The People of Donbass have something to say

America... if you put uniforms on them, and NATO training, they are still Nazis


The People of Donbass have something to say

“Why?  What did we do to you to deserve this, America and EU?”


If you put uniforms on them, and NATO training, they are still Nazis
If you put uniforms on them, and NATO training, they are still Nazis

[ Editor’s note: The East Ukrainians are getting their public relations in gear. This was a power piece, no narration needed, as the message is clear. 

As Americans, we are faced with a simple decision. We can whine on the internet about how terrible all this is having our name connected to it, or we can hound out the political structure that has endorsed it, which includes most of them. You EU folks can do the same.

To have some impact, all that is needed is to do what we all did to help stop the Syrian air attack campaign. We poured our opposition into politicians offices on a scale many could not remember.

It caught them totally by surprise and really shook them up. But they are firm believers in the news cycle and the public’s short attention span. They view the Syria outpouring as a fluke.

With what is going on in Gaza now, we have a “two for one” opportunity. Sure, a ceasefire is eventually going to come out of the current slaughter, but the credit we give the US reps should last about 60 seconds, and then we need to start hammering them that it is game-change time, and that all this slaughter is happening over and over as they refuse to put the drone strikes in on who the real killers are, the real terrorists. You know who I am talking about.

They will not do it until we force them to. They will either be more afraid of the Israeli and NeoCon Lobby, or us. That will determine what they do, particularly if the polls show them with a safe lead. And even if we lose a couple of rounds, we can still do a lot of damage by heaping public contempt upon them… non stop.

They are not used to that. They are used to heaping it on us, so I suggest it is past the time to turn that around on them. If any political leadership is going to emerge to take this on, they want to see a solid ground swell of support behind them to take the plunge. They won’t plunge, until they see us do it… Jim W. Dean ]


The general use of artillery and bombing attacks on civilian areas has been met with total silence by the Kiev Junta’s Western allies. It gets even worse for the towns  captured from the East Ukraine resistance, atroctities and summary executions have take place.

Even the UN says nothing, not even about investigation or having monitors with the Kiev units to stay on top of what they are doing. The Oligarch funded units, formal terror brigades, are fighting behind a Western approved “anti-terror” smokescreen. This stain will never wash off, of them or us, as it has not on all those who have preceeded those doing it now.

[youtube OzLsyzgjGeY]


Inna - got the Western treatment. This was not blamed on Russia, yet.
Inna – got the Western treatment. This was not blamed on Russia, yet.


  1. History will say WW3 started with jewess Nudelman distributing pies at Maidan, and then leaving the fray (as usual) having set up the dumb goyim to kill each other (also as usual).

  2. This WW2 concentration camp like alliance of convenience between the oligarky kapos and the Svoboda Ukrainian concentration camp guards is untenable – sooner or later they will start killing each other, look what happened to Bilyi. And now yats is fleeing to israel, the MH17 plot is unravelling. Very soon Willy Wonka poroshenko will make a runner too, their fellow jew Komolokovsky has wisely decided to stay in Switzerland. Klitscho is showing us the ukies are not so dumb after all.

  3. It seem clear, Putin has played a diplomatic game with the West and lost. Putin has consistently misjudged US motives and willingness to reason. Ukraine is a shambles, Syria a nightmare and the West is emboldened by this success and Putin’s hesitation to up the ante-to bring Russia now to the gates of Hell itself. The escalating sanctions, the Malaysia MH17 false flag, the rapid forward positioning of armament, ships, planes and troops into eastern Europe tell the story of preparations for war with Russia, a face down in which Russia will capitulate to US/Israeli hegemony or face the prospect of a First Strike and nuclear war.

  4. Your guess is totally wrong.
    I’m watching news from there on an hourly basis and so all these pictures. They just compiled is into single video.
    The truth is very simple – there are war against fascism. Ans as many discussion or “analysis” you would put there still the war with fascism and there are civilians, including children are diying.

  5. They also murdered the Donetsk Chief of Police Konstantin Pozhydayev (sp?) in front of his wife during a home invasion. All this depravity has been loosed upon the world as a result of the degenerates who run our country.

  6. Tragically it seems Vlad Putin is unmasked as NWO, betraying Donbass Russians who trusted his promises of protection. Just as US gov destroys USA, Putin not only lets genocidal murderers romp a few kilometres from his border, he lets propaganda & economic attacks de-stabilise Russia internally. MH17 shows huge mistake of not moving Russian forces into Ukraine right after Odessa massacre at latest. Syria 2013 Putin was iron – to help NWO degrade USA? – now Putin looks sickly acting as NWO slave letting 2-bit goons from Nato & weak EU (!) murder Russians, wreck more countries. Some US Liberty Movement types long predicted Putin would show himself NWO in end. Another fake ‘hero’, it seems. God help us all.

    • Here is google translation. It is very good article even I don’t agree with everithing
      I hope you can reed in Russian
      https //

      НАРОД и ПУТИН парадигмальные колебания

      But it is absolutely clear – Putin reached his peak and his inaction will bring him down.

    • President Putin cannot interfere with Ukraine. It would be a war crime to enter into another sovereign state and attack “their” army, even if it supports the Russian speaking population that lives their. But that doesn’t mean supplies cant get across to sustain the rebels.

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