Hundreds of people killed and injured in Libya over weekend



Hundreds of people killed and injured in Libya over weekend

… from  ITAR-TASS,  Moscow


General Haftar
General Haftar

[ Editor’s note:  Late in the day, one of the commanders for rebel General Khalifa Haftar reported that his air force was responsible for the surprise air strikes.

The Libyan government has gotten no foreign government takers on their request for military help to deal with the out-of-control gunmen.

The country has turned into a basket case, and all at their own hand, as they got control of it on a silver platter with modest destruction.

Libya had an oil revenue per-capita that was the envy of Africa. These are the oil revenues that the hard left claimed would all be stolen by NATO and Europe. Gosh, not a bit of that happened.

The current new devastation of the country stems from the fight over money, one that included knocking down the country’s oil revenues by 80%, by taking them hostage in the internal fighting.

At the end of the day, not having the foreign military go in to secure all the weapons depots just sealed the fate of the free, but inexperienced, country. Too many guns and too many egos, plus the usual greed do not make a good foundation for building one’s country… Jim W. Dean]



 –  First published on August 18, 2014 


Libyan militias just refuse to build their country
Libyan militias just refuse to build their country

CAIRO, August 18. /ITAR-TASS/. Hundreds of people were killed and injured in fierce fighting in the Libyan capital over the weekend, local mass media said on Monday, citing medics in Tripoli.

On August 16 alone, some 60 people were killed and about 400 wounded. The Health Ministry refused to publish exact casualty statistics.

Fighting for the city’s international airport between Zintan Brigades which control it and Islamic militants from the Misrata-based Central Libya Shield has been going on since August 13, with oil tanks containing millions of tonnes of petroleum burning along the road to the airport.

Electricity and water supplies have been disrupted, there is a shortage of petroleum and diesel fuel. People are leaving the city. Over 700 families have fled the shooting and shelling to Bani Walid 180 km southeast of Tripoli since Friday

In the middle of July, the Muslim Brotherhood and their allies began Operation Libya Dawn against the supporters of beleaguered Major General Khalifa Haftar who has been leading Operation Dignity against terrorists since the middle of May.

The radical groups were reported to have been tasked with taking the capital under control and taking additional precautions in case of unforeseen events related to the inauguration of a new permanent parliament called the House of Representatives and the transfer of power to it from the temporary legislative body, the General National Congress.

After that, the fighting in Tripoli and Benghazi, the second largest city in the country and the cradle of revolution, intensified.

Last night, warplanes without insignia were seen barraging over the capital. Eyewitnesses said they had attacked the warring militias’ positions on the southern and western outskirts and then flown away. It is not clear yet who had sent the aircraft.

Libya Dawn representatives said a jet fighter had fired at least two missiles at the militants’ bases, killing five rebels. Local media said the planes might have belonged to NATO, but these reports were immediately denied by the security services in Tripoli. However, they could not say where the aircraft had flown from, how many there were of them and where they had retreated after the bombing.

On August 13, the newly elected parliament voted for immediate UN-led international interference to protect civilians. The decision was made after the groups fighting against the government troops had refused to surrender and stop fighting.

The parliament also passed a bill outlawing irregular armed groups and cancelled all the previous resolutions and decrees concerning ex-revolutionaries, ordering their dissolution by December 31, 2014.

Militias are controlling large stocks of arms, including heavy weapons. But the regular army is too weak and has not been able to become a combat capable force that can restore law and order in the country.


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  1. Let Libya , Iraq and Afghanistan be a warning to any other country who toys with the idea of inviting so called western democracy into their country.

  2. For a moment there, looking at the opening picture, I thought we might be back in Ferguson, Mo. But it is evident, Libya is the opening chapter of a new and probably universal dark age. If we somehow should miraculously escape nuclear war, this dark age should last centuries. This is the result of a world configured by hopelessly incompetent “leaders”, each with respective populations too corrupt or weak minded to save themselves.

  3. Re Aliens “R” Us!

    VT has provided readers with a glimpse into the very near future of the new world order landscape of the North American Union. As the United States disintegrates into regional Ethnostates bordered by Canada and Mexico, conflict and social disorder will prevail as increasing ethnic diversities clash with each other over territorial conquest..

    Gordon Duff has posted “War coming home to America. Pro-Russian Paul Craig Roberts is beating the drums of cautionary sobriety. Greg Hunter ends economic interviews on YouTube with this biblical advice “Fear Not!”

    Decades ago Doris Lessing wrote a book series involving a fictional planet by the name of Shikasta, a Swahili term meaning “The Broken One.” Lessing detailed a planetary history of alien involvements, biological experiments, and of the prevailing militarism of a dominant racial group that eventually ends up with their backs up against the ice wall.

    Mythological symbolist and psychoanlyst C. G. Jung spoke of the “Collective Unconscious,” offering the observation that films-movies were the unconscious expressions of humanity’s “Collective Dreams.”

    Themes of “Human Harvest” are The Bob, The Day the Earth Stood Still; War of the Worlds Planet of the Apes; Close Encounters of the Third Kind; E.T., the Extra-Terrestrial; Star Wars; Independence Day; Sings; Terminator Salvation.

    All in all, the terra-forming activites of Aliens, Predators, Terminators, and Transformers.

  4. Like it or not Saddam and Qadhafi (sp.) were not that bad. Bad they were true but, back there in the days of the “laws of the jungle” as GHW Bush so moronically put it in 1991, they seem like Sesame Street characters. When the American government wants someone dead because of whatever reason, they want them dead regardless of the alternative.
    The new world odor tag should read “Alternative World Order” since it is not a new world just a pristine example of years of failed leadership. When the world reaches this pathetic level of human treatment and degradation, nothing but failed leadership is responsible. This “rule of law” we are experiencing today is quite something ain’t it?

  5. Yes, and since the genetic codes say they are Khazar, and from around the Ukraine, they’ve decided they want that country to and the Caspian Basin also. Where do they get the nerve? Especially since they slaughtered countless Ukrainian citizens not long ago. It’s mind boggling.

    • “” Where do they [ ziojews ] get the nerve?””

      In the beginning God said in the Torah that jews were chosen to have dominion over the world . They are empowered by religious belief in the same way that muslim suicide bombers are brainwashed with their religion . Very many people , including Christians , still do not want to argue with what God said in the jewish Torah . Many Ukranians , as well as many other people worldwide , are likely ignorant about the fact that Soviet jews were the principal commandants of the various extermination programs executed against them . Jews have known for thousands of years that overcoming ignorance is a gargantuan task that people tend to successfully avoid .

  6. It’s also interesting about Libya’s oil. Many people thought that the attack on Iraq was about oil. Well it was but not in the conventional sense of stealing it and selling it on the open market. Same effect in Libya, but for different reasons.

    It was more about limiting supply and keeping the price up. Another aspect is WHO exactly gets to SELL their product and when. At one time oil was at $130 bbl, but who exactly got to sell their oil at $130 ? What good is a high price if you are blocked and unable to sell at the stated price and make good delivery in a timely fashion. Certain countries got EXCLUDED from the market and still are.

    Meanwhile, huge finds are popping up off Cyprus, Gaza, Scotland, Australia, S. China Sea (natural gas and oil) Caspian Basin, but there seems NO rush to bring all of it to market. You would think consumers would be benefiting, not so. Will various energy supplies ever make their way on to the open market?

  7. In the “Protocols” there is a section (paraphrasing) about the elite “Jews” overwhelming the goyim with a million different arguments, actions, opinions on what to do, simultaneously, to the point of paralysis. It looks like all these assorted disasters so closely linked in time are designed to do just that and “they” have had their hand in most.

    The emotionally draining aspect of seeing so many innocent people killed, starved, enslaved, and otherwise exploited is added for effect, just look at Gaza, Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Libya. Untangling this mess in so many global hot-spots is both confusing and dis-heartening to say the least.

  8. I am still very much overwhelmed by CNNs story about murdered animals in Gaza ZOO. Those are the only real innocent victims of bombardment, not as we all thought Syrian, Libyan, Palestinian or Iraqi children.

  9. ~ ”I AM so sad to say this, that there is so many DE-POPULATION TACTICS, going on SIMULTANEOUSLY, all through-out THE WORLD” ~

  10. Libya is a total disaster and a catastophy fore the people of Libya, ruthlessly done by NATO.

    Important addition for the historical record. On 24.5.2014, Mustafa Abdul Jalil, the Head of the National Transitional Council in Benghazi in 2011, in an interview to “La Republica” in Spain eventually admits that Ghadafi did not kill protesters.

    See this historical interview – the complete english text can be read at the bottom


    For german speaking people here is some more background about this and the relations to current conflicts


    We will never forget what was done to the people of Libya and we know who did it!

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