American People Targeted By Weapons of Climate Engineering Warfare


dane wigington mug bDane Wigington’s compelling presentation explains how the past decades of covert, military weather warfare programs has turned earth’s atmosphere into a catastrophic soup of chemicals to create the climate change we should fear most.

by Harold Saive


Dane starts the video saying that chemtrails were developed as “weather warfare”. Around 25 minutes into the presentation Dane inexplicably appears to drop the weather warfare motive to assert that chemtrails are mitigation for global warming – an operation that has gone horribly wrong.

Wigington could be correct on all counts:

Strong evidence is available to support aerosol geoengineering has a multi-layered agenda that defies a single explanation.

A global satellite survey using the NASA WorldView interactive web server reveals massive aerosol deployment to warm the climate in all regions of the planet including arctic and antarctic regions (more)

Geoengineering investigator, Cliff Carnicom is researching disturbing biological contaminants likely sprayed into the atmosphere by aircraft. This finding has been the basis of his ongoing research into a cure for Mergellons syndrome since 2005. (More)

Global warming has attracted significant attention by geoengineers like David Keith who propose a seemingly “benevolent” program of spraying sulfuric acid aerosols into the stratosphere to reflect a small amount of sunlight back into space in order to avoid the extreme effects of surface “warming”. On Colbert Nation Keith maintains that spraying the aerosols in the stratosphere will only result in an additional 10,000 deaths per year when implemented. Watch the interview: (VIDEO)

[youtube c34U0Pwz4_c&w=560&h=315]

Chemtrails of Contrails spraying agent orangeWAR IS A MORAL HAZARD

When key civilian agencies and pilots are asked to participate in a “secret” test program of spraying aerosols as solar radiation management (SRM) they would likely sign on to a program that paid them good money and bonuses for their secret service. If these same personnel were further informed that the aerosols were climate engineering weapons intended to destroy property and victimize American citizens – including their own families – most of them might be far more reluctant to participate. The remaining personnel who agree to stay on would be no different than the American pilots who sprayed Agent Orange over populations of innocent civilians in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand – even after they knew the aerosols poisoned food crops, caused birth defects and would likely degrade their own health.

Dane correctly mentions HAARP as a weapon of inducing climate change. The recent closing of HAARP is pointed out as a credibility problem to that assertion. But It’s important to explain – as Dane alluded – that HAARP is only one ionospheric heater out of a network of dozens of radio frequency transmitters with a combined ability hundreds of times more powerful than HAARP, alone. HAARP was always dangled as a red herring to the broader agenda of a global RF network climate manipulation.

Now that is appears HAARP will essentially be limited to experiments by the U. Alaska, more attention must be focused on the global network of electromagnetic climate change/climate warfare stations – many of which are located on islands in the Azores and elsewhere at sea and on land.

Ionospheric heater network map revised 11-4-2013

Just as the controlled media has been instructed to avoid covering the ongoing extinction level radiation catastrophe at Fukushima, they have also been told to keep quiet on the equally dangerous topic of covert aerosol geoengineering as catastrophoc weather warfare waged against humanity.






  1. Pay as little fed tax as possible . Boycott all involved . Bill Gates owns 500000 shares of Monsanto and has invested 300 million into geoengineering and has several patents. Boycott all involved .

  2. A few more notes

    It is very difficult to measure radiation to any effect past CPM.
    There is a long way between that and what is in or on you and how bad that will or could hurt you.
    Internal vs External exposure is an important concept
    Mimics (strontium and cesium for example) substitute for minerals if needs are not met.
    They only measure a few radioisotopes (the easy ones)
    The ‘soup’ consists of tens of ‘long enough’ lived isotopes, and upwards of a hundred at outset.
    If the radiation is in food or water this further complicates getting any useful answers.
    The equipment and expertise to make these determinations is not common or inexpensive (either).
    Pretty Damn Insidious isn’t it.


    • Oh why not, it gets “better”.
      When a radionuclide decays it is like a glacial snowflake finding its way to the sea, lead in this case.
      It does not just give up and stop emitting,
      It transmutes down the scale (toward lead) (so transmutation, far from unpossible
      has been observed) Not exactly holy alchemy Batperson.
      Each step is itself a radionuclide, with an associated halflife (and emissions)
      It takes nominally about 10 halflives before it is declared ‘normal background’.
      As you may have guessed, this means that this is a compound (not uniform)
      which alters the amount of the daughter isotope(s) vs host(s) as it decays.
      If any nuclear physicists want to help me with any substantial errors,
      I will welcome their colloquy.
      And I think I better stop because you all deserve some nice sleep, (me too)
      and if what I shared does not have you praying to the god of your choice
      you were not paying attention.
      All is by no means lost, but ignorance is more expensive than education.
      My Best to All.


  3. I wonder just what the nice people in Seattle did to distinguish themselves.
    The whole deposition thing was (and is) to a great degree a crapshoot.
    It depends on what sneezed, where the wind was blowing at the time, and where it rained out.
    This ends up with counter intuitive (to me anyway) deposition maps.
    The people of Japan (Tokyo for example) are not far enough away.
    Meanwhile you might find a higher concentration on the East Coast of the US
    than at places which are not as far from the source.
    This is nasty stuff, they have no business poisoning us or our ocean,
    This is Not Funny!
    I AM Damn Sick of the Mushroom Treatment.
    We have a fire to put out, I will settle down now.


  4. When pointing out the chemtrails to people, it seems to break down as follows

    1. Some of us take vigorous exception to parties unknown spraying god knows what into the air
    and by extension water and food, without so much as admitting it let alone asking.
    For some of us this raises some red flags.

    2. Some people answer ‘yeah, so what?’ (my mind boggles, you’d have to ask them.

    3, Some still insist that only silly people with too much spare time make up stories,
    and they consider all such to be plain old contrails.
    The lack of observational skill involved in maintaining that position scares me.


    • The present setup favors fast on your feet, information travels at light speed,
      no battle plan reaches let alone survives the ‘first engagement’ (which happened some time ago.
      The makers of really big plans which are too complicated, take forever, and lend themselves to hijack
      (did I say that?)
      That held an advantage as long as they had effective control over information.
      They lost that a while back, and that is why they are getting so grabby.
      This is a fight to the death, and it could all be over in a flash.
      Welcome to Modern Warfare.
      Never has such a treacherous war (and it is a war, has been for years,
      not the stupid stuff on your TV (well, more is finding its way to disclosure)
      No, the Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars type of thing.
      It is about finance and control of resources, and of people.
      Only sick puppies scheme to control people, there’s a hint as to intentions.
      Did they make a deal with the aliens (maybe)
      Do they have a corner on aliens (who knows)
      Keep an open mind and open eyes, things are Getting Interesting.
      Certain people cannot wait much longer.. something has ‘got to give’.
      It will be more than interesting to see just what ‘gives’.


    • I don’t hear a whole lot about this, but some of the things they are doing
      (ranging from chemtrails and weather wars (by more than one party?) to Macondo,
      (war requires a respondent usually, or you can just make war on your own populace.
      I think we have both.
      These things could disrupt the circulation currents in the ocean and the atmosphere.
      This is the energy transport mechanism for the Earth’s Weather (and food chain).
      Any disruption natural or man made, intentional or accident, could range anywhere up to extinctions.
      Maybe including us.
      I have heard concern expressed that these currents have in fact been affected.
      These are mumbled not headlines, they just show up now and then.


  5. http //
    Mixing Science And Politics Can Make ‘Earth Freeze Over!’
    Data is presented that indicates a Jovian sized planet exists in our outer solar system. This data includes an ancient Akkadian seal, recent Doppler shifts on Pioneer transmissions, IRAS data and the recent discovery of two dwarf planets in our outer solar system along with other similar objects. Tragically, there seems to have been a deliberate effort, suspected to have its roots in political entities, to cover up, refute or even secret these observations.

    None of these astronomically bodies directly threaten Earth. However, the Jovian sized body does generate comet swarms that reach into the inner solar system. When they pass by, impacting fragments usually caused catastrophic events like Noah’s Flood or the Atlantis catastrophe. Furthermore, they induce major weather changes like the Younger Dryas (Ice Age) and the start of the Bølling interstadial (warm period) just as the late Royal Astronomer, Sir Fred Hoyle, predicted.

    The astronomical model employed offers an estimation of the time and type of natural disaster Earth may soon be facing (as alluded to by departing DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano). An impact event like the one initiating the Younger Dryas Ice Age is anticipated.

    A few political leaders have warned about this approaching problem. Janet Napolitano, Kerry and Rangel.

    http //

  6. These weather changes have happened about 36 times over the last 15,000 years.

    http //

    We have discovered and measured the relatively stable RESONANT INTERVAL and here it is compared to its theoretical value.

    http //
    Theoretical resonate interval = 9938 years +/- 11 years
    Measured resonate interval between two swarm A, Cluster 1 (A CL-1) = 9939 years
    Measured resonate interval between two swarm A, Cluster 2 (A CL-2) = 9951 years
    Measured resonate interval between two swarm B, Cluster 1 (B CL-1) = 9938 years
    The average of three measured resonate interval values is 9942.7 +/- 5.9 years

    The problem is that using all source data, the next passage a little more than 2 years away.

    http //
    Three independent analysis paths lead to the suggestion that Earth will be twice threatened with a major meteorite/comet impact between 2016 until the end of 2017. The government/elite (or military) appears to be involved with the collection of related data.

  7. This is true in a way. Earth is facing the passage of a comet or meteorite storm, and when they pass thru the inner solar system, a few often hit Earth. They are traveling so fast, that shooting them down is largely unfeasible. These impacts cause major weather changes on Earth like the Holocene or Younger Dryas eras;

    “Together with disease, the next ice age ranks as the biggest danger to which we as individuals are exposed. The next ice age is not specific problem of the distant future. The causative agent, the strike of a giant meteorite, could happen at any time.

    The risk of the next ice age is not just the biggest of the risks that we run. It is a risk that would hopelessly compromise the future. Besides wiping out a considerable fraction of those now alive, it would leave a wan, grey future from which the survivors and their descendants could do nothing to escape. It would be a condition that might last 50,000 years or more, a future in which the prospects for mankind would be much less favourable than they are today. This is why our modern generation must take action to avoid catastrophe, an ultimate catastrophe besides which the problems that concern people, media and governments from day to day are quite trivial.”


  8. hello I’m from the government I’m here to help (you DIE), pay us for our warfare against you or be jailed!
    whats wrong with guaranteed profits for our corporate mandatory HELLthcare while we make you sick?
    FUkushima, chemtrails, depleted uranium, 911 inside job, you MUST be mentally ill potential terrorist,
    didnt happen doesnt exist if we said so, nevermind the 10 mile long ribbon in the sky behind the curtain!
    CO-2 is deadly watch this drowning polar bear!! those arent chemtrail bio-weapons its our flying monkeys farting to save the planet we destroy while blaming YOU, didnt you get the memo “how this works”?

    • And let’s not leave ubiquitous GMOs off the list of silent weapons for quiet wars…which may be the most insidious of them all. All-out war is being waged softly and slowly against the human immune system as we speak and the machine will profit from our collective demise.

      Naturally, the darling of the Democrat Party, Hitlery Clinton, says she supports genetically modified food, making her no different from most other American politicians from both major political parties. Of course. They all work for MonSatan.

    • yup, ineligible multiple felony clinton that NO ONE dares tell the truth about was pushing for hillary-care back when, but our economy wasnt trashed enough yet.. they sure fixed THAT didnt they! obama appointing her secretary of state was impeachably criminal, still IS, but no one has said a word.
      amazes me she hasnt been strung up for multiple treason, crimes against America and humanity.

    • Chemtrails are a reality. They have nothing to do with he vid you mention. You present an obvious distraction.

      Confront the facts and refute those. Dispute the evidence of what is now at least a million videos world wide.

    • If you listened to that broadcast, they were saying that we have been sprayed with that black nano oil as part of their mind control mechanism. There is a very big picture here. Why do you think we have all these UFO sightings, chemtrails, sinkholes, GMO crops, DUMBs, electropollution etc? There is something big coming but no government will tell us even though they have been preparing for it for many decades.

    • if youre into the woo-woo then dont pass on making or buying orgone generators that are supposed to make “them” uncomfortable at the very least. bury them near their activity hubs, like schools hospitals and police departments. bonus points for near transmission towers and building chemtrail busters. why not creeks streams and rivers too? low tech faith and determination has beaten high tech enough times, Goliath was dropped by a kid with a sling!

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