Breaking: Russian Satellite Imagery on MH17 (Black Box and New Evidence)


Black Box Proves Missile Didn’t Do It

… by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Scroll down for our update on “explosive decompression” and aircraft cannon coverage.  Simply put, shrapnel or “fragmentation” can’t blow an airplane apart.  Bullets have little effect and even blowing out a door or window won’t do much.  However, a moderate bomb can do much, as you can check below.  A bigger bomb now seems to be the answer and, just perhaps, the missile seen below as a way of trying to blame Russia.

Read the new material supplied by Los Alamos National Labs.  If you have questions, list them and we will endeavor to get you the answers.


Reporting on Malaysian Airlines flight MH17  has become childish, irresponsible and many have actually decided to invent wild stories even worse than the government/AIPAC lies.

Some such stories are on Veterans Today, stories totally unresearched, stories that are groundless and based on speculation and bad brain chemistry.  Such stories push our editorial limits as they are no more than spam.

We have made note of several findings thus far.  We have noted that were a missile used, an exhaust trail would have been visible for many miles and would have been photographed.  It was not and, thus, never existed.  Locals were questioned, none saw a launch nor exhausts.

The Russians have finally allowed someone to send us their video of MH17.  Judge for yourself.  We stick to “bomb” but are taking this under advisement:

[ Note: What you will be watching below is not a black and white image but infrared one. Hotter items show up as white. What looks like a launch smoke plume is not…but the infared heat signature. If  you rewatch it and freeze at the beginning you will see the white hot spot dot where the launcher was in the tree line. There is a smoke plume, very visible, loud, and more visible as it gets higher…Jim W. Dean ]

[youtube iPNfpWScXGM]

Video shows Kolomoisky forces firing on MH17.    These units are led by Israeli volunteers. Thus far, this is the “best evidence” though we are still going with wreckage until the US can offer its own suppressed satellite imagery.


The next video is visual video demo of an updatee BuK_M2 SAM missile battery firing to give you an eye level view. When you watch the missile get high you will have a feel for how many people must have seen it…and heard it. So a major anomally here is why did not more of the public witnesses it, post Youtube videos or cel phone uploadings showing this event. Could all of that been electronically blocked somehow?

[youtube DDXScnEKaP0]


Accused Israeli - Cypriot Terrorist Leader Kolomoisky
Accused Israeli – Cypriot Terrorist Leader Kolomoisky

Among those going into battle from the Ukrainian side are some 500 trained fighters in the self-declared Azov battalion, backed by Jewish energy magnate and Dnipropetrovsk region governor, Igor Kolomoisky, according to Israel’s Ma’ariv daily.

A source at Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council, cited by Voice of Russia, claimed that “Kolomoisky is the most outspoken opponent of the plan on settling the situation in the East of Ukraine.”

In April, Kolomoisky placed a $10,000 bounty on the head of any Russian “saboteur,” caught, according to the UK’s The Guardian, which added that turning over a grenade launcher to Kiev authorities would net finders $2,000, and $1,500 for every heavy machine gun handed in.”

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Video of Kolomoisky troops shelling civilians in Gorlovski only an hour ago.

[youtube kGPR_x0WJs4]

The US has two spy ships off Ukraine.  If a missile were fired, they would have evidence as would our satellites that have watched that region since “forever.”  No evidence exists.  On the contrary, we did find evidence that only Ukrainian army has such weapons.  When that was told to the press, they were told that it should be reported that the Ukrainian Army units may well have “defected” to the rebels and then “re-defected” or is it “un-defected” back again.

It isn’t just the blogger amateurs that make things up.  We are still faced with a bomb on a plane, put there in Schip(h)ol Airport.  We now have evidence of “salted” wreckage being hauled in.  This is the funny part, a real ground to air missile may, at best, put about a pound, two at max, of steel balls and small parts into a plane.  Here is a quote from VT editor, Colonel James Hanke, an actual expert on air defense systems:

“From the examination of ‘recently found’ pieces of wreckage, it looks like they fired an ICBM at the plane, perhaps one with a 53 Studebaker strapped to the top.  Blast patterns on what appears to be ‘salted’ wreckage indicates a warhead of several thousand pounds.”

This is way too dense of a strike pattern for a ground to air missle
This is way too dense of a strike pattern for a ground to air missle

When Wayne Madsen wrote an article describing the use of a BUK/SA11 system against Air Algerie, our correspondent in North Africa, UN Arms inspector Alan Smythee, almost died laughing.  “They can’t even tie their shoes or keep a Fiat running…”

The failure to recognize a pattern of activity from the repulsive new Egyptian government and their role in Gaza to the bizarre comedy act in Mosul to the Tel Aviv based oligarchs now ruling Ukraine, a failure by the press, by all the press, by governments certainly, is astounding.

We are very much watching the SSG, Secret Shadow Government, fighting the beginnings of a world war, one fought with terrorism, ethnic cleansing and psychological warfare.  Though elections are openly stolen in the United States, we see millions of Americans basking in race hatred, class envy and simple idiocy, supporting the SSG with every fibre of their being.

The organ’s of the SSG, the Jamestown Foundation, Rand Corporation, Heritage Foundation, US Chamber of Commerce, National Association of Manufacturers, the National Rifle Association, the Potomac Institute, PJ Media, AIPAC, the ACL, the SPLC, the American Legion, the American Enterprise Institute and so many others are openly working to enslave this country.

There is overwhelming evidence that several operate biological and chemical weapons facilities, are involved in bizarre genetic projects in North Korea, are responsible for Benghazi, Sandy Hook, the Breveik killings in Norway (more attacks warned of), traffic in narcotics, human organs and run a worldwide pedophile ring.

This group/cabal had been involved, through the 1990’s, in the theft of nuclear weapons from the United States, in partnership with Victor Bout, weapons sold around the world, weapons reconfigured for terror attacks, perhaps the worst kept secret in the world with a suppressed FBI investigation, full involvement of US special operations commands and even a Department of Energy report outlining it all. 

Intelligence agencies around the world, now aware this material is out there, after Veterans Today published “proofs,” are offering everything.  Threats will follow.  It is an accepted believe that, in the right or “wrong” hands, this information can bring down governments.

With them is an endless stream of cults, the majority more or less satanic, operating inside Judaism, Catholicism and Evangelical Christianity.  ISIS is the first truly satanic Islamic cult.  All are carefully coordinated through a network of handlers, drowning in cash stolen by the Federal Reserve and backed by a flood of politicians around the world, heads of state in France, the UK and Australia, the list can go on.


Explosive Decompression from “Shrapnel” Debunked

Explosive decompression (ED) refers to a sudden marked drop in the pressure of a system that occurs in less than 0.1 seconds, associated with explosive violence. Generally it results from some sort of material fatigue or engineering failure, causing a contained system to suddenly vent into the external atmosphere.Seals in high pressure vessels are also susceptible to explosive decompression; the rubber gaskets used to seal pressurized pipelines tend to become saturated with high-pressure gases. If the pressure inside the vessel is suddenly released, then the gases within the rubber gasket may expand violently, causing blistering or explosion of the material. For this reason, it is common for military and industrial equipment to be subjected to an explosive decompression test before it is certified as safe for use.The pressure drop in other situations often takes longer than 0.1 second, and is then more accurately described as rapid decompression. Well known examples of explosive decompression are the Buford Dolphin diving bell accident and the Turkish Airlines Flight 981 disaster.Misunderstandings of the meaning of the words are quite likely to be a fueling factor for a persistent myth that humans would explode if exposed to the non-pressure of space. Accidents in space exploration research and high-altitude aviation have shown that while vacuum exposure causes swelling, human skin is tough enough to handle a drop of one ATM. A sudden drop of eight ATM in the Buford Dolphin accident had intensely fatal results.


National and international standards for explosive decompression testing include:MIL-STD-810, 202
API 17K and 17J
NACE TM0192 and TM0297
TOTALELFFINA SP TCS 142 Appendix H———————————————————————————————————————-

Aloha Airlines Flight 243

Fuselage of Aloha Airlines Flight 243 after the explosive decompression.
Accident summary
Date28 April 1988
SummaryExplosive decompression caused by fatigue failure
Injuries (non-fatal)65
Aircraft typeBoeing 737-297
Aircraft nameQueen Liliuokalani
OperatorAloha Airlines
Flight originHilo Int’l Airport (ITO)
DestinationHonolulu Int’l Airport (HNL

Aloha Airlines Flight 243 (AQ 243AAH 243) was a scheduled Aloha Airlines flight between Hilo and Honolulu in Hawaii. On April 28, 1988, a Boeing 737-297 serving the flight suffered extensive damage after an explosive decompression in flight, but was able to land safely at Kahuna Airport on Maui. There was one fatality, flight attendant Clara belle “C.B.” Lansing, who was swept overboard from the airplane. Another 65 passengers and crew were injured.

The safe landing of the aircraft despite the substantial damage inflicted by the decompression established Aloha Airlines Flight 243 as a significant event in the history of aviation, with far-reaching effects on aviation safety policies and procedures.


The Truth About Explosive Decompression

By  on July 7, 2004

Is it true that if you shoot a bullet through the skin of an airliner in flight, everyone would get sucked out the little hole? If not, Hollywood has a lot of explaining to do.

Adam and Jamie from Myth busters on the Discovery Channel set out the other night to find out if this was true. The myth is based on the fact that an airliner at 35,000 feet is like a balloon flying through the air — the air pressure on the inside (pushing out against the inside of the plane) is much higher than the ambient air pressure at that altitude.

When you pierce the skin of a balloon with a pin, the whole thing pops. The pressurized air inside the balloon rushes out with such force that it “grabs” the edges of the hole as it leaves and tears the balloon apart in an instant. The same should be true for an airliner, right? And everything in the plane should go rushing out the hole, right?

No. Myth busters proved this wasn’t the case, thus proving wrong several dozen action movies and at least one James Bond film. And, true to Myth buster’s style, they proved this point with a veritable tidal wave of geekiness.

They went to an airline graveyard in the Mohave Desert and found an old Hawaiian Airlines 737. They sealed it up, then brought in a massive air compressor and pumped the plane full of air until the difference between the interior of the plane and the air at sea level was the same as it would be if the plane was flying at 35,000 feet.

Now the cool part — inside the plane, they had parked their crash-test dummy, Buster, in a window seat. In the aisle, they rigged up a Glock 9mm to a firing mechanism and pointed it at the hull of the plane. Then, with the plane fully pressurized, they fired the gun remotely.

What happened? Nothing. Sure, the air rushed out, but even Styrofoam peanuts they had placed in the aisle didn’t move, much less Buster. They did the test a second time, this time firing through the window right next to Buster. Same result — nothing.

Not satisfied (I love it when they’re not satisfied…), they rigged explosive cord around the window to simulate the window blowing out due to structural failure. They pressurized the plane again and blew the window.

The results were much more satisfying — Buster got his arm yanked out the window. Crash test dummies aren’t designed to come apart, but if he were a human, I think he would have lost his arm. However, the rest of his body just wasn’t going through the window, no matter what the myth said.

Still not satisfied, Adam and Jamie put a “shaped charge” (whatever that is) against the hull next to Buster’s knee. Plane pressurized once again, they blew the charge.

Now, I don’t know how much damage was from the charge and how much was from the air rushing out, but the entire roof came off the plane. Buster, believe it or not, was still belted in his chair, but there was a 20-foot section of the roof missing. That plane was toast, and it looked eerily similar to Aloha Airlines flight 243 that lost its roof in mid-flight back in 1988.

So, myth busted. However, they didn’t address one thing: the drop in air pressure caused by the velocity of the air outside the plane. You see, the entire concept of flight is based on the fact that air pressure goes down as the speed of the air goes up.

So when a hole gets blown in the side of the plane, even after all the air rushes out and the pressure of the plane is equal to the ambient air pressure at that altitude, you now have 600 m.p.h. air rushing past the hole, which would have a much lower air pressure than the stationary air inside the plane.


NEW MH17 SENSATION: German experts point finger at Ukrainian air-force jets.

ukrainejetsSurface to air missile attack ruled out as calibre of cockpit bullet holes puts Ukraine pilots in the frame for MH17 murders

This is what a German pilot-cum-air technology expert Peter Haisenko has just published on the subject of the MH17 disaster (my emphases):



  1. @Gordon

    Revelations of German Pilot Shocking Analysis of the “Shooting
    Down” of Malaysian MH17. “Aircraft Was Not Hit by a Missile”

    http //

    VERY STRANGE disinfo of the more sophisticated level with some
    minimal, *plausible*/conceivable (for the technically naive)
    narrative; are *they*… how to say, phishing (fishing
    etymologically), trying to elicit responses?


    At the most trivial level, an Il-96 has 4x engines, a Boeing 2x
    GIGANTIC engines; this is *IMPOSSIBLE* to not go noticed.

    The painting schemes/layout are **VERY MUCH** different, unless
    one is suffering from attention/cognitive deficits. As the VERY
    MINIMUM, try to ask to an Indonesian if he can mistake his flag
    with a Polish one (or vice versa); red-blue for the naive and the
    cannon fodder of the media; who was supposed to be sitting inside
    the Su-25, a Mexican pilot?

    But the Kindergarten thickens; having closed both eyes on the
    fancy premise that the Il-96 would really have been flying over
    the area to begin with; can you imagine an Su-25 having a chance
    to approach Putin’s presidential aircraft, and then by *surprise*
    also? (Time to take an IQ test if the answer is yes; I know, the
    *scoop* came from RT, if I am not mistaken; means nothing still.)

    • Transponders; Putin’s Ilyushin sending signals as being MH17!!!?
      With MH17 switching off its transponder (we know that it couldn’t);
      hello?!, but okay, we could keep going, and going enumerating the

    • JIC (I know scuba diving WELL; and I may not be alone on that here
      at the site likely) and more for… how to say?, the *sports* [given the
      *cogency* of the article I am criticizing] of commenting, red increasingly
      appears dark/blackish, when light diminishes SIGNIFICANTLY; which was
      NOT the case with MH17.

  2. This is an excellent blogger

    Few people know that one day before the Malaysian Boeing 777 downing by Kiev in eastern Ukraine, 4000 Kiev troops were surrounded by self-defence in 3 locations Donetsk airport, Lugansk airport and near border with Russia. Per Donbass/Novorossia leaders’ reports, this included dozens of tanks, ARCs, planes, and anti-aircraft launchers – a huge loss for the Kiev military. Self-defence was getting ready to close the circle. Once the Boeing 777 catastrophe happened, once the banshee howling started in Kiev and the West that it was self-defence that downed it, which distracted and broadsided the inexperienced politically self-defence commanders, Kiev was able to advance and retrieve its surrounded forces. The confusion surrounding the Boeing downing helped the fledgling Kiev forces to take a break and regroup.

    • Her prediction Russians will come out of this with flying colors. The West – especially US, Canada and UK – meanwhile is really accumulating the kind of bad karma that will come back to haunt them soon.

    • Why do I imagine two (pick two you think are worthy)
      playing ‘wishbone” with Kerry.
      All the fake gravitas would then need to be scrubbed.


  3. Point in passing.
    Winter is coming (and no I do not think the fracking I spoke of is for the natives to stay warm.
    Anyway, there are a lot of IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons)
    These people did nothing to no one except somebody blew up their house (caricature.
    But really, what are a few hundred thousand people to do?
    And the creatures arraigning this no doubt are aware.
    The game is to mess it up so bad no one can fix it.
    I know it makes no sense.
    Fiction has to make sense.


  4. iGordon, I do not if it is meaningful but it was mentioned today on RT that the Ukrainian troops had started shooting cruise missiles today.

    I thought it funny in a satircal way but RT had story that the Ukraine military is out of gas. Right Sector guys are hitting the Russian owned gas stations and stealing gas for the military.

    Don’t miss this http //

  5. [Update, see my previous posts]
    On the difficulties a Su-25 would have been confronted with when
    attacking MH17 directly see last paragraph

    http //

    [… U]krainian Air Force may have secretly received Su-25 attack
    and close-air support aircraft from third countries, according to
    Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Air Force, Viktor Bondarev.
    “Of course, I do not know where Ukraine obtained all those
    Su-25s. They should have had 12-15 flight-capable aircraft at
    best by now, but in fact there is much more of them in the air”
    According to Viktor Bondarev, there are two possible explanations
    for this.

    “One – they are violating all possible rules and operation
    manuals with complete disregard to pilot safety, flying the
    aircraft that served well beyond their regular service limits.

    The other explanation is that someone quietly supplied them the
    aircraft and they are using them in a very harsh manner”

    Besides, Bondarev considers the training level of Ukrainian
    pilots to be very low. “Ukrainian flight crews have seen very
    little flight training, and hardly a day goes by without reports
    that the insurgents shot down one, two or even three Su-25s. This
    occurs due to very poor flying skills of the Ukrainian pilots”

  6. Apparently, pro-Russian Rebels handed over ‘black boxes’ (two) to Malaysian authorities with the stipulation they would be given to an independent and trusted investigative body. Assuming these boxes were from MH17, how did they end up in end up in British hands? Who is now in charge of the crash site? Can we trust them? If a missile or a bomb were responsible, wouldn’t residue test have established which was the culprit by now? Have any of the bodies been competently identified? Do they correspond to the MH17 passenger manifest? Is their any corroborating evidence for ‘old dead’ bodies. Why are there so few pictures of the crash scene?

    • I might can help on the boxes. I can’t remember source but was an aeronautical guy. He said there were only 4 groups in the world that read black boxes. One in the US, UK, Austrailia and I didn’t get the last. UK got picked. There is an official investigation team. They are at the site but fighting broke out yesterday so they were not able to do their job. I don’t know where they are but there are tons of pictures. I was watching RT when it happened, they were right on the scene and have been since. I don’t buy the dead body stuff. I think it was Saturday when the complaints of the smell got made. I saw lots of pictures the first day of bodies. They looked quite “fresh”, not to be crude. I checked temps and it is like in the high 80’s there. Combine the fire and I would think those two things contributed to faster decay. One comment two different people made was of bodies being bled out. My suspicion would be of the depressization on that. My suspicion is Kolomoisky and Minister of Interior – don’t know rest involved but my gut says they were over confident and probably not that smart of such issues. Hopefully enough professionals are out there who will eye on it all and will be talking if they try to cover it up.

      This is an example http //

  7. 1. The MH17 flightpath was chaged by Kiev Airspace controll
    2. Russian satelite shows SA-11/BUK batteries with Oekranian uniforms and SU-25 fighter jet
    3. Donetsk eywitness accounts saw Fighter Jet shoot down the MH17

    The German source in Gordon’s article says the 30 mm ammo can blast a “pantzer” and certainly a passenger airliner like a balloon. It seems to me, a fighterjet has the capability to blast a passenger airliner. D No matter what myth buster say…

    it all points to the Unkranian army involvement, nicely co-ordiated by the Top floor of Ukraines SBU (secret service), John Brennan’s CIA.

    http //

  8. @Gordon Duff

    I have read your NEO’s article, ‘MH17 Another Israeli Cover
    Up?’, which is **VERY** interesting.

    > Israeli F 15 flying out of Azerbaijan, where Kiev air traffic
    control turned MH17 into banned air space

    > We also know an Israeli F 15e with APG 70 radar, believed to
    have been configured as an AWAC (Airborne Warning and Control),
    left Azerbaijani airspace. The F 15e with a mission commander in
    the back seat of this two man advanced fighter bomber, the pride
    of the Israeli air force, could have provided tracking and
    targeting data or, if necessary, downed the airliner itself from
    a surprising distance.

    This is makes a **LOT** of sense. The Russians asked what were
    AWAC aircrafts (one or more) doing at the time in the area; ditto
    for a “new experimental [US] satellite positioned over Eastern
    Europe for 1-2 hours, and directly over Donetsk in eastern
    Ukraine from 5 06pm – 5 21pm.”^1

    Now, the McDonnell Douglas F-15E is an entirely different kind of
    a beast; among others things, its ceiling is [wiki] 60,000 ft
    (18,200 m), has good combat radii already plus aerial refueling
    capability, and it can be armed with Advanced Medium-Range
    Air-to-Air Missiles, or AMRAAMs, guided (beam riding) missiles
    which would home in on reflections from a target illuminated by


    1. http //

    • [continued]

      [wiki] AMRAAM uses two-stage guidance when fired at long range
      [operational range > 180 km]. The aircraft passes data to the
      missile just before launch, giving it information about the
      location of the target aircraft from the launch point and its
      direction and speed. The missile uses this information to fly on
      an interception course to the target using its built in inertial
      navigation system (INS). This information is generally obtained
      using the launching aircraft’s radar, although it could come from
      an infrared search and tracking system (IRST), from a data link
      from another fighter aircraft, or from an AWACS aircraft.

      Notice that the *kill probabilty* of the AMRAAMs, which typically
      decrease as the distance range increases, is offset here because
      the 777 represented a trivial target to hit.

      BTW, I would also not exclude some *extras*, such some… who
      knows?, quasi ballistic use of an AMRAAM, given the capabilities
      (ceiling + speed) of the F 15 and the presence of the satellite.

    • http //

      [… T]he 10-day NATO exercise code named «BREEZE 2014» has ended
      in Black Sea. The exercise, which included the use of electronic
      warfare and electronic intelligence aircraft such as the Boeing
      EA-18G Growler and the Boeing E3 Sentry Airborne Warning and
      Control System (AWACS), coincided with the shootdown of Malaysian
      Airlines Flight 17 in eastern Ukraine, some 40 miles from the
      Russian border. NATO ships and aircraft had the Donetsk and
      Luhansk regions under total radar and electronic surveillance.

      [… U.S.] AWACS electronic intelligence (ELINT) aircraft were
      also flying over the Black Sea region at the time of the MH-17
      flyover of Ukraine. Growler aircraft have the capability to jam
      radar systems in all surface-to-air threats. […]

  9. Do the Ukie fighter jets have that fail safe device which Khalezov spoke of in his video when he explained that it’s not possible for the US air force to have fired missiles to down the 9/11 passenger planes and would thus have had to resort to strafing the jets with bullets? Khalezov said that passenger jets would continually transmit a message saying “I’m a friend.” and the device in fighter jets would not allow missiles to be fired at such planes.

  10. Spare me a moment,
    I have met insects with more wisdom than some of the people I am watching, to wit
    I rent asunder (by accident) the home of some small wasps that live here too,
    They sent one guy, he chased me down, stung me one time, and went home.
    There is nothing to hold a grudge over.
    They did not send the whole nest after me,
    No, I do not think it likely this would serve to shame anyone into behaving.
    I find it interesting, and hope you don’t mind me mentioning.
    I am so disgusted with the Vogonity.
    Remember that all the creatures, not just the humans, are hurting.
    If you were them what would you make of us?


  11. Well shiver me timbers lest they blow me down (obvious landlubber!
    According to RT they are already setting up fracking sites in Eastern Ukraine
    before the shrapnel is even cold (so to speak).
    I really am astounded at the unmitigated audacity,
    right down the road they (the Kievians and whoever else
    are still shooting up the joint.
    They have displaced upwards of half a million people,
    who never were consulted let alone went to war on anyone.
    Scary, and they might try it here. (I hate to mention but disruption is pretty easy
    it is keeping things working and useful that is difficult.
    No, I do not think it is around the corner,
    but we have no genetic native er whatever immunity to being tricked.(either).


  12. Perhaps indiscriminate strangulation is not the solution.
    Not all media (good or bad) comes out of Hollywoodland
    and not all that does come from there can be so easily tarred in my opinion.
    I will fess (one mans experience, obviously yours is different)
    I got so angry with the 157 channels and nothing on (which happens but is not all the time)
    I got it turned off, it lasted about 1 day..I require “input” (jonny5)
    Later I heard what the prices are at the theaters (also hear a lot of folks are not attending lately)
    Anyway, no gum, no noisy children, and movies are expensive.
    We never had this before, personally I find it too valuable to discard.
    I swallowed my pride and had them turn it back on.


  13. Sergei Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister, said to fall into hysterics and respond to a blow with a blow is not worthy of a major country.”——Translation —–A RESPONSIBLE WORLD LEADER DOES NOT START WW3.

    Russia said it would not retaliate with sanctions of its own or “fall into hysterics.” Sergei Lavrov, the foreign minister, said the penalties could even make the country “more independent and more confident in our own strength”.

    “I assure you, we will overcome any difficulties that may arise in certain areas of the economy,” he said. “We can’t ignore it. But to fall into hysterics and respond to a blow with a blow is not worthy of a major country.”

    He also denied Russian involvement in the Ukraine conflict and called for “honest, open participation of all those who have access to information about the crash”.

    “Anything else we will consider as deceitful attempts to influence the investigation, putting presumption of innocence in doubt, “he said. “I don’t want to throw accusations in advance, but I expect that no one will try to cover up evidence.”

    • If I was a sports fan, the Russkies are making sense, the US is looking like stupid clowns.


  14. been waiting for some news, GD! not what I expected, so far. was pretty sure that we were looking at another FBI transcript of the UA93 cockpit recorder -something an eight year old might have written! Dios, what a mockery of intel. “shutup! shutup. sit! sit, sit, sit!”
    you remember. “Allah Akbar!” not one meaningful word about navigating, or anything related to whatever hijackers would be concerned about.


    • Just when we thought they were going to square?
      (just kiddin, sadly, but the sat data got a response I think.
      But the coverage I have seen leaps directly from
      “Explosive Decompression” (which FWIW I can believe)
      to SAM (which is another matter entirely, (and then off to the sports weather).


  15. Article on Kolomoisky–

    http //

  16. Well, she is Hitler’s daughter and her Nazi admirers are honouring her with blood sacrifices on the milestone dates of her life.

  17. @Gordon Duff

    with ref.

    > Here is what we have so far, unconfirmed. An American built F 15
    fighter took off from an airfield in Azerbaijan. Back in 2010,
    Azerbaijan claimed that this and one other airfield was taken
    over by Armenian militants. […]

    Which still remains an **OPEN question** IMO (also given that a
    Su 25 would have been a rather problematic aircraft to use
    against MH17 directly), Russian Air Force Commander, Victor
    Bondarev, remarks and asks [my own words, the original is in
    German, see URL below]

    From where do all those so many *Su-25*s appearing in Ukraine come
    from? Ukraine should be virtually, or close so, out of stock by
    now already… Has Ukraine lied about their
    availability/resources on military aircrafts from the beginning,
    which would have been a flagrant violation of the rules; or is a
    third country supplying them with aircrafts secretly?

    http //

    Chef russischer Fliegerkräfte Woher hat Ukraine so viele

    • Su-25, Su-27, …

      Think for example at how pickpockets work; teamwork!, one or more
      of them divert and attract your attention, e.g. [there is an
      infinity of scenari that can be set up] by bumping against you
      within a congregation [at the train station say] as it would have
      been by accident; apologize, demonstratively try to help you,
      assist etc.; WHILE giving all the chances to another one, the
      effective thief, to surreptitiously act behind your back.

      Who knows, just being intrigued. (It’s remarkable that the Su-25
      would have made a poor choice to DIRECTLY attack MH17.)

    • I think you have a point, there is a lot of misdirection involved.
      I think this is getting complicated and increasingly crude,
      whatever someone had in mind (well, and then who knows,
      but if they had a ‘plan b’ or a heart er clue whatever,
      they would fall back from the ‘blame Russia’ bit
      or quit pretending it is anything but an excuse.
      I see a pattern re Gaza and Ukraine,
      Hamas didn’t kidnap the kids they say, but what they are doing to Gaza,
      I don’t know whether to poop or go blind, and who ya gonna call.
      Absolutely Despicable.
      Eastern Ukraine is same story, even the body counts are similar.


    • when i put all military assets in the region together…and who controls them..and motives…

      we get a book

      it was made to be as complex and confusing as possible

      that’s part of the game

      as per 9/11

      and then they furnish us with endless shills to push it even further


    • Now the US admin is said to be taking issue with ground launched cruise missiles
      (if I am thinking this right that is a lot like a drone, except you hope it does not come home.
      This complaint is based on a 20+ year old treaty for what it is worth.
      I mention this because it seems like only Yesterday that Putin was the donkey
      in the pin the tail game.
      Over a few days things have become somewhat less definite,
      and now it seems the US must find fault somehow, somewhere.
      Or maybe they have been working this case up for a long time and just now finished.


  18. How come of the two highly suspicious incidents involving airliners in the last few months,
    Both (three? remember it seems ‘370 had a ‘twin’) craft were from Malaysia Airlines.
    Just lucky, bad location, or does someone have it in for that country or airline.


    • Well.. I don’t know if this might have any bearing on your question KUALA LUMPUR, 19 November 2013 – The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal (KLWCT) will be hearing genocide and war crimes charges against the State of Israel and Amos Yaron, a retired Israeli army general from November 20 to 25, 2013 in Kuala Lumpur. (We all know which Country Kuala Lumpur is in…).

  19. Update [see-also/ref my previous posts]

    http // html

    [M]alaysia Airlines is on the verge of BANKRUPTCY, losing up to
    $2 million every day, after its flight MH370 disappeared in March
    and MH17 crashed four months later, Agence France-Presse wrote
    Sunday citing analysts from a Malaysia-based aviation consultancy
    Endau Analytics. […] [emphasis mine]


    Let’s recall, major shareholder MAS = government

  20. First Mr. Duff, Thank you and VT today for all your hard work. My gut has a feeling that MH370 & MH17 are very much tided together. The first video of the supposed MH17 falling from the sky was on a very clear blue day with no sign of a missile. I believe the left engine was on fire, falling straight down. Which would indicate a planted small bomb on plane or a missile hit. But yet the debris field is much larger than an almost intact plane crashing? You know this false flag has gone wrong, but could not it have been more than one bomb or a missile and a planted bomb to try and destroy evidence? And what about the long dead stinking bodies. I truly hope that an Internationale investigation is forthcoming, and the beady eyed rats that are loosing ground backed in the corner R shut down tptw.

  21. It might help to look at anniversary dates, and the history of July 17, especially for Russia, the main intended victim. I note that Russia had 2 Tsars murdered on July 17. Peter III was murdered in 1762, and mostly recently in 1918, Nicholas II and his family and servants were murdered by Bolshevik Chekists.

  22. Question Do the folks at VT and it’s readers know who runs security for this airport in question? I suppose the biggest hint would be that the downing of the plane ( whether it was 17 or the original 370 ) just so happened to coincide with Israel’s raid on Gaza. Maybe I’m behind the curve and Duff covered all this in a previous piece. If so forgive me.

    If you’ve any doubt as to how entrenched these people have become just watch that video of the State Dept’s zombie’s exchange with a reporter named Ted. They really have no shame. I applaud him for his tenacity.


  23. Some very good thoughts thru-out this thread. Mine focuses on a possible accident of some sort taking place in the near future. The where of such an accident should be obvious. JMHO.


  24. As others are noting, 7/17/2014 as a date was of extreme importance for the bad guys. To assure successful destruction of MH17, no doubt they would use “all of the above.” BUK, machine gunning, air to air missiles all timed with bomb on board.

    Reading some of Lavrov’s comments on RT, it occurs to me, that perhaps the Russians have smoking gun proof of Israeli involvement. The Ukrainians could claim accident and all would be soon forgotten.

    But the exposure of Israeli involvement could bring down many Western Governments, not necessarily what the Russians want.

    The press would label Putin an anti-Semite Jew hater, Israel could be pushed toward the Sampson option.

    A lot for the Russians to consider.

  25. A ground-to-air missile would make a lot of noise and leave a plume of smoke/steam leading from the launch site up to the impact. With so many smart phones with cameras around I would have thought somebody would have captured the images, if they occured.

  26. To me, this video is meaningless, because it does not show a hit on anything. At the very least it needs a time stamp and exact coordinates of the launch position.

    • This is always a step by step game. We have always had impatient readers who want it all on a silver platter. The point, a big one, is that the launch has now been confirmed (to us was we verified the source…readers and take or leave that like everything else). The Russians are goading the US who has released nothing, into daring to refute this. The launch site can now be pin pointed and who was running it determined. What happened in the sky…we will get there.

    • So far I am going with the “ICBM with a 53 Studebaker” theory,
      but that could change at any time if new information occurs.
      Thanks VT guys.


    • Don’t count on Putin and his advisors making too many mistakes on this Friar….he has a fine balance to strike between proving that the Russians did not do this and further inflaming the nutters who did, to the extent that in their desperation to save their evil cabal and start the next (cataclysmic) world war, they do something even more outrageous.

  27. It’s no defence to claim you’re fighting against a god, when you’re fighting for a tribe, which is what Hitler promoted. His hero was Frederic Barbarossa, and Landulf of Capua, an evil satanist. He believed he was the reincarnation. But then, Adolf was a nut.
    Judaism’s problem is not that it’s monotheistic. Tt’s that it’s a race religion, basically ancestor worship. Why this is seen as advanced is anyone’s guess. Jesus and Buddha would laugh at such idiocy.
    All religions are debasements of the masters’ messages, even Islam, apologies to Abbass.
    There have always been living masters who have revealed truth, whose presence on earth has held off our total self-immolation. You must find that teacher, who is not hiding in a cave. I will not promote him — it is your path.
    We are in Kali Yuga, the darkest age. But it is said, in that darkness, the light shines brightest.

    • @Simpson’s Donkey. Islam can’t be a debasement of Muhammad’s message mate. That’s because the entire message was given to be written down in a living language. The Quran is the ONLY message, the only other thing there is are Hadiths which actually are not Islam just information to help those who wish to understand. These are recollections of the Companions no more. The Quran is as it was given and the only debasement can be within the individual which is also part of the Quran’s teachings. It is unlike the others possible for an individual to gain the perfect message of Islam from the Quran. You’d be amazed by what has been said of the Quran by even non-Muslims who have studied it. I am stunned by it’s wisdom every few pages as I read though it for the first time completely this Ramadan. The others actually appoint leaders who have authority but in Islam no man has real authority over the religion. The best of Muslims just read Quran and decide for themselves, since that is what the Quran tells us to do. We are also only told to concern ourselves with what can be understood without debate, any who concentrate on the debatable matters is just a deceiver since not all of it is meant to be understood even.

    • By the way by my reading the Quran does not deny the truth of other religions up to a point. I was a Buddhist and before that Christian and I have only had Christianity straightened out by Quran corrections to men’s changes within it and it is like the missing pieces of a puzzle are returned. as for Buddhism it is much closer to Sufism and whilst I am non sectarian I am vey sympathetic to Shias and Sufis as is my wife. Sufism includes understanding of re-incarnation within the Quran and I feel it is briefly touched upon also. However I think the concept isn’t necessarily of benefit to those who were given Quran at the time but as a living book which continues to keep up with science and civilisational advances, I suspect in time some secrets and mysteries within shall become understandable. Mention of ETs is no secret to the aware reader of Quran.

    • There is a lot of ridiculous information out there and this is amongst the silliest.

      has anyone told you the Vatican didn’t even exist when islam came into being? When Islam was a mighty Empire the Vatican ruled Western Europe was a backwards shithole. The Dark Ages were only overcome when the Popes and Kings of the West sacked the unarmed Islamic Empire which had reached such a high point in civilisation they had no standing armies. They stole everything they could an enormous wealth of knowledge and science and maths and raped and burned the rest.

      Has anyone ever told you not to spread empty propaganda especially of the “Vatican rules us all secretly” sort without doing some more research? The Jews control Christianity and always did, a couple of the early popes were Jews and it would take a fairly poor level of awareness to have missed the fact that the Vatican is beholden to Jews not the other way around. You know what they say, “if you want to know who rules over you, ask whom you may not criticise. Islam rose up and became an Empire within the lifetime of a single man, and it sickens me to see anybody trying to give credit o anyone else but Allah for that. If the Vatican could do that then where is their Empire since? What a farce.

  28. The so called “World Leaders” Minus China & Russia, that we know are Corrupt, but now they became “Bullies” “TO COVER UP THEIR ACTIONS THAT WENT WRONG” & their MSM salves all over the World are spreading their Propaganda like we have never seen in the past, before a single investigation has been conducted.

    USA Officials No Evidence Of Direct Russian Link To Malaysia Plane Crash

    “The officials briefed reporters Tuesday under ground rules that their names not be used in discussing intelligence related to last week’s air disaster, which killed 298 people.”

    “But the officials said they did not know who fired the missile or whether any Russian operatives were present at the missile launch. They were not certain that the missile crew was trained in Russia, although they described a stepped-up campaign in recent weeks by Russia to arm and train the rebels, which they say has continued even after the downing of the commercial jetliner.”

    “In terms of who fired the missile, “we don’t know a name, we don’t know a rank and we’re not even 100 percent sure of a nationality,” one official said, adding at another point, “There is not going to be a Perry Mason moment here.”

    http //

  29. I cannot work out why the slime Kolomoisky is still walking around on two legs. He’s the Governor of Dnieperpetrovsk — and LIVES IN SWITZERLAND??!
    Where are the skills, for God’s sake?

  30. I’ve been waiting for what the Russians surely must have, and this could be it. I assume they have the verifiable footage because I can’t see this is as such. The biggest smoking gun (no scratch that, there are so many of them to choose) is to me the insistence of the Americans and NATO upon using social media, (let alone faked media) to make their case when they must have at least as much real satellite and radar data as the Russians who clearly have got all they need to prove who did it. I cannot help but wonder what difference it will make in the overall picture though because unless the Western Media covers it, then it didn’t happen as far as the serfs are concerned. The serfs in the West are sufficiently convinced by the BS feed tube to allow the NATO plans to go ahead if a little more cautiously. All Russia may have done is to ensure they will only be able to keep encroaching on their borders but not to hang the truth like an albatross around NATOs neck which is what is needed. It’s been a scary week. Seeing our Aussie troops going to the area made me sick and so ashamed because they are not there for any good reasons obviously and it puts us out on point in this sickening charade.

    • Another Antipodean here to say, ‘Hear, hear.’
      Until the demonic budget plan unveiled by the Abbot cult to subjugate Australia, I saw little to indicate Australia was fuly under Illuminati control, but since MH17 it’s beyond doubt.
      Now our only hope is the Green threat to bring on a double-dissolution to throw the bums out. They (CIA) did it to us in 1975 — Let’s do it right back at ’em. After all, we’re not as under the gun as the poor Yanks…

    • Ever since TPTB awarded Swan the award for World’s Greatest Treasurer, it has been clear that Australia was positioned by same to ‘take centre stage’ of this sickening charade.

      I third the comments by Abbass and Simpsons Donkey.

      Who would the people elect instead of the stooges we see today?

    • Please do not ‘live in abject shame’, as that depletes your psi
      just as ‘they’ desire

      Take back Your psi and please keep writing here, as VT is the only place where agreement is had on who actually ‘controls’ Australia.

      I lived in Islamabad two decades ago, with my then-military family.

      “We’re a nasty little self righteous arsehole of a nation…” completely echoes the words of my therapist when I ended up in hospital with a massive burnout. I have spent the past decades coming to terms with brutality-and more. I could not believe the presstitutes on Gillard and Rudd et al. Now it is Abbott et al but they all work for the same bosses. Heinous, really.

    • Sorry you’ve had a rough trot yourself. I always feel sad at the suffering of the innocent and women usually are so when it comes to violence and the military at any point of connection. I hope you are in a better place now, never be shy of giving God some consideration if you haven’t already. I’ll keep reading and writing here, I just get annoyed with the no-planes on 9/11 stuff sometimes, it’s been a curse on 9/11 Truth from the get go.

      It’s OK sis my shame is only for my country, I personally have long been opposed to the corruption within it and actively fought it too, so I don’t share my nation’s ignominy. It’s taken decades to get to the bottom of who is behind it but since 9/11 things accelerated and I’m also a Muslim convert so have my place among the victims of imperial policy not it’s puppets. An Aries man is hard to keep down. I spent 6 years drinking heavily after a 20 yr marriage went the way of so many but since converting to Islam gave up completely, lost weight and rejuvenated my business life which has been consolidating since and am married to a loving and beautiful wife 29 years my junior so my psi is probably in excellent shape.

    • Gillard, Shorten, Feeney, and the Minister for Sports — all got at by American neocons. On the Tory side, Natasha Stott-Despoia spilt on the ‘Dog’ Costello, another Neocon stooge. No wonder they never liked Kevin, who with his many faults was not a traitor.
      The Jews use Danby and the Board of Deputies to savage anyone like Bob Carr, who put his head up. We’ll have to organise our own standard-gauge cattle cars.
      Meanwhile it’s economic sabotage and more police state fascism from Haneef’s nemesis, Kevin Andrews the Tweedle Dim to Downer’s Tweedle-Dire.
      Never forget, Oz is the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit, and out heritage runs deeper than these reactionary fools know. Ask Johnny Pilger.

    • Thanks for that sharp summary Simpsons Donkey. You have a tremendously powerful gift of conveying and combining your experiences/observation/knowledge with language.
      I’m a long term reader of Pilger-admired his reporting on television in the seventies and now go to his web site on a regular basis to up date myself with his insights.

      My attachment to Australia runs very deep, especially where my parents settled in 1958. I fled as soon as I could. As a small, intensely shy Dutch girl I was very confused by the multi-layers of ‘English-ness’ in this convict settlement. These days, Windsor NSW is an historic town, but sadly, still ‘depressed’ in ways no other self-respecting First Nation would allow.

      While I consciously did not take on the guilt of what happened to the Aboriginals, I find that the older I get, the more I empathise/identify with them, resenting this ‘machine’ that grinds on regardless. Now our Aboriginal problems in the NT are exacerbated by the resettling of Sudanese refugees in their midst. The social engineering boggles my mind. I love your last line. Thank You again.

    • Best we didn’t see Kevin back in, since he was lobotomised and reprogrammed. I would have voted for him but spat the dummy when he trotted out the standard political guff with the standard five talking points arranged as they were by “focus groups” set up by marketing companies. I know because I was invited to one! This group was supposedly to examine Aussies feelings and opinions yet was carefully corralled into the standard five talking points (all of which avoid foreign policy) so it became obvious they were just looking for the sheeple’s pressure points within the program nothing more. I was the only participant who had any original thinking or proper background to my opinions. What really made me sad was that as I left after half an hour after giving the lot of them a piece of my mind the clown running it said I could pick up my $70 from reception (which we’d been promised for attending) and when I said I didn’t come for the money, I SWEAR everyone of them looked shocked. WTF? Was that all they were there for? THOSE MORONS were setting labour party policy? The girls in reception who heard the whole thing actually loved it and tried to hug me in joy as I came out, saying they’d been listening to the same pattern as was going on in there all day and I was the first to break the mould.

  31. You write that “This “satanistic cult” is the basement of all three monotheistic “religions” with their self engendered almighty war god”. It is true all three monotheistic religions share the one God of Abraham but they all see Him differently. In Islam Allah is not the war like being so often portrayed by our enemies. The Quran is the only authority in Islam and in this Allah permits war only for defending against an attacking enemy. We are forbidden to even fight an enemy who is no longer fighting us, such as retreating or captured. We are permitted violence anytime only against the Kafir who are those such as ISIS who are actually (supposedly) Muslims fighting against Islam itself. This is why these Takfiris call everyone else Kafirs, to twist this teaching but it can be disproved in so many ways. We are forbidden to rape, harm women or children or to mutilate corpses. The heads on poles stunt by these creeps is not permitted and proves their apostasy alone.

    The explanation as to why the descriptions of God’s attitudes differ from the Jewish to the Christian to Islamic versions is that the older religions were given verbally and suffered deliberate alterations by men in the time before they were written down.

    I might rephrase to say “This satanistic cult is a de-basement of all three monotheistic “religions” to a man made almighty war god.”

    • “” It is true all three monotheistic religions share the one God of Abraham but they all see Him differently.””

      Why would the same God have three different religions ?

      That is why you cannot be sure ” all three monotheistic religions share the one God of Abraham ” because ” they all see Him differently “. You cannot claim identity based on simultaneous different perspectives . In other words , a different look amounts to a different God ; and asserting something to be true does not make it so regardless of the number of times the assertion is made . Commonsense .

    • Moneytalks, why would someone with self evidently no comprehension of the subject think he had any idea of what he was talking about? Besides which I did answer the question before you even formulated it. I TOLD YOU THE TWO FORMER RELIGIONS WERE CHANGED by men due to being recorded only verbally and as history records, the Bible was altered deliberately even in modern times. Anybody who even makes a cursory examination of the three Middle Eastern monotheistic religions must conclude they refer to the same deity, who is even named by all three as the God of Abraham.

      Good grief, and you talk about common sense. LOL

    • Alois your limited perspective of the Middle East history is painfully obvious.

      The first Muslims did not start any wars against anyone, you are simply wrong about that. They were subjected to persecution and massacres by the much larger groups of pagan Arab tribes and they were forced to defend themselves and massacres they did not do though they were subjected to th4m, however great battles were fought and won. I suggest you put away the bullshit you’ve been reading and see if you can’t get some proper history of the times, because the confused rendering you are giving is nonsense. The jews and Christians had no problems with the early Muslims either, but some of the Jews did cause trouble and joined with the enemies of the Muslims and suffered the consequences. The early Muslims and Muhammad were bedouin nomads who had fought and struggled the same way for millennia and it took time for Islam to be taught and for them to change their ways but the Quran is all Islam is and the history of the time just it’s backdrop. The fact is the Quran brought advanced ideas of human rights, women’s rights and even slaves’ rights at a time the West was still in th Dark ages which it only came out of after sacking the Islamic Empire and stealing the knowledge and wealth which they carried away to their primitive savage West and quickly raised themselves from the filth nd squalor which was hitherto all they;d known.

    • The Jews of Yathrib were at one time dominant but their dominance was lost before aIslam even arrived. These Jews were by then causing enmity between the tribes of Aus and Khazraj in manipulative attempts to regain their own power and this was the state of affairs when the Prophet Muhammad and the Muslims arrived. They took control of the city and renamed it Medina and Jews lived peacefully among them henceforth. They were respected and protected by Islam actually. Many times Islam sheltered Jews from massacres by the Romans, Christians and others over history. This despite the fact Jews as a people were ever enemies of Islam and of others as they are today. You sound like someone who has all his “history” from the Jews which is a very bad place to start, their history is mosty fabrications putting themselves as innocent victims when they have always been anything but.

    • Here Alois, get some real history under your belt and stop believing fairy tales told by liars. http //

    • I don’t get how you can twist it so. There was no suggestion anyone should be massacred, leave or be called enemy, just that they must not cause problems, or break certain basic islamic rules which are not only fair and reasonable they are no less than any society would expect of it’s citizens today. Jews may consider a prohibition on “Usury” to be unfair and cruel, a massacre of sorts but “Usury” is also what has brought civilisation to ruin, as it was predicted in the Quran.

    • Emma I’m tired of trying to inform clueless people. Muhammad nor Muslims never started any massacres of anyone. Never happened and I’m sick of idiots perpetrating that lie. Jews have never been innocent victims either for that matter so whenever I hear that tired rubbish I know that here we go again. It is so infuriating to watch clueless idiots crapping on about something they have clearly not researched but instead read an article written for the express purpose of misinformation.

  32. Other (would the false flag not have failed) *bird* to have
    killed (or closely so) with one stone

    Malaysia Airlines in Total Strategy Revision Following Two
    Tragedies in Half Year

    http //

    “Our major shareholder, the MALAYSIAN GOVERNMENT, has already
    started a process of assessing the future shape of our business
    and that process will now be speeded up as a result of MH17.”
    [my emphasis]

    For comparison, Lufthansa’s major shareholder is private. And
    SIA’s Temasek comes second, given that SGP is a satellite of
    the US essentially and anyway.

  33. Mr. Duff,
    From where I sit, in a wasteland, intentionally destroyed for corporate profit, mind numbing stupidity, and their government servants, hardly anyone has the slightest clue that there is an ssg. For that matter, few imagine anything besides what they are prompted with.
    However, what is sinking in, is that the system is failing.
    The halls of media don’t report this, and if you had a camera and a microphone and stuck it in the faces of the unwashed masses here, no one would simply say it, but it is so clear its like looking through clean glass.
    Class envy isn’t an appropriate term for those cut off from a future by those who pull the levers.
    Churches are leaking control, as folks realize God is absent, which is a good thing, because their religion never gave them anything but a straightjacket and guilt trip anyway.
    Insanity and crazed behavior are ever more common.
    Ssg has no idea that their posturing and their stupid games don’t matter to those whose lives they have driven to essential necessity. For that matter, the monkeys in the regular gov’t. don’t get it, either.
    The game is going beyond any significance to those whose lives are defined by more essential realities.

  34. What is the physical effect called that causes rays to show a swirl effect like in the b/w infrared movie?

  35. Exceptional article and forum responses Gordon. Thanking you seems completely inadequate for all the work.

  36. “This is way too dense of a strike pattern for a ground to air missle”

    It seems that they downed it with automatic weapons. And it seems that they fired from inside the craft. 😉

  37. Even Madeline Albright said recently The world is a mess. No doubt the half million children at a price worth paying that were killed durng her reign have contributed to the world qua mess. As Schopenhauer remarked, we live our lives forward but understand it by looking back. So perhaps Madeline is now understanding her role. But the Clintons are still marching forward. I must say that having Hilary as president would put the final cherry on the cake of world as hell.

    • I am not familiar with the initiation rite or whatever,
      but all you mentioned (and the other fossils we keep seeing circulating,
      in a country of about 300 million people it is odd the same bad actors keep in rotation.
      Our version of Royalty (and with a similar attitude to us commoners it seem to me).
      These guys (and gals) joined some kind of demonic ‘bad guys club’
      They are fully invested, lie right to your face.
      This ain’t no Disco (talking Heads Speaking in Tongues).


  38. Near topic
    They are still pounding the eastern Ukraine,
    and the herd of experts declined to attend he crash site just now,
    it seems there are too many people shooting stuff in the area.
    Then of course we will hear more complaints about chain of custody.
    That is a joke, it was lost long ago.
    Now what we have is whatever sat intel and leakage etc as to how things got where they are.
    I mentioned early on that the bad guys no doubt provided many rabbit trails to nowhere.
    I got that part right.


    • This is outside the realm of failure analysis (usually the challenge)
      Whatever blew up or otherwise dismembered that plane worked.
      Now for who and why
      and the ‘who’ defaults to ‘the usual suspects’ pending reason to believe otherwise
      the ‘why’ defaults to ‘not just sure what all,
      but it looks like another of these multi-purpose manufactured articles
      with which we are becoming all too familiar,
      (at least I am sure sick of their act.)
      Life is more fun without dangerous liers. (file under ‘well duh!


    • you might look for Douglas J. Hagmann’s recent whitepaper on
      “Intelligence Insider on Ukraine The Other Road to World War III”
      I have yet to wade through (it is mid-length) but looks like a backgrounder worth checking.


    • In particular they will pounding the MH17 crash site . Destroy evidence . They have so much to hide .

      ATO Update Operational Situation in the East of Ukraine for July, 27 12 00 UTC

      http //

  39. Not that I believe anything out of the DC traitor nest but they are using the same technology to refute the story and pin the blame on the Ruskies. You see, our “leaders” really can use advanced technology when it suits them. One has to wonder what else they have hidden until such time as it serves their purposes.

    http //

  40. in the Russian video, the missile plume lasts mere seconds, best I can judge. certainly not your “persistent contrail.” also not like the shoulder fired weapon. anyone see it differently?
    the question is, would farmers in the fields, whatever, have noticed it? maybe this lends credence to the video versus witness testimony.
    or, is it just the opposite?


    • forget it. I realized too late that I am comparing apples and oysters. a satellite pic and a on-ground video camera are likely not going to show the same smoke, haze, whatever. besides, the alternative argument is that Russia faked their video, which I do not believe.


    • got it, Gordon. I just read Jim’s addition here. what’s the saying, “too late smart?”
      all comments can be part of brainstorming, which GE practiced constantly, since even a foolish idea can spawn a more logical one. too often, they inspire irritation from others.


      add -I live across the hill from your farm, have a telescope trained on the back door! haha! actually, I am in Nelson county.

  41. Now, continuing and summarizing… Think at the *tragic
    error* (limited hangout) vs. false flag incongruity.

    There were 85 children on board of MH17. EIGHTY FIVE, nearly one
    child every three passengers!

    Okay, so we had a large ratio of (typically regarded as) *2nd
    class citizens*, Malaysians, Indonesians; several naturalized
    Dutch (let’s recall that both Malaysia and Indonesia do not
    recognize dual citizenship) quite likely; a hundredth of possibly
    *low ranking/subaltern* on the average conference attendees; a
    number of Australians (let’s recall that the Prime minister of
    *staunch ally* Australia is navigating in bad waters at home with
    very poor rating); and 2x crews of 100% non westerners.

    In the two days before the facts 75, SEVENTY FIVE, different
    airlines (Eurocontrol dixit!) flew the same route as MH17.

    SIA351 (Singapore) might even had been in condition to observe
    the downing of MH17 (if I am recalling correctly).

    Now, downing a Singapore Airlines aircraft would have been a much
    worse option–because of the likely DIFFERENT (let me know if I
    need to elaborate) composition of the passengers for a start.

    Ditto with AIC113 very bad idea to mess with India!

    Another reason for choosing MAS has been indirectly mentioned by
    Gordon Duff eventually perfect honeypot and failover.


    • To the point (which I have made at VT once already). Compare with
      9/11 [sarcasm, a tragic error or a false flag too?]; 9/11 with
      the *terrorists* operating at a time in which the WTC casualties
      were to be *kindly* contained the most… those casualties among
      the class of the executives, VIPs and similar at the least, I

      Do you see the similar pattern?

    • Addendum

      Children = *of course* 2nd class citizens or spendable casualties as well; in particular non westerner children.

    • I might be nit picking, but when the consist (passengers) comes up
      I keep hearing ‘most of whom were Dutch’.
      Since when is two thirds ‘most’ (and no mention of the other people.


    • It seems that you are ignoring that Indonesia has been a former
      colony. Many college students study in the Netherlands and in
      Germany and graduates do their PhD there. Not only engineering or
      medicine. E.g., history (university) students even mandatorily
      HAVE to spend a couple of semesters studying in the Netherlands
      or (guess?) Japan, alternatively; they also have to study and
      become knowledgeable/proficient about the respective languages
      (guess why?) (FYI, China has now taken up; so will Russia likely
      and hopefully.)

      Similar inferences can be made with Malaysia… *British*
      citizens (there were nine or so of them, just recalling, I may be

      Furthermore and in particular, there are **many** married mixed
      nationalities marriages. Doesn’t tell you nothing that 85
      children were on board? Also, do you know that Ramadan has just

      Etc. Maybe you could be more specific and I haven’t been clear
      enough; or do you may need to reread what I have written

      Please notice that nowhere I have said, or I am saying that
      **all** the Dutch and British were formerly ethnic Asians. Do you
      know what max/min visualization is?

      I am observing that the passengers list *distribution* looks as
      too skewed for letting the downing of MH17 be *explained* as the
      simple outcome of random (*tragic error*).

    • Other example, so maybe you understand better. Imagine you are
      Dutch, or British, or German. Your wife is (was formerly)
      Malaysian. Which nationalities will–even by the law–have to
      inherit your wife and any children?

    • Do you comprehend how insulting this post is?
      My country lost 27 citizens, including a family of three small children. Just for the record, they were white, if that’s important to you.
      These are human beings, all 298 of them.
      I believe this whole speculation as to why MH17 was ‘chosen’ misses the point. There was a whole United Nations of folks on board. The only conclusion I choose to draw is that someone (probably Kolomoisky, the Schipol bombers from ITCS, etc) believes they have Yidsrael, NATO and their media to prevent them being accountable.
      The irony is, to half-bright people, the shitstorm emanating from Western politicians and the controlled media, is the greatest giveaway as to who did this.
      Armed Australian police and military are now hanging around Donetz, prevented from the site because the Kiev Nazis are attacking it. More evidence they’re messing with evidence. No complaint from my tax-funded media. But it’s not wise to screw with Aussies. We got at least some of the Bali bombers, who died ‘resisting arrest’.
      Try harder to stay on point please. Human beings are human beings.

    • I’d not trust our boys are there for anything good mate. The way Abbott is playing it I’d say we’re only there as window dressing so they can’t say it’s only NATO countries. As if anyone is fooled by the cheap mask over our virtual membership of that gang. Probably a bottle of Atlantic ocean water is in Canberra and a secret agreement in place where we actually are members. It’s the Zionists. Fraser made no bones about it, albeit late in the game, and AIJAC is as virulent and entrenched back home as AIPAC is in “The Great Satan”

      Hee hee. THE GREAT SATAN. One fun thing about being a Muslim now is that I can say that properly. -)

    • > Do you comprehend how insulting this post is?

      Huh! Nomen est omen, eh–Simpson(s)?! Are you nuts?! (I would
      answer yes, reading the other BS from your reply.)

      BTW and FYI, many ethnic Chinese are… “withe”?!, as you tell,
      or I understand you and were you hinting at the color of the skin
      by it; I (*fishing*?!) personally know a couple of Indonesian
      Chinese with business or curricula (studies) involving Australia,
      though China has superseded Australia **BY FAR** and the former
      are understandably (better universities as well) more attracted
      by China hence (just complaining that real estate there is
      becoming quite expensive).

    • > Armed Australian police and military are now hanging around

      Don’t talk idiocies, though this is exactly what might be
      expected by staunch ally Australia and its dreaded PM with IQ
      proportionally inverted in comparison to his rating; especially
      now that the Dutch have been shown intelligent enough to NOT do

      > Bali bombers

      What about *trying harder* to not talk sh*t repeatedly and
      *staying* on topics you know/understand instead?

  42. Please note I am blending nothing. This isn’t Fox/Infowars. If you DEMAND to be lied to, find someone else to do it.
    The passports were found initially by our staffers who were on the scene immediately. Expired passports are shipped constantly.

    A medical conference flight may have rubber/silicone dummies as well or not, also nothing.
    I look at the wreckage and the missile video.
    It is russia that hangs this on an Israeli militia. They back it up with the only satellite video of the event.
    Unless something else comes up, they win.

  43. As a reader, it is a minefield sifting through the vast amount of information and sometimes conflicting analysis of writers on VT. So with terrorist acts such as this, where the picture is evolving all the time, an occasional shorter review / summary piece such as this (and a couple from Jim previously on this topic), are a godsend. Many thanks Gordon.

  44. “When Wayne Madsen wrote an article describing the use of a BUK/SA11 system against Air Algerie, our correspondent in North Africa, UN Arms inspector Alan Smythee, almost died laughing.”

    Alan Smythee? I heard he died because a Russian satellite fell on his head.

  45. > Reporting on MH17 has become…

    About time to remark it!

    > We have noted that were a missile used, an exhaust trail would…

    AGREED. Notice that MH17 has disappeared from the radar screens
    at 16h20 LT (local time). The visibility over Donetsk was 10km on
    17 Jul + 2mm precipitations (via cached data). For comparison, in
    Sumatra, haze minimum visibility for flights is at two

    I recommend to watch

    http //

    ‘Buk-M2 SAM in action’, which is a video completely unrelated to
    MH17, and observe without loss of generality (Buk *family*) the
    missiles’ contrails from the video!

    And as a simple approximation, let’s consider [think at the
    contrails] simplifying that to hit MH17 from the surface a
    missile would have to travel distances of the order of the TENS
    (20, 30, …) of km *normally* (acft altitude was 10km, v =
    900km/h = 250m/s => 2,5km every 10s).

    BTW, no one has ever watched Pixar’s Mr.Incredible?!

    On the bomb… I am for the AAMs (with ref the indentations in
    particular and the presence of the not well yet identified jet
    fighters)… let’s wait the investigations’ results.

  46. > Reporting on MH17 has become…

    About time to remark it!

    > We have noted that were a missile used, an exhaust trail would…

    AGREED. Notice that MH17 has disappeared from the radar screens
    at 16h20 LT (local time). The visibility over Donetsk was 10km on
    17 Jul + 2mm precipitations (via cached data). For comparison, in
    Sumatra, haze minimum visibility for flights is at two

    I recommend to watch

    http //

    ‘Buk-M2 SAM in action’, which is a video completely unrelated to
    MH17, and observe without loss of generality (Buk *family*) the
    missiles’ contrails from the video!

    And as a simple approximation, let’s consider [think at the
    contrails] simplifying that to hit MH17 from the surface a
    missile would have to travel distances of the order of the TENS
    (20, 30, …) of km *normally* (acft altitude was 10km, v =
    900km/h = 250m/s => 2,5km every 10s).

    BTW, no one has ever watched Pixar’s Mr.Incredible?!

    On the bomb… I am for the AAMs (with ref the indentations in
    particular and the presence of the not well yet identified jet
    fighters)… let’s wait the investigations’ results.

  47. Why is General Dempsey dusting off Strangelovian plans to nuke the Russians? Thought he was good guy? Anyway. most Americans, as you imply, are out to lunch–unfit to survive, morally or intellectually, this exceedingly dangerous period. So we are left with miracles or some other deus ex machine to stop what seems like our inexorable decent into war and hell.

    • Why? > because the only viable cover story for the onslaught of “cyclical comentary bombardment” – which will be all but identical to nuclear bombardment – is a nuclear attack by the #1 contrived nemesis> Russia. The “cosmos” is showing up to “houseclean” – and the PTB know it.

      “We do not need the celestial threat to disguise Cold War intentions; rather we need the Cold War to disguise celestial intentions!”
      ~ British astronomer Victor Clube, author of The Cosmic Serpent and The Cosmic Winter, in a report commissioned by the U.S. Air Force

      Of course, these insane Luciferians not only believe they have the power of gods but ARE gods and aren’t backing down even w/ cosmic warnings – thus proving John Lennon correct re insane people running an insane world.

      No one is so brave that he is not disturbed by something unexpected. – Julius Caesar

  48. Gordon, a straight question If you know some of the articles on VT are bullshit, why publish them?? IMO, this(VT) is the best source of info on the net. Having your writing featured here should be an honor, which is cheapened a bit if BS writing is featured too.

    I’ve been wanting to submit some of my writing to you, and I will as soon as I get some personal stuff taken care of. Thanks much for keeping us informed.

    • We have writers who have tenure from years ago. Controlling their periodic flights of insanity is a serious editorial problem.

      Then again, it doesn’t cost anything to read VT and our worst material is only bad because it either looks like the MSM, Infowars or both.

    • “” Controlling their periodic flights of insanity is a serious editorial problem.””

      10 – 4 .

  49. Incredible stuff, GD. I reckon the Buddha was right. There is enlightenment, and there is ignorance. We witness this every day, and can’t seem to define what we see. I am almost convinced that it is the willful ignorance of the American public, that keeps us arguing nuances of the same things, and never once considering that the groups you mention above are not what they seem.
    “NRA? No way!”

    In my state, Ky., I suspect that few have followed the International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and State, or would ever believe that two popes have been convicted of genocide, rape, murder, and torture of children. A Catholic group in Louisville yesterday hosted a “Francis 101” session, espousing the spiritual teachings of the great Jorge Bergoglio -a week after the guilty verdict was handed down.

    One can understand the rationale for the NWO, even if we reject it as the best solution.


  50. We are all eager for more from Mr Duff and his colleagues, when available. – A big question in many of our minds, is why Russia and Russian media, have been so relatively weak in opposing the propaganda and hoaxes re MH17. Is it ‘tactical delaying’ so malefactors can be roasted on ever-bigger piles of lies? … Or is it, as some say, that Vlad Putin is another NWO sell-out, in league with US SSG, helping sabotage countries including his own, for the ‘New World Order’, and that this is why he indulges Nato goons, false flags & large-scale killing of Russian speakers a few kilometres from his border?

    • The Russians have a very poor understanding of media. We work with them but, compared to us, they are children as are our friends in Iran.
      Both are easily infiltrated as they are unable to discern who the bullshitters and zionists are from the very rare few…me…Jim Dean..Kevin…Harris…Wanta….Todd….Lamb….and a very very short list of others.

    • I should make this longer….we do have some pretty incredible folks at VT. Hey..that part is simple..if they aren’t from VT…they are probably worthless shits.

    • You have controlled opposition in your good list. But I’m a bit mad so I could be wrong. The energies are such that all will be revealed …. I doubt you could be more disillusioned with people than you are already now

  51. It’s End Game. All cards are out on the table. Is the controlled opposition not revealing themselves? I keep hearing ABBA’s ‘Winner Takes It All’ lately. That’s how I get my messages – they send songs to my head.

    I don’t want to talk
    About the things we’ve gone through
    Though it’s hurting me
    Now it’s history
    I’ve played all my cards
    And that’s what you’ve done too
    Nothing more to say
    No more ace to play
    The winner takes it all
    The loser standing small
    Beside the victory
    That’s her destiny

    • They are seeking to destroy Creation itself but they have not managed to infiltrate the deepest layers yet. Those that can give them that access have resisted so far. Source will not allow this to happen. For some strange reason this planet has been chosen to be the battleground, to the consternation of many. My friend said that if she ever finds out which idiot chose this bloody venue, she’ll slap them silly. When this war is won, those of you who are left will meet the EDs. You better make it for nobody I know intends to come back for another round.

    • If you don’t win, I expect this planet will be locked down tight for a very, very, very long time, The volunteers who got suckered here will all be retrieved but everyone else will have to stew. Those left behind may have to relive conditions like we have seen in the past 100 years over and over again – endless wars and suffering under total mind control.

    • I was told that the volunteers make up 10 to 15% of the human population. It’s a numbers game – most were sent here to raise the general level of consciousness, the vibration so to speak. Should they all leave en masse, you will really notice the difference here. God, this place will be a hell hole without them and it’s bad enough as it is.

    • It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.
      Julius Caesar

      If you must break the law, do it to seize power in all other cases observe it.
      Julius Caesar

      I love the name of honor, more than I fear death.
      Julius Caesar

      His military victories were so miraculous that they were ascribed as miracles – and Caesar earned the title of Savior & Redeemer > awarded his crown of laurel. He shocked all by his mercy & forgiveness > an unheard concept heretofore.

      Caesar realized what it was going to take to change the system > it was NOT ‘turn the other cheek’.

      Onward ‘Christian’ soldiers > there’s some serious ‘karmic balancing’ to be done!

    • That song makes me cry
      every time.

      Even after almost 40 years.

      I am really enjoying the ‘lunatic banter’
      and well recall some cryptic comments from duff forensic neuropsychologist retired

      It is up to each one of us to exercise our discernment on all things.

      The troubles of our present collective situation are perpetuated by the fact that the sheeple have been falsely comforted by the oily reassurances of MSM/governments/health and education departments.
      At their peril.

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