Secret Space War XVII: Who Runs the New NSA Facility At Bluffdale ?


by Preston Jamesutah-data-center-entrance


You are not allowed to know what goes on at the new secret NSA Super-spy Center at Bluffdale, Utah, or what goes on at the Secret Deep Underground Base it is connected to.

Nor are you allowed to know who is behind the New Beyond-Black NSA, who actually runs it, or what their Secret Agenda is.

And neither are you allowed to know who runs the secret Deep Underground Base it is connected to at Richfield, Utah, or what their Beyond-black Secret Agenda is.

If you do not have some basic knowledge of the Secret Space War that is ongoing now and the basic, real facts that have already been released proving its existence, you are probably wasting your valuable time reading this article because it will seem far too incredulous to you.

The actual facts about these matters may be so astounding and so disturbing that unless they were proved by major Mass Media public displays of actual facts such that folks were confident they were true, most that read this article without any background or actual experience in Secret Space War matters are unlikely to believe much of it.

The only way the public at large would ever be able to process this information is if the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM), the USG’s secret but official Propaganda Dispenser, covered this story as fact after USG ordered it to do so and released a major supporting set of facts publicly to many witnesses, and live on camera, facts that were indisputable.

There is alleged to be a major Split in the Top Echelon of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG).

It has been alleged by insiders that the Top Policy-makers who run the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) are split in their beliefs about what the effect would be on the public if there was complete disclosure of the Secret Space War phenomena and the numerous groups of Alien ETs.

It is alleged that there has also been a deep split in the Top Policy-Makers of the SSG about what would happen if the public ever found out for certain about the true Agenda of the new Bluffdale NSA base and the attached deep underground base at Richfield Utah.

Allegedly the “Oldest Ones” believe that disclosure would create complete distrust of the USG forever.  And allegedly the “Younger Ones” believe that the public already completely distrusts the USG and coming clean with full disclosure would help restore confidence and trust in the USG if it was done properly.

Perhaps you may want to assume that there are some very high officials in the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) that want these facts to be disclosed to the public in successive steps that are slow enough to allow systematic acceptance in small steps without creating public panic.

And perhaps you would be correct if you assume that this type of disclosure is already in process.

You may be correct if you perhaps assume that the information being presented in this article is due to this split in the SSG and has been provided by the “Younger Ones” of the SSG, but I cannot assure you of that at this time.

But here is the kicker, there may be another off-planet based party that is pressuring the “Younger Ones” to disclose within a certain time limit or they have promised to take direct action themselves in public displays which will create immediate full disclosure.

And it may be that this particular off-planet entity tends to be peaceful and benevolent to humans while being an age-old arch enemy of another previously off-planet entity that is anti-human which has invaded, infiltrated and hijacked Planet Earth by use of a secret worldwide Occult Network of Luciferians that call themselves “Illuminati.”

If this information is in fact correct, be certain that at this time under ordinary circumstances you would never be allowed to have access to this kind of disclosure information because it is still completely forbidden by operative policies of the SSG still in place.

I am not allowed to tell you that what is disclosed in this article is true beyond any shadow of a doubt. But just like me you are allowed to believe anything you want about the information which is presented in this article based on what seems plausible to you in light of numerous prior public testimonies during Dr. Greer’s Disclosure Project.

Certainly it is very interesting that so many recent history channel programs on Alien ETs visiting Planet Earth and some living in Deep Underground Bases.

Up until several years ago any leakage or sharing of this information would result in an immediate and lethal sanction, referred to by insiders as “Termination with Extreme Prejudice” (which means final with no appeal possible aka a visit from DOD “wetboys” or from real Alien ETs, also known as the “Men in Black”).

This deep split in the SSG has occurred because the “Old Ones” are now approaching death and their previously immense power is waning. New SSG coalitions are being formed and junior members are now organizing to fill the void.

Many of the worldwide systems of control these Senior SSG Members instituted are eroding fast, and more effective new ones must be created to replace them if they are going to be able to maintain control. It has been suggested that the “Younger Ones” do not share the same NWO Luciferian plans of the “Old Ones” or their memberships in a world wide occult Luciferian Network.

This split in MJ-12 has shaken up the control system of the SSG and perhaps you may want to assume that new information that was originally forbidden is now perhaps being purposefully leaked out to create some major world changes for the good to counter the evil of the Older Ones and those behind them.

It is believed by some that these younger members have not been “infected” with Alien ET genetics which have made them supporters of a most evil Alien ET Agenda. Some have called this “Black Oil infection”, or smart oil infection, an alleged parasite that can alter ones genes and make them criminally insane and haters of humanity while being hived to an evil group of Alien ET controllers, if rumors are true.

Others believe that these Senior SSG Members are actually Alien ET Hybrids themselves (Nephilim or Fallen Angel’s offspring, thus intrinsically evil, or possessed by evil to the core by Demons or Jinns.

Those that have the ability to process this information without rejecting immediately out of hand because it seems too incredulous, may be able to connect the dots and makes sense out of some very strange conditions that have converged at the new NSA Super Center and the deep Underground base at Richfield, Utah, that it is attached to.

You may want to connect the dots and assume that the NSA Super-spy Center at Bluffdale has been set up to collect all raw Intel data from every almost computer network in the world and track almost every human. And that this tracking can be done by using their complex Cube and other satellite and ground sensors to track most humans because most humans have already ingested nano-ribbons or nano-circuit elements that have either been ingested through the air, the food, beverages or by injection of vaccines.

Anunnaki-Annunaki-Flying-Gods-Lightbody-Merkabah-200x200Allegedly there is an notably evil and parasitic Alien ET force behind the senior or Old Ones” which is the present core controllers of the SSG group (often referred to as MJ-12). This most evil Alien ET group is alleged to be called the Dracos aka the Reptilians. 

And allegedly there is a junior group of the “Younger Ones”who are now receiving support from another Alien ET which is considered to be notably benevolent to humans, called the Tall  Whites or Nordics. 

And it has been alleged that these two Alien ET groups, the Dracos and the Tall White Nordics are age-old arch enemies and are battling each other now through surrogates.

aliens-nordicInsiders have alleged that the Dracos want NO DISCLOSURE, while the tall White Nordics want COMPLETE DISCLOSURE.

And that the Dracos have a criminally insane anti-human Agenda to systematically capture, detain, and serially mass-murder most humans so they can Terra-form the planet, repopulate it with their own new android hybrids “hived” worker bees and proceed to mine the various Earth’s mineral deposits they desire and need.

As this narrative goes, these Dracos have selected and formed an alliance with the World Zionists which goes all the way back to ancient Babylon, is based on the so-called power of black-magic, Babylonian Money-Magick and the various Black Arts of the “Dark Side”.

And that these Dracos formed an alliance with the City of London private Zionist World Banksters, certain leaders of Israel and American NeoCons, PNACers, and “Dula Citizens” agents of Israeli and WZ espionage.

And these same insiders claim that the Dracos created a philosophy of evil world domination, racial superiority, survival of the fittest, and eugenics which they have ingrained in their followers who they consider to be the “Chosen ones” or the Illuminati.

It is also believed by insiders that these Chosen are indoctrinated with the Babylonian Talmud, the Kabbala and other notably Luciferian texts.

If these reports are true here is the equation. Draco Philosophy of world death cults = World Zionism = Talmudic Judaism = Top Masonic Secret teachings = OTO = Satanism = Luciferianism = the Illuminati


What are these strange stories about the New NSA Facility at Bluffdale, Utah that have supposedly been purposely leaked by top insiders because they were so disturbing and anti-human?

The new NSA Super-spy Center at Bluffdale, Utah was set up to be controlled and managed by Alien ETs from a secret “Beyond-Black” Deep Underground Base close by which is attached by a tunnel system. This particular group of Alien ETs is called the Dracos and is notably predatory and evil to the core, and is rumored to operate a completely anti-human agenda and exist at from their ability to interdimensionally consume the negative energy of painful human death or great human suffering..

1307MAE_TF_D-Waverefrigerat 1307MAE_TF_D-WavefridgewiriThe Bluffdale NSA Super-spy center was set up to be operated and controlled by a select group of several Dracos to be used to complete their evil Alien Agenda through there puppets and Cutouts at the NSA Bluffdale Facility using their new state of the art and world’s largest Quantum computer called Vesuvius.

These Draco controllers of the NSA plan to use this large Quantum computer to track all Americans through the ingested nano-trackers and the quantum space cube satellites and other satellites and ground sensors, while also simultaneously transforming the masses into mind-kontrolled, “Hived” electronic slaves and worker bees so they can easily be led to slaughter.

you-have-a-hive-mind_1The Dracos evil Agenda is to “Hive” and thus manage the world’s populations in such a manner using massive NSA Intel to be able to systematically tyrannize and then depopulate Planet Earth. Then they  plan to Terra-Form the earth,  mine preferred minerals, and then to repopulate it with a small number of their own gene-splice Alien/human hybrids developed at the Dulce, NM Deep Underground Base run as a joint Alien/human effort.

The Senior SSG members made a secret alliance with the Dracos (initially through their gen-spliced androids, the Grays) in order to obtain access to incredibly advanced weapons and communications technology. In exchange for this ultra-advanced Alien ET technology including anti-gravity engines and super weapons like plasma canons, these Senior SSG Members had to give consent and enter into a treaty with these Alien ETs, allowing them to have access to human and animal DNA, and to set up secret deep Underground Bases and work together to develop advanced hybrids with alien brains but able to appear human enough to infiltrate society.

These Senior SSG members were assured that the humans subjects would not be harmed and their memories would be wiped. This later was discovered to be untrue on both counts.

thulsa-doomAfter this Treaty was made for this negotiated exchange of human and animal DNA in return for ultra high tech Alien ET Technology, a couple of the Draco’s Anti-gravity Craft (AGCs) crashed and revealed that they were butchering and eating humans. And as Phil Schneider, a USG Geologist and Engineer who worked at Dulce revealed there was a battle at the Dulce underground Base between humans and Alien ETs in which a number of American Delta force and others lost their lives. Phil Schneider was murdered as many have been for revealing this kind of information.

The simple fact is this.  There is an ongoing Secret Space War that has several different aspects.  There are different Alien ET groups fighting each other, Human operate Space warfare groups fighting Alien ET groups. And sometimes there are space battles between different human groups using advance Anti-gravity Craft (AGCs).

Apparently Bluffdale is the center a Secret Space war struggle between two different Alien ET groups, one remarkably evil and parasitic, and the other reported to be benevolent toward humans.

And yes, there is now a Secret Space War struggle which is now occurring over the NSA Super-spy Center at Bluffdale. Because secrecy is so compartmented, only the very top SSG leaders and several subordinates know who is currently running the Bluffdale Facility. Yes, it is believed that very few know that the Dracos who now control is being systematically challenged by another equally powerful Alien ET Group, but one that is believed to be much more benevolent toward humans, the tall White Nordics.

Information from inside sources about the Richfield Deep Underground Alien Base which is attached by Tunnel to the Bluffdale NSA facility.

Details have been provided by Federal Whistle-blower Stew Webb based on his contacts with high level sources in the mid-1990’s while the Richfield Deep Underground Alien ET Base was being Built near I70 near the town of Richfield, Utah. This information was [provided by one of his high level sources who worked at S4 Papoose lake, Nevada, while this Richfield Deep Underground Alien ET base was built.

Stew Webb himself witnessed a hole just cut by a large tunnel boring machine with the laser tunnel machine coming through the surface of the hill when he drove by Richfield on I-70 in September of 1995 on his way to Las Vegas. Additionally he witnessed many trucks hauling gravel for this base. Stew Webb’s contact told him that this new Alien ET base at Richfield was being built as part of the ongoing secret agreement between the Alien ETs and the USG, signed in 1952 in the Whitehouse with President Eisenhower. In exchange for making this agreement and providing access to human subjects, they were given space time invisibility (cloaking) and anti-gravity technology. and which had automatically renewed through 2012 which included secret Alien ET deep Underground Bases at S4 Papoose lake, and Dulce, New Mexico.

Another very alarming detail that was told to Stew Webb by his contact was that a large military style Prison camp was being built near the Richfield base. Its purpose to be used as a holding center and serial mass-murder execution center for “We the People”. According to the information shared with Stew Webb, DNA tests were to be drawn before executions so that their organs which were matched and sold could be quickly recovered and transported for transplantation. Allegedly the illegal, Unconstitutional, Warrantless stops now being conducted done by private  contractors for DHS to get drivers DNA samples in several states, is the first stage of a such a roll-out for typing everyone before the neo-Bolshevik roundup and mass executions start. These warrant-less DNA stops have been going on now for 60 days. When someone stopped refuses, it has been reported these DHS contractors offer them $30 cash to comply.

[youtube RNcbsB1Pizg]

According to Stew Webb his highly connected inside source told him that a secret western White-house was built in the Argo Tunnel under Idaho Springs, Colorado in 1969.  The City of Denver is known to have numerous interconnecting tunnels, many of which connect to the Argo Tunnel and to the Denver Federal Center on Sixth Avenue at Kipling. According to his source the Adams Mark Hotel Presidential Suite at the Denver Tech Center at Engelwood, Colorado is where Chicanery was known to be hiding out secret during 2001-2008. According to this high level source when Chicanery was there he would pick up the telephone in the elevator and punch in a special code that would take the elevator down to the basement tunnel that connected to the Argo Tunnel where Chicanery would then be in the underground Western Whitehouse.

None of the thousands of NSA “Worker Bees” have any idea of the Evil Anti-human” Death-Cult Alien Agenda they are working so hard to attain.

If the staff at the Bluffdale Facility knew for certain with absolute smoking gun proof what Agenda they were actually serving which is an evil, Luciferian anti-human Death Cult Agenda, they would immediately stop and abandon their jobs. The problem is that almost NONE of the NSA managers, staff, agents and assets have any idea who they are actually working for and what their actual agenda is which is so notably evil and anti-human most would walk away immediately and quit if they were fully informed with the actual facts in such a way they could not be questioned. But because of the complete misuse of a false cloak place over such evil by the invocation of the term “National Security”, NSA jobs are so compartmented that on a few know the actual Agenda and they are the Dracos and their evil hybrids.

The NSA has been hijacked by World Zionists using Israeli Cutouts and Israeli-American Israeli-first “Dual Citizens” who have allegedly formed an evil alliance with a predatory, parasitical Alien ET group, the Dracos. these Dracos have an evil Agenda to “Hive” and control humans, and the systematically detain and then serially mass-murder 80% or more of them. Their partners in crime the WZs and their Cutouts the Talmudic Judaic Dual Citizens have bought into this criminal Agenda because they accepted the wishful lie they were the Chosen of Lucifer to thin out and purify the Human Race.

These Illuminati Luciferians bought into the Satanic Plan to mass-murder all American Goyim and transform America into GAZA II along the way. Using ultra-high tech ingested and Psychotronically activated nano-technology to “Hive” the “We the People” in order to make them the new Palestinians, is a necessary middle step in order to get enough control of the masses to be able to serially mass-murder them.

Without the successful “Hiving” of “We the People” it will be impossible to disarm Americans or get control because active shooting everywhere and a major civil war will break out. And based on the steel will of the American people when they are fully awakened, you can bet even though many will lose their lives, they will prevail and will destroy all Usurpers of the Constitution and BilL of Rights.

NSA can be stopped cold if “We the People” organize and assert massive public pressure on Congress and Government at every level.  If we withdraw consent for all this illegal spying and Aerosol spraying of highly toxic nano-markers, it can be stopped. But first “We the People” must wake up and communicate this information to family, friends and associates and stop supporting the CMMM, stop buying Major City Newspapers unless they start printing the truth (unlikely).

Is what’s “Good for the Goose”, also “Good for the Gander?”

Should the NSA Motto “If You Have Nothing to Hide, You Have Nothing to fear” also be applied, forcefully if necessary to the NSA and all it various related privatized subtractors and Cutouts? Should as Presdient Eisenhower considered, the US Army be sent to surround the Bluffdale Facility? Should all the secret camouflaged entrances and exits to the Deep Undergrounds Base at Richfield that the NSA is connected to and the notorious Alien ET Deep Underground base run at Dulce with “Nightmare Hall” be surrounded by the US Army. Should each of these bases be completely invaded by the US Army if necessary and exposed to the world on live TV by Geraldo Rivera?

Should every NSA raw data file including all the phone taps of all US Politicians and leaders completely opened up and placed on the Internet for all to see what really has been going on and can view all the NSA’s secret assassination lists over the years and their secret plans to invade the Public schools with ultra High tech Psychotronics to mind-kontrol and “Hive” our children, which they are now doing in almost every large Urban Public School?

Actually deploying the US Army to secure these Bases is a good idea for a number of reasons.  First, these Bases are run as foreign espionage operations by the City of London through Israeli Dual Citizen Cutouts with the top Command and Control being Draco Alien ETs, the most evil entities in the universe. These Dracos are complete negative energy parasites on humans, and hate everything God Almighty has created including all our animals and Pets. Second the US Army is now being deployed a second time to fight Al Qaeda (aka Al CIA Duh) groups in Iraq.

So why not use the US Army to go all the way and beat down the CIA and anyone involved in these criminal secret bases. Let us rip open all secrets and let the chips fly.

As VT readers know, the Russians and French recently made huge Intel dumps into the public sector to expose the lies of the current and prior US Administrations and Israel’s nuking of the Twin Towers on 9/11/01 as an installment of their Samson Option and a dose of their Nuclear Blackmail. And we now know this was done in order to force the creation of Homeland Security (DHS) in order to establish an Israeli command and control over all American Intel, Law Enforcement and Alphabets and every local police Department. So why not use the US Military to attack the Israeli Command and Control at DHS too.

All secrecy in now ending. The Tall Whites have formed secret alliances with several governments and groups, some even inside the US Army and various American Intel related groups. These Tall White Nordics have already downloaded all NSA raw data, as has the Russian republic and you can bet that many very embarrassing and deeply criminal acts of many top USG and Intel Officials and Members of Congress are going to be completely revealed in days and months to come.

ISIS is a CIA outfit armed and financed by the USG, Israel and Saudi Arabia and its job is to destabilize the Mideast and start a war between America and Russia on Israel’s and the City of London World Zionists behalf. The US Army is now fighting a war with ISIS which means once again the US Army is fighting the CIA private secret army, Al CIA Duh.  This is Treason and Sedition (Capital Crimes  against America) on the CIA’s and the Administration’s part and any Member of Congress involved, and now requires an immediate effort to correct this using the US Army.

What if the rumor that ISIS has been given nukes are true and that those controlling them are actually robotized mind-kontrolled “sleepers” that can be activated to turn.  Could they be used to nuke Israel or Saudi Arabia instead of the targets they were supposedly set up to? Perhaps there is another Third Force at play here who can create the complete unexpected. It’s like Dean Henderson a well respected VT Columnist recently stated on a VT News Radio program hosted by VT Columnist Stew Webb suggested in so many words, this mess in Iraq with ISIS now is very complex and this complexity makes the situation completely unpredictable for outcome and likely its going to be quite different that the way it was originally planned.

Stay tuned, in days and months ahead you are going to be quite shocked at what develops along several “Plot lines” including the new fact of life, secrecy is ending and everything will be exposed eventually, everything including every dark sin of all politicians and Secret Shadow Government (SSG) members. Soon the world’s new Populist Motto will be “Bye-Bye Secrecy and Hello Judgment” for Political and government crooks whose crimes against We the people will soon be fully exposed, judged and punished. The newly emergent populism which is a byproduct of the worldwide Internet, the World’s New Gutenberg Press, is like a slow train coming, but it is like a freight train that cannot be stopped.

He who has ears let him hear, and he who has eyes let him see.





  1. Astute points. Agreed Harris is better qualified. He actually has political experience. Duff would better serve as an adviser behind the scenes. I’m not sure his ego can take it. Harris is the more humble man. VP, I trust Harris’ judgement on that one. I’m sure he knows plenty. We might want to consider bringing in Amb. Wanta to clean up either (or both) the DoD and CIA. Atty. Gen.? Recruit Andrew Napolitano. Scrap SCOTUS. Go back to constitutional courts, per Amb. Wanta.

    • CJCS? Col. Douglas Macgregor (interim) reviewing the entire DoD structure and NSA Act of ’47. Macgregor is 4 star material that was denied his calling.

    http //

    http //

    http //

    • More telling than the left side of Patraeus’ face supposedly being caught in mid-shapeshift is McCain’s reaction to seeing it happen. He is addressing the general when he suddenly does like a double take as if he can’t believe his own eyes…like OMG am I really seeing this?? (and why couldn’t he have at least waited until the hearing was over?)

      Also very very interesting what Hugo Chavez had to say…about beings who look like men, but are not human.

  4. Last fall Forbes reported about the NSA computers being afflicted with electrical surges, melt downs, and even lighting-like electrical strikes in the system plaguing the new facility

    http //

    Hmm… some sort of intervention, perhaps?

  5. MIKE HARRIS INTERVIEW with Dr. Preston James, July 4, 2014
    http //

    http //

    • From the article above, dated April 10, 2013

      “As the storyline goes, the ETs allied with the Old Black Nobility are terribly afraid of guns.
      The alleged reason that the USG is so obsessed with gun-grabbing is that is was ordered from the top down by the head of the OBN which rules over a “Council of Twelve” with a rumored thirteenth seat left open for Lucifer. As the story goes, ETs are deathly afraid of firearms and refuse to show themselves publicly and take over their new to be assigned NWO globalist Government roles unless the whole world is disarmed first. If this narrative is true then it stands to reason that other claims about inter-dimensional ETs are doing more than just vacationing on planet Earth. As has been suggested by Gordon Duff, some appear to have been abducting humans and using them as food (5).”

    • MJ-12 – Top 3 are all EVIL, anti-American, and Anti-Consitution
      1. David Rockefeller
      2. Kissinger
      3. Bzig Brzezinski


      1. Adolfo Nicholas, THE BLACK POPE, the Jesuit General
      2. Fr. James E. Grummer, his assistant, the Jesuit AMERICAN CONTROLLER [in charge of Chinese & Mexican invasions of US]
      3. Fr. Thomas H. Smolich, President, US Jesuit Conference
      4. Fr. David S. Ciancimino, Jesuit Provencial of NY [capital of Jesuit power] – controls Archbishop Timothy Dolan, the most powerful Roman Catholic official in the US
      5. Fr. Joseph M. McShane, President of FORDHAM University, Jesuit College in NY – MILITARY STRONGHOLD, also controls Archbishop Timothy Dolan
      6. POPE BENEDICT XVI, under the control of ALL the Jesuits listed above
      7. Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of NY, the “American Pope”, “Archbishop of the Capital of the World”. Heads the American branches of KNIGHTS OF MALTA & KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS. Controls American FREEMASONRY, CFR, ADL (B’nai B’rith), PENTAGON & INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY.
      8. Joseph A. O’Hare, former Pres of Fordham University, advisor to Rockefeller, Kissinger, Bloomberg.
      9. John J. DeGioa, President of GEORGETOWN Univ, oversees State of Israel
      10. Richard N. Haas, CFR Chairman, oversees AIPAC
      13. Rupert Murdoch

    • Someone is really paying attention here. Bravo!

      Rupert Murdoch = SMOM (Knight of Malta). Probably the same for Soros. I wander if Jim Rogers knows that.

      This is a bit of paradox for me. A considered “good guy” Pat Buchanan, is also SMOM. Same was for Bill Casey. Is Amb. Wanta a SMOM?

      If we understand F. Tupper Saussy correctly, there can be good and bad S.J.s. Saussy actually said he would vote for Buchanan. Per Saussy and Peter Fleming (his agent), the RCC does run the world, including these USofA.

      The S.J.s are probably a necessary mechanism within a fallen natural order, until such time a restoration of nature is achieved. Martin Luther himself alludes and even elucidates such in his writings.

      The S.J.s are simply “off the rails.” They need to be put back into their box. History has proven such has been done in the past. If the “mortal head wound” has in fact been healed, well then, we have a different ballgame now …

    • INTL COMMON LAW COURT – Royals & Popes [Francis, Benedict, Adolpho] Found Guilty of Child Murders & Ritual Sacrifice
      http //

    • My original comment regarding this article were erased. I agree that removing the bad guys serruptiously one a a time is the ONLY way, as wiretapping has become such big business. The first Vince Flynn novel made a good start, one senator at a time for their corruption by a loner. Readers hoped for more of the same, not the CIA-president stuff. The only other way to take out the bad guys is to hack and destroy all their accounts. Many of these were hidden at the Vatican Bank and later moved, according to the White Hats Report [see Report #10 for some of the names/amounts – http //]

  7. ‘Tall White’ Extraterrestrials, Technology Transfer and Resource Extraction from Earth – An Analysis of Correspondence with Charles Hall
    http //

    PART 3 – Tall White Aliens in Vegas – The Charles Hall Experience
    http //

    Strategic Approaches to Dealing with ETs Extracting Earth Resources – Tall Whites [2004]
    http //

    Iran Proclaims Tall White Aliens Control U.S.
    http //
    Documents leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden conclusively prove that the United States has been ruled by a race of tall, white space aliens who also assisted the rise of Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

    • According to these articles, the Tall Whites live 700-800 years. They take much longer to heal than we do. They are afraid of guns, especially .22 short rounds The military/ CIA take them to Las Vegas for nights out. They are our height most of their lives, grow taller with age. They have thin blonde hair & walk among us with sunglasses. They get angry at the drop of the hat, and have killed soldiers suddenly. The Air Force ALLOWS these murders to go on. Tall White mothers claim they love THEIR children MUCH MORE than we love our children. They will kill people around them.

      It appears the Tall Whites are behind the Obama agenda, gun confiscation, the NWO & the Nazis [Rockefeller, Kissinger, Bush Sr.] . If so, they are also behind eugenics, depopulation, chemtrails, & HAARP weather wars. THAT IS NOT BENEVOLENT! This is supposed to be a FREE WILL planet. It is NOT our WILL to be ruled by aliens, period! I haven’t seen ONE positive thing the Tall Whites or the Dracos like Hillary, the Bushs & the Royals have done – medically, environmentally, technical.



  8. It seems to me there has been an effective Answer to pretty much exactly what’s being talked about here, and He has been around for receptive hearts for about 2000 years now

  9. Symbols like the hexagram have been hijacked by the dark agenda and is not evil by itself. For example, the Nazi Swastika has been innapropriately ripped from ancient Indian religion. Symbols and geometry, like mathematics, only help us to understand the workings of the universe. We can even see an hexagram naturally form from sound vibration somewhere in these videos
    https //
    Like Plato’s solids, they only have to do with the nature of our universe.

    What is evil IMO is using these symbols and secret teaching and by association, make people afraid of them. Let’s not forget how middle-age religion made men afraid of women because religious leader said women were evil… -)
    Take Edward Bernays, Freud’s genius nephew, pioneer in the field of public relations and propaganda. He helped corporations pervert symbols and ideals to take advantage of the population.

  10. I agree with the notion that control of the BSCMMM is going to have to be wrested from TPTB because unfortunately many will not believe anything unless that’s where it is reported. I always find it strange that a majority of people mistrust the media and politicians, but many turn right around and believe exactly what the media reports about politicians and what politicians say through the media!

  11. I need to clarify my thoughts on this subject, as I gave the wrong impression last time. I had just spent the weekend with my family, which we rarely get to do, so I was thinking of them in terms of showing my dad to the rabbit hole entrance, and VT is the best, most credible source IMO. I’ve been down in the rabbit hole for a number of years and am versed in SSG, Illuminati, BSCMMM, etc. But my dad is not. He still blames “the Democrats” for everything. He is pushing 80 and is set in his ways. Hell, he was set in his ways at 40, only more so now. My comment here did not clearly state that I was going to delay his intro to VT until this subject matter wasn’t front and center, as it might temper his absorption of the other material. It came across as me scoffing at this material. I apologize for that. I was guilty of thinking out loud.

    While I sometimes have a hard time wrapping my head completely around this subject, I still believe it more than I don’t, and find it as plausible as “religion” and am all for complete disclosure. I actually really enjoy these articles and always anticipate the next installments.

  12. “Oh what a tangled web we weave,
    When first we practise to deceive! ”

    I think we all need to modulate our ‘frequency’ here after reading this article. Without proof for any of this, we are simply dancing in the ether. However, as a precautionary, I am leaning towards a review of my life and deep underground bunkers.

  13. When looking at your picture of the Tall White Nordic, it seems to me that the are also aligned with the World Zionists.

  14. Dear Preston,

    Your articles track with what I have been told. I’d like to suggest that VT’s editors get a theasaurus. Incredible means something not to be believed. Incredulous is the state of non-belief. They are not interchangeable modifiers/adjectives.

    Other than that nitpicking, I’d say that this is a very interesting article. Have you seen the new movie with Scarlett Johanssen????? It is debuting soon. She is going to be portrayed as a human-draco hybrid capable of accessing 100 percent of her brain because of the alien DNA. One might opine that this is the latest marketing by the scaley half-breeds still clinging to power in Congress and elsewhere.

    For those that don’t know, you can tell a hybrid, by the shape of their pupils when they turn their eyes 3/4s of the way towards their nose or outer cheek. The pupil sags sideways and looks triangular. Also, hybrid pupils DO NOT CONTRACT into small circles like human eyes do when hit with a strong light.

    There are a few other tells, but this is a good place to begin sussing them out.


  15. I think this info is very valid but dated. The Dracos and their cohorts are being forced out of this solar system and its happening in space and planet by planet. We will know when they are removed from Saturn and the Moon when the sky looks really different to everyone.

  16. The Tall Whites may be more “benevolent” than the Dracos, but I’ve read they are not above snatching up a child and eating them either, claiming that THEIR children are more “important” than humans, and hateful about it. This was from a military person assigned to escort them on their trips into Las Vegas. I don’t like the DRACOs, but neither do I like these Tall Whites. What is their “real” agenda? I want to know what their PURPOSE here is?

    • I don’t believe it’s fear mongering. Why can’t the Tall Whites [those cooperating with the military] be described in detail then? What are they AFRAID of? We’ve already know plenty about the Dracos?

    • Preston calls them Tall Whites for want of a better term. There are many, many ET races here. Some positive, some neutral and some negative. Some are here to help us, especially those who have a vested interest in seeing us make the Shift. Some are here to observe and hopefully gain useful knowledge from what’s happening. Others are here to do everything they can to stop us making it. There is a window of opportunity but it will close after a period of time. If they can hold us back until the window closes, they would ‘win’. One thing they are trying to do is to cause the planet such pain that it would say enough is enough and do what it did back in the days of Atlantis. That is why people must stop the dumping of nuclear waste – it is like a cancer to the planet. Especially the inclusion of nuclear waste in the fracking water. Those who can stop such violent acts against the planet should do so.

    • Think about these facts for a moment. Eighty-five percent of the World population is RH positive…or reactive to primate DNA. Fifteen percent is RH negative. How did that happen? One cannot UNRING a genetic bell. Those 15 percenters came from somewhere else.

      Some of the beings coming to earth are clearly OUR ANCESTORS as the Vedic texts seems to indicate. There is far more to this story than we are being told. I’ve been putting that fact out for some time.


    • MK, that’s right. Our progenitors are here. There’s about 24 races or so who contributed genetic material to populate this planet. They even made this planet for an experiment to see if the different races would get along together but somewhere along the line, other races popped in and did stuff with us.

      There’s probably nobody now who has genes from a single progenitor race. We are hybrids, having interbred over time and we also have genetic material from those who have interfered with the experiment. This does not mean that the experiment has failed because you can look upon it as an open source experiment. Anyone can come along and add some of their DNA to the mix.

      Think of me baking a cake with a set of ingredients. Other people came round and added some ingredients of their own. After baking for thousands of years, the experiment is coming to an end and we shall see what comes out of the oven. Is it not more fun this way?

    • still only a human imagination 🙂 genetic material is everywhere. who bothers about it. how about they grow humans for sole purpose of soul? at the end of our life they get the soul… i think something to do with this quality of soul. so they keep changing experiments to harvest soul better

    • Your body is only a vehicle for the soul. The purpose of the soul is to gain experiences and learn from them. I was at Michael Roads workshop recently and he said that the majority of the souls here are ‘young’. It’s not that they haven’t been around for a long time but rather they haven’t learned their lessons and have refused to move on. It’s like having a 50 year old in a 5th grader class. Sure the 50 year old can lord it over the regular kids but is that appropriate? These foolish ones have inveigled themselves into these human positions of great wealth and power and have refused to give their baubles up. The grown-ups have now arrived and this nursery is closing down. Those who have done the full set of classes/lessons will have those experiences drawn back into their Higher Selves as they graduate and move on to more exciting and interesting experiences. Those who haven’t completed the course simply move to a new classroom appropriate to their stage of development. There is no judgement. Everyone will go to wherever they need to go for their soul evolution.

    • You are what you are because of your experiences – good, bad and ugly. I know this may go against the grain, but as this period ends, thank all those who have impacted your life regardless of whether it was of a positive or negative nature. They have contributed to making you what you are today. It has been a very tough school.

    • Alas, NPPs are nuclear waste dumps. What people must do is stop creating more nuclear waste and find a solution to the 300,000+ tons of waste that will certainly end up in the environment if nothing is done. No one can in good conscience “make the Shift” or Ascend to the finer realms leaving this
      life-destroying mess behind.

  17. Thank you Dr Preston James. This is outstanding work as always and sums up so much in a tight format. Thanks again.

  18. I’ve requested for the place to be taken to the back of the wood shed and their supercomputer to be fried. It’s been passed on for consideration and hopefully, action. If you get any feedback at your end, do let us know.

    • Vesuvius is a Draco ‘puter. It was on the laundry list and may have been done by now but I don’t get confirmations (’tis above my pay grade)

  19. 3 July 2014 – The day BEFORE ITS NEWS lost its credibility as an alternative NEWS source.

    • Something coming up in our near future that you should be aware of.

      http //
      A Dangerous New Jovian Sized Body In Our Solar System

      http //

      http //
      Plato Was Right

      http //

      This may be what is driving our political elite.

    • The ET aliens are generally our friends. It is the humans that are the SOBs.

      http //
      Vatican Astronomers Ramp Up Their Search For “Brother Extraterrestrial” – March 26th, 2014

      Funes, who runs the observatory that is based south of Rome and in Arizona, held out the possibility that the human race might actually be the “lost sheep” of the universe. There could be other beings “who remained in full friendship with their creator,” he said.

      http //
      NOAH’S ARK – Verification of Alien Contact
      The Ark’s relic has been found (and re-found time and again) in the mountains of Ararat. Matching biblical parameters, it was 64% longer than any modern wooden vessel and had an (unloaded) displacement greater than that of a modern British aircraft carrier.

      Government (Los Alamos) personal, once helpful with tests and measurements of it, no longer believe this relic to be Noah’s Ark. No wonder, it clearly shows that it was NOT built by humans ~5200 years ago.

      http //
      (Note main server with up to date info down for now)

  20. In Clif High’s 18 May 2014 IDIR, he predicted that something big will happen in August
    From 5½ mins
    “It’s going to be a very interesting August, fraught with upset
    There are going to be a lot of people claiming some kind of a fraud set-up at a very high level
    This is going to taint the USA political administration apparently at both parties
    It’s going to spread quite wide and it’s going to taint them at a level that we’ll see a bunch of resignations
    I don’t know if the resignations will come in August or not
    The scandal appears to break then”

  21. The Dracos are only the local hoodlums. There’s a school of thought that they themselves are being manipulated down a dead end which will result in the destruction of their race. Not dissimilar to the way America is being manipulated into actions (foreign wars, export of jobs, huge debts etc) which are against the interests of the populace. Sort of like your parasites have parasites of their own.

    • You could be correct on this. Very good point. Time will tell. It is a fact that withdrawal of mass consent for the evil done by their WZ cutouts evaporates the Draco’s power. If 12% of the US Populace wakes up, it is over for the Dracos and their WZ Cutouts including the Dual Citizens traitors and Infiltraitors.

  22. So the $43 trillion that was stolen to finance Alternative 3 (or whatever they call it now) has run out, and they need more money? I suppose whether their skin is green or “white” it’s the same deal – suck the blood out of this nation until America is just a corpse.

    • Alternative 3 was a dead duck. It seems those suckers did make it off planet but found all other places are inhabited by aliens with honking great big space guns. So they had to come back here. Phooey!

  23. A disturbing trend at VT is for paragraphs blathering about ‘you are probably not qualified to evaluate this info…’ is developing.
    Make your minds up, people. Either you wish to change perceptions and enlarge understanding, or you don’t.
    If you do, then the appropriate work is required (sources, explanations, better copy-editing, etc).
    If you want to remain a small pool of geeks talking to similar geeks, there is little point in bringing this ground-breaking stuff to light. I include the excellent Nuclear Education series, wherein the attack on Syria — Jamrayya — is mentioned. I’m also intrigued by the Bali reference, but my mind cannot be changed by the scant info provided.
    As time passes, all the jigsaw pieces will fall into place. VT’s valuable work will help. What VT does not provide, others will. Sage admonitions saying, ‘You’re not able to understand’, show a lack of thought. Just saying…

    • Nope, you are misinterpreting. Yes, there were disclaimers and perhaps you can understand why if you stop and think about it.

    • Its not in their budjet. They would need to hire an editor for the purpose of crossing eyes and dotting t’s. So what. I was actually wondering if they could print a real magazine out of this to boost their work. Id buy it. They wouldn’t have to write so many articles to keep up and they would be competing with Murdock. Win win.

  24. Thank you Dr. Preston!

    This whole alien story is not computing with me I am not afraid bring it on please.
    I can only think about what Werner Von Braun has said about pulling the alien card,
    as the ultimate bogeymen. Disembodied spirits yes, Archons yes, aliens no.
    But what do I know.

    When I read the account of the The Final Solution by the 55 club, a total different picture emerges
    the Nazi-Socialists who where light years ahead with their IMPLOSION technologies, also known
    as DIVINE the breakaway civilization, maybe? Germany (not the Federal Republic of Germany) still officially at war with the so- called allies. The whole psych ops around WWII?

    That brings me to another point where is Black Sun Rising 6 by the formidable Jack Heart?
    In my opinion this all fits together. Then lest but not least, Lucifer is getting a bad rap!

    Have shown this link before, but people need to read this

    http //


  25. I want tell you all here before I read this, that Mike Harris has decided today 7/4
    to do his radio show on Revolution Radio, Studio B and Preston James
    will be his guest today!

    Thank you guys for doing this will listen!


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