VT Nuclear Education: Tactical Nuclear Warfare


Tactical Nuclear Warfare


  1. This one is a reach, it is not Tactical Nuclear Warfare
    (but it might pass if things go south.
    re Fukushima.
    You Know It’s Going to Be a Bad Day When
    You may have heard of about a ton of something getting dropped on the Fuel Pool on Reactor Three
    It turns out it was the control console for a fuel removal device.
    To say I do not envy the people on site does not scratch the surface.


    • And incidentally,
      We (meaning of course me, anyone I know, and maybe you)
      have heard very little about WIPP. (or maybe I missed it,
      what I heard most recently had a high uncertainty factor, just in general.
      Like all the festering sores (Gulf of Mexico for example)
      Mass and Inertia, unless we have real evidence to the contrary,
      I submit we best assume it is still causing trouble.


    • Here is a zinger for you from today’s NRC log (the one with the run over Troxler gauges,
      somewhere there must be another log , a much more interesting log, I digress
      Incident Report
      “Unplanned Contamination Incident in the Research Reactor Facility”
      (OK, I am paying attention, this ain’t your run over moisture gauge,
      now and then something shows up re Fuel Manufacturing Facilities,
      Research Facilities, and what not.
      That and some very interesting moments at power plants.

      Can be found at

      *http //www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/doc-collections/event-status/event/en.html

      Meanwhile, I can’t resist..
      So You Have PLANNED Contamination Incidents Already?
      This is like that dangerous Plutonium (as compared to that nice safe friendly plutonium.
      If I did not have a sense of humor I might go nutz.


  2. Now That’s what I call Redacted!
    War by other means dept,
    Fukushima is raising hell with the Pacific Ocean.


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