Border Breach, The Real Story Behind The Headlines


by Preston James


border-warehousing-children-bbtxThe USG has never enforced its southern border and recently there has been a very large breach of thousands of illegal immigrants crossing it.

Those who control the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) will not allow you know the actual reasons for this recent very large border breach.

Yes, in the CMMM, you will never be able to read the actual reasons this has occurred with thousands of children and adolescents from Mexico and Central America coming into America illegally, many without parents.

But you can be completely certain that a porous southern border is exactly what the USG and those in the background who run it actually want now and have wanted for many years.

You can also be completely certain that if the USG was really serious about its claimed War on Terror, it would have already established and enforced a real policy of completely sealing all its borders, using the US Military if necessary. And if the USG was really serious, no CIA drug shipments or Coyote traffickers of illegals would be allowed either. It is a well known fact to Intel Insiders that NSA orbital satellites sense every single drug flight and almost every single illegal coming across the border day or night. So let’s dispense with all the lies and pretenses about this Southern US Border mess. It is a mess because this is the way that the Powers That Be (PTB) want it to be.

The simple fact is this, the USG does not want a sealed Southern Border.

This means that without question, the USG is not serious about its claims that it is now engaged in a real War on Terror and has been since 9/11/01. It also means that by implication any Terror that has occurred in America has been done by the USG and Israel who has infiltrated and hijacked it through its espionage fronts like AIPAC, B’nai B’rith, and the like. Otherwise those responsible would have already been brought to justice.

Veterans Today Senior Editor Gordon Duff has revealed this from Russian and French Intel dumps into the public domain, one of which was the original 2003 Sandia Labs secret USG 9/11/01 investigation with nuclear blast experts on the ground at what they called “ground-zero”, a nuclear term. This formerly Top Secret Sandia Report suggests based on the atomic “fingerprint” of the blasts that Israel pre-planted US decommissioned and reconditioned US Nuclear Pitts in the twin Towers and detonated them on 9/11/01.

Yes, the 9/11/01 Attack on America was an act of nuclear Terror by Israel and its “Dual Citizen” NeoCon/PNACer assets inside American and some traitors inside the USAF, JCS, NORAD, the FAA and Congress. But as these docs which were dumped by foreign Intel into the public domain now suggest, the Israel run attack on America of 9/11/01 was also an initial volley in a continuing saga of nuclear blackmail (can you say first installment on their Samson Option?).(1)

You can also be completely certain the the real Powers That Be who control the USG want the current border porous and immigration laws unenforced. This is in direct and stark contrast to any other nation in the world, including Mexico where those who cross into Mexico illegally and are caught do hard time in jail.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

The USG does not want to shut off the CIA sponsored illegal drug pipeline from the Mexican Cartels because they are covertly in business with them.

Yes, we know for certain that the USG wants a porous border to keep the CIA sponsored, drug pipelines of the Mexican Cartels intact.  This is necessary to keep the CIA black budget fat with drug profits and the Wall Street Banks fat laundering massive amounts of drug money.

The Powers that Be (PTB) will not let any USG Official enforce the Rule of Law regarding Illegal CIA Drug Trafficking or anything illegal regarding the Southern Border, including illegal immigration.

The Powers that Be (PTB) who actually run the USG will not allow any USG Official, elected politician, or Alphabet or LE Officer to enforce the Rule of Law and prosecute the CIA drug Traffickers, any protected Banks who launder the drug money, or any state and local officials who share in the 10% Baksheesh paid off the top.

Dianne-Feinstein-640Take the time that Senator Dianne Finestein was provided rock solid information from a credible informant that the Bush Crime Cabal’s (BCC’s) Zapata Trucking was using its LP gas trucks to transport massive amounts of illegal drugs into California from Mexico.

Senator Finestein went to the border and this was directly observed by her and recorded on video later aired on 60 Minutes. Even though she made very tough statements expressing a seemingly strong commitment to see that this illegal trafficking was stopped cold, she quickly backed off and her investigation was halted like all others before.

You can assume that the Powers That Be (PTB) got to her and made some kind of deal. Was she threatened, blackmailed or just bought off? One can only guess because we don’t know the specifics of why she backed off like so many other Senators, Congresspersons and USG Officials who started to investigate but suddenly quit with no explanation offered to the public.

Do not underestimate the “Eye in the Sky” and later orbital spy satellite technology.

During the Vietnam war former NSA staffers have given accounts to other insiders of how detailed and extensive their spy satellite Intel was. Almost every single POW and MIA was tracked by these and other means. When special op “clean teams” were sent into to make certain few would live to tell the tales of the secret war in Cambodia and Laos or about “Operation Whitestar” the biggest deep-black secret of Vietnam, their lack of complete success was known by the NSA. The next step was to offer some North Vietnamese Officials money to make sure they were “cleaned”.

When this failed, Operation Tailwind was activated and carrier based aircraft were sent in to spray VX gas at treetop levels to assassinate these still surviving POW/MIA survivors, according to accounts provided by Admiral Thomas Moorer on 60 Minutes. [And as you can imagine the USG spin-doctors worked overtime to deny and Admiral Moorer’s statement of fact and cover up this Treason].

And yet with all these efforts devised by Kissinger and others to make sure no POW/MIAs survived other than those released as part of the deal Kissinger Negotiated in Paris, some POW/MIAs did survive and were still kept captive by the North Vietnamese. And the NSA knew exactly where these men were and how many there were. Of course all this data like the names of the particular USG officials were involved in the JFK, MLK, RFK Assassinations is also still in the secret files of the NSA like every other major USG crime of Treason and Sedition (and there are thousands).

Wanta 1
Great American Hero Lee Wanta who took down the Soviet Union and ended the Cold War without Nuclear War by negotiating a workable Win/Win “Agreement of Cooperation” between the emerging new leaders of the Russian Federation and the USG.

Be assured that all these files have now been downloaded by three separate Intel Agencies, one of which is specifically Beyond-Black and has threatened to start a massive and systematic progressive dump in order to create an emerging worldwide Populism. I’ll let you guess what this entity is or is not.

The other two are Israel, the center of the new Six eyes System which uses it for blackmailing and coercing USG Officials and US Elected Politicians, and the remaining one is the Russian Federation which has started releasing tidbits here and there as Intel dumps to retaliate for the USG violating the Agreement of Cooperation negotiated with the USG by Lee Wanta, President Reagan’s Secret Agent under the Totten Doctrine.

So when the USG plays dumb and acts like it has no idea about all these illegals crossing the Southern Border and the Cartel’s drug mules and Coyote human traffickers, don’t for a second believe it.The NSA knows where every single person crosses the border, and has accurate totals in real time video. But there is so much more. The NSA has Beyond-Black methods of identifying many aliens as well as most individuals by satellite due to advanced nano-tags that have been ingested from Aerosol spraying in the atmosphere by SSG contract airlines, in vaccines, in food, beverages and other means.

Nano-tagging is the first stage to be followed in successive steps to systematically take ownership of every mind and “hive it” into a centralized super Quantum inter-dimensional computer. Eventually Beyond-black methods are planned to be used to genetically alter the brains and nervous systems of the masses and later transform them into a new species that resembles an android more than a human, and the plan is to strip all humans of free will and their very souls. This plan is criminally insane but has already been activated in its early phases with absolutely no oversight or any checks and balances, an example of SSG power gone mad. And the first phase of this plan has allegedly involved genetic manipulation of selected special ops into “Triple Helix” super soldiers if reports from the inside that have leaked out are accurate.

Remember, right now the Administration is secretly negotiating a new, wide ranging Trans Pacific Partnership trade Agreement that will parallel or surpass the freedom robbing destructiveness of Agenda 21, which so many Cities and Counties have already signed on to quietly hoping to avoid public outrage.

USG Officials have assured other parties that they will sign this treasonous, seditious Agreement and will get it ratified, so not to worry. If the USG can use massive illegal immigration and a dysfunctional healthcare law written to appease the large Health Insurance Corporations to create massive instability and chaos inside America, you can bet the WZs who now run the USG think it will then be “slam-dunc” to transform America into anything they want, including GAZA II, the largest open air Police State and Prison Camp in the world for “dumb Goyim” who will the world’s new Palestinians as soon as the current ones are completely stripped of their land and then genocided.

The PTB want to Globalize America and destroy the American Dream, American Rule of Law and basic American Values, get rid of the Middle Class, continue to export all heavy industry and manufacturing and create massive poverty, while they transform America into GAZA II.

And we also know for certain that those who control the USG behind the scenes want to reconstitute or “Globalize” America with masses of illegals who neither speak English or share in many of the basic American values. This is a well coordinated effort to keep wages low, and ultimately to destroy America the Republic, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, as well as the basic Rule of Law and the overall economic health of America.

The story you have been told in the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) about the Southern Border Breach is patently false.

Like every other major story the CMMM carries there is a bad political payload attached, and you the reader is the target. The objective of the CMMM is to provide immediate access to the Powers That Be (PTB) to your mind, allowing sophisticated Psyops and Mind-Kontrol to be exercised against you without you even realizing it.

Over the last 50 years ever since the PTB (aka the Secret Shadow Government SSG) assassinated JFK, they have used the CMMM to create a false reality in the minds of the public.(2)

Without this false social reality, “We the People” would have never have allowed the PTB/SSG to acquire so much Unconstitutional Power to be able to transform America into an Israeli Occupied Territory and a virtual Police State.

Obviously many now realize that the operating goal of the WZs who have infiltrated and hijacked the American Political System through AIPAC and the like, is to transform America into GAZA II with “We the People” to become the new Palestinians to be tyrannized, oppressed, beat down, confined and then systematically and serially mass-murdered.

Right now America is at the crossroads in this all out covert war between “We the People” and the World Zionists (WZs). These soulless WZs want to destroy America by using Israeli-American Israeli-first Dual Citizens to transform America into GAZA II using their own private internal Militarized Police, Homeland Security (DHS), which many insiders call the New American Gestapo or American Stasi. 

Bush2 was blackmailed into agreeing to promote the creation of DHS by these Dual Citizens under threat of more nuclear 9/11/01 type attacks on America which was done by Israel and these Dual Citizen American traitors and some Traitors in the USAF, JCS, NORAD, the FAA and some on select Committees in Congress too.(3)

Certainly if the Major Mass Media had done its job properly and informed “We the People” that the CIA had formed a partnership with the Kosher Nostra and the Italian Mafia (Cosa Nostra “Our Thing”) to distribute illegal drugs in America, this would have been long ago exposed. Or if they had disclosed that the CIA formed this working relationship to traffick in heroin and that the Golden Triangle was a planned acquisition to keep the Opium flowing and the defense contractors fat with war profits,our situation in America would be so much better today.

Without the creation of a false social reality by the CMMM (based on serial lies and misinformation and major psyops), the PTB/WZs/SSG would not have been able to start all these perpetual, un-winnable, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, illegal, undeclared wars of aggression such as Vietnam, Irag1, Iraq2, and Afghanistan. Any reporter that starts to report the truth finds his stories deeply edited or quickly ignored by senior editors altogether.

indexIf any reporter persists they find themselves soon out a a job and sometimes in deep trouble. And this applies even to WZ minions that have served their masters well for many years. Take Dan Rather who lied about what he saw during the JFK Assassination and was highly rewarded over the years with top positions.

As soon as he went off the reservation with some 9/11 stories he was quickly punished and pushed back into the secondary mass media market. For those that want to understand how this really works, read the classic book, “Into the Buzzsaw”.(4)

The CMMM is a major tool of the Powers That Be (PTB) which are all directly linked to the private World Zionist (WZ) Central Banksters in the City of London and their franchisee the American Federal reserve System, which is neither a Bank or a monetary reserve. It is this scandalous Money Power that provides the horsepower to the City of London World Zionists (WZs) and all their puppets and minions which have infiltrated the USG and basically hijacked America.

Now here is the real Border Story that the WZ controlled Major Mass Media is never going to tell you.

According to a report provided by an informant and also confirmed by a top Intel Insider, the current major Southern  US “Border Breach” is a set up, a massive psyop bought and paid for by the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) and their partners the Mexican Drug Cartels on behalf of the WZs.

Here is how this Psyop has been instituted. In certain Central American and Mexican Cities, signs have been posted with a message that reads something like this: “A free trip to the US Border will be provided for your children. There the US Government will provide shelter, food and future US citizenship for free. Refugee status will be given by the US Government and eventually when your kids can bring you into America to be citizens.”

According to the informant 1-6K per child has been paid to the cartels by the BCC to provide transportation to the border by bus, truck or van. Some parents are also charged additional funds for the transport of their children after being promised that they will be granted refugee status, food shelter, schooling and eventual full US citizenship.

The BCC is behind this “Children’s Crusade” Border Breach. The BCC has had 50 years to embed its cronies and minions and some started USG preparations in january, 2014 or before.(5)

But what is the real purpose of this massive transportation of Illegal Immigrant children and adolescents to the border?

The First apparent reason for this staged Border Breach?

The first NeoCon/PNAC/BCC (WZ)  goal is apparently use the Cloward-Piven strategy to overwhelm the current Obama Administration at one of its most major political vulnerabilities as revenge for its unwillingness to go to a full scale aerial bombardment of Syria, Iran or the Ukraine and fight additional major wars for Israel. And these wars were designed by Israel to fracture Islamic nations, make them war against one another and enhance Israeli power and assist them in their expansion and land-grabbing. Israel must have major Islamic wars around them and some with them, in order to make quick, large new land acquisitions by capturing Arab lands.

Every President since Ronald Reagan has been illegitimate (6) and has also committed numerous acts of Treason and Sedition for which none were successfully impeached and removed from office as they should have been.

The current Republican Party (NeoCon) strategy is to stage the situation in such a to enhance the deadlock and political demise of President Obama, while ignoring any of his offenses which could or should be impeachable as major violations of the US Constitution. In this way they plan to create significant political escrow which can be cashed in at the next Congressional and Presidential elections and perhaps sweep Congress and gain complete control.

And yes the top Republicans party controllers are NeoCon and their clones, are secretly working for Israel and AIPAC under the money power of the City of London Banksters and their franchisee the Unconstitutional and completely illegal Federal Reserve system and the big Wall Street Banks.

The Obama Administration has been committed to providing new immigration legislation which includes some kind of amnesty provisions for many illegals already here. Many Republicans in Congress have not been willing to agree to these key intended provisions and the legislation has been deadlocked with no compromise in sight. Meantime both sides have been retaliating against each other in various creative ways.

The current Administration has provided for amnesty cities where illegals are typically left alone unless they commit serious crimes. [In these amnesty cities, sources have claimed that Police have been instructed and policies set prohibiting asking folks who appear to be illegal for their papers, even with cause, unless they commit a major crime.] The Republicans have had the CMMM on their side and have been aligned with WZs against the Administration. And numerous surveys show that most Americans are against this massive illegal immigration and feel that it is bankrupting many border cities and hospitals as well as costing many billions of dollars in welfare.

Basically this immigration issue has become a rallying point for the Republicans against President Obama even though they have supported a Globalization Agenda and a Multicultural/Diversity/Political Correctness/Perversion Agenda in the past, because President Obama has “gone off the WZ reservation.” That is, he has apparently refused to go ahead and fight any more major wars for Israel.  This alone has brought all the WZ machinery against him and his administration including the CMMM and the Republican Party, many of whom are fat on the support from AIPAC and the like.

The strategy now being used by NeoCons/PNACers and WZ Cutouts  to make sure an almost unlimited supply of funds is funneled to the Mexican (CIA sponsored) Cartels through the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) to pay for the transportation of thousands of adolescents and children across the Southern US Border where they know that they will receive food, shelter, medical care and protected status as refugee children.

This has in effect transformed the current Southern Border/Illegal Immigrant issue into a “Children’s Crusade” to play on the sentiments and sympathy of generous, charitable Americans who care a great deal about these Children who are presented in the CMMM to be in dire straits. This whole strategy to create a Children’s Crusade is a very, very crafty strategy and like all other pre-staged strategies is designed to create maximum cognitive dissonance in Americans and alienate them even further from their own governmental process that is supposed to provide a means for “We the People” to obtain the changes we want and need and demand Rule of law at all levels of Government.

It is well understood by social scientists that any such major cognitive dissonance typically freeze up folks who then withdraw and simply go away in quiet desperation, feeling completely powerless to do anything to create real change.

The Second apparent reason for this massive Border Breach?

There have been rumors from insiders for years that US, Canadian and Mexican officials signed a secret agreement to create a North American Union between these three countries. It was allegedly decided that such an agreement could never be accepted by Americans or Canadians unless some great crises cleared the way for a new paradigm in thinking about unifying these nations. Perhaps this border breach has been planned by the WZs and BCC who were behind this Agreement in the first place as a means to provide that new paradigm.

Could it be that the porous southern US border and the unregulated immigration that is now viewed as out of control and a plague on the economy by many has been designed to serve as a false cover story to mask a coming complete collapse of the American economy when the long expected demise of the US Petro Dollar as the World’s Reserve Currency occurs?

The Third apparent reason for this staged Border Breach?

So far the Samson Option nuclear Blackmail option has not worked on the Obama Administration because so far the US Military has not engaged in a full scale aerial bombardment of Syria, Iran of the Ukraine on behalf of the WZs and Israel.(7)

nuclear_power_10As a clear cut message of resistance to the WZ/Israeli nuclear blackmail, the USN has already sunk two Israel Dolphin class submarines which contained nuclear tipped cruise missiles, one was in retaliation for the USS Liberty and the second in retaliation for israel’s attack on America on 9/11/01.

Of course the WZs and their main Action-agent (Cutout) Israel are not going to be satisfied with this lack of cooperation by the current US Administration. They are hard at work planning and plotting their next move. What might that be? They have nuked America before on 9/11/01. perhaps it is not too much of a stretch to expect them to do it again and stage another nuclear attack on an American City and once again blame it on a Mideast Nation such as Iran, perhaps this time using a much larger device. To do this they would likely have illegal deep cover Ops come across the border and make sure to leave a false trail tracking back to Iran after they activated the Israeli device already pre-planted in a major American city, probably stored in an Israeli embassy. [Note: all Israeli Embassies were recently closed allegedly due to a labor dispute, hmmm what might this mean?]

Veterans Today Senior Editor Gordon Duff

This possibility of a team of nuclear terror ops coming across the Southern Border was recently supported in a June 16, 2014 Veterans Today article by Senior Editor Gordon Duff.(8) This article disclosed that a three man Ukrainian Special Forces group working in concert with the US Embassy in Kiev was arrested in Texas after crossing over the border from Mexico. Of course this story will not be covered by the CMMM and has largely been suppressed. This is the kind of open source Intel that the very large network of Veterans Today informants which are all over the world in many countries repeatedly comes up with.

Was this group of three special ops from Kiev that were arrested in Texas part of an Israeli operated Nuclear Terror Cell? Could this group of three that were arrested be part of a sophisticated false-flag nuclear cell working for the WZs who were coming into America to set up the next Israeli installment of their Samson Option on behalf of the World Zionists (WZs) in the City of London because the current US Administration will not start another large Mideast war for Israel? That is perhaps the best, most reasonable guess at this time based on what we know. Has this recent Border Breach been set up to provide cover for the smuggling in of foreign nuclear terrorists, mercenaries working for Israel?


The bottom line is this. The massive Southern Border Breach that these Hidden Masters of the Secret Shadow Government have created is just an extension of all the hell they have created in Mexico and so many other central American countries which have been pillaged, dominated and ruled by Fascist dictators set up by the major International Corporations. If poverty, misery and hell was not a typical daily way of life and decent jobs and law and order existed, few would want to migrate into America. Like General Smedley Butler disclosed in his infamous book, War Is A Racket”, he was sent to use his troops to operate as an enforcer against the common folk in Central America and other places on behalf of large International Corporations.

Remember the OSS and later the CIA were set up using the name and model of the Intel group associated with the old United Fruit. This group was called “the Company” and the name stuck with the OSS and then the CIA which were based on that original Intel group.

It is the domination and resource stripping of Mexico and Central America by these WZ drug cartels and partner Corporations often using USG Cutouts and US provided arms, training, financing, CIA special ops and mercenaries that have transformed these southern nations into a poverty stricken living hell for the most part. It is this International network of WZ associated Corporations that has imposed so many puppet dictators and so many death squads on Mexican and Central American activists, armed and paid for by uninformed US Taxpayers.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

YouTube - Veterans Today -











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  1. TREASON! Ret Border Patrol Agent reveals a whole lot more!
    Published on Jul 19, 2014
    National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO)
    NAFBPO Border Presentation
    http //
    Reasons Amnesty is a Very Bad Idea.
    The subject of what to do with millions of aliens illegally in the United States is getting a lot of attention. Congress, as would be expected, proposes a solution amnesty. And again as one should expect, it is precisely the wrong solution, done badly.
    The members of NAFBPO have extensive experience with illegal aliens and with amnesty in 1986. What you’ll see below are the reasons that we know amnesty is the worst possible solution for Americans.
    There Will Be No Background Checks
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  2. I worked on the Kennedy Ranch south of Kingsville TX south of the Sarita checkpoint in the mid 90’s. On weekends I would see hundreds of wetbacks walking along the fence lines evading la emigra. Instinctively I thought this is an undeclared invasion part of the Cloward Piven strategy, that was 20 years ago. I find it knaive to hear no one take in consideration we are dealing with a group of handlers that play from a different playbook….the talmud. We can not judge the PTB or expect them to act within our moral paradigm. We are dealing with an astute and cunning adversary that thinks three steps ahead. I say we should do a false flag on them. Evacuate a US city detonate and blame them for it. Just thinking like they do. Saluti.

  3. Here I see war by other means using children,
    Also a form of ‘child trafficking / child labor’
    It opens the door to well use your imagination.
    And from what I hear it was not trains and spontaneous action,
    these kids are being selected and put in play.
    Despicable I say.
    This while the pedophilia and associated blackmail thing is erupting in England.
    Resurrected maybe from the Franklin Credit Union Affair some years back here in the US.
    It has been going on the whole time, it is once again attracting attention.
    It has been mentioned that these children are at risk of somehow disappearing.
    I would not rule that out.


  4. I still say those 3 Ukrainian Special Forces guys were just looking for a place to crash after an all night party at the Crawford Ranch. Victoria Nuland was there. She was a party favor. That was a joke but the boarder issue is not. When a government can’t protect its borders there is no longer any real justification for its existing. Its time for Americans to act with or without the consent of this rudimentary appendage of a government, whether it be within the military, within her intelligence agency’s and law enforcement, or at this point maybe even armed mobs. If Americans and at this point I am talking to all Americans; Black, White, Asian and Hispanic, do not seal the southern border air tight within the next year or so America is done as a country.

    The main stream media doesn’t mind telling the world that the NSA is spying on them, watching them drink beer, take drugs and root for the Dallas Cowboys. What that should tell observant readers is that the NSA is in actuality spying on the main stream media and their masters.They have names, addresses, bank account numbers and audio and visual transcripts of every public official that ever took a bribe and every corporate or Bolshevik Israeli entity that ever offered one. Its time for them to act.

  5. This all very good but, you leave out the fact of who really controls the Zionists ?
    The Jesuits of course, they are the ones that really want to destroy the nation and our Bill of rights, our Protestant Beliefs which are eroding before our eyes, not even one Protestant left on the Supreme Court, dwindling numbers in the Congress, none in all the agency heads, it’s all Islam and the Catholics, please I am not knocking the Catholic people but it’s secret & not so secret societies and all that they really want is to go after those of the old Protestant Backbone that insisted on the Separation of Church and State.

    • Yes, it’s the Luciferians, but the true controllers choose to remain hidden from the public and use numerous networks of Cutouts. Some say the Jesuits and Black Pope, others say the old Black Euro Nobility who they view as the Crusaders of old that seek to seat an Anti-Christ in a new temple in Jerusalem and have been using other people’s armies to accomplish this for centuries. And yet others say it the Rothschild Zio Banksters who hijacked the City of London when napoleon was defeated and then instead of remaining Cutouts and bankers for the old black nobility overtook them and took over. Others say it is a large Roundtable of crime families as mentioned in John Coleman’s classic book, the Committee of Three Hundred. Time will tell who is correct.

  6. Dr. James,
    This article was the most important one I have ever read on this site. I had no idea this being a psyop. I tried to research this info after reading your article here, but got nothing. Wow, this was some hidden information you dug up. Way to go!! Thank you so very much for all of the hard work you do, again, great job!

  7. The whole face of the government’s drug operations has been changed by states legalizing marijuana. They now have a new huge legal market and they figure they can undercut state’s legal MJ with a flood of their own brand. This is also why east coast states are now considering legalizing MMJ. The fix is really in when you see people like Soros jumping on the band wagon and trying to corner the new east coast emerging MMJ markets. They know the demand is now going to skyrocket, they desperately need more cash and the borders were only previously enforced to keep out the Mexican cartel competition and keep domestic prices high with limited demand. They can also reinvent themselves politically and gain more votes by coming off as having “seen the light” and saying marijuana now has much needed medical properties. They were always interested in our best interests all along and now marijuana is good in spite of no government funded testings or studies?

  8. The taxpayers can handle only so much. People who are strangers to OUR country who could be contagious, who will soon be in classrooms with our children. We do not know these people but are being strapped with the financial burden of each one. A burden to our schools, food supply, water supply, housing, clothing, transportation system, and balance if our society well-being.
    This will be worse in the near future..America is done if this is allowed to stand.
    Thank you Mr. James. Excellent.

  9. As Craig Ringness commented on facebook……it certainly is all going according to plan, but, according to this guy we never had a snowballs chance in hell against these superior beings…………

    http //

  10. Would it not be ‘refreshing” if President Obama had the courage to
    come completely clean with the American people and the world?
    Something like an unexpected Presidential address, out of the blue,
    no speechwriters, from the heart.

    Who cares about the birth certificate, being homosexual, dope smoking,
    whatever. Just for once do the right thing and steer this country from
    the abyss it is staring in!


    • Yes it would be but he presented a forged birth certificate which shows he does not intend to be honest with the very people he works under and for…the ones paying his salary, ‘member us?
      Secondly, Oblunder has no heart. I just read the interview in Playboy March 1972, with Saul Alinsky. Some amazing comments to say the least. I see a lot of what Oblunder has done to us.
      Doing the right thing and steer this country from the abyss it is staring? This is the abyss that Alinsky speaks of in the interview. This is what Oblunder sought and is not achieving. He is “re-making” America as he said he would. A scorpion stings, a snake bites, and lion attacks because it is their nature and they know no different. Lying is what this president does without any remorse whatsoever. No thought about the people he is killing or simply hurting. He does not care. This is the new America the Bush/Clintion/Bush/Oblunder regime molded. Oblunder cannot tell the truth anymore than a shark can stop eating. A most immmoral anti-American man Oblunder is. You expect too much out of him. But, it would be refreshing! He is unable to do that…not within his make-up.

  11. Continued comment

    3. Who benefits? A. The owners of capital who make money out of the welfare system (the big banks). B. The WZ power mongers – people concerned about finding their next meal, feeding and clothing their kids, keeping a roof over their heads, etc, typically don’t have any energy to fight for their legal and constitutional rights (absent the presence of a charismatic leader or effective community organization).

    For myself, it is evident that the American and world population is manipulated and farmed for profit (in multiple contexts). Human beings are such a wonderful resource for exploitation – reproducing under even seriously adverse circumstances and willing to sell themselves and each other out in return for small bribes. The worst thing that can happen for the “people” that believe themselves to be our rulers is development of a critical mass of informed and motivated individuals who are prepared to work for constructive, positive, change. They will use any and all tools – such as those discussed in this article, to try to make sure this does not happen.

  12. Thanks to Dr. James for this article.

    It is reasonably clear that the present flood of illegal immigration inundating the southern US is a manufactured crisis. As was observed in the article, kids would not be making the trip from Central America to Texas without a substantial amount of help.
    The standard three questions need to be asked in order to gain perspective on the matter
    Why this? Why now? and Who benefits? I will attempt to answer these questions in outline only (from my perspective).

    1. Why this? Multiple reasons. A. It’s a diversion. The magician is picking your pocket while you look for the vanishing ball. B. Divide and conquer domestic opposition. C. Paying off debts – keep the money flowing to the cartels. D Justify an expanded federal presence in affected states. (This list is probably not complete).
    2. Why now? See A. above – People pay more attention to new next door neighbors than they do to their government killing people in faraway lands. B. Its advancing an agenda of wage depression and political and social disintegration (nicely covered by Dr. James).

    http //

    Primary Contact. Tony Ross, Contracting Officer, [email protected], Phone 202-732-2587
    Secondary Contact Rachel Ali, Contract Specialist, [email protected], Phone 202-732-2622

    […] The Contractor shall provide unarmed escort staff, including management, supervision, manpower, training, certifications, licenses, drug testing, equipment, and supplies necessary to provide on-demand escort services for non-criminal/ non-delinquent unaccompanied alien children ages infant to 17 years of age, seven (7) days a week, 365 days a year. Transport will be required for either category of Unaccompanied Alien Children or individual juveniles, to include both male and female juveniles. There will be approximately 65,000 Unaccompanied Alien Children in total 25% local ground transport, 25% via ICE charter and 50% via commercial air.

    The full DHS requirement is here. http //

    As the documents prove, DHS Chief Jeh Johnson is a LIAR. This is just another Obama/Jarrett ILLEGAL AMNESTY strategy and BLATANT LIE.

  14. The humanitarian disaster is not really just illegal immigration. It is a planned population transfer. The NWO has done this many times before to other populations which are transferred en masse for the purpose of redrawing lines, increasing power, clearing land, etc. Only the NWO has the logistical power to plan the mass transfer of Central American children without documentation through the tropics, across harsh Mexican desert, and through towns and cities without question, then onto planes with permission to land in America. These children are probably being used for some upcoming NWO policy or event.

  15. Whatever it is that is going on with the tsunami of illegals crossing the southern border it was clearly predicted by the * Protocols of the Elders of Zion * [ aka Protocols of the Illuminati aka Protocols of the Synagogue of Satan ]. The secret protocols were first discovered and made available to the world about 100 years ago starting in Russia about twelve years before the Bolshevik takeover . The controversy over the authorship of the Protocols is irrelevant to the validity of the content . The Protocols have deep insights of an illuminati psychotic genius for a 3000 year old master plan for divinely chosen Zionist Synagogue of Satan jews to attain dominion over the world . The plan has been called eerily prescient and is still in operation . Here is one link ( there are others ) —

    http //

    • Exactly! How many Americans know this? 1%? Crazy that they are getting away with this! I suppose when you are as evil as they are and are willing to murder (or suicided) anyone who speaks out, it can work successfully.

  16. Take military 747 and C5 load them all in there and drop them back off in the country
    they come from.
    Drop leaflets out all over those countries, illegals will be returned.
    May be that send a message.
    Otherwise their will never come an end to this disaster.
    May be from Africa’s war torn countries and hunger from no rain fall figure out a way
    to cross the ocean and arrive in Washington D.C.
    All of them hunkering down in front of the White House.
    Our Black President can he send thousands of blacks than back to Africa?
    May be all the countries who we bombed down arrive at our border and say,
    You destroyed our nations, now nothing but violence and death.
    Can we send them back?
    South America green beautifully countries were people can grow crops and
    don’t have to starve like in Africa.
    Why can’t they straighten out their countries?
    Let them all move in and destroy our nation too.
    The money goes to wars not the infra structure, so they can help to let it go
    faster down the drain.

    • It’s not as simplistic as that Maria…..these kids – mainly from Central America are being brought into the country by white women (guess) intent on causing major problems……..and diseases.

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