Israel, ISIL have a lot in common



By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor, for Press TV


get-attachment-63-587x4402Israel calls itself a “Jewish state”. Al-Baghdadi’s terrorist group calls itself “Islamic State.”

Both of these terrorist entities define themselves in terms of rigidly sectarian ideologies. Both are squatting on stolen land. Both brutally trample on the rights of those they consider lesser beings – simply because they hold “second-class” religious views. And both proudly commit horrendous atrocities.

The world’s Jews are becoming increasingly uncomfortable with so-called State of Israel, which purports to represent them without ever having asked their permission. (Israel defines itself as the so-called state of, by and for all Jews, and gives all Jews everywhere the automatic right to Israeli citizenship – while denying citizenship to most non-Jews, including the vast majority of Palestinians, simply because they profess another religion.)

Ex-liberal-Zionist Anthony Lerman, writing in the New York Times, has just written a political obituary entitled “The End of Liberal Zionism.” Like many other Jews, Lerman recognizes that it is becoming impossible for liberal, tolerant, reasonable Jewish people to continue to support the so-called Jewish State of Israel.

Saturday’s New York Times also featured an ad placed by anti-Zionist Jews attacking “Israel’s wholesale efforts to destroy Gaza and the murder of more than 2,000 Palestinians, including many hundreds of children.” The ad was signed by 237 survivors and descendants of survivors of the Nazi holocaust.

Last week Henk Zenoli, a Dutchman who helped save a Jewish boy from Nazis during World War II – and whose father died in a Nazi concentration camp – returned his “Righteous Among Nations” award to Israel. He said the award, given to non-Jews who helped Jews during the holocaust, no longer meant anything given the “murder carried out by the [so-called] State of Israel.”

Zenoli has felt Israel’s murderousness personally. He has lost six relatives– so far – to Zionist butchers during this summer’s Israeli assault on Gaza.

Today, the real holocaust is in Occupied Palestine.

Just as thoughtful Jews and their friends are horrified by the crimes of the so-called State of Israel, the vast majority of Muslims are appalled by the so-called Islamic State. (Unlike Israel, which still enjoys a fair amount of Jewish support, Islamic State has virtually no support from any of the world’s established Muslim nations, scholars, or religious organizations.)

Zionist propaganda outlet Fox News has been peddling the big lie that Muslims support so-called Islamic State. Media watchdog group, in its article “Muslim Leaders Have Roundly Denounced Islamic State, But Conservative Media Won’t Tell You That,” proves the contrary.

Ironically, while Jews are turning against the so-called Jewish State, and Muslims denounce Islamic State, the two terrorist entities seem to be working together. According to some reports, hundreds of ISIL terrorists have been treated in Israeli hospitals. And while the so-called Jewish State of Israel supports Islamic State’s attempts to overthrow the government of Syria, Islamic State for its part opposes resistance against Zionism while instead working to destabilize Israel’s enemies.

Since the self-styled Jewish State and Islamic State have so much in common – including sectarianism, atrocities, destabilization of neighbors, and squatting on stolen land – and share the same enemies (reasonable Jews and Muslims, and reasonable people in general) – perhaps they should merge into a single entity: ISrael. Netanyahu and al-Baghdadi could serve as co-caliphs, just as Rome sometimes had two emperors.

ISrael would be a paradise for people who like to shoot children and cut off heads. It would be a wonderful place to be a fanatically intolerant bigot loathing lesser beings who profess religious incorrectness.

In ISrael, self-styled chosen people who despise outsiders as cattle would rub shoulders with fanatics who see everyone but themselves as heretics worthy of death. The two groups would get along famously. al-Baghdadi would feel perfectly at home in an Israeli settlement, where he could occasionally venture outside the barbed wire with his rifle to shoot “heretics,” wreck their homes and uproot their olive trees. He might even be able to talk the Zionist settlers into beheading their Palestinian victims rather than just shooting or beating them to death.

While the Zionists of the so-called Jewish State and the Takfiris of Islamic State work together to make Jews and Muslims look like barbarians and war criminals, reasonable Jews and Muslims – along with well-wishers from other religions – need to work together to put an end to such nonsense.

They need not reject the notion of religious governance. If Jews wish to live according to Jewish law, and Muslims according to Islamic law, they should be allowed, indeed encouraged, to do so.

In Islamic Spain, the Ottoman Empire, and other classical Islamic societies, each religious group would organize itself according to its own laws and control its own affairs. Muslims did not force Christians and Jews to follow Muslim rules while the Christians and Jews did not impose their laws and lifestyles on Muslims.

There is no reason why similarly tolerant, pluralistic religious governance cannot happen today.

But modern states have a totalitarian outlook. They try to force everyone to live the same way and follow the same rules. That is why modern states, be they a so-called Jewish State like Israel, an Islamic State like al-Baghdadi’s, fascist or communist states like Hitler’s Germany or Stalin’s USSR, or even so-called liberal democratic states like Europe and the USA, have not yet learned to grant their citizens the level of pluralistic autonomy enjoyed by the religious communities of medieval Andalusia.

Fanatical, intolerant, sectarian, human-rights-abusing “religious” regimes like Netanyahu’s and al-Baghdadi’s are simply extreme examples of the totalitarianism at the root of the modern nation state. So reasonable Jews and Muslims must abjure the siren song of monolithic secularism, even as they reject the defamation of their religions by the vicious extremists of the “Jewish” and “Islamic” states.


  1. To Aseem Elahi

    “Judaism is passed down in a matriarchal lineage.” Moses’ wife was an Arab. So, that makes all Arabs Jews, and thus a full right to “river of Egypt to the Euphrates.”

    From ProtectUSA1st

    — ” Moses’ wife was an Ethiopian NOT an Arab. Ethiopian is the home of Lucy, have been Christian for over 3,000 years, where the Arc of the Covenant is stored, (so much so, the Jews believe Ethiopian Jews are the purest Judaism) one of the 2 countries in Africa, who never been colonized, even though, Italy tried and lost after long wars, in the late 1980’s & 1940’s.

    — Genesis Chapter 2 8—2 14—Lord God planted a garden eastward in E’den (as in Adam & Eve) with 4 heads river that was (1st river) there he put the man he had formed…..the (2nd river) was Gihon that covers the entire Ethiopia…..the (3rd river) was Assyria (Syria)…..the (4th river) was Euphrates (Iraq).

    —-Numbers Chapter 12 1— And Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses because of the Ethiopian woman whom he had married; for he had married an Ethiopian woman.


    Sometimes, one has to wonder if Hitler’s Genocide happened because he envisioned the future suffering of the Palestinians by the “IS rael” (“IS IS”).

    —You always been a Liar, Evil, Beast, Warmonger, Manipulator, Etc., Etc. Etc., but this time YOU ARE OFFICIALLY, “The Twin Evil Brother” of Hitler.

    — NETANYAHU you have the “Audacity” to lecture “The World” about “Hitler or the Holocaust,” and blame Hitler for his action, when you, those around you & the Israelis who voted for you, are all “Worse than Hitler”?

    —-“The Gaza Freedom Fighters (ARE NOT TERRISTS/ YOU ARE). By the way, Gaza Won the 1st Round of the War.”

    —–Now, if ONLY “The Corrupt, Stupid & Evil Muslim Leaders” from the “Middle East to Asia get United & Attack “IS rael” (“IS IS”), ” so once and for all to teach, you & your supporters a lesson you won’t forget, that would have stopped your COWERED GROUND TROOPS & YOUR KILLER JETS” which will give the World a deserving Peace after 65 years of IS rael MISTAKEN EXISTANCE, thanks to USA & GB who gave you your “Freedom”.

    — The Corrupt, Dumb, “IS rael” (“IS IS”) Firsters, USA & Western Leaders, Politicians, Evangelical Leaders are still “liking the Boots of the Zionists,” while The Zionists Corrupt them & literally Destroying the World.

    —Casing Point, Israel took the side of Russia against the USA & West on Crimea UN Resolution. Did the Corrupt USA & Western Leaders learn anything, Of course not?

  3. “Nazi holocaust”?

    http //

    From the video above beginning at 3 02

    “So, how do we explain the fact that for forty-five years, since the end of World War II, we have all
    internationally, globally, been beset by a common guilt; the idea that the human race was responsible for
    liquidating six million human beings in gas chambers?

    Well the answer is, we have been subjected to the biggest propaganda offensive that the human race has ever known!

    It has been conducted with such raffinesse, with such refinement, with such financial clout that we have not been able to recognize it as a propaganda offensive from start to finnish. And yet there are these weapons cruising past us on the horizon, in all their ugliness. The biggest weapon of course of all in this propaganda campaign against the truth, since 1945, has been ‘The Great Battleship Auschwitz’! The Battleship Auschwitz!

    And we have now at last, the historical profession, above all the revionists of our historical profession, have found as our own task; the major task, ‘Sink the Auschwitz!’ “

  4. A valuable message, which will doubtless enrage all the right (wrong) people.
    It is little appreciated in the Anglo world that the Moorish civilisation in Andalusia and Granada was by far the most civilised place in Europe, while Western Europe floundered in its Dark Ages. Modern manners, chivalric prose and poetry, cutlery and science all flourished there under an enlightened period under Islamic rule.
    Not a decade from the departure of Christopher Columbus to the New World, where his first project was to initiate the genocide of the gentle tribes of Hispaniola (Cuba, I believe), the Christian barbarians drove the last Moslems from Spain, or forced conversion on them.
    My country embraced multi-culturalism a generation ago, and we are now fighting a rearguard action against the trogs of the Right in the form of Abbot & Co, to preserve a basis of tolerance among pluralist communities. They will not win.

  5. It appears our ‘chosen mad dogs’ have Attacked George Galloway in London while their government shrieks about terrorists’ . The attacker will be Jewish.

    http //

    This NATO party is going to fun!

    • Galloway is awesome….Dee Chapel-Haley in FB only a total ignoramus can act surprised to hear that the Zionists have stolen 96% of the land they now have….Modern day “Israel” ( they’re Khazars lady-not Middle Eastern people descending from ancient Palestine ) was created through relatively recent, uninvited immigration, terrorism, massacres and ethnic cleansing on a wide scale….Talmudia, in short, deserves all the enemies it has…..To hell with Talmudia-the epi-center of’s a criminal hideout organized by the Rothschilds masquerading as a country!

    • Of course the zios bought a little bit of land at first-but that was just a “beachhead” to have a place to import guns and other weaponry…Tom Dunne up in FB you disgust me…Ever been to a drive-in movie? We used to go to the one in Bay Shore…That was the atmosphere when these Christ-hating zios sat on the hillsides and watched innocent unarmed people being blown to bits…God have mercy on YOU sir…you think you’re a friend of His? You’re sadly mistaken..

    • Maybe Kevin could write for ISIS??!! What?! Their wounded fighters get treated at Israeli field hospitals in Jordan…You haven’t got a foggy clue what the hell is really going on out there, do you? The US/Israel created ISIS along with help ( cash ) from the Saudis and Qataris….It’s an American tradition to support the exploited, the victims, the people who have had property stolen from them, the underdog, the wronged and the powerless who have few real allies….That’s why ( at least morally ) I support the Palestinians and I wish my govt. did as well..

    • Maybe a tradition of American po’ folks to help out the less fortunate, but certainly not the tradition of the economic elites.

    • That would be true….And now the Saudi king is telling Europe that ISIS is coming….He should know-he pays them monthly salaries! ( At our behest )….That’s right Dee Haley…Is your simple little Fox News programmed brain spinning yet?

  6. We all must laugh and then cry a little.

    Sometimes it is the older children in the background who instigate fights on the playground.

    It is time to take the keys and money away from the one who think they are the leaders. They have shown absolute irresponsibility and the inability to lead.

  7. Too much of the evil being perpetrated is being wrapped w/ religious camoflague – it’s all BOGUS.

    Just finished reading Velikovsky’s Worlds In Collision – what an eye opener even beyond my expectations! Now I know the source of Yahweh > theophany – the din caused by the groaning earth – and experienced globally.
    “… all mankind lifted the sky little by little at the repeated shouting, “Yahu,” which rang all over the world.
    Emperor of China named Yah/Yahou (Yah-oo) Indonesia – all present cry ‘ju ju huwe’> the same sound is heard in Jo, Jove (Jupiter); the Deity in the Bible Yahou & Yo – Diodorus wrote of Moses that he had received his laws from the God invoked by the name Iao. In Mexico, Yao or Yaotl is the god of war; Japan – heaven & earth were not yet separated, and the In and Yo not yet divided.

    Pillars of smoke/fire – conflagaration & catastrophic flood – plagues of disease/insects – the hail of stones & naphtha (petroleum) – archangels Gabriel & Michael > cataclysmic interaction w/ Venus then Mars as comets and comets spun off from them – destruction so immense as to spawn human sarcrifice in both hemispheres in order to ‘appease the gods’.

    One of the stones that fell from the sky is still worshiped today – the black stone of Kaaba in Mecca > either fell from Venus or brought by Gabriel. Kaaba is older than Mohammedanism. Mohammed, in the early part of his career, worshiped Venus (al-Uzza) and other planetary gods –


    • – even so today as the “daughters of the god.”

      Pg 259 footnote> Eccentricity of Venus’ orbit is .007 (ANOTHER coincidence!)

      The great discharges of interplanetary force are commemorated in the traditions, legends, and mythology of all the peoples of the world (AND in today’s corporate symbols/media). The god – Zeus of the Greeks, Odin of the Icelanders, Ukko of the Finns, Perun of the Russian pagans, Wotan (Woden) of the Germans, Mazda (I used to drive one!) of the Persians, Marduk of the Babylonians, Shiva of the Hindus – is pictured w/ lightning in his hand and described as the god who threw his thunderbolt at the world overwhelmed w/ water and fire.

      Our ancient beliefs & fears have all been transformed into “religion” – and if you still cannot see how the PTB – who KNOW the real truth of our history/origins – are using this genetic fear/memory via symbols/religious ritual to control us, then don’t be surprised when the REAL ‘god’ shows up to clean the slate – AGAIN!

      Only the TRUTH will set us free!

    • Coincidence of Ya-hoo of old and Yahoo today?!!

      Velikovsky didn’t mention the Stone of Scone/the Stone of Destiny/Jacob’s Pillow > the Coronation Throne – Seat of the Kings of England.

      “‘All our Irish historical writers, ancient and modern, tell us that it was a large stone of extraordinary virtue brought into Ireland; that the monarchs of Ireland, from A.M. 2764 [see later for correction of this date] to A.D. 513, were all inaugurated on the Lia Fail, which, until that period, was kept at Tara in Meath, the chief seat of the Irish monarchs. At this last-mentioned period, Muisceortagh (Murkertagh) reigned; Fergus, his brother, having established for himself a kingdom in Alba, or, as it has been since called, Scotland, procured from his brother the Lia Fail, that on it he might, with the greater solemnity, be inaugurated king over his new possession. The Stone was never returned to Ireland, but remained in Scotland; and each succeeding king of Scotland was crowned thereon until Edward I. of England invaded that country, A.D. 1296, and carried off into his own country the Scottish regalia, among which was the Lia Fail. From that period to the present day it has remained in England; and ever since the reign of James I. has continued to serve the purpose for which it was so long used in Ireland and Scotland; the kings of England from his time down to the present sovereign having been crowned on it.'”


    • The Jacob’s Pillow aspect appears to be tied to the conquest of Jeruselum by the King of Babylon and Jeremiah bringing the Stone of Israel, the grand national relic, the ancient Pillar of Witness to the Truth of “God’s” Promise – to plant and build an Empire (no longer possible in Judea/Babylon/Egypt) – to “the Isles of the Sea” – the name by which the Islands are, to this day, known by “the dispersed of Judah.”

      Velikovsky indicates that the miraculous survival of the Hebrews and the demise of their enemies that took place during the Venus cometary cataclysms is the basis of their “chosenness” foundation. That makes sense to me.

      It would also seem there is indeed an ancient connection between London & Israel that is playing out to this very day! And I believe there is more involved than just cosmic catastrophe – the hyperdimensional interlopers HAVE to have played a part in this – and still are!

    • BTW – Baal is Venus too – and is linked to holy cows/calf. And Velikovsky indicated that the Hebrews acknowledged that an “invisible” world exists.

      The more you learn, the more it all comes together.

  8. Ah, I get it, the seamless coherence between globalists, with their obsession for a single, homogeneous global culture, a culture without diversity or dissension and Israel, the ISIS and similar off-shoots. If we all wear the same clothes, practice the same religion, will they leave us alone?

  9. Jim Stone calls ISIS the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service….for what they’re worth…All they do is 1. destabilize and overthrow Israel’s enemies….2. kill Christians….They love killing Christians almost as much as the Bolshevik Jews back in the 20’s and 30’s…3. Ignore Talmudia’s atrocities…The Anglo-American Zionist cabal has proven itself to be the real axis of evil and source of instability and false-flag terror..

  10. Zionism is just a front for the true power behind all of this evil…https //

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