Did Bush Move America’s Presidency Offshore?

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Did Bush Move America’s Presidency Offshore?

… by  Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor     … with  PressTV, Tehran


–  First published   …   August 18, 2014  –


Five Presidents
Five Presidents

Rather than allow President Obama to assume a “real” presidential office, sources now tell that “handlers” who, with the help of Vice President Cheney, kept George W. Bush medicated and sober as possible, directed him to facilitate efforts that would guarantee that no subsequent American president would ever be able to enact policies unfavorable to Israel or powerful criminal interests.

Like so many American corporations, even the US presidency is moved “offshore,” considered too important to be left in the hands of elected officials. As American broadcast journalist Mike Harris said today, “So this is why President Obama is playing so much golf.”

This wasn’t the first time an American presidency was considered a threat and this solution, “offshoring,” was deemed an effective way of avoiding other efforts as were looked to in the past.

President Obama has had less power than any American president in history. Nominations are blocked, his decisions are never enacted because of lack of funding and many departments under executive authority simply ignore him. There is a reason for this. The American presidency was relocated, “offshore,” by George W. Bush.



Mike Connell was allegedly threatened
Mike Connell was allegedly threatened

In 2000, the GOP and their Israeli allies spent up to $10 billion to win the White House, rigging voting machines, intimidating voters, manipulating counts and running a smear campaign of unprecedented proportions. They still lost.

Sources have now come forward that cleaning up the trail of the 2000 coup de etat involved threats against Al Gore and his family and the 2008 murder of GOP “vote hacker,” Mike Connell, just before he faced an Ohio grand jury.

Even after staging 9/11 and in the midst of two contrived wars, John Kerry unofficially won the 2004 election with a 5 million vote majority. Pollsters were clear on one thing; there would never be a fairly elected Republican candidate in the White House. There was only one solution, the presidency had to be destroyed, its power eliminated and moved offshore.

This project was undertaken by the Bush administration, literally “burning down the White House,” leaving the executive branch of the US government powerless on its own, subject to the Supreme Court, now the chief lawmaking branch of government and the similarly crippled legislative branch.


Crippling the Legislature

The US held a census in 2000. As is the case, after each census, districts that elect members of the House of Representatives are reapportioned based on population trends. This time was different. With the US Supreme Court totally under control, and Bush in officer after the coup, the House of Representatives was restructured based on what is called “gerrymandering.”

No matter how large a majority Democrats would win an election by, most seats would go to the Republicans. In the 2012 election, Republicans won a substantial majority in the House with only 37 percent of the vote.


Why this Matters

Before Bush left office, “line item” rules were established that made any effort to enact executive policy subject to financial oversight and approval by the House. Bush, in agreeing to this, virtually eliminated the Executive branch of government.

Any presidential initiative, let’s say, closing Guantanamo for instance, depends on spending funds. Travel, administrative planning or even moving prisoners requires spending. If funds are spent, even when approved by the president, without the now necessary approval of the House, always a “Republican” house, the president is violating law and subject to impeachment. This is the basis for the current proposed impeachment of President Obama now.

However, what has been done has abrogated all constitutional structure through what had been sabotage of the American government, what in reality is an act of “constitutional terrorism.”


Rules upon Rules

Department of State's Victoria Nuland putting the fix in with Ukrainian politicians
Department of State’s Victoria Nuland putting the fix in with Ukrainian politicians

In order to block Obama from reforming the government, every federal department that would be under his authority, those overseeing veterans affairs, protecting the borders, running the military, overseeing environment or even law enforcement, was totally restructured by the Federalist Society, a group of lawyers closely tied to Zionist extremist elements.

A new class of “civil servant” was created that could only be removed through legislative authority. These “protected individuals” are tasked with directing contracts to “favored” individuals and, if necessary, to sabotage government operations as we have seen with the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement branch.

Both simply stopped operating, veterans medical care came to an end and millions of illegal aliens simply walked into America as the bureaucracy overseeing America’s borders simply stopped functioning, went on “stand down.”

Moreover, the legislative organizations themselves set up rules allowing them to block any legislation or political appointment and, in doing so, paralyze the Obama administration that hasn’t been able to appoint ambassadors, judges, prosecutors of regulatory personnel.

All performing those key tasks under Obama are either Bush holdovers or, as with the State Department, neocon puppets like Samantha Power, US Ambassador to the UN or Victoria Nuland, defacto “Queen” of the Ukraine.


Presidential History

Recent Presidential history
Recent Presidential history

Eisenhower was the last “dependable” American president. No one tried to kill him as with Truman; he quietly disarmed America, fell behind in the space race, watched American cities crumble and was silent on all areas of human rights. Eisenhower was “perfect.”

Kennedy, however, was a problem and was dealt with effectively, murdered within weeks of moving against both Israel’s nuclear arsenal and the Federal Reserve System. Similarly, Lyndon Johnson was forced to withdraw from the presidency in favor of Nixon. What he did to offend, complicit in the Six Day War and the attack on the USS Liberty, will never be known.

And Nixon was brought down, resigning to avoid impeachment and prison. Nixon openly hated Jews making his partnership with arch-Zionist Kissinger a case of “strange bedfellows.”

The Carter presidency was destroyed by the Federal Reserve cutting off the money supply and pushing interest rates into the stratosphere. Carter, now considered a “rabid anti-Semite” had to be gotten rid of. Reagan and Bush and the “October surprise” assured that. Reagan could win but was never intended to serve. 69 days in office he was shot by a Bush family friend.

When, in 1988, a Bush president was finally in office, a war contrived and a major US victory heralded, only 4 years later, Bush came in third in a 3-way presidential race.

Though Clinton was paying off the national debt, unemployment at an all-time low, economic growth at an all-time high, US relations around the world at a crescendo, congress tried to impeach him based on an affair with a young Mossad operative named Monica Lewinsky.


Obama’s Confusing State of Affairs

At least Obama tried to stop this by cutting off the Hellfire missiles
Did Obama try to stop this by cutting off the Hellfire missiles?

Last week, President Obama cut military aid to Israel, blocking shipments of Hellfire missiles, the primary weapon used against civilians in Gaza by the IDF.

Conservative news organization said “Obama has joined Hamas” and that this will likely “give Hamas a commanding position in the war in Israel.”

Only a week before, Obama had sounded like he was totally behind Israel, according to newspaper reports. Now he is considered both a “terrorist” and “traitor” by Republicans and the Israel lobby.

Inexplicably, independent press organs that had been citing connections between ISIS and their reign of terror and the trail of support for that organization that led back to Tel Aviv, began attacking Obama when he ordered bombing raids on this Israeli backed Al Qaeda group.

When Obama uses his position as commander in chief of the military to, what appears to be, strangle Israeli operations, even that is purposefully misconstrued to the point of absurdity. After all, as Thierry Meyssan of Voltaire Net so ably pointed out, it is ISIS that is partnered with the Israeli’s, ARAMCO and the oil companies, why are moves against them being reported by “alternative press” groups as quite the opposite?

Editing:  Jim W. Dean



  1. Here’s the part about this article that’s frustrating to me. It states a problem, without indicating that a solution is even possible. So “line item” rules block the President; that is news. But how long will those rules last? Is there a sunset on those rules? Will they last as long as the Line item veto that the Republican Congress gave to President Clinton? Because right now it sounds like there is NO end in sight. Could this fall’s election change that? I realize that these columns are written for intel pros, not for serfs like me, but in the absence of further details, should the serfs bother to go out and vote? 2 1/2 months until the election, so there’s not a lot of time left.

  2. ~ ”Forget about all of this fancy semantics, or everyone’s diatribe, the problem is this, ALL OF THOSE WHO TOOK A OATH TO DEFEND & PROTECT THIS NATION AGAINST ENEMIES. BOTH FOREIGN & DOMESTIC, HAVE FAILED US / WE THE PEOPLE MISERABLY, since 9/11 the ENEMIES, have been MOSTLY DOMESTIC, so where are ALL OF THE SO-CALLED RIGHTEOUS PAST & PRESENT MILITARY PEOPLE, as well as the so called GOOD LAW ENFORCEMENT, TO DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE, & stop worrying about a frigging CHECK, now WE ALL KNOW THAT, these scumbags bought a private ARMY to PROTECT THEM, but in REALITY, these scumbags are TRAITORS, & DESERVE EXECUTION BY DEATH, FOR COMMITTING TREASON” ~



    • ~ ”I AM SORRY, but TALK IS CHEAP, it is TIME FOR ACTION, because THESE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN ACTIVE, ever since KILLING JFK, & their agenda has been nothing but RAMPED UP EVER SINCE, & the ONLY WAY it is going to be CURTAILED, IS BY & FROM PATRIOTIC AMERICAN CITIZEN, & not from or by any WORLDS’ COURT TRIBUNAL” ~

  3. Gordon Duff, Jim W. Dean, I’m relatively new here, but have followed your reports since finding the significant evidence you presented on the Ukraine coup and on the 9/11 events. I don’t mean to be unappreciative, but the piece above on off-shoring the U. S. presidency (apparently meaning transferring authority to Israeli interests) appears to me to be the most thinly supported piece by either of you so far. Bush could have done nothing by executive order which could not be undone by Obama’s EO, and Obama has been most prolific with EOs. The Senate has the lever on presidential appointments, and that has been controlled by Democrats to date with nearly complete success on approvals. You point to sources coming forward saying Al Gore and his family were threatened in relation to the 2000 election. When and to what effect? Gore challenged the election through the SC twice. Your accounts of election tallies seem a far distance from any evidence I’ve seen, and you present none. Are we to take your word for it based on your exposure to evidence we don’t see, or can you show it to us? Without seeing the evidence, it’s not much different from political spin by the controlled media; i.e., unconvincing.

    • BTW I’ve observed the Federalist Society for quite a few years, and the views being expressed there have been essentially Libertarian – much like Ron Paul’s views. And I recall no mention of Zionism, though I don’t claim to have seen all or even most of what the lawyers there have to say.

    • “” off-shoring the U. S. presidency (apparently meaning transferring authority to Israeli interests) “”

      That makes perfect sense when you realize that the overwhelming influences ( via politics , finance and media to name a few out of many more ) on the USA by zionist jews are viewed as a de facto [ in effect ] off-shoring and not de jure transfer of authority ; although a de jure transfer may have occurred secretly for all that we know about their treasonous activities and norms of history .

  4. The Foley killing was a fake, silicon dummy, fake blood, and with a knife you couldn’t use to make a sandwich. Psy-op to hate Muslims. And look at the media that pushed it. Part of the new-rules on propaganda inside the U.S.

  5. Re Immigration and Customs Enforcement branch. and slightly off topic, but something worth considering.

    “…and millions of illegal aliens simply walked into America as the bureaucracy overseeing America’s borders simply stopped functioning, went on “stand down.”

    Social Security is facing a demographic problem. Women are not having as many kids, retirees outnumber payers into the system, baby-boomers will overwhelm it soon.

    Could this influx of young people from Mexico and further south be part of a solution? If they have families in the future, they will probably be much larger families, there are millions of them wanting to come here, they are close by, so it has a logistics component.

    I’m not saving this is the reason but it could enter into the equation, or maybe just be an unintended consequence. Most appear to be of child producing ages or younger. Not all will want to be on welfare rolls, many will get jobs and pay into the system at some point

    Just a thought.

    • You are not very smart I suppose? If too many Mexicans end up here then USA will look like Mexica and there will not be any USA to talk about. Ever heard of sumeria? I doubt. Now Sumerians are replaced by Semitic breeders.!

  6. Washington is captured Gordon, So why all the executive orders that fulfill the ‘bad seed’s agenda?

    Why not use them to unravel the stalemate and move out the usurpers? This is not going to be bloodless if both sides have their own agendas, no matter what. Psychopaths don’t give up.

  7. This is a damned good question

    “When Obama uses his position as commander in chief of the military to, what appears to be, strangle Israeli operations, even that is purposefully misconstrued to the point of absurdity. After all, as Thierry Meyssan of Voltaire Net so ably pointed out, it is ISIS that is partnered with the Israeli’s, ARAMCO and the oil companies, why are moves against them being reported by “alternative press” groups as quite the opposite?”

  8. So who are the honest leaders, where is a list endorsed by VT? At least Tarpley has been doing good job with presenting interesting local candidates.

    • Having “rights” is very 20th century. A bit like a US president being anyone other than one of the Bush Crime cartel, regardless of who gets the vote or attends the swearing ceremony(ies). Times have changed!

  9. The last person that actually attacked United States and its territory (that excludes Pearl Harbor) was general Santa Anna in Alamo. Ever since then the US are living in, like mr.Dean has put it, Alice in Wonderland false flag world. They engage in wars because they have to and want to,but only for the competition, there is never an imminent threat to the US. Who would in their right mind attack the US? Eisenhower was trully one of the last real presidents. Bush was not a president he was more like the Don and if Jeb reaches presidency we will probably witness world falling apart.

    • Texas was still legally part of Mexico and the Anglo-americans that were allowed to emigrate into Texas took a vow ( they lied ) to be loyal to the Mexican govt. and not agitate to secede….

  10. Power belongs only to those who seize it, it always has and it always will. Dubya was right the constitution is nothing but a piece of paper. Close your eyes and you will see the sum and total of every word ever used since time began. I don’t care much for the Bush’s I know exactly who they are but I do respect them. Despite everything they had they didn’t hesitate to risk it all.

  11. If it was up to me everything in DC would be fried.Our history is a lie,our holy leaders have been a lie,it just disgusts me.The more i read the more i want to puke.Washington is like the divorcée of some big shot rich bastard and all they do is suck the life out of Americans who cant even pay their bills because some holy officer in DC moved all our jobs over seas.I have a gut feeling that with our southern border so wide open nukes will be going off.If the terrorists decide to bomb something then let it be DC.They would be doing us all a favor.After that maybe ,just maybe we could pick up the pieces and have a real republic back again.I will probably get arrested for my comments but honestly i don’t give a shit anymore,what is left for us souls out here that just want piece ?All we’ve got is murder rape and mayhem not only within our borders now with the police state,but all the shit our leaders have done to other country’s are now coming back to us.Karma is a bitch isn’t it?

  12. An excellent article by VT Senior Editor Gordon Duff. The answer is yes, the imperial presidency was moved offshore. It was moved to Tel Aviv as ordered by the City of London Rothschild Family Banksters, the folks that provide the financial muscle to the Likudists and control all the massive Israeli political payoff, kickbacks, perks and AIPAC contributions to Congress. USG and Pentagon officials.

    This is an important article because it describes the second shift of the loci of control over the American Imperial Presidency. The first shift was right after WW2 and Roswell when the control over the USG was shifted from DC to the large Defense Contractors which formed the Secret Shadow Government (SSG).

    And the second shift was after the Israeli/FBI staged Murrah Building Bombing in Oklahoma City and the first World Trade Center Bombing by the “Blind Sheik” (a false-flag attack on the emerging militias and examples of synthetic terrorism).

    The second shift became possible because all NSA raw feeds were hijacked by Israel and with direct satellite downloads, allowing the Israeli contractors to take over almost all American Defense Contracting and American communications.

    • The bottom line is this, the Obama Administration, for whatever reasons, is blocking this foreign USG control located in Tel Aviv by Likudists. This alone symbolizes the beginning of a transfer of control back to the Administration inside America and away from the Israeli controlled defense contractors. If the Israelis and neoCons/PNACers institute more false flags and/or nuclear 9/11s inside America this may actually help transfer the control back to America and inside the current Administration, if the Administration seizes control back from the Israeli/NeoCon Dual Citizen infil-Traitors.

      Are the neoCons/PNACers going to go for broke and create massive chaos inside America hoping this will help them regain power at the next two elections, the first this fall and the next in two years? If the current Administration seizes control and puts these usurpers and Traitors in their proper place, they can be pushed out of control once and for all.

    • I appreciate free articles and everyone’s hardworking here. But seriously, is that the soln? If obozo wants anything then he can invoke constitution. And corruption comes when there is too much power at center. And he is trying to do exactly that.! Ie he is corrupting system more. He ain’t any saint. He is Jewish. Just watch the pride of any Jew in NYC and nearby area including White House. Any aware person can sense pride of Jewish community as if obozo is Jewish. And that’s the fact.

    • @adil,
      It started before Bush, but he takes the cake when it comes to creating a dictatorship. NDAA is the only example I need to prove that Presidential power, plus the executive order have created a crown and throne dictatorship where the Congress is so weak they can only obey their bosses in large corporations including the MIC and keep those checks flowing. To make it look good Bainare tried to sue the President. Everyone laughed and went back to their loan guarantees to Isreal. Good times, good times.

  13. The Office of the President represents more than the mere man who occupies the oval office. The idea that a popularly-elected personality “dictates” governmental policy and “runs” the affairs of a nation as the most powerful person in the world is falsely considered.

    The executive branch of government has gathered a mystique or mystical quality about it over time as the highest political office in the land. The earliest presidents were elected representatives from the aristocracy and nobility of an economic, business, or military upper class.

    Genealogical connections suggest that those elected to the office are extensional members of a rather large family enterprise; i.e., a corpocracy or corporatocracy that has nothing whatsoever to do with a voting populous. A presidential election is decided by the Electoral College, not by a popular vote.

    Consider the office as being representative of an ascendency, an Ascendent Man-God; or, an Ascension symbol of an occult assembly and organization. In contemporary America the ascension is largely one of celebrity, as evidenced by the performance mystique’s of John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan.

    Compare and contrast the celebrity and family mystique’s of Richard and Pat Nixon, Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, with Bill and Hillary Clinton. Geopolitical conventions appear to be more about an ever growing and spreading of popular wealth across a national board of regents and their political underlings.

  14. Thanks Gordon, this article gives an interesting insight about the totally messed up power structure in the US government and somehow also about the powers behind the scene.

    Because many of the VT readers only like to point their fingers at Israel, whereby they somehow neglect the very special relationship between the AngloSaxon empire and the Zionist project right from the beginning, I would reccommend to read this nice historical summary from Thierry Meyssan, titled “Who is the Enemy?”


    We begin to understand the real history, which has been hidden from us so long. This unfolding is in no way a simple linear process, it has it’s own blowbacks, it’s own new traitors who try to mislead us on our way to learn the truth, but eventually the truth will set you free.

    • Another vote from me for “Who Is The Enemy?” Thierry is a great scholar.
      As a great reader of anglophobe Webster Tarpley (and an Anglo-Irish Aussie who knows the essential English quality of treachery) I support this thesis.
      Quickly, Zionism is an English invention, later adopted by Jews. It is one of many vehicles of Britannic ‘divide-and-rule’ tactics. Others are Wahhabism, Baha’i, Chinese Communism as delivered to Mao, and the Muslim Brotherhood.
      Perhaps Latinisation would be the best thing for the USA. Those Venezuelan girls make great wives, Yankees…

  15. Gordon, I would donate & ask nothing in return…many millions of us ordinary, sane Americans would do the same.

  16. Illegal aliens are pouring in over the southern border. POTUS says he will do an amnesty by Executive Order. The new Americans will vote Democrat. Are you seriously asking us to believe that Dubya and the Republicans are responsible for that?

    • you are reflecting a hoax you got in a Zionist email….if you don’t know diffent, why the hell are you here? Fox news and CNN run perfectly good disinfo sites.

    • I’m not the one who’s into partisan politics. The GOP are not saints. But Democrats always get a pass from you, even the dead ones like LBJ. He was involved in the JFK murder too. I think it’s fine if you want to be in partisan politics, if you issue a disclaimer about it.

    • I need to add this, as it’s the truth. I don’t care how the new Americans will vote. I DO care about the jobs. Blacks, Hispanics and whites protested and blocked buses in Murieta, CA. But it was too little, too late.

    • Do not mean to interfere, but I gather that Gordon thinks that it’s to late for Third Party alternative before November. I wonder why Gordon did not invest in Third Party solution enough earlier – IMHO that’s the only way out.

    • It has been astutely noted by other commenters that the IZCS which owns Wash DC will not give up their power without a fight . They are too deeply entrenched . IMHO we are way past the point of any nonmilitary political resolution to the NWO cabal nightmare . Sure , the IZCS owns the MIC until it is called upon to strike against its own people and the cross gets double crossed .

    • McCain threw the election to Obama and Dubya eagerly handed over the presidential helm to Obama . It is all rigged with the conflicts between Dems and Repubs as the main political theater production . The war between elite rulers and populists is over . The great american popular democracy experiment is finished — caputsie . De Tocqueville warned a long time ago about the demise and its cause . Apparantly the warning went unheeded among the masses . A new democratic mechanism that will not destroy government finances and a viable concept of loyalty is required to resurrect the Republic .

  17. Mossad/ISIS Payback for years of infiltration, atrocities and subversion Stasification of the intel agencies and police 911 7/7 Madrid Mubai Bali the USS liberty and the King David Hotel. Bombing Israel would disrupt the flow of poison however it would also kill the innocent too. How about arresting King Bibi and his confidantes and putting them on trial whilst disarming israel and giving the Palestinians a fair shout at a real election. MOSSAD have all the evidence the world needs to hang Bibi and others why not use it for the greater good of humanity hang em high and let us all move on it would help their public image.

    All assets of the crooked banking cabal should be seized until they can prove that no fraud or other crime was involved in obtaining them. Oh and re issue the Bradbury Pound the Greenback and bring back Glass Steagal.

    Disband DHS and UK’s ACPO swat as in fly JINSA and other dodgy “leadership” groups and arrest investigate and put on trial all of the child abusers in government.

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