Who Really is Major General Qassem Suleimani ?



Who is Major General Qassem Suleimani ?

… by  Hamed  Ghashghavi,   Tehran


[ Editors Note:  Hamed brings us a rare look into one of Iran’s top military commanders, who often are censored from Western Press to avoid any analogies between our own George Washington, heaven forbid. While the two generals were not co-religionists, they shared a passionate desire to not have their people exploited by overseas commerical and military powers.  I personally was not aware of General Suleimani so we are happy share this from the son of an Iranian veteran from the eight year war with the US backed Saddam and Iraq… Jim W. Dean ]


The name of this Iranian Commander is not unknown to many who study the Middle-East situation, but these days during the battle against the evil soldiers and unhuman Takfiris in Iraq, his name has been mentioned on some mainstream media like Fox News, Washington Post, CBS News, and the Guardian.

What I would like to illuminate our readers is the career of this great man whose Pentagon high level officials are afraid to hear the name.

He is the commander of the Qods Force, a division of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), which conducts special operations outside Iran. Their name comes from the Arabic name for Jerusalem Al-Quds. Qods Force was created in the 1990s.

According to Western intelligence scources, General Sulaimani has  played  a major role in the arrangement of post-Saddam Iraq plus the Western imposed war on the Syrian people. He had earlier helped the Afghans to resist to the American colonization there. His efforts have also been very effective in strengthening the resistance structure of Hezbollah in southern Lebanon.

So inside and outside of Iran among those who know a little about the realities on the ground no one can deny his significant role in the struggle against the Israeli and U.S. forces.


The Supreme Leader of the Iranian revolution who delivers the messages of condolence or congratulation only for the very important cases, nine months ago gave a condolence message for death of General Sulaimani’s mother in which he said: “Your act in the favor of Islam and Muslims may be very useful for your mother, God bless her soul.”

And we must know that the Supreme Leader chooses his words carefully even for such a message that can be simple in our eyes. In Iran there are many  young guys who are ready to give their lives for the Supreme Leader and their country particulary at the time of the imposed wars by the US and the EU on Syria, Ukraine, Iraq and the continuing “all options are on the table” theats to Russia and Iran.

There were many young people who, after a Fatwa of the founder of the Revolution, Imam Khomeini, have filled the Iran-Iraq border which is more 1200km (as since centuries Iran has not attacked any other country, the period of the Iraq-Iran war was appointed as Sacred Defense.

As an Iranian I know than the understanding of the definition of Supreme Leader can be strange for the western and particularly American audience I suggest you to watch the short video of Ken Ok’eefe on that: Ken O’Keefe in Tehran – “Iran is not the threat, we are.

Back to the man who was named as one of the most important Iranian policy makers by Washington Post. In the same time he is a admired and hated character for the Zionists. “He is the most powerful security agent of Middle-East, no one knows him”…John Maguire, former CIA officer in Iraq

Wired Magazine place him as the most dangerous man in the world and the NewYorker named General Sulaimani as the most effective commander in Syria war. The Supreme Leader appointed him as living martyr.

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The son of Martyr Imad Mougniyah, one of the Hezbollah leaders assassinated by Mossad

“He has the links to all sides regime (Iran). He is someone than I call politically genius” …Meir Dagan, the former Mossad Director. “No doubt he is the strongest man in Iraq”… Dr. al-Rubaie Mowaffak, former National Security Advisor of Iraqi government

General Suleimani was very dynamic during 8 years of Sacred Defense, almost 90% of his friends who were all the commanders have become martyrs and national heroes.

Before becoming the Major General Foreign of division of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), General Suleimani was very active in the struggle against drugs in the Iran-Afghan border.

At the same time that the Taliban in Afghanistan took power, General Sulaimani was appointed as the commander of Al-Quds Forces. According to his birthplace, he is a specialist in civil wars (Afghanistan, Iran’s Kurdistan, Iraq, and Syria etc.).

The Quds Force are very active in the political, security and economic areas of Iraq and other countries of the region. According to multiple media sources, high CIA amd Mossad security committees have repeatedly planned and ten times rescheduled the assassination of this man strong.

The Islamic State if Iraq and the Levant that these days will not hesitate to commit any kind of crime against the Iraqi people has announced that they will kill Saleimanin if they catch him in Iraq.

We must understand what is happening in Iraq has absolutely nothing to do with the Shia-Sunni conflict that the mainstrean media is saying, but is a direct confrontation bewteen the Resistance line (Iran, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon) and the American Zionist axis.

For many young revolutionaries and followers of the Supreme Leader, Imam Khamenei worldwide, General Suleimani is a kind of transnational hero providing the leadership and encouragement to help them continue the fight against the American Empire forces and the Zionist entity.


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{p} Hamed Ghashghavi is a Polyglot Researcher on North American and Western European Studies, Conference Organizer, Columnist, Biographer, Interpreter, Documentary Filmmaker & Editor, Teacher and Tour Guide based in Tehran.{/p}{p}In the letter of recommendation of Major-General Solaimani’s deputy for American affairs to a high-ranking Iranian official about Hamed, written two years ago, it has been mentioned:{/p}{p} "....We recognize him as being fluent in French, Arabic and English.....and in addition, he benefits from high potential regarding international relations." During the past …. years the aforementioned person in the frame of ….. and constructing the lobby of ............... in ‎Europe and US, had a worthy and effective cooperation with …..”{/p}{p}Ghashghavi has authored the biographies of more than 200 American and European anti-Zionist and anti-Imperialist figures in 500 pages! (in Persian). The collection has been sent to the office of Iranian high-ranking officials in order to let them know about their activities to bring Justice, Truth and Peace to our world. One of his wonderful works is the collection of the letter of 70 American and European academicians and former politicians and militaries figures to Iran’s Supreme Leader which has been directly send to his esteemed office.{/p} {p}During these years, Hamed, by contacting different Iranian universities, could also invite a lot of those western figures to give lecture and keep in touch with students around the country. He has also arranged several Skype interviews for Mr. Talebzadeh's TV show.{/p}{p}Grace of Hamed works a lot of Iranian NGO, journalists and documentarians cooperating in high-ranking Iranian News Agencies and also in IRIB could get in touch with those faces in order to interview them or documentaries.{/p}{p}Due to his father 's profession, he has lived 11 years of his life outside of Iran and has been in close contact with different cultures. His father, a graduate of Sorbonne University, is an Iranian diplomat with more than 3 decades of experience who served in Iranian embassies located in different European and African countries. He was the Director for African Institutions Department at Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and currently works as Iranian ambassador to Dakar.{/p}{p}He is a graduate of Tunis El Manar University (UTM) in Electronic and computer Science. (French University System){/p}{p}After 7 years in Tunisia and becoming a fan of French literature and the study of the French society, in Jan. 2012 Ghashghavi returned to Iran and started to research on North American and Western European societies in order to find and contact the anti-war figures and independent thinkers.{/p}{p}In Jan. 2012 he returned to Iran and since then has held positions like the Secretary of International Affairs of the 3rd intl. Hollywoodism Conference , 2nd intl. New Horizon Conference (2nd intl. Conference of Independent Thinkers), the 2nd New Horizon Festival (the 2nd intl. Festival of independent filmmakers), the 4th Ammar Popular Film Festival and the 1st Intl. Conference on Holy Prophet (pbuh), Cinema & World Literature , Hamed has also worked as one of the organizers of the International relations of hoax of Hollywood Conference and the Islamic Awakening Conference series such as Islamic Awakening and Ulama Conference , Muslim University Professors and Islamic Awakening conference , Iran’s 9th intl. Conference on Public Relations , etc.{/p}{p}Download his complete CV{/p}


  1. The West has trouble owning up to bad alliances. One example is their friendship with the very generous Prince Bandar, who stated deep anti-Shia biases and helped his Arab allies sent their psychopaths to serve Al Qaeda in Iraq and other suicide-bomb operations. That blind support led directly to what ISIS is doing murdering Iraqis and Syrians by the many thousands. Another example is continuing multibillion dollar support for Israel despite expansion of “settlements” on the West Bank. And Iran hitting the “Axis of Evil” list even after General Suleimani offered Iran’s resources to help America fight the Taliban and shut down Usama bin Laden’s killers. Now ??? With horrors enveloping Syria, Iraq, and Gaza? It will take true strength and also forgiveness — strength to stop ISIS the way they have been stopped cold at Tikrit and Samarra — and forgiveness in the other problem for what seems impossible to forgive. Forgiveness and acceptance for what is not Muslim in equal measure. Yes, forgiveness. And that will require greater strength than any war — a test that General Suleimani might well overcome, for he looks to be the one and only such individual, a man of true courage, to come on the scene since Israel was founded. He could be the key to turning things around so that Israel becomes a unique gift from Allah, a gift for the whole area. A miracle, that. Not a plague, a gift. What should have happened in the 1940s, but has gone all the other way. Pray for the General. There is a lot to be said for incorruptibility.

  2. Major General Qassem Suleimani is an excellent military tactician and negotiator. The rest is all hype. The only reason he is still alive is because of the bungling of the Obama administration, the U.S. Department of Defense and the CIA.

  3. I am not an expert on looks and nationalities but have spent years in mideast, Afghan,and some other places. Suleimani certainly can be Persian by looks.
    I do not know what is going on but intelligent people who have morals and values will put more value in the natural law and traditional decent standards of behavior before their blood lines. We have all heard the phrase “blood is thicker than water”, but intelligent people who were raised by good parents and have a code of upholding morals and traditional values will put decency before joining the mob.

  4. Of course Ahmadinejad the former President only found out he was Jewish after he was out of office, people are also saying the new President of Iran Hassan Rouhani is also Jewish, like el-Sisi in Egypt and al-Saud in Saudi Arabia,

    This is how the game is being Played..the Orthodox Christian Putin in Russia..no one can trace the name Putin past the Grandfather, who was the cook for both the Jewish stalin and lenin.

    Obama thats not even his real Mother, let alone his Real Father.

    So needless to say..Who is Major General Qassem Suleimani ? Really ?

    First i would look and see if he is an RH Negative Blood Type..then trace his Family Roots back to see if he is Jewish..Khazar Jew that is..AshkeNazi, Wahabbi, Crypto, etc.

  5. The Iraqi soldiers that run have no loyalty to the Western colony known as Iraq. They are their for a paycheck, but their is a possibility that the Iraqis and ISIS see eye to eye on certain subjects, like removing the real threat to Iraqi sovereignty, and that’s the colonialists that continue to steal their wealth and ignore vital infrastructures that were flattened during the invasion. The Kurds are hated by ISIS and Iraqi citizens. They don’t like being Muricanized. The insane brutality is mind numbing and the best reason to stop ISIS from terrorizing anyone else. Iraq can become a sovereign nation but not with ISIS as an ally.

  6. I am happy to see a topic concerning this Iranian general. I have to do a lot of looking up because I want to see what he is all about. I had a lot of discussions a few years back on the Iran- Iraq War. I know little to nothing about Iranian generals and strategists.
    I cannot disagree with what brubank guy said about Giap but I am clear about certain points. I was in the Marines in late 60s and even though being naive and poorly informed I took an interest in Giap. I also researched what a lot of his subordinates had to say. Giap was ruthless and showed little concern for major loss of North Vietnamese soldiers as well as VC. Massive losses were a normal way of the world for Giap. Many North Vietnamese families would not give any praise to this proud ambitious man also bit vainglourious. He felt little shock and depression when losing hundreds and thousands of young men in poorly planned or ultimately useless operations. It seems that a lot of the truly well thought out campaigns were not Giap’s ideas but that of some staff members yet Giap took all the credit. If I am wrong, just show me the “truth”. But he is not held in such high esteem by a lot of his subordinates.

  7. The only people who would criticize a name like The Supreme Leader are those who have a negative view of the person their attacking. That’s all it is, an attack. Everyone else looks at the language barrier and understands what is meant with an open mind.
    Take Iran for example. Those who understand their perseverance to the Shah of Iran for 25 years know what its like to live with a Joseph Stalin. His removal and Iran’s Independence prove beyond any doubt that the West forced an ultra hard right dictator on the people while their oil and future was stolen under their noses. It was an act of hostility and theft. The critics were bent by the cultural hegemonic brainwashing by cultural bias demonstrated by deceit. Thank you for the article.

  8. The West promotes its own favoured military commanders … while ignoring the non-Western generals who have shaped the world. On the previous 4 October, one of the most important generals of modern history died at the age of 102 – Vietnam’s Nguyen Giap Vo (1911–2013). Starting life as a rice farmer, earning a doctorate in history, General Giap, a Vietnamese nationalist more than a Communist, led a poor, out-gunned, Vietnam to victory against both France and the United States. Yet his name is little known in the West, despite his life being worthy of major film, and how now, more than ever, we all should know and learn from Giap’s tactics of victory against more-heavily-armed opponents in our own territory.

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