International reply to Ukraine total failure



Death in th park - mother and baby
Death in the park  for a young mother and baby

[ Editor’s Note : “We don’t know her name, or that of her baby, but we will work on finding out. This is recent as it was sent in by Oleg who found it. The father and husband may be a defense fighter, and maybe not.  We will seek out the family. They were not the only ones killed by the large shell. If it can be any solace, they died instantly from the blast, as she is still holding her baby. She had it clutched tightly as the shells came in.

My apologies for those who might feel this is in bad taste. I don’t claim to commune with the dead, but I felt strongly that she would want us to see her like this, and her baby, and not hide it. She wants us to do something. Frankly, I feel this has the potential to capture world attention as one of the most memorable photos of this criminal war.

When I find out who she is, we will do a full article… and then we will go to work rubbing her and her baby in the faces of those that need it. No… I am not using her. I am working for her… because the way I saw it, I really had no other option. To all those out there who have contributed to this whole senseless slaughter, we will be coming for you. We have lots of time, and we will put it to good use… JWD.” ]

Update:  My name was Kristina



Kiev Must Pay Dearly for This – All of it

International reply to Ukraine total failure

… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor     … with  Press TV,  Tehran


Press TV has conducted an interview with Jim W. Dean, Veterans Today, from Atlanta, to discuss the situation in Ukraine. You can wath the 3 minute video interview on Press TV here.

This is not an active video window. Please click the link above.
This is not an active video window. Please click the link above.

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Certainly this humanitarian crisis which is now starting to take shape ever since this crisis in Ukraine begun will need an international response at some point. Why not just try to get the parties to sit down and come to a resolution of some sort?

Dean: Actually, the international response has been a total failure, and it appears to me that it has been very organized because these attacks on the civilians to get them to run have been perpetrated primarily to try to create its mass punishment again, which makes us think the Israelis are involved in this because this is their big tool, and they want to undermine their support for the regimes that are running in east Ukraine.

There are a lot of these people that live on the edge because they don’t have a lot of money. And when they leave, they leave with what they can carry, and a lot of them are losing everything they own.

Second, you have the aspect that the general shelling that the Ukraine army is doing plus some of the oligarch brigades, which are nothing more than terror brigades, they’re nothing more than a terror weapon to get people to flee.

The Western response to this has been absolutely horrible. The media has done nothing. So, they in effect have approved and given their okay to have terror used as a weapon against east Ukrainian people for them to achieve some geo-political goal that they have.

Lastly, Lavrov said that the redline for the Russians are that if Russian citizens are killed in substantial numbers, mentioning South Ossetia, which told us that general shelling like they told us in South Ossetia – and you have large numbers of these Russian-refugee-speaking people, they’re also Russian citizens. They have dual passports.

We think this was done to bait Russia into coming in so that there could be a big NATO response. These east Ukrainian people have really gotten the short end of the stick.



  1. At breakfast the other day I read this article and saw the horrific picture of a dead mother and child. Later in the day I listened to BBC 2 radio news, they were harping on about how sanctions on Russia could affect Britains economy. This is the part where I stopped in my tracks and I felt the blood rush to my neck. We all know what we are up against, and we all know what needs to be done to put this world right. But after seeing a picture like this I don’t mind saying that I feel so helpless. I feel so helpless that day after day people are getting murdered, what do we do? how can we stop it. Thank you Jim for this article, keep up the good work mate. God bless.

    • Lee, Like most people I have been shocked by the death of this girl and her baby. I am not religious but I pray for their souls. What a tragedy.

      These photos should be distributed as widely as possible.

    • Lee
      I know your feelings. I had the very same and my hart was teared apart because of such universe-sized injustice. Today hundreds of such girls are getting killed for no resin except they are in wrong place or wrong ethnicity or something else is wrong with them which nobody can explain.
      I desperately needed to find way to fight this injustice – our discussions about world troubles on this or any other site are nothing but preaching to each other.
      I hope I figured our how to fight Evil.
      First let’s talk about why latest Boeing crash in Ukraine gained such international attention but thousands and thousands of innocent death didn’t. t i very simple – people do not associate themselves with those tragedies but easily associate with an airplane crash – we all travel by air and we contemplate ourselves on this plane. So, answer is – we have to find the way to make other people to associate with those tragedies. To do this we have start sending emails to everybody – it is immaterial do we know these people or not – we have to start knocking to their souls. There are very many people in the world who are normal and good. They don’t know truth, don’t want to know truth or don’t know how what to do with this truth. And what to do with this truth is to start pressing our elected politicians to react on these tragedies. I’m confident there are many politicians who know and hate all this. But their carriers are to dear to them and they don’t believe in success.

    • So what we have to do to make convince them that fighting Evil would be beneficial to their careers. If there would be millions of emails to each reachable official – they have to react or they loose their jobs. Plus, it will encourage them to do right things.

  2. That update is absolutely heartbreaking Jim.

    To see such a happy and beautiful young lady with her baby, ripped apart in the name of Neocon filth should promote feelings may beyond anger / outrage to every decent citizen on the planet, regardless of religious or political belief.

    In the spirit of Stew Webb’s recent initiative calling for readers to get the message out through VT, I will be forwarding a link to this short article to as many contacts I have on email, as an introduction to reality and truth, hope others will do the same.

  3. Awesome show–Gordon & team revealing more and more about what is going on. It sounds like the gloves are about to come off. We are with you! Veterans Today insights into crisis Worth listening to… https //

    • I am crying, a lot … rest in peace dear Katrina and your darling baby … no peace for your murderers!

  4. I had one of our Russian readers, Oleg, send in some info on Katrina and a photo collage he found of her and the baby on a Ukrainian website. We are trying to get in contact with her family to learn more. Gordon and I just did a dual rolling coverage show with PressTV on Gaza and really poured the licks in not only on Israel but also the enablers…and there are many, like a swarm.

    • I hope you use Twitter and can see this link https //

      There, the writer suggests her name is Kristina and he shows more photos. That might be a lead.

  5. Yanukovych may have been corrupt, but he was elected and the only legal way to have got rid of him would have been at an election, for the WHOLE of the Ukraine. That is unlikely now, so Kiev is controlled by a Zionist oligarch with an Israeli passport.

    You couldn’t make it up. What a mess.

  6. Pat Buchanan analyses of DC psychopathy.

    http //

    • I read Buchanan’s article. He is still relatively clueless. I gave him a piece of advise. Start reading and associating himself more with VT. Particularly getting to know his former boss’ personal secret agent [Totten Doctrine]. A member of the VT executive board.

    • His reply is better than anything out of DC so far. Very simple and comprehensible geopolitical correction for those who are through no fault of their own hypnotized by the babbling media, and who are willing to listen to another viewpoint. If he got too detailed he would lose the group.

      The fact is that there are now so many more people who instinctively realize that things are spinning out of control and for whom the official explanations are hollow. They are open to new information but they cannot be overfed–they just need the basics. Many of them can think for themselves after that. Don’t forget that they have been fed lies all their lives. It will take time to reverse. Give them some slack.

  7. Well Done Jim! RESPECT is showing and telling the stories of all our relatives on the planet. The programming of leaders of religions would have us think otherwise.

    We are all conditioned to think of races and nations and tribes, This subversive war requires different thinking. We need to start labeling those who consider them selves “Elites” and their servants and stop using the jewish slander technique of MSM naming nation’s implying wholesale complicity rather than the instigators and the leadership in the World Zionist Cabal. The “aspen institute”, “Davos”,” and every little meeting group they have needs wide publicity.

    Guess what they discussed at their last meetings.

  8. The picture is appalling proof of a moral blackness which define Israel, Zionism and their supporters.

  9. Truth and taste are mutually exclusive. You told the truth, Jim, that’s all you need to worry about. This is just plain sickening. If the Jewish-brainwashed American public still doesn’t “get it”, let them rot in hell, too.

    God help us. No wait, God, don’t bother. Help the Palestinians.

  10. > ” the fault lies with the Europeans who should have been a countervailing force of truth against this jew led plot in which they have enlisted the aid of a US State Department packed with their tribesmen,including Nuland,Pyatt and Kohn”

    unfortunately, the Zionist strategy is to invade a nation by infiltrating its political, media, and economic elite and transform them into Zionist henchmen.

    • The population of Ukraine Ukrainians-77,82%;Russians-17.28 percent;Jews-0,2%;other-5%.
      The Parliament of Ukraine Ukrainians-22%;Russians-34%;Jews-43%;other-1%.
      The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Ukrainians-15%;Russians-15%;the Jews-62%;others-8%.
      I have no questions about who controls in Ukraine!

  11. Hello Jim, depends on viewpoint regarding that ‘short end of the stick’. As per US demands and their Grand Chessboard lunacy being denied right of self-determination is short end. I think the current atrocities in eastern Ukraine is the equivalent of being bludgeoned with the long end of the stick. Nice to see Ukrainians will stand up for what they want and deserve. Wish Americans would wake up and understand the connection between the policies, propaganda and lies and how those are a direct function of DC objectives. Such bloodshed due to lies and agenda is what is wrong with USA and Americans need to ‘get it’ before the rest of the world turns its back in disgust on DC and unfortunately America itself. Americans appear to aid and abet this type of atrocity with their acquiescence, antipathy or silence.

  12. So true…the MSM response has been what it is frankly because their chief calculation is always ” is it good for the Jews?” Which also explains the lack of any investigative MSM journalism into the anomalies of 9-11 and the real perpetrators of that event…

  13. I think the image is a very important one Jim, whilst it should be shown to the world, I doubt you will see the photograph in any of the MSM. You may be criticised, but I believe you are right to publish it.

    I don’t wish to appear pedantic, but the use of language is vitally important in describing war crimes. I would suggest that the word indelible is more appropriate, as in ‘not able to be forgotten’ / imprinted on the mind’. Memorable (‘easily remembered’), is usually associated with something being special in a pleasant sense or indeed unusual. Sadly, in this disgusting criminal war, this picture is neither.

    • “language is vitally important in describing war crimes.”

      Once upon a time…
      my word was my honour
      and my honour was my word.

      That is the true meaning of walking the talk
      and talking the walk





      Sacred and Profane


  14. Jim the Khazars and Ashkanazi are from this area. They have a huge population there. They have names such as Pinchuk, Yatseynuk, Poroshchenko and so on. After the demise of the USSR, the criminal element of these people stole everything they get their hands on. They became the ruling oligarchs, the bosses of the masses. Now they want to frack the east for the GAS. Israel is behind this barbaric act of immoral human behaviour. The puppet Galicians lick the soles of their masters because they are dumb people who are poor and why are they poor because they are dumb. The mother above holding her child, dead in an instant but together eternally. My heart hurts for all innocent people from around the world that are denied the right to live. People like oligarch Kolomoisky should be shredded slowly so he could think about all the pain he has inflicted onto others. May the evil ones be cursed for eternity and may everyone else be blessed by the Creator. Thank you for caring and sharing.

  15. Its not in bad taste Jim… people need to be shocked to wake up…the human suffering globally is escalating in a feeding frenzy of pure evil. Lying media sets it all up then provides the cover…they are war criminals just as much as the ones who kill innocent in cold blood. Aim at the core and rip it out by the roots.

  16. Jim, I’m with you one hundred percent. So, if it’s worth writing about it’s worth proper copy-editing.
    “undermine” should obviously mean ” underline”. Otherwise it doesn’t make sense.
    Fix pls, and delete this comment.

  17. On the eve of the olympics 8-8-8, they have been building this narrative since the world learned of Putin (the KGB soviet nationalist), normal people in USA who think they are informed accept the narrative, we are losing our humanity, and all we see on tv is censored, scripted, propaganda….

    • And the worst is Fox News…it’s “news porno” for neo-cons and movement conservative lemmings..

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