Pentagon Stupidity on Steroids

The Russians have been pre-stagging this aid for several weeks now


Russia’s aid convoy pretense for invading Ukraine: US official

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The Russians have been pre-stagging this aid for several weeks now
The Russians have been pre-stagging this aid for several weeks now

[ Editor’s Note:  We have very visible evidence now of infighting inside Kiev, with two factions vying for control over the Russian humanitarian aid.

Lavrov has negotiated a deal where Ukrainian plates will be put on the trucks, Kiev determining the routes, and have one of their people on each truck to give them control to see that none of the supplies go directly to the self-defense forces.

But we see today another group does not want Russia to have any mention at all, when the history of Red Cross assistance has often used government transportation and logistics assistance, and with all assisting parties being made public.

The second Ukrainian faction’s position of there being no humanitarian crisis in East Ukraine can only be based on their wanting the civilian suffering to continue, and to put more pressure on the self defense forces to give up. I refer to this faction as the Julia Tymoshenko crowd, after her comment of wanting to nuke all the Russian speaking East Ukrainians as part of her final solution to the violent coup resisters.

So this “air brushing” Russia out of the picture only seems to have one purpose… to deny the Russians any diplomatic victory they will get from that. But blocking it, as you see the White House is still trying to do, is only digging them deeper into the loss-of-credibility hole. One mistake follows another, like doubling down on a bad poker hand. The EU seems to be staying out of it, something that mass media has not mentioned, but I will.

What might happen is that the Russian-Red Cross convoy will cross the border with the Ukrainian faction A assisting, while faction B and the White House and Pentagon will claim an invasion of Ukraine is taking place. You just can’t make this stuff up. This is Alice in Wonderland stuff to the max… Jim W. Dean ]


 –  First published August, 13,  2014  –


Can Lavrov dance around the roadblocks as he has before?
Can Lavrov dance around the roadblocks as he has before?

The United States says Russia is preparing to attack Ukraine under the pretext of sending humanitarian aid to the country, according to an American official.

“We are concerned that Russia could try to use a humanitarian or peacekeeping operation as a pretense for inserting elements of its military force into Ukraine,” the unnamed official told The Hill on Tuesday.

Nearly 300 Russian trucks have set off from Moscow, carrying 2,000 tons of aid, including medicine, food, sleeping bags and power generators. Ukraine, however, rejected the convoy. Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister Danylo Lubkivsky said that there would be no need for humanitarian aid.

Pentagon spokesman Army Col. Steve Warren said on Tuesday, “If this is some sort of Trojan Horse, it would be illegal.” During a press briefing on Tuesday, State Department deputy spokeswoman Marie Harf condemned Moscow’s aid move.

“Russia has no right to move into Ukraine unilaterally, whether under the guise of humanitarian convoys or any other pretext, without Kiev’s permission,” she said. When asked whether the convoy was an invasion, she replied, “Well, we don’t know. We do have concerns. And that’s why, as we’ve said today, if it goes through all of these steps, then we would support this,” Harf said.

Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Moscow and Kiev had agreed on a humanitarian mission under the authority of the Red Cross.

“I am certain there will be no disruptions on their part. They are on the territory whose residents need humanitarian aid,” Lavrov said.

The Red Cross says that humanitarian situation in eastern Ukraine is critical as reports say thousands have no access to water, electricity and medical aid.



  1. Now this should be even more fun than idiots who walk on the track
    while the race is still on! (and an attitude no less!
    Darwin Runnerup, the other guy might be a Total Asshole (highly likely
    What do expect from people that drive cars fast around circles!
    They went for entertainment, They Got It!
    Some of us operate Vehicles because we need to go from A to b
    And don’t buy the crap about R and D either,
    We have known for decades how to make that machinery
    Now.. where was i? Oh, the Parliament.
    I remember a funny video (Look, I think someone just brought something to the Floor!
    They are on Display, you already paid for it might as well ‘enjoy’?


  2. “Tensions soar as Ukraine says destroys Russian armour”
    Kiev (AFP) – Ukraine said on Friday it had destroyed part of a Russian military convoy that crossed onto its territory in an incursion that has sent cross-border tensions rocketing.

    http //

    Despicable if true. The truck drivers offered up the contents of any truck to journalists to inspect, and they found only humanitarian supplies and food stuffs.

  3. It is my policy to Always Look Out The Window.
    Covers fortune tellers and works on weatherpersons also.
    Here is to Trustworthy People!
    There is No Substitute!
    Accept No Cheap Imitations (they cost more that the real ones.


  4. The aid convoy should be in Ukraine by now. If it isn’t, then it is likely the convoy will enter Ukraine tomorrow under Russia military escort.

  5. When the Lamb opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, “Come!” I looked, and there before me was a black horse! Its rider was holding a pair of scales in his hand. Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures, saying, “A quart of wheat for a day’s wages, and three quarts of barley for a day’s wages, and do not damage the oil and the wine!” (Revelation 6 5-6)

    I do not know of a single nation where Russia has placed an embargo on olive oil and wine.

  6. Alexis de Tocqueville (1805-1859) observed

    America is great because she is good. if she ceases to be good, then she will cease to be great.

    i wonder how many in the US nowadays take any heed of that warning, from a very sympathetic observer who saw more clearly than many others the potential of a new and genuinely more democratic republic away from the class-ridden societies in Europe with their decaying aristocracies.

    i have never been so sympathetic to the US as was de Tocqueville. one reason being that its citizens have never taken seriously the need to atone for the long-drawn-out genocide of America’s First Nations, or the evils of slavery.

    nevertheless i see what he meant, and would encourage my American friends to reflect carefully on his sage counsel.

  7. Again, Putin is a Chess player. He would have known that it would be rejected. But at issue is the RED CROSS to verify the genocide and kudo’s for Putin once again. That’s why Kiev doesn’t want the RED CROSS and damn the aid to those who need it as their media is calling for a genocide now.

  8. It is time for Americans to start paying attention to the ignorance that passes for intelligence in the indoctrination centers.

    Mr Dean as every European and Russian knows, when This years harvest is rotting in the fields with no market and winter approaches . . . . those European winters can be cold . . . especially with those weather control tools . . . The EU is going to crash, no matter how the chest-puffing is reported.

    http //

  9. Also, remember the next pot-hole that your cars/trucks suspension hits that nearly breaks a strut or shock…

    That Israel has brand new highway’s courtesy of your nearly $9,000,000 dollars a day (TAX FREE).

    Remember Obama, “No Boot’s on the Ground in Iraq.”

    • This DOES smell pretty funky. We’re back in Iraq, under VERY stinky excuses / reasons / evidence / justifications / circumstances / whatever the usual suspects claim to be the truth THIS week.

      I was initially sold on the idea that it was to protect the Kurds on the Mountain……. but seeing all the usual Israelites / Chosenites / neocons / Reptilians / Jews / whatever they are, cheering our renewed war, I’m getting a much different aroma these days.

    • DaveE DaveE… Google KURDISH OIL RESERVES… “GOT IT?”
      The US since Korea has slaughtered 30,000,000 with its proxies and directly. All whom had??? OIL/GAS.
      DaveE, can you name (ONE TIME) the USA was ever attacked? Psst! Hawaii wasn’t even a STATE until 1959 and had the US egged by Britain not placed sanction’s on Japan. Japan would have never hit a NAVAL BASE (Hawaii wasn’t attacked) only Pearl Harbor. 9/11 was an Inside Job. So in the 201 Wars. When was your Freedom’s at risk? When GWB came in office and continued with Obama.
      However, everything that was alleged of Nazi Germany 1933-45 the USA “IS” today. Complete with the Israeli trained POLICE STATE, NSA Spying, Kill List’s, CIA renditions, GITMO’S in various countries, Torturing, IRS & SEC targeting civilian dissenters and non-“PARTY” members, even Corporate America jumped on the band wagon, the Droning of 7 countries killing anyone with no proof of guilt nor none given, privatized SWAT in America to bypass FOIA request’s, America interning the most of its citizen’s behind bars where most crimes are from CIA supplied drugs where a gnat can’t get by the TSA,no declared state of WAR issued by Congress yet bombing of above countries, the war on Whistle Blowers, Journalist’s, FBI false flags, propaganda that is blaming Vladimir Putin for everything “EXCEPT” [GLOBAL WARMING] Yet we know that too is a HOAX. Then you have the Fascism in too big to jail/fail, tyranny and dictatorship

    • Oh, and DaveE… Please drop the pluralism as “WE” are not in Iraq. The U.S. Government is with its Military to secure the OIL to be sold ONLY in the failing US Dollar. If the US cared about a genocide they’d be putting a no-fly over Israel and the Ukraine.

      The Only part of the “WE” is that those of us who have loved ones who maybe serving in said Military op’s can escape the dangers from the “Mossad and US/UK created ISIS” and hopefully don’t return home in a metal box with a flag made in China to cover them.

    • Agreed, mostly, but I don’t think it has much to do with oil. The Chosen Race already has more stolen money that they know what to do with……. OIL is just a convenient scapegoat.

      This is all about The Chosen People. “Same as it’s ever been.”

  10. You would THINK that a site like VETERANSTODAY would have caught on to the real OBJECTIONS of KIEV in this convoy….

    That being that the RED CROSS would be allowed in to VERIFY the GENOCIDE of this U.S. backed Junta!

    This also while his Worship Obama and Cameron claim to act in Iraq to stop a Genocide while their aid and support are in fact causing 2 Genocides in Gaza and the Ukraine.

    Remember all the lies….

    • @willam,
      RT may be A source for information regarding Russian intel but I envy the Russian people who probably know a lot more than we do behind the invisible wall. They know Kiev was invaded and its supported in their news. We know, yet were saturated with the lie that Kiev was liberated. I think VT is attempting to get passed that as an obvious conclusion and move forward.

    • I would agree with you but I would say it would depend highly on WHO the Editor was when speaking of certain issues. We are still faced with the DOG THAT DIDN’T BARK even here on VT.

  11. They are always the first to destroy something and the first to complain that someone else provided relief, real relief to the victims of their destruction. And then complain that its a plot to undermine their destruction by supplying first aid and rebuilding supplies to their victims. Its beyond ludicrous. I’m half surprised they don’t just let them recuperate so they can do it again.
    Kerry half promised 47 million to Gaza after congress approved 229 million for more weapons to destroy what the aid was meant to for; medical supplies, food and water. The US form of aid is either weapons, or building contractors and oil reps.

    • I would suggest highly watching the JOOTUBE video called “Shock Treatment 2009”. Then you’ll understand what “Shock and Awe” is. )

  12. If Putin were on the ballot I would vote for him.
    You stupid rent seeking traitors!
    I know you do not think you need the consent of the governed.
    You have made that unmistakably clear.
    And you can probably guess where I think you should put those Damn Nuclear Weapons
    Which were always about making you powerful (and never about making us secure.
    You stupid crook gangsters operating under color of law!
    Daddy War-bucks rich.
    War fatigue?
    I want you dead, how is that for war fatigue.
    I do not have war fatigue,
    I am just sick of your sorry poor excuse for an act,
    and frankly I hope you get yourself killed (not Maimed, Killed!


    • As I hope you guessed, that bit of rant was directed at the Bright Boys at the Pentagon.
      It has no application in current company.
      Make the Bad Man Stop!! (pleease?


  13. “Pentagon spokesman Army Col. Steve Warren said on Tuesday, “If this is some sort of Trojan Horse, it would be illegal.”
    What a horse’s ass. This holds the rank of Colonel, a disgrace to the uniform. Desparately trying to hold US “exceptionalism” and its “high moral” ground in a sea of deceit, lies, propaganda and overwhelming Zionist control. He sure knows what a Trojan Horse is, so many have been used by the Zios and their puppet, the US military.

  14. The Russians are some seriously smart mo’fo’s. They’re playing Nudelman’s Ninjas like a kazoo. Speaking of which, anyone knows where our resident State Dept. Jewish Princess is hiding, these days?

    • @ani I cleaned that up before posting so I wouldn’t hurt your womanly ears. haha

      Facts are facts though. You get job’s like that by working your way to the top (from the bottom) so that they know you’ll keep your mouth shut when they want and open the other “times.”

      Like you, after many many decades of living you become wise. also body language is a tell…

      A real WOMAN pins her hair back. A ***CENSORED*** lets her hair fall in her face and is always moving it so its not in the way and seeing that body language,,,, She’s good at that!

    • william martin, I responded “mildly” to your erotic comments, but was censored. You must have “pull” at VT!

    • Denyse I think this comment has been mis-placed here. Funny that
      otherwise we might be seen to be catty 😉 on the page where You intended this comment.

      Can’t believe we are reading what we generally read and see here at VT

      dead babies and children and women

      and then asked to consider- what are the beautiful people wearing in 2015?

      Today I attended the most beautiful funeral service
      of a woman who died aged 97

      She and her husband came to Australia with seven young children.

      1956-same year my parents brought me here.

      80 young people-ALL her descendants, filled the front pews. Life was extraordinarily harsh for these immigrants, and you know what? Her smile beamed forth, not only from the photograph on the coffin crafted by her grandson, but on the smiles of all her descendants. Pure Grace and privilege. I was friends with one of the daughters, around aged 10 nearly 56 years ago.

      How we laughed thru the tears, today, just as we did then!

      Who cares what we wear in 2015-so long as we are Loving.


    • ani & Denise, I also wondered about dining in Paris & choosing the “right” fashions when the world is in crisis mode…

  15. This is exactly the scenario NATO and the Atlanticist cabal have been screaming for in Syria — and they scream that UN convoys should be allowed in uncontrolled, to distribute ‘R2P humanitarian’ supplies.
    But what have they time and again attempted to smuggle — and been sprung by the Syrian Army? Why, weapons, battlefield bandage kits, explosives, RPG rockets… So that’s Her Loopiness Samantha Power’s R2P — RPGs! But when Russia wants to relieve their ethnic cleansing it’s Stalingrad all over…

  16. Given the history of the pentagon syndicate, Pentagon spokesman Army Col. Steve Warren opens himself to ridicule when bringing to the fore the subject of legality, is he taking the piss ?
    Also notable in the recent rhetoric re Ukraine and media citing Russian “aggression” is the propaganda technique oft employed by you know who of blaming the opposition for ones own discretions. For instance Palistinian aggression being the root cause of the ongoing and intentional israeli genocide / holocaust. Re Ukraine Each Russian aid truck could quite easily be searched and even X-rayed by the usurping regime in short order as at customs posts throughout the world thus disproving any accusations of military assistance but the criminal propagandists who seek to inflame the conflict at great cost to us all do not seek this and nor do their whores in the Quisling western media.

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