AEGIS Onshore Near Ukraine, Too Near


Air Defense:  Aegis Goes Ashore In Romania



March 4, 2014: The only land-based Aegis anti-aircraft/missile system in existence (in New Jersey) is being taken apart, packed into 60 large (40 foot) shipping containers and sent to Romania where Aegis will be put back together and be operational some time in 2015 as an anti-missile system.

The U.S. is building two more ground-based Aegis systems; one in Poland and one in Hawaii. All three, including new Aegis components for two of them and needed missiles (24 per location) and launching hardware for all of them will cost $2.3 billion.

The U.S. also wanted to put silos for the GBI (Ground Based Interceptors) in Romania but Russia was very much against this as they saw it as diluting the intimidation effect of their ICBM force. The GBI project was put on hold but may be revived. The GBI is a 12.7 ton ballistic missile that delivers a 64 kg (140 pound) “kill vehicle” that will intercept a ballistic missile before it begins its descent into the atmosphere.

The GBI kill vehicle attempts to destroy the incoming missile, while avoiding decoys. The U.S. already has GBIs deployed in Alaska and California. The GBI can receive target information from a variety of source, mainly a large X-band radar and space based sensors (that can detect ballistic missiles during their initial launch.) Each GBI costs over $100 million (up to several hundred million dollars, depending on how many are built and how you allocated development costs.) The GBI can intercept ballistic missiles launched from as far away as 5,000 kilometers.

Back in 2010 Romania agreed to base American anti-missile systems on its territory. It was assumed this would include a land based Aegis system. At that time Israel also expressed an interest in buying a land based version Aegis, but that deal fell through. Since the land based Aegis in Romania will belong to the United States it was decided to use the land based development version of AEGIS for this since this New Jersey facility was still operational. With so many Aegis systems at sea, development work can be done on those.

The U.S. has long sought to put anti-missile systems in Eastern Europe to protect against ballistic missile attacks from Iran. Russia has opposed this and sees it as a subterfuge to weaken the effect of Russian ballistic missiles attacking European targets. Most Europeans don’t know what to make of that, but East European countries (like Romania) that spent 1945-89 as involuntary Russian vassal (or “satellite”) states, do see a need for protection from Russian missiles.

So far, Aegis has achieved an 83 percent success rate during live test firings. So now many countries want Aegis ABM (Anti-Ballistic Missile) ships for protection. The Aegis system was designed to operate aboard warships (cruisers and destroyers that have been equipped with the special software that enables the AEGIS radar system to detect and track incoming ballistic missiles).

Currently, the U.S. Navy has 30 ships with the Aegis anti-missile system. There are over 100 American and foreign warships equipped with Aegis, but less than half of them had the software mods and anti-missile missiles that enable them to shoot down ballistic missiles and low-orbit satellites. Converting an Aegis ship to Aegis ABM costs about $15 million, mainly for new software and a few new hardware items. This is seen as a safe investment.

To knock down ballistic missiles, Aegis uses two similar models of the U.S. Navy Standard anti-aircraft missile, in addition to a modified version of the Aegis radar system, which can now track incoming ballistic missiles. The anti-missile missile is the RIM-161A, also known as the Standard Missile 3 (or SM-3). It has a range of over 500 kilometers and max altitude of over 160 kilometers. The Standard 3 is based on the anti-missile version of the Standard 2 (SM-2 Block IV).

This SM-2 missile turned out to be effective against ballistic missile warheads that are closer to their target. One test saw a SM-2 Block IV missile destroy a warhead that was only 19 kilometers up. An SM-3 missile can destroy a warhead that is more than 200 kilometers up. But the SM-3 is only good for anti-missile work, while the SM-2 Block IV can be used against both ballistic missiles and aircraft. The SM-2 Block IV also costs less than half what an SM-3 costs.

The SM-3 has four stages. The first two boost the interceptor out of the atmosphere. The third stage fires twice to boost the interceptor farther beyond the earth’s atmosphere. Prior to each motor firing it takes a GPS reading to correct course for approaching the target. The fourth stage is the nine kg (20 pound) LEAP kill vehicle, which uses infrared sensors to close on the target and ram it.


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17 Responses to "AEGIS Onshore Near Ukraine, Too Near"

  1. jmreeves  August 8, 2014 at 4:03 pm

    I just this afternoon saw (RT I think)
    The Kievskys have chosen to mumble threats to hold Europe hostage re pipelines,
    a short term problem (but not if you are freezing)
    (remember they already got in trouble for stealing product, and for not paying bills.
    The Kievskis said they are fixing to go ‘street by street’ to root out their countrymen,
    In the large cities of the Eastern Ukraine, a region resource rich but cash poor.
    The cities are on the order of half a million people (not counting the other critters
    This is a Sin Against All Creation, there should be Hell to Pay.
    (not mine to dispense, but I vote giv’m hell! (right after they exit the planet).


    • jmreeves  August 8, 2014 at 5:30 pm

      They are trying to back Putin into a corner.
      I have a lot of confidence in Vladimir Putin
      He is smart and has integrity, also experienced (and stayed nice)
      That is a signature.
      I do not know what will become of the hostages (well, aren’t they)
      but Putin knows better than to play their (Kievs) game.
      Russia is a different place (with many time zones)
      and different local customs among them a tendency
      to father figures, also to Centralization.
      Putin is no fool, and am just a fellow at distance who would like to see Russia Prosper.
      Putin had best fix it so if he accidentally fell under a train, the thing would go on running,
      (along the way to whatever, but operating in good order ( i was not referring to the train)
      This has the beneficial side effect of taking all the fun out of killing him.
      No Single Point of Failure is the concept.


  2. Cold Wind  July 26, 2014 at 11:21 am

    Canadian journalist, Geoffrey West reports “Fighter bombers attacking civilian targets in Eastern Ukraine, flying with Ukrainian Air Force markings, have been traced to air bases in Romania, Moldova and Azerbaijan, armed and some perhaps piloted by Poles and even Israelis.” Another reason why Aegis is being deployed to Romania.

  3. Simpsons Donkey  July 26, 2014 at 6:11 am

    As a non-specialist I don’t wish to stick a pin in AEGIS, but Russia does.
    The 12 flybys by a Russian Sukhoi-24 which SWITCHED OFF the USS Donald Cook’s AEGIS radar off Crimea last May, should give another clue to Russia’s edge in military tech. Apparently some of the crew went AWOL at the next port of call, in Romania. Who can blame them?
    The shoot-down last September of two Tomahawks fired at Damascus by the rogue NATO general Andrew Stavridis at Moron base, Spain, shows Russia’s confidence it will not be elbowed out of the Med any time soon.
    It was enough to deter the Drone Emperor from his intended carpet bombing of Syria, which would have been the trigger for World War Three. The OPCW deal was just face-saving. Look how Barky is returning the favour.

  4. Bente  July 26, 2014 at 2:00 am

    Good data…having 100 of them is probably an overkill… like anything else “American” wll its all good data.. thanks Gordon… I agree with Cold Wind, Allesandro and Ann… on Dempsey I am disappointed … he probably had to go along to keep his job… if he went out the door they would appoint one 100 times worse.
    Yes USA is imploding – and they want us all to go down as well.

  5. Simpleton  July 26, 2014 at 12:26 am

    This is another disinfo article “83%” success rate, etc – ALL THE ADVANCED COMPUTER SIMULATION shows incoming missiles that vary speed at random and zig-zag like the Yakhont cannot be shot down with any certainty. Especially the latest Russian hypersonic MIRV type versions, let alone the home made Gaza versions with some impurity introduced in the fuel to cause random speed variations.

  6. Cold Wind  July 25, 2014 at 6:58 pm

    I suppose this is part of what General Dempsey means when he says the US is preparing a military response to Russian ‘meddling into the Ukraine’. Evidently, Putin has waited too long to act and now the Pentagon, thoroughly emboldened, believes the initiative has fallen to it. Oh yeah, there still exist a Strangelovian current in the Pentagon. People who believe the US can win a nuclear war with Russia after a surprise First Strike. Dempsey, VT’s favorite General, seems to have let reason and common sense fly and joined the neocons to start WWIII.

  7. Allesandro  July 25, 2014 at 6:35 pm

    What every American and Global person should be aware of is that because the Federal Reserve System of thievery and counterfeiting is loosing it’s power, based on stealing and debasing the U.S. Dollar, they are willing to destroy the earth and hope to ride it out underground, in order to maintain their power when the dust settles. THEY are primarily “Jews” and their follow-on blackmailed politicians. Look at GAZA if you think they will have any mercy on you. They hate goyim, and that means YOU..

  8. Ann  July 25, 2014 at 6:18 pm

    It seems like the DC screwballs are absolutely, positively, irreversibly bent on starting another war. Because the other ones went so well. And why not–they move the military around like disposable and replaceable pawns on a chessboard with no chance that anyone from their own clique gets a scratch.

    They don’t have to account for a dime. They don’t have to answer for murder. They don’t have to explain to anyone what they are planning and why. They live off the rest of us like ecto parasites because they’re incapable of an honest day’s work and can’t live by civilized social norms.

    At some point the military will have to tell them to buzz off and manage themselves until such time as a responsible leader takes charge. That could be a while. We are being dragged down by psychos.

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