The Real Reason Homeland Security Exists


by Preston Jamesnuclear_power_10


What The USG and American Intel Claims is National Security, Really Isn’t, and How this Phony Construct Was Used to Allow Nuclear Blackmail Against America to Defraud Americans of Real National Security.

Legislation authorizing the creation of the Department of Homeland Security was passed after extensive lobbying by Dual Citizen NeoCons and PNACers with support from the Bush2 Administration.

We were told that the reason DHS was immediately needed was to prevent another 9/11/01 type Attack on America because it had occurred because of Intel failures due to a lack of coordination between Intel Agencies.

It’s one of the biggest lies ever told.

This is one of the biggest, most deceptive lies ever told to “We the People” by the USG and carried by the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM), the USG’s bought and owned propaganda mouthpiece with no conscience.

The real reason DHS was started was because Israel Intel operatives planted decommissioned and reconditioned w-54 nuclear Pitts and other devices bought from the Soviet Union (when it fell) in numerous American Cities, and then blackmailed the Bush2 Administration to do what they wanted.

And we know that long before the legislation was publicized or even before the 9/11/01 attack on America occurred, the Israeli blueprint for this legislation was already planned in detail just awaiting their staged 9/11/01 Gladio-style, false-Flag Inside-job attack to create their phony War on Terror inside America.

So far the only Acts of Terror inside America have been done by these Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens and some traitors in the JCS, USAF, NORAD, and the FAA, and the FBI which works hard to pull off fake terror attacks but usually fails, by selecting, arming and prepping either retarded or mentally ill lone-wolfs and entrapping them in these phony staged acts of terror.

dhs-seal-250Bush2 was told in so many words, “either you set up a control agency to manage all American Intel and alphabets run by our own people or we will set off these pre-planted nukes, shut down your economy and turn America into a third world parking lot.”

Recent Russian Republic Intel dumps into the public sector have shown that Israeli Intel planted and detonated nukes in the twin towers on 9/11/01 and still has twenty-five nuclear devices pre-planted in different cities of America as part of this continuing Nuclear blackmail many insiders refer to as the Samson Option. Yes, this evidence has been released into the public domain by the Russian Republic in response to President Obama’s threat to impose sanctions and Veterans Today own Gordon Duff, Senior Editor, published some of the translated Russian Intel docs on VT and other publications.

It is now recognized that the nuclear attack on America at NYC on 9/11/01 was designed to serve as a sample of the Israeli’s notorious “Samson Option” which could be unleashed in full or in small progressive steps, always blaming it on Israel’s enemies in the Mideast, the Islamics or Palestinians of course. And of course such staged false-flag acts of terror by Israeli operatives always creates a much needed phony reason to spend more American tax dollars to build up a bigger, more tyrannical internal police state mechanism for Israel inside America.

The PNACers, NeoCons and Dual Citizens use their false flag attacks no matter where they occur to create massive fear in the American Masses and then claim this will be soon coming to America unless terrorists are stopped on their home turf with another perpetual war. Of course can never be won but burn up lots of weapons, creates a lot of death and suffering, and brings huge profits to the defense Contractors, the Politicians who get kickbacks (almost all of ’em) and the Banksters. This Israeli (City of London, World Zionist) staged false-flag terror has been the greatest tool of their power expansion and occupation of America ever imagined, a pure stroke of evil genius which can no longer work if fully exposed to “We the People”.

The true association between the the 9/11/01 attack on America, Israel’s Samson Option, Nuclear Blackmail by Israel,  the creation of Homeland Security and the staffing of top DHS positions by “Dual Citizens”.

Here are the true circumstances surrounding the 9/11/01 attack on America. Israel along with some traitors in the JCS, USAF, NORAD and help from Sayanims, did 9/11 by planting and detonating nukes in the twin Towers. Bush2 covered it up because his father Bush1 stole 350 decommissioned W-54 nuclear Pitts and sold them to Israel who reconditioned them, sold many to other nations such as North Korea and even their own potential enemies.

Bush2 was basically told by Israeli leadership that there would be many more nuclear 9/11 attacks inside America with Nukes, unless he agreed to support the creation of Homeland Security to be set up and run by Israeli-American Israeli-first Dual Citizens. This was a case of clear-cut Nuclear blackmail that Sy Hersch referred to as the “Samson Option” (Israel’s own term). So the rest is history, Bush2 working with AIPAC-owned Members of Congress set up the Department of homeland Security (DHS) and now America is Israeli occupied territory.

So now we have Israeli-American Israeli-first “Dual Citizens” in control of all American law Enforcement right down to every local police department and even most Sheriff’s offices. If they want free military arms and armored cars, all they have to do is sign a secret contract which transfers jurisdiction to the Feds in any situation where DHS requests it. This also means that all Alphabets including the FBI, CIA, BATF and many more are all under the centralized command of DHS where one or two top Dual Citizen Policy-Makers make all the critical decisions and determine policy all the way down to the local level. Marcus Wolfe, former head of the Stasi was hired to set up DHS. DHS is alleged to be controlled and run by Michael Chertoff, another Dual Citizen (name translated from Russian, “son of the devil”).

All kinds of criminal Unconstitutional acts, including illegal surveillance and cyber sabotage is enacted and justified under the clear misuse and false cover “National Security” and this same claim was used to justify the creation of DHS.

This is the most criminally misused term inside the Beltway that has ever been used to “justify” abuse of “We the People”. DHS, under the guise of their misuse of the term “National Security”, has militarized the American Police and transformed them into agents of the State serving as local DHS agents and spys serving the Israeli occupation of America. Remember, the Secret Agenda of DHS is to transform America into GAZA II, the largest open air prison in the world, and make “We the People” the New Palestinians. The final goal of the top WZ policy-makers than run DHS appears to be to detain, confine in FEMA type Internment Camps, and then serially mass murder approximately 80% of all Americans.

What the current USG and American Intel use of the term National Security ISN’T.

Trafficking in young children and supplying them to Members of the US Congress, Administration, Judiciary and high ranking corporate officials, using them to film pedophile abuse of these children and then blackmailing these officials to get what they want is NOT protecting National Security!

Ignoring and attempting to destroy the US Constitution and Bill of Rights is NOT National Security!

USG and Intel human compromise ops using Pedophilia for Blackmailing officials to coerce them to break the law is one of the greatest crimes in history and the Controlled major mass media, the USG’s propaganda dispenser will not cover this story.

Trafficking in illegal drugs that are unbelievably harmful into our Cities to individuals and society is NOT protecting National Security!

Arresting and detaining American Citizens or anyone else under the NDAA or Patriot Act without a Warrant, without any legal representation, holding them forever if desired, and without admitting it was done, is NOT National Security.

Human compromising and blackmailing Supreme Court Judges and other Federal Judges is NOT National Security!

Human compromising and blackmailing hundreds of USG officials is NOT National Security!

Human compromising and blackmailing hundreds of corporate officials is NOT National Security!

Human compromising and blackmailing hundreds of Members of Congress is NOT national Security!

Starting illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared wars in order to use America Soldiers as cannon fodder to make millions in war profits and amass great political power is NOT National Security!

Staging Gladio Style inside-job terrorist attacks in order to create the false construct of terrorism and the War on terror in order to amass great Political and war making power not otherwise available is NOT National Security.

Mass murdering, wounding, and displacing many millions of innocent civilians in these wars of aggression, along with the responsibility of making many thousands of America soldiers dead or maimed are Not National Security and are the lowest form of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Consolidating all major mass media into Six Major News Corporations into the and bringing them under control of American Intel is NOT National Security, but is a byproduct of many years world and millions of various bribes paid and a lot of human compromise ops under Operation Mockingbird.

Spraying the skies with nano-particles of toxic metals and compounds to create covert tracking of every single person  when used with the massive launching of small square orbital “cube” satellites that use Quantum physics is criminal abuse of the populace and a crime against humanity as well as sedition and treason like all the other example listed above and is NOT National Security.(1)

The suffering, death and economic destruction brought to American Cities by this Intel crime is almost incalculable. Even the old Mustache Petes from Italy in the first half of the 1900’s would not allow this because they were Catholics and felt this would destroy a person’s soul who used drugs and they didn’t want responsibility. They were willing to provide illegal services they felt were “victimless” but any one in their crime families or associated with it that trafficked in drugs was sanctioned.

Blocking Ambassador Lee Wanta’s use of his own money that a Court of Law acknowledged was rightfully his is NOT protecting National Security.  This case is especially egregious because Ambassador Wanta was President Reagan’s personal Secret Agent under the Totten Doctrine who took down the Soviet union by negotiating a win/win agreement to respect each others borders without a nuclear WW3 occurring.  This was a major accomplishment and Ambassador Wanta has earmarked his trillions to build a High Speed Maglev Railroad, provide an immediate 2 million good job opportunities and to revitalize American Industry and manufacturing. The BCC’s illegal blocking of Ambassador Wanta to this money which he earned legitimately has robbed America of all the President Reagan planned for Ambassador Wanta to achieve (which will be a great deal as soon as Ambassador Wanta gains access to his funds).

The Cosa Nostra’s rule that narcotics Trafficking was forbidden changed when the CIA brought in the younger Cosa Nostra members like John Gotti who became associated with the CIA and served as their drug distributors. This occurred some time after Meyer Lansky is reputed to have taken control over the Italian Mafia for the Kosher Nostra aka the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS), which never had any concerns about causing the loss of a person’s soul. It has been reported that Lanski gained predominance over the Cosa Nostra (Italian/Sicilan Mafia) by being absent from their notorious Appalachin meeting and “dropping a dime” to the NY State police on those who attended.

Actually the loss of any ethics or ability for American Intel to respect the laws seemed to evaporate soon after the US Navy formed an alliance with the Cosa Nostra during WW2 to gain help keeping the Docks clear from Nazi sabotage and to obtain help with the upcoming invasion of Sicily by American forces.

It was during this time the complete misuse of the term “National Security” emerged and became the standard operating procedure used to provide a false cloak used to justify all types of the most crimes against the American people and humanity possible.

Some believe that it was Operation Paperclip and the immunity provided to large numbers of Nazis who were brought to America to work on their secret rocket, anti-gravity, time-travel, bio-weapons and mind-kontrol projects. It is believed by some insiders that during this time the Gehlen organization with the help of Mueller was able to deeply infiltrate American Intel. This secret Abwehr organization later became known as the Fourth Reich or the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC).

Actually to be more accurate the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) should be referred to as the Scherf Crime Cabal since that was the real last name of Prescott Bush when he was sheep-dipped and came over from Germany to serve as a deeply embedded spy with a great deal of Bankster money behind him.(2) This organization is now believed to be called the DVD with its headquarters stationed in Germany, near Munich.

And in a strange twist of fate, later on there is good reason to believe that the BCC actually formed an alliance and intelligence sharing functions with IZCS operatives, also known as the Mossad operating out of Israel, the main action agent for the City of London private Zionist World Banksters. This alliance seems quite incredulous and has made it exceedingly difficult for Intel researchers to understand the command and control structures for American Intel and has essentially served as a firewall for discovery.

The BCC and the IZCS are partnered in this massive worldwide Crime Cabal and the nuclear Blackmail of America.

The Israeli attack on America using decommissioned and reprocessed American nukes provided by the BCC along with the recent discovery of this provided by massive Russian and French Intel dumps into the public domain, has revealed this partnership in massive Intel crime.

Not only that it has now become clear that identifying and understanding this alliance is necessary to understanding the complex activities used to pre-stage, provoke and create illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared wars using false flag attacks. It is also necessary to understand this Alliance in order to understand the massive illegal drug trafficking into America and the creation, arming and support of all the large foreign drug cartels.  When these cartels become too powerful and stop sharing their profits, then other cartels are deployed against them to trim down their power.

The really bizarre thing about all this is that almost all the “Worker Bee” Intel Officers, Agents, and Assets are completely uninformed about the true Agenda behind their actions. If they knew they were working to attain the long terms goals of the a small group of Illuminati who are hard care Luciferian Satan Worshippers that periodically engage in the human sacrifice of children and infants, they would be horrified and walk away.

And if these “Worker Bees” knew without a shadow if a doubt that these Illuminati were the front men for a sinister Alien ET group called the Dracos they would probably just walk away too unless they had lost their souls too. Intelligence assignments, roles and functions are so heavily compartmented that it is almost impossible for Intel folks to ever connect the dots.  They are too caught up in policies and procedures. But they have also been “hived” in a prescribed group mindset by use of ultra-high tech very sophisticated psychotronics and culturally based mind-knontrol.

Yes, even senior Intel Officers and their staffs of agents, operatives and assets are much more likely to learn the true Agenda behind what they are doing right here from Veterans Today where so far the truth is told for anyone who can process it. So we have a situation where thousands of worker bees are serving the Hidden Agenda of a small number of men who refer to themselves as the Illuminati. Thanks to the Federal Whistle-blower Stew Webb who has had first hand experience being abused by this sinister bunch, a great deal of their secret evil has been brought into the public domain. (4)


What we have here is a large Criminal Cabal comprised of two sectors, the BCC (aka Fourth Reich) and the IZCS (Kosher Nostra, the world largest crime syndicate run out of Israel). And most of those worker bees in these agencies are completely uninformed about the actual Agendas they are working so hard to attain which creates a very slick firewall to these folks ever realizing how evil their actions are when considered as part of the whole of this large Intel Crime cabal run by the Illuminati. Yes, these folks just do not know and many have been so mind-kontrolled and “culturally, chemically and psychotronically programmed” that even if told they would not be able to believe it because it would seem far too incredulous.(3)

It is the job of “We the People” who have become informed of all this to start spreading the word near and far in which if done by enough will erode the firewall of incredulity and compartmentalization protecting these worker bees and the public from recognizing the true Agenda behind the sinister, most evil activities produced by the Evil Agenda behind it all.








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  1. Jim Willie Collapse Has Occurred Hyperinflation Meets Asset Destruction!
    http //

    “Word passed to me this morning is that CEO Jamie Dimon does not have any cancer at all. He just wants a graceful way out. Lying is a way of life to these scummy people.”

    “Further proof of the validity of the split Dollar to come is the denial by Karen Hudes, who never stopped collecting a paycheck from the World Bank after all. The past report of her departure from the venerable hegemony outpost at World Bank was false. The constant is that bankers lie, and so do their hired guns under employ.”

    http //

  3. Levin and his brother in the House gave us the NDAA, as well as 30,000 armed drones in U.S. skies, which Obama is already using against whistleblowers like reporter Michael Hastings. The other zionists in congress are VERY busy writing anti-American, anti-Constitution LAWS as well – Feinstein, Schumer (gungrabbers), Boxer, Menendez, Peter King, Durbin, and perpetual warmongers Lindsey Graham & McCain.

  4. Absolutely….’No body ever bought weapons to attack anyone – they only bought them for defense – hence – The Defense Industry…….’

  5. Let us not forget the ordeal of Capt. Eric May, chronicled here by him in the past. May peace bless the valiant.

  6. So true Dr. James that the Fourth Reich, hijacked by the Bush’s, has formed an alliance with what we are probably improperly calling the Zionists and should be calling International Jewery. The words have been made politically incorrect due to the fact that it leaves all Jews open to retaliation for the actions of very few of them which is exactly what ended up happening in Germany prior to WW II. But you would think by now that the Jewish people would have wizened up and quit blindly following a leadership which has turned their religion into an organized crime syndicate. They own the media and they can pull down the pillars of this temple of doom anytime they want by opening the floodgates of truth. That hasn’t happened yet.

    It is also so true, as you have been saying all along in your writings Dr. James, that they are both serving the City of London banking cartel as International Jewery always has. Between 1944 and 1945 Martin Bormann assisted by the British aristocracy, whom betrayed their own troops in Operation Market Garden in order to buy time (As David Guyatt documents in Princes of Plunder http //, removed all of the Third Reich’s assets from Germany and used them to create an international Fourth Reich; an invisible and “all powerful” New World Order. All powerful is in quotes because, also as you have been saying all along Dr. James, there are other players whom don’t much care for their New World Order.

    • About 90% of the Jews are Khazars genetically. It appears that most give their money and support to Israel.

  7. I always admire what you write. So educational, and informative as well as enlightening. Kevin below is right about JFK, he warned us of these secret cabal and their plan to rule every man, woman, and child. He never got to expose them before these hidden cowards killed him. They could not have been successful where a president adhered to the constitution and respected the people. He truly was bringing people together seeking world peace.
    It is articles as this that will awaken the increasing many who read VT. You always tell others they hit a grand slam when they publish a worthy article. You did so here in my opinion, which may not mean much but this is what the people of America need on a daily basis. Excellent!

  8. Please don’t push this propaganda of Bush/Scherf being blackmailed by the Israeli’s into “allowing” 9/11. Bush gained too much by it. Cantor Fitzgerald, the largest private Treasury seller was hit hard to conceal the fact that $250 billion in fraudulent ten year bonds issued by Bush on 09/11/91 were coming home to roost. This is why the Fed criminals set aside normal securities clearance mechanisms, allowing the Bank of New York to “clear” some $300 billion in tainted paper over the next six weeks. The fraudulent bond proceeds were used to fund the “privatization” of Russia via Rothschild’s constructed “oligarchs”.Building seven housed a multi -organizational task force that had been investigating Bush for a decade. All up in smoke. No, the drug king pin pedophile Bush was not blackmailed. He simply enlisted Israel’s ready cooperation. Otherwise Cheney wouldn’t have been in command in the situation room, with the FAA regulations changed so that the office of VP was the final clearance authority for aircraft interdiction.
    Now, its 4th of July! Celebrate Amerika’s dependence on zion. ( Or hit them first, fast, and hard! ). Light ’em up!

    • Mike,
      It is what our documents and informants are bringing us with tons of hard proof. In a democracy, you might think some folks might go to jail, we mean the guilty. No danger of that here.
      We are also told that Bush 41 has a very different role and there is strong disagreement with his son on this.
      Roland Carnaby, when he tried to block the nuclear weapons theft, was killed by a Mossad employed Houston cop while heading to brief George H.W. Bush.

  9. The U.S. Government controls the “Airwaves”. These need to be seized from the Big 6 Companies that control 90% of our media, so that the American public and global citizens understand the reason for hunting them down. And if they try and retaliate with hidden nukes, all will know where they came from.

  10. Blackmail, extortion, mass-murder, genocide, conspiracy, war-making, etc., etc. all should be prosecuted under RICO and the “New” terrorism laws they set-up for us. Also “Treason” statutes.

    In addition, we should come up with a large deck of playing cards with pictures (maybe 520 instead of 52) of the top zio’s and others, who were in on 9/11/01, to be tracked down and killed where-ever they may hide internationally. Never mind “The Next Time”, they have already done more than enough treacherous, in-humane crimes to justify, a hunt-down and kill directive. Shut down all intelligence connections with the U.S. and start using our intel agencies against them. They think they got away with everything from the U.S.S. Liberty to 9/11 to the banking crisis (theft) of 2008-2014. Payback should include these crimes.

    Doing it this way, we aren’t hunting down all “Jews” as a race, only the ones that warrant it. Of course people like Silverstein, Dov Zackheim, etc. along with other non-Jewish traitors would make the list.

  11. 9/11 Synthetic Terrorism Made In USA, by Webster Griffin Tarpley

    Chapter 9 “Angel Is Next” -The Invisible Government Speaks
    http //

    Here is an uncanny scenario based on all that Tarpley has been able to pull together on that day, condensed into a theoretical account of Bush 42’s movements, and the threatening phone calls from the Rogue Network, the ‘Octopus’, take your pick –he may well have received while aboard Air Force One.
    September 11, 2001 — What A Real President Would Have Said

    Here is the speech a proper president might have given (colons to be inserted)

  12. Now what are we going to do about it?
    As I see it, this is a nation of super cowards!
    (And if you work behind the scenes to prevent all this, my apologies, Intel cowboy’s)

    It is really necessary to let it come to death and destruction in
    an American city? or several?

    I heard from Mike Harris that you guys have weather modification technology for 1000/day
    you can do stuff well here is an idea

    Contain the Beltway, NYC, CHI by means of serious snowfall, wall it in.

    Then we can set up tribunals and take care of this problem once and for all
    release the Wanta funds and start building this country up.

    We can talk all day, we need action.

    How does that sound?


  13. somewhat related. a couple days ago watching a movie on “bounce” (tv our way, if you have dark skin?), an advertizement for some “we’re a college!” operation came up offering education in “homeland security”, immediately showing someone in body armor violently swinging a nightstick down on something. I was disgusted, I hope they get sued into nonexistence ASAP.

    what these GOONS dont seem to realize, is that someone doing the SAME JOB in another county or state is going to be doing the same thing they’re doing, to their own friends and family.

    “gun control cowards”. after hurricane Katrina they sure didnt try to march into poorer ghetto neighborhoods to confiscate weapons, they might have got shot at! they sure DID go around wealthier outlying areas with SWAT TEAMS to disarm people who had supplies to ride it out.. victimizing them so theyed be wide open to being victimized again, I’m sure they felt really SECURE after that BS.

    • There was no need for them to march into the poorer neighborhoods. They couldn’t. They were under water.

  14. This stuff is straight out of the Bolshevik Handbook, with some updates. They don’t bother stealing our seeds anymore, they just poison the seeds themselves. They don’t bother with the “secret police” much, they have DHS rule OVER the police, and the NSA to find out whatever they want to know.

    They still rig elections, though. They still build Gulags in remote areas, only dressed up a little. Terrorism comes as naturally as praying to Yhwy, but they have a lot more goodies nowadays to play with. As for propaganda, blaming Muslims is as easy as blaming the rich.

    And dead is still dead, which is STILL their goal for all who resist.

    • Oh boy, DaveE nails it again. Want to hear about disconnect? My sources, some better than VT’s tell me stuff I can’t believe is possible, even with a B.S. in certain sciences……Problem is, after a few hours at the 19th hole…… I fly back to S.FLA, they go back to their gated and well protected (armed-waffen) communities in Dallas. And believe me, I can hear the “Good luck buddy” clairvoyantly as I’m getting groped by the TSA on my way back. I can’t even imagine what this place will be like when gasoline and food is priceless.

  15. Shouting in the wind, unless one breaks through the conditioning that dismisses everything anti-Zionist as Antisemitism™.

    (First I started believing in government being controlled by the super rich, then I became a former Zionist, and now I have become a Holocaust™ questioner.)

  16. Those darn Dracos know how to remove the soul from the physical body and bung in something more to their liking. I think the human cabal may have this technology too. So yeah, some of those worker bees may have lost their souls. BTW, if anyone wants protection from Draco attacks, get some orgonite. It really works. They have been after a friend of mine but now that I’ve ordered a bunch of orgonite for her, they’re using substitutes instead to attack her.


    —– Israel’s “Self Destructive Bomb Finally, Exploded”—– While Planning to Destroy USA

    http //

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