The Death Camps to Come

IN  THE  PUNISHMENT  BLOCK  AT  CAMP  FEMA (See below for details)
(See below for details)

A grim life for the goyim in the death camps of the future, and even worse to follow, is here predicted by Jewish writer Ellie Katsnelson.

Introductory note by Lasha Darkmoon

This article is an edited abridgement  by myself of a long  comment  sent  in to the Darkmoon site on July 8, 2014 at 10:13 am. It was comment number 1 for a new article and immediately created a furor among our readers.

Completely ignoring the article itself, our angry readers savagely attacked the controversial 5300-word off-topic comment instead, accusing its author, Ellie Katsnelson, of being a “demonic” Jewish supremacist and the ultimate “icon of evil”.

Given the unprecedented interest caused by this outstanding comment, my editor-cousin John Scott Montecristo asked me if I could turn it into a feature article of roughly half the length. I agreed. So here it is now, with 2500 words lopped off but with substantial additions of my own to compensate for the cuts I was forced to make. I apologize to Ms Katsnelson for these additions, but she has already given me full permission to do this, as and when needed, provided the final result is pleasing.  

I predict that this extraordinary article, a tour de force that rises to a chilling climax,  will one day achieve cult classic status.



. . . by Ellie Katsnelson,
edited and abridged by Lasha Darkmoon

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A good Israeli friend of mine recently suggested to me that I should occupy my time in writing about the dark clouds of terror that are about  to descend upon America.

Not knowing where to begin, I thought I should start at that turning point in the coming age in America, namely, the herding of the masses, that is, you goyim, into concentration camps, colloquially known as FEMA.

I asked myself: where exactly in the camps do I begin? Just before or just after their establishment? Knowing that my friend Aaron would not grant me the privilege of picking his superior Jewish brain, I decided I would have to rely completely on my own limited intellectual resources: that is, on my little womanly self, sometimes tender and cosmopolitan, at other times fiercely Jewish. And so I began the description of life in the camps right in the middle of it, after the camps had been established and running for some time.

I shall now speak of the future: a future in which a rusty Judaic dagger is stabbed into the  hearts of all genuine lovers of freedom. After all, dear friends, the future I am about to describe shall be nothing less than the soon-to-come JEWISH RULE OF AMERICA.

Thus forewarned, and the preamble no longer detaining us, let me begin my sad task of outlining in broad detail the coming doom of the American masses, many of them anti-Semites who certainly need to be taught a salutary lesson.


FIRST DAY IN THE FEMA CAMP “Our race is the Master race. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.” —  Menachem Begin, Israeli Prime Minister, (CLICK TO EXPAND)
“Our race is the Master race.
The masses will lick our feet
and serve us as our slaves.”
— Menachem Begin, Israeli Prime Minister,

And so, friends, here we now in the FEMA camp (pictured). Welcome to the  “charming” Communistic residences in which the inmates will be lulled into a state of semi-comatose stupor with the help of anti-depressant drugs, soothing muzac, and non-stop compulsory television in every room – smart TVs that will record all their conversations and spy on their most intimate moments.

Hope, that great deceiver, will be allowed you in the camps. But we Jews will never allow those hopes to develop into possibilities. We shall frustrate all efforts on your part to find a better future for yourself.

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Beatings will be instituted, regular beatings to instil submission and maintain discipline. Spying will be encouraged. And every effort on the inmates’ part  to soften the severity of their lives or undermine our disciplinarian regime will result in swift and drastic punishment. Persistent offenders will be liquidated without mercy.

As time passes, most of the inmates will gradually get to love the camp and relish their daily humiliations in a masochistic kind of way, even missing the whip when it is applied insufficiently. And the camp in turn will love them back, rewarding informers and putting the cruelest  tyrants into positions of authority.

As in the outside world, so in the prison camps for the goyim, the most incompetent and corrupt human beings will be promoted to positions of power and will issue all the executive orders, while the best men and women  will be forced to bend the knee and obey.

The bully and the thug, the secret assassin, the sadist with a smile, these alone will be guaranteed high office in our New World Order.

KEEPING DISCIPLINE IN THE CAMPS The strong will rule and beat the weak into submission
The strong will rule
and beat the weak into submission

The rays of the sun may afford warmth and the fragrant scent of a rose may even cause a lover to love the more, but nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! that you goyim do for us Jews shall ever cause us to feel for you.

Whilst the universal Creator may have forged the firmament and added life where no life lived before, He is yet to add the chambers of love and gratitude to our Jewish brain; for every single Jew, and here I include myself, EVERY SINGLE JEW WITHOUT EXCEPTION carries within himself such a chamberless brain — devoid of love, of nobility, of altruism, of idealism.

Oh, if only you knew us! Evil, evil Jews! Evil beyond redemption, sparks in the raging furnace of Satan’s brain.

As in the Soviet Union after the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, when Jews came into absolute power under Lenin and Stalin, anti-Semitism will be the ultimate crime in our new world order.

Anyone caught reading the Protocols of the Elders of Zion in our brave new dystopia under Jewry will be put to death.

Indeed, those who criticize Israel in the slightest way or make disparaging remarks about Jews—referring disrespectfully to the Jewish nose, for example—will be dealt with in the FEMA camps with particular severity. Their mouths will be clamped in irons (see header picture above) or—WARNING! DO NOT LOOK AT THESE PICTURES IF YOU HAVE A DELICATE STOMACH!—their cheeks and tongues will be pierced with metal prongs, or pins and needles and barbed wire will be utilized to stitch up their lips.

In this way, and by other methods even more ingenious, the goyim will be soon learn the virtues of political correctness and the difficult art of keeping their mouths shut.


As you become inured to life in the camps, outside each and every enclosure there shall come into existence sights so horrific and strange as to make you wonder whether  there is any point in continuing to live.

Dug in a perfect straight line and stretching as far as the horizon permits, cold, black, mass graves will hungrily await all those whom we, the Jews, have deemed worthy of a bullet, that is, you goyim. The ”deposits”—for such will be your new designation and not “victims”—the deposits shall arrive in the dead of night and in trucks, a là Cheka: black trucks, unnumbered trucks, trucks carrying no sign.

On the side of each such truck, a giant tray shall appear with a conveyor belt attached, carrying dead American bodies in endless lines: the bodies of infants  who had just learned how to breathe, of little children who had just learned how to walk and skip, of gorgeous young girls and dashing young men in the sappy spring of their lives. The light in their eyes will be dead now, and the smiles on their lips will be frozen.

Slowly and mechanically, without a trace of human feeling, these bodies—and some will be still alive!—will be dumped into the ditch below, there to molder and feed the worms.


The trucks will then return in melancholy procession to the morgues of the city, the City of Dreadful Night that stretches all across the wastelands of neon America . . . like the mournful cemeteries of Time lost in the twinkling mists of Eternity.

At the point where the trucks of death have begun rolling, a Jew will watch. With his arms crossed and his vulturine eyes firmly fixed on the inhuman task being carried out in front of him, the coldhearted Jew will exhibit his approval or disapproval with a curt nod or shake of his head . . .  as the steel juggernauts move back and forth with their cargo of human cadavers.

PIT DIGGER (Click to expand)
(Click to expand)

With the exception of the Jews, the zombie-like American drivers in the death trucks, and the drugged-up pit diggers (pictured), no one will have witnessed the silent genocide being carried out against the goyim.

Every trace of our crimes will be erased.

For we are naturally anxious to avoid the embarrassing slip-ups of the past, where our hidden hand was unfortunately revealed: such as the Lavon affair, the USS Liberty incident, and, alas, our most catastrophic botched operation to date, the false flag attack on America on September 11, 2001.

Here, I confess, we were almost caught  with our hands in the cookie jar!

To be sure, we would have been caught in flagrante delicto and held up to universal opprobrium as international war criminals, had we not been in full control of the official enquiry and the corporate media.

As it is, 95 percent of the American public still believe the Arabs did 9/11.

To this day, most Americans  believe the BIG  9/11 LIE. As they were conned by our Jew-owned media into believing that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. And that Saddam Hussein was about to obliterate London in 45 minutes! — a trick pulled on them by Tony Blair, our well paid Zionist puppet and serial killer still at large! (Mugshot)

You’ve got to hand it to us. We’re smart. We know how to fashion the Big Lie. Yes, we can get the gullible goyim masses to believe just about anything!

That’s because we have the media, the means of mass hypnosis, at our command.


My old friend Dostoyevsky once said to his fellow Russians: “If the Jews ever gain power in Russia, they will skin the Russians alive.” They ignored him, to their bitter cost. The Jews came, the Jews saw, and the Jews skinned the Russians alive.

This is what happens to people who have ears to hear, but do not hear.

In France, the beautiful Charlotte Corday pointed out that it was the Jews who had poisoned the mind of Marat; and thus, by extension, that they would soon go on to poison the soul of France with their deadly moral toxins.

Within hours of the anti-Judaic bitch having pronounced these prophetic words, she was seized by her own countrymen and marched off to the guillotine, there to have her beautiful white neck severed  from her body.

More fools they, those easily duped Jacobin revolutionaries! They had eyes to see, but they saw not. And so they, too, in the course of time, would learn to grovel in the dust and eat the bread of humiliation under their Jewish masters.

And then there was my old friend Schopenhauer. He too was to lock horns with the Jews and come to grief by trusting them. Not for nothing did he refer to their hands as the “Devil’s clutches.” They had cheated the great German philosopher, in some now forgotten Mexican scam, out of two-thirds of his fortune.

Today, it’s Madoff and the Wall Street banksters, ripping off America and laughing up their sleeves at the gullible goyim, knowing only too well that the goyim are weak and contemptible wimps  who are helpless to stop the Jews skinning them alive.

Ah yes, then it was Schopenhauer and his kind, brought to grief and a crust of bread by the predatory Jew who NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO STOP!

Then, later,  it was Russia, with 66 million Christian corpses littering the landscape.

And now, my friends, it’s America. Your turn has come. Your time has come. The clock is ticking, and the alarm is about to go off.

Any minute now . . . any second!


“It is far holier to shoot a Jew than to go to the church,” Schopenhauer once said, before adding the famous words that have now become a German proverb: ”After you shake the Jew’s hand, count your fingers.”

Let me tell you this, you pathetic Americans, you obese mountains of lard and lethargy: you may strongly believe in God the Father and love the Lord Jesus Christ with a love beyond compare—and though Christ may be able to save the soul and God move mountains, never forget this: in a world run by Jews, a loaded gun is a far better friend than both God the Father and God the Son put together!

If self-preservation is your aim, my friends, let me tell you this: all the prayers in the world are not going to help you once you have given up your guns to the Jews of Police State America! Remember this: the Russian peasants had no guns—they were unarmed!—all they had was pitchforks and sticks and stones!—and that’s why they died in their millions at the hands of the Cheka Jews after the Bolshevik Revolution.

“God has punished us,” Solzhenitsyn said, “because we Russians have  forgotten him.”  Not so, my friends! Solzhenitsyn was wrong. It would have been better had he said, “We Russians were killed in our millions because we were stupid enough to let our Jewish oppressors kill us—we should have killed them first!”

THE SECRET HOLOCAUST . . . 66 MILLION RUSSIANS DEAD! “If the Jews ever gain power in Russia, they will skin the Russians alive.” — Dostoevsky
“If the Jews ever gain power in Russia,
they will skin the Russians alive.”
— Dostoyevsky

Friends, listen to me. Pay heed to my words. Let them not be blown away like leaves in the wind. When the Jews come to kill you, as they once did the Russians, you won’t have any time to find God in those days—for God will have abandoned you long before the Jews arrive to put an end to your miserable existence!

Yes, God will have abandoned you because of your crass stupidity and cowardice and slave mentality!

For God loves the brave and the noble. He loves those who know how to defend their wives, their children, their honor. He loves those who are prepared to fight to the death for all they hold dear.

Why should God protect the cowering slave who offers his neck to the Jewish yoke? The man who lets his own wife and children go into bondage, into cruel bondage like beasts of burden, why should God protect such a pathetic apology for a man?

The Russians told us all this. It is written in their hidden histories. It is there for all to see in the banned book of Solzhenitsyn which your Jewish masters will not let you read—since they own all the big publishing houses and have the power to punish all those who transgress by disseminating the Truth.

Ah, Holy Russia, it no longer bleeds! It seems to have recovered from its wounds, though the Jewish oligarchs only quite recently descended on it like a pack of vultures and tried to suck the lifeblood from it. The Judaic vultures fled with their loot, as you know, taking refuge mostly in Israel and in Israel’s two other slave colonies, the United States and Britain—two countries ever ready to jump through hoops for their Jewish masters.

Though Russia no longer bleeds, see America bleeding like the vampire’s victim, bleeding  slowly to death under the fangs of the raptor Jew!  Ah, how sweet it is to be a powerful Jew in America today!—like Count Dracula in full control of a blood bank, with a thousand white necks to choose from!


Here, far from the Russian steppes and the cold wastes of Siberia, across the azure Atlantic, in the great lands of the brave and free, there has recently been a stirring, an awakening, a burgeoning, yes, a rumbling of distant thunder, as it were, before the coming storm.

The sleeping giant, it seems, is no longer asleep. He is stirring. He is about to awake.

The scourge of the cosmos, we Jews, may own the presses, and we may proclaim loudly that the earth and man are here only to serve our needs, but let me tell you this, my friends: when the Americans, the world’s finest race, finally decide to act, no cavity on earth will exist that is big enough to hide and shelter the Jews.

No lying shrieks of anti-Semitism will avail the Jews in those days. No appeals to conscience, no cries for mercy, will keep them from the clawing hands of their Avengers. It will be too late for the Jews then. They will have pushed America too far. Having crossed all red lines, having put themselves beyond the pale, having driven America beyond its tether, the Jews will then have to face the Day of Reckoning.

That day will come, my friends.  Ah yes, it cannot help but come, like a thief in the night! It is already round the corner . . .

IS  THIS  TO  BE . . .




And so, my friends—my dear, dear friends!—when the clarion call to arms finally comes —and it shall come!—and when the beasts of prey have grown fat and are ready for the slaughter—let every long-suffering American mother hear, let every long-grieving American father take note, and let every long-offended American son and daughter prepare—let them gird their loins, all of them, and prepare for the bloodshed to come.

For the ultimate judges of the Jews, the masses, having once pronounced their verdict of “Guilty” on the Jews, the masses themselves will then become the executioners of the Jews.

The masses will storm into every wretched synagogue, they will break into every Jewish home, they will burst into the banks and the Judaic counting houses and the Holocaust museums, for the American soul will at long last have awakened from its catatonic slumbers, and, by God Almighty! they shall take the law into their own hands and cut down every living Jew on earth.

”There is no better purgative for the soul,” an arrogant Jew once remarked, ”than to watch those die who are unworthy of life.”

Those words will one day be turned against the arrogant Jew himself.

The Jew will then be swept away and convulsed in a new reign of terror. His time will have come to pay his karmic debt. And the blood of the Jews will then run in crimson rivulets through the streets of New Sodom, through the neon streets of the United States of Jewdom, in a pogrom to end all pogroms, in a holocaust to end all holocausts, world without end forever . . . 





ELLIE KATSNELSON: Nothing is known about the mysterious Ms Katsnelson except what she has already told us about herself in various comments scattered across our website ( She is apparently a Jewish supremacist living in Israel and is part-owner of a chocolate business in the South of France, producing the most expensive de luxe chocolates in the world. She is also thought to be a member of the Rothschild family. 



  1. (If we do nothing… Nothing to help the Palestinians, and Nothing to stop other War Crimes,
    then I fear where we are headed)

    http //
    First they came and took another country and I did not speak out — Because I was not of that country,

    Then they began taking more land, and I did not speak out
    again — Because it was not my land.

    Then they began genociding Palestinians, and I did not speak out — Because I was not a Palestinian

    Then they began genocide in my own country
    — By then, there was no one left…
    no one with any power, who would speak for me.

    Here’s the Link to the original poem
    Martin Niemoller http //
    This is emotional. And the Israelis used it to win people to their cause, for starting Israel. And it is only fair NOW, that it be used to STOP them from a programme of Genocide. Enough is enough !


    I think we need to look at who, exactly, controls the U.S. Congress, and the U.S. Military – FROM WALL STREET (ie, the International Central Bankers), and the ‘City’ of London (London’s Financial District), and from the “EU”. It’s NOT an “American” Empire – it’s truly a CORPORATIST/GLOBALIST/FASCIST/COMMUNIST/MARXIST/SOCIALIST Empire, of the International Bankers, by the International Bankers, for the International Bankers. You see, all you need to do is read about the ECONOMIC HISTORY of the United States. You soon find, that the Rothschilds had their first bank in the United States from 1791-1811. (Read next comment, as this site won’t allow “long” (max. 1500 letters) comments!

  3. I can’t stop laughing. Seriously, I can’t. I realize this is an intentional piece using the Jews instead of goons in uniforms, but seriously people I worked with these goons, and they are just people, and that’s all they are. You think for one second that they are any braver or more bullet proof than yourselves? Not hardly, not hardly, so just grow some fangs and raise the hair on your backs and show them you mean business. After all, would you hand your kids over to a child molester, so why would you hand them or your own selves over to any other person? The lesson of the Nazi’s, the lesson of Stalin, is that cooperation equals death.

  4. The one point here I will agree with (and it is fact not opinion) is that it it was small group of intellectual Jewish Bolsheviks who were responsible for the horrors of the murderous Soviet rule inflicted on the Russian people in the 20th century. Today we have a small group of intellectual Jewish Zionist Neocons controlling the USA. We don’t want a repeat performance.

    • “” We don’t want a repeat performance.””

      Amen . We don’t want a repeat performance.

  5. The great American patriot, Sherman Skolnick, had discovered many secrets of the kenyan alien, alias, Barack H. Obama. Being a resident of Chicago, Skolnick was easily removed from the scene, just prior to Obama´s presidential campaign. And whom did the alias, Obama, appoint as his first chief of staff ?
    And this MOSSAD agent is now mayor of which city ?

    • ‘Skolnick reported that Emanuel’s father Benjamin had been “part of the Israeli assassin team that murdered Sweden’s Count [Folke] Bernadotte” in 1948.’

      Oh mein Gott.

      Where can I find the Skolnick article?

    • The archive of Skolnick’s original Web site is here

      http //

      Skolnick was a prolific writer — there are several hundred articles there. The particular article is here

      http //

      “Rahm Emanuel is no stranger apparently to murder. His father reportedly was part of the assassination team in 1948, that slaughtered U.N. Official, Count Bernadotte, during the Palestine Partition controversy…”

      Please note the “…reportedly was…” The quote that you cited stated that Skolnick reported it as a fact, which he didn’t.

    • @ stephanaugust

      Pardon me if this is a duplicate. My first reply disappeared down a black hole.

      The article that you’re looking for is here

      http //

      “Rahm Emanuel is no stranger apparently to murder. His father reportedly was part of the assassination team in 1948, that slaughtered U.N. Official, Count Bernadotte, during the Palestine Partition controversy…”

      Please note the “…reportedly was…” This differs from the quote that you cited, which states that Skolnick stated it as a fact.

  6. I’m getting kind of tired of these horror stories. Their happening right now in places like Palestine and writers of this pulp fiction feel the need to distract from that by putting American citizens at the center of it. Will it happen? I don’t know. I do know something has to be done about Palestine because it works as the best model. Im not really dissing the writer here as much as I’m hoping that she wants the reader to be entertained by a good horror story. Scary. Others may think its a comedy.

  7. At least the Jewish cartoons by David Olere are fit and proper for this investigative piece.

  8. Doubtful. As much as I usually enjoy your articles, this one is a bit much. The American people, as inattentive and distracted as we are will never let this take place. Now that they are beginning to get the message, as the fool on the hill in the white house is becoming the main, and very convincing messenger, it won’t take long for us to take action. The traitors to this nation and its people have begun to be pristine examples of the fumbling and bumbling-and the wailing and failing at trying to takeover the world. If the Bush family wasn’t enough to make one nauseated, for the past six years it has been Oblunder and his inept lemmings trying strong arm us.
    Frightening article though but here in America, poking a stick at our hornets nest, as they are and have been doing, eventually will bring citizen revolt and retaliation. It is exactly why VT is existing. It is why the readership is obviously growing, and the many comments are recorded by new readers. But, in my opinion, this is a little out there. Maybe in the countries where the tyrants rule the cowardice, but not here.

    • Uncle Willi told me, US soldier in Germany, 1957, that the German folk thought that about Hitler, and did not want him as chancellor. Uncle Willi also explained the two groups that supported Hitler, the largest was the suppressed under threat of death, the vast majority. The very small leadership group, still identified as “NAZI families,” were comprised by the clan that Ellie Katsnelson described in this (her original) article. If you goto the following link and scroll down, you will learn more information about Obama, and why Sherman Skolnick of Chicago, was murdered.
      http //

    • I looked at the website. The American people know more about this president than letting on. He dare not tread much further on the American people. Very few of us are Skolnicks. I am sorry for his death but, There is far worse out there about Oblunder than this story. I did not think we’d ever top the bumbling idiot Bush family as presidents, but we have. The last four have done little for America, and we have survived. WE may be headed in the wrong direction but we will survive this onslaught somehow. Many have learned a lot simply by reading this website. As Jesus stated, “They know not what they do,” and that applies here. Sorry for Sheldon.

  9. This author is spot on. 95% of americans still believe 9/11 was an arab operation. Like the addage states “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. The muslim has been villified. It is also said that “If you want to know who controls you, look at who you are not allowed to criticize.” The American public gets duped time and time again. It is fortunate for the puppetmasters, that most Americans are not capable of critical thinking. The dumbed down masses look at the published unemployment numbers, stock market stats and published infaltion numbers and wonder what are we doing right that China is doing wrong.
    If you were involved in pulling this off, and it at a point, like now, where there is no more denying it, would you have anything but contempt for the masses?

  10. The Jew, the Christian-yes thats’ you too, Catholics, and the Muslims have the distinction of leading humanity into the worst dark ages, monumental senseless slaughter, incomparable corruption, elevating the worst perversions to an exalted state.
    What we have in this article is simply an articulation of this phenomenon, one more time.
    The observer finds the same deranged hatespeak, the same self worship endemic to those suffering from the divine redeemer virus, and the same separation from greater humanity that characterizes this warped ideology.
    Ultimately, humanity will have to extricate themselves from these utterly stupid and self-defeating beliefs.

    • “” Ultimately, humanity will have to extricate themselves from these utterly stupid and self-defeating beliefs.””

      Agreed . Then Life Must Go On and new beliefs will arise and rule the day until they become useless and are discarded .

  11. I don’t believe this was written by a Jew. It’s another provocation to incite fear and hatred.

    Like Solzhenitsyn said “God has punished us, because we Russians have forgotten him”.

    The US is certainly a mess but you have time to turn back to Christ and permit Him to heal your land. You wont do it though. It will be too late when God’s patience runs out and He does finally abandon the US to its intrigue, deception, depravity, sorcery and murders.

    • Sorry, but Christ told you (us) the plain, blunt and VERY ugly truth about the Jew. He didn’t do it for his health, either. Why so many Christians are too dumb to take his words seriously is beyond me.

    • I agree, but there are > 300 million people in the US and most of them are choosing to sell out their nation and faith for the sake of a little perverted entertainment. The bible is very clear on who to beware of (‘the circumcision’) and what behaviours to avoid (‘the leaven of the Pharisees’). My point is that Americans need to get back to basics and return to Christ rather than lay down with dogs. If they did that, the country would easily be reclaimed and possibly restored. They wont do it though.

    • “” Sorry, but Christ told you (us) the plain, blunt and VERY ugly truth about the Jew. . . . Why so many Christians are too dumb to take his words seriously is beyond me.””

      They do take his words seriously — ** love your enemy ** and [ turn the other cheek to be reprimanded again ] — are two of the most widely known Christian advisements . They are recommendations for sheeple . They tend to make Christians servile to their supremacist jewish masters and their supremacist muslim masters when they adhere to those commands of submission . Many Christians eventually realize that their religion is like a toolkit whereby you cannot use just a few of the tools for every matter in life .

    • “They tend to make Christians servile to their supremacist jewish masters and their supremacist muslim masters when they adhere to those commands of submission”

      I agree with you at the superficial level of this statement, money talks.

      But I for one have walked out of many churches, crossed swords with many pastors because they would not/could not answer my questions with any degree of objectivity.

      Many times I stayed away from churches, years at a time. But like Phillip Yancey, came to the conclusion that while we left the church because we found so little grace there, we could not find grace anywhere else.

      To follow Christ is no easy task. Others have said this here at VT. But a small handful here do know Who is God, and the Peace that passes all Understanding and Freedom and Life Eternal;
      for all the brain-washing and controls that traditional church teachings have had over their flocks, the Message of the Gospels is not lost and will never be destroyed.

      in service is strength.

    • Naivete such as your is responsible for the kenyan alien, alias, Barack H. Obama, occupying the POTUS slot. Guess who Obama appointed as the first chief of staff of the White House ? And this MOSSAD agent is now mayor of Chicago – – .

  12. It is quite clear what jews do when they are in a position of absolute power. They are ruthless, barbaric, supremacist, mass murderers. The Soviet horror in Russia is but one event in world history that demonstrates this beyond any doubt whatsoever. Ms Katsnelson’s motives for writing this are NOT really clear at all. I hope that it is not meant to poke fun sarcastically because their many crimes – most of them carefully calculated with conspiratorial malice aforethought – expose an evil mindset that most Gentiles could not even comprehend.

    • “” It is quite clear what jews do when they are in a position of absolute power. They are ruthless, barbaric, supremacist, mass murderers.””

      As the English Lord Acton said a long time ago — { Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely } . Nearly all educated people know of this vitally important truism that is a huge factor in understanding the course of human affairs thru the ages . It is true for anyone – jew or not . However , those divinely chosen jews believe they can do no wrong and would certainly reject the notion that power could corrupt their divine selves which includes thoughts and actions . We can survive a little bit of unavoidable nonlethal corruption in our political affairs but not a whole lot that ultimately becomes lethal .

    • At this point in the Synagogue of Satan zionist illuminati endgame for world dominion we can only hope for and work toward keeping casualties to a minimum .

  13. The comments on this article have gone a long way towards restoring my faith in humanity today. My heartfelt thanks go to the people who took time to post.

    This is not the first time that Ms (?) Darkmoon has tried pedaling some internment camp fear porn. I seem to remember another article in the last year that purported to lay out the future operation of camps in America. That article was entirely speculative and seriously flawed. The current article is presented to us as a reader response that Ms. Darkmoon (with the original author’s agreement) revised and repackaged. Such a ready agreement strikes me as strange. Is it possible that Ms. Darkmoon was actually agreeing with herself or a party with whom she had made a prior arrangement?

    As has been astutely noted by prior commenters, this article has the hallmark of a multi level psi warfare piece that has been prepared and pedaled to us as an offering to the criminals who believe they run this planet.

  14. Off topic, but did the top and bottom pictures come from the rock band Tool?
    Certainty looks the the characters in their videos….

  15. “Indeed, those who criticize Israel in the slightest way or make disparaging remarks about Jews—referring disrespectfully to the Jewish nose, for example…”

    Q. Why do Jews have big noses?

    A. The air is free.

    “…will be dealt with in the FEMA camps with particular severity….”

    One might say that my sense of humor is, er, high camp!


  16. Well, I guess I could call it, uncomfortably entertaining to view the dark fantasy of an individuals fears.

    but as a “cult classic”, I would say Rocky Horror Picture Show and Donnie Darko are safely above this on the list for now….certainly. As an article, I would grade it as “fear mongering” or perhaps, deranged mental sabre rattling. How bizarre. To display fear is to embrace it.

    • A ‘recent’ Caesar quote –

      “I was wrong to think I could change the masses by example. Humans are fickle and self-centered for the most part. Thus, if you wish to really effect changes, it can only be done by early education, and even then it is fragile and will not last. In the end you must be true to your own nature and FEAR NOTHING. If you do that you may make a difference after you are gone.”

      “A Butterfly wings can move things faster when powered by the Wave.”

      Butterfly wings – a psychopath’s worst nightmare.

    • Keep forgetting about the colon thing!

      “A (colon) Butterfly wings can move things faster when powered by the Wave.”

  17. “Also consider Inuits way of dealing with psychopaths

    In a 1976 study anthropologist Jane M. Murphy, then at Harvard University, found that an isolated group of Yupik-speaking Inuits near the Bering Strait had a term (kunlangeta) they used to describe “a man who … repeatedly lies and cheats and steals things and … takes sexual advantage of many women—someone who does not pay attention to reprimands and who is always being brought to the elders for punishment.” When Murphy asked an Inuit what the group would typically do with a kunlangeta, he replied, “Somebody would have pushed him off the ice when nobody else was looking.”

    Needless to say, the psychopaths have done everything possible to ensure that “nobody pushes them off the ice” – most importantly via false religious beliefs > Thou shalt not kill / turn the other cheek / the meek shall inherit the earth / etc. etc.

    We are dealing w/ evil geniuses here and they have been working overtime for centuries to bring their plans to fruition. Unless and until we grasp the real truth re religion – the ultimate control system – we will continue to play right into their hands.

    cont next post.

    • cont.

      Wake up and smell the coffee – the REAL JC was Julius Caesar. His becoming a great military leader was a last resort to effect change the only way possible as his previous methods weren’t working. His goal was to ultimately REDUCE killing, incalcate MERCY, and to make Rome “the shining city on the hill, light of the world.”

      Many people are waking up to this fact – and the fact that our ‘history’ has been majorly distorted/altered/fictionalized.

      From a link re the recovered bust of Caesar found at the bottom of the Rhone River at Arles, France –

      “An engraving of its profile was used as a frontispiece for James Anthony Froude’s famous Victorian biography. He admires Caesar no end and denies or justifies and forgives all the evil deeds Suetonius and others record. In his last chapter Froude even compares him to Jesus Christ. Froude saw all his hero’s almost supernatural virtues reflected in this Vatican Museum portrait.”

      I just stumbled upon the above yesterday – it was posted May 19, 2008 – proving that the JC correlation has been getting notice for some time!

      http (colon) //

    • I’ll be the first to admit that letting go of the entire Jesus myth was no easy task for me. Even when I became convinced there was no virgin birth/crucifixion/resurrection/divine son of god, I still believed there was an actual Jesus person who taught the moral lessons all nonpsychopaths holds dear in the time period given. The fact that Caesar’s body went through a type of crucifxion and stages of the cross was a true revelation.

      People – do your research on this subject. You owe it to yourself and to humanity.

      Only the TRUTH will set us free.

    • Ifen yer talkin to me, I was amen’en the Not Clueless comment. Ifen the god myth guy had to commit adultry to bare the god son it shows that he had to cheat, besides being a pedifile, as according to my reading of the scriptures, Mary was only about to enter her teen years when she was raped by the mythical god.

    • IMHO, divinity is within – and the One/God is ALL > the good, the bad, and the ugly.

      All is lessons and we are being schooled.

      Food for thought – from In Search of the Miraculous –

      “During one conversation with Gurdjeff in our group, […] I asked “Why, if ancient knowledge has been preserved and if, speaking in general, there exists a knowledge distinct from our science and philosophy or even surpassing it, is it so carefully concealed, why is it not made common property? Why are the men who possess this knowledge unwilling to let it pass into the general circulation of life for the sake of a better and more successful struggle against deceit, evil, and ignorance?”

      This is, I think, a question which usually arises in everyone’s mind on first acquaintance with the ideas of esotericism. “There are two answers to that,” said G. “In the first place, this knowledge is not concealed; and in the second place, it cannot, from its very nature, become common property. We will consider the second of these statements first. I will prove to you afterwards that knowledge” (he emphasized the word) “is far more accessible to those capable of assimilating it than is usually supposed; and that the whole trouble is that people either do not want it or cannot receive it.”
      “The collecting of knowledge by some depends upon the rejection of knowledge by others.”

    • Gurdjeff cont –

      “There are periods in the life of humanity, which generally coincide with the beginning of the fall of cultures and civilizations, when the masses irretrievably lose their reason and begin to destroy everything that has been created by centuries and millenniums of culture. Such periods of mass madness, often coinciding with geological cataclysms, climatic changes, and similar phenomena of a planetary character, release a very great quantity of the matter of knowledge.

      This, in its turn, necessitates the work of collecting this matter of knowledge which would otherwise be lost. Thus the work of collecting scattered matter of knowledge frequently coincides with the beginning of the destruction and fall of cultures and civilizations.

      “This aspect of the question is clear. The crowd neither wants nor seeks knowledge, and the leaders of the crowd, in their own interests, try to strengthen its fear and dislike of everything new and unknown. The slavery in which mankind lives is based upon this fear.[…]”

    • Thank You Not Clueless for your most thoughtful response.
      I am glad that you have encountered Divinity, and clearly believe in Miracles.

      We are indeed, all pilgrims on a Journey; many paths to the One God. Unique is each infant delivered to Planet Earth.


  18. What’s the difference in “The Death Camps to Come” and life today in the USA?

    Most Americans are imprisoned by having their minds, and their will, bottled up with knowing useless facts about Hollywood types, sports figures and musical acts that are an insult to real music.

    But we happily go about our dumbed down ways, pursuing ever elusive happiness by shopping at the mall or buying that new car or getting strung out on drugs, bot legal and illegal.
    We’ve made the prison that we’re living in, so there’s no need to actually construct any more.

    • “” We’ve made the prison that we’re living in, so there’s no need to actually construct any more.””

      The message that is trying to get out to the masses of sheeple is that staying in their comfortable mental prisons may be an invitation for the ruling satanics to execute a ritualistic type actual slaughter since it has happened so many times before in man’s history . In particular , many people ( not all ) merely act like sheeple when they need to breakout of that artificial mold of thought before it is too late . Of course many other people really are incorrigible sheeple that are helpless and can only take what fate handsout to them even when it is a temporary death camp residency .

  19. Ellie Katsnelson, Jewish? Goy? Bassoon saleswoman? Bored comedian? Another pseudonym for the person using the pseudonym Lasha Darkmoon? Oh well. -)

    • About Ellie Katsnelson, from the article

      She is apparently a Jewish supremacist living in Israel and is part-owner of a chocolate business in the South of France, producing the most expensive de luxe chocolates in the world. She is also thought to be a member of the Rothschild family.

      Is Lasha Darkmoon insulting our intelligence?

      With this ridiculous speculation of a biography is letting us know she was blackmailed or threatened to post this silly text?

  20. I’m sure Ms. Katsnelson was masturbating when “she” wrote this. However, it’s just a fantasy, like masturbation itself.

    Unlike Russians, we’re VERY well armed for the coming war. That’s NOT a fantasy. And we get more soldiers by the minute when Jews expose themselves in public, like Ms. Katsnelson did.

    • “” Unlike Russians, we’re VERY well armed for the coming war. That’s NOT a fantasy.””

      Obama recently ordered the last lead bullet manufactory shut down recently via EPA . Where’s the ammo going to come from in a protracted conflict / domestic war ? Foreign suppliers ? The ruling IZCS would not permit it and foreigns states may be ” forced ” to comply in refusing orders . If anyone thinks Wash DC would hesitate to bring in Russian / Chinese troops to smash an armed revolt , then they are fooling themselves about the potential for evil .

  21. There is something I do not understand. Why posting a comment by a nobody?

    The name Ellie Katsnelson appears only one time in the internet, only in the comment section for the article Our Wretched Jewish State by Gideon Levy.

  22. “… the future I am about to describe shall be nothing less than the soon-to-come JEWISH RULE OF AMERICA.”

    The future? How about the past?

    Google the famous article “Jewish Roots of the American Constitution”

  23. By sly reference, innuendo, and stretched metaphor, we are in danger here of repeating the lies of the Holocaust, legitimizing that false narrative.

  24. Ms Katsnelson leaves out the obvious question of funding of the camps. It costs money to house and feed people. Unless they are labor camps, they wouldn’t last long. Where would the money come from? Btw, I seriously doubt that she is Jewish, or even that she is female.

  25. I find this article somehow deeply disturbing.
    but but but…this is Amerika! It can’t happen here. (can it??)

    Slowly and incrementally it IS happening. With every false flag shooting resulting in democrat proposed gun confiscation. With every new Jew or Knight of Malta elected or appointed to gummint office. Look how far we have fallen over just two generations. How long will ye slumber…”you pathetic Americans, you obese mountains of lard and lethargy”? Wake up wake up wake up…and KNOW the enemy of liberty and draw a line in the sand. Your goddamn TV is lying to you. You’re about to lose it all.

    • Just look at Homeland Security, what its done, how it got the power they have, where we are today, who started it (duel citizen traitors) and runs it now. Forget the article, look what has happened to our country.

      Republicans and Corporations want a guarantee of “Free Speech for Them” along with Citizen’s United details.

      Meanwhile American Citizens who want to exercise “Free Speech” at any number of major events, are put on buses and shipped miles away to a “Free Speech Zone” where they can protest, exercise their rights, show each other their signs, and no one will ever hear them or cover what they say. Now that’s beyond belief.

      Who put us there?

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