Sotloff was Israeli agent, his execution staged: Analyst




Sotloff was Israeli agent, his execution staged: Analyst

… by  Jim W. Dean,  VT Editor     … with  Press TV,  Tehran


The infamous Rita Katz
The infamous Rita Katz

[ Note:  They goosed the title a bit to fit the space… but added the “might have been staged” in the lead in. In the interview I said that until we have a body and a DNA test we have no “proof” that Sotloff is dead.

And you can add to that the craziness of resurfacing Rita Katz of bin Laden studios as the source for the video, a rather dumb mover on the spin-miesters part.

One of the weaknesses of Israeli psyops, and ours sometimes, is tending to reuse old scams and scammers who have not been caught. But actually in Israel’s case a lot of them have been… they just can’t be prosecuted.

In real high-level offensive Intel work, you never use the same tactical plan twice, or even key elements of it, as pattern analysis is the monster that is always lurking behind your back, waiting for you to make a mistake. We catch people all time using pattern analysis, or I should say fingering them for a much closer look. 

Most of the time they are just stupid or lazy, or both… and never having been busted gives them a false comfort level. When the penalty is not being snatched and tortured to reveal who you are working for, but just the loss of your reputation, which you can just deny… people get sloppy. Those that are using them change them like disposable underwear, as they are cheap and easily replaceable.]


–  First published on September 11,  2014 


Slain journalist Steven Sotloff was an “Israeli intelligence agent” who served in the Israeli military and his execution might have been staged to give him a new identity, an investigative journalist tells Press TV.

You and listen to the 3 minute phone interview on Press TV here.

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Sotloff’s family spokesman Barak Barfi has claimed that Sotloff– who had been missing in Syria for nearly two years– was sold to the ISIL terrorist group by “moderate Syrian rebels” for $50,000.


“The first thing we have to ask ourselves is that who told the family this and why did they tell them this?” asked Jim W Dean, managing editor and columnist for Veterans Today.

“Either the family is being used to put out a false version of events or do what’s commonly done in intel psyops, to put a variety of different scenarios out just to confuse anybody trying to see what has really happened,” he added. “And I have to ask the family if they did not know that he was an Israeli intelligence agent,” Dean said.

On September 2, ISIL released a video that purported to show the beheading of Sotloff. In a message, the journalist said that he is “paying the price” for US military intervention in the Middle East.

Dean said, “Until we have a body and we can do a DNA test on it, we have absolutely no proof that he is even dead because the videos are so sophisticated today that these things can be faked.” “There is a long history during the Cold War to make agents disappear and give them a new identity after faking executions,” he pointed out.

Israel has said it had prevented local media from reporting that Sotloff was also an Israeli citizen in an effort to reduce the risk to his life after he was seized by ISIL militants in Syria last year. Sotloff, who was Jewish, immigrated to Israel in 2005.



  1. That’s not what Sean Hannity told me. He said that ISIS took a young christian Syrian girl from her pleading mother.

  2. It made me laugh when the Daily Mail Online stated that the so called British Terror Experts had identified certain traits of the ISIS executioner, they even spotted that he was left handed because was holding his knife in his left hand….although his gun holster was slung under his left armpit?
    Right or left handed does it really matter? Who is making these stupid observations.
    Like Jim said, todays technology is that good with “film faking” you would need physical evidence to prove most events. My gut feeling tells me the film is fake.

  3. two hoax beheading executions, for two purposes..(a) take pressure off izrahell for bombing the piss outta the Palestinians after the staged kidnapping-execution of 3 teenagers, (b) excuse to pretend to go after CIA-mossad trained mercenaries in Syria when they’re really after Assad who is not one of their puppet boys.

    in his (disgusting lying) SOTU, bungholio said “aid the poor”, unless they’re Palestinian of course! I really dont think there were even TWO things in his SOTU that werent lies based on lies, as “justification”.
    psychopaths can rationalize and justify damn near ANYTHING. I’d hope there is a movement to impeach him for appointing multiple felony clinton to the position of secretary of state, to undo ALL he’s done.

  4. like a bad b grade movie we must suffer through this shit they keep throwing out in the headlines grabbing the attention of the world…always preparing for the next act in play

  5. Actually ideology and religion argue AGAINST him being beheaded…The extreme Wahabi jet-set jihadi ( CIA/Gulf State equipped and funded ) types usually revel in beheading Christians. They actually think more highly of the Talmudic Jews because they only have “One” ( Lucifer actually ) God whereas the Christians “have three “…Three in One..the Father, the Son and the Holy ghost..

  6. Tactics of Organized Jewry in Suppressing Free Speech
    Prof. Tony Martin – Institute for Historical Review

    … I’m going to try to extract from my experience certain basic sort of tactics that I think the Jewish lobby has used over the years pertaining to my particular situation … The first and major tactic that I discovered in their attack on me was their reliance on lies — just straight-up lies. There’s no other way to describe it, just telling lies. Many of the categories that I will enumerate overlap, and many of them could also come under this general rubric of telling lies. But I think that if one had to isolate a single tactic, it was a tactic of telling lies. I think they’ve elevated telling lies to a very high artistic form.
    http //

  7. İ second the request by “What Happened” for you to do a story on these dual citizen monsters seemingly running our govt thank you

  8. ISIS November 22 – 23, 2013, the Atlantic Council convened for an Energy Summit in Turkey’s capital Ankara. Atlantic Council President Frederick Kempe stated before the meeting, that decisions which were about to be made in the nearest future would have a historical bearing on Iran, Turkey, the U.S. and the region, which were comparable to the historic events in 1918 and 1945. –

    http //

    Do we need to understand’ any more about WWIII? Notice these dates are positioned after both the wars ending, but that may just be sloppy wording…

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