VT Nuclear Education: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Atom Smasher

Example of Now Energy Nuclear Reaction (Classified Noforn Do not distribute)


"Ah...I thing you should step back a few feet before we fire this thing."
“Ahhh…I think you might want to step back a few feet before we fire this thing.”

A Funny thing happened on the way to the Atom  Smasher


 “This produces a Low Energy Nuclear Reaction that could be focused in one direction.This can also be called a very small or portable directed energy weapon…”


Stolen from Netanyahu's briefcase
Stolen from Netanyahu’s briefcase

…by  Wile E. Coyote and Elmer Thud, “Neo Particle Physicists”.  Assisting today are  Gordon Duff  and  Jeff Smith


Editor’s note:  Were these not cartoon characters and the entire story an allegory, were you to actually read this and grasp its intent, someone might actually have to shoot you. 

We, of course, are kidding.  No sane person would publish something this classified.  Then again, why would basic laws of physics be classified.  Doing so would derail human history on behalf of greed.  That would be criminally insane


The other day Dr. Wile E. Coyote and his trusted lab assistant Elmer Thud, both well known in the field of cartoon particle physics, decided that they were going to design and build a Neutron based Ray gun just like the one of Star Trek fame called the “phaser”. They were doing this so they could use it to eliminate there arch enemies Bugs Bunny and the Road Runner.

Example of Now Energy Nuclear Reaction (Classified Noforn Do not distribute)
Example of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (Classified TS Noforn Do not distribute)

It also makes a great microwave oven for cooking your lunch. Dr. Coyote along with the help of his brilliant assistant and former rocket scientist Dr. Thud came up with the original idea of exciting a very small piece of fissile material.

Professor Coyote insisted that it be done with a very long but thin rod shape with a very high voltage produced by a miniaturized Marx generator while being placed in a tungsten carbide reaction chamber acting as a neutron reflector and tamper.

This produces a Low Energy Nuclear Reaction that could be focused in one direction.This can also be called a very small or portable directed energy weapon.

The two renowned particle physicists with many years of experience designing particle based weapons commonly known as Directed Energy Weapons for SANDIA and LooneyToon Cartoons realized that if they used the Townsend Electron Avalanche process to excite a low level neutron chain reaction in a fissile material, they could make a “Ray gun” or phaser; also known as a Dr. Judy Wood’s Directed Energy Weapon.

This would not only exterminate their arch enemies Bugs Bunny and the Road Runner but it would also cook their dinner at the same time. Yum just ad some MSG and “Lunch”.

"I saw nothing!!"
“I saw nothing!!”

After all if Dr. Ponds, Fleishmann and Jones (yes, the “truther”) could make Cold Fusion work then why not? It seemed to work for them, so they claimed.

If Dr. Jones could make Muons pop out of thin air without proof of their existence then they too could make Neutrons pop out of a Ray Gun powered only by the Eveready Bunny.

But then something very strange happened while on the way to the atom smasher. Wile E. Coyote’s trusted lab assistant E.Thud dropped one of there super high powered Neodymium magnets used in there particle accelerator and broke it.

They didn’t have any more money to get one in time off of EBAY. Without two matched magnets to use in their particle accelerator their Neutron bombardment experiments would be no good. Despite this setback, they decided to go ahead with there scientific research into Very Low Energy Neutron Deflection. What they discover was worthy of a Nobel Prize in Physics.

But unfortunately for them they don’t give out Nobel Prizes in physics to Cartoon characters even if they are renowned particle physicists that worked for Loony Tune Movies. Their discovery was simply astonishing.

They discovered that when they fired a low speed neutron beam at a very high intensity magnetic mono pole piece, that the Neutrons deflected away from the magnetic mono-pole no matter what polarity. They were dumbfounded, how could all of the physics books have got it so wrong?

Could it be that the Neutron was actually Diamagnetic and not Neutral. (Editor’s note:  Our cartoon characters just eliminated that nasty Newtonian force once known as “gravity,” that and a few other basic laws of physics that now seem to have been more “suggestions” or hypotheses backed by flawed math and falsified experimental data)

Meaning that the structure of the atom was improperly being described as being held together by the mysterious strong and weak nuclear forces, or was it just simply equal amounts of magnetic attraction and repulsion of the orbiting electrons that held the nucleus of the atom together?

"I lost my pen. Have you see it anywhere?"
“I lost my pen. Have you see it anywhere?” …”Are you kidding?”

When the mutual attraction of the Proton is in balance with the mutual repulsion of the Neutron their forces cancel being held together only by the magnetic field lines of the orbiting electrons.

If their discovery that the Neutron is dimagnetic and the Proton is paramagnetic then a simple Townsend Electron Discharge could blow apart an unstable fissile atom and trigger a low level nuclear reaction and that gravity is simple magnetic buoyancy. (Editor’s note:  Yes, we just invented the weightless tennis shoe among other things)

So there is no such thing as the weak force, the strong force or gravity to deal with. Every thing boils down to just simple magnetism? No Einstein needed here. (Editor’s note:  Oh, unified field theory solved and nobody told)

Wow this meant that their Ray Gun would actually work. All they needed was the fissile material to make it happen.

But when they tried to buy some Plutonium on EBAY they got busted by Homeland Security, saving Bugs Bunny and the Road Runner from evil terrorists threatening to blow up the world.

(Thank goodness for that and for all the wasted human resources and effort, leading to so much money, all unnecessary in a world where gravity and with it, unlimited free energy were suppressed on behalf of “national security.” …We weren’t here, we didn’t write this, someone else did. “We know nothing.”)

Editing:  Jim W. Dean



  1. As I learn more I find it unfathomable that some people would be so vile and shortsighted
    as to suppress superior technologies (for decades at least). (while using them to upset the neighbors)
    It is foreign to me and so just an observation,
    the people who do this value their ‘control’ over humanity
    above the survival of the system at large (which might include them).
    There is a fundamental difference in outlook on life,
    between those who wish to solve problems, and those who wish to ‘use’ problems.
    This has been going on for centuries, but the margin for error has shrunk substantially.
    Thanks Mr. Duff. (I love Looney Toons!)


  2. The plasma physicists have been pointing out for a few decades now that the whole Big Bang, dark matter, string theory, etc. proponents are following more of a religious than scientific endeavor. Hannes Alfvén will likely be shown to be correct that the Universe is more on the order of 100 billion years old, and was shaped primarily electrical forces – no contrivances needed.

    As to why one group gets prominence and recognition, and the other is ignored – a larger hidden agenda is almost certainly at play.

  3. Perhaps I’m being unreasonable, but I can’t take Duff and Dean seriously about particle physics when they haven’t mastered grade school grammar. Or was repeatedly using “there” in place of “their” acerbic wit that went over my head?

    Mr Duff’s well written piece on Smedley Butler got me following VT but he now seems to have devolved into prose Rorschach tests in which the reader can see pretty much whatever they like but with a snide disclaimer that if anything doesn’t smell right it’s because it’s above your pay grade. Pity – he can clearly do much better.

    There is a certain cleverness to this article, but it hardly seems worth the effort to try to determine if it actually says anything. If it has a point, I’d be grateful if someone posted a plain English summary.

    • John Kesich probably just different priorities than those you prefer. The Smedley Butler piece covers a multitude of sins, anyway. Reading VT has to be a matter of filtering and high grading out of interest as opposed to trust, or faith. All these conspiracy theorists can’t be wrong all the time, but discerning at what point truth creeps in is entirely personal. Even those who know so much English they understand particle physics might learn from it.

    • John. Everybody knows that Wile E. Coyote cant spell. After all he got kicked out of grammar school for flushing an M-80 Firecracker down the boys toilet and all of the girls got hosed.

    • Neither Mr Duff nor the two readers who replied to my comment saw fit to explain what the take home message of this article is. I doubt there actually is one. The whole nuclear education series appears to be pure technobabble; some spun out of whole cloth and some tedious irrelevant facts.

      While physics, and especially particle physics, is not my strong suit, I can usually discern where an author is going. Not here. Duff seems intent on merely spinning our wheels, why? Disinfo agent? That’s the sad conclusion I’ve come to and I think he’s counting on no one be willing to ask any “dumb” questions regardless of how nonsensical what he writes appears.

      If anyone actually learned anything from this article – or the series – I’d be very interested to know what it was.

  4. I would see more of these wonderful “scientific comics” in the future.

    I think, it’s a format which has a great potential to challenge the ongoing “comics” in our media and parts of the official science.

    Gordon, I would love to see this new form of substantial prosa with a real good title. Perhaps we as VT readers should make some really good suggestions for this.

    Please, keep on with this serie, it’s just too wonderful and educating to stop it.

    “The roadrunner is always a step ahead of his time!”

  5. I recall an interesting man – Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden who spoke about a mathematical equation from the early 1900’s that was beautiful and simple and worked, but a very powerful man (group) paid to have this equation to be manipulated so complete bogus physics is taught to our universities. https //www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNU3MLqyzPk#t=1083 All the while, a few have the real science. Mainstream science is so far behind. Thank you Duf Gordon, I can’t imagine how anyone can watch television anymore when the drama in real life is far more fascinating.

    • Jean, please listen carecullyfully again to Bearden’s exact words, he never spoke about an easy formula. To the contrary, the simple fact that Maxwells 20 equations of electrodynamics were written down with the help of Quaternions (an extension of vectors, mathematically dealt with by using matrices), inhibiting 20 unknowns was extremely complex.

      In fact, mostly they are a set of differential equations, which are by their nature non linear. This complexity and the unwillingness (lazyness or limited capabilities in some cases) to use this difficult, but at the same time wonderfully formulated theoretical foundation of the whole E/M universe, later led to the misinterpretation and re-writing by several mathematicians and physicians – one of them was Heavyside.

      Either by intent or, equally likely, by lack of insight and not knowing how to handle this enormous set of equations to find applications and special solution, which could lead to practical use, they shortened and simplified (and by doing this, shortened the possible number of solutions substantially) them.

      There was no theoretical justification for doing this, whatsover. But nonetheless, it happened. The then following scientist didn’t learn quaternions mathematical theory and also not the original Maxwells formulation of Electrodynamics, but the translated (either into standard differential or integral formulation). Exactly this is teached since then in high school and universities.

    • In 1890-1980 there was no computer avaliable to numerically get solutions, because the theory of differential equations and their solutions (now mostly done by sophisticated approximation methods, which heavily use the capabilities of computer). Now, everyone can use a simple PC to get solutions with a little help of programming languages, utilizing freely avaliable math libaries.

      Some physicists around 1900 already knew, there was something wrong about the over-simplified Maxwell equations (Lorentz, by the way, was one of the most prominent proponents of the simplifications). They already tried to work with Maxwells originals and came to some astounding conclusions

      1. There is a clear connection between gravity | inertia and electrodynamic forces and waves.

      2. Scalar waves exist, not only waves (as we are taught), in which the direction of spreading is perpendicular to the direction of the electrical or magnetical amplitude.

    • 3. The “normal” production and use of electrical energy is a classic example of massive waste. This is mainly due to the theoretically misunderstnading of the real inner workings of an electrical load inside a circuit with a dissipator. Over unity circuits DON’T violate the laws of energy conservation, of electrodynamics and of thermodynamics (especially the 2. law).

      4. The aether exists. In fact, THIS is the true source of all matter and energy and by that also of life itself (today, it is ordinary knowledge that, from a solely technical standpoint, living creatures are chemical/electromagnetic energy machines, working with an amazing efficieny).

      5. The unification of all the fundamental forces is already done. “Official” science is a big scam to let us pay for ever and never learn anything real. Energy is freely avaliable everywhere, the technologies (many variations of them) basically are already avaliable. But they must be suppressed, for our disadvantage!

  6. Would it be too much of an exaggeration to say that the above article by Gordon is probably the most important few paragraphs posted anywhere about anything on the internet since, well, ever??!!
    …I’ve spent half of today trying to wrap my head around the implications; especially when related to everything the guys at VT (as well as Rich Dolan, et al, of course) have been saying for years, now. Truly staggering stuff.
    ….And, I have a friend who (STILL) believes the official account of 911 – he says that governments can’t keep secrets, as so many people knowing about something is impossible to keep a lid on! Yeah Right, nothing gets out when the enlightened ones consider the rest of us merely as something unpleasant stuck to the bottom of their collective shoe! But, oh! to be king for a day, for in your dreams, the demon screams~~
    ….Great work, Gordon. Thanks so much – for, er, the best fictional cartoon script EVER!!

    • I was thinking, why challenge 9/11. I can simply disprove gravity and relativity (with more than a little help from my friends). Somewhere in this article, the most classified photo every published sits. It has no cartoon characters in it.

  7. In certain engineering fields, we say if the output isn’t right, just adjust the input. Another saying is the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, or the line that’s straightest under the circumstances.

  8. If we rethink physics in terms of magnetism versus “gravity”and toss out the old junk science it seems to make the works of Telsa and the Germans during the 30s make a great deal more sense. Then of course I have to ask VT for an article on the effects of the magnetic side of RF radiation waves we are constantly being bombarded with versus the effects of the electrical wave. What is it that is being beamed at us on that part of the wave? Science has notoriously under discussed the magnetic waves. If manipulation of our universal reality is as simple(relatively speaking of course) as this and other articles make it appear then we have indeed been lied to for a very long time. Nothing to see here, just another bunch of mushrooms.

    • Jack, keep the eyes in the back of your head open and keep writing. You, I, all the VT writers/contributors need to get the word out about so many things…before the shooting starts. Maybe we can head some of it off.

  9. Brilliant weaving of comedy and satire to describe deeply classified info Uncle Gordie. I’ve wondered for some time who Dr. Wood speaks for, or who her handlers are; I’ve asked Clay Douglas to ask you that question the next time you are on his program.

    It is my suspicion that the Directed Energy Weapon “non thesis” (b/c she just asks questions and presents evidence…) is a “1-yard line” gate keeping effort, as the DEW platform would undoubtedly be of US origin. This provides the cover for the W54 war head black-mail fiasco of our greatest ally vs. the head of the Bush crime cabal.

    • Regarding what you call “the W54 war head black-mail fiasco of our greatest ally vs. the head of the Bush crime cabal.”

      Question for you and Gordon

      Could it be that the Bush crime cabal planned 9/11 as being a Pentagon-only operation. And that they (including Bush himself) were actually surprised by the zio nuclear attack on Manhattan???

      If so, then this is different from and more complex than just blackmail.

      Of course the threat of doing it again (Samson option, etc.) IS itself nuclear blackmail.


    • Excellent analysis Estipi, makes perfect sense, that the Bush crime cabal was up-staged/stooged by the higher-ups. Fits in with Webster Tarpley’s “Angle is Next” thesis of W being threatened with assassination while on AF1 and his shocked reaction at the school. Unfortunately, Tarpley gate-keeps for the Bushes and blatantly for the World Zionists.

      W must have crapped his pants, undoubtedly knowing about the Pentagon in advance, but realized that he was punked/stooged on the larger plan.

    • “People would take you more seriously if you could spell their correctly,not as there.”

      People would take you more seriously if you had placed “their” and “there” in quotes.

      The only thing more obnoxious than a gratuitous grammar Nazi is an incompetent gratuitous grammar Nazi.

    • James Moran you speak for a tiny fragment of humanity paying attention to such things. I’ve noticed with my advancing years the two words sneak into my scribblings interchangeably only to be noticed when it’s transformed to immortal prose by the Internet. Same with to, too, and two. Imagine them with quotes it it gives you pleasure. But I’m actually responding to the other piece of your remark, “People would take you more seriously, et al” Do you honestly suppose the condition of “People taking” someone “seriously” on VT has any bearing on anything meaningful, valuable, or concern? You and I can punish ourselves when we catch ourselves misusing there and their if we wish. But nobody’s going to be impressed whether we do, or don’t. In the unlikely event either of us posts anything worth noting or remembering it will be the substance they remember, as opposed to whether theyre there for their grammar lesson and got one.

  10. Absolutely barking brilliant, Uncle Gordie.

    And many thanks to your creative collaborators. You know who you are. ;-}

  11. “After all if Dr. Ponds, Fleishmann and Jones (yes, the “truther”) could make Cold Fusion work then why not?”

    As I recall. Jones was the fed’s go-to man for debunking Cold Fusion.

    * * * * *

    Q. What is the secret to making Cold Fusion work?
    A. Ponds’ Cold Cream.

    (I just can’t help it, folks.)

    • You use very slow moving Neutrons and Cadmium electrodes not Palladium.
      In a LENR controlling Neutron velocity is the key. You use very low voltage and high pulsating current.
      When neutron velocity is too slow it is a simple catalytic reaction. Higher it is a fission reaction even higher it becomes fusion. So Jones cell will never work the way it was designed. Ask Bob Lazar he worked for Jones at Sandia in the Meson Lab. 1982-1987.

  12. No one would have to kill me for understanding this as I have tried to explain much of this information to people over the last twenty years and they simply do not have the capacity to accept let alone understand.
    The majority of the world (unless it affects their immediate situation) will not change their way of thinking.
    Petrol pumps, T.V, football and chip’s n egg for tea. Sad but true.
    Excellent article Gordon….but I think you missed a comment off me a couple of days ago, please could you start talking in plain black and white, plain English for the layman? I know you can’t always say what you want but for just once try us. I think we are ready.

    • If Richard Dolan is right, and this backs him up, we froze most of mankind in the bronze age for no reason other than greed.

      If these technologies are used, if they were developed, then we have been among the stars for some time.

    • I am sure Richard Dolan is correct.. I have ordered quantum physics for beginners, among other books. I am no physics expert, but these books have been helpful for me to understand the larger picture. What this article is about, stating the truth for all who want to see it, is one part of many on how our history has been changed and we are continually lied to..

  13. Gordon, so the reason I have a “magnetic charge” (for lack of a better term) for a couple weeks after direct encounters with UFOs and their occupants – such as popping light bulbs that are turned on, street lights suddenly shutting off as I approach, burning out electrical appliances/machines when I touch them, etc. is due to the incredible magnetic force they are using? I love your articles, they are filling in the missing pieces and confirming things I have thought for a long time – thank you!! The universe is truly magical, and simpler, than we were taught to believe.

    • mary 1011…I have had similar experiences such as yours…just letting you know, because I if am too open about my experiences I am labeled. .of course I believe some of the abductions are military, but all this “unknown physics” is the answer which has been right in front of us for a long time. It is comforting to know someone else is stating about the experiences I have had…yes, the articles are filling in a lot of the missing pieces, not just Gordon’s, but all the rest…They are writing the truth and I find it hopeful for humanity, the fact that it is being put out there, tells me perpetuating the “lie” is weakening . thanks to vt

    • Mary and Mary 1011, I was a bit stunned reading your descriptions of blowing out streetlights, light bulbs, and electrical devices. I have had these experiences since I was young, (I grew up in Antelope Valley, right near Edwards Air Force Base–where I worked for a few years). I blow out street lights, bulbs,etc. also had a friend with an old Volkswagon bug whose radio never worked unless I was in the car, needless to say she loved driving me around. But recently I find I wipe out computers, particularly hardrives (have at least 25+ in a box from a 6 year period, even with grounding myself and building my computer in an aluminum case). I realize we are electrical beings, but why is some of us are have so much of an extra charge?

    • apologize for grammatical errors, in last sentence, would be ideal to have an edit feature or preview for comments, as one cannot correct a post once posted. I don’t want the Grammar Nazis to pounce on me.

    • even though article is truly “mind-blowing” I thought these two “editor Quotes” the most earth shattering, besides probably finally scratching some truth.. (Editor’s note Oh, unified field theory solved and nobody told) and ” wasted human resources and effort, leading to so much money, all unnecessary in a world where gravity and with it, unlimited free energy were suppressed on behalf of “national security.” …We weren’t here, we didn’t write this, someone else did. “We know nothing.”)

      the physics is partially “truthed”, which brings about the fact that highly advanced technology can save humanity and the planet…..no other reason for the suppression of what could be earths shining moment ..than of course
      Money and Power.

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