Ferguson, MO and the “Israelization” of America’s Police Force


by Sami Jamil Jadallah


Ferguson, Mo is not about the militarization’s of America’s police force. It is and should be about the “Israelization” of America’s police force in equipment, training, ideology, perception and doctrine. The days of “to serve and protect” are long gone, given way to the new doctrine imported from Israel where “citizens” are the enemies, especially if they are Blacks, Hispanic, Muslims, Arabs or White Leftist and liberals. We have seen this transformation in the way the local police dealt with the “Occupy Wall Street” and how it dealt with the citizen’s protest in Ferguson, MO.


PHOTO: Tactical officers fire tear gas on Monday, Aug. 11, 2014, in Ferguson, Mo.

We should not be surprised with this massive earth-shattering shift in attitude, philosophy and doctrine. Michael Chertoff of Homeland Security, the ADL and Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) made sure that law enforcement agencies in the United States view citizens, all citizens as “potential terrorists” and should be dealt with as “terrorists”.

Americans are no more citizens with constitutional rights of free speech, free assembly, with the rights to petition governments, with rights against illegal search and seizure, Miranda and Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination. These rights do not exist and never existed In Israel especially to none “ Jewish” residents or citizens of the State of Israel, let alone the 4 million Palestinians Arabs under Occupation, who have NO rights whatsoever other than being potential and or terrorists.

JINSA through its Law Enforcement Education Program (LEEP) and with its high level connections in the White House, Congress, Defense and Homeland Security, arranged for the training of tens of thousands American law enforcement officer at the federal, state and local level. Both Douglas Feith and Richard Perle, former top Pentagon officials and key advisors to Bibi Netanyahu played a key role in the entire transformations of American’s police force from “to serve and protect” to “ hit and kill” just like the Israeli security forces.

“ The Israelis changed the way we do business regarding homeland security in New Jersey said Richard Fuentes, the Superintendent of the NJ State Police after a training session and a trip to sponsored by JINSA” and it sure did.

Max Blumenthal the American journalist best known for his insights into law enforcement agencies and its transformation writes “ During a 2004 LEEP trip, JINSA brought 14 senior American law enforcement officials to Israel to receive instruction from their counterparts. The Americans were trained in “how to secure large venues, such as shopping malls, sporting events and concerts,” JINSA’s website reported. Escorted by Brigadier General Simon Perry, an Israeli police attaché and former Mossad official, the group toured the Israeli separation wall, now a mandatory stop for American cops on junkets to Israel. American officials learned about the mindset of a suicide bomber and how to spot trouble signs,” according to JINSA. And they were schooled in Israeli killing methods and of course this includes “extra judicial killings no different from methods used by Israeli security agencies with impunity.

It seems Mr. Fuentes and tens of the thousands of officials and members of the police forces in the United States forgot a simple fact. This is the United States of America, and America is not an “Occupied Territories” with Apartheid Wall, barbed wires, separate roads for Jews and non-Jews, land theft an seizure, home demolition and marauding gangs of Jewish settlers. Unless we thing of Congress and the White House as an “Israeli Occupied Territories”. Here we are citizens, not an the “enemy” resident of “occupied territories.

The issues here in America is not “terrorism” as successfully marketed by Israel and its agents, but common every day crime from felonies (748,728) in 2012 to drunk driving fatalities (14,827) in 2102 to over 40,000 citations for DUI and domestic violence with more than 500 rape and assault cases every day and 30 deaths daily by gun violence. Terrorism based on mere facts and statistics is not and never was a factual issue but a political issue transforming America to a police state no different from Israel.

As such the entire shift of the American police doctrine from fighting common ground to fighting terrorism is ill advised and ill founded and undermines the very nature between American citizens and their local police force.

The ironic thing in all of this is the fact that Israel should be the last country to teach any one let alone the US about fighting terrorism since it is country established and founded on terrorism and has been practicing state terrorism way before its founding in 1948.

Israel is a country that used “terrorism” to exile millions and keep over 5 millions under military occupation and have treated all non-Jewish citizens as “enemies” subject to different law enforcement standards and procedures such as we saw in the death of the three settlers and the live burning of a kidnapped Palestinians at the hands of settlers.

A country that claims to have experience in fighting terrorism for over 66 years and continue to fight “terrorism” could hardly claim a success, no different than America’s teaching the world about “fighting drug wars” when in fact it has been doing for over 30 years and did not succeed. However the ADL and JINSA (together with free trips, wining and dinning and perhaps a Lewinski) succeeded in convincing law enforcement agencies that Israel is the best place to train and transform America’s police force.

Max Blumenthal and I quote” Karen Greenberg the director of Fordham School of Law’s Center on National Security and a leading expert on terror and civil liberties said the Israeli influence on American law enforcement is so extensive it has bled into street-level place conduct”. This Israeli toxic influence was instrumental in the extensive use of torture used as key component in the training of Iraqi and Afghanistan police forces, certainly it is seen in the very violent ways the police dealt with the “Occupy” protests.

Israel undue influence over America’s police and security apparatus in the United States has transformed the US from a country of laws and the rules of laws, to a country with every thing permissible, based on or have basis in “counter-terrorism”. These Fifth Columns within America made sure their influence extends beyond the Capital Beltway reaching far into the smallest of towns in America. Heads of local police who have not been invited on free trips to Israel are the exception.

Now America’s local law enforcements agencies and there are thousands have shifted their focus and doctrine from fighting common crimes to preparing and ready for a “civil war” in America. Discarding what they have been doing best for hundreds of years, keeping the peace, fighting crimes and corruption and “ to serve and protect”.

So next time any one of us think about going to the streets to protest the corruption and failings of America’s political, economic and financial leadership we need to think twice. We must see our self in “Occupied” Ramallah, Gaza, Jenin, and Hebron facing the Israeli security forces and not in New York or Toledo or Lansing. We will face an American police force that through free trips and training in Israel lost its American values and doctrine, and literally became an Israeli police force. ADL and JINSA have transformed America a country of citizenship and partnership with the police to a country we hardly know, a New America a country at war with its citizens.

Special Note: Without going into the “facts” on the murder of Michael Brown, and on the personal level, I do think that our local policemen, firemen, and teachers are underpaid for the work they do and did, and for the service they provide. And I hope the police will abandon the “Israeli doctrine” and go back to the American Doctrine of “ to serve and protect”. America is not and must not be at war with its citizens. We are a “Free Country” and not an “Occupied Territory”.


  1. Word seems indications it was a setup from the start,
    including the incident resulting in the shooting.
    I was not there, and so no first hand witness to offer,
    but I am getting a very bad smell, it started while watching the Street Theatre,
    Got worse when I looked at Jim Stone’s site.
    Might want to have a look.
    And remember, multiple objectives, one of which I Have No Doubt is Distraction.
    Distraction from what.
    Maybe Eretz Israel activity, maybe Ukraine
    The city of Donetsk is being basically rubbleized it seems (this is the Zionists at work too
    And then maybe ebola has ‘accidentally’ gone airborne (and ‘accidentally’ got out.
    So there are at least three things I can bring to mind, probably not the full set.
    Best to All (this stuff makes me sick).


  2. Here we are another day on, and please remind me, why a police shooting
    Can be an excuse for bad behavior on the part of all concerned,
    the rent seeking reverends, and blacks that always wanted a race war
    Commies and activists of every stripe,
    and CNN and Al Jazeera (and probably others) are there to captalise!
    You tell me this is not being exploited to the max.
    Look, you dumb bastards are going to be living in that mess long we forgot you exist,
    I have important work to do (and You Are Not Part of It!
    Oh the Vogonity.
    Good thing I am a nice level headed person (who lives no where near there!
    And that I can add to my ‘count my blessings’ list.
    Listen you Dumb Turkeys, why should we care if you set fire to your neighborhood?
    I think you are off to a good start.
    Might want to look into previous stuff along these lines..
    Burning down the neighborhood is easy,
    getting any sane person to put a store there after that, not so easy.
    Your Decision.
    I don’t want you for Neighbors!
    Look, burning down the Mini-Mart is just low stuff,
    and you will not have a proper supermarket (or do you?
    Well, if you don’t it will be a cold day in hell before anyone in their right mind wants to attend.
    It only takes a few, and I saw more than a few, if I was in Ferguson
    Stupid natives and news persons and activists and hyper vigilant cops?
    Now, you tell me how this is going to fix anything!
    I would be looking for where I was going to, meanwhile maybe a hole to crawl in
    while the Madding Crowd makes way!


  3. I would get So Screamed at if I was the ‘only one’ or wasted your precious time!
    Guess I was not the only one paying attention. (Good!)
    This thing is converging (in short, we are seeing more or less the same (nasty) picture.
    I care not what sector you hail from, who your daddy was
    or a lot of other stuff people should really know better than!
    I only hope you are of Good Heart (and that your Life Force is Strong!
    Because This Is Not A Drill!


  4. Oh No!
    It seems every poor excuse for protoplasm with what passes for a cause
    is now trying to ride this thing
    I saw pics from NYC during daylight hours, and (nearly anyway)
    every poor excuse for an attempt at an organization or cause
    seem to me to have had at least two poster bearers.
    Now, seriously,
    There is the ‘instance’ where grievances can coalesce,
    and perhaps make piece… oops I meant Peace.
    And then we have using ignorant desperate people for street theatre
    which is beyond Bad Form.
    I’ll Rest.(until I can’t take it anymore.


  5. Now I am all for “Full Employment” but this has long passed ridiculous!
    I have seen cottage industries grow up around incidents (carpetbaggers!
    But No!
    This time, it is not a ‘cottage’ it is (conservatively speaking) a Village!
    Maybe a small city.
    Now, anyone wanna guess what it costs to put that on the street (and guess who pays?
    And this will fix the perforated kid. (If not the circumstances, I see two meet on the street, you?
    (You ‘gotta keep em separated!
    This is why we have Grand Juries, and Petit Juries, and Proper trials.
    Or we could go native and just shoot each other in the streets.
    Problem is the ones doing that are wearing Blue (not to put too fine a point.
    And do NOT put people who survived five tours on the street without great care for all concerned.
    (only a suggestion, but all I ever do is observe and make suggestions.(we are self directed learners)
    Orders are to take it off the assignee (which only goes so far)
    I cannot perform in that capacity.


  6. Figuratively Speaking, I could care less where these guys got those toys,
    and I am afraid I understand all too well about how they just had to play with them,
    But Seriously, Uncalledfor does not begin to describe,
    and this approach will only escalate the conflict in this case
    (which would as I see it not be an accident)
    No one had any business arming our police forces with military level toys,
    there is nothing innocent about this.
    Which is to say I noticed the similarity to Israeli tactics,
    and a few other things too.
    I am not military (never did that)
    You don’t need a Weatherman to Know Which way the Wind Blows.
    All Along the Watchtower.
    And best to all of good heart.
    Interesting times, and here we is, better think of something.


    • Wayell, looks like it is escalating it, sure enough.
      Now we have Portapotty attacks, gas masks (maybe about porta potty)
      and something about molatov cocktails.
      What a setup and I shan’t give them (or you) ‘benefit’ of play by play,
      you can that on AlJazeera, CNN, and probably others.
      Just a note in passing, it is being escalated,
      this is a vehicle / diversion and so pay attention please I think.
      But not too much attention, because they are all about getting attention.
      Some fun you bet.
      Stun Grenades in the street, that was why I posted this. (now I remember
      (tear gas too).
      As long as they can rile up the natives (who may not see much future)..
      and I quote “Someone thru water a bottle and it ignited the Police” (credit CNN


    • Anyone ever see the TV program “Andy of Mayberry”?
      Andy was the Sheriff (level headed) Barney was the Deputy (hyperactive)
      Barney was only allowed one bullet, which Andy kept most of the time.
      This from a more innocent time, but a parable perhaps?


    • No intent to dominate, but this I must mention
      It was just pointed out (on CNN, attribution) that
      Each time the order of Command was elevated, that usurped (which is disrespect)
      their ‘predecessors’ ability to do their jobs, and by implication caused them to appear incompetent.
      This happened Every Time this got elevated, and in the meantime the situation got escalated
      It had completely escaped (until he pointed it out)
      that every time there was a handoff, it not only got less clear and more complicated,
      (as regards just who is (or will in the end be held) responsible (which may be different parties)
      but either competent Officers were overridden (more or less in public’ too) for No Valid Reason,
      Or they were not properly called to account and offered an opportunity (however brief)
      To Explain Their Behavior.


  7. nowhere in the world is “safe” from these thugs. as example, Wesley Snipes was about hunted down for taxes on money earned outside the US. for the fact of being born here they consider you their property, aka slave that they can do anything they want to, anytime, anywhere.

  8. “” The media are extremely complicit in this deadly [ knockout ] “game”.””

    About 95% of all manufactured and distributed information is controlled by six major global and interlocked media conglomerates and this includes the NY Post ; all of which is in turn ultimately controlled by the International Zionist Crime Syndicate with headquarters in Tel Aviv , Israel . The Synagogue of Satan jews realized a long time ago that you could never sustain rulership of the world with a totally mixed race ruling collective — it would need to be very racially homogeneous to avoid never ending conflicts due to racial culture or even genetic incompatibilities . The zionist jewish plot is to keep the world pot boiling by continuing to mix races and cultures while the Israelis maintain a somewhat hidden and high degree of racial homogeneity to avoid rulership disabilities that would result from the dissensions and conflicts of race and culture mixing . Jewish collective commonsense is woefully absent in the goyim nations ; and likewise , the cognitive dissonance that should result from violating the presumably divine biblical injunction — [ kind after kind ] — is being gradually erased from goyim consciousness by the zio-rulers ( via social engineering and the commensurate mind programming ) whom are at the core very homogeneous — if not racially then at least culturally . The ziojew rulers know that genetic equality makes rulership more feasible .

    • JS.. thanks… there must come a time, when all Americans must face and address the issue of race relation and social justice and address issues that are core issues within the Black community. There is also a time and an urgent need where citizens can demonstrate without breaking windows and looting… Hundreds of thousands can go out in the streets of Europe and you do not see the violence and the looting that takes place… simply no excuse for violence from both police and citizens and never never an excuse for property destruction and looting … never.

    • Thank you, Sami. I believe the time has come to outlaw violent black groups like the New Black Panther Party, who have been advocating for years that black people need to kill all crackers, even babies fresh out of the womb, even pregnant women of color who aren’t quite black enough. They inspired the Knockout Game. Why aren’t those leaders in jail? They are the ones stoking the fires of hate. And fake preachers and race hustlers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson make things worse. Pres. Obama and Eric Holder let them spew hate and incite people to kill. Why? These are the people responsible for boys like Michael Brown going around cold-cocking people in the face.

    • JS thanks… I lived in Europe for over 6 years, worked and lived in the Middle East/North Africa many years, traveled to Latin America. We have to admit that America is exceptionally a “violent” country. If we compare All of Europe and the US in terms of violent crimes, we surpass ALL nations of the world in terms of per-capita violence and its is not only the Black community. We have to address violence as a social issue, address race relations, address violence by the police. We do have a serious problem on our hand and our Congress does not have time to address these core issues that are tearing at our fabrics as a society. The “Israelization” of the police is a political issue and not a “terrorist” issue. And Yes, over 200,000 Israelis demonstrating today against Bibi and you did not see any looting. Millions went to the streets in Cairo and you did not see any looting. Just remember the violence that took place in Seattle few years back when the US hosted the economic summit and it was not Blacks who stormed the stores breaking all the windows… but well to do White… Hollywood also takes the blame for making violence a standard in its movies. Remember when dialogue was what sold the movie not the shooting or the car chase or the violence… America we do have a problem.

    • JS.. In the US a routine traffic stop by the police can turn deadly in a minute or result in jail time.. and both drivers and cops are at great risk because of the violent nature we have in this country. I worked in Morocco for many years and lived there for few years and never ever was there a case of cop shooting a driver or a driver shooting a cop over traffic citation. In fact for the most part it end up in a hand shake even a hug and never violent. Majority of state troopers killed are killed during routine traffic stop. And we also have to keep in mind the racial profiling we are subjected to. I always tell my kids never ever do something or say something stupid or express anger when meeting a cop because it is either a bullet or jail… We need to rebuild the long lost partnership between citizens and the police.. and also address the racial issues we have in this country.

    • Yes, I know. I am from Canada, but have lived and worked in the US since 1988. It has got really bad since 9/11 and the Patriot Act that threw away the Bill of Rights and gave us the Dept of Homeland Security. The looters in Seattle, by the way, were led by professional paid agitators. I saw the photos of these guys, identically dressed with nice boots! The same thing is true here in Ferguson, professional paid agitators from outside are here too. Some are with the national black troublemaker groups, and some of the agitators are with the government.

  9. In Ferguson, the “unarmed” teen cold-cocked the cop in the face. Well, here’s a similar Knockout Game crime that just happened on Thursday. A very pregnant woman of color was sucker-punched in the back of the head, knocking her out. This happened in Brooklyn. The “unarmed” black guy who hit her, had no previous record. Well, he does now. Notice that the lame NY Post, like most major media, does NOT give the race of the attacker, even though this is a hate crime. The media are extremely complicit in this deadly “game”. The woman is lucky; many victims die.

  10. Michael Brown, the teen who was killed, had apparently robbed that same convenience store 3 times. He was facing 2 court appearances. His mother says he’s a good boy, but she has no idea what he’s been up to, as he has been staying at his grandma’s house all summer. Local radio station had a friend of the police officer give his story, the one she heard on Sunday before the rioting started. 6-min. audio here.

    She says that Michael Brown punched the officer in the face (who was still sitting in the car) and tried to steal his gun. That behavior is consistent with the Knockout Game, which is usually done by punching in the head. This next part is not on the tape, but Mr. Brown is also a suspect in the stealing of a hammer, which is the favorite weapon (after fists) of people who play the Knockout Game. Hammers also come in handy for burglarizing homes and cars.

  11. Perhaps JS the facts are as you say. But in thousands of other cases across the US the facts support the other side.

    I happened upon a police shooting in San Jose just wednesday. The girl was 19, had emotional issues and confronted the police with a battery operated drill. I don’t know anyone who can’t visualize a drill from a gun. They thought it was a good idea just to shoot her rather than actually use police skills. She came from a minority family and little has been made of it in the press so far. It was an execution.

    So I agree Sami it is way out of control and has been for years now.

    • The I Z C S is engaged in a low-intensity war ( cold war ) to get full control of the american sheeple . What you call an execution is a war casualty .

    • Last summer a man who was watering his garden heard a noise and turned while releasing the sprayer on the hose and was shot and killed. Cop said the sprayer “Looked like a gun.”

      Sami didn’t mention in the GILEE, CIR and ADL programs that when US LAW (Once the ADAM-12) that as a final leg of their “Trip” or indoctrination into the Israeli CULT of Zionism that those same US Law are shown GAZA as Terrorist’s (100% CIVILIAN’S) where they return home with that mindset and WE the American Palestinian’s – – are now the enemy.

    • I agree there is a problem with militarized police. My contention is that particular problem comes from the top, from DHS, from the Patriot Act and Congress, etc. just like a fish rots from the head down. I was only speaking to the specifics of Ferguson. And my remarks about the Knockout Game stand. The kid was unarmed, my ass. The “game” is a sport in the black community across the country now, and it’s time that black leaders and the media stopped making excuses for it. Btw, there’s a lot of good in Ferguson. For example, I’ve been to St Louis Community College (Florissant) there, for FIRST Robotics competitions at middle and high school level. The championship will be held here in St Louis again this year. http://www.usfirst.org/

      The kids might be poor, but many of them are very smart AND God-fearing, and they don’t go looking for trouble like the 2 teenage hoods did on multiple occasions. I don’t want anybody making excuses for them. And no excuses for the crooked 5-6 IT people in STL County with no ethics, who just got fired. I hope those people go to jail too.

  12. You spoke a bit too soon. St Louis area is the home of the “Knockout Game”, and it’s deadly serious. Please google it, as it has spread over the country. Those 2 “unarmed” teens were far from unarmed. I live in the area. The worst thing the police did was hold back information for the last 6 days, that exonerated the policeman. The info came out finally today – the teen and his friend had just strong-arm robbed a convenience store, and the 2 teens were stopped with reason about 10 minutes after the robbery. The “unarmed teen” who was killed was 6 ft.4 inches and weighed 190 lbs; he was huge. He and his friend beat on the cop and tried to steal his gun. There is evidence of that. There is also camera footage of the same 2 teens robbing that same convenience store on 2 previous occasions, so this was their 3rd. And during the looting this week, the store was burned down, likely to try to get rid of camera evidence. But it didn’t work, as the camera footage had been digitized and was offsite. Bottom line, the other teen is in DEEP trouble, lots of evidence against him and his dead friend, of their crimes.

    • The big question is, however, WHY did Ferguson police wait 6 days to tell us the simple fact that the 2 teens had been stopped for a good reason? The public didn’t need all the details, but the police should have told us something immediately. Did it have to do with the criminal actions of Anonymous hackers, and the fact that 5-6 IT people just got fired today from St Louis County? Did it have something to do with the fact that 911 service went down around 11 am Thursday, for ALL of St Louis County? I don’t know why we had to wait 6 days for the truth, and in the meantime we had 6 days of violence and of militarized police. VT should try to get to the bottom of what happened here, especially the actions of Anonymous. Something smells fishy about the situation, and I don’t think it’s the local police. Outsiders capitalized on this, very fast. How and why?

    • JS… ALWAYS look for what isn’t there. ALWAYS!

      IF the Teens had been in a alleged Robbery as stated, why wasn’t the Other boy arrested as an accomplice to that robbery or why wasn’t he arrested in fleeing law enforcement in a fatal shooting that he was a party to?

      Remember also the POLICE only heard of the shooting via the media and not the Cop who would have in all other cases called for immediate back-up and a supervisor. However what is more important is human life means nothing today. Let alone those same cops who kill our “organic alarm’s” every 98 Minutes while trespassing chasing someone through your property or in No-Knock Raids on the WRONG HOMES.

      One thing also that Sami didn’t mention is that MOST SWAT TEAMS are now being PRIVATIZED and therefor FOIA request’s for information on the 100+ SWAT raids daily and NOT Government or Local Law so that information is not being released. “TRADE SECRETS?”

    • Thank you JS. Having been in police work, back in the 70’s I know how “the press” NEVER gets the facts out, same as with Rodney King and millions of other cases.

  13. Excellent article. In the UK we see a similar situation a citizenery treated as enemy combatants a common purpose as is reflected in the “shoot to kill” policies, militarization, unlawful abrogation of Common Law and political control being imposed on formerly apolitical constabularies. We even now have secret courts, political prisoners and a regime that force drugs prisoners citing “mental health issues” Soviet style in a bid to cover the numerous and despicable crimes of the fifth column and its quisling servants.

    • As I understand, any police officer can get a free trip to Israel for a week, payed by DHS, and that includes holohaux training as well.

      If you want to climb the police ladder, get photographed at a gay sauna, that will do it.

      ‘Protect and serve’, ha, getting as much laughs as ‘America, home of the brave,land of the free’. give me a break

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