Can “We the People” Save America from Destruction by World Zionists?


by Preston Jamesclip_image002[2]2


The answer is a conditional yes, but it will be very, very difficult, given the scope of the current situation, and most Americans will have to pull together to accomplish this.

The problem “We the People” now face is essentially the same that was faced by our Founding Fathers when they were oppressed and tyrannized by King George and England.

One major difference now however is that our leadership has been compromised, bought, blackmailed or murdered, leaving us without any George Washington, Ben Franklin, or John Adams type individuals.

But if the economy crashes as a fair number of economists expect, this is likely to cause the STHTF and itself will stimulate the emergence of many new populist leaders who want to drive out the evil WZ espionage groups that have infiltrated and hijacked America.

But the core problem is the same, namely that America is under siege by the City of London World Zionists (WZs) just as before.

These Luciferian WZs are sheep-dipped as Banksters when they are actually inhuman demonic Beasts attempting to complete an age old Luciferian plan for world domination and death to all “Goyim” in order to install their Anti-Christ as King of the World.

Their goal for America? To infiltrate, hijack, asset strip and tyrannize Americans, just like before, which thanks to our Founding fathers and about 3% of the Colonists that fought along with them, failed.  Only this time the WZ’s plans go even further, to destroy America forever and mass-murder up to 80% of “We the People” after using America to fight all its wars for Israel and expand its control over the whole world.

What exactly is the origin of the WZs and who are WZs?

Because World Zionism is a secret occult group based on Luciferianism it is difficult to obtain this information easily. Several insiders who have left it have claimed it is a strange combination of a merger between Babylonian Talmudism, the outright satanism of Aleister Crowley, Alice Bailey, the Rosicruceans, Freemasons and other such groups based on the secret teachings of Lucifer. Many Christians and Deists have claimed that Lucifer is a fallen chief angel and temporarily the god of this world who is determined to mass murder as many humans as possible because he was condemned by God Almighty for his rebellion.

Others believe that World Zionism is a byproduct of a certain group of evil Alien ETs, the reptilian Dracos attacking planet earth. These researchers believe that the Dracos are energy parasites and use Cutouts to further their goals to establish a one-world Luciferian World Government. Others believe that these Dracos want to use their cutouts to amass all the world’s wealth in order to accomplish this while providing vast power, wealth and status to their Cutouts that do their bidding.

Some even believe that these Draco Cutouts are alien/humans hybrids of fallen angels, either through alien ET matings with humans or genetic engineering and implants. And there are a number of researchers that feel certain that many of these Cutouts have no souls and are NOT human at all or at least have no souls (which would explain their evil deeds and their criminal psychopathology).

Some have claimed these secret occult teachings of Babylonian Talmudism were carried down through the centuries and later revealed as the “Synagogue of Satan”.  It is also claimed that the very top echelons of freemasonry and the OTO are used as cover for the WZs.

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Some historians claim that the WZs later origins are linked to the Hanseatic League,  the Knights Templar, the Knights of the Roundtable, and the Old Black Nobility which some say is the current “Hidden Hand” providing true control over all WZs and their Cutouts. One thing seems certain World Zionism is comprised of some who claim to be of Hebrew blood and are not (“fake Jews”). Some are clearly not Judaic believers at all which illustrates that even though the WZ philosophy is based on perversions of Judaism, it is basically a complex cover for a small group of Luciferian Occultists (a death cult) who hate humans and desire to use them and then mass-murder them.

This suggests that the small central group of WZs at the core of World Zionism comprises a nexus of various converging groups with a common belief in Lucifer, the active practice of Satanism with human/child sacrifice practice on the Satanic holidays, and all kinds of supporting philosophies designed to seem harmless or beneficial to humanity, but which serve as cover.

Whatever the origins of World Zionism (WZ) is and whatever these WZs really are is open to argument. It is known beyond any reasonable doubt however that WZs are run out of the City of London via the Zionist private Central Banking System and use Israel as its main action-agent to hijack America and much of the World. It is also known that initially all American Intel Systems like the CIA and the Alphabets were set up by the WZs and were designed to serve their needs not the needs of Americans.

It is also known that WZs are deeply committed to provoking and running wars and mass-death for profit, and trafficking in illegal drugs and arms for massive profits. WZs also specialize in human compromise ops including pedophile ops and associated blackmail, and the bribing of Politicians, Government Officials and Judges and assassination designed to appear as strange deaths, single car late night accidents, or suicides.

If the ancient Babylonian Talmud is the basis for World Zionism as some claim, this provides a prescription for WZs to use, dominate, disrespect, abuse and mass-murder American “Goyim”. Others have linked World Zionism to the Kabbala’s teachings also. Most who have researched World Zionism can agree that it is based on phony racial delusions, Luciferian anti-human doctrines of hatred, and delusional based desires for revenge against “Goyim”.


Will Americans become GAZA II, the world’s largest open air prison camp for Goyim and will Americans become the new Palestinians?

America is now under siege by World Zionists (WZs) aka Israeli-American Israeli-first “Dual Citizen” hijackers who are busy attempting to transform America into Gaza II.

If “We the People” allow them to succeed in their sinister secret Luciferian obsession, America will be forever destroyed and “We the People” will be transformed into the “New Palestinians” as an intermediate step toward destruction.

The root cause of this secret and most sinister obsession of these Dual Citizens (DZs) to mass-murder all Goyim is an evil racial delusion based on the secret Luciferian Babylonian Talmud that all Goyim must be murdered.

There are several different Talmuds and the ones easily available are “cleaned” of all the sick demented comments like “Jesus is in Hell boiling in Excrement”, or its god’s will to murder Goyim, or Goyim only exist to serve the WZ’s needs.

Numerous theories exist why this small number of super-elite DZs and their WZ handlers have this twisted evil racial delusion and obsession to destroy all American Goyim. Perhaps the one that rings most true relate to the secret teachings of the Babylonian Talmud upon which this anti-Goyim racial delusion that WZs are Lucifer’s chosen and all Goyim exist only to serve their needs and must be eventually destroyed.

Yes, there is substantial reason to believe that the doctrines taught by the secret Babylonia Talmud is essentially a Luciferian teaching, and is the core belief of the WZs or what is also known as the “Synagogue of Satan”.

It is important to note that most of the Judaic faith are converts to Judaism and are not World Zionists at all. In fact inside America most Judaics are essentially secular and have no dreams of world domination or harming American non-Judaics.

3d230d44Recent peer reviewed genetic research at John Hopkins has shown that most living in Israel as well as most Dual Citizens (DZs) are Khazarians or European Ashkanazis with no ancient Hebrew Blood at all.

However, many may be easily manipulated to provide support for World Zionism with no awareness of the destruction and ruin it may eventually bring upon them and the nation of Israel. This is often true if they are asked to do something because it is “for Israel”.

The racial delusion that Israel is now colonized by Judaics with ancient Hebrew blood and that Nazi Goyim attempted to eliminate all Hebrews during WW2 on behalf of all Christian was in fact a very crafty Psyop set up by City of London WZ’s who specialize in deception and creating conflict their age old strategy of “Divide and Conquer.”

The WZs get their horsepower and control from their use of Babylonian Money-magick aka the art of “making money from nothing”, and pernicious usury.

WZs have already succeeded in hijacking our Monetary Production and Distribution System (in 1913) and have recently held American leaders hostage with nuclear blackmail. This money-power provides the horsepower the WZs are now using to Deconstruct America and transform it into their Police State.

Astute American researchers like Professor Jim Fetzer, Donald Fox and Dr. Ed Ward have shown beyond any reasonable doubt that nukes were detonated inside the twin Towers on 9/11/01.

And massive new evidence that Israel planted nukes in the twin Towers on 9/11/01 has been provided by recent Russian Intel dumps into the public domain as reported by Veterans Today Senior Editor Gordon Duff, an International Intelligence and Security Analyst and consultant.

It is now known beyond any reasonable doubt that the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) sold 350 decommissioned W-54 nuclear Pitts to the Israelis who in turn reprocessed the material and planted them inside the Twin Towers and detonated them on 9/11/01.

It is also known beyond any reasonable doubt that this 9/11 False-flag inside-job Gladio -style attack was planned, initiated and deployed by the Mossad, NeoCons, PNACers, several high ranking traitors in the JCS, NORAD, the USAF and the FAA and that 9/11 like Murrah was a Samson Option deployment as nuclear blackmail.

And according to very good sources it is now clear that Israel has 25 nukes planted in American cities and has been using them for continued nuclear blackmail.

So far what has been the result of this and what has the new US Military High Command done in response to this?

America was drawn into two major illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, both of which they have been defeated in just like Vietnam. We have the TSA sexual gropers, VIPR “Kill Teams”, the Department of Homeland security often called the New American Gestapo. We have out of control “crony capitalism” and rule by a large group of various gangster groups who have bought representation and special interest legislation to provide corporate and banking welfare payed for by “we the People” the taxpayers of America.

We have allowed our bought and owned politicians and USG Officials to Militarize the police and transform them into Agents of the State, rather than local servants of the public taxpayer operating to “protect and Serve”.  Instead of protect and serve their motto is now, “defy or disobey an order and we will kill you”. And in almost every case if they kill you they will get away with it because the whole USG apparatus supports them during this phony War on Terror which exists only in the twisted evil group mind of NeoCons, PNACers and Dual Citizens or those politicians and USG officials which pay homage to them (which is most of them).

And America is now plagued by blatant corruption and crooked, bought and owned judges and officials at every level of government and the Judiciary. American taxpayers have been asset stripped of most of their wealth, the middle class is now being decimated and unemployment is estimated to be somewhere between 37% and 42% and climbing.

Insiders know that the Israeli-American Israeli-first dual citizens are the ones behind setting up and running DHS, folks like Michael Chertoff aka “Son of the devil”, and have established it as their own private Israeli Occupation Force inside America. Markus Wolfe, former head of the East German Stasi was hired as a consultant to help set up DHS two years before he died. He would certainly be quite proud of his success in doing so based on how much tyranny so far DHS has been able to mete out.

Free Trade Agreements are Unconstitutional and Treason also.

Illegal, Unconstitutional Free Trade treaties have caused the export of almost all American heavy industry and manufacturing as well as electronic chip manufacturing and other manufacturing which must be inside America to make sure it is not sabotaged or has back-doors.

It is now known that WZ owned Members of Congress entered into shameful and Unconstitutional Free trade treaties which like Ross Perot warned have created the export of almost all American heavy industry and manufacturing including electronics and chip manufacturing.

These free trade agreements that replaced fair trade based on equity established through the judicious application of tariffs no longer exists. These illegal Unconstitutional Free trade Agreements such as NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT and WTO (and now the secret impending Pacific Trade Agreement) have assured that America will soon become a third world nation and its economy will crash.

The new American Military High Command has become well informed that Israel, the NeoCons, PNACers, and the Mossad were primarily responsible for the attack on America on 9/11/01 with some help from a small number of Traitors in the USAF, NORAD, the JCS. And they are hoppin’ mad about this and some want big payback for Israel.

But what has the new American Military High Command AMHC) done to provide payback?

The USN has been reported to have sunk two Israeli Dolphin Diesel Subs bought from Germany that carried nuclear tipped Tomahawk cruise missiles obtained from the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC). And it is rumored that the AMHC has delivered a serious threat to Israeli leaders that if they do one more USS Liberty attack or another Murrah or 9/11/01 much of their country including Dimona will be turned to glass.

Is this response by the AMHC enough to stop the Israeli’s nuclear Blackmail dead in their tracks? Hopefully this position of the AMHC will serve to push Israel back into a non-aggressive stance.

If the WZ’s succeed in their take-down and Deconstruction of America, and they are close to it, Americans will become the New Palestinians and will be marked for abject tyranny from the Department of Homeland Security DHS, the internal police force and army of the World Zionists.

If they succeed up to 80% of all Americans will face removal to FEMA-type Internment Camps (many of which already exist) and eventual serial mass murder. As incredulous as this seems these Israeli-American Israeli-first dual citizens who serve as City of London World Zionist Cutouts are obsessed with murdering all American Goyim based on their Babylonian Talmudic teachings.


The use of Babylonia Money-Magick provides the WZ’s horsepower to bribe, own and control most American politicians, Judges and USG officials.

America was hijacked by the City of London World Zionists (WZs) in 1913 when they illegally bribed members of Congress and pretended that the Unconstitutional federal Reserve Act was passed. This however was a sham vote on Christmas eve when there was not even a quorum present.

This use of Babylonian Money-Magic, also known as “Money-Power” provides the horsepower behind the WZ’s machine and their use of Cutouts (Israeli espionage fronts) inside America such as AIPAC, the ADL, B’nai B’rith and the like.

Can these “Enemies of the State inside the Gates of America” be stopped cold before they complete their obsession to destroy America and mass-murder most Americans on the City of London WZ’s behalf?

The answer can be yes, if Americans who know the truth about the WZ infiltration and hijacking of America and their use of Israel to do the 9/11/01 attack on America and start communicating this to their family, friends and associates.

Truth is the ultimate antidote for WZ corruption and secrecy provides cover. The worldwide Internet is the new Gutenberg Press and it is exposing the truth about Israel and World Zionism’s most serious and evil crimes against America and humanity. The Internet is exposing how Israel did 9/11 and has been blackmailing American leaders with nuclear blackmail.

It is also exposing how the WZ’s formed a coalition with the Bush Crime Cabal as partners in the largest criminal syndicate in the world. Real Truth resonates with many Internet users and then spreads like wildfire at the speed of lightning.  This alone can itself erode the evil power of the WZs and the BCC.

Open Source Public Intelligence is emerging spontaneously from the Internet and itself will erode the strength of World Zionism.

[youtube rdzfaTvPZaY]

Former CIA Officer Robert David Steele has written a very important book on the use of “Open Source Intelligence” to clean up the mess we have in America at all levels. (1)

index245Robert Steele is a brilliant Intel Analyst that has figured out an effective fix for almost everything that is wrong with American society and he identifies it as the use of open Source Intel at all level of society. he has written an excellent groundbreaking book entitled, “The Open Source Everything Manifesto.” (2)

It is his belief that the Internet is producing a major revolution of truth dissemination that will displace the old system for a new much smarter more representative one that makes much more effective decisions for all.

The internet is a powerful source for producing the spontaneous emergence of Populism and the WZs now view this as their ultimate threat. But so far their attempts to censor the Internet have been frustrated and it is likely that any such blatant major WZ attempts to do so would probably start a revolution itself.

Israeli Apartheid and their 9/11 false-flag attack which mass-murderer over 3,000 innocent Americans is becoming the kiss of death for WZs and their Israeli espionage groups inside America such as AIPAC, the ADL, the SPLC and the like.

Thanks to over twenty years of hard core groundbreaking research by Professor Jim Fetzer and other researchers he has associate with a new Internet Fad has emerged. It has now become an international pastime sport for millions of individuals everywhere all over the world working together via the Internet and with friends to crack all these government and banking conspiracies which were previously kept completely secret. The Internet is a powerful research tool that cannot be underestimated thanks to the numerous sophisticated search engines, many of which are now proxied.

Israel has become a renegade Apartheid Terror State that exists only because of fat American aid packages and donations of military equipment and aircraft, totaling at least 30,000 USD per Israeli citizen per year.

Israel has become a renegade Apartheid state based on a WZ lie and racial delusion because most Judaics living living there have absolutely no ancient Hebrew Blood and zero right to any Palestinian land. The world is now becoming informed about how Israel has become an Apartheid state with its leaders acting like Nazis and many corporations and churches are now divesting from Israel, especially those located in Europe. This alone will eventually create an end to Israeli control over American politicians and and end to City of London WZ Hegemony.

The recognition that Israel has become an Apartheid state against Palestine and is abusing them, murdering them and stealing their land to build more and more settlements is spreading like wildfire all over the Internet despite the fact the the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) won’t carry this story. Once Pandora’s box has been opened and the Genie has been let out of the Bottle, it is only a matter of time before the whole world turns against Israel for its Apartheid against Palestine, just like it did over South Africa’s Apartheid.

The War on Terror is a complete Phony designed to scare the public into giving up their basic human and Constitutional Rights.

ThitselfEvery day more and more Internet readers are learning that the so-called War on Terror is a phony and that the only terror attacks we have had were done by the BCC cronies and Israeli Dual Citizens (DZs) and staged phony attacks by the FBI using retarded or mentally ill incompetents they entrapped.

The only real terrorists in America now occupy the top positions of the USG, DHS and the Alphabets. And its about time that most American learn the truth about DHS, that it is an Israeli occupation force inside America set up to tyrannize, oppress and eventually mass-murder most Americans unless stopped.

Israeli leaders are beginning to be desperate as they now realize that the world is getting the news that they did the 9/11/01 attack on America.

Recently a very strange article appeared in Israel allegedly claiming that Israelis were in fact Khazarians and were attempting to convert the Ukraine into a new colony for Judaics leaving Israel.(3)

You can bet the recent so-called murder of three Israeli kids was another Israeli false-flag attack.  If Israel will arm its enemies and make sure they periodically lob some small missiles into Israel or will even blow up a few buses itself in Gladio style terror attacks on their own people, you can expect that they have become desperate enough to stage this and blame it on Islamics. Yes, this is what they do  because their philosophy is that taught by Luciferian Leo Strauss that “the end justifies the means”, so do whatever evil you must to get the end you need.

It’s time for American Judaics to follow the lead of Alan Sabrowsky, PH.D., Steve Pieczenik, MD, PH.D, John Mearsheimer, Stephen Walt, and Norman Finkelstein and numerous other great American heroes who dared to speak the truth.

It is time for American Judaics to wake up and separate themselves from Toxic and grotesquely evil World Zionism and Apartheid and stop supporting the criminal, renegade terror state of Israel. If they do not take a stand now they may end up being persecuted along with the coming persecution and boycotting of the City of London WZs sheep-dipped and Banksters.

Exactly what changes need to be immediately initiated in order to save America and “We the People” from destruction by World Zionists (WZs)? Here are some suggestions to start considering.

1. Dump the Federal Reserve System, Nationalize all its assets and member banks, indict, arrest and try all top Banksters for RICO financial fraud and claw back all their gains and holdings and cancel all debt based on such fraud.

2. Eliminate the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and its evil twisted, sexually perverted step child the TSA and the VIPR assassination teams. Indict, arrest and try all the DZs involved under espionage and RICO and claw back all their earnings and holdings.

3. Break up the Controlled Major Mass Media by enforcing Anti-trust laws, and indict, arrestr and try all the principals and top editors for RICO crime and fraud, then calw back all their earnings and holdings.

4. Cancel all American Aid in any form to Israel and sue them for damages for doing the 9/11 attack on America.

5. Make all DZs register and classify all Israeli and WZ Intel fronts as foreign espionage fronts inside America.  This includes AIPAC, the ADL, the SPLC, B’nai B’rith, the JDL and the like. Arrest all involved as agents of espionage inside America and try them and then claw back any and all earnings and holdings. Make it illegal for DZs to be American Citizens unless they renounce Israeli Citizenship or any other Citizenship and pledge allegiance to America only. And forbid any WZ to ever hold any federal, State, or local political office or ever work for any Federal, State or local government.

6. Seize all NSA raw Intel all the way back to Vietnam and publish all of it on the Internet, except the secret radio frequencies and launch codes and weapons blueprints. Use this data to indict and try all US members of Congress who took brides from these WZ/Israeli espionage fronts such as AIPAC and the like.  Charge them under Treason Sedition and RICO and claw back all earnings and holdings.

7. Publish all the “who actually done it” facts about the JFK, MLK, RFK and John-John assassinations and indict and try any perp living who participated in the crimes or its ongoing coverup including dupes, apologists, misinformation artists and CMMM Editors and Newscasters.

8. Eliminate the Department of Education and restore local school districts right to establish curriculum.

9. Eliminate the CIA and indict and try all involved in the massive drug trafficking and provocations of war.

10. Cancel all legislation and executive orders since President Reagan since he was the last duly elected President.

11. Open up all the FBI files and indict and try every agent and SAC involved in RICO crimes and coverups (this would be hundreds, unfortunately).

12. Eliminate the Internal Revenue Service (the collection agency for the Federal reserve System incorporated in Puerto Rico) and charge and try all WZ principals under RICO, and then claw back all takings and holdings.

13. Clean out the corrupt freeloaders with absurdly high salaries at the VA and move the VA into the Department of Defense main budget as Veterans Today Financial editor Mike Harris has been suggesting for at least several years.

14. Get rid of the phony 16th Amendment which was never ratified.

15. Set up a huge public and publicly televised ongoing Peoples Commission on Government crimes and Corruption and thoroughly investigate all prior and ongoing USG crimes including judicial misconduct using all NSA raw data and phone taps. Appoint Robert Steele as the manager of the Commission which will be set up using principals of open Source Public Intel.

16. Limit membership in Congress to one term.

17. Outlaw revolving door arrangements between USG officials and fat retirement appointments.

18. Legalize marijuana and some other drugs and treat them from a medical model when addiction occurs. Enforce very stiff laws with swift trails and capital punishment for trafficking Heroin, speed, crack and other notably destructive drugs into America.

19. Make sure that all juries are completely informed of their rights to nullify any law they find unjust or misapplied.

20. Get rid of the Supreme Court which was a Congressional political creation and start honoring and using the highest Court in the land as specified in the US Constitution, the US District Circuit Court of Appeals.

21. Seal all the borders using the US Military and start handling immigration like most other nations including Mexico.

22. Use the American Military against any Mexican drug cartels that traffick drugs into America. Give them due warning and then declare war on Mexico and annex it like other US Territories.  We are supporting it anyhow.

23. De-militarize the local police and tightly restrict use of swat teams. No more no knock warrants. Handle arrest the way they used to be handled back in the 1960’s. Cancel all agreements between these local police giving up jurisdiction to the Feds in exchange for a great deal of military hardware.Confiscate all armor cars back from the police and flash-bang grenades. Conduct scientific investigations of the constant on Pulse-beam shoulder held microwave police radios and restrict their use to frequencies that will not make police aggressive by entraining their brains.

24. Prosecute all living USG current and former officials for involving America in illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked and undeclared wars and any associate war crimes including actions related to the Patriots Acts, the Military Commissions Act and the like.

25. Eliminate all Unconstitutional Free Trade Agreements and re-institute Fair Trade with suitably adjusted tariffs to protect American producers.

26. Be imaginative. Most folks can come up with some practical ideas that will help wake fellow Americans up. Attorney John Whitehead has some suggestions to consider. He recommends the following: Get educated; Get involved; Get organized; Be creative, use the media; Start brush-fires for freedom; Take action; Be forward looking; Develop Fortitude; Be selfless and sacrificial; and Remain optimistic and keep hope alive. (4 )











  1. You would also have to address the Russian Spetsnaz crack troops that have been allowed to infiltrate our land at secret bases all across the country.

  2. Europe was built on debt which is why the U.S. exists. Those Pilgrims were debt criminals. The left the usury laws President Lincoln brought back with the start of the industrial revolution. He borrowed money from Morgan bank in England to finance the war and start the industrial revolution which would be impossible without fake money and interest. Look up “Web of debt”.
    Without fake money our glut would come to a crashing halt and unemployment would sky rocket to infinity. Our world will crash if usury just stops. No more money for the services to maintain our opulent life styles. Food will skyrocket because the money to pay for it doesnt exist. Electricity will be cut short because that requires fuel and fuel costs money. With limited funds it will all have to be sanctioned. Medical costs, for get it. Take a Motrin. Some will consider it a punishment. I look forward to the challenge.

  3. Sheldon Adelson “Meet Your Match”! —– MAYDAY to the Rescue

    Some of us don’t care if Senator Rand Paul is a Tea/Coffee Party as long as “HE SAVES USA” from the Termite Zionists.

    America—-The “2016 MAYDAY Choice” is Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) Mr. USA 1st & NO RAMBO WAR.

    —–“The story of how a young programmer named Aaron Swartz convinced celebrated academic Lawrence Lessig that no political progress could be made without first reforming campaign finance is now part of Silicon Valley lore. In May, Lessig launched a radical initiative to address the issue MAYDAY, a SuperPAC that secured funding from two Silicon Valley billionaires in order to curtail the influence of big money.”

    —-“Those billionaire investors, Peter Thiel and Reid Hoffman, only represent one tier of MAYDAY’s donors. First $1.1 million was raised online, Kickstarter style, from ordinary voters. Then Lessig convinced tech industry insiders—including Kickstarter investors Fred Wilson and Brad Burnham from Union Square Ventures—to match. MAYDAY’s plans to get pro-finance reform candidates elected in five key congressional races. After raising that first million in two weeks, Lessig thinks he can get to $12 million using the same combination of the disempowered and the powerful.”

  4. Zionists plan to cull the American population…
    Chemtrails in all 50 states sedating us and making us sick. = we will be too weak to fight unless we track down and destroy these planes before it is too late..

  5. When the Military Tribunals have finally eliminated the deadly metastasized Stage 4 cancer from the US Body Politic, State elections may resume to fill the vacated seats of all of the elected criminals. At this time, a sorely needed Article V Constitutional Convention can be convened by the US military for the purpose of addressing some serious miscarriages of the US federal government. We need a federal Balanced Budget Amendment, an anti-Abortion Amendment, a Term Limit Amendment for judges and legislators, an Amendment to rescind the 16th and 17th Amendments and abolish the IRS and the FED, an Amendment to create a federal Sales Tax with the abolition of the 16th Amendment, and an Amendment to abolish the EPA, the US Department of Education, the US Department of Energy, and an Amendment to completely overhaul the US Department of Justice whereby it reports to a Board of 50 US Governors.

  6. Monetary proceeds from all of the criminals should be distributed to the Amerikan People, especially the families of the 70,000 cancer victims in NYC and the families of those who died in the crime of 9/11. Israel should be tried at The Hague even in absentia for the crime of 9/11 and sanctions should be instituted immediately worldwide against the terrorist regime running the State of Israel. The BCC Cabal and all other 9/11 perpeTRAITORS should be tried in a televised Nuremberg-style trial and all of their executions televised mandatorily.

  7. All federal judges from District Courts to SCOTUS would need to be rounded up. All current and former US Congressmen and Senators who allowed the usurper to go unchallenged should be arrested. All federal District Attorneys, FBI agents, CIA, NSA, ONI, and the entire Department of Justice should be rounded up and tried for Sedition, RICO, and High Treason. All SOS’s from all 50 States, the entire Hawaiian Department of Health along with military judge Colonel Denise Lind and Army Major General Karl Horst should also be rounded up for RICO, bribery, Sedition, and High Treason charges related to the illegitimate unConstitutional _resident currently residing unlawfully at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I especially agree with Preston’s comments about the CFR/CIA-controlled US Propaganda Presstitute Ministry. The military divisions sent to NYC should seize every single network, arrest all of the anchors, news producers, and CEO’s and heavily interrogate every single one of them until they break however long it takes. In the meanwhile, they will use the networks to get the TRUTH out to the Amerikan People 24/7/365 – however long it takes to get to the bottom of the endless pile of lies!!! For once, I may actually ENJOY the TRUTH coming from The History Channel!!! They should also arrest every 33rd degree Freemason in the country and especially in NYC and Washington, District of Criminals.

    • You are on to something, Sic!

      I heard King Duff on Revolution Radio this week
      saying that there is a list with 30.000 names on it.

      Here is the link https //


  8. Such an operation would require a Valkyrie-type military coup d’etat. It would necessitate several military divisions seizing Washington, District of Criminals, the Reagan and Dulles airports, La Guardia and JFK airports and any private airports used by DC bigwigs and NYC banksters, and the legions of criminal banksters in NYC. All who are convicted of their crimes should be incarcerated in the FEMA Camps they have created for the Amerikan People. All of those found guilty of High Treason should be executed on live tv preferably either by hanging or the guillotines they have reserved for Christians in the FEMA Camps.

  9. Wonderful article Dr. James! It’s people such as you that are really digging into the truth and helping bring light in exposing these sick people…. (I use the term people very loosely!) They have been plotting a long time and taking over all aspects of our lives!
    Just remember that in the end, GOD WINS! Says so in Revelations!

  10. “Recently a very strange article appeared in Israel allegedly claiming that Israelis were in fact Khazarians and were attempting to convert the Ukraine into a new colony for Judaics leaving Israel.(3)”

    The Times of Israel article has to be satire “(Our Russian and Ukrainian correspondents Hirsh Ostropoler and I. Z. Grosser-Spass…” – the latter is basically “I see big fun”.

  11. “Recent peer reviewed genetic research at John Hopkins has shown that most living in Israel as well as most Dual Citizens (DZs) are Khazarians or European Ashkanazis with no ancient Hebrew Blood at all.”

    Eran Elhaik, Ph.D. (an Israeli Jew, no less) is now at the University of Sheffield ****http //

    The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses ****http //

  12. “There are several different Talmuds and the ones easily available are “cleaned” of all the sick demented comments like “Jesus is in Hell boiling in Excrement”, or its god’s will to murder Goyim, or Goyim only exist to serve the WZ’s needs.”

    A very good guide to Talmudic Judaism ****http //

    Whether there are Satanic versions of the Talmud in secret use (beyond what a Rabbi in Israel would have access to) is another (and open) question.

  13. Preston here is where the Zionist came from King Bulon – To further the divorcement of Rothschilds and “Jew“ we now go to the genetic proof The Rothschilds claim to Jewish blood is also a myth. The explanation of which will take us to 9th century Turkey were we meet King Bulon of the Khazars. The King had a unique problem, he was surrounded by Muslims on one side and Christians on the other. This presented a huge issue for the king, as he rightly suspected invasion due to the lack of affiliation with either. His answer to this issue was to give his empire an identity that would protect it from the outside worlds interests. The solution came in the form of Judaism as it was determined that the Jews were able to deal well with both Muslim and Christian. From this conversion the Ashkenazi Jew was born (IM NIN’ALU). So now we come back to our illustrious Rothschilds, which are the posterity of this marriage of necessity. The important thing here to remember is that Jewishness of this family is a cover and it always has been.http // that is why as you so truthfullly Stated – ” genetic research at John Hopkins has shown that most living in Israel as well as most Dual Citizens (DZs) are Khazarians or European Ashkanazis with no ancient Hebrew Blood at all.” And you can put the Blame on King Bulon the Kazarian

  14. Thanks Dr. James for all you doing!

    I have here a very very lengthy interview with Robert Steele for anyone who is interested

    http //


  15. A very well informed, incredibly astute reader that fully understands the depth of corruption at every level of LE in America. You are 100% correct.

  16. FINALLY!!! A straight-talking article outlining what Zionists are really doing on in America today!

    If you doubt that Zionists plan to cull the American population…

    Why this law was passed HJ Res. 104? Why are there FEMA camps all over the country? Why are there stockpiles of plastic coffins all over the country? Why are guillotines stocked in military bases all over the country?

    In the House of Representatives, March 7, 1991, in the U.S. Senate, without any knowledge of, or input by, the people of the United States, U.S. Senators and Congressmen passed a law that is so outrageous – and frankly unconstitutional – that it forces the American people to be bound by a set of monstrous rules, called the Noahide Laws, rules that make the belief in Jesus Christ a crime punishable by decapitation by guillotine! On March 20, 1991, President George H.W. Bush, a supposed Christian, signed the bill into law.

    (Bill Dannemeyer U.S. Congressman, 1979-1992)

    Both the Bush and Clinton families have sold out the America people… the Zionists own them!!!

    15 years ago I would have fought in support of Israel, however, after more than 10 years of research and observing what they’re up to… I’d be the 1st one to sign up to remove them from American soil.

    • H.J.RES.104.ENR of the 102 Congress (there will be H.J.RES.104 of other Congresses too) ****http // H.J.RES.104.ENR

    • I have read the same thing Black Heart, years ago!
      Been on the same path as you.
      Although I am not a Christian, I really do not want to see
      their heads chopped off, or anyone’s head for that matter.


  17. Or just get all the money, prosecutors and lawyers you can get and then start with local and military courts all the way up.

  18. “21. Seal all the borders using the US Military and start handling immigration like most other nations including Mexico.”

    If Mexico has a strict immigration policy, and if Mexico strictly enforces that policy, then how are the children from Central America reaching the southern border of the United Sates?

    • Because they have been instructed to by our State Dept. Poster ads have been put up in central American towns announcing kids sent to America will all get amnesty and can later bring in their families.

      This whole child refugee situation is a set up to inflame the American people one against the other, the illegals and their supporters against those who want rule of law. Yes, this whole child refugee problem is a big Psyop designed to break our system, transform America into a non-American nation and create an excuse to open up and use FEMA and the other Military Internment camps for “We the People” as a part of the process of serially mass murdering all American Goyim.

      This is a favorite WZ trick and it is usually successful beyond imagination. It’s the age old City of London Tavistock Institute game call “Divide and Conquer”. While they have a society divided and fighting over issues, meantime they are solidifying power and stealing everyone blind. Soon all assets and politicians are owned or controlled by them and corruption at every level ensues.

    • the whole child refugee situation is a problem FULL STOP.

      In the olden ancient days, there were men and women of God who gave their lives for ‘unwanted children’. They taught and they nursed and yes, some, maybe many, abused and exploited.

      These days, many religious people themselves have got educated, married etc and the States are now in charge of unwanted children.

      Islam and Christianity are being decimated/adulterated/contaminated/distorted-call it what you will.

      Only one ‘religion’, and that is a misnomer, has The Plan for the human family.

      Unwanted children are the concern of the entire Human Family, and NOT the war-mongers/sexual predators/Corporatocracy that runs our politicians.

      The Rolf Harris case, in addition to those bringing to justice ‘religious’ pedophiles are still ONLY the tip of the ice-berg.

      There is an epidemic of tragic abuse happening against innocent children, while most ‘adults’ are tuned to the media circus known as MSM

    • Anywhere you can. Discuss these newly available facts about 9/11 and World Zionism with your family and friends and how basically WZ is a death cult based on drug trafficking and mass death by war for massive profits and power. Show them supporting materials if they want. Raise their awareness. Do so respectfully with others you meet, but probably not a good idea to do so at work, since DHS has spooked do many employers with “See Something, Say Something” and their Zero Tolerance, “they can beat the rap but they’ll never beat the ride” schemes. And you can probably come up with better more creative ideas yourself, most folks can when they start thinking about it.

  19. As I see it, the fundamental problem is that only morally competent people can resist Jews and their evil machinations. In other words, with regard to any society where the Jewish collective has a significant presence and significant freedom of action, if the majority of the people are “corrupt” (or can be
    corrupted), the Jews will surely destroy that society, as they’ve done to most of the countries in Europe and especially to the U.S.

    I believe the first “beast” of Rev 13 refers to the Jewish collective, whose unprecedented global “power” came from Satan. And Jews themselves have publicly acknowledged this power

    “There is only one power which really counts. The power of political pressure. We Jews are the most powerful people on earth, because we have this power, and we know how to apply it.”
    (Ze’ev Jabotinsky, Jewish Daily Bulletin, July 27, 1935)

    • Another way to look at it is like this When you mix some “evil” people in with good people, the “evil” people usually come out on top (in terms of worldly success). Why? Because whereas the
      “good” people endeavor to treat their neighbors as they’d like to be treated, whereas “good” people generally have a conscience and experience some empathy for others, Jews and other evil “people”,
      have no such restrictive qualities; i.e., the “sociopaths” rise to the top.

      Apparently the “Jewish question” is a worldly manifestation of the spiritual contest between “good” and “evil”. I think this is the essence of the the biblical story of Luke 4, for example

      “… (5) And the devil, taking him up into an high mountain, shewed unto him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. (6) And the devil said unto him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it. (7) If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine. (8) And Jesus answered and said unto him, Get thee behind me, Satan for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.”

      And we can connect the dots and infer that the Jewish collective “made the deal” with Satan that Jesus Christ refused; that is, they sold their souls to Satan in return for great worldly “power” and “authority”, as Jewish world power is certainly the most breathtaking example of evil rising to the top.

    • There are many who support your contentions who have studied this issue in depth. As this narrative goes, some say WZ is the Devil’s revenge against Christians and their culture because God rejected Lucifer and his followers for rebellion and made Christian believers His people.

      WZs like Lucifer their spiritual father hate everything God Almighty created and want to destroy it and eradicate it from planet earth, replacing it with a worldwide pure occult society which worships Lucifer as God. And they plan to destroy Jerusalem, rebuild the temple and seat Lucifer the as their messiah and their god.

      Ten tribes of the real ancient Hebrews were scattered all over Europe and America during the Diaspora but many remain in Palestine (Palestinians) and some enclaves in Spain. Khazarians are converts to Judaism only but have no ancient Hebrew Blood and therefore no right to Palestine

      Since the foremost groups of people conned by the WZ’s are Khazarian fake Hebrews of Rev; 2 9, 3 9 now living in Israel, and Judaics everywhere who often support this evil WZ system because they think they are supporting the nation of Israel (actually which belongs to Palestinians) and helping to keep the False racial construct “Jews” in existence (alive). Many Judaics have bought the racial delusion without understanding the evil and destruction sof society that the WZs are committed to producing.

    • That’s all well and good and true, but somehow it doesn’t excuse Khazarians likeTammi Landberg or Judy Bagdon or Jennifer Altman who wouldn’t go out with me because I wasn’t “chosen.” That’s the reason they gave, anyway. Or Dan Krause or Bob Siegel who decided not to associate with me, a lowly Goy and told me so outright. Many others who weren’t so honest about it, too.

      Point is, people who adopt Luciferian ideologies have themselves become evil.

    • Lucifer has been given a bad rap in human mythology. The original Lucifer is a Positive Prime Light Being and wouldn’t been seen dead in this dump of a world.

    • And Lucifer is female, regardless of how she has been depicted. Let’s face it, we all know the official 9/11 story is utter crap so why should what we have been told about Lucifer bear any resemblance to the truth?

  20. I don’t believe all this Lucifer stuff. The big money Zionist Jews don’t need the occult. To them “We the People” means “We the Jewish People”.

    • “” The big money Zionist Jews don’t need the occult.””

      Whether or not they need the occult , the fact is that the 3000 year old history of Zionism goes all the way back to the origins of judaism and is firmly rooted in occultism . Many modern day zionist jews make a lot of money playing off occult themes in the entertainment world . Please refer to the wikipedia article on the ILLUMINATI to get some footing on this matter .

    • Whenever I see Hebrew text, I get the willies. It just LOOKS Satanic, doesn’t it ? Or is it just me?

    • There’s occult symbolism all over the place nowadays, e.g., Hollywood movies, commercials, etc. Somebody apparently takes their commitment to worship the devil (and to make the Goyim witlessly do it too) very seriously. Check out some youtube videos by “TheJohnathanKleck” and “scrawny2brawny”.

    • “The finest trick of the devil is to persuade you that he does not exist”
      –Charles Baudelaire

      John; YOU may not believe this Lucifer stuff, but THEY definitely do…and they derive power from it. Why else would they go to all the trouble of locating their power centers on earth’s ley lines and inscribe symbols such as owls and inverse pentagrams into the street layout of Washington DC for example? And their occult symbolism is everywhere…from corporate logos to statuary representing their goddess and reptilian bloodlines.

      It’s like the Ayn Rand quote about choosing to ignore reality but not being able to ignore the consequences of ignoring reality. What might the consequences be in this case? Could one’s eternal soul be at stake?

      Are you not moved by the fact that children are being ritually abused to produce mind-kontrolled slaves for them? Or worse…tortured, heinously killed in a blood sacrifice, and made the subject of a snuff film circulated amongst these satanists so they can get their jollies? This sht is really happening.

      At its core, this struggle on planet earth is very much a spiritual one and it’s been going on for well over ten millennia. I challenge you to watch this interview with Jay Parker, a victim of satanic ritual abuse who reveals shocking truths about what decent human beings who love their children are up against;
      ****https //

    • As DaveE so often says
      “We become what we believe’

      and I say
      (also from Buddhism)
      “We become our choices’

      The people You refer to wolf have BECOME Luciferian…They are MOST definitely of Lucifer.

      I had been a Child and Family Therapist for 7 years when I encountered a case which was described at the time in the you-know-what press as ‘the worst case of child abuse in Australian history.’

      It was around this event that I first heard of ‘snuff’ movies; I had nil idea such things existed. When described to me, I was physically sick. In the above case, the mother was the perpetrator of injuries to her own child.

      The Miracle is that the child survived. It would have been preferable to the ‘authorities’ had he not survived.

      Even then, I still had a long way to go up the Learning Curve.
      And here we are.

  21. “” 14. Get rid of the phony 16th Amendment which was never ratified.””

    Very few people understand taxation . Here is a very terse explanation .

    The only fair tax is a flat rate tax — the same rate for everyone — on income { where income is any money that you receive and can use to pay for living expenses ; and it includes capital gains }.

    This means that your rate-of-return

    (( where your “return” is the money that you have remaining after all gov [ federal , state , local ] taxes [ includes sales taxes and all other kinds ] have been paid ))

    on your investment ( ie. paid taxes ) in gov , as previously defined , is the same as for everyone .

    What could be more fair than everyone having the same rate-of-return on their investment in government ?

    • What could be more fair than everyone having the same rate-of-return on their investment in government ?

      The ancient Egyptians of Babylon realized this thousands of years ago when they first collected a flat rate income tax of 10% . Russia understands this and has only a flat rate income tax — same rate for everyone — and a corporate tax . The corporate tax exists only because that money can be moved thru offshore tax havens where it gets lost and becomes virtually untaxable ; otherwise it would simply become taxable income eventually .

      Why do progressives not understand this simple ” fair tax ” concept ?

    • No other kind of tax has the quality of fairness that a flatrate income tax has .

      Why would anyone anywhere ever want to pay a less fair tax than the flat rate income tax as described herein ?

      The question is — how much should YOU , no matter who you are , pay for government ( federal , state , local combined ) ?

      The answer is — YOUR fair share no matter who you are .

      The next question obviously is — what is your fair share of payment for government ?

      The answer is — the same flat rate on your income as everyone else has .

    • That way your rate-of-return on your investment in government is exactly the same as everyone else in your locale ( ie. city / town ).

      How can the gov justify any other tax scheme ?

      Get rid of all taxes except the flat rate income tax and perhaps the corporate tax unless the offshore tax haven fraud can be eliminated .

      Get rid of unjustifiable governments wherever they may be .

    • “What could be more fair than everyone having the same rate-of-return on their investment in government ?”

      You ignore half the issue – how are you going to fairly distribute the benefits of government? Despite all the wailing about welfare, most benefits go to the very rich. A flat tax in the current environment will only make things even less fair.

    • “”… how are you going to fairly distribute the benefits of government ?””

      Most likely ” you ” will not be distributing benefits ; and ” you ” still must pay taxes .

      Please understand that an elaborate treatment of this issue is beyond the scope of the comment .

      In any case it is doable since Russia has such a simple and fair tax scheme .

    • @ moneytalks

      “The only fair tax is a flat rate tax — the same rate for everyone — on income { where income is any money that you receive and can use to pay for living expenses ; and it includes capital gains }.”

      I disagree, on two points;

      1. There is no such thing as a fair tax. All taxation is theft.

      2. Wages and salaries are not income — they are an exchange.

      Income tax — flat rate, progressive or regressive — on wages and salaries is the worst kind of tax. The state forces people to work for free. There’s a word for that — slavery.

    • “” Income tax — flat rate, progressive or regressive — on wages and salaries is the worst kind of tax.””

      This hyperbolic rhetoric provides zero understanding about this tax issue . It is an easy matter to formally prove ( in terms of logic ) that a flatrate income tax – same rate for everyone – is the only fair tax . However , it should be self-evident that such a flatrate tax that provides everyone with the exact same rate-of-return on their investment in government is the only fair tax since no other tax can do that by intent . Amazingly , way too many people are content with paying unfair taxes . Like Brzezinski said — americans are ” woefully ignorant “.

    • Flay rate is only approaching “fair” only if it applies to income in excess of basic living expenses, which is a LOT more than $5,000 or whatever the “standard deduction” is these days. Unless you’re a raccoon..

      Which gets to the more important point Wages should be roughly the same for any labor deemed to be worthwhile, so discretionary income would follow, also. Then the flat-rate almost makes sense if any tax makes sense. But they don’t, it’s stolen money if everyone is contributing useful work.

  22. Mr. Preston James brings up the very important dilemma of systemic corruption and its effect on leadership. How do we figure out who is trustworthy? Is there anyone in uniform today with the stones of Captain Charles Johnson, USMC?

    http //


      By RICHARD HALLORAN, Special to the New York Times
      Published February 3, 1983

      WASHINGTON, Feb. 2— A United States Marine Corps captain drew and loaded his pistol, then climbed aboard an Israeli tank near the Lebanese University Library in Beirut and ordered an Israeli lieutenant colonel to remove his three tanks, the Defense Department reported today.

      It said the lead tank in the Israeli formation stopped a foot in front of the captain, Charles B. Johnson of Company L, at his checkpoint in Beirut at 9 A.M. today. Captain Johnson told the Israelis that they would pass only ”over my dead body.”

      The confrontation, the sixth incident between United States and Israeli forces in recent weeks, prompted Deputy Secretary of State Kenneth W. Dam to summon the Israeli charge d’affaires here, Benjamin Netanyahu, to lodge a protest.


      I was in the Corps at the time of this incident with which Captain Johnson became an immediate legend.

    • I wish to God we had blown all the bleepin’ tanks off the road as payback for the Liberty…

  23. I like your 20 James’ Manifesto reconstruction points. And the rest of this piece, too. Well put together, like some of the things we used to MAKE in this very sick but once decent country.

    I think there are enough of us old-timers who remember the hope and pride we once had, but we have a BIG hill to climb if we’re going to inspire the majority of our lost-cause goobers and hoods the zios have created of our citizenry. I think it can be done, though.

    I’m going to practice acceptance, while preparing for the likely Hell to come. I may have to fight and die to keep my freedom, but dammit, life’s not worth living, otherwise.

    • “Gentlemen, your job isn’t to die for your country, it’s to make that other poor SOB die for his country”.
      –supposedly a statement by Gen. Patton.

  24. Excellent article…hard-hitting and to the point….If need be, print this and send to someone who needs to read it…I will.

  25. A resounding YES to your question!!! As the physicist Tom Campbell says, “Intention is everything”! It’s also due to people of integrity & foresight like Robert David Steele who are creating a paradigm shift in the clandestine services. His wholistic approach is a much needed change to the “intelligent” use of intelligence. The inclusion, rather than separation, of “We the People” in the equation is vital. There are private citizens who may provide crucial information in the “open source” method that can make a difference…UNITED WE STAND…DIVIDED WE FALL…

  26. Fantastic article! Sums up a lot of things sharply and to the point.

    I will circulate this far and wide. Recommend others do the same.

    Absolutely top notch!

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