NEO – Planet Earth “done in” by False Flags

Actors searching for a plot
Port of Poti upgraded by American dollars in Republic of Georgia
Port of Poti upgraded by American dollars in Republic of Georgia

Planet Earth done in by False Flags in the Middle of Nowhere?


Abkhazia: a “false flag” in the making?

… by  Seth Ferris,       …with  New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow


The seven golden domes of St. Petersburg.
The seven golden domes of St. Petersburg.

[ Editor’s note:  Seth Ferris is doing a wonderful job at showing us how some of the nasty things our government does, that they know we would never approve of, are being “off-shored” to places where there are no foreign correspondents to see what is going on.

In the old days, he would have won a Pulitzer Prize for his uncovering the scandal of the bioweapons labs at the Tbilisi airport being operated under the guise of like a 4-H cover for animal husbandry research. The lab was quickly disassembled and flown out on special Air Force planes for carrying bioweapons stuff.

The bug-out crew was under observation during loading and flying out, and where they landed in South Carolina, Senator Lindsey Graham country, which was easy to figure out, as the planes had come from there.

Corporate media of course, was never able to pick up on our story series published on NEO, and then republished on VT, which is read by the world Intel community for goodies like this.

Dear America, your country is on serious offense in this region, all being funded by your red-ink debt funding, and it is all being hidden from you as they know you would not approve. Those doing this feel very safe that you will do nothing, being distracted by so many other issues.

Georgia is supposed to be a “below the radar” place. But unfortunately for them… Seth Ferris is there, along with NEO and VT. We will continue covering this area to create the archive file to unmask those who will claim “if only we had known, we would have done something… Jim W. Dean ]


–  First published  July 4, 2014  –

If there is anything defense contractors won't do, it remains to be found
If there is anything defense contractors won’t do, it remains to be found

The South Caucasus has a surprisingly number of links with US Department of Defense contractors. This is highly questionable, especially given how far away Georgia and the region is from the United States.

Though we usually find out about their deeds after the event, it seems that at the moment one contractor at least is casting actors for the next possible false flag attack, or staged media event.

Something is clearly going on around the border of Abkhazia, which broke away from Georgia proper in the early 1990s after a bloody conflict. Mobius Industries USA, Inc. is hiring Georgian-speaking Cultural Advisor/Roleplayers in the US to help support America’s Military’s Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) Program.

Mobius Defense claims to be in continuous search of Professional Role Players from all cultures, but in its list of desired cultures and languages there is no mention of Georgian. As this list was compiled in 2012, Georgian is a new addition to its portfolio.


Actors and stage

So what? You may say. The “crisis actors” recruited by Mobius act out training scenarios in a realistic town, village or training room on a military training site in the US. They pretend to be ordinary villagers, public officials (mayors, advisors, judges), insurgents, policemen, interpreters or army and other military personnel. Their purpose is to convincingly recreate the political, religious, cultural, and economic relationships found within the applicable community for training purposes.

Many academic papers can now be found which support the need for the US military to employ crisis actors. This practice is said, amongst other things, to help commanders identify and develop the leadership requirements of the modern fighting force. However their real use has long been known, which is precisely why so many papers have been written which do not mention it.

Crisis actors are used to “manufacture consent”, in other words to concoct fabricated news stories or staged events which persuade public and politicians that a desired military intervention is justified. These stories produce what is now called the CNN effect, in which so many headlines are created that a world power has to be seen to be reacting to them.

Left out of the corporate new hype is that despite the fact the same country manufactured those stories to begin with, by tricks such as using poison gas and then blaming the other side, showing pictures of dead bodies without providing evidence of where they were taken and when, etcetera.

Several stunts of this nature have taken place in the Syrian conflict, as exposed in this journal and others. The direct involvement of the US in these activities, which it does of course deny if it comments at all, has been proven by the fact that the “terrorist weapons” being used by the designated enemy in a given conflict are almost always supplied by US manufacturers through US controlled smuggling routes, and there is paperwork to back this up.

However the most recent revelation to come out of the US may be the most telling evidence of what games are actually being played by the guardians of democracy.


False flag exposed

The Boston Marathon bombings are currently being reinvestigated. Now the alleged suspects are either dead or in custody independent researchers have begun piecing together a reality much different to the one presented to the public by the news media, containing so many distortions of the truth that they could not have happened by chance, or by individuals acting alone, on impulse.

We don’t know whether Mobius Industries wrote the manual, but someone in a position to influence events was clearly using one.

For example, the local SWAT team member insisted in a CNN interview that one suspect, Djokhar Tsanaev, had been captured with a gun after an exchange of gunfire. However, other police and FBI testimony clearly states that he was unarmed and there were no weapons on the boat he was captured on.

The FBI has refused to explain why there had been gunfire at the scene, as several witnesses have said, when by its own testimony the suspect was unarmed. It has also refused to say why a different SWAT team is also claiming “credit” for the arrest, and issuing its own photographs to prove it.

Similarly, photos of the scene of arrest have been doctored. Those inside the boat are much darker than the ones outside, although the height of the fence behind the boat, visible in the photos, indicates that the light level should be the same.

It is said that the suspect had a wound on his neck, but even the doctored photographs demonstrate this was not present until after he had surrendered and was assaulted by the officers, as is depicted in another photo.

Journalist Roddy Scott murdered for reporting
Journalist Roddy Scott murdered for reporting

Examining the footage of the actual bombings, one researcher has noticed the same person being interviewed twice by CNN, but presented as two different witnesses speaking at two different times and locations.

There is also a strange object obscuring scenes of the rescue of an amputee, which is actually a number of different images of halves of the same person, separate, not attached to each other, which also appear at other points in the same footage. All this is being filmed by a news cameraman wearing sunglasses whilst filming.

No one has yet explained these deviations from the official version of events. What we know however is that people are being recruited by US defence contractors to pretend to be involved in crisis situations, as part of US military programmes, and the US military is preparing for some programme or diversion on the Abkhazian-Georgian border now.

We also know that the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings were Chechens. The insertion of Chechen terrorists into the Pankisi Gorge in Georgia, under a US programme, their nicer cars and higher standard of living than the Georgians in the same neighbourhood.

The complicity of the Georgian government in this is now well-documented, being officially investigated by the new Georgian government, and has seen at least one person, a British journalist Roddy Scott, murdered for trying to report it.


Why now?

The recruitment of Georgian crisis actors by a company which hasn’t wanted then before appears to be a response to a UN Declaration made on June 5, at the Sixty-eighth Session of the General Assembly. This recognised that Internally Displaced Persons from Abkhazia and Tskhknivali (South Ossetia) had the right to return to their homes, from which they were driven during the Georgian civil war of the early 90’s.

It reads, in part:

“Concerned about forced demographic changes, as well as the humanitarian situation resulting from armed conflict in Georgia, the General Assembly recognized today the right of all internally displaced persons, refugees and their descendants to return to their homes throughout that country, including Abkhazia and the Tskhinvali region/South Ossetia.”

The Assembly underlined the urgent need for unimpeded humanitarian access to all people in conflict-affected areas, favourable security conditions and for a timetable to ensure the voluntary, safe and dignified return of all internally displaced persons and refugees to their places of origin. It also called upon all participants in the Geneva discussions to bolster efforts to establish a durable peace, and take immediate steps to ensure respect for human rights.

As the UN made this declaration and jointly chairs the Geneva discussions its military will be expected to be part of ensuring the IDPs return. Strange, then, this resolution is only passed now and not before. Such a apparently worthwhile programme could have been undertaken long ago.

It hasn’t because the conflicts between Georgia and its breakaway regions are frozen, with neither side able to accept the position of the other in either case. Keeping these conflicts frozen is therefore the prerequisite for keeping the IDPs out of Abkhazia and keeping the US in Georgia.

Why would the US want to do this? Maybe we should ask the staff of the US Embassy and various think tanks, especially those based in Tbilisi. Much is being discussed and decided in the shadows.

We could also ask why the local elections in West Georgia, the main hub of the US weapons smuggling programme as a number of investigative discoveries have made clear, are certain to be won by Saakashvili henchmen who have been thrown out elsewhere in Georgia, as both the opposition and even government lists are populated with them.

These individuals are all linked with the Hudson and Potomac Institutes, US thinktanks, as well as a variety of criminal gangs. It is more than coincidence that West Georgia borders Abkhazia, and the Georgia military budget is expected to be topped up by the United States budget to levels close to prior to the 2008 Georgian-Russian war, in light of events in Ukraine.



We have seen what “crisis actors” actually do… We have seen it in Syria and in Boston. If their work were as effective as the military claims, the US would be gaining ground in Syria, rather than losing it, and there would be no more Islamist terrorists in the Caucasus, like the ones who were shooting in Maidan Square and were given Georgian passports immediately afterwards.

The effect of their work is to cause conflict by manufacturing a justification for it. As their military usefulness is so limited, that is the only reason given for employing them, the only reason they are ever introduced is when someone wants to manufacture a conflict.

A US company is now recruiting such actors for a US defence programme for future deployment to a region next door to a main global weapons transport hub, the Port of Poti on the Georgian Black Sea coast.

Of course, if conflict erupts again in Abkhazia, Russia will be blamed by the international community. Mobius International has been advertising for Russian crisis actors for a lot longer than Georgian ones. You have been warned!

Seth Ferris, investigative journalist and political scientist, expert on Middle Eastern affairs, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

Editing:  Jim W. Dean  and  Erica P. Wissinger



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  1. Thanks Mr. Dean (I feel like a mouse at an elephant convention when you all cut loose).
    Why does mobius (look up ‘mobius band’ if you don’t know the reference)
    and ‘Revolving Door’ seem to me to go together.
    Anyway, the ‘bad guys’ seem to like to name stuff cryptically.


  2. A very important and well done article. It takes a lot of hard work and a great deal of financing to pre-stage and manufacture these perpetual wars and make them appear to have emerged from nowhere. That is why is is necessary that those responsible have an unlimited line of credit which federal Reserve debt-notes can just be issued anytime they need more US taxpayer backed “funny money”.

    Obviously it wouldn’t be too smart to use official US Military folks to do this and allow such info to be published in the Controlled major Major Mass media (CMMM). So it is done through proprietaries, Cutouts, front man that have been sheep-dipped. there are so many fake, set up Intel owned and operated “corporations” at play here it is difficult to sort it out.

    Soon every major corporation will either be an World Zionist Cutout unless this is completely exposed and stopped. Naturally, the bottom line to all this crime against humanity by these soulless scum is to keep the war products flowing, the phony money cycling into members of Congress pockets, folks like McCain and closet-boy Graham and keep the mas-murder rates up high. If this was ever understood by the masses and admitted, hundreds of US Officials responsible would be hung from the street lights by millions of enraged folks who lost it.

  3. Wait….do 20% of you really think Fox Noise is the “most objective” news source? It’s the official voice of Mossad in America….

  4. Simpsons Donkey I have gargoyled Latakia and found images which resemble our Gold Coast Queensland.

    Somehow I am dis-abled from presenting these images here.


    Stunning locations provide the context for the horror stories we are ‘up against’

    Fighting the good fight


  5. Intriguing story.
    I’m interested to know where crisis actors were employed in Syria. I’ve seen the Boston ones, their antics have been munutely dissected and debunked. There are hilarious youtube clips of the Tahrir Square crisis actors’ rehearsals. Side-splitting.
    Were there crisis actors at the Ghouta? Is that what MacDonald was doing there on behalf of the US governemnt? Is that why he told his wife the children were ‘just drugged’? There are grieving parents in Latakia who want to know.

    • yawn.! seriously? frankly speaking there is no need for crises actor in syria- our president puppet can order real slaughter and done with it. as far as crises actors, yes we do have few – “drs without border” comes to mind. amy goodman from dem c now (strange her cohost – another wahabi – was foaming literally on the mention that another massacre was done by rebels that demc now was trying to blame on Assad)….

      seriously, are you wahabbi? you seem genuinely disturbed with Assad gain.! btw, i am sunni and i reject wahabbis as my representatives.

    • No crisis actors in al-Ghouta…those were real alawite shia kids kidnapped fm the areas around Aleppo a week earlier and then gassed in al-Ghouta by our al-nusra allies…our allies turks/Saudis supplied the gas and they almost got away with blaming it on the Assad govt…who can blame them? they got away w/blaming Pan Am 103 and the German discoteque bombing on Libya..blaming 9-11 on “al-quaeda” and OBL…blaming 7/7 on Pakistanis…blaming the Boston bombing on the Zsarnaev bros…they mostly get away with all their false flags…the whole world knew Kerry was lying and he kept on lying!

    • sorry, you’re right..Latakia….the parents of the kids identified them fm the posted pictures/videos…

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