I’d fire rockets at Israel, if I lived in Gaza

British MP - David Ward


I’d fire rockets at Israel, if I lived in Gaza: British MP

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[ Editors Note:  We may have a break here, the boomerang kind. The British Jewish Lobby goons will pounce all over MP David Ward for stepping into the forbidden zone. This includes his own party who has already started, but they will put them solidly on the “Whatever Israel does is fine by me” target range. What we need to do is follow up on this by turning the target range into quicksand.

A two pronged approach is needed. All of the politicians in his own party need to be called and polled and blasted for being part of the Ward lynch mob if they are Lobby supporters. And then the British media has to be pummeled for their not standing up for the little guy, and being in the bag themselves.

The manpower is sitting all around us with the unemployed and under employed with tons of time on their hands. They are victims themselves of all of our elitist gangsters and banksters. We have to stitch them together not just for this event, but for all the others that are in the pipeline. We need a phone call torture machine that each week can be put on a new deserving target.

This eliminates the funding hurdle, no travel logistics involved…a major fightback tool that is in everyone’s hands. People need to be challenged. It they feel they have been screwed but won’t fight back, why should anyone help them?

By not doing everything that they can do they self eliminate themselves from being deserving to be in line to get any themselves. They are not children, and are not owed that level of blank check protection… Jim W. Dean ]


–  First published  …   July 23,  2014  –


A British lawmaker says he would fire rockets into Israel if he lived in the besieged Gaza Strip, which has faced a deadly Israeli offensive for over two weeks.

“The big question is – if I lived in Gaza would I fire a rocket? – probably yes,” Liberal Democrat member of parliament David Ward said in a message posted on Twitter on Tuesday.

British MP - David Ward
British MP – David Ward

He added in a follow-up message that the West should “make up its mind – which side is it on?”

The comments drew criticism from the Liberal Democrats, with some on social media calling on party leader Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg to suspend Ward from the party.

“We utterly condemn David Ward’s comments, they are not representative of the Liberal Democrats,” the party also said in a statement, adding that it would take the matter “very seriously and will treat it as a disciplinary issue.”

Last July, Ward was suspended from his party for making anti-Israeli remarks.


“There will be a ceasefire, then there will be a period of calm,” he said in an interview with BBC Radio Leeds about the latest Israeli onslaught on Gaza, adding, “But during that period of calm when hopefully people are not being murdered, there will still be Palestinians who are being shot by the Israeli forces, they will still be beaten up, there will still be child detentions, that to the Israelis is peace.”

Israeli warplanes have been hitting numerous sites in the Gaza Strip, demolishing homes and burying families in the rubble since July 8. Israeli tanks also began a ground offensive against the impoverished Palestinian land on July 17.

More than 630 Palestinians, mostly women and children, have been killed in Tel Aviv’s offensive so far.

Palestinian resistance fighters have also retaliated against the deadly Israeli attacks by firing a barrage of rockets deep into the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories.



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  1. I hope Amerika’s dollar go down the tube soon and that will be the end of the Apartheid state .

  2. What can I say….sometimes some people really they have humanity is going to touch the sprite of human. You know… What Nelson Mandela said? “Our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians”

  3. The organized religions of the last 7,000 years are dragging mankind down the sewer. I think they are all wrong for us. They only serve the needs of tyrants and greedy bastards, not the regular, real people.

  4. Want to hear a great example of Jewish arrogance by way of blatant dishonesty and deception? Show host Steve Malzberg interviewing Ben Stein. Under 11 minutes. Mind-blowing!

    http //davidduke.com/old-lying-white-males-top-jewish-supremacist-reveals-deep-hatred-discussion-us-media/


    • Thank You for this link Matthew.Boston-I have just finished watching three (including the above-mentioned interview) David Duke videos.

      A powerful call to stand against global zionism.

  5. IS RA EL? Yes Roi or Ra IS indeed EL. This unholy trinity created the chimeric offspring of Brute-in, Uncle SamaEL, and Saudi Arabia. The unholy trinity of ISIS (throne), RA (king), and EL or ‘L’ for Lucifer. The same who aspired to unseat God via a coup de taut in the Levant (north) perhaps in Sirius (Syria). Could there be a potal or stargate in this region. Where evil forces desperately are attempting to break through? If this is Spiritual was, according to those who are capable of a higher overview of space-time, Satan king of this era, has already lost in a time sequence known as the future.

  6. If I was in Gaza it would be senseless to fire rockets at Israel. The only thing that makes sense is to fire rockets at Netanyahu. This is the madman that was foaming at the mouth for an all out, no holds barred, attack on Iran no matter what the consequences. He had to settle for limited strikes against Syria which only calmed his blood lust for awhile. So now he has turned a staged incident into his only available option for igniting WWIII. A page right out of der Fuhrers playbook that continues to make the top of the reading list for all the following ‘Fuhrers”

  7. Better targets would be the Feral Reserve, or the IMF, or the BIS. An excellent target would be the CITY of LONDON! Hit the root of the problem. Israel is just the dog of these ‘families’. Let’s take it to where they live, like their dogs do to the real Semites.
    Like Kirwan says: We are ALL Palestinians now!

  8. The man deserves all the support he can get. It takes guts in zio-controlled UK. I’m sure some Jew has already filed a criminal complaint.

  9. A worldwide “I would too….” (fire rockets at Israel, if i lived in Gaza) campagine should be started up.

    I would too…

    • How about the full sentence?

      “I’d fire rockets at Israel, if I lived in Gaza”

      Would this be against the law? Would this be Anti-Semitic?

    • The full sentence is a good alternative. The laws differs in different countries, i am not from US, i belive it is legal where i come from. And an occupied people have the right to defend it self, as i understand international law. And of course, they have a moral obligation to do so. We would absolutely be branded as anti-zionists and as anti-semites, as the British MP will be now.

  10. i have bo sympathy with gazans. these morons wanted to fight against assad. let israel bury them before they become useful idiots.

    • Israel IS burying ‘them’, and doing it in your name. Babies and young children are their primary targets, then women, the elderly, the sick and handicapped, then the medics and emergency response volunteers. I would strongly encourage you to look at the images of Israel’s victims in this genocide against the Gaza concentration camp.

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