Make Israel Stop Beheading “Journalists”


Beheading Videos Traced to Israel “bin Laden Studios”

Haifa Mercedes Mechanic Plays "bin Laden" in Hoax Video from Same Source
Haifa Mercedes Mechanic Plays “bin Laden” in Hoax Video from Same Source

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


We are unable to confirmed that either Sotloff, an Israeli passport holder, said to be IDF trained and closely tied to a number of news hoaxes, is dead or that he had ever existed.  We do know this, his reputed execution took place in Israel, not Syria or Iraq.  The Foley video also was done in Israel.

Fashion Orange
Fashion Orange, collar turned in to hide custom hand stitching

If, in fact, these individuals are dead, then it is up to the Israeli government to return their bodies.  If, as is much more likely the case, at least one or these videos is a hoax, a hoax with dead victims, a hoax with live victims, but certainly a hoax, no doubt about that, some authority inside Israel, preferably one not directly involved in the hoax itself, should investigate, should such an authority exist at some point in the future, which we find unlikely.

We have had so many hoaxes all out of Israel, all from the same people, all sent through the same scammers in the US, that getting to the bottom of this one took less than five minutes.  Think “Rita Katz.”

This is the third outing for the designer orange silk “jump suits” thus far.  Last year they were the rage in Tel Aviv shops, today they are all about beheadings.  There is one problem, not that Alex Jones and InfoWars reporting the Foley beheading was a phony, a position the US State Department is now reconsidering as well, warned us off the story.

The problem is “Site Intelligence,” better known to insiders as “bin Laden Studios,” the Israeli video fakery group that kept turning out bin Laden videos, short fat bin Ladens, old ones, young ones, then, eventually, only audio tapes, as though bin Laden, confirmed to have died in 2001 after denying, according to the CIA, all involvement in 9/11, had magically come back to life.

Sotloff’s first outing as a “journalist” was the Benghazi affair.  Israeli radio jammers, the Mossad’s own video house, PJ Media, putting out the cover video, “The Innocence of Islam,” and a carefully timed, carefully tuned false flag attack, murdering Americans and writing a screenplay for Hannity, Rush, Fox News and the Tea Party hirelings of gambling boss Sheldon Adelson.

With the news filled with missing airliners, Russian armies marching up the Mississippi or across Ukraine, press stories about the First Lady having a sex change operation and ordering the assassination of former FBI chief Judge Louis Freeh, give me cheap conspiracy any day, the junk the “mainslime” media puts out is dumb, it’s boring and even their beheading videos need work.

We have also been told that ISIS is responsible for the Jennifer Lawrence nude videos.  We could have told her, as we should have others, not to go to Syria or as with Foley and Sotloff, Israel it seems.

When in Israel or Syria or “wherever,” don’t just keep your head on but your clothes as well.


  1. İ agree completely it is reassuring to know that in this insane world at least some sanity can be had by coming to this site and yes brother nathaniel is another breath of fresh air in this fog of pollution called MSM

  2. there is omething very odd about these videos…. who is this boogey man in black? how does this further their agenda….. aren’t they basically committing suicide……is this our true nature???? does terrorism grow from the desire to have material wealth like Western nations??? i doubt it… this whole thing looks manufactured for a specific reason. Tell me who profits.

  3. I love reading all of your comments. It is very reassuring to know that there are like minded people out there.

  4. UK Daily Mail having a max terror BS day today Note how the US officials are unnamed and not a primary source.

    http //

    Officials warn that ELEVEN missing planes seized by Islamist rebels in Libya could be used to carry out terrorist attack on 9/11 anniversary

    Eleven planes went missing from Tripoli International Airport, after it was overtaken by an Islamic rebel group late last month
    U.S. officials are reportedly warning that the planes could be used to carry out terrorist attacks for the anniversary of September 11

    • yeah lets see another NORAD stand-down to allow it with all the air traffic controllers asking if this is a part of the drill, I really think the people will fall for THAT garbage again (sarcasm btw).

      by “islamic rebels” we know who they really mean, how many true islamics are really able to fly planes and really desire to do a suicide mission? maybe they’ll leave their holy book in a strip club?

  5. So glad Uncle Duff, that I don’t have to watch TV,
    listen to regular radio, watching movies, read the BS
    papers, magazines, and what not.

    As for this latest beheading yawn!


    • I’m on the same page sister Regina. If I want to know what’s really happening in this screwed-up world I come here, I go to Smoking Mirrors and Brother Nathaniel. The latest trash and gossip is Yahoo News. One glance at that in the AM let’s me know what the propaganda de jour is. Astounding how that is the exact opposite to what honorable, truthful men and women (Lasha Darkmoon) say.

  6. “With the news filled with missing airliners, Russian armies marching up the Mississippi or across Ukraine, press stories about the First Lady having a sex change operation and ordering the assassination of former FBI chief Judge Louis Freeh, give me cheap conspiracy any day, the junk the “mainslime” media puts out is dumb, it’s boring and even their beheading videos need work.”

    Michael will become a female?

  7. Because the time is just right and we all fear to be beheaded now by ISIS mad dogs, Israel again began a great stealing operation of palestinian land. What a timely coincidence or game theory at its best?

  8. Congratulation, Gordon, a wonderful satire and also the all too obvious truth about this “fake factory of Rita Katz”. The connection to the neofascist thinktank in the US is also well established, so we simply could forget about it these fakes, if the news worldwide would also tell the truth.

    But here in Germany, they are just starting a press delirium. See this headline of the Fokus

    “Barack Obama Arrogante Aussenpolitik – Bbama taucht nach zweitem Enthauptungsvideo erstmal ab”

    It’s obvious for everyone with eyes to see now – the jewish lobby worldwide is pushing for a US/UK war in Syria and Irak and ISIS is the tool, the next victim will be an english person.

    How predictable this all is! Our so called reality is nothing but a bad joke, directed by Rita Katz and her jewish cohorts.

  9. Timing — Top of the Google search for “Rita Katz” today is this …..
    Inside SITE Intelligence Group Steven Sotloff Beheading Discovered By Nonprofit Research Organization
    By Ellen [email protected]
    on September 02 2014 3 22 PM

    The video was first obtained by SITE Intelligence Group (Search for International Terrorist Entities), also known as SITE Intel Group, a relatively under-the-radar yet apparently very powerful nonprofit research body that monitors jihadist movements. The Bethesda, Maryland, organization has published a shortened version of the beheading video and published a transcript on its news site, which has been largely inaccessible since news of the beheading broke, likely due to an uptick in Web traffic.
    http //

    • SITE Intelligence Group is an incarnation of the SITE Institute, founded in 2002 by former Investigative Project colleagues Rita Katz and Josh Devon. Katz remains the executive director of the SITE Intelligence Group. Her bio says she is fluent in Arabic and Hebrew, having been born in Iraq and educated in Tel Aviv. She has worked as a government consultant on terrorist operations and is the author of the 2003 book, “Terrorist Hunter The Extraordinary Story of a Woman Who Went Undercover To Infiltrate the Radical Islamic Groups Operating in North America.” She is the subject of a 2006 New Yorker profile, which described a visit to SITE’s offices (the location of which, at the time, Katz demanded the magazine leave unnamed)

      “Each day, Katz finds about a half-dozen items on the Arabic message boards that are worth distributing. Her researchers, who monitor English-language jihadist websites, often find a few more. Some are propaganda videos taking responsibility for attacks, statements of intents to attack, announcements of allegiances or splits. … SITE tries to have the items translated and sent to subscribers within an hour and a half of their first appearance online.”

  10. Sotlof is Jewish, not sure about Foley, anyway when one of these people are involved, it always raises suspicion because they are always trying to shape public opinion for unseen reasons. It’s almost never what it appears.

  11. Mr. Dean I have a question. You say they are going to stop if the public does not respond. But what options do we have? I could not get on the news, it is owned, I would probably get arrested for inciting a riot. No one would care, I would just be seen as that crazy lady.. I have many times told others about this, they just look at me like I have a third eye.. maybe it is the programming but no-one seems to really get it. I am as frustrated as you about this, but how does one get thousands to drive bus or walk to Washington to shut it down. I know you think we are all sheep and I guess many are, but for an ordinary person to be able to make a difference in this type of situation is just about impossible. Sometimes I think the reset button referred to by Mr. James is the only way out.

    • Congressional and State rep staffs tell us the never hear a peep about people having issues with 9-11…just a bit of background noise on the Internet. Yet one journalist joins 200,000 people killed by Mid East terror and now Congress is up in arms…when they did nothing before. As I said the political issues don’t get solved without getting on their butts, building groups and campaigns to do it. Our history is filled with examples this, so the wheel do not need to be invented.

    • ok I will take the challenge. again, will get out my list from Ohio and then overall the political ones not in Ohio who scream the loudest for Israel.. I will start calling and emailing and I will keep you informed of my progress. We will see if they tell you about that lady from Ohio who keeps calling every other day.

  12. Ha!
    Of course, the entire Israeli hoax via video pales next to the you tube idiocy that passes for proof in American “journalism”-if we can actually dare to employ such a word, and “government”, which is little more than a collection of incompetent psychopaths.
    While our self appointed leaders make idiotic faces and spin the propellers on their beanies, a large percentage of America munches down their gmo’s and believes everything they are told to believe.
    The lack of even a basic functioning rationality is quite apparent, while selections from the ranks of such winners eagerly jumps on board any artificial reality boat that has space.
    The fact that the alternative media has to take such pains to consistently expose what everyone should immediately recognize as but a hoax among many is a telling commentary.

  13. What’s the figure of value for us goyim to a Jew, 100 goyim = 1 Jew , it might be 1,000 = 1 Jew in many places, I’m not sure. Anyway in referring to Palestine, it was said, something like this, the whole country was NOT WORTH one Jewish fingernail.

  14. No shit! Spot on! I give 3 more years of this mad dog shit and then those bastards are going to have to use that “Samson Option ” ( which Joan Rivers is a big fan of ) because their enemies will only increase and will have had enough…And count real American patriots in that group.

  15. The first headline on MSN was “US outrage over Sotloff”, clearly the 2nd or 3rd wave of Psy-Ops to generate the War Fever and Sympathy towards the very brave journalists… Any real wanker journalist who would put themselves in this kind of real danger is out of their mind; otherwise it is all BS and pre-fabricated psy-op stories.

    Thank you Uncle Gordie as always sir!

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