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The Electron disconnect, Magnetic Buoyancy and the anti-gravity effect of a nuclear fireball.

from Sandia circa 1962… Declassified


[ Editor’s notes:  The following article will, to those who can guess at what is withheld/classified and why we are including this, has much to offer.  To many, it will answer questions to 9/11 as a nuclear event.  As we are preparing publication of an even more detailed description of how many and what type of weapons were used, accept this as a “down payment.”

This was pulled from Sandia. Circa 1962. It is highly edited. The original document was over 150 pages. It is selected pieces from a paper on the anti-gravity effects of the nuclear fireball or how charged plasma produces anti-gravity effects. If you put a very strong neodymium magnet next to a match and light it you can see the effect.]



It is well known that even small detonations of chemical explosives will produce electromagnetic pulses, so it is not surprising that similar pulses are produced in nuclear explosions. The first type of explosion is associated with the creation by radiation from the burst of some kind of asymmetry in the electric charge distribution surrounding the region of detonation.

The second is the result of rapid expansion of the essentially perfectly conducting plasma in the earth’s magnetic field. The first is called the Compton electron model. The other is called the field displacement model. This occurs when the expansion of the plasma fireball is restricted into a more or less spherically symmetrical manner by the surrounding material.

When the electron field density of the plasma fire ball reaches over 3,000 volts per cubic cm. Electron disconnect between the plasma fire balls atoms and the electromagnetic field of the earth will begin to occur. This produces an anti-gravity effect that allows the plasma fire ball to repel and rise up against the Earth’s gravitational field.

This is due to a substantial difference in the magnetic field density of the earth and the electron field density of the plasma fire ball. It is called Magnetic Buoyancy. Electro-Magnetic Buoyancy occurs when the earth’s magnetic field lines are very rapidly stretched, expanded or moved due to the prescience of the hot expanding plasma in the nuclear fireball.

This produces a form of electromagnetic buoyancy similar to standard hydrodynamic buoyancy. It is a magneto-hydrodynamic process. This process can be demonstrated in any charged plasma so long as the plasma’s electron density is high enough and the plasma losses are low enough to be negligible. Immediately after the detonation of a plasma fireball the highly ionized vapor or plasmas expands rapidly.

A property possessed by all plasmas is a tendency to exclude a magnetic field, such as that of the earth from its interior. The expanding plasma thus causes a violent distortion of the earth’s magnetic field as a result of the interaction between the earth’s geomagnetic field and the charged particles in the expanding plasma and surrounding ionized gases.

This disturbance propagates away as a hydrodynamic wave. A plasma in a magnetic field always tends to exclude the magnetic field lines from its interior. Hence when the plasma expands it will cause the earths magnetic field lines to expand or to be stretched in such a way that they remain outside the conducting volume of plasma.

This produces an Electron Disconnect between the charged particles in the plasma and the local electro-magnetic field of the earth.In this state Magnetic Buoyancy occurs. When part of the plasma ball becomes electrically neutral by recombination of the ions and electrons, it will no longer be effected by the earths magnetic field, so that it can now escape from the region of confinement, the remainder of the gas which is still charged, will be re-compressed.

Prior to the plasmas air burst the air pressure in the region surrounding the fireball changes with altitude by an amount that is just sufficient to balance the force of gravity. The sudden increase in the temperature of the plasma air burst causes a proportional increase in the pressure, hence, the pressure is no longer in balance with the gravitational force.

The unbalance of forces causes the fireball to be hurled upward at a very high velocity, as much as one mile per second.Due to Magnetic Buoyancy. Since a plasma fireball consists mainly of free ions and electrons, the earths magnetic field plays a significant part in the radial expansion of the plasma fire ball. As the fireball rises the residual radiation will produce ionization in the immediate vicinity. Since the air density is quite appreciable, the free electrons will be rapidly removed by attachment to neutral particles and there density will remain low.

When the air is relatively dense the probability of collisions between free electrons and the atmospheric atoms and molecules is large. As a result, the electrons are rapidly removed by attachment to neutral particles and the average lifetime of a free electron in this region is less than a millionth of a second. Any ionization produced will thus disappear very rapidly and the electron density will be small and the effect on the electromagnetic field will be negligible. Ten to the 3rd electrons per cubic centimeter is the minimal number of electrons required to produce Magnetic Buoyancy.

This is the result of the rapid expansion of a perfectly conducting plasma fireball in the earth’s magnetic field. It produces an overgradiant in the earth’s magnetic field that acts as a counterbary to gravity. A large volume of ionized gas undergoes oscillations at particular frequencies. Usually between 10 to 15 KC per second. The same for lightning and thunder storms. The majority of the energy produced in the plasma fireball exist in the induction and quasi static fields and dose not radiate at all. When a free electron is exposed to a radio frequency wave, some of the energy of the wave is transferred to the electron as energy of vibration.

If the electron dose not lose the energy as the result of a collision with a neutral particle in the air, it will radiate a new electromagnetic signal at the same frequency. Thus the energy is restored to the wave without loss. If however, the air density is great, then collisions between electrons and neutral particles will take place at a significant rate. In such collisions, most of the excess vibratory energy of the electron is transformed into random kinetic energy and cannot be re-radiated.

The result is that the energy is absorbed from the wave and the electromagnetic signal is attenuated. Loss of EM field strength will only occur when the electron density and the air density are both large. More energy is absorbed by an ionized gas as the frequency of the signal is decreased. Both positive and negative ions can absorb electromagnetic energy in the same way as electrons do but there larger mass makes them much less effective.


Notes 1. If the ion density of a plasma field is great enough then the ion field produced by an electrostatic lifter or a  creates Magnetic Buoyancy in an object.The electron disconnect of the ionized plasma field will produce a magnetic Faraday cage effect. This produces repulsion against the earth’s magnetic field producing lift.

2. This probably applys to electrostatic lifters, The Hutchinson Effect and Coral Castile Florida.

3. Was Ed Leadskalnin using Magnetic Buoyancy to lift stones? ————————————————————————-


  1. The last three paragraphs explain exactly what Dr. Heinrich Barkhausen and company were up to. This like Mr. Duff’s other pieces on nuclear weapons systems may just be the most important things ever published for public consumption. Take it for what its worth; try to understand as much of the information as possible along with the implications of that information, then put it on hard drive and in hard copy.

  2. Is Ed Leadskalnin that guy who build Coral Castle in Florida?

    If so, then Michael Tellingen in one of his lectures, I think it is the one
    in Holland about Free Energy, had a story about him that he was always
    evasive, but children saw him one day with two cones!
    They thought it were ice cream cones.

    Thanks Uncle Duff! are you on the radio today?


    • EDWARD LEEDSKALNIN is not as closed mouth as you think, he wrote this

      http //keelynet.com/unclass/magcurnt.txt

      I came across Leedskalnin years ago. I never used him in anything I wrote because he is pictured with a block and tackle (yes I know it has the mysterious black box above it and there is the undocumented legend of the 3 little boys) and coral rocks he was using are feather rocks when they are compared with the diorite or granite used in the most unexplainable ancient edifices. It is an intriguing story though especially considering Leedskalnin’s eastern European Jewish back round (Qabalah). The Hutchinson Effect on the other hand is undeniable and well documented by Nick Cook (who writes for Jane’s Defense Weekly) in his book The Hunt for Zero Point (I gave the link in BSR 5).

    • Chris Dunn actually. The Ed Leadskalnin story turned me onto it.

      *****http //www.gizapower.com/*****

  3. I read and saw videos where the engineers prove the globally built pyramids were power plants that lit up the sky brightly enough to be seen from space when they were operating. A space map. The Giza pyramid blew up and everything went down hill from their. Something about acids, electronic rods and compressed gases. The Mayan pyramids supported layers of mica in the tunnels underneath. I don’t think they were walk ways.

    • yup. everything ‘old’ becomes ‘new’ again.

      Killing every ‘creative’ and taking the ‘creation’ as ‘their own’

      Bar stewards

      You KNOW what I am saying Bartered

    • and what happens when we take ourselves too seriously

      http //youtu.be/3733BYyH-gQ

      -I don’t wanna talk about it-

      You know, that elephant in the room…

  4. “Magnetic Buoyancy” could be due to a natural repulsion of a negatively charged “cloud” of electrons with a similarly negatively charged Earth, after a nuclear “event”. The plasma would be far more “flexible” in its “choice” of motions and would naturally tend to move AWAY from the Earth, also (locally) negatively charged. No other “choice”, in other words.

    This would seem to be “anti-gravity” but easily explained by conventional electrodynamic forces.

    Not sure this one holds up, Chief.

    • dusted again. I was impressed with his collection of radio tuners. The concept of frequency as a power source just seems natural.

  5. Mr. Duff,
    You have answered my question, and provided information that actually transcends the scenario I had as my theory. I find this educational series to be exactly that.

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