9/11 truth, Palestine TKO Zionist gatekeepers



By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor


Fight Bob Fest 2009: Allen Ruff caught on video punching a guy for wearing an "Israel Did 9/11" T-shirt...which inspired this new T-shirt design
Fighting Bob Fest 2009: Allen Ruff caught on video punching a guy for wearing an “Israel Did 9/11” T-shirt…inspiring this new T-shirt design

If this were a boxing match, the “9/11 Truth & Palestine” team just won a TKO.

It happened yesterday at Fighting Bob Fest, the annual get-together of over 1,000 progressive and populist activists in Baraboo, Wisconsin. That triumph mirrored the larger victory of the past three months, during which the Zionists dug their own grave by pointlessly brutalizing Gaza in full public view, while 9/11 truth forces landed punch after punch during the run-up to the 13th anniversary.

I may have delivered one of the hardest blows with my 9/11 anniversary article “Arrest Kissinger for Both 9/11s.” Leading neocon rag Commentary felt compelled to shriek in feigned outrage at my mauling of the saintly pacifist and much maligned & massively misunderstood mensch Henry the K. Check out Commentary’s hit piece by Michael Rubin:

Iran Promotes 9/11 Conspiracy on Anniversary

Oddly (and libelously) Commentary falsely attributed my “Arrest Kissinger” article to the government of Iran! They even seemed to suggest that the US should break off nuclear negotiations and go to war with Iran because those mean & nasty Iranian leaders had published such an evil anti-Kissinger, anti-neocon article.

So I sent the following response to [email protected] and  [email protected]:

Memo to Commentary: If you don’t issue a retraction of your article Iran Promotes 9/11 Conspiracy on Anniversary and admit that Dr. Kevin Barrett, NOT Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei or President Hassan Rouhani, is the sole author of “Arrest Kissinger for Both 9/11s,” I may just haul your sorry lying keisters into the nearest courtroom – and it will not be the one presided over by your friend Alvin Hellerstein.

I mean, come on, guys! Why should I let President Rouhani and Supreme Leader Khamenei take credit for such a brilliant article?! Even you pathetic putzes at Commentary should know that the Iranian government (and indeed most of my Iranian acquaintances) can barely churn out a sentence of idiomatic English, much less an acerbic masterpiece of anti-Kissinger invective like “Arrest Kissinger for Both 9/11s.” Not even the sorriest semi-literate Fox News aficionado could possibly mistake my Kissinger piece for the product of Iran’s (or anybody’s) propaganda ministry.

So allow me to let you Commentary schmucks in on a little secret: Press TV is successful because it practices the kind of all-out free speech that the American mainstream promises but fails to deliver. Press TV published my Kissinger piece, like virtually all my op-eds there, exactly as written. I have been ranting about this stuff for years, long before I was publishing at Press TV. (I published my first three balls-to-the-wall 9/11 truth op-eds in 2005 and 2006 at the Madison, WI Capital Times – which was then shut down by its parent company.)

What I write has nothing to do with the Iranian government. It represents my views and nobody else’s. So by attributing my piece to the Iranian authorities, you slandered me in multiple ways:

*First, you deprived me of recognition as the sole author of a powerful, widely-read, high-impact article.

*Second, you insulted my article by implying that it was the product of some Iranian government bureaucrat working under Supreme Leader or the President of Iran.

*Third, you insulted me by implying (to those who bothered to dig up my article and notice it was attributed to me, not the Supreme Leader) that my article, and by extension my other Press TV articles, are Iranian propaganda pieces, which would make me a propagandist for a much-maligned foreign government – a very nasty false charge, which in this age of terror paranoia could have damaging consequences for my career as a scholar, writer and broadcaster.

Like Zionists everywhere, you Commentary guys are projecting your own dark side on your opponents. For while I am an independent thinker and carry water for nobody’s government, YOU are unregistered agents of Israel and de facto traitors to the United States of America. Commentary‘s overriding mission, like that of most key decision makers throughout the US mainstream media only more so, is to protect and advance the interests of the state of Israel.

I carry no such water for Iran. I publish at Press TV because they’re not afraid to print hard-hitting, truthful op-eds. That is exactly the same reason I publish here at Veterans Today – an angry hornet’s nest of former (and still well-connected) insiders from US military and intelligence communities. But just as nobody in their right mind would attribute my Veterans Today articles to the CIA Director or the Joint Chiefs of Staff, you’d have to be lying or nuts to imagine that my Press TV pieces are the product of some ministry in Tehran. And if you want to nuke Iran because Press TV published one of my articles…well, all I can say is that is one hell of a tribute to my skills as an op-ed polemicist!

That said, dear Commentary colleagues, you may be wondering why the two venues with significant readership that publish my stuff happen to be (1) Press TV, the Iranian version of CNN or PBS or the BBC or RT except it’s better, and (2) the hornets nest of insiders at Veterans Today.

There is a very simple reason for this odd alliance, my dear neocon friends. Both Iranians and American insiders disapprove of the neocon coup d’état of September 11th, 2001. Both Iranians and American insiders look askance at the 9/11 plan to “take out seven countries in five years” including Iran – a plan that isn’t working out very well for anybody. And both Iranians and American insiders wouldn’t mind seeing the USA free itself from the Zionist yoke and change our Mideast policy to something more mutually beneficial to both Americans and Iranians…not to mention Palestinians.

Am I making myself clear?

I thought so.

So have a nice day, and hurry up with that retraction.


Dr. Kevin Barrett

It’s telling that Commentary felt the need to squeal so senselessly about my Kissinger piece. The neocons, its seems, are getting more and more desperate. They know they are on the ropes.

The sea change in public opinion “after Gaza” was on full display at yesterday’s Fighting Bob Fest, the Midwest’s premiere left-populist get-together. There were two – count ’em – 9/11 truth tables: Mine, representing the Sifting and Winnowing club; and Tom Spellman’s representing Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Together, we hit festival-goers with a one-two punch of truth that left them reeling.

9/11 truth was somewhat controversial at earlier Fighting Bob Fests. Extreme example: Allen Ruff, an ethnically Jewish communist who works overtime suppressing both 9/11 truth and awareness of Zionist power in America, actually punched out a guy simply for wearing an “Israel Did 9/11” T-Shirt at Fighting Bob Fest 2009. (See photo above, a still from a video that captured the assault.) Not only was Ruff never prosecuted or expelled from Fighting Bob Fest, but he has been back every year since then hanging out with the organizers, some of whom have been known to rub shoulders with Zionist gatekeepers in the foundation-funded pseudo-left. This year I saw him escorting keynote speaker Chris Hedges around the event. When he saw me, he hustled Hedges out of sight at breakneck speed.

But Ruff is fighting a losing battle. It seemed like half the crowd was wearing Gaza pins; not one of the huge number of people I spoke with doubted that 9/11 was an inside job; and virtually nobody I talked to about the Zionist lobby and its 9/11 coup d’état disputed or criticized what I was telling them.

The two main speakers, Sen. Bernie Sanders and journalist Chris Hedges, got the message. Zionist apologist Sanders, a socialist of Eastern European Jewish background, has been dogged by anti-Zionist constituents all summer.

Check out Bernie Sanders Town Hall Devolves Into Screaming Match About Gaza  and this video:

YouTube - Veterans Today -

During his speech at Fighting Bob Fest, Sanders was loudly heckled by pro-Gaza attendees. Then Chris Hedges came on and drove the final nail into Sanders’ and the Zionists’ coffin. Hedges shredded the Israelis and their American lobby. He blasted the US Senate (and Sanders) for its unanimous resolution kissing Israel’s ass while the Zionists massacred civilians in Gaza. (Hedges called it “Stalinist” and some other choice adjectives.) And he tied the Israel lobby’s stranglehold on America to the “corporate coup d’état” which, he said, has utterly and completely overthrown democratic governance in the USA. In short, he all but called out the Zionists for their leading role in the oligarchy’s September 11th coup d’état. And he out-and-out called for an uprising – even a revolution, hopefully as nonviolent as possible – to restore democratic and Constitutional governance.

The audience wildly cheered Hedges’ brilliant pro-Gaza rant as well as his call for revolution. Such a thing could never have happened just a few years ago – least of all in the heavily-Zionist-influenced Madison, Wisconsin area.

My impression is that a lot of the pro-Gaza people these days are Jewish – especially younger Jewish people who are put off or even revolted by the lockstep Zionism of their elders. All in all, the Zionists are looking more and more like dinosaurs bloated with money and power and teeth and political muscle, roaring out their attempts to intimidate younger and newer and smarter life forms, and approaching the edge of extinction.




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Kevin Barrett

Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, is one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror.

He is Host of TRUTH JIHAD RADIO; a hard driving weekly LIVE call in radio show. He also has appeared many times on Fox, CNN, PBS and other broadcast outlets, and has inspired feature stories and op-eds in the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, the Chicago Tribune, and other leading publications.

Dr. Barrett has taught at colleges and universities in San Francisco, Paris, and Wisconsin, where he ran for Congress in 2008. He currently works as a nonprofit organizer, author, and talk radio host.

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  1. How could they not know they are on the ropes Dr. Barrett? They are choking on their own blood. Lets just keep going for that already badly broken nose. Nice piece!

    • I’m with ya on this one. It’s not just a broken nose, but “badly” adds the proper flavor. Ya know, if ya don’t hear the snap it wasn’t hard. And, it is definitely below average to be choking on blood. Battle won on the 13th anniversary, now beat em till they quit wiggling. Ignore the ref. and the bell.

  2. “zionazis”?

    Very trendy. But it’s a misnomer that has no meaning, worthy of the term, even if such claimed meaning were a cattle-call matter of repeated use and/or alleged “consensus.”

    There is no such thing as a “nazi,” except in jewish vernacular/street talk, and therefore your conjunction is counterproductive at best.

  3. Did anyone notice the comment from that sayanim trash “Representative Press” (up in the facebook section)?

    Does it surprise anyone that YEARS worth of my comments to his talmudic diversionary trash videos at YouTube are censored BY HIM?

    This “Representative Press” sleaze posts this vid

    https //www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQiUXc_aMoo&list=PLfrlsC1yJ2dQr4EW8voIritxhsRPvgxHP

    up in this facebook section spewing the diversionary trash about “the true motivation for the (9/11) attack.” Desperate in his notion that OBL did it . . . no doubt he has the same dentist as Silverstein . . . Pathetic.

  4. Dr. Barrett thanks for the reminder on that Allen Ruff psycho. One can only imagine the prosecutorial result if a Palestinian punched a jew who was wearing a tee shirt declaring, say, that Lord Balfour did NOT work for a (City of London) jew banker; proclaiming that it was indeed “God” that had authored the Balfour Declaration (ala Christian zionist zeal, etc.).

    But our boy Ruff is quite the charlatan http //allenruff.blogspot.com/

    AS JUST ONE EXAMPLE of what typifies the talmudic tactic of mealy-mouth diversion and word-smithing, this communist subversive whacko proclaims

    “Then came the Bolshevik seizure of power in October, 1917. Already faced with an enormity of revolutionary challenges and determined to save the young revolution, the Bolsheviks in March, 1918 concluded a costly separate peace with Germany at Brest-Litovsk. While the dispossession of Russia’s ruling class sent messages of revolutionary hope to oppressed peoples worldwide, that agreement in tandem with the revolution’s expropriation and nationalization of private property simultaneously evoked the eternal enmity of war-time Russia’s capitalist allies.”

    In other words, the czar and his family were not BRUTALLY MURDERED IN COLD BLOOD. According to this self-styled jew bolshevik (Ruff), that Christian family was merely “dispossessed.”

    http //www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdrCtIL-nQs

    Sorta like the “dispossession” at Katyn thereafter

    http //vimeo.com/84428294

  5. It does seem indicative of a momentum change and certainly a positive step. The long view has to take into account, as long as the “book” is accepted as history in part, then the whole follows. The unmasking of the greatest lie ever told, means anyone clinging to any part of the book, is still arguing over “perceived history “. Perhaps the greatest modern irony is a country identified as a mixed salad advocates the veneration of a separate crouton. Our ancestors are puking dust as they watch hypnotized people taking myth as history.

  6. Excellent Dr Barrett. I think this Hamas and Abass PLO is an issue Americans need explaination of. I find little truth about it on the ground.

    memc.org/article/69106 ( what is the truth here?)

  7. “All in all, the Zionists are looking more and more like dinosaurs bloated with money and power and teeth and political muscle, roaring out their attempts to intimidate younger and newer and smarter life forms, and approaching the edge of extinction.”

    Trouble is, it took a gigantic asteroid to exterminate the last dinosaurs that roamed the earth – and just maybe that wasn’t a random cosmic occurrence. If we don’t succeed in overturning the global psychopathic control system, the Universe will!

    Thanks for all you do, Kevin – it’s gratifying to FINALLY see some real, positive results!

    The TRUTH WILL set us free!

    • “All in all, the Zionists are looking more and more like dinosaurs bloated with money and power and teeth and political muscle, roaring out their attempts to intimidate younger and newer and smarter life forms, and approaching the edge of extinction.”

      Ameen – Summa Ameen. Hope this happens while this entire generation that has been victimized by these Satanists is still alive. We can see at least some justice while we are still living in this world.

  8. On a serious note 1. Commentary HAS to print a retraction acknowledging their “error”…and 2. Next time Ruff assaults someone a complaint MUST be made. This is America. Even in Britain the guy who assaulted Galloway was arrested. Wasn’t he? Of course I don’t remember ( not since Kucinich, Paul, Wellstone or Traficant-all gone now ) anyone in our Congress being as truthful as Galloway. Oh wait, Rep. Moran made some accurate remarks concerning the lobby that pushed us into Iraq ( for a second time, we didn’t poison them enough w/our DU the first time. )

  9. On Sept 11, 2014 the Houston 911 Truth hosted a premier viewing of this years documentary film contest, “Anatomy of a Great Deception”. Previous A&E Truth films covered the science and engineering in a grand jury like format. This new DVD is a layman’s journey through that material as well as news footage inconsistencies, outrageous government LIES and surprising details on the actual criminals.

    VT hammers A&E too much for not seeing the wider picture, but they have provided an effective rebuttal for most average citizens. Nineteen dropouts with box cutters did not create this nightmare.

    • A foreman at work sarcastically said one day, “wow man, if 19 Muslims could do all that I guess 1000 could take over the whole country”…then he shook his head as if to say, ” what a bunch of lemmings..”

  10. mega dittos kevin on a great article. very clear and informative. imo a little too generous calling them putzes. at the end the will be happy to settle for that moniker.

  11. Great article. Was hoping to hear someone knocked out Ruff the following year…other than that..I’m proud to hear free speech of truth is winning. Its also winning on the northern west cost for sure. Their deceipt no longers works…we demand arrests for treason.

  12. Outstanding article. Once again Dr. Barrett entertains but at the same time drives home some very important points about the World Zionist coup ‘d etat on 9/11/01. Sly humor with a serious bite of truth cuts through to the core issues like a red hot knife through butter. More of this please.

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