Israel Unleashes Death Ray on Gaza


Defunct Boeing Laser Project “Mysteriously Reappears”

America's defunct COIL laser program finds a new home
America’s defunct COIL laser program finds a new home

By Gordon Duff and New Eastern Outlook, Moscow


(Editor’s note:  Press TV censors blocked this report from Iran’s media, another “Banned by Press TV”)


Reports, including photographic evidence reveal that Israel is using an energy weapon to attack targets in Gaza.  The destructive beam, thought to be a high energy laser, is emitted from a plane identified as a Boeing KC707 “Re’em,” originally configured for Electronic Warfare.

(Hollywood, as is so often the case, gets it right”)

[youtube Z-DO3W-ICYk]

Those observing the attacks cite a beam from a 4 engine jet hitting a target which immediately turns “white hot.”  After these attacks, the target area is then hit with either bombs or artillery to destroy evidence of the use of an American designed and built energy weapon illegally given to Israel.

[youtube yZPKJ9TEzDA&list=PL0tLuIEYf-cTK3r0FpqFlwuuwGdSKNIVr]


The weapon used is identified as part of the YAL 1 system, a COIL laser (chemical, oxygen/iodine laser), originally intended as an aircraft mounted system to shoot down ICBMs.  Boeing approached the Department of Defense in 2002 and by 2004 had mounted its first system on a 747/400 previously flown by Air India.


Boeing had convinced Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld that this system, mounted on as many as 7 aircraft, could fly 24 hours a day around Iran and defend “the free world” against nuclear tipped ICBMs that Rumsfeld believed Iran was planning to use.  Please note that it was Rumsfeld that told television audiences that Afghanistan was “peppered” with underground cities serviced by rail links that supported division sized Al Qaeda units that, after ten years, no one was able to locate.


Boeing tested the system in 2007.  The Department of Defense claimed the system could shoot down low earth orbit satellites and that in tests conducted in 2010, destroyed multiple test missiles.  There is no reliable confirmation of this other than a press release from then Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.


The Center for Strategic Studies, in an interview with then Defense Secretary Gates published the following:

“I don’t know anybody at the Department of Defense who thinks that this program should, or would, ever be operationally deployed. The reality is that you would need a laser something like 20 to 30 times more powerful than the chemical laser in the plane right now to be able to get any distance from the launch site to fire.”

So, right now the ABL would have to orbit inside the borders of Iran in order to be able to try and use its laser to shoot down that missile in the boost phase. And if you were to operationalize this you would be looking at 10 to 20 747s, at a billion and a half dollars apiece, and $100 million a year to operate. And there’s nobody in uniform that I know who believes that this is a workable concept.”

After $5 billion was spent, the functioning prototype only capable of being fired directly at nearby targets, a system very capable of acquisition and destruction of ground targets with no air defense protection only, was said to have been flown to a scrap yard.

The plane itself is still there, at Davis Monthan Air Force Base, with other failed dreams and nightmares.

However, the weapons system disappeared, only to reappear in Israel as a “missile defense” project, an adjunct to the “Iron Dome” system.  Israel’s Rafael Defense had been trying to develop laser weapons on its own to intercept rockets being fired from Gaza.  It was never able to neither deploy a laser powerful enough nor develop a radar system able to be effective.


“Friends of Israel,” within the US defense community were convinced by Israel that the system could be finished and deployed to protect Israel against a purported “missile onslaught” from Tehran.

In truth, there was no such intention.  Instead, as in the film “Real Genius,” the laser system was always intended to be deployed against ground targets, for terrorism and assassinations.  The “delivery system,” a Boeing airliner configured for AWAC, electronic warfare or refueling, could easily be modified to “clone” commercial air traffic and attack targets thousands of miles away or as close as Gaza, Lebanon, Syria or Iraq with total impunity.

Israel’s Raphael announces acquisition of a high energy laser system and credits an unnamed relationship with Boeing from the video below taken from the Raphael press release:

At the Singapore Airshow we are introducing our Iron Dome and MIC4AD air-defense integration system and a new system called ‘Iron Beam’, comprising a new C-RAM defense capability employing directed energy weapon.” Joseph Horowitz, Director of Marketing and Business Development at RAFAEL’s Air Superiority Systems Division told Defense-Update. “The directed energy component known as ‘Iron Beam’ employs a solid–state laser interceptor designed to engage targets at very short range, below the levels where we currently employ the Iron Dome.” Horowitz explained, adding “As a weapon system, Iron Beam is designed to have minimal collateral damage, minimal environmental impact and no risk to friendly air traffic around the attacked target.”

[youtube Y-Ok6DICyzk#t=83]


McLeod and Rogers, in The Law of War, examine the history of prohibition of incendiary weapons.  Israel’s use of white phosphorous, intended as a “smoke market” as a corrosive anti-personnel weapon against civilian populations in Lebanon and Gaza skirts initial language, as cited below, in the St. Petersburg Declaration of 1868, but falls well short of evading later prohibition on the use of chemical agents.

“The first treaty to deal with weapons was the St Petersburg Declaration of 1868. Here states were concerned about the development of explosive or incendiary bullets for use against the wagon trains of enemy forces. It was felt that these bullets might be used against enemy personnel15 and cause unnecessary injury.

The Contracting Parties agreed ‘mutually to renounce, in case of war among themselves, the employment by their military or naval troops of any projectile of a weight below 400 grammes, which is either explosive or charged with fulminating or inflammable substances’.

The declaration does not seem to have affected the practice of states in using tracer for range finding, even mixed with normal ammunition, nor the use of small explosive projectiles for anti-aircraft and anti-material uses.  It did not prevent states from using four pound, thermite-based incendiary bombs during the Second World War. These, obviously, were more than 400 grammes in weight. Furthermore it could be argued that they were not ‘projectiles’, a term that certainly would not include illuminating flares or smoke canisters.”

The use of energy weapons for assassinations and terrorism had, prior to only a few short days ago, been subject of speculative fiction only.  No one had imagined that a failed American weapons system would be pirated for deployment in acts of terrorism by a rogue state.

A greater question arises, if this “failed system” costing many billions has been shipped off “in the dark of night” without public knowledge or official authorization for use in a criminal manner, what other systems may have been similarly pirated?

There is conclusive evidence that W54/Davy Crocket nuclear weapons made their way to Israel after 1991 after an
accident at Dimona is reputed to have made that facility useless for weapons development.

Similarly, when the Ukraine retired its “fleet” of SS21 tactical nuclear missiles, Israel took possession of the warheads, servicing their deuterium booster gas all these years to keep them ready for deployment.  Intercepted communications between the Kiev junta and Israel now indicate that Israel is ready to “repatriate” some of these nuclear weapons to the Ukraine for use against pro-Russian separatists.  Ukrainian leaders have spoken of the intent to deploy and use these nuclear weapons publicly on several recent occasions.  From USA Today:

“KIEV, Ukraine — Ukraine may have to arm itself with nuclear weapons if the United States and other world powers refuse to enforce a security pact that obligates them to reverse the Moscow-backed takeover of Crimea, a member of the Ukraine parliament told USA TODAY.

‘We gave up nuclear weapons because of this agreement,’ said Rizanenko, a member of the Udar Party headed by Vitali Klitschko, a candidate for president. ‘Now there’s a strong sentiment in Ukraine that we made a big mistake.’”


With today’s bombing of a UN refugee facility in Gaza, with the use of chemical and now energy weapons, with Israel’s planned sale of nuclear warheads to Ukraine, there is little more that could be done to establish Israel, not only as a rogue state, but as a “clear and present danger” to not only regional but global security as well.

As Jim W. Dean of Veterans Today recently stated, “Their fingerprints are at every crime scene.”




  1. “is this the energy beam theyre supposed to have used on the twin towers”

    Definitely, all the censored 9/11 photos showed a faded wandering laser beam, apparently coming from some aircraft or an Avengers’ helicarrier.

  2. Reading down through (my, it has been intense of late, and seems like yesterday / a week ago.
    I am struck with the old ‘Really Big Gun’ thing.
    Hitler had Big Bertha (i think) and or the Paris Gun.
    Bull was hired to create one and ostensibly died for it.
    And now we have the Dr. Evil ‘laser’
    A few observations,
    Keeping a 747 flying might take effort and expenditure
    Same with chemical Laser and associated targeting apparatus.
    Maintenance prone and fundamentally undependable.
    Only good for fair weather trouble making.
    Expensive too.


  3. I hope the U.S. will stop being so liberal in providing weapons to Israel, and this article (if true) would seem to suggest that at least one avenue is closing.

    http //

    “Obama Reportedly Blocks Israel Missile Shipment”
    US administration officials stop missile transfer, order all future transfers to be scrutinized in sign of further cooling ties.

  4. This is that part where we are all supposed to pay attention!
    I remember you ( By Name) my old friends
    and I pretty sure the rest of you have a set of folks you hope are OK
    Well, I Do
    My plate runneth, You Would Not Believe
    Or maybe you would,,
    who would have thunk (not me but anyway) I remember you, and I remember how i got where I is.
    Thank You all my old friends
    ( I am in the Book, you mat if desired make contact.
    Look, I had no idea it would go like this, OK?
    There are people out there I love ( you probably have a few too I hope)
    I Digress
    (keeps us honest)


    • They told my friends at Junior High that I died!
      Now why did they do that?
      You guys know me better than they ever would.
      Do you think that was a Nice Thing to do?
      And why lie to the other kids, this did in fact happen
      And I turned out to be the kind of people you would have trouble with about shit like that!
      Home Office (in all modesty) and you have no idea the trouble I can cause if needed.
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      That you and your children might live out your lives!
      Not everyone gets to do this.
      I Hope To Hell I do not let you down!
      Administrative Services, Home Office
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      Best to You.;



      I net a guy I pasted to the locallockers one day( not usually violent)
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      My Love to You, I hope thss works,
      or we wil; be short a perfewctly Good P_lanet!
      With ‘all the tme in the world’ to argue.

      i make Myseff Clear?


    • I shot and developed printed etc 35mm black and white. (in junior high school and after (I still love it)
      My Pentax and my Twin Lens. And a Canon rangefinder to fill in.
      I still have them. (most recently the Pentax and I shot NYC in Color Slides (I have them)
      Also LA California, a bunch of bumble bees on alphalpha, the most I have ever seen!
      I found it more affordable, but actually also more challenging,
      (to represent a scene without benefit of ‘color’.
      with color the chemistry does all the work,
      with Black and White You (the photographer) must do the work!
      My invisible friends and I take turns noting ‘perfectly shot on black and white’
      or ‘looks like they shot it on process media (no grey-scale.
      Art for Art’s Sake (Money for God Sake


  5. To be expected, satanists’ve always used controlled conflicts and other circumstances resulting in human misery as testing grounds for new weapons.
    OT maybe Sorcha Fall isa CIA fron but usually I can find there some facts overlooked by other sources – recently about links of New Jersey and Norman Schwartzkopf to Nazis and about US sending tanks to Norway right now…
    Thierry Meyssan is writing that Russia is preparing to the coming war in Europe now.

  6. If Israel breaks the Non-Proliferation Treaty and provides Nukes to Ukraine, then Russia could do the same, arming Iran with Nukes, as well as frying the Fascist Nazi Ukrainians.
    Hopefully, if Israel deploys this Directed Energy weapon again, someone will film the plane and effect.

  7. “Press TV censors blocked this report from Iran’s media, another “Banned by Press TV””.
    According to Thierry Meyssan Iranian Rohani’s government has become quite subservient to the US/NATO.

  8. I respectfully submit,
    As Mr. Duff (bless his pointy head) mentioned recently
    (we were on about the meaning of life, which (as in Hitchhikers Guide
    We better figure out pretty quick, or we will be left with ’42’.
    I digress.
    Mr. Duff mentioned and I will paraphrase
    “if you are not living every day as it was precious,
    and loving your near field and critters etc.
    Then you are missing the boat”.
    Thanks Mr, Duff, I do not care if they call you names,
    or maybe mistake what passes for journalism for open source intel SOP,
    or understand that open source intel, while akin to journalism,
    is a different animal.. Apples and Oranges!
    Can’t we all just get along?
    Best to All


    • Incidentally, re the presz thing,
      I saw (today) a JFK State of the Union Address,
      it was SO different from the crap we are subjected to, and was not Kindergarten.
      He laid out his concerns and specified what should be proceeded.
      So Different from the present circus (bread is in short supply).
      If you could (and you can’t) restore it to that, I commend you President Duff.
      Unfortunately they would only drive you nuts.
      I have not been following that whole thing, but in light of watching JFK,
      and guessing (I never met you, and I could be wrong)
      That the whole rigamarole would drive you bazonkers.
      I attended a few public meetings, and wrote an editor or two.
      No chance of productive work there.


    • At times yes. (more frequently of late)
      (frankly some of what I see is quite uninspiring.
      Best to You.


    • I am not a judy wood fan

      this is a chemical laser

      however, we did publish a paper outlining, by Sandia Labs, how a thermobaric nuclear weapon can be configured to simulate an energy weapon…

      according to their findings, woods lacked a background in the capabilities and designs of nuclear weapons…which is understandable

      they thought her findings not unreasonable though totally wrong, just her behavior

  9. This is one of the most sickening comments I’ve read.

    First, there is no evidence that Israel has used energy weapons. By using a simple Google search, one can quickly ascertain that these pictures were stolen from a Guardian article. Furthermore, Israel has not made any move to sell nuclear material to Ukraine.

    But more importantly, your post continues the fundamental problems seen in the conflict- that of dehumanization. Israelis are people. Jews are people. Muslims are people. Palestinians are people. No death is justified, and the only truly satisfactory outcome of this conflict is one where unnecessary death is stopped.

    • ~ ”I AM sorry, but not all people are people, because whether you want to believe this or not, way more demonic offspring have been brought into this world, then righteous children of The Most High, being birthed into this world, this is a FACT OF LIFE, & a house divided can not stand, so EVIL NEVER POINTS OUT OTHER EVIL, OR EVER BRINGS IT TO LIGHT” ~


    • “By using a simple Google search, one can quickly ascertain that these pictures were stolen from a Guardian article.”

      Which proves what exactly?

      “But more importantly, your post continues the fundamental problems seen in the conflict- that of dehumanization. Israelis are people. Jews are people. Muslims are people. Palestinians are people.”

      Israelis are people who (for the most part) believe the goyim are lesser beings. They are some of the most tribalistic/racist/supremacist/jingoistic/bigoted persons on earth.

  10. That must be an artifact (lens, perspective, something in display presentation,
    (many a slip twixt the cup and the lip, we take pictures for granted)
    but the only thing I ‘know of’ (very loosely speaking!) that can ‘bend light’ or even seem to
    is of cosmic proportions and so would not fit.


    • Of course, the other possibility is that the picture was taken with a long exposure time, and the object emitting the light actually did alter its trajectory slightly (like a rocket).

      On a slightly unrelated note, jmreeves, there are many things that bend light here on earth- try shining a laser through a glass of water, or a block of glass.

    • Now Look!
      We are either dealing with a beam of light,
      or maybe some rocket trajectory.
      Trust Me.
      The thing in question shoots straight.
      That is not the problem.
      I has cousins which could put an event in threespace (four with time axis)
      and cause energy from the vacuum to occur there.
      It has happened here (and VT you got your exclusive)
      It has happened here Several Times (only some of which will be addressed here.
      It has happened here, I have seen high energy cold physics on my coffee table
      And in my bathroom (plasma critter bluish green and shimmering.
      according to color / temp this thing should have been too hot to touch.
      I introduced myself, I asked ‘may I touch you’, I did
      it rippled under my touch.
      Later found out I am not the only one that met it, and it is not always friendly!
      I have seen cold physics (probably what Tesla encountered)
      Somebody has it,. they made clear, they fixed a couple things
      Also hit a disk drive instead of me during op’s (I guess maybe I hit a nerve
      Anyway, that little spark a few centimeters away and I would be history.
      Reminds me of a newborn colt I met one time.


    • I have seen a miller moth fly a square pattern (about 3 inches on a side
      (I rescued this one and brought it inside
      I also encountered a Deer-fly, I was asked to allow this fellow to perform, I did,
      This fly found the vein , tapped in , and got a blood sample for my friends.
      There was no inflammation, you could not tell this creature had been there.
      On that day I learned an important lesson.
      Even the bugs are in on it (the ‘net, you can talk to critters, please avail yourself.
      I have never had trouble with the insects (especially after that!
      They are here, they live here too, perhaps you would like ti meet them?
      We have Black Widows for example, they are my friends, how about you?


  11. Dr. Evil (and mini me) would be very envious!
    Your very own airliner with a ‘”Laser”.
    No more trouble with pesky ground control issues (what control tower?


    • I just hope the Talmudians watching the massacre of Gaza on the hillside ( in their couches, lawn chairs and popcorn ) were able to see the laser show burn those goyim to ashes….

    • Have you read that Robin Williams was just found dead in his house, “suicide by asphixiation” as told by the Washington ComPost?

      I wish I was kidding. He just strangled himself, apparently.

      These bastards are sending us a message. I suggest we start sending them back.

    • Yes I heard it on the television and went to Yahoo UK news.

      Definitely a mystery, as some of the commenters there are also questioning…

      Our world has lost a dearly beloved, inspiring person.

      RIP Robin Williams.

    • Sad Thing, I Love his work, he made me (and a bunch of other people) laugh,
      That is more important than I thought FWIW. (and harder too)
      Did serious stuff too (Good Will Hunting).
      Best to Him wherever.. What Dreams May Come?


    • If he’s tweeted anything critical of Talmudia over the past mo. then Mossad’s a suspect…

    • I will have to look up AEA
      meanwhile, I suspect maybe death by way of…a la .Michael Hutchence
      where a mystery woman had fled the scene.

      while we are told Williams was ‘alone’.

      And as Gordon describes elsewhere, that unholy triumvirate, cocaine, celebrity and cartel

      Tim WInton has written an extraordinary book featuring the sex and asphyxiation activity


    • Some of this stuff has to do with relationships,
      I will refrain from speculating.
      My Love to Robin Williams,
      and to his family.
      None of us have to stay if it gets too awful,
      Free Will Rules! (and the pope can go screw itself!)
      You can leave the planet if you so choose (but you can only do this once)
      I had an attempted assisted suicide myself,
      I wonder, Robin Williams must have had invisible friends.
      Maybe he did not listen.
      I am here because I listened (and we damn near killed me!
      Turned out I don’t do half measures,
      In that case I just about left the Planet.
      My Love to Robin Williams.
      At least two of the projects he was part of
      deal with ‘what comes after’
      “What Dreams May Come” and “Patch Adams”.
      Best to you all, don’t let the Bastards grind you down!
      “Illegitimi Non Carborundum”!


    • I do not know if any of you pay close attention (but it took me a while to learn
      Painless (the Dentist) He was going to Off Himself
      (and being a dentist you would maybe do that to you
      MASH theme song
      “Suicide is Painless, it Brings on Many Changes,
      And I Can Take or Leave it As I Please”
      Well, that is what my friends did for me (but we damn near destroyed me.
      Turns out we are Hard Core (and must watch we do not do ourselves an injury.
      I Digress.


    • …You have to be kidding me. Concentration camps were merely Hitler’s way of making Jews contribute to ‘their’ country’s war effort?

      If you really love Nazism so much, please board the next plane to Argentina- I hear there are still several of the Old Members who are still living there.

  12. “the Zionists own and control the MSM in America and Britain (BBC)”.

    People living in the E.U. think America is watching “The Truman Show” when it comes to the News about Gaza. Americans think that the people in Gaza deserve to be bombed because of the “rockets” Hamas is firing at Israel. But, Americans have no sense of proportionality when it comes to Gaza vs. Israel.

    They watch the News, but only if it doesn’t interfere with shows like “The Simpsons”.

  13. Nutty-yahoo is Darth Vader….The Emperor (probably a Rothschild ) is the anti-Christ…Obama is just some figurehead in charge of one of the colonies….the Americans are storm troopers and cash cows for the Emperor…it’s becoming pretty clear now….at least it’s easy to tell the good guys from the bad now…The good guys are anti-Talmudia…the bad guys prattle on about how Talmudia has the right to murder innocent men, women and children…

    • I humbly think that would be one way to look at it.
      The Manifetation of Evil as the Sum Total of many petty and vile acts at large.
      (Hi, and yes I cried when I hit the what dreams part re Robin Williams (case you wonder).)


    • TY as always jmreeves for filling in the other half.
      As I kicked myself for saying collective, when I should have written
      individually and collectively
      You said it.

      We grew up with Robin Williams.
      There is not one project on which he Teamed, that I did not LOVE.

      Here is something I KNOW

      when the time comes for our Spirit to be fully released
      the body returns to the Earth

      and THE DREAM goes on!

    • Cocaine killed Robin Williams as it has so many. Long story here…but, during the 80s, he was the cited celeb the cartel guys all knew.

      we can remember him for Good Morning Vietnam. He will be missed.

  14. The Romans used to fill the Coliseum with water and stage sea battles to entertain the masses.
    We have come along way since then.
    I wonder what they are stealing from us while we watch their staged battles.

  15. Dana Durnford covered this about 2 weeks (or hundreds of toasted Gazans) ago, take your pick-
    -https //
    or updated here-https //

  16. I wonder if the guys who develop these incredibly destructive weapons ever stop to think, along the way, that maybe they shouldn’t develop such weapons as they could & would one day be used against them, their country and their families. Seems like it would be selling ones soul to the devil to create such a destructive device. And I know there are thousands of variations of this, all capable of destroying more humanity than the previous one.

  17. This ability to instantly vaporize defenseless men, women, & children must be the ultimate wet dream of the phallic worshiping psychopaths > the stream of fiery death spewing from the winged elongated tube!

    The Whore of Babylon has glorified herself, consorted and committed acts of immorallity with the Kings of the Earth > i.e. the spread of glorious ‘freedom and democracy’ false doctrine to every part of the world and “the merchants of the earth have become rich by the wealth of her sensuality” > her sin has spread & infected like a rapacious virus!

    “And the kings of the earth, who committed acts of immorality and lived sensuously with her, will weep and lament over her when they see the smoke of her burning, 10 standing at a distance because of the fear of her torment, saying, ‘Woe, woe, the great city, Babylon, the strong city! For in one hour your judgment has come.’

    “And the merchants of the earth weep and mourn over her, because no one buys their cargoes any more –
    “The fruit you long for has gone from you, and all things that were luxurious and splendid have passed away from you and men will no longer find them.

    ‘Woe, woe, the great city, in which all who had ships at sea became rich by her wealth, for in one hour she has been laid waste!’

    ” ‘Babylon the Great’, the subject of the 18th chapter of Revelations, is a literary foreshadowing of the rise to power of the United States… and… its End.”

    • Extensive discussion of this topic and a perspective in sore need of wide exposure>
      http //

  18. Is there no end to the degradation, the depravity, the fiendishness of the Jewish mind in Israel? If Israel survives this war, there is no human race. We are all dead!

    • You have to know who you are dealing with if you want to understand the Jewish mindset.

      Rev. 2 9 “I know your afflictions and your poverty–yet you are rich! I know the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan”. (NIV)

  19. This has the “meant to be discovered” look to it. A worthless weapon except for the “fear factor” aspect.

    “Oh Jebus, Martha, they can zap us from space. Get the cat inside, NOW……”

    I heard talk of this project when I lived in Seattle and knew quite a few Boeing types, for what it isn’t worth.

  20. It would be nice to get some clear pictures of this being used against GAZA to bring home the collusion between certain American traitors and their Israeli contacts, connections. In view of Israel’s used of other prohibited weapon systems, NO one could say they thought they would just use it for missile take-downs.

    Cluster munitions, depleted uranium, white phosphorous, D.I.M.E weapons, Nuclear Weapons against Syria May, 2013 have all been used, mostly against civilians, Israeli neighbors. Say “Hi Neighbor”.

  21. so what now? people in Gaza will be forbidden to have large mirrors?
    personally, I would cheer if the people there managed to make that plane sting itself to death with something so simple and low tech in the name of self defense, that izrahell would “naturally” call an ATTACK..

  22. SkyNet is operational. Resistance is futile.

    Recurring attacks on human populations have increased dramtically with available levels of high science and high technology. The extra-terrestrial rise of machine-attacks are becoming an abomination of and toward humanity; i.e., suicidal behavior.

    If it were not for our intestines we would think ourselves gods. Armed Forces have demonstrated an unmitigated Will to Power over others. The nature of weapons-grade technologies available to government command and control only serve to further increase and exacerbate horrendous crimes against humanity.

    Force multipliers are a Terminator-theme associated with computerized drones and robotic machines. A cosmopolitan ability to build and rapidly destroy reinforced concrete infrastructure may be equated to a contempt for natural environment and human occupation.

    The use of reinforced concrete walls, underground bunkers, land mines, exploding munitions, toxic biochemicals, radioactive materials, deep penetrating bunker busters and force multipliers make for a barren and inhabitable landscape, a grizzly non-human construct.

    The microcosm of the macrocosm coming to a theater near you.

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