Commercial Applications of Electromagnetic Climate Change Confirms Military Agenda


by Harold Saive

aquiess-global-rain-project-bAquiess, Inc. uses powerful electromagnetic (EM) transmissions (radio waves) to “benevolently” steer huge reservoirs of atmospheric waters to force gentle rain in arid regions.

But this same technology in the hands of a globalist military authority can be applied as a weapon for creating floods, droughts and more.

The current global network of stations with ionospheric heaters and EM weather modification capability, in addition to the dozens of NEXRAD stations, is now revealed as no less than a coordinated operation of climate modification as originally organized under NASA in 1966.

The 1966 government document – National Program In Weather Modification (PDF) recruits all agencies of the federal government as a necessary participant of the weather modification agenda.

Hacking the Climate-Winners and Losers-Hacking-SkyOriginally envisioned as an open-sourced civilian program with “no secrets”, the advanced weather modification technologies were soon hijacked into secrecy by the military under the usual pretext of “national security”.

As a result, all administrative and department heads of federal agencies have been recruited to strict secrecy under the perversions of military authority. This is why NASA, NOAA, FAA …etc. are under lock-step order to deny the ongoing geoengineering/chemtrails and EM weather weaponization programs as lucidly described in proposed legislation HR-2977 (PDF) aka “The Space Preservation Act of 2001”, sponsored by rep. Dennis Kucinich, OH.

A stinging critique of the weather modification program transition from civilian to military authority is documented in draft form on the site of Federation of American Scientists : WEATHER MODIFICATION: THE EVOLUTION OF AN R&D PROGRAM INTO A MILITARY OPERATION (PDF)

  • We can no longer ignore that the climate change propaganda is integrated with, secret, global climate modification technologies.
  • We can no longer ignore the role of covert aerosol geoengineering as a man-made manipulator of climate data and weather outcomes whether the intent is mitigation or climate forcing.

Men in Black Neuralyzer Chemtrails SRM smThere’s a reason why the long history of geoengineering efforts to warm the climate and polar regions is robustly documented but rarely referenced in corporate media or included in the climate change debate.

The embarrassing truth of climate manipulation lies in the multiple proposals to warm the climate for decades until – suddenly – it was discovered that CO2 could warm the arctic for free. With no explanation, the scientific community did an about-face and lobotomy to claim that warming the climate by CO2 could be catastrophic – while, at virtually the same time, proposals by renowned meteorologist, Harry Wexler – to detonate H-bombs and spray chlorine in the stratosphere were being entertained as workable strategies for gaining access to ice-locked, northern latitudes.

The story of this inexplicable transition of climate agendas is revived from the memory hole in an article: “Geoengineering and The Climate Industrial Complex”


Aquiess global rain project-b

Adapted from a post by investigative reporter Jim Lee

[vimeo 99134530 w=500 h=333]

Direct Link to Video file

Aquiess David Miles and Mahendra Shah mugs

Aquiess, Inc WEBSITE and Youtube Channel

Hi-Tech Rainmaking Technology by Aquiess Inc. (PDF)

Kenya, 11/10/2011: In one segment, KTNK’s Dennis Okari interviews Aquiess CEO David Miles and Director of International Planning and Communication, Dr Mahendra Shah. Prior to the KTN interview Aquiess had demonstrated their capability by bringing early rainfall into the drought-declared region at the Horn Of Africa. The project to “Break the Drought” was announced in Rome on August 18th 2011.

In this statement Dr Shah says:

“We, today undertake to deliver gentle rain within the next 45 days to break and end the drought and in particular extend the coming short rainy season.”

Early rains came in and subsequent anomalous rainfall to deliver better than expected results. The rainy season was also extended beyond the normal period.

Aquiess System not typical “cloud-seeding” with silver iodide:

The Aquiess system can change the course of oceanic atmospheric rivers (AR) by coordinating applied resonance with satellite meteorology. The electromagnetic resonance of each station is adjusted to “hack” the atmospheric conditions to provide a path of least resistance to allow the AR flow to reach the targeted are of drought or wildfires. Since more than 90% of rain falls over the ocean, the consequences of steering a tiny amount of this precipitation over land should have little impact.

Unique Aquiess Electromagnetic Rainmaking Technology

Aquiess Ground Station Diagram

In the KTN Kenya interview, David Miles discusses 3 types of weather modification unrelated to the Aquiess technology:

  1. Cloud Seeding with silver iodide
  2. Ionization of the atmosphere
  3. Manipulation of the ionosphere

Aquiess 3 types of weather modification

Ionospheric heater network map revised 11-4-2013

The ionospheric heater located on Long Island, NY provided opportunity to influence the path and intensity of Hurricane Sandy. It’s public information that the Department of Homeland Security had been experimenting with manipulation of tropical cyclones under their HAMP program (Hurricane Aerosol Microphysics Program)





  1. Also, the creaking and groaning noises heard from the atmosphere a few years back were almost certainly caused by atmospheric charges. Hard to say whether we were traveling through a “proton cloud” or whether the disturbances were caused by the “beta test” of such a system top move the atmosphere (including moisture) by an electromagnetic field,like the Aquiess system, but it sure adds up.

  2. In ’78-’79 two French astrophysicists did a study to measure the space charge density in the area of space our system was heading into. They found a twenty times increase. This was peer reviewed and published. Years ago I found the link on what really happened.
    The end of last summer grown hindering watch got a UV spectrometer and took readings in northern Calif. showing 40 -50 times the UVA and B. Earlier this month they said they are also now measuring UVC, which should stop at the outer ionosphere. Barium, a noted CT component, is a good UV soaker, besides being photoelectric. Ever watch the moonlight and see it “burn” a hole through “clouds”. I have.
    Noted people here have said that there are nanos in the ionosphere that serve as an ET warning system.
    What is clear to me at this point is that the ” owners” need to be eliminated so that humanity may evolve and prosper.
    The sooner, the better.

  3. Excellent article that discloses a vast worldwide array of electromagnetic transmitters which can alter the weather, move the jet stream and probably entrain brain waves in humans. It has been claimed for years that few negative ions in the air create deficiencies in mood and increased negative ions create increases in mood.

    Perhaps after realizing that the little ball shaped poppers placed on the rooftops in Iraq (pulsed beam microwave transmitters) didn’t work only made US Soldiers sick and caused headaches, a new approach to induce non-violent brainwaves or satiation with little is now being deployed.

    It is a fact that the no.1 military weapon now deployed and still being developed at breakneck speed is high powered psychotronics, some generated on large orbital platforms and some with ground transmitters. If you ever wondered why so many cell phone systems and towers went up every where so fast with no problems getting vast sums of financing, now you know. This is a grand plan to dehumanize humans, snatch their souls and hive them into a dumbed-down mass submissiove to the ruling oligarchical regime.

    If anyone doubts that this technology works, just do a little research on the “Voice of God” system deployed in the attack on Iraq after they were conned into invading Kuwait to stop the Sante Fe Cross Drilling into Saddam’s main oil field. The Iraqi soldiers heard the “voice of god” and threw their arms down. Many surrenders, thousands were bulldozed over with sand to

    • Preston – Your comments are right-on as usual. NASA rolled “WORLDVIEW” an interactive polar satellite server (Terra and Aqua) that allows users to scan the entire globe in middle latitudes. I spent some time yesterday logging a few remarkabe areas from the past 2 days

      Amazing Satellite images reveal a Covert global aerosol geoengineering program that is dumping millions of tons of pollution into the air we breathe….H

      Amazing Satellite images reveal a Covert global aerosol geoengineering
      program that is dumping millions of tons of pollution into the air we breathe….H

      6/26/2014 Satellite shows large chemtrail ops SW of Iceland

      6/26/2014 Electromagnetic beam directed East originating from the area of Pico i. in the Azores

      6/26/2014 Reptilian Gator tail of square waves embedded in tail of low pressure area

      6/26/2014 Spain: Segmented artificial cloud formation

      6/26/2014 6/26/2014 Long Aerosol bank NW of Ireland to SW into Africa

      6/26/2014 Massive Chemical aerosol dumps covering the Greenland, Barents and Norwegian Sea

      6/26/2014 Caspian Sea

      6/25/2014 US West coast and Pacific smothered in GE aerosols

      6/25/2014 Japan and Western Pacific

      6/25/2014 Hawaiin Islands

  4. The legal term for the covert geoengineering is “Aggravatted Chemical Battery”. We’re reporting these spraying events to our local Sheriff through a DHS portal iWATCH website. Here they are http //

  5. There is a way to fight drought and it is called permanent irrigation systems. It’s been done in California and elsewhere around the world.

    • Permanent irrigation systems cannot create water when the source dries up.

      The recent drought in California will increase the price of food since the state agriculture provides 30 to 50% of America’s food supply.

  6. they can and do cause flood or drought to bankrupt farmers so corporates can buy land at forclosure prices.
    ahmedinijad told us they were using it to cause drought, a weapon against his country Iran.
    its a shame chemtrail planes arent shot down for BEING bio-weapon attacks against us all, they ARE that.

    • The use of heavy metals would surely make this a chemical attack, the bitter irony being that the top brass who are “in the know” are poisoning themselves their own families and all who serve under them along with everyone else and every living organism on the planet. IDIOTS !

    • People have been poisoning themselves and their families for a long time.

      In Vietnam, the pilots continued to follow orders to spray Agent Orange for 2 years after they knew it caused cancer and birth defects.

      Many more examples where people follow orders without questioning the outcome in order to earn that paycheck. We all do it. And we must all stop doing it.

    • The legal term is “Aggravatted Chemical Battery”. We’re reporting these spraying events to our local Sheriff through a DHS portal iWATCH website. Here they are http //

    • And, btw, you cannot mention chemtrails on Information Clearing House without getting banned from the site. If you can get on, I would appreciate your posting this article and more info. I have been permanently banned. Try to use the geo-engineering term and maybe you can get posted.

    • Most of the federal government infrastructure – including the DOJ – was overtaken in the False Flag attack of 9/11/2001 leaving no way to prosecute state sponsored crimes and terrorism. The new occupational forces are a global banking cabal claiming no particular country as “sovereign” – therefore having no right to bring charges against the new owners.

      Thanks to information published on VT, A small percentage of the American people are beginning to come out of shock to realize the global banker takeover is progressing – albeit behind schedule.

      The critical mass is here, but the fear of economic ruin resulting from any action to abolish the FED has paralyzed the would-be counter-revolution The FED is inventing just enough fiat currency to keep us too comfortable to take action.

  7. This might explain the rash of “sprites”, electrical discharges seen over thunderclouds. Used to be quite rare, but people have been seeing them a lot, lately. Including this one in Oklahoma, home of the dustbowl……

    http //

    Also see spaceweather dot com

    • You make a excellent point since chemtrail deployment is so often sprayed over unstable fronts and storms. Increased conductivity of the atmosphere from CT’s sets up conditions for unusual outcomes. We know that the atmosphere is continuing to collapse. (15%). Our shields (magnetosphere) continues to decline opening vulnerability to solar flare kill shot for communications, weather and defense satellites.
      If you want the best dauly report on solar activity consider subscribing to Ben Davidson’s excellent Youtube channel at https //

  8. From Aquiess —

    “The core technology and primary IP are protected by treaties and strict security protocols which surround the project.”

    Can anyone say what IP stands for here?

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