13th anniversary: Truthers chip away at 9/11 coverup



By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

9-11-cover-up1Will the 13th anniversary of 9/11 be the unlucky one – for the perpetrators?

Though the floodwall holding back the truth has not yet broken, it has sprung a large and growing number of leaks. All over America, indications of disbelief in the official “19 hijackers” myth are puncturing the lamestream liars’ attempts to construct an illusion of unanimous acceptance of their unholy sacred narrative.

In New York, a gigantic 45 foot by 45 foot two-sided billboard in Times Square is showing the 6.5 second controlled demolition of World Trade Center Building 7 – and shoving it in the face of the cover-up criminals at the New York Times.

The billboard is part of a campaign to raise awareness of WTC-7, the achilles heel in the official story of 9/11. Spearheading that campaign is the High Rise Safety Initiative, which succeeded this week in forcing the mobbed-up New York city government to back off on its attempts to keep the initiative off the ballot by claiming that not enough signatures had been submitted.


The High Rise Safety Initiative would force a new investigation of the destruction of WTC-7…on the grounds that if a 47 story building can “just fall down” in six seconds from modest office fires, every high rise in New York is a hazard to life and limb. Experts believe they can now prove beyond any doubt that NIST’s “just fell down from office fires” cover story is a deliberate and preposterous lie…and that the ultra-high-security CIA-inhabited WTC-7 was taken down by controlled demolition.

New York is witnessing pro-9/11-truth street demonstrations and other actions, including film screenings as well as the debut of an off-Broadway play entitled This Is Not About 9/11 by Sarah Van Auken, daughter of Jersey Girl Lorie Van Auken, who did yeoman’s work in the early days of fighting the 9/11 cover-up.

Washington DC is also hosting several 9/11 truth events, including presentations on the anthrax component of the 9/11-anthrax false flag by Barry Kissin, raising some of issues highlighted in professor Graeme MacQueen’s new book The 2001 Anthrax Deception.

bollynOn America’s left coast, the 9/11 Truth Film Festival in Oakland, California (which is being live-streamed by NoLiesRadio) will be the site of 9/11 author-journalist Christopher Bollyn’s “back in the USA” coming-out party. Bollyn has a table at the event and will be signing books and talking with festival goers. He also has events lined up in Los Angeles and San Diego this weekend.

9/11 truth also leaked onto the editorial page of the mainstream newspaper the Greenville, NC Daily Reflector. As the author of the first three 9/11 truth op-eds ever published by any US mainstream daily (the Capital Times of Madison, WI, which was closed down and turned into a free weekly by their parent company a year later) I am always happy to see truth miraculously appearing on a mainstream editorial page.


9/11 truth also infiltrated The Daily Kos, a CIA-Zionist left-gatekeeper rag that explicitly prohibits discussion of any non-mainstream version of 9/11. A clever woman named Katherine Smith published a facetious piece entitled “9/11 Truthers are Dummies” which parodies the usual moronic attack pieces of untruthers and disinfo artists. (She explains her real views of 9/11, which she is not allowed to publish at Daily Kos, here.)

Perhaps the most audacious 9/11 truther penetration of a hostile institution this anniversary was Barbara Honegger’s newly-released video 9/11 Museum Virtual Walking Tour. The 9/11 Museum, a shrine to the genocidal Big Lie, actually includes all sorts of exhibits relevant to the reality that 9/11 was an inside job. Thanks to this video, you don’t have to go to New York to get the truthful version of what’s in the 9/11 museum.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

9/11 truth will be penetrating another potentially hostile environment this Saturday: the annual left activist event Fighting Bob Fest in Baraboo, Wisconsin. While at least half of the attendees are sympathetic to 9/11 truth, the organizers of Fighting Bob Fest (some of whom privately admit they know 9/11 was an inside job) refuse to schedule any openly pro-truth speakers. Additionally, Wisconsin’s biggest anti-9/11-truth fanatic, a Labor Zionist communist named Allen Ruff, has been known to punch out anyone with the audacity to wear an “Israel Did 9/11” T-shirt. (This happened at Fighting Bob Fest 2009.)


Speaking of penetrating hostile environments, 9/11 truth is spreading surreptitiously through America’s colleges and universities. I know a significant number of professors who are teaAZuberiching the evidence that 9/11 was an inside job, and in some cases even designing entire courses around the false flag interpretation of 9/11. Adnan Zuberi’s award-winning new film 9/11 in the Academic Community examines the way universities seek – or avoid – the painful truth.

The only two countries on earth where 9/11 truth is openly supported by mainstream institutions are Iran and Malaysia. (No wonder Israel wants to attack Iran, and appears to have been involved in the destruction of two Malaysian airliners.) Later this month a group of leading 9/11 truth advocates will be attending the New Horizon Resistance Conference in Tehran. The group of 9/11 truth seekers in Tehran will include Globalization Studies professor Anthony Hall, We Are Change founder Luke Rudkowski, “Operation Terror” director Art Olivier, former NSA officer and whistleblowing journalist Wayne Madsen, and yours truly.

Press TV, “the Iranian CNN,” is also helping spark 9/11 truth by publishing such articles as:  

 Arrest Kissinger for Both 9/11s (my new one)


Neocons confess: We did 9/11 anthrax! (most-read 9/11 truth article of this anniversary)

In a sense, the biggest “9/11 truth leak” this anniversary is the wave of over-the-top neocon propaganda hyping the alleged Islamic terror threat in ludicrously unrealistic fashion. The September criminals are obviously signaling their desperation – and their guilt – by hyping such stories as the “11 Libyan jetliners set to attack US on 9/11” and the “ISIS to invade US from Mexico.”

Another big leak: The effort to declassify the 28 missing top-secret pages of the Joint Congressional Inquiry 9/11 report has been drawing attention from the mainstream as well as the alternative media. Is this a “Blame the Saudis, Protect the Israelis” limited hangout? Maybe we’ll find out before the next anniversary.

Finally, no discussion of recent 9/11 truth leaks would be complete without mentioning the classified 2003 International Atomic Energy Agency report documenting the use of miniature nuclear weapons in the 9/11 demolitions. According to VT Senior Editor Gordon Duff, angry IAEA personnel are finally pushing this story out, in part because they have been authorized, or a least tolerated, in doing so by senior members of the military and/or administration. VT sources report that new-generation miniature fusion weapons have been used in a series of false flag events during the past two decades, including 9/11; an international organized crime ring with close ties to Israel is the leading suspect. Stay tuned to this publication for updates on this developing story.

So there you have it – this year’s top 9/11 anniversary news, as reported this morning on False Flag Weekly News.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

I look forward to coming back here next year for a report on even bigger 9/11 truth leaks, maybe even a “case solved, criminals jailed and/or executed” game changer.

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  1. Ed Asner is right, “Too many holes” in the official 911 story, too many coincidences.

    One thing that I discovered was what Jews own and control. Even if there was not a single guilty Jew the fact that so many were members of the cast makes them suspects.

  2. 9/11 was predicted by Anthony Austin in 1990 and published in ‘Mother Shipton the missing prophecies’
    in 2003. In this, President Bush and Cheney were named as the chief co-conspirators, as well as Mayor of New York, Guliani. It seems that nearly all comments on this work have been refused publication, anywhere.
    It is common for most publications to receive a hundred or so reviews, but not this one. Despite that sad fact, the price of a second hand copy has ranged up to £100. The book was reissued as the ‘Anniversary Edition’ in 2013, to receive an even worse sales result. Because of that, the cover up artists responsible
    for deleting as many predictions of 9/11 as they possibly can, have not seen fit to dispose of Austin. The
    work covers the next thousand years which is a longer period than occurred to Nostradamus, but not
    the forgers and fakers of Mother Shipton. We find a picture of America as it will become before this century is over, but it is not my intention to repeat here what you can read for yourself, albeit at some little cost which will be incurred by a visit to Amazon.

  3. It’s always provocative to watch. This is Bill Clinton when asked about 9/11/01 being “an inside job” and him saying “How Dare You,…HOW DARE YOU”

    http //www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=vU-nMsyXP0s

    Oh, I dare alright. Makes you want to push all that much more. Inspiring in a way. Especially since he knows the truth, and then gives us this rebuke in such a threatening tone of voice.

    • Allesandro You must remember, Bill Clinton could’ve gone down in history as the greatest president ever elected. He chose his path when he coddled up to Bush crime family and ruined himself. He also said when asked about having sex with that woman (Monica,) he blatantly lied staring directly into the TV camera. He has no moral compass. Earned a lot of selling his soul. He has insulted the very fabric of family respect and decency.
      He could’ve been a great man in the annals of presidential material, but he sold us out and lost himself. So, him saying this “How dare you…,” was his feeble attempt at intimidating the audience into believing the magnificent lie. The “Soon to be undone, lies on 911,” has frightened them to this point and they are scared, but trying to be calm and complacent. But they know independent investigators have, and continue to unravel the 911 rubic’s cube. Theyyare helpless to stop it directly so they make comments as this to bully the populace into submission. What a fool this man has become. Don’t ya think he looks like W.C. Fields?

    • But…..Chandler in my book his greatest crime was revoking Glass Steagal…..and NAFTA of course plus selling all our IT technology to China…….this piece of crud should be decorating a light post – along with many others – never forgive, never forget…..isn’t that what the Jews say?

    • I know and agree he did a lot of devious acts against us citizens while betraying our trust. Lord help us if his wife is propelled back into the now tarnished white house. Clinton was and stillvis a crook in my opinion of him.

  4. Dr Barrett, excellent article. From article “Perhaps the most audacious 9/11 truther penetration of a hostile institution this anniversary was Barbara Honegger’s newly-released video 9/11 Museum Virtual Walking Tour. ” I watched the 2-hr video, which is VERY good. The only odd thing was 2 places in the video, both pertaining to the Pentagon, where the date Sept. 12 was officially used, and the video makers did NOT draw attention to this. The first instance was at around 1 22, where a photo of the Pentagon impact is dated Sept. 12. The second instance is around 1 32, with a photo of the punchout hole in the Pentagon. This is a 9/11 Museum exhibit, which is clearly dated Sept. 12. This indicates VERY sloppy work on the part of the Museum people.

    • The short video below talks about some new pictures taken of the events on 9/11/01 that are suppose to be shown for the first time this Sat. 9/13/14 in NYC at 2 00 pm , not sure where exactly, but I would assume close to the scene of the crimes.

      The man who took them claims they are shocking and will change everyone’s perception of 9/11 You may want to be on the lookout for these. Not sure if this is just hype or not.

      http //www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=MSCH59q2Zp0

  5. Good article Kev.
    Having just read some of the many Facebook comments on Barack Obama,s site, re 9/11, it would appear that American,s are not as easily fooled as they think!
    Much anger and with just cause.

  6. So was Ruff charged with assault? He certainly should have been…If not for the spouse I would definitely wear an “Israel Did 9-11 ” t-shirt…

    • The Sandia Weapons Lab report, the USGS soil/debris samples showing a nuclear event and the testimony/pictures fm the IAEA people all really need to be pushed…

  7. I can’t wait till the day the TRUTH does completely come out! “What goes around Comes around” … And it is high time it comes back around to the REAL perpetrators!

  8. I certainly hope that a year from now, you’ll be writing an article on how justice has finally been done. Alas with truth and justice comes great pain, and I am not referring to just the perpetuators. Try to be kind.

  9. our condolences goes to all the families of this horrible victims here in the US and the millions of innocent people around the world who suffered from the war on terror. May God/Allah have mercy on the sole of all the innocent victims here in the US and around the world…. never understood why there was never a push for a “people’s inquiry” into this crime with a mandate to uncover and expose the truth no matter where the truth leads, whether here in Washington, or Tel-Aviv or even at the files of the insurance company and the Port Authorities of NY/NJ…

    • Well said Sami……people lost their lives that day and families were bereaved ….even if laughing hyenas rode off into the with their murderous gains………..Karma is a bitch.

  10. My condolences go for the families of victims of that day. And that day was just the smallest snowball pushed over the slope, so victims of that day are beyond the poor 3 thousand souls taken on Mannhattan. Truth is obvious, truth is more beautiful than lie and truth will set you free. Even you mr.Rumsfeld. And mr.Cheney. Once the truth springs from the media monitors then the G.H.W.Bush greatest quotes will come into existence. The scary part once the truth arrives will be, so if those Arabs didn’t do it who did it?

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