World To Israel: Stop the Mass Murder of Palestinians Now !


by Preston James


Three young Israeli men are dead. Israel claims that they were kidnapped and murdered by Palestinians.

But there are many unanswered questions about how these murders occurred or who is really responsible.

Israel has now attacked Palestine once again in retaliation for what many outside of Israel believe is another Israeli False-flag attack.

And this new notably brutal attack on Palestine has caught many children in direct harms way with no bomb shelters.(1)

And many believe that there is good reason for assuming that Israel is falsely blaming Palestinians in order to justify the taking of more Palestinian land and an excuse to advance their eugenics program to depopulate Palestine of Palestinians.

Israel, experienced experts in the staging of very crafty covert Gladio-style, Inside-job False-flag attacks.

Israel is known to be the World Center of staged, Gladio-style, Inside-job False-flag attacks, second only to the City of London Financial District, and considered by some Intel insiders to be a Neo-Bolshevik colony and left over of the old Soviet Union.

Naturally, many Intel insiders and a fair proportion of the world masses view this as another Israeli False-flag, especially in Israel view this murder of three Israeli youth as a noticeably convenient occurrence, and far, far too convenient to have happened as claimed.

So here is the current situation. The Israeli Press has provided a strong justification to stage a massive aerial attack on Palestine once again and continue their long operational systematic genocide and land grab against Palestinians and their land.

But wait a minute here, recent genetic research shows conclusively that Israeli’s have no ancient Hebrew Blood.

Recent peer reviewed John Hopkins genetic research has shown most Israelis have no ancient Hebrew Blood at all, but are Khazarians or Ashkenazis and that most Palestinians DO have ancient Hebrew Blood. These recent genetic research findings fit with historical documents which have been suppressed for many years but are now being pulled from older European libraries and carefully studied.

The implications of this recent John Hopkins genetic research on Israelis are astounding and clearly suggest that the real Semites are Palestinians, while the World’s biggest Anti-Semites are the Israelis.

Thus Israel’s position that they have an ancient claim to Palestine is all based on a BIG LIE and Patently false. What this means is that the World Zionist (WZ) City of London private Central Banksters aka the Rothschild World Money-Changers and their associates have set Israel up to serve as their main WZ Action-Agents, and all this is based on a BIG LIE too.


But it is also been a very deadly lie for Palestinians since 1947 and also for much of the World since so many of the wars have been staged by the World Zionist (WZ) Money-Changers in order to attain their Luciferian Death Cult goals and bring is fat war profits for their member Defense Contractors and associated bank franchisees.

Most wars are pre-staged and conducted by World Zionists (WZs) as a part of an age-old Eugenics Death Cult Agenda and to generate massive profits and increased WZ Political Power through selected Cutouts all around the World who stage wars and conflicts which cause massive human death and suffering.

38783-israel-killing-machine2Yes, most major wars in the last two hundred years or more have all been covertly pre-staged and secretly run by the World Zionist (WZ) Money-Changers as a part of their Eugenic Death Cult war-profiting Agenda and to obtain increased political power across the world in almost every nation.

By the way, the term “Money-Changers” is their own term and what they refer to themselves as. This assertion that all wars are pre-staged by WZs is going to be very difficult for many to accept, but upon deep examination of all the available evidence it can be shown to be true.

Israel specializes in advanced mind-kontrol and has spent many years grooming terror cells that are secretly controlled by them but made to appear as Islamic or Palestinian operations. They make sure they are armned but only with flimsy short ranged missiles with token payloads.

They have oppressed Palestine and driven many Palestinian youth crazy and enraged to the point that they throw rocks at Israeli IDF because they have no weapons and have been disarmed. You can bet that these so-called “missile attacks” on Israel that they blame on Palestinians are actually being somehow controlled by Israel using advanced mind-kontrol, and stooges or patsies.

How can we know for sure that Israel stages False-flag, Gladio-style, Inside-job attacks as a covert policy? The answer is that we know because they have been caught numerous times.

Here are the big events they have been proved to have done: the LaVonne Affair in Egypt in 1954 which was an attempt to bring America into a war with Egypt on israel’s behalf; The Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, designed to bring America into an Israeli war against Egypt; and the 9/11/01 nuclear attack on America which was a first installment of the Israeli Samson Option and was essentially Israeli Nuclear Blackmail used to con America into fighting numerous genocidal Mideast wars against Arab Nations and Islamics on behalf of Israel.

In most of these Mideast wars, the USG secretly employed thousands of mercenaries and secretly deployed special operators which were not fighting under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

1. The LaVonne Affair in which Israel got caught.(2)

2. The Israeli attack on the USS Liberty. We now have Intel docs which prove it was a False-Flag attack.(3)

3. The nuclear attack on America on 9/11/01. Russian and French Intel dumps show that Israel did this with nukes.(4)

It is now realized by many that most Europeans have turned against Israel because of their blatant Apartheid against Palestinians and their associated Genocide of Palestinians illegal lend grab of Palestinian lands.

Israeli Apartheid against Palestinians is now resulting in many European Corporations divesting from any investment or business relations with any Israeli company or enterprise. Divestiture is also becoming a trend inside America and all over the world since it has become generally recognized that Israel is a racist nation based on lies and has been serially mass-murdering Palestinians as covert genocide and progressively stealing more and more of their land using suspicious events that now appear to be covert False-flag Inside-jobs. The whole World is now turning against Israel for its blatant genocide of Palestinians and theft of their land, as well as the Israeli’s creation of GAZA II, currently the World’s largest open-aired prison camp.

Israel and its Nuclear Blackmail of US Administrations as an attempt to transform America into GAZA II.

However, it is now understood by many inlet insiders that Israel has been using nuclear blackmail against American leaders and has been able to set up Homeland Security, an Israeli WZ operation top to bottom.(5)  This is a well coordinated attempt to transform America into the newest and largest open-aired Prison Camp in the world GAZA II with Americans to become the New Palestinians. Only through complete exposure of this secret Israeli Nuclear Blackmail of the USG Administration and a rallying of “We the People” can this Luciferian WZ Cutout be stopped cold in their tracks and either brought to justice or driven out of America with all their NeoCon, PNACer Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizen traitors and Infiltrators.

If Israel is allowed to succeed, what’s next, the whole World to become GAZA III, or in their terms of Israeli leaders, “Greater Israel?”

If Israel is allowed to use Homeland Security (DHS) to transform America into GAZA II with “We the People” forced to become the New Palestinians, you can bet they will continue this strategy to transform the whole World into GAZA III on behalf of the Luciferian Death-Cult World Zionist Money-Changers. It is these World Zionist “Money-Cghangers”  who run the City of London center of Babylonian Money-Magick and private Central Banking for the Old Black Nobility, and are the true “Hidden Masters.”

Fortunately the US High Military Command is waking up and the US Navy has sunk two Israeli Dolphin class subs which contained nuclear tipped Tomahawk Cruise Missiles. The first was payback for the USS Liberty Ship attack and murder of over 100 USN sailors, and the second one was in retaliation for the Israeli Nuclear Attack on America on 9/11/01.

It has been reported that Israel has now ordered two more Dolphin Class subs from the Germans again. We shall see what the US Military does next if Israel intends to follow through on their Samson Option threats to stage another nuclear attack on America again if they refuse to stage a major attack on Syria or Iran. So far the current Administration has sort of played along in a somewhat restrained fashion in a half-hearted effort to deploy special ops and mercenaries and some arms shipments to Israeli controlled operators in Syria, Ukraine and now Iraq. Israel appears to be very unhappy with this muted effort.

The Intel Cowboys are back at work and this time their target is the World Zionists and Neo-Bolsheviks.(6)

Perhaps the best guess is that the current Administration is ” dragging support for these Israeli wars and “buying time” until the masses of Europe, America and the rest of the World has completely turned against Israel, which now appears to be a certainty. one thing you can be sure of however, is that a large group of formerly retired Intel Cowboys are back at it and this time instead of the Cold war, they are taking on the World Zionists and the Neo-Bolsheviks who occupy Israel.

You will never see these seasoned Intel experts out in the open working or ever know their real names, but be assured they are now hard at work in very high positions in the background, and Las Vegas odds are clearly in their favor based on past performance.

Remember, the true source of Bolshevism in Russia in 1917 was the same source for the Nazism of the 1930’s and the true reason Israel was created as a Neo-Bolshevik front for Soviet Intel. This same source for all these ‘isms is the City of London World Zionism and the force that has empowered them is the power of Babylonian Money-Magick, aka “Money from Nothing” Agenda of the World Money-Changers which produces worldwide debt slavery for all through pernicious usury.

There are recent rumors from the inside that some USN nuclear sub commanders have been given orders to set and maintain targeting coordinates for Dimona and other key Israeli defense targets should Israel be crazed enough to nuke another American City like they did on 9/11/01 and a counter strike become immediately necessary. It is also rumored that a strong warning has been delivered to Israeli leaders by the US Military high Command through back channels, that any more Israeli False flags in America like that of 9/11/01 will result in an immediate and most extreme consequence with a 100% counter-strike using ultra-high tech beyond-black weapons that surpass conventional hydrogen bomb technologies. The motto inside the American Military High Command is now reputed to be “Never Again”, that is no more Israeli 9/11/01 type nuclear attacks on America.

When World Zionism starts to resemble Nazism and the East German Stasi, watch out!

It’s like the old Intel Insiders adage goes, when you see Israel starting to act like the Nazi Gestapo and East German Stasi, you know that the City of London World Zionists (WZs) are behind it, since they created and run all the ‘isms. And it is all these WZ ‘ism that have been  oppressing and mass-murdering mankind in endless wars of aggression for political power and war profits as well as the advancement of their Luciferian Death Cult Eugenics.

World Zionism is now creating immense and direct Blow-back against all Israelis, even though many are not Zionists at all and want peace in the Middle east with all Arabs and Palestinians too.

It should be obvious to Israeli leaders that their reckless pursuit of this World Zionist Agenda will create massive Blow-back against all Israelis and many Judaics all over the world. Certainly this pursuit of the WZ Agenda in America has probably already set in motion the complete undoing of AIPAC, the ADL and B’nai B’rith and other Israeli espionage fronts inside America. And there are a significant number of groups of Israelis who are dead set against the pursuit of this WZ Agenda and want serious peace with the Palestinians and a fair settlement and fear that eventually their safety will be placed in direct jeopardy by a nuclear war that engulfs Israel. Many Israelis are blatant victims of World Zionists sophisticated Mind-kontrol which has embedded a deep paranoid racial persecution belief that is actually a strong racial delusion based on lies and misinformation.

The powerful individuals that created Hitler and were responsible for the Internment/work camps which Judaics and just as many other prisoners were placed in, can now be conclusively identified as the World Zionists (WZs), aka Rothschild Money-Changers or private Central Banksters working out of the City of London Financial District. They created the false racial delusion of “Anti-Semitism” which keeps so many Judaic Khazarian and Ashkenazi converts trapped into an emotional cycle of racial superiority counterbalanced with complete racial paranoia and hatred of all “Goyim” as those responsible for their “Holocaust” (translated from old English as “Fiery Sacrifice”.

Yes the WZs manipulated the Nazis into setting up the Internment Camps to assist them in crating the world’s biggest racial delusion, aka “Anti-Semitism”. And of course we know that this racial delusion can now easily be shown to be based on a big lie, because almost all Judaics living in Israel claiming to be Semites with ancient Hebrew Blood, are not at all, but are Khazarians converts to Judaism and have NO ancient Hebrew Blood.

Stopping the World Zionists cold in their tracks is an idea whose time has come. These City of London WZs and their Israeli leader Cutouts must be stopped in the pursuit of their Luciferian Oppression and Death Agenda. If they are not stopped soon, they will attempt to complete their transformation of America and then the rest of the World into GAZA II. Failing that or if other well defended nations resist as is expected, a nuclear WW3 could easily result.

Let us remember the  Master Plan for World Luciferians as disclosed by Albert pike in 1871.

Let us all remember the infamous letter of August 15, 1871, by Albert Pike, a top World Luciferian who used Freemasonry as cover like many Top Luciferians and Satanists since its origin in about 1717. In this infamous letter, Pike outlined the Luciferian plan for the creation of a worldwide One-world Satanic Religion.(7) In this letter, without identifying the top “string-pullers” which were likely the Old Black Euro Nobility, Pike specified that World Zionism and Islam would be built up and bought into a final conflict with each other, destroying each other in the process. This would destroy all world religions in the process and a new one world Luciferian religion would arise from the ashes like a Phoenix of Greek and Roman mythology.

World Zionism has been increased in power and pitted against Islam in the clash of the ages and this has all been pre-planned and staged by the covertly hidden in plain site Luciferian Cult (in America it is called the “Process”).

Anyone who takes a deep look at the World Zionist’ immense acquisition of illegitimate power associated with private Zionist Central Banking run out of the City of London can understand how it has been used to attack Islam as the new Mideast Crusaders and has been used as specified by Pike to provoke all Islam against it in a lethal “no man left standing” battle of the ages.

This battle is not set in place and once ignited will likely create a nuclear annihilation of much of the Mideast including Israel, since it has been suspected for years that some Arab nations have acquired nukes on the clandestine market like Israel. It is also believed by some Intel insiders that Arab nations will use them at some point if they feel their whole existence is directly threatened by another Israeli nuclear strike like done in NYC at the World trade center twin Towers on 9/11/01 and recently in the attack on Damascus.

The coming Final Battle between World Zionism and Islam that has been setup and pre-staged by World Luciferians will be deadly and will destroy much of the World and all its religions, unless stopped cold soon.

This huge Luciferian trap using World Zionists has been set and is now moving ahead to a planned destruction of both World Zionism and Islam unless fully exposed and stopped. This puts many innocent Arab and Israeli lives, including young children in immediate jeopardy unless fully exposed to the World and stopped. It also places America populace and future existence as a nation in direct jeopardy unless stopped cold now.

A negotiated, workable Peace Agreement for all parties is a much better way to go and is likely to be necessary to avoid a nuclear WW3.

A much better way is for a complete boycott of Israel until their Leaders start getting reasonable about agreeing to a sensible Peace Plan which returns stolen Palestinian Lands back to the UN original borders and then guarantees safety for both parties, with perhaps UN forces put in place to enforce the Peace Agreement and all nukes surrendered and decommissioned by Israel. This should in no way release any Israel leaders or American Dual Citizen Infil-Traitors, or USG or US Military Traitors from full prosecution for nuking America on 9/11/01.

Luciferians use World Zionist as cover and plan to destroy all religious beliefs as they destroy 80% of the World’s populace and roll out a new worldwide Luciferian world government.

By now it should be obvious to most that part of the Luciferian Plan disclosed by Pike was to destroy all religions, including Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism and anything else and replacing it with a world wide Luciferianism as a new one-world religion. What this also means in practical terms is that the World Zionist’s plan also involves using many innocent non-Zionist Judaics once again to set them up for persecution and scapegoating like they did in Nazi Germany.

You should assume that while doing so all other believers of any other religious faith will also be attacked and oppressed if unwilling to take a Luciferian Oath to the new system that will emerge unless stopped cold now.










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  1. jim morrison- thank you for the further education on being or becoming Jewish.
    My father is the old Irish- doesn’t look like a Viking but does have dark real blue eyes and staright black hair and an inability to get any tan. It may well be that he descended from Basques that came to Ireland 7000 years ago- but nothing that can make me Jewish here. No Jewish mother or grandparents.
    I am sorry your bank accounts were stolen.
    No wonder the Christian St Paul said something like “money or avarice is the root of all evil”. Money and pride lead to most problems.
    I too liked Bobby Fischer and followed him through most of his career. He was exciting. Brooklyn, NY boy. I believe he beat Spasky. I forget so much so much but I remember Fischer.

  2. “” If the world doesn’t wake up . . . I will simply have to say that I’ve lost all hope for humanity. . . . If you know what they’ve been up to for 66 years in Palestine . . .””

    The world is awake ; it is just that peoples minds are not engaged with matters that they know little to nothing about such as the Synagogue of Satan or Illuminati . They are not fearful because they do not know what they do not know and you cannot make them know . It takes time and patience to let reality sink into the mind of the masses while the satanics are working 24 / 7 / 365 to keep mostly goyim ( nonjew ) masses uninformed or disinformed and happy . Keep the faith if nothing else .

  3. Thank you Preston James. I should remember the Khazar conversions, but I believe that the dozens and dozens of Jewish geneticists in the USA that protested the John Hopkins studies (done by Italian Jewish geneticist who has left Israel) seem to indicate that the diaspora of Jews is responsible for genetic material all over the world in people who claim they are Jewish.
    I would like to see numbers, for example, study 2000 Jewish people from 20 regions and see if there is that speck of ancient DNA from Palestine. Let us see just what these markers amount to. Let us see why these geneticists across US universities blasted the geneticist at Johns Hopkin who made it clear that the millionms of Jewish people in eastern Europe and around western , southern Russia had DNA and other markers more in common with Armenians and other peoples.
    The Khazars are one aspect and the majority, but I would like to see just what all the fuss is by these proud Jewish geneticists in the USA. Many people buy lavish cars because it makes them feel like somebody. I think too many Jewish people to include these outraged geneticists feel being “Jewish” makes them somebody special.

  4. It was Israel who Created Hamas to begin with…like Fatah works with Israel..just look at what Abbas is Not Doing.

    What most don’t understand, the leaders All around the world are All Khazar Jews, whether AshkeNazi, Wahabbi, Crypto, Even the Last and Current PM of Iran, el-Sisi in Egypt, al-Saud in Saudia Arabia, etc..etc..etc.

    They are All Khazar..Jews..Masons..Luciferians and ALL also an RH Negative Blood Type/ with Demonic Souls..A Blood Type that was Created 30,000 years ago..Not Mutated.

    Hitler A-, McCain O-, Obama AB-, Mao O-, Prince Charles O-, Eisenhower O-, Clinton AB-, Bush sr. A-, Nixon O-, All 4 Beatles with their hidden Message in their Music..You get the Idea..I’m not going to list all the Child Sacrificing , Flesh Eating, Blood Drinking ..Draco ( Reptilians )

    Look at their Blood Type..First, You will find ..I’m Right !

  5. izrahell create hamas in the first place to thwart efforts of a growing PLO, which was taken over by a sellout TOO, who they covertly murdered when not so useful anymore. another false flag not mentioned is Fukushima, deep sea nukes to create a tsunami and nukes in the reactor facilities, hosing US with fallout now for 3+ years, an “obama” who didnt lift a finger to help Japan contain it, who also guarantees his big pharma-medical-insurance corporate buddies PROFITS from our deliberate poisoning. there is a (T)reason(s) why they have shut down all radiation monitoring and reporting here in the USA.

  6. Vive La Resistance! We’re ALL Palestinians, now. People are just starting to realize the depth and breadth of treason of “The Chosen Ones” who infil-traited all the power-positions in this country, as they have in Palestine.

    I think we’ll win, in the end and articles like this do a fine job of waking the slumbering courage Americans used to have. This enemy will not go down quietly, however.

    Remember…….The Holocaust ™ is real. It just hasn’t happened, yet.

    • Remember…….The Holocaust ™ is real. It just hasn’t happened, yet.

      Just the figure of 6 million has to be corrected to 10+ million. Sad but inevitable.


  7. Yup…the IDF is the biggest terrorist org. in the world…unlike “al-ciada” which, according to former British Foreign Sec. Robin Cook, ” never existed as an organization..” it was “a data-base of names that could be used by western intelligence agencies to destabilize targeted regimes..”

  8. I appreciate the article and the effort you put into it.
    I read a lot of the Johns Hopkin study but I am still a little confused. I cannot find the exact scientific report but am aware of the author’s conclusions.
    Here is my take on the studies and I would like to be corrected or filled in. The majority of the studies showed far more of a link of Jewish people with people of eastern Europe or else call it the area around western Russia (Khazars, etc) than from true Hebrews that have lived in Palestine for the past thousands of years. The study indicates that the big big majority of Jewish people have far more in common with Armenians and other peoples in this area. This would be true of almost all Ashkenazis (to include the NY Senator Charles Shumer who dotes on being Jewish).
    But I am unclear on this and this is my way of describing it. Let us say a Jewish person can have 100 out of 100 markers for being truly Jewish or Hebrew as it was 2000 years ago. It seems that if a person has 1 or 2 or 10 or 15 markers out of 100 he calls him or herself a true Jewish person from the “Promised Land”. It is like a Turk insisting he is Swedish because he can prove that over 1000-2000 years ago his mother was a Swede even though every subsequent generation interbred with Turks in what is Turkey today. Yes, he does have a bit of Swedish ancestry and has a right to be proud of that but tests show that he has but say 1 or 2 or 5 markers genetically of a Swede.

    • It’s important to remember that the history of the Ten Tribes with Hebrew Blood migrated North to Caucasus Mountains and then to Europe and then later many to America during the Diaspora. Thus the true Descendents of Abraham scattered all over Europe and America and are now as populous as grains of sand on any popular beachfront. Khazarians have no ancient Hebrew blood, yet converted to Judaism in about 700 AD. Most Judaics in Israel are Khazarian and have no ancient Hebrew Blood. Yet they claim to be Semites and are not. And most Palestinians have ancient Hebrew Blood going back to Abraham.

  9. While the recent genetic discoveries are of value, the idea of Jews claiming land some 1500 to 2000 years later based on ancestry if accepted by nations would clearly open the doors to native Americans and native South Americans expelling the Spanish, French, English, etc. peoples who stole their property within carefully recorded history. In fact the Irish and other Celtic peoples could chase out the Anglo-Saxons. In some cases improvements might occur. But clearly the arguments for Israel are only matched by the kind of legal arguments coming out of the US Attorney Generals Office which has crafted some whoppers.

    • It’s a shitty, trouble-making criminal hide-out masquerading as a country..a country created through relatively recent non-middle eastern immigration, terrorism, massacres and extensive ethnic cleansing…and due to all that; deserves all the enemies it has!

    • Israel wouldn’t have existed as an independent nation for more than a couple of hundred years, if it ever did. King David is reputed to be circa 1000 BCE, the Assyrians conquered Israel circa 740 BCE… although they possibly thought of the place as Philistia, or Palestine.

    • The DNA has already been Peer Reviewed, the Jews are ” Gentiles ” Khazar Pagans who only converted to Talmudic Judaism, the Ancient Israelites are the Palestinians.

      http //

      [One link only in a comment, and only use your best ones…Jim Dean. VT]

  10. I’d be interested in seeing an article or link to a list of Israeli/Zionist companies that does business in the U.S. and their products so that those of us who would like to boycott would know which company and what product to avoid. Hit them in the only place they care about — their pocketbooks.

    • Here here jake.

      A very welcome pro active comment.

      A published list of Israeli/Zionist Companies doing business world wide, would allow concerned citizens everywhere to take peaceful action against this rougue State and its supporters. Not only boycott the businesses, (which affect might be lost in accounting practices), but publicly publish the boycott to draw attention to the action to start the ball rolling.

      I would also like to seee a list of Companies that do business with Israeli/Zionist Companies, so they would also be added as black-listed colloaborators. Selling shares in these Conpanies would also send a clear message.

      Does V.T. have the network to achieve this?

    • Well don’t buy that soda stream machine that makes soda ( I saw it at Macy’s ) that’s made in Talmudia..and yes, the Christian Crusaders controlled Palestine ( and that whole corridor leading to Jerusalem ) much longer than the zios have…the Turks controlled it longer…over the past 2000 yrs any number of parties have controlled it longer than these faux Israelites!

    • One way to determine whether a company has Zionist leanings is to check the who is on the board of directors and to map out the network of companies and subsidiaries One search tool is https //

    • And ALL those no-bid “intelligence” and “security” contracts they get through their Congressional buddies Feinstein, Schumer, Levin, etc.

  11. The vile vengeful disproportionate acts I see by Israel and Kiev
    should give pause to any who have supported them.
    It is so over the top as to strike me as a deliberate provocation (in both cases).
    And to think only a week or two ago there were three missing ‘settlers’ in the Israel case.
    In the Ukraine case a puppet was rubber stamped, signed over the country to the banksters,
    and set about abusing their countrymen and maybe trying to provoke a war.
    Some greedy people are getting in a very big hurry to start a war somewhere quick.


  12. Thanks for the article Mr. Preston. You missed one fact though.

    *Israel the Child Killers!*
    Demographic’s of Gaza.

    0-14 years 43.5% (male 394,108/female 372,897)
    15-24 years 20.9% (male 188,626/female 179,529)
    Median age total 18.1 years

  13. In October 2000, Israel also attacked the USS Cole, as soon to be former FBI agent John O’Neill–who was in Yemen investigating the attack–found out and reported to Ambassador Bodine, who first tried to have his security detail dismissed, then had Secretary of State Albright yank him back to the States.

    Israel used a ‘Popeye’ cruise missile against the Cole, and had their Zionist MSM blame it on crazed Muzzies, to ensure that their buddies, Bush and Cheney, would win the 2000 election, since they needed those traitors in place to pull off their biggest False Flag of all, 9/11.

    • Mossad and it’s agents, assets in country and allies would have pulled off 9-11 with Gore-Lieberman in the WH as well…..Gore, believe me, would have done just as instructed by Joe’s cousins ( the folks who own ” the Fed” and the Bank of England…and almost everything else worth owning incl. our politicians..

  14. Read this again, and immediately thought about how the grand and illustrious traitor Poppy Bush told how the “rule of law, not the law of the jungle will govern the conduct of nations,” will be better for this world. I laughed at him then and laugh at his empty words today. “Peace and security-freedom and the rule of law out of these troubled times.” One traitorous family followed by another traitorous couple, Bill and Hillary Clinton.
    Bill disservice to this country has been well documented. Hillary has pledged her support to and for Israel. She prefers it over America. She has made millions, and cares not for the U.S.
    We jump in to stop the slaughter by Hussein, and Noriega, but sit idle while Israel does this. Without our funding Israel would be suddenly stopped in their tracks. Wouldn’t they? Read this over and over, and think about the people we elect. Turn them all out to pasture and elect some new approach to world problems. Excellent article!!

    • Chandler

      Whilst I agree with your sentiments as to What to do, the How to do, is is extremely difficult. Potential politicians are recruited at school and university level, much like sports stars. The Zionist supporters already have their puppets in place on boards in these institutions to ensure their selection gets the nod. The talent is then groomed, compromised and recruited for their future political role. They are financed into a system where Joe Blow from the street is excluded from participating without extremely deep pockets and a supportive media..

      The recruits are engineered into both sides of politics so whoever is elected will serve the cause of the orchestrators. If there is dissent once in power, the compromised (sex, drugs, fraud etc) delegate is blackmailed into submission.

      The only way to stop the rot is to prevent all Israeli dual citizens from entering and holding public positions of influence.

    • “If there is dissent once in power, the compromised (sex, drugs, fraud etc) delegate is blackmailed into submission.”

      Not all – a few decent ones are left to provide the appearance of democracy – unless they become too effective, then they are killed.

  15. Stil scavenging on “the chosen people”. In the eyes of every main stream american Israel could not possibly differ from Syria nowadays, but somehow it still does, even if it remains Apartheid state.

  16. Dr. James… I was in Ramallah when Israel began its attack on Gaza, the day after the kids went missing.. there was no rockets nothing.. Israel also raided all Palestinian towns from Jenin in the North to Hebron in the south even raided homes only few hundred yards from Abbas residence… Not too happy with the reconciliations between Hamas and Fatah, Israel is paving the way for Fatah to return and run Gaza. This way the Ramallah leadership can sign in the dotted line…

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