Iraq Crisis Made in Israel


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Iraq crisis ‘made in Israel’

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor for Press TV

Who is responsible for the disaster in Iraq?

Some blame the US for its calamitous invasion and occupation. Others fault Iraqis, pointing to sectarianism, corruption and incompetence.

But on Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu inadvertently revealed the truth: The tragedy in Iraq (like similar tragedies in Syria, Libya, Sudan and elsewhere) was made in Israel. All of these countries have been destabilized as part of Israel’s Oded Yinon plan to balkanize the Middle East.

Speaking at a Tel Aviv University think tank, Netanyahu declared Israel’s support for the destruction of Iraq to make way for an independent Kurdish state. Israel “should support the Kurdish aspiration for independence,” Netanyahu announced, celebrating the success of Israel’s plan to ignite sectarian strife in key Middle Eastern countries and set the stage for their fragmentation.

The destruction of Iraq would be a bonanza for Israel. Such a move would not only eliminate the geo-strategic threat of a united Iraq, but would also hand Israel the lion’s share of the oil of an independent Kurdistan. (Zionists have been infiltrating Kurdistan for years; they are well positioned to dominate its oil and send it to market via a pipeline to Israel.)

ISIL’s attack on Iraq has made this Zionist dream possible. Using the “ISIL threat” as an excuse, Israeli-backed Iraqi Kurds have seized Kirkuk, a major oil production center. If Kirkuk were included in an independent Kurdistan, Iraq would lose much of its future oil revenues, while Israeli-dominated Kurdistan would funnel its vast oil wealth to Tel Aviv.

And by intensifying the destabilization of other Middle Eastern countries, a Kurdish declaration of independence would yield another benefit to Israel. Turkey, Syria and Iran, like Iraq, include regions where Kurdish-speaking people form a majority. Should Iraqi Kurds break away from Baghdad, extremist and/or Zionist-supported elements of neighboring Kurdish communities would want to dismember those nations too. The likely result: An interlinked series of civil wars that might even explode into a regional war.

This is precisely what Netanyahu and other Israeli extremists want. They are desperately searching for a powder-keg and a spark to ignite a big Mideast war that would give Israel the opportunity to finish its ethnic cleansing of Palestine under cover of “the fog of war.”

Officially, the US opposes Netanyahu’s plan to smash Iraq into pieces. Last Tuesday, US Secretary of State John Kerry visited Iraq’s Kurdish region and spoke to Kurdish leaders. Kerry told the Kurds to remain part of Iraq. The US, he said, supports a united Iraq and opposes its dismemberment.

But can the US really oppose Israeli policy? History suggests that Israel has a way of bending the American superpower to its whims.

During the 1990s, Netanyahu’s US-based Israeli agents, including Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, Richard Perle, and Scooter Libby, were pushing for the US to invade and occupy Iraq. Though they claimed they wanted to convert Iraq into a Western-style democracy, and predicted that invading US troops would be welcomed with candy and flowers, their real aim was to destroy Iraq and set the stage for its partition.

Throughout the 1990s, the non-Zionist faction of the US ruling elite successfully opposed the Zionist plan to invade Iraq. Such a war, they knew, would not serve the US national interest.

But the Zionists did not care about the US national interest. All they cared about was pursuing the Oded Yinon plan.

So on September 11th, 2001, the Zionists staged a coup d’état in America. They blew up the three World Trade Center skyscrapers, bombed the Pentagon, blamed their enemies, and used the resulting wave of outrage to seize power and change national policy. Under Zionist command, in service to Israeli interests, the US military invaded and occupied Iraq.

During the US occupation, the Israelis and their nominally American mercenaries created and oversaw the sexual torture at Abu Ghraib. They assassinated hundreds of Iraq’s leading scientists and scholars in an intellectual genocide designed to cripple Iraq’s future potential. And they unleashed a wave of false flag terror aimed at fomenting sectarian strife. Today, they are preparing to harvest the fruits of their labors.

Will the US stick to its official policy supporting the unity of Iraq? Or will it surrender to the Zionists and allow Kurdistan to be violently ripped from the national body?

There is some question about whether the US is sincere in its professed support for Iraqi unity. Sometimes the American leadership takes a principled stand in its official positions, while pursuing an unprincipled secret policy that is diametrically opposed to the official one. And often that unprincipled secret policy is in line with Israel’s policy.

For example, when the brutal thug and Israeli agent al-Sisi overthrew Egypt’s democratically-elected President Mohamed Morsi, the US officially opposed the coup d’état, while Israel openly welcomed it and called al-Sisi “a national hero for all Jews.” But America’s professed opposition to the coup was only skin deep. Even as Morsi was being overthrown, Netanyahu reassured al-Sisi that the billions of dollars of US taxpayer funds that prop up Egypt’s military would continue to flow. And they have.

Another example of the US doing the exact opposite of what it says is the American sponsorship of ISIL. Officially, the US pretends that ISIL is public enemy number one. But behind the scenes, the American taxpayers are funding these too-extreme-for-Al-Qaeda militants, and the CIA is training and equipping them at not-so-secret bases in Jordan. The US seems to have aided and abetted ISIL’s assault on Iraq. This could only have been done in service to Israel and its Oded Yinon plan to balkanize Iraq and the whole region.

Will the US ever decide to assert its own interests – and foster peace and stability in the Middle East? Or is the world’s sole superpower destined to remain forever an abject slave of Israel?

And will the Iraqi people succumb to Zionist-incited sectarianism and ethnic strife? Or will they rise above such petty concerns and manage to preserve their national unity?

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Kevin Barrett

Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, is one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror.

He is Host of TRUTH JIHAD RADIO; a hard driving weekly LIVE call in radio show. He also has appeared many times on Fox, CNN, PBS and other broadcast outlets, and has inspired feature stories and op-eds in the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, the Chicago Tribune, and other leading publications.

Dr. Barrett has taught at colleges and universities in San Francisco, Paris, and Wisconsin, where he ran for Congress in 2008. He currently works as a nonprofit organizer, author, and talk radio host.

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  1. A great way for the Kurds NOT to be ethnically-cleansed, wopuld be to refrain from entering into scummy oil deals with the Khazari Settler State, and to avoid threatening the breakup of Iraq.
    Sadly for them, Barzani & Co appear to be doing just that. What a magnificent instinct for national suicide!
    While their YPG brothers in Syria have an accommodation with the Syrian Arab Army to unite against the al-Nusra/ISIS nihilists, the Kurd lunatics are stabbing them in the back in Irbil and Kirkuk. They will pay a heavy price, and funnelling oil to Erdogan will not save them either.

  2. General Dempsey has been on the blow (3rd June) ranting about air strikes against ISIS. Since there is no way in the world the Amerikanski forces are going to strike at Emir Sheeshaani or Abu al-Baghdaadi, their Gitmo graduate, they can only be preparing the ground for an attack on Syria. The mouthpieces, including a military Turk, have mentioned they would not stop at Syria’s border.
    How very foolish.
    Syria is host to mobile S-400 missiles, quite ready to clear the skies of alien airborne refuse. As the Turk air force found out the hard way in early 2012. The last recorded American vehicle seen over Syria was an airborne spy blimp shot down over Maraat al-Numaan, 2 years ago.
    Dempsey knows full well not to infringe Syrian air space, even to help Syria rid itself of ISIS rats. Therefore, either brain rot has set in, or this presages some Pentagon skullduggery and brinkmanship.
    Either way it will not succeed. ISIS is now digging its grave demolishing mosques in Mosul built over Shia saints’ graves. Good way to guarantee an early rendezvous with Shaitan.

    • SD I follow Your comments very closely, being clue-less myself on the issues on which You write here.
      Similarly. other like-minded comments-we might all come from various parts of the world, but we have our own personal/professional experiences which resonate with each other.

      For the Greater Good 😉

  3. Israel already got its first million barrels of blood oil from the kurds…. no other country would allow the oil tanker to dock because Iraq threatened to sue any nation that would take the oil…. and then netanyahu announces support of even more destruction of iraq right out in the open by his willingness to divide the nation even further….. this guy is as slimey as they get…..

  4. Yes LC the children in the video you referred us to should be Heritage Listed.
    Their eyes are like jewels-more precious than rubies.

    I know so little about Persia-but that it is an ancient and highly civilized/scholarly culture.
    Adults become corrupt, but children are always pure.

    Aryans-is that not what Hitler wanted for ‘his’ perfect world?

  5. Answer; they are controlling the Criminal System, with no fear of censure because it would be them that are doing the censuring if censure was on the cards.

  6. They probably want the Kurdish, Iraqi, Syrian and Saudi oil…
    http //
    But if it all spirals out of control, they might not get what they’re expecting!

  7. Whatever was done to the Kurds in ’88 wasn’t enough….they conspire with the Iranians…the Israelis…anyone and everyone against their own country…they’re the scum of Iraq…if we had a group in this country that acted as they do ( except for the “special” tribe ) they would be interned by the federal govt..

  8. The new American Civil War In the 1900’s after the Depression, a lot of major projects started in the South. TVA, Oak Ridge, NASA, even the IBM PC. JFK, MLK, and RFK were eliminated, all in the Southern half of the U.S., and we can see that *not one* president was elected from the Northern half of the U.S. for 48 years, from 1961 through 2009. But then, there has been a massive infiltration of the South, especially after 1980 or so, blamed mostly on the Northern industries of steel, rubber, automobiles etc. shutting down. But maybe that infiltration wasn’t because of Rust Belt issues. Maybe someone senses that the main military might of the U.S. is located in the South, and just having control of the banks in the North isn’t enough for them – they want the weapons too.

    • I love Dixie..but to be honest the spirit of Secession is dead…most of these people have no problem with the Synagogue of Satan controlled D.C. as long as there is a white, male prostitute shopping Republican in the WH…they still think the brown people did 9-11..the Country Market gas station up in Maiden has Fox “News” on all the time…we in the South energetically sent our sons to die for Talmudia….A member of the elite down here wouldn’t be caught dead standing next to a Confederate flag…I just don’t think we have a lot to brag about down here…

  9. This time US-Israel had a damn clever plan, with Isis-Isil-Daash-Di group financed & pushed to break up Iraq. Tho the devious game is clear, openly denounced as above, Maliki, Iran etc have no clear ‘winning’ response, because at root, Iraq was an artificial product of British-French Sykes-Picot WW1 colonialism … Kurds were promised a nation at Versailles, but got shafted like the Germans … Shia were oppressed before, Sunnis were oppressed recently; Iraq is dead. As retired India Ambassador Bhadrukumar said, Sunni Iraqis as well as Kurds are now awake to independence, so no going back. Plus US-Nato somehow got Putin to back off in Ukraine & let Russians be killed on his doorstep. Sickening to see US-Israel win.

  10. Dr. Barrett gets it right again. Brilliant analysis, right on the money, with this excellent article.

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