VT Nuclear Education: Answering the Hype

Checking the super-collider for leaks
Checking the super-collider for leaks

By Gordon Duff and America’s Nuclear Weapons Design Teams

I received a series of questions from Dr. Preston James today.  The questions included issues that were related to suppressed quantum physics, nuclear weapons and issues involving what we jokingly refer to as “friends from out of town.”  Yes, we are borrowing that from Hollywood and rightly so in this case.

For the past 3 months, we have been publishing, sometimes a flood, other times a trickle, of classified information.  The term “classified” itself is a misnomer.  This simply means facts, not always the truth, but “facts” as we put it now, inside quotation marks, that others with armed thugs to support them and stolen cash, usually yours, don’t want you to know.

Releasing information is a balancing act, leverage, blackmail, push-back or simply the armies of stooges, police informants and time wasters that bad brain chemistry, 3rd rate intellect and the internet have empowered, crawling out from under their rocks.  This will bring out even more.  They have become easy to recognize as a cockroach in an omelet.

Kevin Barrett had asked me a couple of days ago to put this in book form.  This is what I told him:  Getting information from sources, real sources, is a process.  They give you want they can or wish or are told to.  You believe it or not, based on your own background, your ability to “push back” and what you can or cannot confirm from parallel sources.

No real information ever hits a book.  Chris Bollyn, in many ways a great investigative journalist, ran into this on 9/11.

I even look at the 2003 report that Snowden dropped on the Russians, stolen nukes, Bout, Israel, the story the media is working overtime to suppress.  When I go over what others of us have learned since 2003 with the DOE and IAEA investigators who were gagged and silenced by 2005, choked off from all new data, they are astounded at how much we got right, how much we missed but, moreover, how much we could have helped them.  These are nerds, some of them, the IAEA guys with years of field experience as well, some with strong special operations experience, but still nerds.

They are hybrids.  On the other side are the aged “Cold Warriors,” who grew up with the grand chess game with the Soviet bloc, looking beneath layer after layer, plot within plot.

No book comes out of this because no real investigation can ever be frozen in time.  Only movies have an ending, they run the credits and you wait for the sequel.  Real intelligence working teams continually reevaluate data, run changing hypotheses, and come up with endless new unanswered questions.  All new knowledge should add to unanswered questions, not to a book.  This is the failure of the “sniffers,” they never asked real questions.  Others of us, the Cold Warriors, when we see the questions stop, come to recognize the “limited hangout.”

The internet has made many lazy.  One new fact, sometimes an absolute gem of information intelligence agencies would and did kill for, to the untrained and undiscerning, means nothing.  All information is based on entertainment value, how marketable the story.  I just finished a recent piece on VT covering 9/11 and ISIS.  After one paragraph that presents a valid hypothesis, it then unravels into agenda driven garbage and “junk analysis.”

Let me tell you a secret:  The “west” accidentally murdered a valuable asset when they allowed themselves to be tied to supporting groups labeled with “Al Qaeda.”  Al Qaeda was an all purpose “brand” as it were, for an excuse to bomb the holy living shit out of anyone and anything.  Then John McCain and 2 generals working for Fox News showed the world that Al Qaeda was really an American handpuppet.

ISIS is a neocon creation with up to 4 dozen American contractors, Rangers, SEALs, Marines and Special Forces in their midst, receiving $350,000 a year laundered through the Caymans (see:  Mitt Romney), directing operations.  There is nothing we don’t know about ISIS.

Today you get a look at more boring science, boring to some at least.  What do the guys who make those secret UFO’s seen over Nevada or those pocket nuclear weapons think about some of the questions Dr. James had to ask?  Then again, it is for him to tell you the ones that got no answers.  Some went to “the labs,” others go to “the reading group.”  For those who live with a burning curiosity and would rather die informed than “safe,” reviewing our recent archive and writing your own little tiny book might be worthwhile.  I sure as hell won’t be writing it as to me, the movie never ends.g

Zero point energy is based on the Aether theory. Since Aether has a dielectric constant of 1 it can neither store nor lose an electrical charge. There for it is the perfect medium for the loss less transmission of energy. The Aethers function is to only transfer energy without loss. Aether sits between hydrogen and Helium on the periodic table taking up positions # two and three in “atomic weight”. One is called dark energy and the other is called dark matter.

Einstein only said that since aether was a lossless substance that is carried along with the earth like our atmosphere, you could basically ignore it in all calculations because it acts as an invisible substance. He never said that it did not exist. IE if space is curved because all magnetic lines of force are curved then it cannot be empty. Magnetism is the primary electro motive force that drives the universe. You cannot create nor destroy an electron, proton or a neutron. They are the only particles that do work (energy)or create matter. All sub atomic theory is nothing but science fiction that will never be proven.

There has never been one single sub atomic particle that has ever been detected in any nuclear explosion!!!! So the CERN ion-collider is a joke. They got it up to 4 million TERRA VOLTS at 64 micro watts per second or Jewels and nothing. No god particle exists, just junk science. Even if sub atomic particles do exist, anything smaller than a Gamma ray is not detectable. Sub atomic particles do no work nor create matter. It is the so called “lines of force” that hold all matter together and control the universe. They are the smallest particles if you want to call them a particle. The word particle means inadvisable.

By studying the effects of nuclear explosions or chain reactions you learn how the universe really works. The earth oscillates at about 3.14 hertz. Actually slightly less about 3.13 Hertz. All planets and stars oscillate due to the fact that they are spherical resonators isolated in space. You can see this oscillation on any really good computer based audio spectrum analyzer program. The signal sits at about -60DB. Tesla discovered this. It is not Schumann resonance. That is atmospheric oscillations only. If you tune into this with a really big coil you can draw energy from it. This is the true zero point energy.

If you use a magnetometer program in your cell phone you can find local hot spots that amplify this signal. They are called lay lines and nodes or anti nodes. Back in the 1920’s they were called earth currents. or telluric currents. You can wiki that. Gravity is based on this oscillation. The square root of 9.81 meters per second is PI.or 3.13 hertz. Gravity is the earth’s angular velocity due to rotation. This produces negative buoyancy by the body absorbing magnetic field lines. A gyro locks onto this signal. That is how it works. In order to create anti-gravity or to cancel gravity you simply push out the magnetic field lines using plasma. This is called positive buoyancy. Just like in ships and hot air balloons. Hot air is a plasma. This is how UFO’s work.

The key is magnetic buoyancy using plasma shielding of some type.

The Bell


In 1912, German physicist C. Ramsauer discovered the collision cross section of an electron with gas atoms is related to the speed of the electron. When the electron energy is relatively high, the scattering section of an Argon atom increases with a decrease in electron energy. But when the electron energy is less than a dozen eV, the scattering section decreases rapidly with a decrease in electron energy. In 1922, British physicist J. Townsend found a similar phenomenon. In classical theory, scattering section is independent of the speed of an electron, while Ramsauer and Townsend’s experimental results indicate an opposite theory, which can only be explained by quantum mechanics.


The Poulsen arc converter is a continuous duty arc generator with a tuned connected across the arc. The negative resistance characteristics of an electric arc permits the creation of a relaxation oscillator that converts direct current in to radio frequency energy. The arc converter consisted of a water-cooled chamber in which the arc burned in hydrogen gas between a cathode and a water-cooled anode. Above and below this chamber there are two series of field coils surrounding the two poles of the magnetic circuit. These poles are projected into the chamber, one on each side of the arc to provide a very intense magnetic field. The magnetic field helps to stabilize the arc and improve the efficiency of the plasma field.

Experimentation with this began as far back as WW1 by the Germans for the purpose of artificially making Helium gas out of Hydrogen gas. IE the basis of early German nuclear fusion experimentation was based on the cut off of American helium supply during the 1920’s and 30’s.

These reactions were well known by German scientist at the time and during WW2 it was weaponized by the Nazi’s resulting in the so called Nazi Bell experiments involving both nuclear Fission and nuclear Fusion research. In the Germans rush to develop nuclear weapons using this process they also discovered the phenomenon of Magnetic Buoyancy or Anti-Gravity.Early research into nuclear fission and fusion were published in Kernphysikalische Forschungsberichte (Research Reports in Nuclear Physics), this was a internal publication of the German Uranverein. Reports in this publication were classified Top Secret, by the Nazi high command and they had very limited distribution.

The authors were not allowed to even keep copies. The reports were confiscated under the Allied Operation Alsos and sent to the United States Atomic Energy Agency for evaluation.In 1971, most of the reports were declassified and returned to Germany. The surviving reports are available at the Karlsruhe Research Center. The Alsos Mission was part of the Manhattan Project during WW2 to create an atomic bomb. The Manhattan Project was also put in charged of coordinating foreign intelligence related to enemy nuclear activity, and the Alsos Mission was created to investigate the German nuclear Energy program.

The key to this discovery was the use of a modified WW1 era device used in very high powered spark gap transmitters called a Poulsen Ark Generator modified to be feed with either uranium oxide in a liquid form that was vaporized in an atomizer before undergoing electromagnetic compression in an arc chamber or by injecting the cell with a form of deuterium fluoride gas producing a low level nuclear reaction. IE Cold Fusion. By creating massive plasma balls that were contained within the arc chamber the Germans also discovered the effect of magnetic buoyancy or anti-gravity.

It was found that a very large plasma fire ball when properly contained and controlled would push out the magnetic field lines of the earth and the device would lose weight having to be chained down in some instances due to the massive repulsive force generated by the plasma fire ball against the earths natural magnetic field lines.

This diamagnetic effect was so strong that the Germans under the command of the SS tried to weaponize the effect. The results were called the Nazi Bell experiments on anti gravity propulsion and nuclear fission/fusion.

One of the biggest side effects were that every time they ran the reactor massive amounts of nuclear radiation would be released. The radiation problem was so sever that experiments could only be ran for a few minutes at a time. Engineers and technicians working on the project had to be constantly replace due to massive radiation sickness killing them off like flies. After the war the technology disappeared under project Paperclip. Recently some documents on the project have been discovered in old WW2 era KGB archives including the flowing drawings. More information on this technology will be published in a new upcoming book on the hidden history of German nuclear weapons and anti-gravity research.

Supporting Materials:

Electron scattering probability to the square root of acceleration voltage

Muon catalyzed fusion (μCF) or Cold Fusion occurs in all layers of the hydrogen structure H/.1%T ⊕D 2 ⊕HD. The layer H/T acts as an emitter source of energetic atoms, due to the so-called Ramsauer-Townsend effect. These atoms are slowed down in the second layer of atoms (called a degrader) and are forced to undergo nuclear fusion in HD. The degrader affects the velocity of the atomic particles. This effect has not been considered until now in μCF catalytic reactions. It is due to the Townsend effect, considerable catalytic reactions occur producing excess thermal heat and radiation.
Muon catalyzed dd fusion in D2 and HD gases in the temperature range from 28 to 35 K experiments based on a ionization chamber operating with pure hydrogen.

Muon Dynamics H–T/D2/H2–D2 at Low Temperature

Recently, muon catalyzed fusion in multilayered targets with H/D/T at temperature 3 K has been investigated. The latest theoretical and experimental works have confirmed that muon conversion efficiency in such multilayered systems is low.
A search for the catalyzed fusion reaction d + d→ 4He + γ  was performed using  a high-pressure target filled with deuterium it was exposed to a electron beam.
Muon-catalyzed fusion (μCF) or cold fusion, employing hydrogen isotopes, is the only known form of fusion not requiring extremely high temperatures in order to catalyze a reaction. A modified approach utilizing existing and currently developing technology but employing helium-3 as the fuel source has recently been tried.


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Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades.

Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Gordon Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than "several" countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. A friend and physics professor just told me I’m wasting his time with these articles. I have to reconsider who my friends are. I dared him to challenge this. He brushed me off. To his defence, I am a dip shit..

  2. Relationship of pi squared to g is accidental and depends on the units used. In ft/ins g is 32 ft/sec/sec but pi remains 3.1415

  3. OMG! Very funny. From the article “So the CERN ion-collider is a joke. They got it up to 4 million TERRA VOLTS at 64 micro watts per second or Jewels and nothing.” In my world, we have teravolts and joules.

  4. “No real information ever hits a book.”

    One hell of a statement for which I would love to see substantiation.

  5. Gee Gordon,

    You’ve disappointed me. I had you pegged as a non-apologetic dis-info man, and some one who was fun to read, but could not be trusted. (See article What can be told…, for details)

    And now we get to science, and you’ve just given one of the most true, most stripped down and still viable, dissertation of Actual Science I’ve ever read in print. Not even the blow hards writing College level Physics books even come close to describing Power and Energy the way it really is, (and those books are a 1000 pages long), and here you do it in only one article.

    I guess telling the truth (the real truth) is not so hard after all. Kudos to you, gentle and kind Sir for finding the TRUTH BUTTON, and pushing it for just this article.

    If you’d like to hit another home run for the readers, get into the basics of the Science Of Harmonics…,so they can put two and two together and see how the Universe actually works.

    However, On this one article…, you did hit a home run, so I have to acknowledge that, so those that read the rest of your stuff know that you’ve got it in you.

  6. Gordon, thank you so much for this, what a gem! I had figured out some of this through my interaction with UFOs and the beings who are inside them (I think they ‘drive’ the UFO by focusing their thoughts) – for that matter, I think their consciousness is so strong they can materialize whatever they want by thought only. They bounce, zip and appear in space instead of travelling through it in a straight line….but I love the plasma info you just gave us, how it shields from gravity. Thanks again!

  7. Great article, Gordon. That photo of the concrete structure is the foundation for an old German water tower; it was just never completed. The info on the anti-gravity theory is correct. Shield any body from the Earth’s magnetic field and it becomes light as a feather. There are many different ways to facilitate directional motion once the craft is free of the earth’s field. I would like some info on electrogravitics if you can work it into your next article. Keep up the great work!

    • You are probably right about the water tower. Actually, if you go thru the area, most things that look like water towers are former flak towers. They are everywhere.

    • There goes the electromagnetic anti gravity story the site is supposed to be famous for. Victor Shauberger was supposed to be in charge of using swirling mercury in a vacuum at that site along with Megawatts of electrical power to force the anti gravity of the Bell. Makes a nice story though.

    • I have helped take down a couple of water towers in my time including one in Freeport Long Island that serviced a small city. It was twenty-five years ago but I don’t recall it even having any concrete. Cutting torch’s were used until a crane could just pull up the remainder. When Orage and I wrote about the “ring” in Black Sun Rising part 5 (VT) we speculated that it could have been used for testing helicopters for which the patents no doubt ended up in Wright Patterson along with the other 220 tons of aviation papers plundered by the “Technical Industrial Intelligence Committee.” Unfortunately, unlike Mr. Duff, I doubt Bartered’s been briefed on any of them. Igor Witkowski a Polish writer who has done extensive historical work on WWII and is the progenitor of the Nazi Bell “story”was contacted. He says Heavy duty hooks are built into the tops of each of them and on the ground there is a junction for electric cables that were once powered by the coal burning facility. Inside of the ring the ground has been excavated to about a meter and lined with ceramic bricks. This has been verified by Nick Cook in Hunt for Zeropoint gravity who writes for Jane’s Defense Weekly. The truth is nobody knows what that ring is, the bell itself was supposedly tested deep within the bowels of the now flooded Wenceslas Mine, but with the evidence presented by Orage and I and the science presented here by Mr. Duff…

    • If you consider browsing youtube videos a brief than yes. Aside from minor construction mathematics I’m useless when faced with anything more complicated than a T-square. Just curious and not afraid to ask stupid questions.

    • Also, how difficult and or impossible is it to speculate they the perfect place for an anti gravity test would be a concrete water tower. The Germans are an innovative bunch and very resourcefull.

    • if you care to check our archives, we actually published the physics on this..

      you are, of course, an idiot. you don’t understand the science, are too lazy to either read or get enough education….

      however, I admit that I shared your outlook until someone showed me one of these things…

      if you want to play, you have to read, you have to learn the math and physics or find someone who can explain it to you

      I can’t publish advanced physics and please people who are used to watching sports scores.

      were you to meet a real scientist, they would tell you there are a couple of ground breaking things in this article

      excuse my frustration at times…but you are like a dog that pisses in its own food

    • Gordon,
      You may not realize it but competition seems to get more attention than one sure fire idea that has no counter arguments. Especially if their is not fixed verdict for the situation. Its like the thermite/nuclear detonation theories. You may have no doubts about what caused the towers to disintegrate but some don’t, so conjecture through debate not only creates a better understanding, but also draws a crowd.

    • Any information on who is writing the book on the this beehive? I know of the books by Witkowski and Farrell. If I remember correctly it was classified as “war decisive” which was the highest classification of any of their technologies. It probably affected time also as plants placed in the field would turn black and virtually melt within a day or so.

      Great article. Was it you who published the physics on it at VT?

    • Electrogravitics experiments at the website http //jnaudin.free.fr/html/elgthk.htm .
      There are experiments with high voltage generators and asymmetric capacitors .
      An asymmetric capacitor is a capacitor with the two plates of very different sizes . A normal capacitor is formed by two alluminium foil, or other suitable conductor, of the same size wrapped around . Each allumium foil electrode is attached to a peace of wire . The whole thing is coated in plastic material .
      A typical asymmetric capacitor would be formed by a piece of wire and a larger metal surface . Both the wire and the metal surface would be connected to high voltage . The effect of this arrangement is levitation

  8. “In 1912, German physicist C. Ramsauer discovered the collision cross section of an electron with gas atoms is related to the speed of the electron. When the electron energy is relatively high, the scattering section of an Argon atom increases with a decrease in electron energy. But when the electron energy is less than a dozen eV, the scattering section decreases rapidly with a decrease in electron energy.”

    Was this the chemical/electrical process that was used in the German cave laboratory that made so many lab techs sick? According to the video shot at the site the bell experiment may have been successful but because of the German losses the cave was intentionally “caved in” with some still inside. But the conduits that supplied the electricity to the Bell craft that were large enough to supply power to a city were not removed. They were scavenged later.

  9. So given that petroleum products are continually sold to consumers, because they work with existing engines, and/or they’re good for the global economy, what happens when quantum devices come on line? Seems like all kinds of things could change very quickly – national borders included.

    • The robber barons will be out of business, Dalethorn!
      That’s why this technology has been concealed for ever.
      It affects our whole way of life.



  10. Outstanding article that clarifies some issues for the very first time. As the new quantum physics gets rolled out, the old classical physics will collapse like a house of cards. All current textbooks will have to be re-written. Many wonderful new inventions to serve mankind are likely just around the corner if we can somehow correct all the damage done by our corrupt so-called elected political leaders. We must find a way to keep such types out of positions of power and policy-making where they can generate endless wars for profits and eugenics.

    • L O L . . . well, I noticed, though surely not everything . . . as some of what you are saying is going over my (currently existing) technical “head.” Probably more will sink in when I give it a second read. That has been happening lately with your nuclear 9/11 material.

      I’m interested in open source EVERYTHING, including so-called free energy . . . though calling energy “free” seems redundant to me, because free is how it naturally is . . . it’s only “our” (i.e. their!) indoctrination that makes us think energy is scarce and hard to find, and must of course be expensive. (Now at VT I’m discovering open source intel! — how amazing is that.)

      Curious to know what you and Doc James think of Mr. Thornhill and the other Thunderbolts people and their Electric Universe. I’m a fan of theirs. I just watched their Comets video. It seems comets are not “dirty snowballs” after all, and that fact is very inconvenient to the standard “Big Bang” paradigm(s)


    • Easy, remove the zionists from the Universities and bring in the scary dangerous physicists, chemists, and engineers and let them have some fun.

    • Haa-haa-ha … Enrico beat me to the draw.

      Byzantium knew Khazaria well. Even gave a Princess to their Khan … for Realpolitik.

      Byzantines … the longest surviving empire (if memory serves me well). And never attacked anybody; except in self-defence.

      Their best statues stolen by the Venetians … put on your tourist cap and go see for yourself … who later seeded the Black Nobility … such as those specimens currently sitting in Buckingham Palace.

      Think about that the next time you check your private bank balance. Because ‘they’ already own it.

  11. CERN wasn’t built for finding the god particle. It’s a very powerful weapon and is being taken down. There’s many secret projects going on there.

  12. Interesting how the square root of terminal velocity/gravity? (9.81 m/s/s) relates to gravity and negative buoyancy.

    Schumann resonance – I read somewhere that astronauts need to be exposed to the Schumann Resonance in space otherwise they risk losing their marbles.

    Also many ancient structures are “connected” via lay lines and sit on interconnecting (major) nodes – globally….

    • Don’t forget about Walter Russell, the “American Leonardo” who disclosed the existence of the trans-uranium elements in his 1926 book, “The Universal One”. Russell warned that the radio-active elements should never be isolated from the natural environment. His 1955 book, “Atomic Suicide?” accurately predicted the accidents that would later occur at Hanford, Washington and many other nuclear sites worldwide. Russell’s discoveries in cosmogeny were usurped to make weapons, then he was branded a “crackpot”.
      http //www.philosophy.org/atomic-suicide-reprinted-available/

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