Alien Agenda V: World Zionists Play Russian Roulette With Alien ETs


by Preston James


Georgia Guidestones which allegedly recite the Alien Agenda for Planet Earth in eight different languages and contain the “New Ten Commandments” that Alien ETs plan to institute after their Global Population Reduction or “Reset.”

Have Ruling Super-elite Deviants set up a Secret Cell of Nuclear Weapon Scientists to covertly and quickly develop advanced Nuclear Devices they can then deploy to depopulate America by 90%, in order to avoid a threatened 100% Depopulation ” Reset” by Alien ETs which would include themselves?

Note: This article is written for retired military and Intel with advanced knowledge of Space War matters and Alien ET visitors.

If you have not examined all the evidence of such matters that was presented in previous Secret Space War articles, you are probably wasting your valuable time reading this and it will seem like nonsense to you. Why waste your valuable time reading about something that will just not fit into your mind?

You are not allowed to know this information by the Powers That Be (PTB). They don’t really care what you believe as long as it is plausibly deniable, but they have taken extreme measures to make sure you cannot know these things for sure by controlling the USG, the Judiciary, the Major Mass Media and the Educational System.

Note: over the last 50 years hundreds of individuals have been murdered to keep these secrets from you and many thousands have been threatened, or seriously harassed and coerced to stop talking about what they have seen close up. The last several years the whole Intel system of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) is breaking down and the facts about the Secret Space War that has been ongoing in America since 1947 can no longer be kept from the public. This article is dedicated to the Great American Heroes who have now made this story possible to be told at Veterans Today.

The particular Alien ET group which allegedly made this “Reset Ultimatum” in the first place was identified by a insider and is believed to be the Dracos, a particularly evil group of Reptilian Alien ETs.

The existence of this “Reset Ultimatum” was first reported by an insider and then corroborated by another with more information about the actual perps at the top of the Pyramid of Power.

It is believed by numerous insiders that these Dracos are represented by and aligned with the World Zionists (WZs) which work out of the City of London Financial District through their main Action-Agent Cutouts, Israel leaders and their Assets inside the American Establishment.

These stateside assets include NeoCons, PNACers, AIPAC, B’nai B’rith, Israeli-American Israeli-first Dual Citizens, and the private Federal Reserve System which is a franchisee of the City of London’s World Zionist private Central Bank. (1)

leadbaphometNote: These Dracos only appear to a select very small number of WZ leaders in Europe and America, which have been referred to as “Luciferian Circles of Twelve” one inside America and One in Europe. Some have claimed these Circles of Twelve become Circles of Thirteen when Lucifer appears in person as Baphomet during key rituals.

The Dracos’ alliance with pure Evil.

It is now known that the Dracos claim to get their power directly from Lucifer and have been assigned the responsibility of targeting Planet Earth for depopulation by Terra-forming and re-population of a new Draco/human hybrid species. Recognition of this alliance between the Dracos and the entity that has been trying for eons to be the Ultimate Evil Destroyer of mankind certainly explains a lot of questions about the presence of so much evil, death, destruction and human suffering on planet Earth.

The reason that there is now an increasing number of ordinary folks who know about the Dracos is because they have been observed by Alien ET abduction victims during abductions directing Greys to perform strange medical procedures to extract biological materials from these abductees.

The information about this Final Warning seems to fit with numerous other reports over the last several years. If true, this warning carries some startling implications for the continued survival of the American Masses and perhaps the World Masses.

Statue of a Draco guarding over the World Zionist City of London Financial District

These World Zionists (WZs) are also known as the City of London Banksters, aka the Rothschild World Bankers.

These WZs have two main Action-Agents/Cutouts, the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC, aka Fourth Reich) and the International Zionist Crime Syndicate run out of Israel (IZCS).

Why would these Dracos order the few top WZs who they run as their primary Cutouts to institute just drastic action to reduce the population in America? Haven’t they obtained enough success toward attaining their intended NWO Alien Agenda?

The answer is a definitive NO. The NWO was supposed to be shoved fully into place by the end of 2,000 AD. When it failed they actuated much more serious backup plans using staged nuclear Terror and related blackmail, and emphasized an international War on Terror as a means to create cover for their police state buildup inside America using DHS, an Israeli occupying force and a new heavily militarized Police that answer to DHS.

The Dracos have been very concerned that they are now losing ground because of the deep penetration of truth being published at the speed of light all over the world via the Internet, which they view as the New Gutenberg Press. They feel that unless they institute their fall back plan, they call “Reset Blackmail” they will lose their control over America and then the whole Planet. What is Reset Blackmail”?

Reset Blackmail, a new development in the Draco’s plan to complete their Alien Agenda.

It is like the nuclear Blackmail used by the Israeli leaders, the NeoCons, the PNACers and the Israeli-America “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens who did the 9/11/01 Nuclear Attack on America and Blackmailed Bush2 into silence. He was told basically that, Your father [Bush 1] sold the decommissioned w-54 nuclear Pitts to us and if you don’t go along with our demand to help us set up Homeland Security and streamline all American Intel and Law Enforcement under it [our control] we will set off some more nukes inside America”.

This Nuclear Blackmail was successfully deployed to coerce Bush2 to go along with their demand to allow and promote the creation of Homeland security as a secret Israeli Neo-Bolshevik occupying force inside America. Bush2 was aware that the Israelis had planted twenty-five additional nukes inside America. Some are known to be larger devices (“city destroyers”) taken from S-200 Russian warheads acquired by a US member of Congress who was given a budget of 10 billion dollars to decommission them after the end of the Cold War. He not only didn’t decommission these nukes as required by the law but instead sold them to the Israelis and pocketed and shared the large amount of money gained from this highly illegal sale with some other members of Congress.

It is likely that the NeoCon, PNACers and Israeli-American Israeli-First “Dual Citizens” have been offered a second fall back option by the Dracos. Perhaps if these WZ Cutouts are able to provoke an actual nuclear WW3 with Russia they will be allowed to go underground into the DUMBS until the fallout subsides and preserve their Ruling Class status and lavish DC lifestyles.

Below is a diagram that clarifies the reason for the existence of Homeland Security (DHS) and how it has militarized and transformed American Law Enforcement (LE) into a agent of the State, in this case an Israli run Police State governed by Homeland Security, an agency known to be run at the top by Israeli “Dual Citizen” Traitors, Infil-Traitors and perverts. Be advised that America’s new High Military Command is on to this scam of DHS and their plan to transform America into GAZA II. Some top Military officials want to export them all back to Israel since they serve it and love it so much. Yes, it should be their nation of occupancy.

It is important to realize that only the very top few leaders of DHS know the true Agenda of DHS, which is basically an alien Agenda, that is an Agenda created and implemented by the Draco’s who run World Zionism on behalf of Lucifer. And it is also important to know that almost no American Police Officers who are operating on behalf of DHS have any idea of the true Agenda they are serving, which is to oppress and tyrannize Americans and eventually detain them and then mass-murder them in death camps. If these folks were ever to become aware of the true Agenda they are serving, they would immediately quit, organize and rebel.

The jig is now up and the truth is out via the Internet, spreading worldwide at the speed of lightning. It won’t be too long and there will be big time rebellion in the ranks of DHS, you can probably bet on it. And if DHS and any part of the US Military starts attacking American families, it’s a good guess that there will be an immediate rebellion inside DHS or any military organization attacking American families and lots of back-shot or fragged WZ-run leaders, supervisors or officers. Besides “We the People” are the world’s biggest army, with many millions of high powered firearms and lots of ammo. Beside “We the People” is a sleeping giant that is only now awakening. And when DHS starts it attack on American families, “We the People” will wake up quickly and there will be hell to pay for those responsible.

And best of all, a substantial number of American Intel Cowboys are back at world taken out of retirement working hard to get America back under control of America-Firsters and end the WZ and Israeli occupying influence. This also means nationalizing the private Federal Reserve System (a RICO enterprise) and setting up a true American Banking System run out of the US Department of the Treasury, owned by “We the People” and not the WZ’s or their Israeli-first “Dual Citizens.”

DHS 4 final

The Dracos are desperate and are pushing their Cutouts hard to do desperate acts against “We the People.”

The Dracos know they are very close to losing once again and being pushed back into the darkness (where they belong). They are exceedingly desperate and afraid but do not want anyone, including their Circles of Twelve to knwo this. That is why they believe that unless they move ahead fast with their Reset Blackmail plan, they will be completely defeated. They have told their WZ Cutouts something like this: “If you do not do your job and come up with an adequate reset plan to eliminate at least 90% of everyone in America while we take you underground to stay in the DUMBs until it is safe to go back, we will strip you of all your powers, wealth and status and throw you to the wolves. Plus we will institute our own Reset Plan which will destroy you along with 100% of the folks on Planet Earth.”

How did this all start and how did Planet Earth get into such a mess?

The BCC and the IZCS were ordered to form a working partnership after WW2 by the World Zionists run out of the City of London who are allegedly controlled by Dracos.

This super crime-coalition was intended to hijack the world and all its resources to fulfill a Draco Alien Agenda. And this was to be done through pre-staged wars to cause mass-death, creation of monopolies to control the economies, issuing of debt-based “funny money” to allow the manipulation of the money supply, creation and use of pernicious usury to create debt-slavery, massive international illegal weapons and drug trafficking to create mass death and chaos.

Perhaps the most closely guarded secret in the world?

alien-alpha-draconian3It has been reported from connected insiders for many years that these WZ Action-Agents the BCC and the IZCS have received their power from help by these Draco Alien ETs and vast private central Bankster Money-Power from the City of London financial District (a separate country inside London with its own ambassadors like the Vatican, which was covertly hijacked by the Rothschilds aka Bauers, when Napoleon was defeated).

Perhaps this is the most closely guarded secret in recent history is this secret alliance and working relationship that was formed between the World Zionists (WZs) from the City of London, and a certain inter-dimensional Alien ET group known to be extremely aggressive and evil known as the Reptilians, Dragons, Order of the Snake, or most frequently as the Dracos.

This Alien ET group the Dracos have been reputed by good sources to be “Energy Vampires” or Parasites that feed off the negative energy of extreme human fear, terror and painful death.

The World Zionists (WZs) are also known as the Rothschild Private Central Banksters that seized the City of London private central Banks through very crafty means that some believe was supernatural and occult driven Intel. Others believe carrier pigeons were used to carry the message of Napoleon’s defeat to London from France, but this is not what official records in the Vatican Basement Secret Library or the secret records of MJ-12 are alleged to suggest.

The closely guarded secret source of the WZs world power has been (in their own words), “the Teeming power of Lucifer.”

It is now known that the WZs have secretly been pure Luciferians who became Occult “Black-Magick Masters” who learned and perfected Black-Magick Arts passed down from Ancient Babylonia through their family “Luciferian Blood Lines. As the official account goes, those initiated into these Babylonian Black-Magick Luciferian Arts each received an individual inter-dimensional Spirit Guide that would appear to them during human sacrifice ceremonies first and then more frequently at other times. These personal spirit guides are viewed by some as inter-dimensional ETs, Demons or Jinns and have a record of assisting their client in mastering evil and oppressing Planet Earth’s masses.

Occasionally non-bloodline individuals who have served the WZs diligently over many years and proved themselves to be remarkably loyal to their evil cause are inducted into their Occult Circles.

alien2This known association between Alien ETs and the Occult (Babylonian Black-Magick) was first discovered by those who studied the reports of Aleister Crowley, reputed to be one of the most evil men that ever lived and called the “Beast 666.” One one noted occasion Crowley claimed that an Inter-dimensional being Seth appeared to walk through the walls of an Egyptian Pyramid he was inside to greet him. According to Crowley’s own sketch this being, it looked exactly like what is typically referred to as an Alien ET Gray.

Later a very powerful secret US Army Psyops cell of Satan-worshipers was developed by Col. Michael Acquino called the Temple of Set which is believed to have interacted with the same Greys that Aleister Crowley did.

At this point it is believed that this major Satanic cell infested not only the leadership of the US Army but also the NSA top leadership running the NSA, as well as the USAF at Offhut which was deeply involved in the notorious “Franklin Coverup”, and as well the Presidio Naval base in California before it was shut down.

It is believed that Col. Acquino traveled to Wewellsburg Castle to repeat the same Reich of the Black Sun rituals that the top SS leadership engaged in, which is alleged to have turned the Tall White Nordics against them. It is rumored now that the current new US Military High Command is hard at work routing out these proponents of evil and promoting ethical, honest officers who are not infested with demons and who are NOT controlled by an Alien Agenda which they are not aware of.

There have been some reports that a certain element in the top levels of the City of London WZs was deeply involved with Greys and their “Occult Masters” the Dracos starting even before WW1 commenced and were being directed by them to pre-stage both WW1 and WW2 to begin the initial steps of attaining the Globalism necessary to make progress toward attaining the Alien Agenda.

Some Muslim Clerics and non-Zionist Christian Pastors believe these Alien ETs are Jinns or evil Demons and thus believe there is a connection between them and pure Cosmic Evil, Satan or the Devil (aka the Dark Side”). And certain individuals within the US Space Command and inside NATO’s Space Command also feel some of these Alien ET entities are remarkably evil in crafty ways, but this belief is apparently not universal among such highly ranked Military Officials.

It is believed by some Intel insiders that the World Zionists (WZs) are essentially completely controlled by these Alien ET Dracos and highly rewarded with power, money, and status for generating massive human suffering and painful death through wars, plagues, hard-kill and soft-kill.

These Draco Cutouts and main Action-Agents, the WZs, have been working hard to enact the Dracos worldwide Alien Agenda which is notably parasitical, evil and produces massive death and intense human suffering all over the world in order to provide the negative energy these Dracos need to remain operational on Planet Earth.

It is also now known that these WZ Action-Agents for the Dracos are greatly rewarded for attaining numerous goals which have been set by the Dracos which are needed to bring about the complete attainment of their evil Alien Agenda in progressive Fabian type steps of “order ab chaos”. That is, the creation of what the Dracos view as necessary new social structures arising from pre-staged creation of social, economic and environmental events which cause massive chaos and thus new opportunities to institute changes the public masses would never otherwise accept.

Stew Webb has identified the top WZ controllers inside America as the Denver Circle of Twelve which is alleged to become the Circle of Thirteen twice a years during their Satanic Holiday Human Sacrifice Rituals held on Satanic Holidays. Others have acknowledged this group but also identified other Top WZ controllers in Europe which is a another Circle of Twelve. And yet others, some insiders have suggested that the very top of the WZ control structure is a very secret Occult group called the Old Black European Nobility.anunnaki-1-200x200

A strategic part of the Draco Agenda is to take down America as soon as possible.

According to the narrative that has been shared from a normally reliable source, the Dracos have given an Extreme Ultimatum to top Secret Shadow Government (SSG) policy-Makers. Allegedly these Top Policy-Makers have been told that unless they come up with a means to bring down America in short order within a year or two at the outside, they (the Dracos) will take matters into their own hands and stage a complete Earth Reset which will eliminate all humans.

If, on the other hand the WZs are able to use their BCC/IZCS Coalition to institute a means to reduce the population of America by approximately 90% in short order, Planet Earth will not be “Reset”, that is, completely depopulated of humans.

Now this appears to be a very serious ultimatum and lethal threat by the Dracos.

tbm2-4It may be that the Dracos plan to extend this threat to all large nations one by one as a part of their systematic Agenda to depopulate Planet Earth and Terra form it in preparation for re-colonization by a new species of Draco/Human hybrids that they have been working on in Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) such as is located at Dulce, New Mexico, in joint research efforts between Dracos and Humans.

It has been reported by several good sources in years past that the current Draco/Human hybrids have a waning genetic situation and face extinction unless they can come up with a workable, healthy hybrid set of genetic improvements. As the story goes Dracos males have been breeding with Earth Women for many years off and on. Some call these Dracos “the Fallen Angels” who produced the six-fingered, six-toed Nephilim giants of old.

It has been claimed that Dracos need to “possess” humans (some have referred to this as demonic possession) in order to function properly and be able to enter the fleshly dimension or domain of Humans. And it has been claimed that these Dracos are driven to create their own hybrid Draco/human race to keep their energy needs met and attain their goals to completely terra-form Planet earth and manage all its resources for their own manufacturing needs. This is very confusing but there are substantial reports from credible insiders that have leaked out about these strange considerations which appear to make no sense at all.

Allegedly the WZs have instructed their BCC/IZCS working group inside the SSG to set up and run a secret program with suitable cover inside a particular Southwestern American USG nuclear lab to develop ultra high tech new nuclear weapons that when deployed and detonated atmospherically will take America back to the stone age without leaving any massive nuclear contamination.

As the narrative that we now have goes, the lab chosen has a secret WZ cell of scientists on the inside which has an assignment to study how to prevent, harden and recover from any large aerial Coronal discharge from the sun or EMP attack over America in its skies. This is merely a cover story. They are allegedly working on a covert project to actually develop a new non-EMP high altitude inter-dimensional (quantum state) static discharge using a nuclear device with a special packing around it. It could be a lithium 7, positron anti-gravity type nuclear device and a special packing around it of an exotic metal or elements which can perhaps liberate special atomic particles inter-dimensionally which will stop all cardiac electrical activity and brain waves cold without harming any buildings within a certain range.300px-Global_Hawk_1

The apparent preferred delivery method would be a series of remote control, Global Hawk type aircraft or large unmanned drones which could provide the necessary coverage to create the desired death toll. Of course the cover story will be that these are drones have advanced gamma and neutron detectors for observation of possible domestic terrorist activities or transporting of nuclear devices, so they can be intercepted on the ground.

It is unknown at this time if such a device would spare electronic devices and the electrical grid, but it is a good guess that these would be spared. The alleged goal here is to mass-murder approximately 90% of the American populace since the Dracos view American as pesky, stubborn, freedom and liberty addicts that would never submit to their new Luciferian World Ruler whom they will try to seat in Jerusalem as a part of their Alien Agenda. I wish I could confirm to you that this Special Secret Cell now working on this mass-murder weapon is inside Sandia Labs, but I am not at liberty to do so.

tbm2At present WZs have numerous separate but parallel hard-kill and soft-kill projects underway, and the Alien ET have ordered them to conduct massive Chemtrail Spraying as a part of a multi-faceted advanced radar detection system for missiles and UFOs, and direct human capabilities such as nano-tracking and a remote kill plan with trans-human conversion aspects for those that are allowed to survive. Of course there are always the old standby plans of provocation of perpetual wars to “thin the herd” and consolidate WZ power, which now actually provides more Draco power through Cutouts.

Part of this Draco Ultimatum and Final threat that was delivered to top WZs was that they *the Dracos) would allow approximately 10% of humans to survive, consisting of these super-elite Top Policy-Makers and their families which are supposedly going to be taken down into the beyond-black DUMBs until the disaster is over.

Does a lethal surprise await the WZs who go underground into the DUMBs while their Reset is deployed?

But the Dracos are very crafty and ultimately Evil so you can bet when the WZs go underground during their engineered population reset of America by deployment of advanced heart stopping psychotronic aerially ignited nukes to avoid death by such means, they will have a lethal surprise awaiting them when the door to the large underground bunkers close, and these DUMBs become their instant mausoleums.

Part of the “Survival Deal” is that if these Top Policy-Makers want to be allowed to survive and live in the high lifesyles they have become accustomed to, they must agree to voluntarily become psychotronically and spiritually “Hived” to a very large master biological/electronic quantum computer. This is the NSA massive Quantum Computer called Vesuvius and which is now contained in the new Bluffdale, Utah, NSA Building, which is allegedly attached to an underground Draco alien base at Richmond, Utah, and which provides a means for the Dracos to secretly run the Bluffdale Facility and Vesuvius.

And a worldwide surveillance and tracking system of all surviving humans and Alien ET hybrids will apparently be run by a large number of small hand sized cube satellites discussed and shown in a Veterans Today article by Chip Gene Tatum. (2) these small Cube satellites are designed to track humans by ingested nano-particle tracking from their orbital locations covering every square foot of Planet Earth. A good guess is that these cubes will also have advanced psychotronic capabilities to hive any humans or hybrid survivors that leave the DUMBs and reoccupy Planet Earth. Another good guess is that these cube shaped mini orbital satellites will have advance quantum state capabilities by which to initiate and control the hiving of all survivors.

Part 1 of a 3 part article

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  1. Preston, have you read the article How to Think Better posted at Universal-Rights dot Com? Might just give you a new perspective on what’s really going on, and what has been going on for thousands of years. It’s well worth the read.

  2. The alien agenda needs a bit of clarification. I would, for one, like to know how would these reptilians or get rid of 7 billion humans? I don’t doubt their existence. I myself have seen alien ships when I was very young. I don’t know who was inside them but they were not supposed to be there. And hundreds of others saw them alongside It is also not unnatural that some of them should consider us a food source and/or competitors for resources. We do the same to one another, and furthermore treat animals that are part of our food supply terribly. Humans also illegally poach protected species and take away the food sources of endangered animals. It is also clear that the financial system is rigged and that those in privileged positions would rather sell us down the river, than forsake control, wealth and status. But one could also frame this battle as part of the Darwinian impulse to pass on genes. 7 billion dead humans would also unleash plagues, which would jump into the ecosystem. How do these species regard the role of wildlife in this battle? Would they want to eat them, protect them, etc.? I would like to be brought up to speed on this aspect of the conversation. Gordon Duff has mentioned that his work entails preserving African wildlife. He has also referred to Africa’s role as alien turf. How about bringing us a bigger picture regarding how fauna and flora figure in the alien agenda. And where do we figure as part of this continuum since we are also primates?

  3. OWoN Now we see the emerging realities, when is a Jew Not a Jew? When he’s a Kazar!

    http //

  4. Methinks they would be better off using real Russians.
    Thank You, Another one to plow through.
    I have no special knowledge, but I think we are not alone.
    And that things more powerful than us are present.
    And I look forward to reading your stuff.



  5. How about another devastating “weird” tsunami, like those in 2005 and in Fukushima, hitting Crimea soon?

    • When the WZs get cornered like they are now on every front, they get desperate and may do another nuclear 9/11/01 attack on America in one or more cities, or other desperate acts to try and start a nuclear WW3 with Russia. They know their current power is not sustainable because too much has been discovered about all their secret crime operations and blackmail of the US Congress and most USG officials.

      Yes, thanks to the Internet the World’s new Gutenberg Press that transmits information at the speed of light rather ink, their games is fully exposed and the jig is just about up. They won’t quit until they get Israel nuked or start another persecution of Judaics, this time all over the world which is their strategy.

    • Yes, that would certainly help them. We shall have to wait and see what they do next.

  6. Actually, on several, several occasions the folks you mention speak of the same threats presented by service to self Hydra and Draco reptilians. They also agree one must be specific about which “tall whites/Nordics” we should seek assistance from, because they are not all friendly. Same goes for clarifying “which Pleiadians” we should ask for assistance from. Their claim is that the ones from Alcyone helped get us in this mess in the first place. They also state over and over again that “we” must do what we can…and not wait for babysitters. The truth around all of these specifics…? We’ll see. I dont know for sure. But they seem to be well in alignment with what the writer has stated here.

  7. If they exist, then let them state their case publicly. My sources know of no such evidence that what you state exists. Seems like misinformation to me, but if real they can rectify that easily, not just in words.

  8. Part 3

    The Nordics or Blonds are quite a different race. They are very, very muscular, all are blond and blue eyed, and look like gorgeous movie idols including the women. Like most aliens, they appear to be telepathic. (Actually the Tall Whites are not and use sound to communicate among themselves and can learn to speak English, but they also have an electronic device that permits telepathy between species.) The Nordics are reputed to hang out in large compounds in antarctica and have had some dealings with the German NAZI’s who built a base there in Neuschwabenland in the 1930’s which continued on past the end of WW II. They are reported to be an arrogant, condescending, and somewhat nasty bunch, but not outrageously evil like the Dracos. You seem to be conflating these two very different races. There also appear to be other human appearing races in contact with earth humans that are quite benevolent.

  9. Part 2

    They however are very thin and injure easily, and do not pass for humans easily, but can, at least in Vegas -), where they liked to shop and gamble, if covered up and wearing big sunglasses, as their eyes are much bigger in proportion to ours. Their hair is white and quite thin and appears to disappear in bright sunlight. They regard the earth as uncomfortably cold and just use their bases with the Air Force as interstellar depots and emergency repair stations in exchange for some technology. One wouldn’t say that they are either good or bad, but certainly not evil, though they can be deadly at the slightest hint of danger to their children. They do feel gratitude. Hall saved the life of one of their lost children in the desert and they were far more friendly toward him afterwards. They are non-deceptive and keep their bargains obsessively and to the letter. And you are in deep doodoo if you don’t keep your side.

  10. Part 1
    Hello Preston,

    I am 68 years old and have also been studying this agenda for well over 55 years. Though unlike yourself, I never shrank any heads of insider spooks. Let me say that in general I find David Icke’s quite comprehensive take on this subject to be the most reality based and internally consistent and it coincides with yours on many points, though he is not Christian oriented. I have a question and a comment. The question is – if the Draco’s feed on our low vibe energies of fear, pain and anger, wouldn’t wiping out their herd in total be rather counterproductive to their psychic energy supply? Regarding the comment, my studies indicate that there are many alien races and several of them are human and near human in appearance. Of course, the whole area is intentionally shrouded in secrecy and disinformation. As to the Tall Whites, Charles Hall essentially lived among them for two years on Nellis Air Force Base just north of Las Vegas around 1970 is an isolated non-com meteorological station, and if you accept his work, he has written the most detailed and definitive details on them. While of typical human height in early adulthood, they have a second growth stage in later maturity where they can grow up to ten feet tall, and as you refer to this in your article, they seem to be the ones you are referring to.

    • Driving them back into the darkness is good. I have no idea what happens if their bodies are killed. I suspect that the demons or Jinns inside of them are just driven back into another dimension to where they came from. I can guess that their end is approaching as the world wakes up and spontaneously emerging populism occurs all over the world. Populism will be their end eventually, imo. It is my view that the current secret space war is essentially a battle between good and evil, the human spirit and soulless parasites pretending to be humans. Charles Hall’s story is probably accurate and true. It is not easy to discount. You may be correct in how you describe the Tall Whites vs. the Nordics, but I can only go by what I have been told by those I respect.

      As far as energy, these energy vampires have harmed society and mass-murdered many for hundreds of years, maybe thousands. they extract energy that could be used for good purposes.

  11. Nice overview. Looking forward to follow-ons that provide more details and history.
    Who invented the circular boring head that uses nuclear energy to melt earth and rocks into a glaze that serves as walls of the huge tunnels that are bored ?

    • Good question. It was apparently a famous DOD contractor that builds lots of military bases. You can find this out through web research on tunnel boring machines. They aree now built by more than one large Defense Contractor.

  12. Thank You Dr. James …. You take VT to a whole new level.

    really like your warning at the beginning for would be time wasted whiners.

    now back to business …. this threat by the fallens/ets to depopulate earth by 90% is anything but fear mongering. They use “Fear” to keep their slaves in check. These entities love human death circus but will never get directly involved in the mass killing of innocent beings for they will face the wrath of those who resides in the upper heavens. So they resort to proxies like the WZs usign Greed, Lust & Fear.

    One of their secondary agenda is to bring Black Magic/Sorcery into the mainstream via popular hollywood movies and reality talent shows. Meaning, black magic will become wide spread once again as it was in old egypt and babylonia. So those who are masters of this trade will become the leaders and rulers of the coming time.

    As for America … yes she is on the list too. Lets assume they have given the WZs until 2020 to finish the job. This gives the agents a very short time to get the USA involved in a major war with Iran/Russia/China or all of them at once. However, the ultimate goal from this project is to neutralize any or all major powers that has the capacity to stand up to Israel, leaving only Israel as the sole power in the coming time.

    • Comments from somebody who has probably either had a top security clearance or gained information from someone who has. As we should all realize no secrecy classifications can ever justify crimes against humanity, mass murder, and pure evil, and these are now breaking down at a monumental speed. Soon there will be no secrecy at all and many of these abusers will be held accountable by We the people..

  13. I’ve seen only 2 evil beings in my entire life. I would never mistake ordinary humans for them, no matter how “bad” those humans were, unless the humans were completely taken over by the evil entities. Apparently the evil ones are very good at keeping hidden.

  14. ——-“Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, in a sermon given on Saturday on laws concerning what non-Jews are permitted to do on Shabbat, Yosef said “Goyim [non-Jews] were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel.”
    ——–“Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat.”

    ——-“According to Yosef, death has “no dominion” over non-Jews in Israel.”

    ——-“With gentiles, it will be like any person – they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. This is his servant… That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew.

  15. Maybe the following is why TPTB are desperate?
    These youtubes are amazing as your article also is
    https //
    https //
    https //

    http //
    (Makes sense to me!)

    • They require nothing. Obviously you didn’t read or understand the disclaimer at the beginning of this article. I am not trying to prove anything to anyone.The disclaimer at the start told you not to waste your time if you don’t know the background facts of the ongoing Secret Space War.

      Obviously you do not understand that this article is not an attempt to prove anything. This is information only for those that are interested and is written for Military and Intel insiders or those who have adequate background. It was not written for the layman. It is intended to serve as a warning for the High Military Command that a secret Nuclear cell may be plotting another far more serious nuclear attack on America. Cheney himself who was involved in the 9/11 nuclear attack on America and its coverup, has recently stated that another bigger one is likely coming and President Obama said he was worried about a terrorist nuclear bomb being detonated in NYC.

      I am doing my best to get information out to those who can understand what it means in a context of deep SSG secrecy, and desire this kind of information, rumor and speculation. You have wasted your valuable time reading this article.

  16. Dr. James, Not only have you given crucial information to wake up We The People, you’ve also given us the vital tool of Psi Power. It’s now up to each of us to take personal responsibility in joining together (within our strong spirits) & empowering ourselves as a people who CAN make a huge difference in outcome!!! We need NOT be passive victims, but, rather, we can be Conscious Victors. Do not wait or hesitate for further signs to motivate yourselves. THE TIME IS NOW!!!

  17. You all should read “E.T. 101 The Cosmic Instruction Manual For Planetary Evolution”
    http //

    • That is an excellent manual. Many, many millions are here. There was a brief period when I could spot them. They are absolutely gorgeous. If people could see them as they really are, they would call them angels but that is only a human catch-all description for positive EDs. They are here to help this planet through to the transition and boy does this planet need help….

  18. Ok so I am only slighlty open to this idea…reason being I have heard of secret gov plan..cant remember the project name..but it was to fake an alien invasion once technology and groundwork of stories like this had permeated the masses. There is a mass awakening and fear no longer works. We have figured it out ..we are well past 12% right now.

    • Dr. Carol Rosin, co-worker with Dr. Werner Freiherr von Braun, provided some background in her videos, beginning several years back. They are still available on youtube.

    • Yes, but her thesis which can be tied into the them of the Iron Mountain Report has some serious deficiencies. First we have the known crashed UFOs with dissected and cannabilized human bodies inside the wreckage. Then we have the Dulce crimes, i.e. Nightmare hall where humans are subjected to terrible torture, mind-kontrol and dissections. And lastly we have numerous well documented abductions with serious crimes against the abductees, including surgical procedures without their permission and terrorizing events which cause PTSD. Obviously Carol Rosen did not know anything about the Nazi’s attempts to contact the Dracos through evil rites of the Order of the Black Sun done in the basement of Wewellsburg Castle of the secret 17,000 beheadings of dissidents they did using hydraulic operated guillotines. The History channel aired a show on this one time and it was pulled immediately and removed from their film archives and records.

  19. Nope. I think the current objective evidence discounts all your claims. There are USG and Contractor secret files with photos that document crashed anti-gravity craft with dissected humans that were being eaten which specifically violated the ongoing exchange treaty. It is now well known by those who work in the US and nATO Secret Space Fleets that some Alien ETs are deadly enemies and have an alien agenda they are requiring their minions to enact.

  20. I don’t tend to pay much attention to articles of which there are many on the net regarding aliens or other possible creatures that might be hanging around on this planet. While open to the idea that they may exist I have yet to come across any convincing evidence. As far back as records exist there are stories and tales of all sorts of strange beings. It is part of Western Civilization. It explains the inexplicable. But they may only exist on a subter plane and never have physical bodies.

    • Why waste your time reading this article or commenting if you don’t pay much attention to articles on Alien ETs?

    • Wish this subject were less complex, but it only gets more so as you get deeper into it.
      Apparently, and most importantly, “we” are the evidence. The first chapter of UFO Highway by Sanchez gives an explanation. Defending Sacred Ground by Alex Collier explains more. Both can be found on the web.
      We are all ET hybrids friend. Every single one of us. Part of our learning curve now is to understand how and why. That’s why it might not be such a bad idea to pay attention to such things from time to time. Yes, you are correct…many do not have bodies, and many are inter-dimensional. But did you know that you, by being an Earth Human, are inter-dimensional as well?
      There is a clue as to why there is such a fascination with Earth at this time, by many.

  21. P.S. Wikipedia has an interesting article on the 6th century climate collapse which I believe is what much of that “bowls of ….x, y, z wiping out 1/3rd of humanity” in Revelations was referring to. That climate collapse, possibly caused by a large meteor strafing the atmosphere or a volcano, coincided with the downfall of many empires and kingdoms around the world. And it was, IMHO, a Divine Signal that the next (after Jesus) and final Prophet to humanity was about to appear. And so he did shortly after that. In Arabia.

  22. They can’t win and they know that. All they can do is delay the outcome or force a reset (which means causing a global catastrophe which wipes us out and they then repopulate the planet with another set of genetically modified humans). Apparently this has happened many times before. Maybe this time we’ll make it.

    After the Shift, all 3D life will be gone. No plants, no animals, no humans, no bacteria. Some say that what remains is a gaseous planet. Earth will still be vibrant with life, but in a higher dimension. Apparently all the planets in this solar system are inhabited, just not necessarily in 3D.

  23. Unfortunate that so many “Christians”, especially the conservative Protestants, who claim to believe the Bible, don’t understand that eschatology also exists in Islam, and it is very similar to the Bible’s depiction of the “Last Days”. The conservative Christians wrongly assume, in my opinion, that most of St. John’s Apocalypse, or “Revelations” has not already happened. (IMHO, almost all of it has already happened. Byzantine historian Procopius described the sun turning black in the 6th century AD, along with worldwide ecological collapse.) Anyways, there are many Islamic hadiths that state one of the final events before the return of the true Jesus will be “smoke” spreading across the planet. The Islamic name for what Christians call “Armageddon” is Malhama. The actual event that Christians are referring to when they say Armageddon is “Gog and Magog”, mentioned briefly at the very end of Revelations as a world war instigated by the satan. As the Jews wrongly thought they were the center of God’s Plan for humanity, many many Christians believe the same and so refuse to accept the Children of Ishmael as having any place in their “kingdom of God.” Peace.

  24. Is there any chance the Reds make the playoffs this year? Pitching sucks, but I do like their starting nine…

  25. 18 hours ago I signed up and logged into VT for the first time anywhere in a very long time (years), just to comment – actually ask a question – about this article, but my comment didn’t make it up? (

    In Vigeland Parken, in Oslo Norway, there are four statues of what look like something which I would guess COULD very well be Dracos. They are located on the corners of the only bridge in the park, and have been placed very high up on obelisk looking mounts. While all other Vigeland’s statues (there are some 200 of them) are placed at much more convenient eye level, these are not. All four are of a human female embracing or holding these beings. I’d love to know if they are possibly Draco’s or not. They are the only non-humans in the park.

    With thanks in advance for the answer and thanks for a great series of articles.


  26. If the Dracos are so powerful…why wait until the 20th and 21st centuries to ‘get control’ of the human race?
    If I was a Draco…and I’m not saying that I am…I would have taken control of the human race a few centuries ago when there was NO advanced technology in the hands of my delectable food source. I would then make sure to maintain population control because it would be SO MUCH easier to do so in earlier centuries because I’m such an advanced but evil alien compared to the sword and dagger carriers of…let’s say the second century or earlier. Just saying….maybe Draco’s are not very smart.

    • Being Cosmic parasites they are demented and driven by base instincts, similar to the stories about human vampires such as the novel Dracula. If they were all powerful they would not have to work through human intermediaries.

      There are apparent Cosmic Rules of Play which prevent them from directly interacting with humans publicly or gaining power without gaining consent. Their true power lies in teaching their human Cutouts the black arts of Luciferianism and Babylonian Money-Magick, the art of making money from nothing and enslaving the world in fiat debt from pernicious usury.

      They are the Cosmic experts in playing on humans weaknesses to control them, using drugs, video’d perversion against children, and then blackmailing. they breed selfishness and teach it is okay to hurt everyone else as long as you get the end point desired.

    • I mention Anthony Sanchez’ book again…UFO Highway. The first chapter gets into an explanation of this. In short, apparently the Dracos used to rule quite openly over humans, but at one point there was genetic manipulation with an intent to cross-breed into our race so that they could continue to rule, but in secret. Something to keep in mind when hearing about the obsession with “bloodlines”.

    • Humans are running around not even knowing they are slaves, feeding off of each others energy when the chips are down. And most don’t understand how the “chips” could possibly be down again, because they’ve been promised a dream, and have never asked why they are forced to “PAY” to live on a planet they are born on. The avg lifespan of any ET Humans are upwards of 3000 years, yet we believe that our lives our basically “over” at 35. Many are walking around scared to death of other humans because they have darker skin, almond shaped eyes, or whatever… It only goes on from there… My point is, the Dracos are extremely smart, and have been manipulating us with our “consent” for several thousands of years. Nothing more effective than ruling over slaves who don’t even know they are slaves.
      But as a collective, we are more powerful than they are, and they know that. That’s why many are covering this topic in more ways than one to wake people up. Yes, the Dracos are quite intelligent and powerful, but we are more so. We just need to “grow up” a bit to realize it.

  27. It’s a common human trait to “assume” something all is either black and white. This is not the case. Grey areas and gradations abound.
    Tall Blondes/Nordics/Whites have been mentioned several times… WHICH ONES are you talking about?
    The Charles Hall “Tall Whites” that have a base in Nevada?
    The tall blonds that visited Billy Meier?
    The tall Nordics known as the Vril?
    The tall blonds that George Kavassilas had interactions with?
    It would be foolish for us to just assume that any and all “tall Nordic” ET have our best interests in mind. Mr. Kavasillas had very negative interactions with the Tall Blonds he encountered, and was tortured.
    The most important point to remember as we develop a sense of discernment over “who is who” (it’s true, according to Jim Sparks that even not ALL of the reptilian races are negative) is to remember that nothing can be accomplished here without our consent.
    This is one of the most vital things to keep in mind as we Earth Humans make our way back to a state of a “functional ET colony” that this planet used to be.
    There are several attempts on many levels to trick us into handing over our consent to take away everything. That is part of what the whole “terrorism” plan is all about. Don’t fall for it.
    But also don’t fall for “all” ET Tall Blondes to be out for our best interest. Not all Tall Nordic/Blond/White

    • Good point. And let’s not forget the original contactees either. George Adamski met a Nice Blond humanoid alien in 1952, who warned him of nuclear war, but poor Antonio Vilas Boas in Brazil, the first famous abductee, was abducted by ETs in 1957, and met a very Bad Blonde humanoid alien woman. He ended up, like so many later did, with burns and nausea. By the time Betty and Barney Hill were abducted in 1961, abductees were made to forget, and their abductors were Gray alien-looking aliens with big eyes and no chin.

      I don’t discount contactees/abductees and their experiences, and I feel sorry for them. When the nations of the earth, since WW2, use you as an unwilling guinea pig for their experiments with new weapons and such, the worst part of it is that you can’t even sue the bastards for the harm they did to you.

  28. Let’s have an article on “psi-warriors”, shall we? This may wind up as the most effective way for the average “guy on the street” to participate in these kinds of things. Being an average guy on the street myself, I can say that one of the major hurdles to positive participation is being able to gain an accurate perspective on any given situation. Once you are positive that you are on the right track you can begin making confident decisions. The article needs to answer these questions 1) How do I begin to test, train and develop my “psychic” capacity? 2) How can I then learn to use that capacity to develop and test hypotheses to gain a more accurate viewpoint? 3) How can I participate effectively to help influence the outcome of these types of situations? Also, it’s not as if there isn’t anyone else talking about psychic abilities, but let’s try and cut through the “New Age hogwash”, as Simon Parkes put it.

    • There is positive Psi power and negative, evil or dark Psi-power. Most of the American Intel’s use of Psi-power has been from the dark side. Take at look at Emile Durkheim’s work on “Moral Density”. Positive Psi-power can be produced by the honest, activism of true investigative reporting to create a mass consciousness for good. This is positive Psi-power. That is why the Ruling Cabal has worked so hard since their 1913 takeover of America to completely control the Major Mass Media and the educational System.

      Positive Psi-power emerges from the masses when they share a common positive cause like routing out the evil super-elite criminally insane deviants that hijacked America. As any top military expert will tell you, no war can be won without winning the hearts and minds of the people. When large group shares the same strong moral beliefs to do good, Psi-power spontaneously emerges and many unexpected changes for good start to occur. Positive Psi-power has nothing to do with new age or spiritualist stuff at all, which tends to be infected with the dark-side.

    • I’m convinced most, if not all of Earth Humans have extraordinary PSI ability, but just are not aware of it. Then, often the first times they experience it, they either brush it off as a coincidence, or push it in the back of their brains because they don’t have a reference point to understand what just happened. Thankfully, more are being courageous in sharing their stories. Clamming up to avoid being perceived as a “tin foil hat” type no longer serves us.

    • The evidence or our PSI power happens every day. How many times have you thought of a person, and then they either called, texted or emailed you right after?
      Next time you’re driving, while waiting at the intersection for the light to change, take a moment to look at the person in the car next to you…either the passenger to your left or the driver to your right.
      8 times out of 10, they’ll suddenly “feel” you, and look right at you. I’ve seen this over and over again.
      In addition, we are constantly feeling and perceiving the thoughts and emotions of those we are in physical proximity to.
      Small steps, listen within, ask for divine help, and make an effort to connect with others.

  29. I disagree. Everything associated with Lucifer brings death and massive human suffering, oppression, tyranny. Babylonian Talmudism is Luciferianism with a twist and teach that it top followers become god themselves. Here is what it has produced massive debt slavery, recurrent wars, mass death and human suffering, Bolshevism and the mass-murder of 66 millions in Russia, Maoism and the murder of 66 million in China, and all this set up by the WZ Banksters in the city of London who are pure WZs and pure Luciferians.

    luciferianism is a completely selfish, hateful, death and destruction oriented belief system based on hatred of humanity and death cult practices, that is, pure evil beyond imagination. Doubt this, research Luciferians death bed experiences and see how they “go down hard” and feel completely abandoned when they expire. Lucifer comes disguised as an angel of light but is death, tyranny, human suffering and works hard to create hell on earth through his Cutouts. Taklk to any real exorciist and find out the truth about Lucifer, which is the Cosmos biggest Parasite. Those who live by the Golden Rule, Do unto others as you want them to do to you breed love, peace, cooperation instead of Neo-Bolshevik hate and death.

    • Great post, Dr. James. It is quite strange how so many Luciferians choose to identify with the Jewish belief system, however.

    • Yes, but actually Luciferianism is the secret source of the Babylonian Talmudic Judaism.

    • Meant “two sides of the same shekel”….. can’t even remember my own joke long enough to write it when I’m madder than hell

  30. Just curious…

    Are any of you familiar with Vigeland Park in Oslo, Norway? (It’s a fantastic park of statutes and more.) Now, at the corners of the bridge there are statues, erected on tall oblisk looking things which show females embracing non-human scaly beings. Are they in any way related to information provided in the fascinating alien agenda serious?


  31. I assume this scenario does not allow for the possible intervention, let alone the existence of Jesus Christ?

    • Of course the Alien Agenda is based on 100% view that Jesus Christ was not the Son of God who gave his life as payment for their sin so that those who believe in him and what he did can be rejoined with God Almighty. And yet there are numerous anecdotal reports that when abductions begin, folks who call on the name of Jesus Christ see these alien ET abductors make a quick exits, suggesting they are very afraid when the name of Jesus Christ is invoked.

      During well documented and video’d exorcisms of individuals who are demon possessed show that the demons that speak out constantly curse Jesus Christ but must obey those who invoke his name. The connection between demons, evil, and at least some Alien ETs has already been established.

      Of course many believe that Jesus Christ will return with an angelic army and defeat all evil after the anti-christ (WZ/Draco Luciferian Ruler) has his five month reign ending in hell on earth until the armies of God appear. These world events all seem to be coming to a head so we perhaps will find out soon enough.

    • At the risk of being viewed as a nut, I’ll share an experience that I had with some of these ETs/demons/jinn during a ‘sleep paralysis’ episode a while ago.

      I was on my couch with the front door open when a group of 5 entered through my (locked) security door and closed window. 2 were visible and the other 3 were perceived. They appeared as cute, smiling children but I sensed malevolence and immediately called on the name of Jesus. This caused their disguises to dissolve completely and one to fall over, charred and blackened by the fire/light. They were terrified and 4 scampered to hide. A more powerful ET/demon/jinn came to rescue them and escape.

      I’ve since learned that they enter through portals created to their dimension by what Jesus names as ‘sin’, which is why the ‘entertainment’ industry encourages people to engage in ‘sinful’ acts (especially sexual deviance and greed). They want the portals opened.

    • Thanks for your story. Can you elaborate more on portals being activated by sinful acts? I find this theory extremely insightful and would appreciate your pointing me to more information about it.

    • Thanks for being courageous and sharing. The more people step out of the box, and not be afraid of being perceived as weird and crazy, the sooner things will change for the better.

    • Friday, July 18, 2014
      1500 Year Old Bible Claims Jesus Was Never Crucified
      The book itself is believed to be valued as high as $28 million.
      Read article at http //
      (this is to refute Jesus Christs existence)

    • It’s not a ‘bible’ and its authenticity has not been verified because Turkey has refused to permit anyone to perform the relevant tests since 2000. The book may simply be a collection of Gnostic writings, which are already broadly available and have been refuted by most scholars. It is in the hands of Muslims and (coincidentally) supports some of the foundational doctrines of Islam – eg. That Jesus ascended but was not crucified and that Paul was an impostor. Very convenient! If it is not a hoax they would gladly allow its examination/scrutiny.

  32. Apologies if you have provided the source in an article some time ago, but I did request background on the 11% and 12% figures (repeated in the conclusion above). From my comment on Gordon’s recent artcle ‘Gaza Neocons and Israel Constructing a New 9/11’

    “Dr James, I always read your articles and comments. I note that you allude to this 12% tipping point figure in terms of awareness and that the US currently stands at around 11%. This is repeated in a comment above referring to social research. Could you point me in the direction ie. cite some sources for this research ? I have always felt that the tipping point would be much higher than that, although there is no doubt that the people are waking up to this vile filth that is controlling them, that is for sure. Anyway, I would be grateful for any source documentation. Many thanks, Serf”.

    • Sorry, I can’t give you that. This figure has been used inside some Intel Agencies that specialize in Psyops and is generally recognized as the current break point for losing control over America’s masses.

    • Might be able to glean more information on this by looking up “hundredth monkey syndrome”.

  33. I believe there are other positive forces out there much more powerful than the Tall White Nordics, maybe hard to prove, but available and on standby to see if our faith is strong and our will to fight and die for our best principals, kindest actions to our brothers and sisters around the globe is genuine, before they come to the final battle.

    • Good point. George Washington felt this was true and that there is a God Almighty who determined victory from the 3% who fought the British and provided incredible protection for him and his men in many situations where they were outnumbered. It is a verifiable fact that most American Founding Fathers were either Deists or Christians and they made this clear in their writings.

  34. The other day Dr. Preston, when Mike Harris asked you
    what can we regular folks do against this?
    You answered that people also should use their psi power.

    I think we all should become metaphysical warriors!!
    That’s exactly what I am working on.


    • And don’t forget the little thing called “courage”. To speak out first, more later if necessary. Too many who “get it” are afraid to put the blame where it belongs.

    • Just takes a very small effort to “connect” in some kind of positive way. Acknowledging others as “human”, in small gestures, starts the process. Don’t ignore each other. Acknowledge strangers. Say hello. Make an effort to “connect”, no matter how small. Remembering our natural flow as a “community” spurs the process. Our PSI power is stronger than most can imagine.

  35. As for the Georgia Guidestones, with the agenda of depopulating 13 out of 14 individuals, doesn’t this agenda qualify as a crime against humanity?

    • Yes, exactly, but the NWO Globalists present it to their elites as progress for humanity and a restoration of balance between Mother earth (whom they consider a god) and mankind. They believe that the Earth is more important than human souls and mass-murder they call thinning the herd or preservation of the human race by such is not only desirable but necessary. The thing is this ideology is all a con job to create more power for these super-elite deviants who are haters of humanity but the biggest parasites and users of it to get ahead.

    • I have traveled and have lived in the most populous states in America. In each case there is plenty of land and the ability to grow and raise food for at least 10X the current population, without any problem in supporting that number, even in these areas.

      Other areas/states offer even more potential. Where does this BS of overpopulation come from? I think it comes from “control freaks” that know a global population of above 7 billion means they loose their grip.

      If not for these Malthusian’s who follow his absurd credo we would have NO problem. He was a twisted individual whose followers seek total power and money for an elite class, and to subjugate the lower and middle classes, saying in effect they were/are useless eaters. The real story is that these lower and middle classes were the only people doing any work, were unselfish, and gave to the total good of humanity, unlike the elite parasites at the top who all wanted a free ride for being “special”.

    • Good points. You certainly do understand the con of the super-elite deviants that hijacked the world through Babylonian Black-magick money-power.

    • Allesandro have you seen the film “Food, Inc.” It ties in with what you say here, about the lies we are fed, for the profits of a deadly few.

      The film is excruciating to watch. I can only stand to watch one chapter per session.

      The massive lies sold to the increasingly enslaved global family are peddled by cronies at the top levels of Feral Banking system/royals/propaganda machines and their military might and the politicians who do the cattle trading.

      Thank You Preston for all Your hard work in exposing the global hoax. Long may we work together for a healthier Planet.

    • Yes, I believe that GMOs and other contamination of food with poisons is part of an Alien soft-kill agenda along with vaccines, Depleted Uranium, Chemtrails, contamination of aquifers by fracking, etc. It’s a multi-dimensional attack on human life from all sides.

    • To add to our theses Preston
      From There are No Sunglasses

      “the evidence so far from the crash site indicates a hellish scenario beyond imagining.Besides the nearly 300 passengers aboard the ill-fated Malaysian Airlines, the plane’s cargo bay was loaded with dozens of infected corpses drained of their blood and countless packets of possibly virus-contaminated blood serum, according to the local eyewitnesses, first-arrivers at the crash site in the Donetsk region along Ukraine-Russia borderlands.The gruesome finding points irrefutably to Malthusian skulduggery at the highest levels of the World Health Organization (WHO) in sponsoring a covert biological warfare program against the population of Asia.”

      Not just Asia, I would suggest.

    • Part of me would love to blame this on dracos…it would explain quite a bit. I just think the excuse and alien idea is a huge charade. Weve already been lied to enough…fool me once..well you know the rest. My gut says its just control freak people that haven’t been put in check yet. Why deliver chemtrails by plane? Don’t they have a better delivery method using cloaked craft? I mean it just doesn’t add up. Why bother with vaccines ..very slow. We just need to rise above and keep our frequencies very high…envision victory for good.

    • This is an interesting and well-informed article and I agree with most of it. How else can we explain the crazyness we are witnessing today. As for the theory of a bio attack on Asia, my understanding is that the plane’s final destination was Perth, Western Australia. Would this be a good location for a bio terrorism attack on a Western city to propel us into WWIII and far enough away from the perpetrators to be able to be isolate? That way the rest of the world would kill itself off by their own hands. These ET’s seem to be able to “possess” humans (through their own weaknesses) and get them to do their own dirty work. Just my thoughts on it!

  36. People can waste their life by making rationalistic decisions, explaining everything by “cold” logic. They will never learn that some ways of life are not sustainable, because they are only taking from others. Some of them still have parents they visit but they never learned that this will not be the case when they are as old as their parents. Yesterday, 30 was the new 18, today, 40 or 50 is the new 18. These people would be happy if they were ageless transhumans dancing through the night. How will these 40-something youngsters of today spend their time as 60-something youngsters. Will they watch “Hangover 132” while sharing their deformed tattoos on Facebook? No Hollywood movie explained this to them when they were young.

    • stephanaugust I learned some valuable life lessons in my decades as a child therapist/conflict resolution mediator

      one of which is precisely as You say above, about ‘cold logic’. I almost freeze, reading that phrase.

      But the biggest Life Lesson is probably the extent to which people use, abuse and abandon each other with alarming regularity, calling the ‘other’ vicious names/projecting and fighting to the bitter end.
      In families, I was aghast to learn the extent to which ‘destructive acts’ were not only justified by the destructive party, but pursued with earnest intent to ‘win’ the case.

      Kids are the eternal victims, innocent and vulnerable as they are when they come into the world.

    • Truly a wise statement and 100% correct. Human nature has it flaws and the ruling super-elite deviants certainly work to optimize their control over these weaknesses of the flesh by extreme flesh peddling (stoking the flesh) in various ways.

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