Murdered Israeli Teens: A Cabalistic Conspiracy?



By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

false-flag-warning1When a number is invested with spooky significance, we’re in Cabala territory.

That’s what happened with 9/11. The three digits 9-1-1, the number Americans use to call their government in case of emergency, became the icon of a “whole new world” based on the foundational myth of the New Pearl Harbor – the event that “changed everything.” Those who staged the 9/11 attacks chose the date for that reason.

Today, every time we hear “9-1-1” we think of two things at once: The terrible destruction of the World Trade Center, and the “in case of emergency” phone number. The subliminal message: We’re in a state of emergency, and only the government can save us…through pre-emptive wars, torture, drone killings, NSA spying, no more rule of law, Haliburton detention camps, the works. That permanent state of emergency is the “whole new world” Philip Zelikow, the self-professed expert on “the creation and maintenance of public myths,” designed for us when he and unknown others wrote the script for the events of 9/11.

Those 9/11 scriptwriters were cabalists obsessed with the arcane significance of numbers. For example, they made sure there were exactly 911 days between 9/11 and 3/11 (the Madrid bombings).

Today in Israel, it looks like the same cabalists are at it again. My VT colleague Roy Tov, a former Israeli military-intelligence insider, has blown the whistle on them in his new article 3 Boys for the West Bank.

Even before Tov’s revelations, we knew the Israeli teen kidnapping was an obvious false flag. The chief of Mossad, Tamir Pardo, actually called the event a week before it happened, predicting at a cabinet meeting that “three teens will be kidnapped.”

Israeli investigative journalist Barry Chamish writes: “There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the police were told to hold back to provide enough time for the get away. Just as much, the phony war farce going on is choreographed as well.”

Tov agrees that the official story of the kidnapping is riddled with holes. The criminals’ car had Jewish license plates, the killers spoke Hebrew, and the police had no valid excuse for writing off the emergency call from one of the victims as a prank and then doing nothing for five hours.

Most intriguing of all, Tov writes: “The event contains the mark of a PSYWAR operation. It created a powerful symbol that will not allow the victims to forget.”

What symbol would that be? The number 18. The boys’ bodies were found on the 18th day of the search, and the media had been frantically counting days. So now the number 18 has been elevated to iconic status in Israel, just like 911 in America.

Roy Tov explains:

“In Jewish culture, the number 18 is a symbol of life. The necklaces reading ‘chai’ mean ‘live’ and ’18.’ Jewish men and women do not marry, they make a commercial contract. They sign a ‘ktuva’ (‘written’), a written agreement in which the husband promises to pay a given sum if he divorces his wife. Multiples of 18 are a popular sum in a ktuva due to their symbolizing life. The number 18 can be seen on Israeli streets more than 911 in New York.

“18 Days took the IDF to find the bodies buried less than ten minutes away from where they had been kidnapped, while the alleged perpetrators were in custody. From now on, Israelis seeing the number 18 will see death instead of life. As subtly instructed by their government, they will blame Palestinians.”

Tov is right. But there is a deeper level of symbolism and cabalistic manipulation beneath the surface he describes.

The murder of the three Israeli teens, like 9/11, was a ritual human sacrifice. Such sacrifices are typically used to forge unity and launch wars. This has been going on for time immemorial, as explained by such scholars of ritual human sacrifice as René Girard.

In ritual human sacrifice – a very common practice in pre-montheistic cultures – the victims must be innocent. Such sacred lynching of innocent victims is associated with scapegoating. In this case, Palestinians will be scapegoated for the false-flag murder of the teens, and a massive human sacrifice of innocent Palestinian victims will follow – in the same way that the ritual sacrifice of 3,000 innocent Americans on 9/11 triggered the murder of millions of Muslims.

The cabalistic use of the number 18, “life,” for the death of the Israeli teens gives that number a new life-death polarity. It no longer will just mean “life.” It will also signify death – the murder of three innocent young victims.

The new “18” with its life-death polarity will have an iconic meaning for Israelis: “For us, the number 18 means life, for we are a life-loving people. But the Arabs and Muslims around us are people of death. They killed our adorable teenagers on the 18th day. So from now on, ’18’ means life to us but death for them. The only thing that can enable our life is their death. We must kill them all.”

Whoever created and staged the Israeli teen kidnapping false flag had it all worked out in advance. They set it up so the bodies would be discovered on the 18th day, for the same reason that 9/11 was staged on September 11th. They knew exactly what they were doing.

The “18” operation has triggered an escalation of the ethnic cleansing of the West Bank. That was obviously its purpose all along.

When will the world wake up to these tricks and put an end to the cabalistic psychopathy?










  1. If we know these things about Israel, then why does this government continue foreign aid to these sicko’s?

    • Chandler
      All our politicians are being ‘run’ by higher-ups, like banksters and royals who believe/make-believe they own all the land and companies and means of production-food, health and education.

      There is a small group of families at the top of the human family/pyramid that controls all they see, yet that has not been enough for them. So now it is global.

      And as some here have said, we are really in for it.

    • what I left unsaid

      Breaking News in Australia is that unarmed police, Australians led by the Dutch, are to enter the crash site in Ukraine.

      While I applaud the ‘dignity’ that goes with Operation Bringing Home the Dead, and have every faith in the men Angus Houston, Philip Cosgrove who represent Australia, I am asking why we go from many hours of la la land coverage of this crash, to the domestic shootings and stabbings in our far out suburbs.

      Not one image of dead children, decimated villages and grieving, traumatised Palestinians.

      I would LOVE to believe that unarmed people going into the crash site will yield the evidence we would like, but LIFE is not like that, as I have Learned only in recent years.

      It is truly, truly nasty and vicious and the Powers That Be KNOW what they DO.

      And pretend they do not.

      To repeat the immortal words of the dying Christ-
      “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do’

  2. How about postulating that they just optimized their propaganda? Ten years ago, in 2004, Israeli victim stories were anonymous, with no names or pictures of the “victims,” and no state funeral for the “victims.”

    “Palestinian Rocket Attack Kills 2 Israeli Children

    Sep 29, 12 31 PM (ET)

    JERUSALEM (Reuters) – A rocket attack from the Gaza Strip killed two Israeli children at a southern town on Wednesday, the first such deadly Palestinian missile strike for three months, medics said.

    The director of the Barzilai hospital, Emile Hai, told Reuters a baby and a young boy were declared dead on arrival from the town of Sderot, which has borne the brunt of rocket attacks. Israel Radio said the boy was four years old.”

  3. “…orthodox jews are dead set against against the zionists.”

    The Hasidic Satmar sect in NYC is offering refuge to Israel orthodox Jews who are avoiding the IDF draft.

    ****http //


    http //

    • I like their creative way including Iran. From the article —

      “The warnings about terror attacks are predictable Most countries urge their citizens to stay alert while visiting Israel and to avoid certain areas, such as Gaza, the Lebanese and Egyptian borders, and sometimes the West Bank – though no country has yet included a warning about the Iranian threat.

      But many of these warnings also paint Israel as a primitive, crime-ridden country, full of bad drivers, religious extremists and even undrinkable water.”

  5. I just did a picture search for Naftali Frenkel, compared some pictures from YNet, Haaretz, and BBC, and found strange differences.

    Can the photo quality cause a change in his hair color?

    Search the photo showing Naftali with longer hair (orange shirt) and compare it with the pictures showing him with very short hair (eggplant shirt) and one picture with glasses (almost black shirt).

    Is this one and the same guy?

  6. Hey Kevin,

    What a coincidence that my upcoming article will be about neocon and Zionist psychopaths!

  7. There may be a relationship between the number 666 of the Beast in the Apocalypse of San Juan and the fix numbers 6 …. 6 …. 6 in the barcodes? Thinking in the cabalistic minds of the owners of the money I have think yes. It is diabolical.

  8. LC,
    as far as I can see, Christopher Jon Bjerknes is still alive. His actual website is this


    Of course, I must say he now seems to be totally confused. Look what he writes about Putin, Russia, NATO and the western countries. It’s nothing more than totally bullshit and unlike his books, nothing at all he states is backed up by any facts and references. So, we have to forget about him anyway.

  9. I don’t pretend to know what happened here, but what ut looks like is there is a brawl between two factions of the Israeli Security establishment, the Mossad are part of the “reasonable” faction, Netanyahu and Lieberman are part of a more “psychopathic” faction.
    The reasonable faction tries to dissuade the politicians from passing a law banning negotiations with hostage takers, they complain it will tie their hands in the case of any future abductions. The psychopathic faction ignores them, passes the law, and in a show of prowess, engineers these tragic events. The goal is to destroy the Palestine unity government and start a new intifade. The narrative of Israeli victimhood and Arab violence had to be renewed.
    Presumably one of the local Israeli intelligence agencies organised these events. There are unmistakeable signs of a stand down, the police explanation for ignoring the kidnapped teens phone call pleading for help are ridiculous. Beyond that, the results speak for themselves, there is a good chance these events will “renew the narrative” in the way the “psychopath’ faction intended.

  10. While I waited for an article like this, I believe there was no ritual murder.


    Empty stretchers + no background + bored audience at the funeral = no ritual murder

    • What astonishes me, is the increasing speed. The year is not over, and we have the fake Brussels Jewish (holocaust) museum shooting, and now the “teens.”

  11. Which came first, the chicken (the demons who wrote the Cabala) or the egg (the Cabala)?

    These are monsters, serpents or reptilian hybrids. Their “religion”, their “history” and their “origins” in Palestine are 100 percent fiction.

    “Ye are not of Abraham……. Ye are of your father, the Devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a liar and a murderer from the beginning who abode not in the truth, as there is no truth in him.”

    It bears repeating until people FINALLY figure out what we’re really up against.

    • “Their “religion”, their “history” and their “origins” in Palestine are 100 percent fiction.”

      Well, their ancestors may have moved through Palestine on the way from Africa to Asia during the Paleolithic period.

  12. Very good article. It’s highly likely this was a false flag, the Israelis are either just sloppy at false flags such as 911 and the 7/7 London Bombings leaving big clues or they don’t want to spend the time and money creating and operating false flags which easily stay under the radar because they know the Jewish controlled media has their back.

    I wonder about the background of these Israeli boys and their parents.

    • “…or they don’t want to spend the time and money creating and operating false flags which easily stay under the radar…”

      Or maybe it is arrogance – they want to shove it into peoples faces that they can do whatever they want and get away with it. Remember, GHW Bush bragged “If the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts.”, and Mike Harari bragged about pulling off 9/11/2001.

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