Slam Dunk! Most Classified 9/11 Revealed



… by  Ian Greenhalgh & Don Fox


Falling man
Falling man

[ Editors Note:  VT is publishing this material in an attempt to address extremely serious national security threats right here at home that we have been writing about for years. The sad state of our situation does not come as any news to VT readers.

We have found huge support for our efforts not only among our regular readers but the international Intel community itself concerned with the prospect of certain parts of US government operations having been penetrated and subverted to the control of what for today I will call a “shadow government”, again…something that is not new to our readers.

We did not hunt this material down. It hunted us down because we have a reputation for having the balls to publish what no one else will, which is one reason what our phone never rings from corporate media.

We are the last people they want to talk to because they know “we know” how they have failed America miserably in terms of their 4th estate duties to keep the public informed.

You can call it corny all you want, but we have a lot of respect for the warning our Founding Fathers gave us that once we had been given a Republic that the next trick was going to be in keeping it.

And being informed about what was really going on was the bottom line in terms of whether government was really serving you, or had you been morphed into serving it. These men were all classical scholars going back to Athenian days, and they knew the history of deception practiced by those in power against their subjects.

We have a second chance now - after having lost the first
We have a second chance now – after having lost the first

How would you like to wake up one day as a nuclear weapons designer to realize that after having worked on “boutique” new weapons to provide America a wider array of nuclear options to destroy certain targets with limited collateral damage, only to find they had been used against your own country, killing your own people, effectively as part of a coup which is really the only way to describe it?

Sure…you would be pissed, but what would you do? And if you looked around and saw legions of top government people, military, civilian…including top Intel people doing nothing, what would you do? You would be scared because you saw everybody else was, so you would not feel so bad about that.

But then you start thinking about those who did the last one, how they will do the next one with much less fear and trepidation of the first, and that your doing nothing has made you part of aiding and abetting in the next attack. The child abuse analogy here is that when you know a kid is being abused and do nothing, you are charged with the same level of felony as the physical abuser.

One of the main motivations we feel we are getting this material now is that some brave folks want to stand with those who tried to stop the next one. And until we hunt down all of those involved in the first, the clock will keep ticking on the rest of us on borrowed time until someone decides to flick the switch. Personally, I am a bit uncomfortable with than scenario. How about you?

"Here's looking at ya!"
“Here’s looking at ya!”

If the public does not respond to having been given this opportunity to know what happened on 9-11 enough to force what should have been done way back when…hunt down those who really did it, then they will become owners of their fates.

So to those in the denial mode who will claim we are betraying our country by publishing his material, I have some bad news for them. We feel they are the betrayers, and we have nothing but contempt for them.

And for all the combat vets out there who have been in God awful situations where you saw no way out of it, you know how wonderful having “a chance” is being placed before you.

It’s time for the whining and “why me” to be set aside, grab the chance, and make the best of it that you can. That is exactly what we are doing, and I wanted to make sure you all understood that…Jim W. Dean ]


Slam Dunk!  Most Classified 9/11 Revealed


It was Dr. James Fetzer that introduced me to Veterans Today. We had worked together on 9/11 where my expertise in photographic and image analysis helped his research.

Several teams at Veterans Today had been working on 9/11 and, by the time I met them, all had come to the conclusion that 9/11 was a nuclear event. They had also come to the conclusion that other researchers, the total amateurs and those with some expertise but “axes to grind,” pet conspiracy theories or books to peddle, had crippled any effort to move forward.

Others, far too many others, many “activists” were something else, something unwholesome, clearly working for those responsible for 9/11. As many if not most of these folks aren’t very bright, they had become rather obvious.

The real breakthrough came when Veterans Today was given access to documents “borrowed” from the Department of Energy and given to Russian intelligence. The Russians, in turn, angry at the US over the Ukraine coup, looked for an American source to publish this material. Only “VT” would touch it.

This material was the product of a broad investigation into where nuclear weapons were acquired, who had stolen them, how they were reconfigured, where they were placed and more. However, not all information we wanted was there.

Don Fox and I went to Gordon Duff who introduced us to a senior US Army/NATO officer who had commanded nuclear forces in Europe. He concurred that 9/11 was nuclear, answered what he could and helped direct us onward.

Although we had made a lot of progress, there were still many gaps in our knowledge so when we learned that Gordon Duff had sources within the US nuclear weapons labs and that material was coming out that had never been seen before, we were eager to see if we could use it to fill in the gaps.

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We were given direct access to documents, not only tied to the suppressed nuclear weapons investigation of 9/11 but private notes by investigators as well. Duff then told us that we could submit questions. A day later, we received answers you will see below.

This material is astounding, it comes from the highest levels of America’s weapon design community and is highly classified. After reading this, you will never be able to think about 9/11 and the threat of nuclear weapons in the same way ever again.

Where, for years, would-be investigators, bloggers, phonies, malignant narcissists have peddled pet theories like carnival barkers, real nuclear weapons designers, many from the same team that wrote the DOE 9/11 Report (2003), had no need to fabricate and dissemble.

Q: How many types of devices were used in New York on 9/11? I see where a case can be made for 2 or 3 different types of devices.

 A: At least two different types of nuclear weapons were used. One being a standard micro nuke with a (W-54 Pit design) of less than 3 kiloton in size and greater than 500 ton minimum in blast size.

The bigger enhanced weapons use to bring down towers 1 and 2 were at least 1 to 3 kiloton in size. The fireball size limits the kiloton size of the weapon to less than 200 feet in diameter due to the size of the buildings. For every 1 kiloton of blast effect you get approximately a 50 foot radius sized fireball. The size of the fireball can be much less when contained inside a steel structure. So a 3 kiloton weapon will produce a 150 foot fireball.

In a thermobaric design, the plasma fireball will remain the same size but it will be under much greater pressure and have more density due to the added iron oxide material in the fireball. When the fireball expands to its maximum size of 150 feet and just after it consumes all of the building materials in this area; (up to 150 tons for a 3 kiloton weapon) it begins to cool very rapidly. As it cools it will expel the molten hot iron plasma under great pressure just like in a volcano. Shooting the “Lava” or plasma straight up the central core of the building. This volcanic burst of hot iron plasma will literally gut the inside of the building of anything that it comes in contact with. The follow on EMP pulse will add even more thermal heat to the structural components of the building. The EMP pulse will also destroy or erase any surviving computer hard drives in the area.

Q: The above ground nukes appear to be much smaller than the below ground nukes. And the nukes below the Towers appear to be different than the nukes below Building 7.

A: Yes each building needs a different amount of explosive charge to bring it down. This depends on the size, shape and mass of the building. It is basic demolition physics. Buildings 4-6 were smaller requiring lesser charges to bring them down. Building 7 was bigger needing more than one charge. Towers one and two required much more charge and they needed a bigger hole to drop them into. These were the specially designed thermobaric weapons, used just for this purpose.

Q: We see evidence for neutron bombs in the USGS dust samples and the DOE water samples. The primary stage appears to be uranium as we see uranium in the dust samples and not plutonium. The secondary appears to be lithium deuteride as we see tritium in the DOE water samples. Could a thermobaric nuke use uranium for the primary?

A: Yes. A Uranium or Plutonium weapon can be used as the primary. The primary only needs to be a fission weapon design. Uranium is also used in a Plutonium weapon as a neutron reflector and energy booster. It reduces the amount of PU needed by 25 to 50%. The Uranium will not completely burn because it is a neutron reflector so it shows up in the fallout. 1 pound of Pu or Uranium will produce up to 3 ounces of fallout per pound of fuel consumed by the primary.

So if the weapon used 15 lbs of fuel it will produce 45 ounces of fallout. Most of this will be absorbed by secondary burning the remaining nuclear fuel in the thermobaric reaction. Adding Iron oxide to the secondary will reduce heavy radioactive fallout to acceptable levels after several days. It is a clean burn weapon. This is why it was used; less fallout problems to deal with.

 For every 1 kiloton of energy produced in a nuclear explosion, it will consume up to 50 tons of iron or steel when it is sucked into the plasma fire ball turning it into vaporized gas. When it cools and it is exposed to air or water vapour, it forms micro granules of iron oxide spheres in the 7 to 10 nanometer range.

All metal spheres formed by the plasma ball when cooled will vary in size, based on their atomic weight and wave length of light that they absorb. The size is determined by the wave length of the light radiated by the plasma fire ball ranging from 30 nano meters (infrared light) down to less than 1 nano meters for (x-rays and Gamma rays). Iron only absorbs light in the 7 to 10 micron range, this is why they are that size. Gold Silver and Aluminum all adsorb shorter wave lengths so they are much smaller in size.

If the fallout sample is not taken directly from the very center of ground zero it will show less and less PU or Uranium in the samples the farther you get from the zero point of detonation. This is because most of the unburnt radioactive material does not travel very far from the plasma ball.

The secondary purpose of the iron oxide is to convert excess Gamma, X-ray and Neutron radiation into thermal energy. Its third function is to convert Alpha and Beta radiation into heat. Its fourth function is to convert the excess free electrons produced by the blast into a bigger EMP pulse. Its fifth function is to contain or absorb the radioactive fallout and reduces its levels, helping in clean up.

If a very thick solid iron casing is used it will fragment just like in a grenade or in an artillery shell so softer iron powder is used. It also needs a lot of surface area in order to produce the thermobaric effect. When this hot plasma that is over 1 million degrees centigrade in temperature and over 5,000 degrees C. at its edges comes in contact with any other material it will either immediately vaporize it or melt it. Even if it does not melt it if the structural steel elements of the building rise in temperature above their Curie point then they will lose all structural strength and bend like pretzels.

This is basically a first generation plasma weapon when used in a closed steel construction building. The closed steel construction also further helps contain the fallout, when used in a very tall steel structure such as on 911. The 1,000 foot long or tall steel central core of the building acts as a thermal wave guide for the hot plasma converting the central steel core into a Directed Energy Weapon. It also acts as a electromagnetic wave guide for the EMP pulse and directs the energy produced by the weapon strait up the central core. It basically forms a very crude Directed Energy Weapon.

The EMP pulse is vertically polarized and it is primarily absorbed by the buildings steel structure. The reaming EMP field effects do not radiate any farther than the magnetic near field produced by the original blast. The steel building acts as a Faraday cage absorbing and re radiating the EMP energy as thermal heat, adding to the thermobaric effect. X-rays, Gamma rays and neutrons are rapidly absorbed by most of the heavy materials in the building so very little of this radiation will travel more than a few blocks from the outside of the building structure. In order to prevent a counter EMP from knocking out electrical power in lower Manhattan the building had to be power downed just before the blast. This would require someone switching off power in the transformer substation that was used by the WTC complex and the power company.


So there you have it – the nuclear secrets of 9/11 laid bare for all to see. No longer can there be any denial that NYC was nuked. The nanothermite theory was a psyop from the beginning to hide the nuclear event at the towers.

We must salute those who chose to release this highly classified information, they have done a great service by finally answering the ‘how’ of the destruction of the WTC.

It did occur to us to ask why is this information coming out now, the answer gave us further insight into the people behind the terrible crime of 9/11. The following short remark was at the end of the text.

“Bush, Cheney and Rahm Emmanuel are gone. So are most of the original co-conspirators. They are or have been removed from power. This makes it safer for the whistle blowers.”

Note the names they use and the order they are in. This opens up so many more questions, this time questions that may actually have answers of consequence.

Dick Cheney recently warned, or perhaps threatened would be more accurate, that a ‘far deadlier nuclear 9/11” may happen; now we know that 9/11 was a nuclear event and that Cheney was at the heart of the conspiracy; therefore his prediction is truly frightening.

The information above is far from all that has been published, supplied as part of the DOE documents or brought forward by loyal Americans working in our nuclear weapons programs. These are only the unanswered questions, the details we felt would give us the answers we needed.

Veterans Today had already published papers on the bomb designs, where the 9/11 weapons had been placed and extensively on those who had accessed the weapons. All of the articles I reviewed were, as with this one, detailed, lots of hard science. What is of particular note is the fact that never have so many previously unpublished details on specialized weapons programs ever been released in the same decade, much less in a few short days.

What I also learned working with VT is that, though the mainstream media is boycotting this information, the military and intelligence community is not. Some very dangerous people are now both angry and motivated.

That I have seen. It took this kind of openness and detail after over a decade of childish deceit.



  1. Wrong. The entire building was not destroyed. Steel weighs about 500lbs per cubic foot. Less than half of the building was vaporized. Not 100%. Less than 10 kilotons would be needed to drop it. Not 10 megatons. They still haled off 500,000 tons of debris in the form of dust and scrap metal. When the vaporized metal cools it forms into 7 to 10 nanometer sized iron oxide spheres.

  2. When a mini nuke goes off, you can survive if you are in the right place, i.e. right between you and the blast is a huge, thick section of reinforced concrete. A couple of years ago, a Japanese man who survived both Hiroshima and Nagasaki, died. He was almost 90. He was beneath a concrete stairwell when the Nagasaki blast went off.

    Why Silverstein is not in prison for saying “We’re pulling it” right before the third building collapsed, is beyond me.

  3. Thank you Ian Greenhalgh. I appreciate your getting back. I forgot to tell you “thanks” for writing this column. My skeptical acquaintances and friends will like this information even if they tell me I am still out of touch with normal people, normal mainstream of US society.
    Thank you to other commentors who also passed on ideas and support. I wrote your ideas down and will look up what was offered.
    I may have said it ten times. For many years I was confused by too many events in my country, the USA. It was hard for me to accept 9-11 because we had a lot on intel coming in before the towers went down. Then the Iraq invasion made little sense. Clearly the Iraq invasion made little sense to hundreds of historians and columnists who are a lot brighter than me, but I figure many of us may have a sixth sense and good instincts. I stayed unemotional except for the anger I had for needless deaths in the towers, Pentagon, and then ongoing needless deaths in Iraq. It was even more stupid when I checked the daily deaths in Iraq and realized that the majority were from roadside bombs- it was monotonous. I told another reservist “it’s called playing the roadside bomb game- every day take the same routes , then spin the wheel.
    We need stuff that makes us think so thanks for this column.

  4. Nancy Ruth Owens, The Obama Birth Certificate Forger, Dispels The Myth Of Maya, The Hawaiian Sister

    http //

  5. “Bush Cheney and Rahm Emmanuel are gone….makes it safer for whistleblowers”

    Whoever said this was not au fait with the full extent of sadistic/deadlymalevolence that drives the ‘business’ of our world.

    Bush and Cheney (and Blair) were found guilty of war crimes in the International Common Law Court in Malaysia.
    Emmanuel and his father have powerful connections with Israel

    We are now witness to chaos and trauma perhaps even more macabre than 9/11, with reports of decomposed bodies and vaccines -WHO individuals en-route to Melbourne for AIDS conference- in the cargo hold, from those who were first to visit the crash site.

  6. Outstanding! Best 9/11 report yet. Kudos for submitting the questions, and kudos to the people who risked all to answer them. Duff might have to be renamed Macduff soon…

  7. I don’t make sense at times, and my obvious inferior knowledge does not permit me to speak or write from experience and sources. Mostly I just write what I feel, and either smile or hide afterwards depending on what I’ve commented.
    This article, this one little article is exactly why I read this website daily. Although the news of this event is not good news, it is not happy news, nor is it news to party over. It is simply truthful news that is not found anywhere else. It is not iced and fancied up with colored sprinkles like a cake. It is simply the truth from valid sources risking everything in order to answer questions the people need answered. Everyone needs to read this article then tell friends and neighbors to log on and discover what really happened. If they have the balls to print, at least We the People should read it. More truths are forthcoming, I bet. Now many more will speak up, just wait.

    • Chandler- your writing shows that you are perceptive and anyone who cares about things likes talking to perceptive people. Some people refuse to talk about anything unless it involves sports, racing cars, and Hollywood gossip.

  8. Mr Ian Greenhalgh- when you said no jet planes were involved, did you mean just jet types or did you mean any kind of airplane or flying device?
    If I make copies of this article and mail it to 20 people, they are going to say I am as usual a “conspiracy nut” whose mind has been damaged by war. These 20 people are very good citizens but they believe that America is on the up and up , and if Fox News or any TV station says planes hit the towers, then they will believe planes hit the towers.
    These 20 people will tell me that this article and the 100 comments are all a science fiction novel and that I am too damaged by the past to realize that I am falling for conspiracy nut lies.
    I will mail the copies including one to my mathematician engineer brother.
    This is what most of us live with- the intolerance of others when it comes to bucking what the media tells us is the truth. I believe other VT readers will face the same problem.

    • I sympathise with your problem, I too have to deal with this kind of reticence to beleive.

      No plans as in no Boeings, that much is sure, however there may have been some flying objects involved, such as a drone or a cruise missile, it is not a area I have studied in depth. I know the Boeings were not used, they cannot fly at that altitude or speed and all of the video showing them is faked, but it might be the case that hidden underneath the computer generated images of a Boeing is a much smaller cruise missile, which could fly at that altitude and speed. I really don’t know, it is just one of many questions still remaining about 9/11 which was a vastly complex event about which we may never know all the details correctly.

    • “will face the same problem”?
      I do and have done for years. Virulent attacks.

      One of the many abiding lessons I learned from and about Christ
      is the willingness to be treated with disdain, scorn, contempt etc
      for the sake of God and the Greater Good
      and our Planet Earth.

      and do Good anyway

      In Your case, send out those 20 copies of this article.

    • 60sstreetpunk

      I would not bother to point out that there are no planes. Concentrate on what people can verify for themselves. I too had trouble convincing people that 9/11 was a nuclear event until I told them to check the definition of ‘ground zero’ in the pre-9/11 dictionaries they have at home. It would have only one meaning, which is what you call a place that has been nuked. Then tell them to check the definition in a dictionary that is available in public, say a bookshop or in the library. They will find that there will be extra definitions which I explain have been added to obfuscate the original single meaning.

      Here, have a look at this

      Once you have caught their attention, tell them to watch Khalezov’s video

  9. The topic of DOE came up..
    Go find doewatch (dot com)
    That fellow has a brief with the DOE lot,
    I could care less who he thinks God is.
    He put the word out, go look please.
    The matter of prophesy and all, I got my Crystal Ball at Sears,
    Never could get the damn thing to work.
    And Sears sold good stuff, and is kind of passe but back in the day,
    My love those guys (monkey wards already bit it.
    Chances are we learned our stuff on things that might have expired by now.
    But not the MIC (Military Industrial Complex)
    They are still the most important thing on the planet they are trying to blow up.
    Just ask them, and modest too!


  10. I’m a little unclear who is being referenced at the end on the article “Some very dangerous people are now both angry and motivated.” I don’t mean specific names, or even specific agencies. But are these people dangerous to Cheney et al. or are they dangerous to the general public? In other words, are they the good guys or the bad guys?

  11. It’s been obvious for a long time, that Israelis (and others) were heavily involved in 9/11. Everyone in that cemetery incident spoke Hebrew. But we realize who’s above them, the US cabal, and realize that the ultimate perps are the kind of people who can control every single lever of power, gov’t, intel, military, news, finances, etc at such a high level that they don’t care WHO gets elected in November. And these people don’t have any problem throwing Israelis, Arabs, Russians, or any of us for that matter, under the bus together. Take a look at David Rockefeller, Bush Sr, Kissinger, for starters.

    • Perhaps you (as Americans) do some ethnic cleansing before the elections. Joint citizenship is out. Go back to Israehell.

  12. Here is one for you,
    put yourself in the place of the other critters,
    We are very powerful,
    We are to them what the bad guys are to us.
    But we are ambulatory, smart, and very dangerous if provoked.
    I suggest we avail ourself.
    Soon would be really good, how much of the landscape on fire gets your attention?
    The ‘bad guys’ want your attention,
    and I think we should let them have it..



  13. “This material is astounding, it comes from the highest levels of America’s weapon design community and is highly classified. After reading this, you will never be able to think about 9/11 and the threat of nuclear weapons in the same way ever again.”

    I’m not denying your version of events, because I don’t know. But if that statement is supposed to somehow prove the information that follows is legitimate…it doesn’t. No offense, but you could have written every word yourself.

    This is like the “proof” offered by the Finding Bigfoot guys on Discovery. They don’t understand what the difference between “evidence”, “proof”, and pure speculation.

    • Mr. Duff is an intelligent (and brave working up to foolhardy) fellow.
      And that is just what we need right now.
      Thanks Mr Duff (and the rest you lot I never met.
      I still want to have coffee (or the beverage of your choice)
      Who’d have thunk it.
      And all this time we thought it was Ozzie and Harriet
      A man after my own heart (but I am using it for a while yet.
      It took me a bit of time to catch on (call me dumbshit, Lord knows I do.
      At last a chance to address interesting folks, make my ‘pitch’ and let the chips fall.
      My Thanks and My Love to the VT lot.
      I have no idea the view from there, but I cherish you.


  14. Oh
    I so want to see these bastards sent.
    I have thought of really bad stuff to do to them,
    but at the end of the day I would break my heart before I broke theirs.
    So I quit with that (and commenced to cooking other stuff.
    Best ti You.


  15. I can’t find the comment I wanted to reply to. Has it been removed? Someone complained about dwelling on “the how,” and advocated jumping over that to pursuing ‘the who.”

    “The how” is the first step in any scientific investigation, and unless it’s thoroughly done and proven, “the who” is speculation. Every American can accept “the how,” regardless of their political or religious stripe. Americans will listen to and accept “the how” properly assessed and documented.

    “The how” has not been done with respect to the WTC. No proper investigations. No solid scientific evidence. The 9/11 Commission was not allowed to ascertain it; it was only permitted to figure out how it wouldn’t happen again (safety regs, yammer-yammer this and that).

    In my view, it is right, proper, and correct that “how” it happened is pursued and scientifically proven.

    I know I’m still stuck on that from the moment I watched the towers come down. Ten seconds (count that out on your fingers, seriously, count it out). A 110-floor steel building is vaporized?

    You ‘ve got to be stuck on stupid to buy the official story.

  16. Just a note of thanks, to you and to the folks at large.
    I think it was Ann that mentioned that killing Kennedy was their big moment,
    and that 911 is their Waterloo.
    I hope so.
    911 was used to do so much mischief.
    They want to get it ‘all done’ before we catch them.
    Anyway, Thanks.


  17. I was an early subscriber to Dimitri Khalezov’s nuke theory. After downloading his original interview I was immediately convinced. My error was to believe ‘nanothermite’ ALSO played a role in the collapse + “dustification” of the Twin Towers. A belief deleted at last. Thank you!

    I’ve been left breathless with some of the precise revelations published by VT in recent months. Appreciations!!

    Christopher Bollyn was always out of his depth when explaining the technicalities of the WTC destruction. As a qualified engineer (with 4 yrs nuclear industry experience, including U235 enrichment) Bollyn’s shortcomings were obvious to me from the outset.

    But I do credit Bollyn for his thorough investigation of the FINANCIAL shenanigans that were perpetrated as part of this huge conspiracy. We have the stock shorts, the gold heist, and the destruction of anti-fraud records essential to prosecuting the misappropriation of $-Billions. Bollyn has successfully (I believe) identified most persons directly involved in that “paper chase”.

    There is also a proven Schiphol connection (Israeli Security Cos) that now puts MH17 into the frame.

    As for who should ultimately account for this shameful and bestial event? Let’s return to the beginning.

    The WTC project was conceived by both David & Nelson Rockefeller, to help revitalize Lower Manhattan.
    http //
    http //

    • The problem with all this,
      You spend a lot of time detailing an instance
      and when you have made your point it becomes old hat.
      I commend all the folks who have endeavored to bring us truth.
      People (several) have ended up dead.
      Lord Knows the relationship problems, when one wakes up and the other did not.
      Not to worry, people are being blown up by drones as we speak, this is still soft duty,


    • Dimitri A. Khalezovś book is essential reading. Itś only just over 1000 pages pdf but I couldn put it down.
      From the moment the first WTC started to fall I knew something was fishy as in lots and lots of dust.
      Dimitri has it dead right IMHO from the antena to the melted rock (bedrock I beleive you call it) in the basement.

  18. I was on West Broadway about 5 blocks away when tower 2 came down. I lost 13 friends and associates that
    day. I am convinced it was a neocon conspiracy. Also, if you follow the money like any good detective, Silverstein should be investigated. If this event was nuclear, what would happen to phone communications?One question I have is if you listen to the last several seconds of the conversation Kevin Cosgrove has with rescuers right before the tower collapses the transmission starts to get all kinds of interference, does this have any relevance? I haven’t heard anyone mention this.

    • I am sorry to hear about your friends,
      I am so damn lucky and now I have you guys.
      Aint this something, I did not get born expecting this.
      And so am slow on the uptake and will count my blessings.
      They used to do it with rocks and sticks (some still do)
      and I hope those guys never get power tools..


  19. as new info is discovered, it will alter things once reported. for example /
    what about Willy Rodriguez testimony to bombs going off from the basement 7 seconds prior to the alleged plane hitting. how does this wash with this new information? how did willy survive a nuke?
    http //“last-man-out-makes-shocking-911-disclosure/

    also not only he but 14 others survived in stairwell B how did they survive a nuke? i don’t understand how these people were not victim of the same heat that made others jump?
    i am open to this new info because I’m open to this discussion in the first place. but this info ,without names and sources to verify, I’m afraid will not change most peoples minds.

    I want people brought to justice. i want this to go from fringe to mainstream. some of the investigators out there may be as sincere as the ones writing at V T but were just on a wrong path. to just drag their names into the mud and dismiss them, unless it is PROVED they are working with the people behind this crime, is not in the interest of gaining public opinion and getting indictments .

  20. I’m amazed at the lack of overwhelm, let alone appreciation of what has been uncovered and shared in this article. Has mankind fallen to such depths of soulless psychopathy, that he is unable to recognise the curtained exit to his own schemed and evil labyrinth? The scope of revealed info here in its entirety, not only rolls out “the” obvious and shocking scientific version of events that surround 9/11, but also reveals a deeper and darker rabbit hole towards planned future events of which 9/11 was clearly the prototype. This article validates and details much of Judy Woods’ scientific observations and fact finding, but mostly.. it also paints a disturbing picture in the connection of various events that not only led up to 9/11, but that continue to plague mankind in the shaping and reshaping of a soulless, tyrannical matrix of mislead power, greed and psychopathic control. Absolute kudos to VT in their courage to share such classified info in nothing less than life threatening enormity. And to the debunkers and disinfo scum agents out there, put your wayward members away ‘gentleman’, and wake the hell up to reality.. before it’s too late for you also.

    • julieanne, to a great degree I agree with you. however this is a process and there are still questions to be asked, are there not? to ridicule people with honest questions is to assume you have all the answers.
      if this is true, and nukes were used, than a laundry list of good commenters questions should easily be resolved. i actually agree with you that now that dr judy woods toasted cars and” dustification” can now be re visited by many who dismissed it. perhaps this will bring these camps together.
      but why don’t we answer all the other questions remaining?
      so let the questions be asked, as I did.

  21. Dear Ian,

    Can you explain the core column with the angle cut shown at the bottom of the web page? Were shape charges used? Fake image?

    ****http //

    • Hey to the nuclear weapons crowd, don’t shoot the messenger, here is a link

      ****http //

  22. Rahm Emmanuel? His name is listed along with Bush and Cheney. Is that a misprint? Shouldn’t it be Donald Rumsfeld? Emmanuel is the Mayor of Chicago.

    The telling tale that 9/11 was an inside job, from the get-go, is the FACT that Bush, Cheney and others tried to block ANY investigations of the events of that fateful day.

    I’ve always felt that Cheney’s statement; “It’s not a matter of IF we’ll be attacked again, but WHEN!”, was actually a WARNING that if their complicity is exposed, there will quickly be ANOTHER event, in which case the idiot sheeple in this country will crap themselves and again believe anything they are spoon-fed by the perpetrators. We also NEED more investigative work behind the Pentagon missile attack and the shooting down of the plane over Shanksville. More needs to be pointed out that those planes weren’t scheduled to fly that day, and were not decommissioned until December, 2005. The NSA spying on citizens purpose was to catch anyone able to expose the entire charade. Bush’s warning; “You’re either with us, or you’re against us.” was a WARNING to anyone that even dared questioning or exposing them, would be deemed an enemy combatant, and quickly disposed of. Another fact that exposes Cheney and Bush was the fact that Clinton’s BANNED Haliburton from Government contracts because they had been convicted of defrauding the Government. Bush recinded that BAN shortly after being appointed POTUS.

  23. It looks like a comment was recently removed which made disparaging remarks about the nuclear weapons theory.

  24. I remember the day in 2001, watching the towers crumble, thinking then that they had to be built deliberately to crumble that way, or had to be demolished with charges already in place. I could be wrong, but it seemed to me at the time that any technical person would understand the same thing. It just seems that a large percentage of the population would know that, and for nearly everyone to be silent all these years, we must be living in a very fearful state.

    • The lies were easy to sell to a naïve public raised American exceptionalism and “shining city on hill” type bullshit…… certainly didn’t hurt that the cousins of the perps own the media, the central bank, the entertainment industry, the politiicians (part of the kabuki theatre entertainment industry ) and have moles in all the intell. agencies..

    • I was taken in for a day or two as to methods, busy not jumping to conclusions.
      But I remember I got up, saw that, and said to no one in particular
      “oh no, here we go, it’s off to the races”.
      That part I got right.
      I must admit ‘everything’ changed on that day.
      Too much and not enough.
      I hate to admit to the ‘bad guys’ power, but you must admit,
      they are clever bastards (and not very nice).
      You realize of course this means war (Bugs Bunny, and me too,


  25. Finally you will come to the same conusions as Dimitri Khalezov. He is an eye witness and a genuine expert, you are just amateurs compared to him.
    Though I like your efforts, it helps getting new important info to the surface.

    • VT has a number of articles from him on here, where Dimitri has put forward his case and answered others who write on this subject, so not quite sure of your point really Dutch, especially the ‘amateur’ comment.

  26. Now, somebody please make a nice computer video graphics for wide distribution, Nat Geo / H C style.
    Also it would be funny to see soon a campaign of counter-programming from these globalist outlets trying to prove you wrong, with sudden resurgence of “educational” videos instilling the outdated conventional perception of the nuclear weapon designs and effects presented under various historical/political excuses.

  27. Thank you Ian and all at VT! The proof is in plain site! The truth is emerging and will eventually hang all these evil bastards! It was through learning about 9-11 that woke me up and then went on down the “Rabbit Hole” and found out lots more things! These Monsters will cease to be soon! I want desperately live to see the day when Bush,Cheney,Rumsfield and all of them are hauled out in chains! These creatures do not have any souls! Arrrogant Satan loving scum maggots!

  28. Misprision of treason is an offence found in many common law jurisdictions around the world, having been inherited from English law. It is committed by someone who knows a treason is being or is about to be committed but does not report it to a proper authority. It is therefore an unusual criminal offence as it may be committed through inaction.

  29. “Some very dangerous people are now both angry and motivated.” The damage and the causation and the resulting windfall for those involved, is something that happens repetitively. To get this human problem under control there needs to be education at the higher levels regarding the resulting mass hypnosis that occurred on 9/11. Similar to “War of the Worlds” radio broadcast, the timing was a key. The day was Imox, and it is the day of the successful lie. It correlates specifically to chap 20 in genesis. The control of the mind is far more dangerous than people or bombs.

  30. From the article

    No longer can there be any denial that NYC was nuked. The nanothermite theory was a psyop from the beginning to hide the nuclear event at the towers.

    Brian Perhaps too strong. I don’t think Steve Jones and Christopher Bollyn were part of a psyop, no way.

    From the article

    “Bush, Cheney and Rahm Emmanuel are gone. So are most of the original co-conspirators. They are or have been removed from power. This makes it safer for the whistle blowers.”

    Note the names they use and the order they are in. This opens up so many more questions, this time questions that may actually have answers of consequence.

    Brian I’ve shown in numerous VT comment sections the silliness of thinking the hapless, clueless, AIPAC blackmailed stooge George Bush had anything to do with 911.

    Based on Mineta’s recollection of Cheney’s comments on 911 I think Cheney may have been involved, but I speculate the Jewish Zionists who did 911 only told him about the Pentagon attack because that was enough for the U.S. to justify going after the patsy Usama bin Laden, so need to tell Cheney about the twin towers, loose lips sink ships and besides he may have actually balked at the attack on the twin towers. It’s easier for Cheney to justify in his mind killing Americans at the Pentagon than basic civilians in the twin towers.

    • By the way, it’s simply not a slam dunk nuclear weapons were used on 911, no I’m not going to get into a debate about it.

    • Brian

      You are so wrong. First thing, separate Jones from Bollyn. They don’t belong together.

      Nanothermite is absolutely a psyop.

      The information we have on this part is so explosive we are sitting on it. Bollyn is a passive player.

      This is more serious than you can ever imagine.

    • @ Gordon Duff

      “The information we have on this part is so explosive we are sitting on it….

      Does it have anything to do with Jones’ history — for instance, that he was the federal government’s “go to” man to trash cold nuclear fusion?

    • Yeah and i suspect something did not go to plan.
      Building 7 is the fart they wish no one smelled.


    • I could speculate, it is tempting (and might be actionable)
      So far nobody wants to see me in discovery (and I like it that way)
      We tread dangerous waters (to mix a metaphor)
      Nothing good will come of us or the folks that run this forum
      coming to harm.
      (and live to fight another day)
      Again Best to You


  31. Can you please ask them where K.I.R.A. is now as I understand there may still be missing people from 9/11 being held there? This may be located in mainland USA. If they have been ‘converted’ (as in hybridised), they can still be helped. It might be a Draco nest.

  32. All the innocent people trapped in the towers, including those on the phone with 911 operators, mentioned how incredibly hot it was and they knew they were burning to death – the probable reason why people threw themselves from 60+ stories off the
    buildings to their deaths. It also explains
    witnesses in the lobby saw plasma-type fireballs that distorted reality and why they saw people simply vanish before their eyes. May the SOB’s who created such an evil weapon have a special place in hell reserved for their souls…if they have any souls.

    • If they ever did, they lost them long ago. Some folks are just born as criminal sociopaths and have no soul or conscience or any ability to have regard for others at all. They may pretend to care about associates but only do so in order to con them to get what they want or need.

  33. I would have thought that aneutronic fusion should have been on the technology map… easy to control all aspects…

  34. A truly outstanding and monumentally important article that lays bare all the 9/11 cover-uppers, shills and misinformed pretending to know what really happened.

    This article explains what really happened from nuclear weapons designer/scientists that investigated 9/11 and came to logical conclusions based on their working knowledge of nuclear weapons technology. It’s known that Veterans Today is written for the Top Govt Policy-makers, the Military, and Intel, and the Editors really don’t care if the general public reads VT articles or not. But you can bet this information contained in this outstanding and important Breaking News article will diffuse to the American public and they will find out what really happened. The coverup is going to collapse like the house of cards that it is.

    • Who could imagine that the nuclear weapons labs would sit down, answer our questions and explain in scientific detail how the greatest act of treason in world history was performed and do so in a way that can’t be challenged.
      Many of us here risked everything, our lives least of all, to bring this here.
      Even if nothing is done, and nothing will be done, not in a police state dictatorship, we have proven there is still a shred of honor in America.

    • Thank you VT and all those who have come forward. We all have to die one day. Better to die knowing that you have done your very best than to die with regrets, thinking that you should have done better. Speak your truth but do not be attached to any outcome. That’s all anyone can do.

  35. Three different sources are mentioned….Department of Energy, senior US Army/NATO officer and
    “sources within the US nuclear weapons labs.” Was Sandia the source of this info?

  36. This is terrific stuff, no pun intended. You guys are SO much more effective when you aren’t busy arguing with the Chris Bollyn’s of the world, whatever he may turn out to be.

    Well done, and thanks.

    • Dave
      Good call. Attacking Chris Bollyn is a waste of time, “dead man walking.”
      I will say, the spat with Bollyn led us to good material. Someday Chris and I can sit down for a drink and laugh about this.
      However, Stephen Jones is a very different animal. People are terrified of him.

  37. I have followed all the info and mis-info for the past three years. I wrote my own 100 page book, with 20 pages of photos, defining, using logic, also statements from Eberhart of NORAD, why there could not have been hijackers, thus no planes, and why jet fuel could not have demolished the towers. I didn’t try to explain the root cause for the ‘dustification’ of the towers and almost everything in them.

    Now I am bothered by how to reconcile the info presented here by credible commentators concerning the possibility of nukes or explosives planted at the time they were built. Much of it seems believable. Even if we accept VT’s explanation, we are left with the questions of “how” -the rational explanation of how it was accomplished.

    I appreciate this article, and can wait for your future comments on of that. Thanks.


    • Were you to read more carefully, we are only publishing the Department of Energy’s conclusions.
      They wrote this, not us.
      The text you are mistakenly attributing to VT is quotes from the Department of Energy. Please check on attribution.

    • a question, a real one. Did you actually read this? This is the most classified information ever released that I know of. The Sandia teams were very specific.

    • Gordon, if you are commenting to me, yes, I think I read all of the articles, followed them best I can, with a philosophy degree. I can grasp how a nuclear cloud can take matter apart. My point was that Howard and a few others insist that the nukes were there all along, more or less. If they were not, all that had to be orchestrated close to 911.

      In reality, it does not matter, other than being confident in my conclusions.


    • Yeah, that’s why Silverstein and Levy took control of the WTC complex…the demo boys working for the Mossad front group…Urban Moving Systems owned by Dominic Suter were given access…The bldg. superintendent Wm. Rodriguez has said that he heard strange goings-on on the unoccupied, locked floors….There was a 72 hr. power-down the weekend before…it was when doubt, the finishing touches were put on the coming shock-and-awe show planned by the illuminati Rothscum network..

    • No jet planes hit the towers, the video footage of them doing so is all fake. Besides, an aluminium and composite airplane would barely make a scratch in a concrete and steel structure like the WTC towers.

      The nuclear bombs used were not placed there during construction, they were constructed in Israel using remanufactured W54 warheads stolen from the Pantex plant in TX then illegally transferred to Israel. The transfer of these warheads began in 1988 under Daddy Bush, which is nearly 20 years after the construction of the towers. The pits inside nuclear warheads have a limited life span as the fissile material over time loses isotopes and turns into other elements. The W54 warheads were manufactured in sets of 3 at Hanford, after 16 years, they are no longer viable so they remanufacture them, making two good pits from the three. After another 16 years, they again have to remanufacture a make one good pit from the two.

      The engine in the street was placed there by the FBI, there were witnesses to this, also, the location of the engine, under scaffolding made it obvious it could not have fallen from the sky and must have been placed there.

    • It’s a waste of time discussing whether or not an aluminium tin can could penetrate concrete and steel for the simple fact that no planes hit the towers.

    • Howard
      You are wrongly attributing material from the Sandia investigators to the person who published their findings. I suggest that you first attack the physics of our last 20 publications first. They are a huge breakthrough.

    • Nukes only last ten years or so. If they were built into the towers in 1973, they’d be sludge by 2001. But you already know this if you’re who you say you are.

    • Please note when writing these comments, if you know something, put it down. I don’t give a damn about time wasters and whiners but I do value those who make an effort. More than a few times these comment boards have made a different, more than anyone might know.
      You see, when you have information and put it here, it may well be the only time in your life you can make a real difference in the world

    • You can build a nuke that would last almost forever. Most physics went “dark” in the 70ies and considerably effort are used to keep even “basic stuff” secret,

    • If something is radioactive, it is in the process of decaying. Making a nuke with a long shelf life would be equivalent to making a nuke with no radioactive decay, which is just not possible using enriched uranium or plutonium.

      The early weapons designers put HUGE effort into “splitting the atom” but were only able to find large elements like plutonium and uranium that could be split by stray neutrons with limited energy, necessary for a chain reaction to take place, i.e. a “bomb”.

      Other elements can be split, but not by the particles emitted by the atom next door, causing a chain reaction. In other words, it wouldn’t go boom, it would be a dirty bomb instead.

      So, a nuke that wouldn’t decay would be an ENTIRELY different animal altogether. Maybe they exist, but we may as well be talking about “directed energy weapons” or inter-dimensional time travel. Pure speculation, in other words.

    • That nukes have a shelf-life is high-school knowledge, or at least used to be. VT has documented the various decomposition modes of plutonium and uranium. If you want a great source, “The Making of the Atomic Bomb” by Richard Rhodes is a classic and the bibliography deep.

      Just stating the obvious, boss.

    • Being a physics professor for half of my life I know that there are at least a dozen dry designs with “infinite shelf life”, based on layers of stable isotopes, counting U238 as stable, for practical purposes. (You *can* do without U238 too).
      The trick is to get the initial neutron flow going fast enough and quickly getting access to the energy needed for that. There are many solutions to this too. One elegant solution is letting the bomb be the core of its own EPFCG. The kicker is that you don’t even need any regulated materials. (…have no idea what the charade in Geneva is for…)

    • One day you will find out how Khalezov came to be in the right place at the right time to tell you of those demolition nukes. Luck had nothing to do with it.

    • The use of nuclear devices for demolition purposes is unusual, surely? Where or when was this scenario tested or is it claimed that the whole thing was undertaken based upon theoretical calculations? Also, Danny Jowenko, before his untimely and suspicious demise recognised WTC7 collapse as a conventional demolition, but having previously seen the collapses of 1 & 2, had not come to a similar conclusion.

    • There would be little need to build nuclear bombs into the WTC construction. The devices could easily be added later. I highly doubt the architects believed 40-50 year old nuclear bombs (the projected lifespan of the buildings) would be used to demolish the towers.

      I don’t see any 200-foot fireballs in the tower’s demolition, other than near the top, which would indicate the use of a series of small, atmospheric nuclear explosions to dustify the towers? If a series of nuclear explosions were used, why was there a violent explosion near the top (with heavy steel columns being ejected outwards and upwards up to 300 feet) but no explosions further down the building?…only a few puffs of dust or smoke being ejected? More likely one large nuclear explosion was used to crush each tower into dust, with the top few floors being out of the crush zone and descended intact through the dustified floors below at near free-fall speed.

    • as to the post about nukes lasting forever…I am as yet unable to verify that. the US has no such program that I can find. If you send me more background on this, I will look into it.

  38. Don’t bother. The “people” do not care until their wealth, health and life are directly threatened, i.e. until it;s too late. The only solution is to create a new country for all those “awake and aware” based on different rules, like honor, accountability, transparency, privacy, sovereignty, solidarity. Whoever does not respect such rules would be expelled, like in true Greek democracy…

  39. “What I also learned working with VT is that, though the mainstream media is boycotting this information, the military and intelligence community is not. Some very dangerous people are now both angry and motivated”.

    Whom are you referring to when you say “Some very dangerous people are now both angry and motivated”?

    The good guys in the military and intelligence community or the bastards in the SSG responsible for 9/11?

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