America’s Secret Civil War


by Preston James


A Secret American Civil War is now being waged as Terrorist Proxy-Wars in Syria, the Ukraine and Afghanistan.


Iraq3This is a “remote controlled” civil war.

The “Aggressors” are Mind-kontrolled Mercenary Zombies fighting on behalf of the City of London (COL) Rothschild World Zionists (WZs). 

But they are also fighting on behalf of Israeli Leaders, Saudi Arabia, and Bush Crime Cabal lackeys still deeply embedded inside the Secret Shadow Government (SSG aka the US Privatized Defense establishment).

And on the other side, best viewed as the “Defenders” which are now counter-attacking in Iraq, is the USG on behalf of the current Administration who have been playing along at times but are now directly bucking the City of London WZs, The Bush Crime Cabal (BCC), and the Israeli WZs, including the NeoCons, PNACers, and Israeli-American Dual Citizens.(1)

The reason the US Administration has ordered an attack on ISIS in Iraq when they did nothing for so long? Because the ISIS made the mistake of attacking Kurdistan which has been a very strong secret Ally of the US Administration. It seems clear that this is a line that even President Obama will not allow ISIS to cross.(2)

It is clear that the Obama Administration has been pulling out of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and has allowed left behind mercenary forces like ISIS to form and exist. To what degree the current US Administration decides to continuing aerial F-16 attacks on these ISIS forces is an open question.

Don’t ever underestimate the effects of Israeli Mind-Kontrol.

Don’t ever underestimate the power of ultra-hightech Mind-Kontrol using high powered Psychotronics, and/or trauma-based “soul-murder” MPD/DID, or other types of chemically based Mind-Kontrol. The centers of the World for this technology has been the Tavistock Institute in London, Israeli Intel, and the American CIA developed by former Nazi Doctors and now privatized CIA contractors which have no oversight at all.

130627142402Hamas is a perfect example of an Israeli created and managed, completely Mind-Kontrolled, self-sacrificing mercenary force much needed to justify Israeli land theft and genocide against Palestinians and a continuing state of Israeli Apartheid.

How many US Congresspersons have taken an all expense paid junket to Israel and drunk the special cool aid and been “flashed” during the night while sleeping with ultra-high tech psychotronics, only to return 100% supportive forever to Israel no matter what. Certainly the large perks provided by AIPAC and the like help immensely too.

The Israelis have worked very hard for many years along with Saudi and WZ support and huge America Aid, Mind-Kontrolling vulnerable Arabs and mercenaries who will do anything for very large weekly or monthly paychecks in foreign accounts.

Creating and deploying Terrorists seems counter-intuitive.

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Now here is the part that is so counter-intuitive that most just cannot process it or fit it into their minds. That is that the WZs, as well as Israeli leaders, spend many years building up Mind-Kontrolled Zombie terrorists which they can deploy and even use them to attack Israel or Judaic synagogues around the World. And when they deploy them they serve them up for destruction even though they are using them to fight on their behalf at the same time in a certain sense. So they are attaining seemingly incompatible objectives at the same time. They are pretending how bad these terrorists are (terrorists they secretly manufactured, own and control remotely) while attacking them but also using them to garner support for a bigger, more powerful and increasingly draconian national security state.

Al MartinNo terror, and the National Security State apparatus of Israel and America shrinks and loses power. War is the vehicle that feeds these big, out of control, National Security States that care nothing about their citizens. And the bottom line is this which may be quite startling to many. Yes, there are NWO motivations at the top among top policy-Makers, but the top Cutouts that run these operations like the Generals and Senior Intel that run the Agents, Assets and Special Operators who do most of the work have a different main motivation. It is to make huge amounts of money, store it in off-shore banks and create a dream retirement life for themselves. They care about no-one but themselves and to them their subordinates are disposable assets to be kept quiet one way or another (often another). And many become murderers in the process many times over along the way. Want to understand how this works in detail, get yourself a copy of Lt. Commander Al Martin’s classic tell all book, The Conspirators:  Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider.(3)

Terror is always a tool of the State used to manipulate changes not otherwise possible, such as the creation of a bigger National Security State and access to major increases in Taxpayer money.

Terror creates massive fear in the populace which can be actualized by the State to manipulate Citizens to give up rights they would never otherwise do. Thus the State deploys Terror to get more power and taxpayer money and does so repeatedly. Terrorism by definition is a State Sponsored event, always, and its purpose is to manipulate political changes that would never otherwise be possible.

And this is what Iran Contra was really all about at this level of operations, creating a huge coalition of cartels in Central and South America to traffic in huge amounts of drugs to make huge amounts of money to put in the offshore private bank accounts of Generals and top CIA Kingpins and select crooked Politicians who support massive funding for these operations.

Yes, and to this very day the BCC and the IZCS, as well as their Cutout Generals and Intel Kingpins still make most of their retirement money from this huge illegal drug trafficking and arms business, which is the greatest scourge on the Earth besides war itself. No one with a soul or a conscience could ever knowingly remain a part of this endeavor which creates “Hell on Earth” in so many urban areas once they found out what they were part of. And that is why many question whether these perps are even human at all, or even have normal human genetics. Certainly they have lost their souls and their humanity along the way are are nothing but criminal psychopaths.

Yes, you can assume anyone involved in this illegal international arms and drug trafficking has no soul and is a criminal psychopath that should be behind bars. But alas, the Top Kingpins and Cutouts that run these state sponsored programs are always protected by the invocation of so-called “national security”, translated which actually means, “for their own safety and security” and no-one else. One cannot function at this level without deploying numerous “wet-boys” to clean up their “security leaks.” Those at the lower level usually end up in jail under false, rigged up charges, or get “cleaned” to make sure there will be no credible court testimony against these Drug kingpins and Cutouts. Most are mistreated and disrespected. This is an especially well known trademark of the BCC, so it is always recommended to young Intel agents to stay clear of any operations with the BCC, because they will turn on you and stick you in the back at some point.

It is known from insider reports that over 100,000 special operators have been employed by USG, British and other contractors to fight in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Africa. Typical salaries have been 1,000 USD or more per week and sometimes much, much more depending on the mission and the employer. Note that all these mercenaries are beyond the reach of any Military Code of Justice or any Nation’s laws. And most have no VA benefits either or any disability pay when they are seriously wounded.

Disposable, Mind-Kontrolled mercenary Zombies have been deployed in Syria, the Ukraine and now Iraq.

The alternative economic union
The alternative economic union

Yes, disposable, Mind-Kontrolled Zombie Mercenary Armies have been fully deployed to fight Terrorist Proxy-Wars in Syria, the Ukraine and now Iraq. They have drunk the WZ Koolaide and so repeatedly flashed that their level of Mind-Kontrol is best described as stunning and effective beyond words.

These proxy wars in the Mideast and now the Ukraine are essentially part of a larger historical economic struggle between Russia and the BRICS Nations on one side. And on the other side, the City of London WZ System of Private Central Banking based on phony FIAT “Money”, pernicious usury and generation of a worldwide “owned” network of debt-slaves which is now resisting the US Petro Dollar.

This new BRICS counter-force is working hard to create a way for the US Petro Dollar to be eliminated as the World’s Reserve Currency.

But this is a very touchy issue and one that is quite complex because if anything is done to free World Oil pricing from all the WZ’s multilayer-ed speculation system that now drives the pricing up for everyone involved, even the BRICS nations could suffer serious economic harm with reduced net income. So the trick needed is for these BRICS Nations to be able to manipulate an end to the US Petro Dollar serving as the World’s Reserve Currency and getting rid of the COL WZ economic Ponzi/multilayer-ed speculation scheme without the pricing of Oil going so low that the BRICS Nation oil suppliers are seriously hurt.

The City of London (COL) World Zionists (WZs) are now applying tremendous pressure to the US Administration to draw America into another major foreign air and ground war, using their deeply embedded espionage assets like the BCC, AIPAC and the like.

It is common knowledge inside the Beltway that the current US Administration (USAD) has been resisting numerous creative and heavy-handed manipulations by the COL WZs, Israelis and BCC officials to become drawn into new major air and ground wars in Syria, Iran, the Ukraine and now Iraq (again). The USAD has been pulling out of Iraq and now Afghanistan, leaving behind huge amounts of operable weaponry and equipment while allowing WZ/Israeli/BCC/Saudi bought mercenaries and special operators to remain as a secret compromise solution. Perhaps what is happening now in Iraq is part of a very cruel disposal operation to set up and eliminate Al CIA Duh factions while drawing as many radicals as possible into this mass-murder vortex.

Folks need to remember that the COL WZs and Israel have used America to set up and play Islamic factions against each other for many years, creating a huge death count which is the original goal along with the old “Divide and Conquer” strategy which keeps the public at home distracted while the “Big Boys” who pull the strings steal everyone blind. The CIA installed Saddam Hussein in the First Place. He was a CIA “wetboy” and asset and he was shaped into a malignant role that would well serve the WZs, which he did. But much of the blame for what has happened in the Mideast since WW2 must lie with the WZs, Israel and American Administrations and an easily manipulated, dumbed-down uninformed public who have been completely Mind-Kontrolled by the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM).

Not only are these new Mideast and Ukraine Wars Terrorist Proxy-Wars, they are major efforts to deploy massive Chaos as a means to destabilize the nations involved.

As VT Managing Editor Jim Dean has pointed out, Chaos warfare is a means to destabilize such areas geopolitically which keeps Islamic depopulation plans moving ahead, burns up lots of weapons creating more weapons sales and war profits for the Banksters and prevents any nation from staying intact from NWO efforts to rewrite their boundaries in a way that allows massive and easy asset stripping of natural resources by the large multinational corporations. Plus Chaos Warfare helps keep the price of crude Oil high on the World market, constituting a private corporate tax on almost every person in the industrialized world including China and Russia too.

Yes, there is a major Secret War inside the Beltway for control of the whole USG “enchilada”, and this is being expressed remotely in the Mideats and the Ukraine right now.

Who are the WZ puppet forces arrayed against the current USAD? Well on one side we have the Sheldon Adelson WZ Puppets in Congress, usually aligned with the Mexican and South American Drug Cartels (BCC & CIA Cutouts) and five Supreme Court Judges completely owned by the BCC. And do not underestimate the Mormon based Deseret Mafia which is reputed to be aligned with the BCC and the IZCS.

The Deseret Mafia has been reported to be aligned with the Denver Circle of twelve as reported on by VT Columnist Stew Webb. It has also be reported that it has deeply infiltrated the FBI and the NSA and serves the Drug Cartels, and is reported to be extensively involved in drug money laundering through Cuba and other offshore centers through a recent Presidential candidate who plays the straight man but has a mistress and is a drug money launderer.

And on the other side we have the Obama Administration and a new US Military High Command, both of whom are deeply opposed to the covert control of the WZs, the Israelis, the BCC and its CIA Drug Cartels.

What seems to be the reason that the WZs, Israelis, BCC, and CIA Drug cartels are pushing so hard to get another or more major air and ground war going in the Mideast or the Ukraine?

The reason is that they are desperate  because they know unless they get another major war going soon they are finished.  They are losing power by the day, here’s why. This Cabal, best called the WZ/BCC Joint Cabal is the main Action-Agent of the City of London (COL) World Zionist Private Central Banksters and their current center of Operations, Israel, a Pure Luciferian and Pure Freemason nation that flies the Illuminati Flag symbolizing the union of “Beast Blood” with Human Female Blood.

The Knesset was paid for by the Rothschild COL WZ Banking family and was designed using obvious Freemasonry and Illuminati architecture. Doubt this do a web search and examine the numerous photos and plaques on the outside wall and the artwork on the roof.

Decapitate the City of London (COL) World Zionist (WZ) Beast by removing its ability to make money from nothing and use a limitless checkbook to feed Congress for unlimited wars, stupid foreign aid and special-interest legislation used to prime the kickback pump.

As Mike Harris, VT Financial Editor, Talk show host and noted Insider has stated a number of times, perhaps it would be best if the COL/WZ and its franchisee the Federal Reserve System failed. This in essence would cut the head off the WZ Beast and prevent the USG from using an unlimited checkbook provided by the Federal Reserve System anymore to create massive, phony debt through pernicious fraudulent usury.

Thus all the Secret Shadow Governments (SSG) ability to access unlimited funds not tied to current GNP or collected taxes would vanish over night. Removing the WZ FIAT phony Money-Power to make and access money from nothing as debt-notes which have to have all principal and interest repaid, would be eliminated overnight.

The Controlled major mass media serves as a Fifth Column inside America.

6corpsObviously the Controlled Major Mass media has served as the Fifth Column for the WZs and the BCC as well as the war profiteers who care nothing if millions of soldiers and innocent civilians are slaughtered and wounded for their massive war profits.

Currently the Alternative Media of the worldwide Internet is outpacing the CMMM as far as active listeners or viewers. But until the CMMM is completely exposed for the professional lairs and propaganda dispensers that they are, many Americans will still remain Mind-Kontrolled by it.

The CMMM provides the lies and propaganda needed to justify and allow all these WZ/BCC/IZCS Wars for Profit which are wars of aggression  and are all illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked and undeclared.

Obviously these WZ/BCC linked scum are soulless and can not be proved to be human at all based on the way the engender mass death all over the world and think nothing of it all all. Can you say “criminal psychopaths” and serial Mass-Murderers?

The US Congress is filled with war criminals and those who have committed Treason and Sedition against America.

And of course all these bought and owned CMMM “Talking heads ” are accessories to major War Crimes and Crimes against humanity, and probably Treason and Sedition too like the WZ and BCC Kingpins aka the NeoCons, PNACers, AIPACers, ADLers, Bnai Brithers, and Traitors in Congress. These and all those in Congress who have voted for all these illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared wars of Aggression for Israel and the War Profiteers of the SSG have committed blatant Treason, a capital offense.

Obviously anyone who voted for the Patriot Act which is completely Illegal and Unconstitutional and many other related laws such as legislation creating the completely illegal, Unconstitutional Homeland Security, a Israeli occupying secret Army inside America committed treason and Sedition, capital offenses.

Please vote all incumbents out of office and send a strong message, America must come first Not Israel or the secret Shadow Government (SSG) private defense industry which neither protects America’s interest anymore or even serve America anymore.

The big thing now is Nuclear Blackmail and Ebola Blackmail.

nuclearbomboncityCheney has predicted another 9/11 attack inside America but this time a nuclear attack with many more casualties.(4) He should know because he was deeply involved in the 9/11/01 attack on America which was a nuclear attack and ordered all air protection to stand down.(5)

The Israelis and their stateside Cutouts the PNACers, the NeoCons and the Israeli-America Israeli-First “Dual Citizens” in these organizations along with the BCC are still threatening to deploy additional nuclear attacks like 9/11/01 inside America if the current Administration continues to refuse to institute another major air and ground war in the Mideast or Afghanistan.(6)

These WZ/Israelis are once again threatening to deploy their Samson option by with nukes but are also now threatening to release airborne Ebola which they brought back to America after deploying it from WZ/Israeli assets who stole it from the US Army Biological Weapons Lab at Fort Detrick Maryland, just like they did with the Ames Anthrax they deployed against those Democrats resisting passing the Patriot Act.

It has been reported that the current center for the BCC/WZ Israeli Joint Cabal inside America is Fort Huachuca, Arizona, home of USAF Drone Warfare and a special Cyber Warfare Training Section which has been caught cyber attacking Veterans Today and numerous other website.

This is major multiple felony crime and these Perps must be arrested and charged for cyber terrorism inside America on behalf of foreign based criminal espionage groups. The BCC represents the Fourth Reich or the DVD and the International Zionist Crime Cabal (IZCS) represents the COL World Zionists (WZs) through Israeli Cutouts.

Israel is responsible for the downing of the Malaysian Airliner and the mass-murder of 300 Passengers over the Ukraine.

pieces of planeIt has been reported from reliable Intel Sources deep inside the System that the Israelis were behind the recent loss of the Malaysian Airliner in the Ukraine, using a sophisticated covert operation, and that major nations satellite images and the recovered black boxes prove it, but none want to go public out of concern that others would retaliate by releasing their secret satellite data.

Numerous nations are now petitioning that Bush2, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rice as well as Netanyahu and numerous other Israeli leaders be charged with War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity in the World Court.

This is another reason that the BCC and the WZ/IZCS are pushing very hard to get a major new war going asap. Add to this the coming collapse of the US Petro Dollar and loss of it as the World’s Reserve Currency and you can imagine why these world class soulless criminal psychopaths and mass-murderers are pushing so hard to get a new major war started.

Is the Joint Crime Cabal nuts enough to once again stage a serious inside-job false-flag attack on America?

Are these folks, the BCC/IZCS Joint Crime cabal criminally insane enough to either activate the Samson option again with a new major nuclear 9/11 style inside -job attack or release Ebola in several American Cities? Maybe and then again maybe not. What reasons do we have to believe they may not?

The US Navy sunk two Israeli Dolphin Class diesel subs which has nuclear tipped Tomahawk missiles on them sold by the BCC. The first was revenge for the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty Ship and the second one was for the Israeli Nuclear Attack on America on 9/11/01. Perhaps this was a very stern message that there had better be no more Samson Option style attacks on America anymore. Time will tell, but the joint Crime Cabal is cornered and running out of time very quickly.

Cornered like the Rabid Dogs that they are.

These folks are cornered now like rabid dogs and must be advised that anything they do will be fully exposed and they will be hunted down to the ends of the earth and brought to justice one way or another if they institute anymore Attacks on America, nuclear or otherwise.

It has been reported from two independent inside sources that the US Beyond-Black secret Star Wars space based weapons are now being activated. A good guess is that these involve sophisticated directed energy weapons such as exotic particle beam, plasma canons or chemical/electrical lasers.

It is unknown for sure but suspected that some of these systems may still controlled by BCC cronies who are still deeply embedded in the secret Shadow Government which has handled many of these systems in the past.

We have on report that there is a secret plan to use these against Russian tanks and weapon systems to provoke a retaliatory strike against America of some sort that would create a major escalation in these terror proxy-wars of Chaos. I certainly hope this can be stopped if true.

Breaking news:  Air to ground lasers have been now deployed over Gaza by Israel and used to attack and kill Palestinians at night.(7) Obviously this is a very serious war crime, and as well a crime against humanity. And such deployment of “stolen”, decommissioned US weapons systems opens up a whole new type of warfare which can be deployed against America and Israel or any other nation in the future unless Israel is immediately sanctioned for this laser deployment. It is also essential that Israel be boycotted by all nations and the whole World for these war crimes and crimes against humanity and all foreign Aid from America completely cut off, all of it, every single cent of the billions every year..

The next 7-10 days could be high risk, because a Pentagon “Talking Head” has appeared on CNN who has done so in the past about 7-10 days before other False-Flag attacks inside America. So hopefully our American Military High Command is paying attention, especially the US Navy’s Space War Fleet.

And above all, American Voters must vote all incumbents out of office and wipe the slate clean of all these crooked, corrupt, WZ owned and controlled, bought-off political Whores and Traitors to America the Republic and “We the People.”






(5) Ibid.





  1. Yet another story – this from Simon Parkes

    MH-17 was redirected away from KL towards a Russian city.MH-17 was redirected away from KL to a Russian city.
    It was shot down to prevent a “dirty bomb” situation in that Russian City.
    There was a bomb onboard, and the idea was to detonate that, and spread the contents
    far and wide. That’s why it was not taken out with a missile.
    It was taken out with fire to ensure the plane would crash and go down, and the
    material would be maintained within a smaller area.

    ( Source about 50+ minutes in )
    https //

    Parkes confirms what Preston James has said
    Putin and Russia are now working with a different group of ET’s, no longer with Reptilians.
    The new group are said to be “more human.”
    The US is (apparently) working with Reptilians (or maybe Raptors).
    And the Chinese are working with a new group, “not part of the club.”
    The Reptilians and Mantids both want to advance, to higher dimensions, along with humans.
    Humans are still mostly “service to self”, but are trying to move beyond that.
    The Mantids are ready too. But the Reptilians do not want to give up what power they have,
    though they mostly know they will have to change if they want to advance.

    In dealings between America and Britain, in relation to ET’s, America has the final say.

    This started with Operation Paperclip. But the Americans are careful to consult the British.

    American hegemony is now being challenged.

    • And Good Morning to You.
      All this stuff seems so ‘out there’
      and it is ‘out there’
      Turns out is is also ‘in here’!
      I always knew there had to be more to life.
      Good Thing we Did our Studies
      And stayed more or less sweet and innocent.
      This is about to get interesting.
      Fasten you batches and do the thing with the landlubbers maybe.


  2. I think Mr. Lewis has witness value (and emotional attachment to things, and don’t we all.
    I don’t think he is the least bit dumb, he is trying to relate things he has witnessed.
    We do not get a whole lot of witnesses, and even fewer that live.
    Witness value is severable from analysis or for that matter popularity.
    The question is “was he there (looks so) and is he telling the truth (I think so)”.
    This goes for witness value in general.
    Many useful witnesses have one or more dogs in the race,
    and that does not matter as long as matters of fact are the topic.
    And Please accept my apology (fool that I am).


  3. An important story because it discloses the “triple citizens”, Judaics of Russian, American and Israeli Citizenship. Typically referred to as the Red Mafiya or the kosher Nostra. they have now infiltrated many large American cities and have taken them over politically.

    • It seems to me if ones heart was really in this ‘no nations’ bullshit,
      then would not declaring oneself a “person without a Country” (‘without portfolio’ as it were.
      Would that not be a more honest approach?
      Why bother with dual (but triple is cute, I must admit) ‘citizenship’ anyway,
      why bother pretending that Citizenship (and so accountability, I Digress)
      Why bother pretending to Citizenship, why not just go for the obvious target,
      and skip the formalities.
      Territory is Taken and Held By Force.
      Force of Will.
      Force of Reason.
      (or) Force of Arms.
      Always Force.
      Remember That!
      Territory is unique, they are not making any more.
      Under some circumstances almost all of us would in fact kill (Not Murder!) for it.
      It is called Self Defence (until it gets out of hand).
      The world is Not historically a ‘peaceful place’,
      au contrare, it has a long history of gratuitous violence.
      This can still happen.


    • But were they fake bills or are the rumors that real US plates were given to them by assets in the US Office of Engraving? American Intel has gotten real plates in the past to make it own “money ” for foreign bribes and black ops.

    • Complete with Intaglio Presses. it sounds so James Bond
      And So Damn Obvious once you give it consideration,

      Best to You, and I Thank You.


    • Now we get to personal tastes (and intersections)
      I have never been attracted to adornment.
      I have no marks on me I did not come with, I am not poster art (to each their own)
      I wear NO ‘jewelry’ which if you poke in panels with lethal voltages
      (which I did, but now do not need to, thank the Lord.
      We do facilities here, that could get you killed, no need for anything fancy!
      Old Hablts die hard!
      I am bare naked, no tattoos, no earrings (mine are not pierced)
      Nothing to Show.


    • And No Sign so far of the Stinking Jews.
      I work for the Home Office (truth be told)
      We actually Run the Railroad you Tried to Hijack.
      So you should remember my name.
      It could be entirely possible I am the one that sent you.


  4. Russia can do itself a massive service to enhance its own permanent self protection. Russia has not been attacked YET – other than by small scale shelling and mortars on the Ukraine border – designed to provoke a military retaliatory response. Then it would simply become a dupe fighting other dupes for jewish entertainment and pecuniary advantage.

    All Russia has to do is make one thing perfectly clear in its private negotiations – that IF it is attacked by ANY nation or ANY group or ANY false flag entity – it will concentrate ALL its energies into ONE PRE-SET RESPONSE of wiping the zionist entity calling itself ‘israel’ off the map entirely. Also in destroying the central nests around the globe where these parasitic creatures complete their ugly life-cycles and reproduce.

  5. “Hamas is a perfect example of an Israeli created and managed, completely Mind-Kontrolled, self-sacrificing mercenary force much needed to justify Israeli land theft and genocide against Palestinians and a continuing state of Israeli Apartheid.” ……… some insight into Hamas for your understanding…with respect
    http //–deif/

    • I must respectfully disagree that this information in any way is convincing that Hamas was not covertly started and now run by WZs. Go back and do some basic research on the history of Tavistock Institute and their Mind-Kontrol technology and how it has been further developed by the Nazis and the Fourth Reich in America, as well as how Israel has become the world center of mind-Kontrol technology.

      The real failure here is that America has been so conned and manipulated by its WZ bought and owned unfree Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) into supporting Israel no matter what. Of course the gutless, spineless Members of Congress that have been bought by AIPAC and the like are are owned by the WZ/IZCS lobby, a blatant violation of US espionage laws. All this corruption goes back to the WZ’s illegal, Unconstitutional money power that started with the WZ hijacking of America in 1913. Until the CMMM is completely displaced by an honest and free Major Mass Media available on the Internet or alternatively TV, nothing will change unless the WZ’s money power is removed from the WZs. This process appears to well underway thanks to the BRICS Nations.

      And why no help from other Islamics from surrounding nations? Because the WZ’s are experts at using “Divide & Conquer” to keep any possible support from happening. Just get the Sunnis and Shias fighting forever.

    • “” All this corruption goes back to the WZ’s illegal, Unconstitutional money power that started with the WZ hijacking of America in 1913.””

      Yep . The pro-israeli zioglobalists have been building up their control structures since the 1913 Federal Reserve Act . So now we have some perspective on what we are up against . We also now know — and should have known by 1913 — that a presumed government that allows a private entity ( Fed Reserve ) to control the national currency is not really a government but rather an administrative function of the zionist jew money rulers .

  6. Re The centers of the World for this technology has been the Tavistock Institute in London, Israeli Intel, and the American CIA developed by “former Nazi Doctors” and now privatized CIA contractors which have no oversight at all.

    It’s time to be more than a little skeptical when they tell us that “former Nazi Doctors,” “scientists,” “intelligence agents,” etc. are behind it all. It seems there is no nefarious activity going on anywhere where you can’t find a former Nazi involved in it. Obviously someone here has an axe to grind.

    • Obviously you know nothing about the fact that Hitler was a British Agent, Mind-kontrolled at Tavistock in 1921-22 or anything about Joseph Mengele or Operation paperclip, MK-Ultra or its subprograms. It’s time to be very skeptical of such a nonsense comment from someone who makes such an ignorant comment that he seems like a Troll.

    • Hitler a British agent? – Doctor Joseph Mengele? – “Operation Paper Clip”? – MK-Ultra? …
      Are you sure you didn’t forget something? … How about the JFK assassination … or Oklahoma City… or the World Trade Center?

      About 35 years ago I attended a seminar on the “Holocaust.” … The presiding professor had just made a critical comment regarding something a certain scholar had said or written.
      A woman present took him to task for it saying, “but he has a doctor’s degree!”

      The lady’s comment appeared to catch the professor by surprise and he seemed greatly amused by it.

      “You know,” he replied, “some of the biggest idiots I know have Doctor’s degrees.”
      Funny how your comment brought that incident back to mind.

  7. It is amazing how those U.S. representatives are so slavishly loyal to Israel. I guess their brains are no more resistant to the secret technology than the rest of us

  8. Arrgh, the Nuclear Hairball raises its ugly head (still, it never quit!
    The whole matter of theological intersections with high energy physics,
    please search on doewatch
    (the doe part as in Department of Energy, of late even more ambitious, I digress,
    I think witness value can be had (from an unhappy witness)
    The Atomic Mafia has a bad habit of hell bent for leather damn the torpedoes durable messes.


    • But I Can’t resist one more
      search on the CIA World Factbook
      Go there (they didn’t eat me, you will probably be OK, (yes, the one you want is on the CIA site!
      look in the upper righthand sector of the page (just above a horizontal feature near the top
      for a line of small print which says ‘download this document’, do so.
      As of right now it is about 240 mb.
      Our daddys tax money payed for a pretty good bit of documenting.
      Maps and all, stats, tables, you really should look
      Without doubt the best you will find ‘for free’.


  9. When will the first politician be assassinated by a drone controlled by a lonewolf?

    Lonewolves with drones. Cheap ones from china.

    • Deployment of armed drones actually opened Pandora’s Box. As the cost comes down and the technology miniaturizes and becomes far more advanced, almost any politician will be able to become targeted by GPS operated micro-drones no larger than a small bird or even bumble bee sized. They will be able to fly, then flatten and go under doors and then crawl near their target or blend in with the wall or surrounding until activated. Some will be bio, some will be explosive, some psychotronic brain or heart stoppers.

      It’s only a matter of time and the oppressed will have access to these cheap devices of terror and death. Some will be designed to bore into and disrupt or hack fiber optic communications and satellite transmissions. And soon almost every USG drone will be hackable and divert-able to alternative targets including those who deployed them. We now have hundreds of secret undersea drones and soon hundreds launched into orbit as small hunter-killer mini or micro satellites. Several secret labs are already working on nano-bots which can be sprayed, or deployed in the food and water, and then later activated as internal robots which can either heal, make one sick or quickly kill the host.

  10. How many brave American citizens will join Chinese and Russian divisions after the nuclear war to murder out the American elite?
    How many American citizens will defend their elite?

  11. This article reminds me of the crawl space under a large and old house in an area where basements don’t work well due to the high water table. Not a good place for those with spider and snake phobias! But let’s see what is down here. Certainly vitals for the house. Water pipes. Furnace ducts. Debris from the builders. Dead animals. Maybe a dead cat and some rats. Here are some electrical connections. The 220 runs along here. Telephone wire . . . We can project Dr. James’ material onto the Constitution and the New Testament.

  12. Wish we knew who was conteracting these traitors. When will we see action, arrests, and retaking of our country?

  13. The “science” of mind control started with whatever Demon(s) wrote the Torah. This is a piece of work of such evil genius that many if not all its concepts have infiltrated the other so-called “religions” over the years and inflict such carnage and mayhem that words can’t adequately describe

    No chemicals or advanced radiation techniques required. These mind-control techniques come straight from the source of all evil.

    When the monsters introduced concepts to the world like racial superiority ordained by the Almighty, a land-grabbing Central Authority who gives everything to his favorites, human sacrifice and animal sacrifice to satisfy this Demon G_d, male superiority (the violent half of humanity), justifiable genocide for all who resist the “chosen” race, endless holidays and celebrations to celebrate bloodshed, hedonism, materialism and lusts of all kinds as a “reward” for service to the Demon G_d, it’s a LONG list of evil the Torah brought into the world.

    I won’t elaborate on the pitiful, arrogant, weak-minded fools who fall for such evil garbage but sadly, there seems no shortage of them in the Abrahamic so-called “religions.”

    This is all the mind-control Satan ever needs.

    • “” The “science” of mind control started with whatever Demon(s) wrote the Torah. This is a piece of work of such evil genius that many if not all its concepts have infiltrated the other so-called “religions” over the years and inflict such carnage and mayhem that words can’t adequately describe “”

      You nailed it DaveE . Religious people do not see it as evil since that label belongs to unbelievers . The Torah is a mix of fact and fiction — the original supreme propaganda of cosmic authority .

  14. Excellent report of current events Dr. James. I believe our population has so little facts the truth sounds like fantasy. Thank you for contributing to the new reality!

    Here is a background work (with some holes) which gives a historical connection to why we are where we are. Wake UP!

    https //

  15. Dr. James, It’s always enlightening to listen to you & Mike Harris on Mike’s show! TELLING IT LIKE IT IS gives the listeners (& readers of VT) every reason to wake & be on alert wherever they can make a difference. Truth is a weapon against denial & dark forces…Waking up also carries a response-ability for those in positions of influence.

  16. Thanks Dr. Preston! and your esteemed colleagues as well!
    Listened to the whole broadcast on 8/8/14, where what
    you are writing here is explained and some more!

    It is crystal clear to me that these asshole pedophile
    psychopaths want to hold on to this destructive carbon
    economy, while we know that Free Energy Technologies
    are available, but that of course will bankrupt them all!

    What a racket that oil business is

    – The mother of all rackets!!


  17. Can the Brits here write to their MPs to demand that they do something about bias in the BBC.
    Max Keiser tweeted that he’s quit the BBC because they won’t let him mention Gaza.

    Max Keiser @maxkeiser · Aug 3
    The reason I quit my BBC show; got strict orders not to mention Israel in any context. This kind of censorship leads to #Gaza horror.

    Max Keiser @maxkeiser · Aug 3
    I quit my BBC show; they have a ‘no go’ policy re Israel. Is this why? Revealed – Britain’s ‘role’ in arming Israel

    • I’ve asked for all the Hermes drones to be fried. Nothing may come of this but if we never ask, we don’t get.

    • @CoJonesGrandes……I quit the BBC years ago, absolutely refuse to pay the license fee. Documents were produced in 2003 (under the 30 year rules for release of government papers), which proved beyond doubt that the BBC had breached it’s Charter in collaborating via propaganda to get us into the Common Market. Sold as a trading partnership but in fact, as has been seen, a political movement now known as the EU. It is full to the brim of useful idiots……

  18. I’m not rooting for the city of London.
    I’m not rooting for the Drone Emperor’s R2P legions either.
    I’m rooting for the heroic Syrian Arab Army, who have held off eight stinking terror-enabling nations and NATO to boot. As we speak, local tribes in Syria’s east are routing ISIS rodents too. The escaping Yazidis went via Syrian territory.
    The SAA are battle-hardened and their morale is sky-high, as they fight for family, town, fatherland and the leader of their democratic choice — Dr Bashar al-Assad. Here is a worthy template for a better Middle East, once the Khazars are neutralised and America goes broke.
    Note also that the much-maligned president Sisi of Egypt is organising an Arab NATO (really!) to send to Iraq and counter ISIS.

  19. When I heard the recent Stew Webb broadcast, I put a request in for these super secret satellites to be neutralised. I’ve just sent them the link to this article together with another request for the ” US Beyond-Black secret Star Wars space based weapons ” to be identified and fried, if not dealt with already.

    • Seems those space weapons aren’t such a big deal really. The Bolsheviks lost their particle beam weapons decades ago for the same reason that babies aren’t allowed to have matches. I think there’s a Peter Beter broadcast on those space weapons.

  20. I find it hard to worry about those Star Wars weapons.
    Remember when Ronnie Raygun was wasting Americans’ money on that? Turned out a particle beam was a self-destroying weapon that needed a mini-nuke in it to generate the gamma ray burst, which, if it did not hit a target head-on, would just make a hole in the ocean below. Then the Russians announced that for one hundredth of the money they would produce a countermeasure, if it ever went live.
    Now America is wasting money on the F-35, while an old Russian Su-24 flew by the USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea recently, and switched its AEGIS system off. That system would not come back on as long as the Sukhoi continued twelve fly-bys.
    Back to the drawing board Dr Strangelove!

    • Dude! Every time people like you demean President Reagan (my CinC as a Marine for 6 years), you may as well walk up to Amb. Lee Wanta, and slap him in the face. With some respect, you do not know what the f___ you are talking about. Read Amb. Wanta’s bio, and please do modify your juvenile comments.

    • If Reagan would swallow willingly, why have Bush (the Vice President, in this case well named)
      and also Hinkley.
      It seems he went senile while in office and if so there should have been a handoff.
      (but the blame there would lie with Bush and Nancy. (and handoff to who, Haig?
      For all I know he may have been poisoned.
      Reagan was no choirboy (they seldom are.
      He came out of Hollyrock, one of the stinkpots of creation if corruption was the question.
      He made ra ra movies during World War two (as did damn near anyone who got work!
      A lot of those people are not without integrity, they trusted the wrong people maybe.
      The Movie Mafia goes way back, and you do not get to be SAG prez just for your pretty face (do you?
      As to tech, the stuff that works is typically ‘taken black’,
      so I do not think we know what that money bought,
      Who knows what a couple trillion might get you?


    • Reagan was an insider, and even if his fellow actors trusted him, I Do Not!
      At the time I had high hopes (after Jimmy Peanut and 21 percent inflation),
      just another rousing round of ‘run pillar to post’ in retrospect,
      He came from the Reservation, and carried water for many years
      and I think perhaps he caught wind of what he had always been part and parcel
      maybe an Epiphany, anyway I see an attempted change of direction,
      (after which Hinkley happened.
      Reagan is no Rebel, look at the California Governorship period for example.
      Reagan (I nearly said Nixon) was an Establishment Man who considered going off the Rez.
      He acted like President (just like any other acting job).


    • I highly recommend the mp3 of Myron Fagan’s record album where he addresses Reagan’s candidacy for Governor and the path that brought him there. Fagan was a remarkable patriot who exposed and almost defeated the bolshevik threat through tireless effort and with the help of other true patriots such as Clark Gable who infiltrated the communist party machine controlling the Hollywood cesspit and the patriotic women’s groups of the era. Ronnie Ray gun was the mouthpiece the SAG hired to propagandize the public that the commies had gotten out of filmdom when in fact they still were the most famous studio bigwigs. The whole highly interesting and informative story can be found here http //

  21. Dear Dr. Preston James, thanks for a great article. I am happy to see that you brought monitory politics in to the equation.

    Two thoughts are spinning in my head after reading the article.

    Firstly, to me Hamas is the last hope for the Palestinians and if I were a Palestinian I would regard anyone whom did not fight violently against the occupier as a traitor.
    Is there any information or proof, articles, that really shows that Hamas was created by Israel? Is there any proof that Hamas (still) obey Israel? Israel has lost all credibility (again) and even mainstream media are turning. The tide is turning and Hamas is turning it, so how can Hamas in anyway be beneficial to Israel?

    Secondly, the Kurds are not only allied to US, they are close allies to Israel, and supported in their task to create Israel 2.0 (Kurdistan). Large parts of what is claimed to be Kurdistan is actually areas belonging to the native Assyrians (the Palestinians of Kurdistan). When US now protect only Kurds from ISIS but not Shia or Christian minorities it make me suspicious that the intervention is only a minor correction from Israel/US NWO with the aim to direct ISIS at Assad and Maliki.

    • No public proof, but numerous insider accounts from folks who specialize in Psychotronics, and koolaide- based mind-kontrol. Take the USA for example. Bernays, Freud, Kinsey and other members of the Tribe that spawned the proliferation of a mass society based on complete lies and deception, a system where truth-tellers are labelled as crackpots or mere conspiracy theorists.

      The everyday social reality in America is defined by the Tribe through fox new and all the others owned and run by the WZs. This is the greatest successful example of major mass mindcontrol (Mindwar) against “We the People” ever conceived in hell. Do not think for a second that so called “Islamo-fascism” was not conceived in the evil imaginations of those who control the WZs long before this was pre-staged and then rolled out back in the Middle Ages with an opposing force of the WZ’s Crusaders. Not much has changed today, we have the small percentage of mind-kontrol Zombie terrorists and the new crusaders who are also run by the same people who still pull the strings of the WZs. This is a very hard nut to crack and only complete monetary collapse of the WZ’s ponzi scheme can do it. Thus the BRICS appearance and strong success so far is hope.

    • I would say we would have to raid and then secure files from Mossad HQ itself to find such proof. Then again, I wager that upon successfully accomplishing just that, we will find far more docs pointing us in the direction a bit more west and north across the Mediterranean. As I have stated before, Gordon gave us hints in his Intel Dump (2/13/2012). Huge hints! No rocket science required here.

      I would also wager, that knowing how good Russian intel is, that they already have their own personal archive of Mossad files (probably CIA/FBI and MI5/MI6 as well). There is a distinct reason why the Russian Federation (especially before the advent of the USSR) is EASTern/Greek/Russian Orthodox. There are no coincidences here. I, like Obi Wan Kenobi, and Agent Frank Gaad’s mother don’t subscribe to them …

    • @Preston, I do fully agree with you regarding on MSM brainwashing and that ISIS and Al Q. are zombi terrorists controlled by WZ. But Hamas, and Hezbollah, are not terrorists nor zombies. They are actually the last resort and hope in the defense against terroristorgansations, such as ISIS (Hezbollah) and IDF (Hamas and Hezbollah). The controlled zombies in Palestine are the PA.

  22. After a week or two of asking the question, it is instructive to at last find (on Dr James’ last two articles) a VT writer’s opinion on the origins of Hamas, together with an alternative view (with referenced links) from a FB contributor here. The linked Salem News article on FB discounts that Hamas is an Israeli construct, but does not discount the possibility that it has been infiltrated….’We are not naïve as to think that the mossad would not try to insert its eyes inside Hamas, but that by no means makes the whole legitimate movement tainted as some supporters might imply’……Interesting diversity of opinion.

  23. problem one, their mind control media only lets us see candidates they want to put in..
    hitlery vs mitt massengill vs insane mccain vs obama vs judas goat ron paul (his voters red-listed twice).
    problem two, they like to assassinate people who’s ideas might truly modernize and liberate us.

    I believe we have been slow-kill attacked with Fukushima (by izrahell) guaranteeing big pharma-medical-insurance corporate profits with hillary-care renamed obama-care, the zio’s DO control-profit from all that.
    the nonstop chemtrail plane fuel we pay for at the pumps and the grocers too because deisel is artificially inflated by the planes demand, topped off with DC’s treason of allowing BP to buy up all refineries and distribution hubs. then theres that pesky “Gulf Gusher” corexit biochemical weapon attack..

  24. It is hard to imagine that all these organizations are interconnected and one-minded but once you follow the trace of their money they don’t even have to be, the money will do its own will, it’s like the one ring and it has a will of its own. Allthough it’s not as lucrative the US have decided to deploy mercenaries of War prey instead of its own soldiers. It brings less money but keeps the US “liberators of world” image about. Their wars will wage other extremists which they will reward with autonomies and abundance through their networks of UN and IMF.

  25. Most people in America fail to know that the war is on them too in the state. They will lose more of their jobs, freedom and liberty, lives etc in everyone of this foreign adventure by their governments in their quest to retain world domination, and protect the petrol dollar etc. It deflect their attention from the failings of the governments and more jobs relocation oversees. American economy is going down the drain already, but the MIC is still very much vibrant. Its another lost decade for the american populace i guess.

    • Yes, free-trade is nothing but a WZ plan to export all good paying American jobs and provide a means to institute martial law by their Israeli occupying force DHS. Once this is done they can start the great population reductions of America long planned as revenge for the Daispora and the Internment Camps in Europe during WW2. Goyim are blamed by the top WZs but the truth is these occurrences were planned by the Luciferians running the WZs, aka the “Synogogue of Satan.”

  26. i doubt usa sunk dolphin subs. it was syria, and yhry got replied with mini nukes. israel and syria kept silence sfterwards probably realizing mad option. so i just dont understand ehy vt keeps lying abot us sinking israel dolphins? uss liberty has shown beyond doubt that appointed people – even highest generals – have no dick.

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