Merkel dials backs on aggressive Russia and Ukraine policy

Germany's Iron lady is also flexible


Captured Kiev troops marched through Donetsk
Captured Kiev troops marched through Donetsk

Merkel Rows Back [on Ukraine] – Media Keeps Quiet


Germany's Iron lady is also flexible
Germany’s Iron lady is also flexible

[ Editor’s note: This came in from a VT reader in Germany — a timely treat as our growing research and news monitoring crew develops. One of the things we have always wanted to be able to do is follow political reactions to major events, via access to foreign language media.

Interpreters who will spend the time to do this do not grow on trees, but we have a growing list of readers who see this as an important addition to VT’s depth of coverage where they can play a key role.

My most recent article for Press TV was featured as the only Viewpoint posted for the day and was focused on this exact topic, how the sanctions blowback has developed.  If the people were smart, they would take full advantage of this momentum.

The first place to start there is to begin some indepth reviews of EU and NATO foreign policy, and whose interests were served in their recent push to the Russian border by taking over Ukraine. A lot of innocent people have already paid for this disaster, and frankly, I view the policy as a new type of crime scene, because it was the result of a criminal conspiracy.

It is most ironic to see Germany, famous for the Nuremberg Trials-codified prohibition on “waging an offensive war”, being a player and no small deal. But Merkel is no dummy, and she has certainly heard a lot from her business community in the last week. The interview below is her acknowledging that some changes need to be made.

There has never been a public debate on these aggressive policies, be they economic to start, but can quickly turn into military ones, as that has become a sad use of our military these days, the muscle to be used when the shake-down and threats do not work. This is a growing topic of concern to the American officer corps.

If we have more readers in non-English speaking countries who could help us monitor geopolitical media and trends there, please contact me. Click on the staff page links and then my name hotlink to get to my archive page that has my email in the upper right corner.

As I will not recognize your email address, please put something obvious in the title, like “Offer to help VT research” or “New monitoring.” Thanks in advance… Jim W. Dean ]


My Press TV article on the Sanctions blowback in the EU is below.

Sanctions fallout could go nuclear


You can find the original article in German here.


  1. I commend VT doing this, but better keep searching for translators — this is not up to scratch.

  2. It is clear that some negative dark forces out there wants Germany do be more aggressive. Why would that be? Well, they are the looser Nation and as such all the fallout can be blamed on them later. They started it all, you see, and history is written by interests groups, which bears little resemblance to real life events. Everything is always different as told. Germany is at the spot light and as such, the southern Europeans point at them and not on the real organizers of the scam artistry which are Freemasons, Illuminati Groups, Armageddon religions dogmatists from all religions, and their in-fightings. Conspiracy theory? NO, it’s conspiracy practice, done since thousands of years. It’s a normal and we are so stupid to not wanting to see this as the words (conspiracy-theorist) are meant to frighten us too much. We don’t want to do these things and hence “the emperor has no clothe on” and we don’t want to admit it – even it is right in front of our very eyes, daily, already in the architecture.

  3. Quote “Germany is an occupied country and it will remain this way.” Obama

    Germany has no peace contract.
    UN was founded under the premise that Germany is the enemy.
    Germany has nothing to say at the UN.
    Germany follows the orders of the voctorious ‘Nation Builders’, who oftem live of lies and deception (psychological warfare).
    Germany is not a sovereign country. It has to do what Israel, France, England, and above all the US wants them to do (which is really ruled by Israel). Most of the time people were allowed to lead regular lives though but it becomes more and more clear that the country Germany is supposed to become extinct. We are supposed to die out and be replaced by outside populations and we pave and pay the way for all of this even being asked to let all the newcomers move into our very home (even our privacy gets not invaded). It will be interesting to see the pork fight the lam eaters, while perhaps thinking vegetarianism is a sin. Women will not be allowed to wear pretty summer dresses, and yet nude “love parade” folks will be next to Muslim women being covered from head to toe (as their way to be liberated from male stares).

    Since Germany is a business and not a country, the people are all “personal” (indirect slaves) and not true sovereign human beings. We are in business contract with everything. Everything German people own, isn’t theirs, it’s owned by the occupiers, even their cars and bought homes.

  4. It is as self-evident as matters ever are that the chief source of trouble is the USA which is not suffering from sanctions and has an appetite for more military spending. Russia simply is not being aggressive. The leadership in Ukraine is as bad as it gets. Ukraine will never again be a unified whole. With Leningrad and Stalingrad in their pasts the Separatists will never surrender or compromise. “Porky” is destroying a nation he seems to care little about. HIs hope was to mine the place for more billions and retire to a nice clime later on. The soltuion would be for Russia to absorb the East of Ukraine and for everyone to get along. But the international oligarchs have other and nefarious plans. It is their day in the sun–but the sun will set.

  5. Just like the American propaganda (mass) media, the German equivalent may find events are out-pacing their ability to create a smokescreen. There is a similar article at Zero Hedge involving other EU countries with the same outlook. This link is not truncated no matter how it looks.

    http //

    From my own observation, most of these by the way are not happy with being forced to import US government GMO’s either. (Monsanto = US Govt) Time to break the EU, NATO and the WTO.

  6. As Russia bears the center landmass of the earth, Germany lays at the heart of Europe. Only in recent history it had remarkeable naval forces, but nonetheless it was and again it is a nation which over the years tried to play a greater role in international political affairs.

    This is manifested in it’s ongoing attempt to become a permanent member of the UN’s Security Council, as well as it’s ongoing initiatives to change the outdated UN consitution, which simply resembles the initial political state just after WWII. There is also an ongoing try do work things out more justly in the representation of the members inside the World Bank. The current (behind closed doors) negociations about TTIP are in no way determined, because of the highly active role of the german middle class entrepenours in politics, which is somewhat really different from the US/UK.

    There are some wise men in our country who knew for a quite long time that NATO would change it’s role after 1989, former chancellour Helmut Schmidt and former chancellour Helmut Kohl also represent those elder statesmen, the former also represents the quiet majority of the german people in many political aspects. Schmidt met Putin, just before Ukraine started. This is a much overlooked fact and he talked about this with his friend Kissinger.

    • There is much influence from outside lobbies to push Germany into a more prominent and, as some prefer, a more aggressive role. The motivations behind this are diverse, but some of them are quite clear, like this one


      This push meets the interests of some influential lobbies of the german military/industrial players as well as some major political players from diverse political parties, which all share one common ground – they are all well connected to the atlantic Think Tanks (as is the author of the above article).

      Interestingly, the great german producers like Siemens, Mercedes, VW, Hoechst, Bayer, RWE, EON, …
      are not russophobe at all. The atlantic influence is directly tied to NATO and the big german Banks as well. They also push politics behind the scenes in Bruessels (austerity politics, PPP and depth profiteering).

    • People normally don’t realize such major splits between rivaling elite groups, but today we see a clearly emerging pattern here. And that’s, what the VT article is all about, because Merkel cannot risk to loose one it’s major political and financial bases, so she has to make consessions – and she does this step by step, as we Germans know.

      The real question, which arises here is, which side will win. Nobody can be shure, but all people who realize this split, should come out and take a side in public. As darpa made it’s supposed “mistake” with the invention of the internet, the US/UK/Israel made one big mistake, they made us Germans too peaceful and now they cannot bring back the “daemon” as the american jewish representative talked about.

      Every politician has to acknowledge this in our country. So, the geeny is already out of the bottle.

  7. If anyone is interested, the site “Moon of Alabama dot org” posted an article and analysis about this dated Aug. 25, “Ukraine Economy Declines, Merkel Sues For Peace”. It has reference links. This site often uses German sources.

  8. Thank you for this nugget of Gold – forwarded both in English and German to people who should know
    and probably do not.

    • I see one big problem here, that the Eurasian Union will merge with the European Union some day. But maybe this is a good thing and I am wrong.

  9. Its a long shot, but Germany is the key to opening a new flank against the warmongers in NATO. Will Germany break with the US? Who knows? The Germans are rational. They know they have a future with Russia and the BRICS and no future with the US. But Merkel is timid and has shown no capacity for bold leadership. So, it will take a lot to get her to act against US direction. Meanwhile, the world is on a hair-trigger for world war. Germany is key.

  10. Merkel is a crypto jewess like madeline albright. The synagogue of satan 666G communication means she will take more care of zionist business than Germany.The same applies to Cameron and Hollande, its a historical sign, when the jews and cryptos reach a critical mass in European leadership (like Bolshevism in Russia), war is inevitable. They have neutered the EU, it is not a coincidence it is ONLY in Spain where the protests by the suffering EU citizenry started, its where the zios are not so dominant.To overcome the grip the cryptos have on the EU populace, Putin has to shut the gas in winter, the people will then BE FORCED TO WAKE UP and realise where the jews are leading them to, the slaughterhouse (again like in WW2)

    • albright “discovered” in her fifties (in her political career!) that she was jewish. Is that simple enough for you or is it too cryptic!?

  11. Mr. Dean, if I happen to see something interesting in French, I will pass it on. In the meantime, I am in a position where I can influence donor dollars going to US veterans groups’ projects. I have seen evidence here, of groups that you do NOT support much, but there is not that much info on who or what to support. If it’s not too much trouble, could someone here put together a list of worthy groups, or even just a list of what the priorities are? There is so much to be done. I have 4 words written down right now on my notepad health, jobs, education, recreation.

  12. Since the fall of the USSR in 1991 both NATO has taken an arrogant stance towards Russia, by moving weoponry closer to the border. It was unnecessary and hard to understand. Then we saw the coup d’etat in the Ukraine, led by zionist Jews.

    Has Israel decided to expand its defensible perimeter into Europe? Where next? The Baltic?

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