made from or do we?????????

How dose 97 % pure weapons grade PU-239 become 84% pure reactor grad PU-239 in less than 35 years if it is supposed to be stable and good for decades?????? Where did the 12 plus % of contamination called “pit poisons” in weapons designer terms come from.
At .5% PU-240/241 buildup per year; that would be equal to about 25 years???? Get the point.

Thanks G. You need to start a VT Chat room on the subject. It might just bring in a lot of new info that has previously been kept quiet…..

PS. please tell everybody to drop all of the negative connotations about other people. It is very un professional to act that way and it only distracts from the real issues. That is, how well is our nuclear defense system holding up and do we need to do something about it before it is too late. Are we being over run by a 5th column within our own government or are they just misguided Tree Huggers… IE…. “Hippies in power”………



  1. Doesn’t this constitute a war crime or a so-called crime against humanity and therefore those that knowingly participate in this not be allowed the “I was just following orders” defense ( by Nuremburg and other precedents ) ? I know, I know, international law does not apply to the US by virtue of it being exceptional. But just saying ….

  2. This is that new world order GHW Bush talked about 24 years ago where “the rule of law” will replace “the law of the jungle governing the conduct of nations.” His wimpy little smirk shown when he said, referring to establishing this new world order, “When we are successful, and we will be…” I remember laughing at this clown, for his anti-American insistence. He, to me, immediately became a traitor. I despised this family ever since. For as he referred to the new world order for “future generations,” we are now in this future generation, and I am, is anyone better off now than they were 24 years ago? The answer is no, not the common ordinary citizen without a job, without a home, without food, proper clothing and absolutely no future. The Bush/Clinton/Bush/Oblunder years sold American down the river in a systematic way. And this is his new world odor? Sicko families in OUR white house killing our kids, not theirs. Nuclear weapons are used when sicko families as these fail in their responsibilities to all mankind around the world. May God truly be with us all, for with this slugs in charge we are all doomed.

  3. The solution is obvious (as Carl Sagan proposed) to limit every country that has nuclear weapons to have enough for deterrence but not enough for a successful first strike (<100 warheads per country) – which would also limit the probability of ending all life higher than bacteria in a nuclear war. The only reason for not doing this are nefarious behind the scenes vested interests.

  4. The current occupant of the ‘Oval Office’ and his subordinates may think twice before exercising a first strike capability if there is doubt as to whether the vehicles will clear their silos, or be carrying duds, or have an indeterminable explosive dynamic brought about by years of decay, leakage or corrosion.
    In any case, your article definitely sows the seed of suspicion that the elites bunkers might not be deep enough. Who knows, it may even lead to a more sensible foreign policy. One can only hope.
    If it doesn’t, one may just have to emigrate.

  5. “Are we being over run by a 5th column within our own government or are they just misguided Tree Huggers… IE…. “Hippies in power”………”

    How about both. A privatized industry mentality in governmental functions designed to increase profit while forcing the process to destabilize. I see it as a hire the tech vs hiring a real professional who knows the whole picture kind of thing.

  6. “The fission rates are too far apart for the combined fuel to be stable enough to be used in a Mox fuel reactor.
    It will literally move around in the fuel rod just like in a lava lamp and at some point BANG”.

    So this method isn’t the industry standard? Maybe this is why Iran has all those centrifuges going. They don’t want contaminated fuel.

  7. Maybe its better this way, cocaine addled sexual degenerate wanna be Black Magickians really shouldn’t be playing with nuclear weapons anyway. Just take a look at what happened in downtown NYC. It would be different if America had leadership that could be trusted like Gordon Duff. But does anyone really want the Bush’s and their Darth Vader Cheney waving around the most potent atomic arsenal in existence? I don’t really think it’s a fifth column; just good old fashion prudence.

  8. Mr. Duff,
    If the deterioration of fissile material is the core issue, and if it is happening within 4 decades of time, then the production necessary to continue to cycle in replacement material will create a triple faceted problem. First, it will be a fiscal black hole, second, the support industry for the manufacture of artificial radioactive elements must be maintained, and third, the elephant in the room, what exactly do we do with all those cubic yards of deadly toxic waste?
    Rocky Flats, Hanford, the National labs, all are responsible for some pretty massive contamination that is ignored and swept under the rug. To date, nuclear material disposal is both extremely costly, and of uncertain capability.
    Thus, the problem quickly expands beyond the ability to limit it, hence, the ostrich tactics employed by those charged with solutions.
    The 3.5 decade timeline for pu is right up there with some conventional small arms ammunition, I’m sure others besides myself have experience the fizzle and pop of over age ammo. Is it possible to increase this shelf life? Yes, with careful storage in controlled conditions, which is exactly the case for pu.
    Essentially, however, our larger problem appears to be that the world wide criminal cabal not only has control of significant nuclear material, but that they are pressing it into service, due to its short service life.
    For our own weapons, the threat of instability and unintended ignition grows into another aspect of the dilemma.

    • What cannot be ignored, is that an unstable and unreliable arsenal has lost its deterrent value. Couple this with the antics of the multinational criminal cabal and it becomes increasingly difficult to avoid catastrophic incidents.
      Ultimately, there can be only one way out of this nightmare, and that is move beyond nuclear weapons, nuclear power, and nuclear reactors. Anything less will result in deepening and further expanding the scope of the problem.
      Of course this action will not be favored by the world wide criminal cabal, and its participants, but to choose any other path is to ensure that nuclear terrorism, and nuclear tragedies, will continue.

    • I’m in no way qualified to pronounce on relative readinesses of forces, but it was interesting to note the behavior on the brink in early September last year. No nukes were involved, but criminal cabals were. They are so dangerous that nuclear war can never be ruled out Criminals are crazy.
      NATO fired two Tomahawk missiles from Moron base in Spain, directed at Damascus, on the 2nd. they were sent into the eastern Med either by direct shootdown or possibly GPS jamming. Immediately Russian MI sent a message to Amerian military intelligence, saying in effect, ‘Don’t do that again’.
      Barky did not do it again. Moron’s commander is General Stavridis, a known rogue officer, allied to warmonger factions.Genral Dempsey directly shot down Kerry in discussion, saying a no-fly zone was not on. Israel were cozened into claiming the missles were theirs — a cover. At no subsequent point did the psychopaths attempt to attack, Russia having made the point that the Med was not America’s to control. This was reported by al-Manar, aangirfan and Interfax.
      Since then, Russia’s missile jamming has become known as unbeatable a Sukhoi-24 flew by the USS Donald ?? in the Black Sea and switched off its AEGIS, returning fully-armed for 12 more passes. The Sukhoi-25 is due. China’s fighter has also beat the F-35 in simulations.
      My point is, perhaps the top brass are well aware Russia has an edge on them.

  9. I sincerely hope that our arsenals are getting much better care than the servers at google, yahoo, at&t et al. The absolutely miserable performance I see and unexplained and unexcused denials of service would be fatal in no time if it were in the weapons realm.

    What do these servers have to do with weapons servers? Neither operate by creating profit from performance. Amazon’s servers are superb. Facebook’s servers are so-so when the advertising dollars are good. Since AT&T already has my money in the monthly dole I give them, and since Yahoo is giving me free email, they have no incentive to clean up their act.

    So as crazy as it sounds, someone has to make the weapons team perform like Amazon, as though their pay and careers were directly tied to their performance, without the risk of them selling the stuff to someone else.

  10. We all practiced in the fifties how to put our heads between our knees and kiss our ass good by. Looks like nothing has changed!

  11. Mr. Duff I heard yesterday on Mike Harris’ show that Mr. Dick Cheney
    was on the Main Stream Media forecasting that a new terror event is
    on the horizon, bigger and uglier than 911. This is from the horses mouth.

    And I’m thinking why is it even possible that HE is on national TV……
    Are we going to let these people do this all over again, while we are
    doing a bohica?


    • The “people” Cheney works for are FAR, FAR worse. I don’t know where they come from, but I know where they live, now.

    • Saw it online myself and thought the same, Also saw a report of an interview with an ISIS member telling the translator that they have access to nuclear weapons. Not sure if it is disinfo or just a meme to fall back on for a fall guy. Insane! They are so bad at this, they are like dealing with Jr High kids. Once again just dealing with bad B movie actors or marionettes as you have said Mr Duff.

  12. “Where did the 12 plus % of contamination called “pit poisons” in weapons designer terms come from.(?)”
    Where does the 12 plus % contamination go to??

    • It goes everywhere and reacts with whatever it comes into contact with, the PU, he casing, tamper, the electronics, etc. Radioactive byproducts are very unstable, themselves.

      Thanks for these technical articles, g. Something strangely comforting in knowing EXACTLY how we’re going to be blown to smithereens.

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