The day the world fell down…9-11 was a nuclear attack




The day the world fell down…9-11 was a nuclear attack

VT 9-11 email letter sent to 100,000 state/local officials


 … by  Jim W. Dean,  VT Editor      … with the loyal Americans who contributed

…for the American people and the world


The bastards that really did 9-11 threw America off the roof that day. The least we can do is return the favor.
The bastards that really did 9-11 threw America off the roof that day. The least we can do is return the favor.

Veterans Today has been going public with the official US 2003 classified report on the Ground Zero attack being a nuclear event, quickly confirmed by a mass spectrometry analysis of the dust samples. 

This testing has been done for decades after big explosion events by most of the major country Intel agencies as most of them have been mini-nuke terror attacks.

What makes our material so incredible is the IAEA investigators confirmed the nuclear bombing history and our own Sandia labs had designed the bombs that were supposed to be used to defend us. They are very angry people.

Veterans Today, is an Intelligence platform covering three generations of civilian and military professionals spanning the early Cold War days to the present counter-terrorism work that some of our board members are currently engaged.

Our pursuit of the real 9-11 culprits has paid off just in time for the upcoming anniversary. After years of watching our efforts from a distance we were leaked from a foreign government source the official Sandia nuclear labs 2003, 9-11 report with extensive details describing how the Ground Zero buildings were brought down with mini-nuclear weapons.

We had eliminated by our own efforts all other contending theories as physically not possible. We had many clues like the molten granite under the towers, which only the heat from a nuclear blast could have done, and later the burst radiation and nuclear particle ingestion illness began showing up, and being covered up with purposeful misdiagnosis.

Despite the experts we had at VT, some with nuclear backgrounds, we additionally put the word out among our old boy networks that we needed confirmation that we were not being set up with an elaborate hoax by our many enemies. We get fed bogus stories weekly. Much to our surprise confirmation came in from the best sources that exist, from the IAEA nuclear inspector people and the bomb designers at Sandia who had written the report.

The 9-11 commission wa never interested in the molten pools of granite under the towers. Photo from IAEA inspector.
The 9-11 commission was never interested in the molten pools of granite under the towers. Photo from former IAEA inspector.

These people not only confirmed that the report was real, but that worse, the nuclear fingerprints found in the dust samples showed that warhead material had been made here.

It appears our mothballed Davy Crockett tactical nukes had been spirited out the back door via an inventory accounting system that was designed for quietly removing warhead material.

The inventory had gone to Israel after the Dimona accident had wrecked their ability to produce weapons grade material, but they had the expertise to re-manufacture the Davy Crockett’s into modern tactical nuclear weapons.

The IAEA investigators confirmed what we had already known, that mini nukes had been used for some time in many of the large bombing terror attacks, which eliminated the patsy terror groups as the perps because only a short list of major countries had the necessary skills to execute them.

Every time there has been a major explosion anywhere, all the top Intel agencies have been sending in evaluation teams to get dust sample to do a routine mass spectrometry test on for the tell tale nuclear residue always found, including the fingerprint of the particular one used to compare to their database of previous explosions.

Here is a partial list of the false flag suicide truck bombings that were mini-nukes. This has been an ongoing terror campaign that not only was nothing done to put the genie back into the bottle, but the America people and the world were never told anything about it, which made it easier for these to continue.

The barracks of the U.S. Marines and French paratroopers in Beirut, Lebanon in 1983.  

The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma. 1995.

 The Egyptian Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan in 1995.  

The Khobar Towers in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia in 1996.

The American Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998.  

The British Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey.  

The World Trade Center September 11, 2001.  

The Sari night club in Bali in 2002.

The UN Office in Baghdad, Iraq in 2003.  

The Australian Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2004.  

In the nuclear assassination of the former Lebanese Prime-Minister. Planted in the sewer pipe. Rafik Hariri in Beirut in 2005.  

The police school bombing in Algeria on 19 of August 2008.

And many more unreported.


Mothballed Davy Crockett nukes went to Israel to use the warhead material in updated mini-nukes that were used in terror bombings
Mothballed Davy Crockett nukes went to Israel to use the warhead material in updated mini-nukes that were used in terror bombings

The US has had a security penetration, the biggest in world history, and it was classified to protect those responsible for the illegal transfers to Israel, and those after them thinking that the American people finding out might create a revolution here.

But there was another group in the intelligence and security field who felt just the opposite, that hiding what had happened and allowing the real perpetrators to walk around above ground, with still a large inventory of these weapons left us literally under the gun.

The other problem was the long running stand down in America regarding any Israeli espionage prosecutions, due not only for the political embarrassment, but also because of the high ranking Americans in all branches of our government who have assisted them for many years.

The stand down on the prosecution was actually a recruiting tool for them, showing that they were untouchable.

Mass media has so far put a black out on our entire series of articles. We have not had a single call from any of them wanting to know more. Fear, is the underlying cause in many cases, because we are talking about serial mass murderers here, who have nothing to lose by killing a few more. But not all are afraid. We will play the hand we have been dealt, but we cannot see this thing through to a successful resolution without your help.

We are asking you to work with us in hunting these people down and securing their remaining weapons before they can be used. The first place to start is a mass public demand that the Sandia Labs report be made public and all the classified espionage files on Israel that our FBI friends tell us will suffice to tell the whole story also be released.

We will never be safe without facing up to and cleaning up this horrific part of our history. If we do nothing we become aiders and abettors of these mass murderers. No one here at Veterans Today will ever do that, no matter what the risk or the costs. It is time to hit the reset button on 9-11.

Jim W. Dean, Veterans Today …Managing editor


Convential truck bombs cannot make a crater like. Only one type of explosive can. Take a guess.
Khobar Towers, Saudi Arabia … Convential truck bombs cannot make a crater like this. Only one type of explosive can. Take a guess.



  1. As a physicist the evidence for a nuclear destruction rises on many difficult questions which i found not answered by the VT publication The activity amounts to 2 10^19 Bq for each kton of a nuclear weapon (conventionnal fission) one day after the explosion.
    Assuming 2ktonnes inside the WTC towers , most ofl the radiation (gamma, beta , alpha) would be absorbed by the building materials themselves which were mainly dustified and eventually dispersed in a huge cloud of dust let’s assume this dust deposited on a one kilometre square surrounding WTC. This would result in ~ 4 10^13 Bq per squarred meter (to be reduced by 10 after 10 days then by 100 after 100 days…and so on) to be compared with background natural radioactivity several thousands Bq/m^2.
    So to summarize the radioactivity would amount to ~ 10 billion the natural radioactivity (background) after one day, 1 billion the natural radioactivity (background) after 10 days, 100 millions after 100 days, ~30 millions after one year, and still 1 million after 30 years.
    So it’s not enough to claim that clean mininukes with radioactivity reduced by 95% could have been used because 95% means a reduction by a factor 20 and not 1000000000 required to explain the absence of radioactivity in the dust as anybody could check with a 50 dollars Geiger counter!
    Moreover the mean free path of fast neutrons in steel or concrete is several centimeters so nothing would prevent them after multiple scattering to escape the tower

  2. When I stopped and read each one of these comments, and their replies, it is very unique how man many people know of this government tomfoolery, and can present some fairly damning knowledge along with some decent evidence that this was a nuclear homeland event and many administrative officials had knowledge of the event before it happened.
    It is why they had to have a Bush fellow in the white house. Why they had to get the Supreme Court to step out of its jurisdiction and rule Bush the winner. Why Jeb Bush his brother was governor of the state, the state where the election fraud took place. “Hanging chads!” Never forget.
    So to anyone passing through wanting some education on this faux pas event, stop and read the column, then digest all the responses. My God this is truth and nothing but the truth. Now if only some power of the people could indict those rich ass, self centered egotistical cowards.

  3. An excellent article that nails 9/11/01 down in spades. VT Managing Editor Jim Dean’s articles have been incredibly concise and informative and some of the best anywhere. More of this fine investigative journalism please.

  4. “It [Sandia Labs 9/11 report] cannot all be released for security reasons, all the technical stuff.”

    But if the report is not released (with the technical parts redacted), why should anyone believe that it exists? If you want to convince anyone beyond the small circle where your personal credibility carries weight, there needs to be proof to show the doubters.

    • I agree with you, but at the same time, I think that if it was not true, Sandia Labs would already be denying it.
      The silence from them is very telling.

    • Worker Bee if it cnnot be released for security reasons for all practical purposes it doesn’t exist. I’m not even particularly a doubter. I know Davy Crocketts existed because I’ve seen and touched them, albeit 40-50 years ago. And I’ve wondered what became of them, because I’ve always known they existed in surprising quantities and represented a substantial amount of fissionable material. I’m a bit fuzzy about whether all Davy Crocketts would have had plutonium with identical ‘signatures’, whether the ‘signature’ of Davy Crockett plutonium was different from other warhead plutonium sufficiently to distinguish the one from the other, and so on. Sandia Labs have amazing capabilities for research and when I first read the mention I though for a while I’d not hold out huge doubt. But after re-thinking it I’m not at all sure the shakiness and potentially a level of magnitude more shaky doesn’t erode the solid ground I like to base my beliefs on a bit more than comfort allows.

    • Part of the problem is that we old guys and a lot of young ones tend to forget sometimes what WE actually saw, and what someone else whom we believe usually tells the truth told us they saw. And we thought about it so much the more we thought about the more we believed we actually saw it with our own personal eyes. And in fact, it never existed outside the imagination of someone we trusted, or never existed precisely as the person who claimed to have seen it described it. Maybe the person didn’t understand what he was seeing, maybe he was recovering from an LSD trip, or maybe someone told him. Someone he believed always told the truth. ad infinitum.

    • Worker Bee, Duhh…In the real world what you are asking never happens.It always amazes us to read mass media just filled with “unnamed sources”…day in and day out, and yet when we have to do it for obvious security reasons, then we have to do what no one else does? That just tell us you are too lazy. You want it handed to you on a silver platter. But guess? ain’t going to happen. It is a highly technical report with information that could be misused by many bad people. We are not here to teach people how mininukes work, or those who are using them all the detection details, etc. We are not doing this for a mass audience anyway, as we know they aren’t going to do anything. Our primary audience is the scientific, Intel, political, security and diplomatic corp…that the cover up days will be over and they have to explain their hiding this all from the people they took and oath to protect. I would not want to be in their shoes. Peope have risked their lives to do this, and frankly…you were not worth it. Gordon gave you plenty. What else can I say. We are not here to entertain people. We confirmed the report. We put our asses on the line. So when you tell me that is not enough, what do you expect to get?

  5. They do it because they can. And it’s good for business. The notion that they have nukes set in place in several cities waiting for a command may seem scary, and certainly offends the senses, but then that’s what MAD has been all about for decades. Well, MAD was for Russia, maybe China, but who would have guessed that a tiny little ‘ally’ in the middle of nowhere would turn it on us? And still we sit, waiting to fry…

    • “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.” — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, 2002. (Widely reported, see here)

      It is possibly the greatest of American political myths.

      President Barack Obama has claimed that the United States enjoys a special bond with Israel unlike its relations with any other country. He has called the friendship “unshakeable”. His Republican rival, Mitt Romney, has gone further, arguing that there is not “an inch of difference between ourselves and our ally Israel”. ……………

      http //

  6. Chapter 9 13. of the Protocols of Zion, said to be forgeries or whatever has this scary thought – ” You may say that the GOYIM will rise upon us, arms in hand, if they guess what is going on before the time comes; but in the West we have against this a manoeuvre of such appalling terror that the very stoutest hearts quail – the undergrounds, metropolitans, those subterranean corridors which, before the time comes, will be driven under all the capitals and from whence those capitals will be blown into the air with all their organizations and archives”.

    • Jeremiah 9 25-26 “Behold the days come, says the Lord, that I will punish all the circumcised with foreskin – Egypt, and Judah, and Edom, and the sons of Ammon, and Moab, and all those trimmed on the edges [of their beards], who dwell in the wilderness. For all the nations are uncircumcised, and all the house of Israel — those uncircumcised of heart.”

  7. Is this excerpt from a 2011 VT article (“Last Man Out” Makes Shocking 9/11 Disclosure) describing a nuclear explosion in the WTC?

    During his subsequent rescue efforts on the upper floors, Rodriguez claims he heard explosions going off “all over the building.”

    Felipe David, a colleague, who was working at the far end of basement Level-1 across from Rodriguez, fell victim to the second explosion. David was walking towards a supply room when the entire wall suddenly exploded in front of him.

    Burned beyond recognition, David managed to stagger towards Rodriguez. Willy took one look at the man and froze.

    The skin on his face had almost completely peeled away exposing raw, pink flesh, and the burnt skin of his outstretched arms was hanging horrifically, “like sheets of loose cloth.”

    • Much like that famous photo of the girl from Vietnam running down the road with outstretched arms with skin dangling off of them and as well as on the sides of her chest wall. She was understandingly crying in agony.

      We human beings are brutal to each other, and callous to other innocent people suffering beneath the hands of “intelligent” leaders. War mongering on this earth must stop. The inability to be smart enough to sit down with another and discuss our differences will not stop the mayhem. JFK told us all he will never negotiate out of fear, but we will never fear to negotiate, I think was accurate. Discussing differences is not negotiating, but negotiating is discussing. Once you close that option, you leave the door open for human tragedy. This is the Bush way of thinking. This thinking became a staple when GHW Bush was elected. His new world “odor” grand plans has resulted in today’s tragic human approach to find solutions. When war and bombing millions of innocent people becomes the actions of the few mentally deranged war mongers, what is taking place is unavoidable. But this is the leadership of today. What hath Bush intentionally wrought? During the chaos, even the NY fireman kept hearing multiple explosions. Ah the new world odor’s “…rule of law, not the law of the jungle” is never ending isn’t it?

  8. It would seem our first priority is to locate and disarm the warheads Israel has hidden away in our cities, harbors and among critical nexus points across the country. We deduce correctly, I think, the Israelis have a Samson option prepared for the US for which the neo-cons are fully complicit. A little creative questioning of such people by honest and patriotic military intelligence should provide the necessary intelligence so that this first step is achieved. The truth of 911 will spill out as a matter of course in the aftermath of achieving this first step.

  9. I watched an anniversary TV special, 102 Minutes That Changed … you get the idea.
    To watch the plane strikes, then the collapse of the South Tower, then the North Tower, knowing that someone somewhere was watching, knowing exactly when those firemen would die and the survivors too, was, well, sobering. We can hardly ccomprehend the evil culture in which this atrocity was dreamed up and coldly executed.
    I got the feeling, looking at the NSSA photos, that if the billionaires and oligarchs insist on owning the American people like their own possessions, then folks will just emigrate. I wonder if the population of New York is rising, or falling as the rumors of multiple myelomas leak out.

  10. Excellent work Jim, I can’t stop drooling. In my life time I hope I see the day when Tony Blair gets arrested for his part in all of this.

  11. these “great articles” are weapons to be picked up, aimed and fired…..everyone has a part, everyone has their own circle of influence, everyone has “leaders” who speak on behalf of whole nations…..its time they have truth mainlined to them instead of “talking points” fabricated from “wherever”…truth is here on VT to sift through by the bucket loads….archived and ready to go

  12. Hi John B Lucas II (above on facebook). I understand your skepticism, and I often have my doubts about some of the weird stuff on VT, BUT, you are a soldier and must know that no conventional explosive has the energy intensity to melt bedrock.

    10 years ago I accepted the official explanation without doubt; not now.

  13. —- IS rael (IS IS), not only responsible for 9/11, it also created & funding (IS IS), SO WE WILL ALWAYS BE IN WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST & ASIA.

    —-Lately, IS rael (IS) IDF generals when ever they talk to reports they have been saying, USA has been doing target killing for years.
    Why can’t we do the same in Gaza?—Translation—the UN Human Rights are after us for a War Crime, so we will drag USA with us.

    —-The Corrupt Politicians of USA & the West should STOP wasting their time playing your “Childish Bully Game” on the “Sensible, Patient Powerful Russia.” You are cowards, otherwise you would have spent your time working on “BDS that small country” IS rael (IS IS), the #1 USA Enemy, “Monster”, “Evil Empire,” Out-Of-Control (thanks to USA) “Fictional Democracy / Apartheid” & the Most Hated Country in the World.

    —- America, when are you going to wake-up & use your brain if you have one? Here are the IS rael (IS IS) Firsters, those you sent to Congress. ————Remember, when you send someone to Congress his/her decision affects the “Entire USA & the World”

    —-Skinny-Dipping in Israel Casts Unwanted Spotlight on Congressional Travel
    http //

  14. I was never 100% convinced by any theory about 911. I had reserved final judgement.

    If that really is molten granite then it has to be some sort of nuke. Nothing else could melt bedrock. The earth is a big heat sink so only a very large amount of energy could melt that granite.

    • Do the work that is being given to you as an example. Making demands on those who are obviously doing more than you and most likely at great sacrifice, should compell you to be actively pursuing your niche of contribution, not making demands. If you feel froggy, leap. Hey Maloney, why not make these DEMANDS on your local “representatives” who are doing nothing instead of tugging on the sleeves of the ones who are OBVIOUSLY working already ? This is the problem, see ? YOU can do it. BE the one. Be sovereign bro. Stand up. You might be surprised at what protects you whilst Doing.

    • I’m going to post this, even though, as far as it is down the list of comments, some people still might read it.

      What could we do with a list of the “suspects” and their home addresses?

      An idea that occurred to me is that if someone lived in — or could travel to — the vicinity of a “suspect’s” home address, then he could plaster fake FBI “WANTED” posters on lampposts, fences, buildings, etc. in the surrounding area. It would create a stir.

      I consider it likely that others are far more creative than I am.

      For the past 13 years, we’ve confronted the physical evidence. Isn’t it time that we confronted the “suspects” — exposed, confronted and cornered them?

    • And if you are waiting tables or changing the oil in someones car, is it just fine with you if some person walks up and asks you to do it faster or better while they themselves are doing nothing.
      Whining and complaining for additional services like something is owed is the problem. I’m going to make a guess you never have attended a town meeting with the intention of serving your community.
      Go make something happen instead of whining. If you don’t, we all go down the toilet. We need doers not askers. Underestimating yourself is embarrassing. Grow up.

    • So your great contribution is to whine about the whiners?
      Wow…..that’s great.
      Someone please bring a Nobel Prize to this man.

  15. Jim, the list of mini-nuke events… Khalezov also lists in his book, one other 80s event, as well as the 1993 WTC bombing as using mini-nukes. If true that the FIRST WTC bombing also used mini-nukes, then we have no excuse at all for the second one. John O’Neil (RIP) knew they would come back to the WTC, so why didn’t we?

    • The whole Sandia crew went through his book very carefully, and picked up something they had missed, putting one of the bombs under the huge AC freon tanks as that acts as an enhancer…the classic case of good people reviewer each others work to make it better. This has been a long process.

    • Mini-nukes don’t have enough explosive force to create a crater in the ground, let alone melt granite and steel which burned for months. That’s why there were no underground cavities of molten material under the Bali or Oklahoma City mini-nuke blasts. Only an underground nuclear explosion 100 times more powerful could have created the cavities and melted the granite under the WTC towers. In an underground explosion most of the radiation and EMP are contained underground with only a small amount of radiation vapour seeping out. I believe that’s what happened on 9/11.

  16. The swell has turned to a wave, and is solidifying. The momentum is not ebbing. 13 is only unlucky to those who do not want to return to their misdeeds. The people here at VT keep many like myself going. It is sometimes easy to become disheartened when it appears truth is not possible. But, Truth is on the menu in the cycles of time, and Let them break off their teeth trying to bite through it, because if they don’t eat their dinner, it will be on their plate for breakfast. Hand wringing and whining will not suffice. Swallow it you merciless pricks. Swallow it whole or sweep up your own teeth. I for one, care not to hear the begging and pleading. Enough!
    http //

  17. Sent to my congressman, Paul Cook, CA who several months ago put out in his newsletter that Iran’s president, Rouhani did the Beirut barracks job, earlier in his career.

  18. The plutocrats have generally through out history taken a very casual attitude towards breaking the law and committing capital crimes. However, in the West for centuries the Christian faith did slow them down. But now with little in the way of religion to cast doubt on their activities they believe they have a free hand. And so far they have been correct in that assessment. I am not sure what can be done to stop these people or at least slow them down. Is any one? They may be criminals by all reasonable standards but who has the power to do anything about it? My guess is the answer to this question is history, that is, the on rush of cause and effect which will eventually destroy their structures. We have an intuitive idea about how history works. Changes occur, mistakes are made, plagues, barbarians, wars, and after one or more of these the ruling class of that age vanishes forever. It would probably then be a time of chaos when a new religion or revelations come forth and a period of repentance occurs. And the whole play begins anew. We must be at the end of an age.

  19. There was a country not long ago that persecuted public opinion formators, cast out famous anti-regime people, poets, writers, artists, shattered their careers, or even sent out intelligence officers to murder them in diaspora. That country was under ruthless Stalinist regime and was large enough to destroy the world with their lies. Today one cannot think of a country like that except for the US. Surely there are number of actors, people in show business threatened with their careers especially involving the 9/11. Now noone could ever imagine that a once bastion of democracy would develop into such a state of mind.

  20. Great article. I passed it on to a Truth newbie. One at a time, until we reach that 11% critical mass…

    This article was so refreshing after glancing at today’s MSM head-LIES of phony narratives that tell me all I need to know about the garbage underneath them that, if read, would cause unmitigated puking.

  21. Unless the American people get justice for this atrocity there can never be an America karma will haunt the nation forever just as it did that monster Joan Rivers

  22. I for one am still left on this day groping for an explanation on how, after all the evidence produced by yourself, Mr. Duff and so many others, so many people in America could actually still believe half of the pentagon and a good portion of lower Manhattan were taken out by a handful of angry 7/11 attendants with box-cutters. Are these really sentient human beings? Some of the stuff I have read here on VT and heard Mr.
    Duff say in interviews, some of the stuff I have seen with my own eyes, leads me to believe otherwise

    • Was in a debate two days ago over just the question you were asking. I have to, at some point, discuss some of what was said though not who was taking part. How we treat the animals on this planet, our addiction to hypocrisy, to “moral flexibility,” as you note, will have a price, I am told.
      I am not comfortable to finding myself being judged, whether found “innocent” or even among” the chosen.”
      The concept is hierarchical and offensive to me.
      That said, I can’t stop it.
      I can’t help returning to Israel, during the recent conflict, those who dragged filthy, flea infested furniture outdoors to watch children being butchered. I saw who was sitting there. I was sickened but I also knew that was not all of Israel. I do know that, were those Americans, they would be ostracized for life. This tells me much of the moral condition of Israel. What I also know is that, as this is the self anointed land of the “chosen people,” they have no idea who else was watching and what they are going to be chosen for. Whether I felt anger or disappointment in those Israeli’s, I would, if I could, stop what I know is coming.

    • Hi Gordon,
      May I alert you to the possibility of a fundamental misunderstanding on the part of the Jews? Their delusions about being in some way preferred by the almighty force of love, nature and life which we commonly call ‘God’, or such like, may just be a typo, a simple spelling mistake. Might it not read ‘choshen’, meaning breastplate? Was there not an in instruction in Exodus 28(?) to fabricate an item for Aaron to wear on his chest, the ‘choshen mishpat’ (breastplate of judgment) which was to have twelve precious stones fitted, 3 X 4, to represent the tribes of Israel? Much as they would like to be of the House of Israel, the Jews are of the House of Judah, so they may even have stolen their spelling mistake! So at best they might be just the ‘Breastplate People’ and they even stole that!
      Be happily. There’s got to be a plan!

    • Gordon,
      I know you don’t have time for idiots on VT, and maybe you think that if you said what you really wanted to say that no one would believe you anyway. You cannot expect the masses to fully understand if they are confronted with interesting riddles every time they log on to VT. We are not idiots and we are not stupid, you need to start talking black and white, in plain English. If time is of the essence then give it to us straight, some of us are ready to know. Most of us are layman, you must keep this in mind. It will be joe blogs who is the next freedom fighter. I for one am ready to listen to you, in fact I think we all are ready.

    • They’re brain dead…Institutionalized education has robbed them of the ability to think outside their programming…When I talk to people like that I give it to them full throttle, then walk away…If they’re curious they’ll find the truth…if not, I’m not going to waste my time.

  23. Jim simply excellent an in memory of all the innocent people who died in the US and those who died overseas in Iraq, in Palestine, in Pakistan, in Afghanistan and those who continue to die in many countries around the world. Never understood why where was never a “People’s Commission” to investigate 9/11 and issue its own report… I am sure there are tens of thousands of Americans and from overseas who will be more than happy to contribute to the costs of such a commission… all the best… May God/Allah have mercy on the souls of all those innocent who died.

    • There have been two, Sami. Vancouver hearings as well as a study done in Malaysia. The results are available in the net. Also, Professor David Ray Griffin attended (and chaired) Vancouver if not both events, and has written several outstanding books on 911.

  24. This is superb work Jim – and we should all send this outstanding article – an accolade of research and careful inquiry – in every direction that we can think of.

    Your tireless work for the true American people – and all the decent people of the world is surely noted and appreciated, Jimmy Dean. (Although it may not be appreciated by the self-proclaimed beautiful people who daily prostrate and prostitute themselves before our zio-enemy for their own pecuniary advantage).

    A watershed has been reached. The world is turning. There will be a chance now to genuinely go into the future with honesty, enthusiasm and hope – instead of the unsavory and unbelievable fables of the talmudic supremacy conspirators.

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