NEO – Malaysia and Gaza Victims of Western Aggression

SA-17 launcher


Malaysia and Gaza both Victims of Western Aggression

… by  Jim W. Dean,  VT Editor     … with  New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow


The Donetsk Republic already has foreign observers on the crash site
The Donetsk Republic already has foreign observers on the crash site

Poor Malaysia joined the Gazans on Friday in being the sacrificial lambs in this big western geopolitical psyops we are in the middle of. The number of women and children killed on the plane could be as many as have died in Gaza, an unfortunate club to be a member.

As is often the case in these tragedies the initial information is often sketchy and sometimes even wrong, either as an honest mistake or part of the coverup.

And if you are watching an organized event (staged by an Intel service) you can bet there will be a tightly-organized media campaign to follow. In fact, that is one of the first tip offs you look for that it is a political killing.

The earliest clue we had was the quick identifying of the ground missile used without the surrounding information that would normally go with it, like what unit was involved. Kiev ducked that early in the day by stating that none of their units had engaged aircraft.

I have noticed they like to give themselves a free pass on whatever is needed. The inference there was that left only the New Republic militias or the Russians to hang it on, which seemed a little to convenient for Kiev.

The Republic militias were not even a consideration as suspects. Their damage from Ukraine planes has been close air support in the recent offensive where shoulder-fired missiles are the queen of the battlefield for air defense. You need a lot of them to spread out in nets to catch planes and helicopters making their runs and exits. They are also very mobile and easier to hide from observation.

SA-17 launcher
SA-17 launcher

Driving around in a big SA-17 Grizzly tracked vehicle, the observation platforms would pick you up, and Kiev would launch an air mission to nail you, as you are a sitting duck in one of those.

Plus, a deployed battery (multiple launders and radar) can been seen from a satellite with almost a pair of good binoculars. The rebels quickly confirmed that they had nothing to shoot down high altitude planes, and did not need anything like that either.

When the dust began to settle in the late afternoon, we learned that two such units (batteries) had been deployed, one was in the Southern region of East Ukraine with the other going to Kharkov.

It seemed strange that Kiev would be moving a high altitude air defense system deep into rebel territory. If the Russians were to intercede, they would be using close air support combat planes to quickly reduce all of Kiev’s armor in the field to stop their offensive capability and then put up a no fly zone.

And then there was a report that an untrained Ukrainian crew, victims of the military cutbacks, had possibly fired a missile by mistake. The precedent was the last Russian plane, a TU-154 lost in an accidental shoot down ten years ago during Ukraine military maneuvers.

But before that news came out around dinner time, Kiev had jumped the gun with their request for US planes and NATO troops to immediately intercede and help Kiev finish off the Republic militias.

Kiev was too quick on the trigger there… a sloppy job. It pointed the finger right at those with the most to gain from false flag tacked onto the rebels directly and the Russian indirectly with the inference they them must have supplied the SA-17 somehow. It seemed a desperate move, so the next question was “why now… and why this”?

There still is no confirmation of whether a ground or air launched missile was used, The West is laying blame with no proof whatsoever.
There still is no confirmation of whether a ground or air launched missile was used, The West is laying blame with no proof whatsoever.

We next sought out an updated briefing on Kiev’s latest offensive launched after the phony ceasefire. Poroshenko used it to consolidate his forces for a big assault on the militia front lines with an additional flanking movement to cut off the border crossings to stop supplies and volunteers from flowing over.

Neither went well, and the Ukraine army was stopped, with many units chopped up. The militias have had full signals Intel from a friendly party, allowing them to stay ahead of Kiev’s plans for a military solution. Welcome to the modern battlefield.

Putin has played a cool hand, keeping Russian forces out of the fight, but “independents” have been active, to balance out the large numbers of mercenaries that Kiev has brought into the country. The US and NATO do not like that, of course. They feel proxy troops should be their exclusive war on the cheap tool. But East Ukraine has a huge Russian population, so it would be ridiculous to think no serious resistance would be offered.

The West thinks that using proxy troops, even terrorists, should be their exclusive right
The West thinks that using proxy troops, even terrorists like ISIS, should be their exclusive right

With NATO confidence lost in the Ukraine military being able to overwhelm the Republic militias, something new had to be done to avoid a stalemate.

But the forces of Western aggression have been busy lately. Iraq has gone up in smoke with another Western proxy terror creation, the ISIS, to chop up Iraq to create some mayhem on Iran’s border.

The Israelis latest attack on Gaza is a totally staged event, starting with the three kids being killed as an excuse to destroy the new Palestinian unity government.

The ISIS bogeyman is supposed to be planning a world takeover with their tiny force, even getting chosen by Dick Cheney as the NeoCons’ scapegoat of choice for their next nuclear bombing in America.

We are told they are even going to attack Hezbollah in Lebanon, with the Syrian Army in their rear. The ISIS hoodlums are the new miracle terrorists flying around on magic carpets that can do anything.

The pity and concern we have seen for the Malaysian plane victims, with the assumption that a suitable patsie will be tagged for their deaths, does not extend to the murdered Gazans, where Western capitals have been deathly quiet. Old Intel hands cannot remember this much chaos going on all over, all of it totally orchestrated, with most of the world capitals denying that it is really happening, and all of it obviously part of a much larger plot.

There was more pre-staging around the Ukraine 777 attack. Kiev’s silly charge that the Russians had shot down one of its planes earlier… someone forgot to show the crash photos and proof of location…more sloppiness that mass media seems to always be blind in spotting. And then we hear from the Republic militias that a Polish mobile artillery unit has landed in Odessa, troops and all… a rather major escalation, but one unreported.

A reasonable person, and especially a suspicious one like me, might view all of this as building up to an event to enable NATO to come in for an “emergency” situation. That takes us back to Kiev’s quick call for them to do that in response to the 777 shoot down. Someone, or someones…are mass murderers here. Who could take that risk, and why?

So far Putin never took the West's bait to move into Ukraine
So far Putin never took the West’s bait to move into Ukraine

Mr. Putin instructed today to have the Russian side assist in uncovering what really happened to the plane. I suspect he has already been briefed, as Russian Intel is all over Ukraine’s communications. Russia also has their satellite coverage, as does the West. If they want to tell us, they will soon, or they will not. The Republics have offered expedited assistance for on scene outside investigators.

But Putin has given us a hint. The event happened in Ukraine territory. If the political negotiation process had been followed like the Russians have always pushed for, there would have been no fighting and the Malaysian plane passengers would still be alive. And the same goes for the dead Gazans.

If the US and Europe had threatened to boycott Israel completely if it does not make a just settlement with the Palestinians, Americans would not have to suffer the sight of our taxes being spent on killing the Palestinians in Gaza.

Someone wants all of this destruction and killing to continue. We are making a list, and checking it twice… who has been naughty, and who’s been nice.


Why would the Republic leadership shoot at a plane at a civilian aircraft altitude? They wouldn't because they are not that stupid.
Why would the Republic leadership shoot at a plane at a civilian aircraft altitude? They wouldn’t because they are not that stupid.

Friday morning update: Russia has confirmed some of our positions above, announcing that their satellites picked up the Ukraine SA-17 battery turning on its radar, something that would have been done to track the 777 prior to firing.

They are reminding the West that they will also have launch and impact data plus communications intercepts to back it up. Someone would have had to give the order to fire.

We also have the loose end of the air controllers changing the normal flight path to take the 777 over this missile launcher, which is why I used that image in the top banner above.

So we are left with only two motivations for anyone to take the huge risk to commit this crime. One would be the desperate move to create an excuse for NATO to come in and supply the military muscle for Kiev to complete a decisive military defeat on the New Republics.

And then there is only one other possible justification, to take out a very high value target whose elimination would be worth whatever the fallout from it would be. That is all I can say about that right now as we don’t like to get out in front of a story. More will be coming later.

We are living in some very dangerous times. Say your prayers, as they will be needed.

Jim W. Dean, managing editor for Veteran Today, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, specially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.



  1. Choosing among the numerous malefactors in the Ukraine theatre is not easy. I’m inclined to go for those with nothing to lose, unlike representatives of accountable governments, or underdogs battling Goliaths. That rules out Russia, and the Donetzkers. Bingo! That leaves the Nazi /Scientologist/nihilist racist junta parachuted into the Kiev Rada by wholesale murder, foreign dollars via the Einstein Institute, the Open Society Foundation, NED, the American rogue neocons, mercenary black ops, etc. They don’t give a toss about the Ukrainian people and will throw them to the wolves once they’ve strung their noose around Russia.
    The latest here is that while the presstitute on my tax-paid TV who never uttered the word ‘Nazi’ during 6 months of covering the Maidan, now reports the Ukrainian Army is shelling the railway siding in Donetz where the MH17 bodies are.
    What does that tell you?

    • Ukraine did it to bring in, possibly, the world’s most destructive force ( NATO-just look what they did to Libya-another war based on lies ) next to the IDF…That right there tells you that the Ukrainian govt. is controlled by billionaire Jewish oligarchs ( whose $$ and property should have been confiscated long ago and then sent to Boca Raton ) who are tied to their cousins in power in the West and care nothing for the people of Ukraine…the Right Sector goons are among the dumbest people on the planet ( next to movement-conservative, Israel-owned Fox News watching lemmings here in America..)

  2. “Old Intel hands cannot remember this much chaos going on all over, all of it totally orchestrated, with most of the world capitals denying that it is really happening, and all of it obviously part of a much larger plot.”

    Its mind numbing. If we were supposed to be “desensitized” by ten plus years of Afghanistan and Iraq, it didn’t work.

  3. God Is Great, Turkey & Israel from dividing Iraq into 3-regions to this.
    Turkish Prime Minister says Israel is ‘more barbaric than Hitler’

    ——-“Turkey’s Prime Minister has lambasted Israel’s ground invasion of Gaza and accused the Israeli government of ‘barbarism that surpasses Hitler”.

    ——-Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Israel’s actions in Gaza had been “disproportionate” and would derail any efforts to try and foster better Turkish-Israeli relations.

    ——–“I’m warning Israel once again that there will be much more serious consequences if it does not stop its aggressiveness and the escalation of incidents,” Turkish President Abdullah Gulsaid.

    ——–On Friday, violent protests broke out between hundreds of protesters and riot police as protesters tried to enter the Israeli Embassy in Istanbul. According to one report, protesters tore down the Israeli flag and replaced it with a Palestinian one.

    ——Protests that drew thousand in front of the Jewish embassy in Ankara and at a consulate in Istanbul were fueled by the earlier announcements by Turkey’s top leadership.

    ——The protests in Istanbul erupted at 01 30 am local time in front of the Israeli consulate with pro-Palestinian activists chanting slogans such as “Hail to the resistance from Istanbul to Gaza,””Murderer Israel, get out of Palestine,” and “Strike, strike Hamas; strike against Israel.”

    • Ah, I miss the Ottoman Empire, the Austrian-Hungarian Empire in C. Europe/ Weimar Republic, Czar Nicholas II and the Romanov Dynasty in Russia…that was the world 100 yrs. ago-destroyed by the illuminati’s choreographed tragedy…Judeo-Masonry is the driving force behind this carnage and chaos..Meanwhile all we get are lies from our politicians and mindless, happy-talk homilies from our priests. ( and Pope )…There is no Church Militant…the Church is just another NGO controlled by the enemy…Talmudia should be paying a high price for the massacre in Gaza…Goddamn the cowardly Egyptians!

  4. Media-fuelled mass hatred of Russia rocketing in Malaysia now, HUGE disaster, Malaysia leads opinion for 2 billion Muslims, given strong Malay role against Israel, & a Muslim economic model w. strong middle class. – Russia is blamed for blocking Muslims from religious duty to bury crash victim bodies quickly; of course it is Ukraine-Nato impeding, but Russia is badly losing media propaganda war. Sadly, Russian media seems lukewarm, even half-arsed – RT Russia Today, Itar-Tass, Voice of Russia – seem not using tools & data from VT staff, Vineyard Saker etc. It’s scary, can’t be incompetence, they know importance of media; has me fearing worst re what some always argued, that Putin is NWO too …

  5. ——Ex-USA President Jimmy Carter has said Israel has at least 150 atomic weapons in its arsenal.

    —–The Israelis have never confirmed they have nuclear weapons, but this has been widely assumed since a scientist leaked details in the 1980s.Mr Carter made his comments on Israel’s weapons at a press conference at the annual literary Hay Festival in Wales.

    ——-He also described Israeli treatment of Palestinians as “one of the greatest human rights crimes on earth”.

    http //

  6. ——-“Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, in a sermon given on Saturday on laws concerning what non-Jews are permitted to do on Shabbat, Yosef said “Goyim [non-Jews] were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel.”
    ——–“Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat.”

    ——-“According to Yosef, death has “no dominion” over non-Jews in Israel.”

    ——-“With gentiles, it will be like any person – they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. This is his servant… That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew.”

  7. ————“The opening ceremony for the 23rd African Union Summit in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea was to begin Thursday with a declaration of support for the three kidnapped Israeli teens by a number of participants, until bad blood brought tensions to a boil.”

    ———-Scheduled declaration of support from African nations scrapped;
    Arab League representatives demand ‘Israelis’ leave before joining summit.

    “I have never seen such racism, such anti-Semitism. We were humiliated,” said several of the Jews in attendance, who had left Equatorial Guinea in a fury after changing their flights.”

    http //,7340,L-4535291,00.html

  8. ——Whether it’s Gaza or Ukraine, the Media never exposed itself like now, as Liars & Bias, from ABC, NBC & International Media outlets.

    ——-The 298 people DIED, because the AIRLINES became the DECIDERS on passengers’ LIVES. ——-If the passengers were INFORMED that there is even a “SMALL RISK” flying over a “WAR ZONE” maybe the majority of them would not have taken that FLIGHT to begin with.

    ——President Putin should replay the tapes where he warned USA & the West so many times, to control their Kiev Buddies, since the situation between East & West Ukraine will be get worse before it gets better!

    —–The Top USA Ex-Diplomat is on the side of Mr. Putin, rather than the USA & the Western so called leaders, by saying demonizing Mr. Putin shows a lack of Policy. Translation——You are good in making a mess, but clueless on how to clean it up.

  9. I may be predisposed to to being anti-Khazar but I smell the work of Zionists here. I do think Jim’s analysis is very convincing. One thing I’m not convinced of yet is that a missile was even fired. You would think there would be some evidence of that. So perhaps it was a bomb or shot down by (?). Hard for me to say. Mossad? The evidence that it is false flag (to use worn out expression) is that the media jumped all over the blame it on Putin script as if it were planned. The fake shoot down earlier of the transport is an interesting angle. Black Ace McCain said with authority the transport was shot down at 21,000 feet. Did he have some friends on board? I don’t understand why this lunatic that embraces every other kind of extremist in the ME as a freedom fighter can’t embrace the “rebels in Ukraine.” Is he prejudiced against white freedom fighters? He said with great authority that the Ukrainians did not have the capability to shoot this plane down? So I guess all Ukraine’s 27 batteries were in for maintenance on that day.

    But seriously Jim – don’t you think they might have been gunning for Putin’s plane and got the wrong target?

    • It seems, the Ukrainian maniacs are delaying the arrival of aviation and recovery experts with purpose. There are to this time only 14 OSCE observers which arrived at the scene 24 hour later.

      Here is an half hour interview with Alexander Boroday, one of the the eastern forces commander


  10. That means the author turned them off to block facebook spammers from coming in. If FB people want to comment they can log in on VT. That way, if they are spammers or trolls we can block them selectively.

    • Mr. Dean, Do you think with the Gazprov issues, the Obama admin saying they’d make sure the EU had LP Gas and the latest find of LP gas off the shores of Gaza as well as that article I sent you from the [timesofisrael] about the Jew’s being Khazar’s and a planned reverse migration to the Ukraine as well as Nuland and the other Chosen Race being in the front lines as well as all the Billionaire Jewish Oligarchs in the Ukraine that THESE…. ALL OF THESE as well as the Assault on Gaza when ISIS claimed responsibility for the Israel teens kidnapping as well as killing that they at this time in the Whole Picture are somehow RELATED?

  11. Thanks Jim,
    The blame game is getting bigger.
    Who is to gain of shooting down this plane?
    Why would Russia shoot down that plane, that’s like shooting it self in the foot.
    The anger in the Netherlands, understandable, but comments are without common sense.
    No military action said Rutte, what kind could you do, who were you going to fight?
    Gaza, what a disaster, fleeing your house, get shot down in the streets.
    Untill Palestinians get the right for their own destination and not locked up there, importing and exporting goods, not going to these long checkpoints, Israel telling what they can and cannot do Hamas will stay aggressive.
    A never ending conflict with no endin sight.
    Will the East Ukraine people keep on fleeing to Russia to avoid the bombing?
    Complete civil wart there? Now they have on top of it the disaster of the downed plane.
    The local people helping and all they are getting is critics from the West.
    The man in the field looking for bodies found a red Black Box, he said he will keep it and give it to an international group for inspection.
    The world is about to explode, lots of prayers are needed.

  12. Is it even slightly possible a bomb exploded on the airplane? Is it 100 percent certain a missile took down the airplane? It seems obvious a missile hit the airplane but I don’t necessarily believe everything I read. George Bush told us angry Muslim terrorists slammed airplanes into the twin towers, no mention of Israeli remote controlled airplanes.

    • Yes, bomb could have been loaded by Israel’s ICTS security firm which runs Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, same thugs who pushed the Nigerian ‘underwear bomber’ onto the Holland-Detroit flight there in Dec 2009, despite bad papers & drugged-up behaviour. Hong Kong journo Yoichi Shimatsu thinks Israelis loaded MH17 with old corpses with bioweapon pathogens & a bomb set to explode in Malaysia, & MH17 was downed by a US-Nato fighter, unsuccessfully trying to fireball it to prevent a bio-weapon disaster which will now take place in Ukraine. – Rotterdam, Holland is Europe’s biggest port, and it’s said Israelis run the Dutch airport to assist traffic in drugs, and drug cash for Europe’s banks.

    • I’m aware Israelis control the Schiphol airport, it’s why I ask about the certainty of the missile. I also wonder if the pilots of the MH17 actually had control of the airplane while flying over Ukraine. Remote control?

    • Here is the original article you refer to. I hope it is wrong. http //

    • As expected some conspiracy theorists claim MH17 which crashed in the Ukraine is actually MH370 which supposedly crashed into the ocean. Based on a little research, I don’t know if this is true, MH17 is a Boeing 777-200 and MH370 is a Boeing 777-400. A supposed expert claims the 777-400 is basically a 777-200 with more fuel efficiency and range. I don’t think it’s the same airplane, but I’m a little surprised the conspiracy theory isn’t getting more attention.

      Some people claim Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 a Boeing 777 made its maiden flight on July 17, 1997, 17 years ago to the day. I wonder if this has been verified.

    • Excerpt from an article

      TWA800 was shot down on July 17th, 1996, making it 18 years to the exact date until MH17 would be shot down by a missile. Hundreds of witnesses claimed to have seen the missile shoot it down, but the government investigation claimed a fuel tank explosion caused it.

    • Yes..that theory of the missing plane really is not being talked about..but like I said day one…this plane most likely did have some other intent..the folks on the ground new that and unfortunately had to take action to protect their people..once they heard it was Malaysian and it came from that particular airport while all other flights avoided that area…followed up by the preplanned media campaign..its safe to say cover-up

  13. Somehow it always points to glabalist meddling. .more propaganda to distract the masses from their country’s economic implosion. War drms that are laughable and not even remotely convincing. Fix the VA, the border, print our own curency and kick out the bankers now.

    • Exactly…pretty obvious in hindsight..Americans need to realize these things quickly ..I am not sure why there wasn’t more outrage…propaganda worked very well back then. Not at all these days…that is where the hope lies..everyone wakes up. Soon

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