The Coming Return of the Real US Dollar


The Coming Return of the Real US Dollar

… by  *Lee Wanta (Edited by Preston James, Ph.D.)


One alternative economic union
One alternative economic union

The Federal Reserve System (aka the “Fed”), a bank franchisee of the City of London private Zionist Bankers, is now cornered and in a predicament with no simple solution possible.

It is like the tree trimmer cutting off the limb he is standing on or the painter painting himself into a corner with no way out.

This impasse has no apparent solution for these Private Federal Reserve “Officials” and the real World Zionist Powers behind them (whom they serve).

The Federal Reserve System has operated as an Unregulated Checkbook for an out of control, out of touch, bought-off Congress that takes its marching orders from Israeli espionage fronts and wealthy lobbying groups inside America like AIPAC.

These Israel Espionage Fronts inside America are controlled by the World Zionists operating out of the City of London Financial District, a separate country with its own Police Force and Ambassadors.

Normally any governmental spending body such as Congress would be limited by the amount of taxes collected, and would have to balance its books like any normal family. However, because the Federal Reserve System issues as much money as Congress wants to borrow, there have been no real Congressional spending limits ever established.

The alleged debt owed by Americans (with interest accruing constantly) to this private Federal Reserve System is now estimated to have exceeded 14 trillions USDollars, or approximately five times the current annual Congressional Budget, a staggering total, and approximately one year of America’s Gross National Product.

And the most startling thing about this supposed “National Debt” is that is clearly Illegal, Unconstitutional, and actually imaginary. Yes, that’s right, Americans cannot be legally charged Interest or Principal for using their own money.

How did this illegal Ponzi scheme ever develop and why would our Congress allow such a fraud to be perpetrated?

indexOur Founding Fathers intended the USG to have a very limited role and to be financed from Excise and Import taxes, never a personal income tax. There was a secret Coup d’ etat in 1913 when the City of London Secret Agents were able to get their illegal, Unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act passed in the U.S. Congress with no Quorum present on a Friday night before Christmas.(1)

Numerous Members of Congress were influenced, bribed and even coerced to go along with this intended Legislation being covertly promoted by the City of London Rothschild Zionist private Central bankers.

The rest is history and is a secret most sordid one at that. The Federal Reserve Board run by the individual Banking Families who own the stock is a closely guarded secret. This Board has no USG oversight and is beyond the current reach of the USG as long as Congress, the Judiciary and the Administration refuses to enforce the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights or the Rule of Law.

Consequently, the the City of London Zionist Bankers have been able to remotely control the American Economy by determining Monetary Policy and setting Interest Rates and determining how much money is issued. This unregulated issuance of money and the providing of it to greedy Members of Congress to distribute to their campaign sponsors and “special friends” through special interest legislation has resulted in a complete disconnect between Congressional Spending and any true financial reality.

It is now generally recognized by Political Insiders that immense kickbacks are provided in very creative ways to those that vote for this “Special Interest, Corporate Welfare” legislation. These kickbacks are often disguised as very liberal honorariums for short meaningless speech appearances, large PAC campaign donations, special all-paid junkets, lucrative revolving-door jobs and consultancies, and even special deposits to offshore accounts.

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And beside the so-called “Money” issued (FIAT money issued and put into circulation and use by the Federal Reserve System), is not real money at all, but consists of Debt-based FIAT monetary Notes which USG laws have mandated must be accepted as legal tender for all debts inside America. Yes, technically a Note is a loan for which the Principal and the Interest must be repaid. Thus all the Interest and Principal paid back to the Federal Reserve System is truly “Money for Nothing.”

End of the hegemony of the Petrodollar system?A very crafty trick.

This is truly a Very Crafty Trick performed by the private Central Bankers to acquire the wealth of the users of their FIAT debt-note money. Americans used to have real money issued that was redeemable in Gold and Silver.

They were called USDollars and were either Gold Certificates or Silver Certificates. But all that changed when President Nixon changed the USDollar to have no real backing by Gold and Silver anymore as he negotiated an international agreement for the USDollar to become the US Petro Dollar and be used for all crude Oil Transactions and serve as the World’s Reserve Currency.

Making money from Nothing.

What this means now in practical terms that when the Federal Reserve System creates “Money” and puts it into circulation and use, it retains ownership of the Principal and expects it to be repaid with Interest which constantly accrues. This is what the so-called National Debt consists of and is clearly financial fraud since FIAT/fake currency is not real money and is not allowed to masqueraded as such by the US Constitution. Calling issued debt-notes money is the biggest trick ever perpetrated against the American public and perhaps the greatest financial fraud in history against the American Citizen. Certainly Madoff should be proud of his Federal Reserve System Associates and is a “chip off the old block” so to say.

World’s largest Ponzi Scheme.

The Federal Reserve System has become the World’s greatest Ponzi Scheme because it has issued an absurd amount of money to Congress to spend like drunken sailors all over the World. In fact so many American debt-notes aka “US Petro Dollars” have been spent and disbursed all over the world that experts now believe that eventually, if not sooner than later, the value of the US Petro Dollar will easily descend to almost nothing.

This descent to minimal value will likely be greatly accelerated when the BRICS ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT BANK comes on line in the near future. The US Petro Dollar has functioned as the World’s Reserve Currency ever since an arrangement was negotiated by President Richard Nixon who took America off the Gold Standard at that time. But once the BRICS System goes live, many economic experts expect the Worldwide USDollar Derivatives System, the largest Ponzi scheme in History, to collapse like a house of cards. Once this happens there is likely to be a catastrophic collapse in the value of the USDollar and it will become unlinked to oil sales and will no longer be the World’s Reserve Currency.

Now for the really bad news.

As of right now there are supposedly 139 nations that have signed onto the BRICS System, either by actually signing the Agreement or sending a Letter of Intent to do so. This now includes Germany, France, Australia and picture this, even the UK.

It is no secret that the BRICS System originated in the imagination of the leaders of Russia, China and Brazil who felt that they had been used and abused due to the USD being used against them.

Much of the World now feels that America has used the US Petro Dollar as a means to abuse them economically and politically and want to completely detach all their trade from it and eliminate the great advantage American economy has had from their debt-notes being accepted as the World’s Reserve Currency.

Perhaps the USG view the BRICS phenomena as the pet-project of President Putin and the Russian Federation and is now attempting to start a New Cold War despite the fact that the Soviet Union and Russian Bolshevism no longer exists in the Russian Federation, only in the City of London where it originated, and in Israel, the sole surviving nation-state remnant of Russian Bolshevism.

How did this illegal, Unconstitutional Federal Reserve System which claims to be a Bank and a Cash Reserve, when it is neither, get themselves and America into this current impasse and unresolvable debacle in the first place?

This was all accomplished through political intrigue and covert operations run by the City of London Rothschild run Zionist Central bankers. it was also accomplished by a partnership between Big Oil run by the World Zionists and the private Federal Reserve System. Here is the part that is hard for most to fathom. The Zionist controlled Big Oil companies have used America’s debt-note system as political and financial cover to enslave the world and make many millions complete debt-slaves to the City of London Bankers and their stateside franchisee the Federal Reserve System.

Accountability is perhaps right around the corner.

The Federal Reserve System’s proxy hold on the World is now facing a sudden catastrophic end. Those who created and still run this huge Ponzi scheme and fraud against the American people and the  World, are going to fall flat on their faces and be fully exposed. They are likely to then be held accountable for this immense financial fraud and theft of the ages upon America and the World.

Unless……….they create some immediate catastrophic cover and use this as a means to activate their World Zionist secret police occupation force DHS inside America.

Serious options for the Bankster Kingpins to be able to head-off a very serious problem of impending and complete accountability to the public they have asset stripped of most of their wealth, jobs and futures.

nuclear_power_10If the US Petro Dollar collapses and a catastrophic Global reset occurs as is expected (unless somehow mitigated), those bankers responsible will be fingered and held accountable one way or another unless they do something major.

Their options include starting a nuclear WW3 with the Russian Federation and/or China, instituting a major epidemic that kills many millions inside America, or starting a new American Civil War between their Zionist Occupation force Homeland Security (DHS) and the American Gun Owners, hunters, Veterans, Patriots and folks who have “woken up” to the USG scam and major illegal power grab since 1913 and the USG Assassination of JFK.

The USG is now working hard to start a major war with Putin and the Russian Federation over Crimea using Cutout Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland. She has admitted that the USG has already funneled 5 Billion USD to the Ukraine Leaders, and many experts view this as money to support Terrorist actions and attacks against Pro-Russian Federation people living in the Ukraine, especially Crimea.

Putin, the consummate Statesman, doesn’t show his cards, but perhaps holds a full hand.

5imagesSo far, Putin has shown himself to be a true Statesman and has avoided the USG provocations which are clearly dictated by the City of London World Zionists. It should be pointed out that it is probably not a wise choice to continue these provocations unless the USG truly wants a nuclear WW3, since experts who know Putin personally, claim that he will become a very resourceful and competent opponent in any forced war effort against the Russian Federation.

So far there appears to be an unwillingness in the High Command of the US Military to engage in any Nuclear WW3 with the Russian Federation. If such is ordered I suspect there will be stalling and recommendations that further analysis and space based satellite Intel must be reviewed carefully.

Avoidance of accountability for this inter-generational group of Zionists that seized America in a secret Coup d’ etat in 1913 with the passage of the illegal, Unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act is dependent on the Zionists getting complete control over America, disarming all Americans, and instituting of martial law using their Secret Police Occupation Army inside America, Homeland Security (DHS).

If they fail in this, basically its over for them and their evil spell on America will be forever broken and millions will demand justice.  And as the masses demand justice they will insist on prosecutions of all involved, bankers and Politicians and actions to “claw-back” all the alleged lawful BAILOUT funding, as well as the complete cancellation of all the USG deficit which is a phony debt anyhow.

It would be an understatement to describe these perps who run this huge Ponzi Scheme as in a state of ongoing panic. Normally their Hubris would deaden any such anxiety or fear, but this time they can easily imagine their whole system coming down upon them like a House of Cards blown apart by the BRICS System as soon as it comes on line.

The World Zionists tried to draw our Great Nation America into another major war for Israel and the Multinational Oil companies.

President Obama is caught right in the middle of all this. His current strategy is to beg for an impeachment attempt which he knows will be blocked in the US Senate where he has a clear majority of Democrats. He believes this will strengthen his position and he can say, “See I am the real President and cannot be impeded any longer.” Then perhaps he plans to keep instituting what he can’t get Congress to do using “Executive Orders” which many view as illegitimate, unlawful and Unconstitutional.

Actually he is not really the President at all and neither were any others supposedly elected after President Ronald Reagan became President on January 20 1989 after winning his election.(2) Lately President Obama has been threatening Putin and the Russian Federation with serious sanctions. This has been unwise because Putin and other nations have countered by making huge Intel dumps into the public sector of exceedingly embarrassing incriminating information related to the hijacking and asset stripping of America by World Zionists working out of the City of London and their use of Nuclear Blackmail to manipulate and control numerous US presidents since Ronald Reagan.

European Allies are ditching America at an unprecedented rate as never before.

The US Administration and the AIPAC controlled members of Congress were hoping that Germany and France would join the US sanctions against the Russian Federation.  No dice, they both buy a great deal of oil and Natural gas from the Russian Federation and understand such an actions would be stupid, easily ending up doubling their pricing of such, or even higher.


There are numerous Intel insiders and true Patriot “Intel Cowboys — White Hats”, members of the High Military Command and many others who are working to restore the American Dollar to what it should rightfully be, real true Constitutional money, backed by Gold and other commodities. This coming major World Financial Reset should more realistically be called a World Monetary “Restart” or “Re-grouping” rather than “Reset.”

The final result of all this is likely to be a major Restart and Re-grouping of monetary and credit policy inside America and a restoration of Constitutional Currency without offshore, City of London controlled foreign invaders disguised as bankers. As long as cooler heads prevail and prevent the World Zionist invaders and hijackers of America from starting a nuclear WW3, a major new war in the Mideast or the Ukraine, or Homeland Security from provoking a major Civil War inside America, it looks like Americans will see a return of the real USDollar, real United States Constitutional Money.

*Lee Wanta was a former Presidential Secret Agent under the Totten Doctrine [92 U.S. 105, 107 (1875), National Security Decision – Directive Number 166, dated March 27, 1985, inter alia] under U.S. President Ronald W. Reagan, whom some experts consider to be our last legally and duly elected President. Ambassador Wanta served – under Presidential Mandate – as a close personal consultant to President Reagan and was credited with having a major role engineering an end to the Soviet Union Cold War and the “tearing down of the Iron Curtain”. Ambassador Wanta negotiated a ground-breaking Agreement of Cooperation between the United States of America and the new Russian Federation. This historical Agreement was a notable win/win situation based on a new mutual respect for each others borders. An important Part of this Agreement was to never interfere with nations bordering each other’s country, which the USG is now violating. Ambassador Wanta’s remarkable story is now revealed in detail for the first time in a book authored by his biographer, Marilyn MaGruder Barnewell, titled, “Wanta! Black Swan,White Hat”, and numerous articles written about his detailed plans to revitalize America which have been published on







Addendum: (Note: Fair use only for intellectual discussion)

True News Update: 30 July 2014.

Folks, I SWEAR…you just can’t make this stuff up! Even if you found one of Hollywood’s worst screen writers, and asked them to concoct a plot that would start World War III…even they wouldn’t try to pass any of this stuff off as being plausible…but then again, this isn’t a movie, it’s real life, and it’s messy, and here are the FACTS as we know them now:

1.)    In 2010: Brazil, Russia, China and India formed a new international trading bloc called BRIC.

2.)    In 2011, South Africa joined this union and it was renamed BRICS.

3.)    As of 2013: the five BRICS countries represent almost 3 billion people which is 40% of the world population, with a combined nominal GDP of $16.039 trillion (20% world GDP) and an estimated US$4 trillion in combined foreign reserves. As of 2014, the BRICS nations represented 18 percent of the world economy.

4.)    In 2013: During the fifth BRICS summit in Durban, South Africa, the member countries agreed to create a global financial institution which they intended to rival the western-dominated IMF and World Bank.

5.)    In 2013: In December, BRICS member Russia and Ukraine agreed to a $15-billion loan and a more than 30% cut in the price of Russian natural gas.

6.)    In 2013: In December, Ukraine turned down an EU loan of $15 billion because it came with too many bad conditions…such as 50% energy hikes to its peoples, and the selling off to both EU and US all state owned companies.

7.)    In 2014: In February, a US-backed coup overthrew Ukraine’s elected government and installed a right-wing government friendly to the US and EU.

8.)    In 2014: In March, Crimea declared its independence from Ukraine and joined the Russian Federation.

9.)    In 2014: In March, a number of Russian speaking regions in eastern Ukraine declared their independence…WAR BEGINS!

Now to TRULY understand what is going on in Ukraine you have to understand that being there is like being in Chicago during the 1920’s-1930’s when gang warfare ruled everyone’s life.

But, instead of Al Capone fighting it out with Dutch Shultz, in Ukraine you have the neo-Nazi western gangs battling it out against the Russian eastern gangs.

That’s right…Ukraine is now, and has been for decades, one of the most corrupt nations in the world ruled by powerful gangs (both east and west) who if their leaders aren’t in prison, they are ruling the country!

For anyone wanting to believe, REALLY BELIEVE, that Russia wants any part of eastern Ukraine you couldn’t be more mistaken. For example…how many of you would want to own Detroit, Newark, Baltimore…or any other such dilapidated, antiquated and corrupt area?

On the other hand…how many Americans would fight to defend Detroit, Newark or Baltimore if the Mexicans invaded and started to kill off their citizens?

More simply put….eastern Ukraine (indeed the whole country) is a proverbial “tar baby” that NO ONE REALLY WANTS…EVER!

So if no one really wants Ukraine, you ask, why is about to cause World War III?

Simple…nearly all of the energy supplies that flow from Russia to the EU go through it.

Even worse (at least for the US), Russia is preparing to start selling its energy supplies to the EU in anything other than the US Dollar!

But guess what? That’s right! If the US controls Ukraine’s pipelines it can also control what currency the EU nations pay for it!

Last year, you may remember, the US attempted this same Great Game gambit when they tried to overthrow the Syrian government in order to “clear a path” for Qatar and Saudi Arabia gas pipelines to connect with Turkey’s thus bypassing Russia.

That still hasn’t worked out so far, has it?

So with their being blocked in both Syria and Ukraine from achieving their goal of continuing their US Dollar hegemony…what’s the poor US superpower supposed to do?


Now the US is trying to convince you that Putin is the reincarnation of Hitler, Stalin, Genghis Khan…you name it!

Putin, while leading his Russian hordes, Obama wants you to believe, is responsible for EVERYTHING! He bombs babies…he shoots down planes…he (maybe) even killed Santa Claus!


To even question Obama and his media acolytes is akin to treason….like those members of the United States Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) who sent a letter to the President yesterday basically telling him: “ARE YOU NUTS?”

Or some of the top financial experts in the US who this week warned that World War III is coming. Such as Billionaire hedge fund manager Kyle Bass who said:

“Trillions of dollars of debts will be restructured and millions of financially prudent savers will lose large percentages of their real purchasing power at exactly the wrong time in their lives. Again, the world will not end, but the social fabric of the profligate nations will be stretched and in some cases torn. Sadly, looking back through economic history, all too often war is the manifestation of simple economic entropy played to its logical conclusion. We believe that war is an inevitable consequence of the current global economic situation.”

But not worry too much Folks! After all, Obama and his “friends” are going to sanction Russia until they collapse!


Russia wrote the BOOK on how a large nation survives sanctions…and over the past quarter century has insulated itself to such a degree that no one can really hurt it.

And don’t forget….why should Russia care about the US or EU when it’s got as it’s

customers China, India, all of South America, and just about every other semi-developing nation (i.e. growing) nation on Earth as its customers?

Remember…Russia has oodles and oodles of things other nations (especially growing ones) need…like really cheap oil and gas, iron, steel, precious metals, wood, you name it, it has it all!

Now for any Americans who REALLY want to believe that the EU is going to join World War III against Russia…THINK AGAIN!

Right about now, in fact, the people in Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy would most likely join with Russia in fighting against the EU! After all, they’ve nothing better to do since almost all of them are out of work anyway.

So here’s the bottom line folks….wars get starting (especially really big ones) for the stupidest and smallest of reasons that NO ONE sees coming. And the ONLY protection against them is not starting them in the first place!

Now I’m here to tell you that this one can be stopped too! You just have to STOP believing the propaganda being heaped on you and listen to the truth!

And once you know the truth…tell your leaders their game is up and you’re not going to put up with it this time!

(See below for Links you need to know about)

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a move to restrict Russia’s access to EU capital markets, new sanctions ban EU nationals and companies to buy or sell new bonds, equity or similar financial instruments with a maturity exceeding 90 days, issued by state-owned Russian banks, development banks, their subsidiaries and those acting on their behalf.

Russia’s Top Import Partners

Russia’s Top 10 Exports

U.S. Exports to World Total by 5-digit End-Use Code

2004 – 2013

Russia bans Polish fruit and vegetable in apparent retaliation for sanctions

Oil Deals Make Putin Immune to Sanctions

Rosneft agreed to purchase drilling and oilfield service assets owned by Weatherford International in Venezuela as part of Rosneft’s development of its energy service business.


Oil and gas companies want Washington to believe that fracking can save Ukraine from Russia. It can’t.

Ukraine: Stop! Thief! Stop!

Kiev’s hastily assembled, post-coup coalitions couldn’t hold, and Ukrainian PM Arseniy Yatsenyuk threw in the towel last Thursday. On his way out, news stories said, the PM expressed his “disappointment with Ukrainian parliament’s decision to reject a bill that allows the government to hand over up to 49 percent of the country’s gas transport system to investors from the European Union and the United States.”

Ukraine’s pipelines will lose 50% of value when South Stream starts

Huge US Military Buildup In Ukraine

Ukraine rebel chief Igor Bezler threatens to execute interviewer

Moscow may walk out of nuclear treaty after US accusations of breach





  1. Good point. These WZs infiltrated Fort Detrick before and dispensed the Ames strain of Anthrax to Congress for the Bush Crime Cabal to gain coperation. Perhaps they can do it again if they haven’t already done so and this time it will be Ebola or some derivative. Perhaps Ebola has already been combined with smallpox or some cold virus to make it airborne. Perhaps deployment of this is a backup plan if all other plans are failing which they seem to be. It could be a way to set up Martial Law and give DHS the power to mass-murder American Goyim which is why they were created in the first place.

    • “” It could be a way to set up Martial Law and give DHS the power to mass-murder American Goyim which is why they were created in the first place.””

      DHS extermination facilities are definitely a dual purpose if not the only purpose . Just today ( 2 August ) a CDC gov spokeswoman was saying on CNN Tv news that it is OK for americans to travel to Africa and not to worry . . . really ? Sounds like she never heard of the Black Plague in year 1350 ( in europe ) that killed on average about 50% of the population . Sure we have advanced medical technology to deal with pandemics ; and we also have advanced transport technology , especially transnational jets , to rapidly spread diseases . Top medical doctors been warning for years about possible deadly pandemics , then when something as contagious and deadly as Ebola shows up the authorities say [ there is nothing to worry about . . . go out and have fun . . . travel around the world !!! ] ?

  2. “grab some PHYSICAL gold and silver and remember if you dont hold it you dont own it.”

    And keep it safe where?

  3. @ Estipi

    I posted a comment here about Ebola, and there have been no replies. People are too engaged in a fervor of mental masturbation, speculating on the next false flag event, who shot down MH-17 or whether or not WW III is imminent. (Go ahead and get pissed at me, folks – I don’t care.)

    Ebola is real; it isn’t speculation. In this age of international air travel, it is inevitable that Ebola will arrive in the US. When that happens, the US will be utterly transformed. The CDC will scream, “Booga-booga!” and the terrified citizenry will cower and follow orders to “shelter in place.” Then they will be disarmed and herded into FEMA camps — for their own safety, of course.

    If you want a taste of what the US will be like, then watch the film “Contagion.”

    It wasn’t fiction; instead, it was predictive programming.

    • The government authorities are currently playing down the threat of Ebola to the USA . Of course they can change their mind about that at any convenient time and sound the alarms for a deadly epidemic in order to scare sheeple into accepting their totalitarian preplanned response as an exercise in controlling the masses and in affirming their authority — just like Maloney said .

    • Sorry Martin that we did not pay enough attention to Your comment yesterday,

      Today I found this.

      http //

      My own personal story is that I was in 1967 the first reported case of typhoid in NSW.
      I was very sick, wanted to die, thought I would die.

      An ‘angel’ rescued me. I was eventually diagnosed, by which time I was over the worst of the symptoms. But nevertheless was sent to isolation/quarantine.

      It was human kindness that healed me then, as all the medicines they had given me (not knowing the real nature of my real illness) had achieved zilch.

      I guess malevolent people organised themselves and available ‘knowledge’ to achieve our present parlous state.

      I am so sorry.

    • should be “…case of typhoid in NSW since WWll”

      The authorities left no stone unturned in seeking out the source of the typhus bacillus, and within weeks of intensive questioning, found it in an old aunt who had been a carrier since WWll.

      The opposite attitude on the part of ‘authorities’ is being pointed out by moneytalks at 5.36pm-
      I know about plagues, not just thru reading but thru experiences survived.

      It is completely irresponsible, indeed it is culpable, that a government spokeswoman issues such an assurance.

      To thine own self be True.
      Act with conscience and live/die the consequences.

  4. It seems we only have but a short time to stop this. In the US we will be 1 year to the ridiculous ‘recycle election’ circus and Obama is their man, the murderous Jeb or Hillary will force anyone who wants to stop it to act before then.

    The zionists are not stopping, they think this is their world. If people want a change of direction they should get on with it, because this is your life.

  5. “Their options include starting a nuclear WW3 with the Russian Federation and/or China, instituting a major epidemic that kills many millions inside America, or starting a new American Civil War between their Zionist Occupation force Homeland Security (DHS) and the American Gun Owners, hunters, Veterans, Patriots and folks who have “woken up” to the USG scam and major illegal power grab since 1913 and the USG Assassination of JFK.”

    I vote option C, been a long time coming anyway…

    • Good point Jack (as usual). Since almost all are Defense Oriented, they will not take the first shot. But once DHS starts going door to door and swat-team assassinating multiple families, it will “be on” in a flash. Americans will then realize they have lost everything and no longer have anything to lose by counter-attacking and killing these foreign controlled invader demons.

      Then you will see hell unleashed on these WZ cutouts, Traitors and Infil-Traitors. Best to be beware of the sleeping American Giant, it is the greatest fighting force in the world once activated inside America. Millions of gun owners, hunters, vets and patriots will crush these foreign controlled devils from all sides. Smart police officers will immediately go YOYO (You are on your own) and go home to fight to protect their families from DHS zombies run by the WZs, AIPAC and Israeli Cutouts.

      There will be rebellion inside the alphabets, the military and DHS with massive fragging and back-shooting of these traitors and Infil-Traitors. That will break out suddenly with no warning. These soulless scum who run DHS will quickly learn American people are the largest armed militia in the world once activated individually to action and will never allow themselves to be transformed into unarmed Palestinians. They will use the Solzenitzen solution in mass and will suffer many casualties, but by their group might and unquenchable American spirit they will prevail.

    • “…and will never allow themselves to be transformed into unarmed Palestinians.”

      Of course, this disarming was done by the British during Mandate Palestine. Israel has yet to win a war without direct “western” military assistance.

  6. This has the potential to be a beautiful aversion of useless pain and death. However, we certainly cannot afford to underestimate the psychotic depths that these banker families and associated royals will stoop to in response to this “threat” to their “assets” stolen from not just America but humanity across the globe. Someone in the military has GOT to consult with Mr. Wanta and perhaps Michael Hudson in reference to the economic shenanigans that these perps might attempt. It would really be nice to jail them during the interim reset period. On the other hand, during times of such national duress, it may be efficient to let the military execute them. Treason is certainly enough charge for that ‘recompense’.

  7. The following is ‘something else’ that we are not being told.

    The Dnieper-Donets is the major oil and gas producing region of Ukraine accounting for approximately 90 per cent of Ukrainian production, and according to EIA, may have 42 trillion cubic feet (tcf) of shale gas resources technically recoverable from 197 tcf of risked shale gas in place.

    • Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, just joined the board of the largest Ukraine gas producer Burisma Holdings. Biden will be in charge of the Holdings’ legal unit and will provide support for the Company among international organizations.

      While fighting rages all around, Ukrainian troopers are helping to install shale gas production equipment near the east Ukrainian town of Slavyansk, which was bombed and shelled for the three preceding months, according to local residents cited by Itar Tass.

      This is similar to what occurred in Libya where rebels were selling oil out of the port of Benghazi well before the war was won. There is one huge difference with the Ukraine situation versus the Libyan one though. The Ukraine has shale oil deposits instead of oil reserves, which is beginning to tell a much different story in terms of actual profits and environmental destruction . Let’s look at America’s current shale oil production to forecast what the Ukraine will certainly experience.

    • Shale production estimates in America have been radically reduced as result of these wells starting to ‘dry up’ prematurely. Average well productivity in four of the five best American shale plays has been falling since 2010. With few exceptions, fracking wells have delivered roughly one third less gas on average in 2012 than in 2010. In other words, shale gas regions start to lose their luster fast. This does not bode well for Kiev’s plan to be self-sufficient and for paying off their IMF debt.

      In addition, 2012 projections released by the U.S. Department of Energy have reduced estimates by a 42 percent from 2011. The most substantial impact of the updated estimates, however, was the 66 percent reduction in recoverable reserves in the Marcellus shale formation in Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio and West Virginia. Recently, authorities have “slashed” the amount of recoverable oil from the vast California Monterey shale deposits by a whopping 96 per cent. The Monterey Shale was being hyped as the largest reserve of shale oil in the US.

    • Fracking is going to be the oil industry’s version of the “vaporware” bubble that occurred in 2000. Wait and see.

      I predict the Kiev government will experience the same thing, that is, if the drilling ever gets off the ground.

      Once again, didn’t anyone in the Kiev government get the memo?

    • I confirm this from experience. I was on a frac crew (e-tech) in Texas in the summer of 2010. The costs outweigh any real ROI. We had constant down-time up to 2 days (broken wellhead, pumpers, blenders, wire line probs, etc). One hour of down-time costs millions of dollars. I witnessed company reps screaming at the top of their lungs, firing engineer after engineer (some just quitting under the pressure, a lot of these recent college grads). I saw worse waste trumping anything I saw in the USMC (cold war). Fracing doesn’t work. (environmental hazards aside)

  8. I have a dream………… consists of every last Zionist, criminal Jew, AIPAC MEMBER, Zionist Jew supporting member of congress and the senate, every president still living that abided by these Jewish killers mandates being tried for every crime they committed.
    A certainty would be the death penalty for each.
    Their method of execution is that humanity is allowed to bring baseball bats laden with protruding nails to a large outdoor sporting arena near The Hague. Any human being is allowed 10 minutes to beat the living crap out of them………each human gets that opportunity.
    If any of them survive they are then fed to lions, prior to carcasses of the dead being fed to the lions.

    • Anzario I do not know where You are
      and in the end, it does not matter.

      We are indeed, confronted with the dilemmas of the Living.

      Have You read any of Ayn Rand’s books?

      The Fountain head
      We, the Living?

      These were works which inspired many of us in the late sixties/seventies, including Alan Greenspan and Bill Clinton.

      Sadly, Ayn Rand had her own problems regarding EGO. She died quite monstrously, i am led to believe by one of her many Lovers, Nathaniel Branden, who went on to become a quite successful psychotherapist.

      This is the reason we are taught to Love God with all our heart, mind and strength.
      Saves our fellow humans from the burdens of our addictions.

    • Dear Ani

      Sorry, somehow my last comment came on top and I did not notice it until now )

      Thanks for your comments Ani, I am in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I have been following VT for about a year and half now. Due to the time difference I only happen to read the comments but did not post my own. At times the comments provide more wider (but brief) perspective and I invariably ready all comments including the zio shrills in various disguises.

      Please do not think that I am a fatalistic person, I have personally not faced many problems in life, you can say I have been living a mundane life, only recently (post 9/11) that I have come to observe and discern what is going on around me.

      Are you kidding, you want me to read the books that inspired people like Clinton and Greenspan? )
      just kidding, no, I have not read the books you mentioned, I used to be very regular reader but off late not much. Now that you have advised, I will try to read them.

      Yes, like you I believe that humanity has been created to submit to God’s will and spread the message of love and compassion even to the extent of sacrificing some of our own if required.

      God bless.

    • Dear Anzario and Serf

      N o o o o o o o I did not for one nano-second ‘advise’

      I only asked ‘if’

      And the reasons some of us (including former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser) in the sixties and on were inspired by Ayn Rand are the very reasons some of us, especially moi, not long after, had to abandon her philosophies.

      I believe Rand (and I am told that Rand Paul is named after Ayn) was brilliant.

      Like so many Russians, she knew how to work. Hard.
      And she got all her admirers to do the same.

      But something, probably a few things, went horribly wrong.
      Nothing wrong with hard work. And Rand had a formidable intellect.

      the question- “Who is John Galt’ resonates with my life-long question

      “Who is God?”

      I have continually felt humbled by the actions, deeds of others, and along the way encountered the God of All. We are all icons, if only we open our hearts and minds.

      Rand, like so many really brilliant people, conflated her EGO with God, instead of her soul.
      Where Rand comes from, We the Living are going.
      And that is the point of my previous comment.

      The genocides happening before our eyes, as the screws turn on the next wave of totalitarianism.
      I will look up Jonas material, as his work is truly scholarly. Mine is instinctive and intuitive.
      I pretend no other.

      Thank You both for this fine conversation.
      As ever
      I am humbled.

    • “Like so many Russians…”

      Her birth name was “Alisa Zinov’yevna Rosenbaum” – sounds rather like a member of the 13th Tribe, and not ethnic Russian.

    • Yes Worker Bee
      that was precisely my point

      she became monstrous in her inter-relationships
      conflating her ego with God.

      That is what the self-chosen do
      to themselves, each other and critically, the hapless (witless) public.

    • I read those ani – and ‘Atlas Shrugged’. Perspectives on Rand and what she was really about have moved over the years. Whilst doing my catch up reading on Jonas Alexis material, I came across two articles he had written on Rand, well worth another visit in the archives here.

  9. “…instituting a major epidemic that kills many millions inside America…”

    For those who haven’t been been hiding under a rock for the past few days, the big story is the potential global pandemic of Ebola. We are being set up for it.

    The US Surgeon General is authorized to issue a quarantine order. In short, a medical police state. Violation of quarantine is punishable by a fine of $250,000 and/or one year in prison. What is more likely is shoot on sight.

    Whether or not you accept to concept of predictive programming, I strongly suggest that you watch Contagion.

    http //

  10. From Australian Broadcasting C….

    “31 Jul 2014, 17 30 +10 00 … The IMF is calling on China to slow economic growth by around 1 percentage …”

    And China is responding to the IMF ‘call’….????????

    My mind boggles with the combinations and permutations of China’s replies to the IMF.

    Love that song LC.

  11. Thanks Lee for all of your great work. I only hope some day all real Americans will come to appreciate your service. Keep up the excellent work!

  12. Well I don’t know about the Hegelian Dialectic but I do know a well thought out and clearly written article when I read it. Thank you for putting obvious time and effort into this. I am going to print it out and go over it at my leisure. Not to pick holes in it but to give it serious study. I feel this timely piece very well warrants a serious read. Again thank you.

  13. Readers,

    Please study the concept of the Hegelian Dialectic and recognize that BRICS system is simply the antithesis of the Petro-dollar, and the anticipated solution is more and tighter control over the global monetary system by the same international bankers. Yes, they have been active in Brazil, Russia, India and China. Surprised? Of course not. Mr. Preston appears to be on the payroll!

    • Yes. Some of us are grateful that he rarely comments, and would be even more pleased if he never displayed his disinformation. Terry McKibbin, a gentleman? Certainly all bloggers of disinformation need their Ordinary Serfs to run interference. Just look at the multitude that surrounds Obama. And just take a look at the million stupid Americans who continue to believe the lie that an airliner made the original 9´ hole in the Pentagon, who believe the official 9-11 report, and who think the NAZI Bush family are patriots. http //

    • Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank You! I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to get people to consider that. BRICS is just like putting lipstick on a pig, or putting a different party dress on one.

      Now I don’t necessarily agree with the comment about Mr. Preston, I wouldn’t know.

      But this is classic Problem-Reaction-Solution (Hegelian Dialectic simplified) and it’s been used masterfully in China as well…people get squeezed…they bitch…the emperor lavishes them with riches…but keeps them enslaved…they quit bitching.

      Now the real question is…what alternative can we come up with? And how can we implement it?

      (and yes…we ARE enslaved)

    • “…just like putting lipstick on a pig, or putting a different party dress on one.”

      the adorable MISS PIGGY comes to mind 😉

      Pigs are actually very smart.

      Alternatives? Keep thinking

    • It’s not a binary world. Shades of grey is the norm. Sure, the usual suspects will try to get a stranglehold on the BRICS money supply, but will they get away with it?

      The question is similar to their control of the Internet. Sure, it’s still substantial, but really. we’re SO onto their dirty game compared to where we were in the 1980’s, pre-Internet.

      I watch old TV broadcasts and realize just how far we’ve come at exposing the Jews, the zionists or whatever they are. We ain’t done, yet, but the death of the Petro-Dollar is like the death of the “big-three” zionist propaganda networks, NBC, ABC and CBS. Inevitable but not instantaneous.

      We’ve come a LONG way.

    • Dave, shades of grey indeed. Consider India for example, it is on ‘best friends’ terms with the Zionists (USA an Israel) and pursuing many of their policies but at the same time heavily involved in the formation of BRICS, in fact an Indian would be the first president of BRICS. I want to be optimistic… but not sure we can allow ourselves to be as optimistic as Mr. Wanta.

    • India has a very long history of subjugation.

      Somehow I think and believe India will do what is right and best for India

      and all the rest of us will see what that is

      after ‘it’ has happened.

    • Hi Ani, I would not mind India doing what is best for India. What I fear is that it may be acting as the saboteur in BRICS, at least that is what I feel considering its cozying relationships with the Zionists. Hope I am wrong.

    • Dear Anzario
      We are not in control.

      People do what people do.

      Hearts, minds, souls and guts-

      got to integrate all to attain INTEGRITY.

      “Pavarotti & Friends Celine Dion My Heart Will Go On’

      on the other hand

      ‘too much love will kill you’

      Freddy Mercury and Pavarotti are both deceased 😉

    • I did not mean for that to be disrespectful, as I adore the music//souls of Freddy and Luciano(R.I.P)

      icons of the ONE


    • The leadership of India believed the NAZI-infested MONSANTO and their crops and thousands of small farmers were ruined. The leadership of India are groping for a life-rope. And who is “dangling” an imitative live-rope in front of them? Or, is it a genuine one ?
      Yes. Hind sight tends to be 20-20.

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