Ukraine preparing for new offensive on the East




Ukraine preparing for new offensive on east: Analyst

… by  Jim W. Dean,  VT Editor    … with  Press TV,  Tehran


Press TV has conducted an interview with Jim W. Dean, managing editor of Veterans Today from Atlanta, about the Ukrainian government accusing pro-Russia forces of jeopardizing a shaky ceasefire in the volatile eastern regions of the country.

You can watch the 4 minute studio interview on Press TV here.

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What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Well this situation, on the one hand we hear about a ceasefire then at the same time we hear about escalations taking place, then fingers being pointed at each other from both sides. How do you see this basically? What do you think is taking place? Do you think first of all the ceasefire will hold?

Dean: Well that is the magic question and there are certainly folks that do not want it to hold and those who do. So we have a continuing different type of war going on now that the main shooting part of the war has stopped.

But the other thing I think going on here is control over the media and of course the number one thing in PR is you always charge, make accusations about the other party because that puts them on the defense and the public tends to remember the accusation and now what the comeback is.

And Ukraine is in kind of a difficult spot here. They are making these charges on the east Ukraine republics because they [Kiev troops] are involved in a very massive restructuring, resupplying and  repositioning troops, just like they did in the last ceasefire…to get ready to launch a new offensive as part of their threatening position in the negotiations.

And then surprisingly we have had this amazing development where the Ukraine has to brag, as part of their political powers, that they have been able to get Western NATO countries to agree to give them military support which was kind of done in closed-door rooms [ at the NATO conference] and of course the Western countries, the US, France, Norway, Germany, Italy, they have all denied it and even today we had another commander of the armed forces basically say the equipment including weapons has already started to arrive.

So part of what they are doing with these accusations with the republics is just try to get public attention away from seeing what they are doing. They are also preparing for another offensive if and when they see the conditions to do so.

Press TV: On the one hand we are talking about the ceasefire that is taking effect or has been going on now for a while, on the other hand we see in the middle of this that the West has up the ante against Russia and issued and increased more sanctions.
Why at this time when there is a ceasefire, when there are talks trying to have talks about a permanent ceasefire, why do you think the West picked this time to increase pressure on Moscow or is it that they really do not want the ceasefire to be effective?

Dean: It is the classic. They are talking out of their mouth from both sides. In a lot of it there is a lot of pushback developing in Europe now particularly in Germany because Angela Merkel one hand she is saying that we want to maintain trade negotiations and relationships with Russia.

But then when the outgoing EU Commission President wanted to delay imposing the sanctions till the end of the month to have more time to see how the ceasefire was going to go, Angela Merkel went in front of the German parliament and basically pushed going ahead, and over the head of the EU Council President when he had said, no we don’t want them now. So they are using these sanctions as kind of a gun to the head to Russia, and it is all stupid because Europe is getting hurt worse than Russia.



  1. It would seem the militias and the people are now victims of bankers & politicians. . . if Putin pulls Obama’s arse out of this one again. . . . I hope he walks the plank. The eastern Ukraine is a place for life, not a commodity bank. But a psychopath doesn’t understand that.

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  2. The west is a demented child that needs to be slapped down, my problem being that I am not about to endorse nor lend aid to an “ex” KGB director to do it. No matter how well his propagandists extoll his virtues. What we need is a military coup by an American, one of our own guys, that the sensible among us can trust to restore order and hang each and every neo con pirate.

  3. It’s unreal the Kiev regime is the one that’s been purposely bombing civilian areas and yet they’re Washington’s good guys.

  4. VT ahead of the game again. Kiev, having published an ‘Amnesty Law’ that was barely fair is now busy adding caveats to it. It is almost as if they are trying to force the people of Donbass to tear up the ceasefire.

    In many ways the ceasefire is in name only.

  5. Colossal question now is whether Henry Kissinger’s frequent contact and ‘good friend’, Vladimir Putin, is a New World Order sell-out who is about to betray Assad in Syria, East Ukraine (Donbass-Novorossiya), and also Iran … or whether, as Putin’s parliamentary ally Evgeny Fedorov says, ‘The Purge is Coming’ in Moscow, with Putin to decapitate his 5th column traitors, roll the tanks into Ukraine & protect Assad as well … We will all know shortly, given Nato escalation in Syria & Ukraine. If Putin does betray Assad / Novorossiya / Iran, then we are in truly deep shite on this entire planet.

  6. Nobody can provide serious clarity to a seemingly confusing situation in the Ukraine like VT Managing Editor Jim Dean who has been around the block many, many times.

    Looks like Israel and the NeoCons/PNACers efforts to manipulate Germany and France into supporting their Kiev Regime are just not going their way, even with the fake beheadings staged inside Israel. The fact that Israel is treating ISIS wounded says it all. And so far President Obama isn’t taking their bait either.

  7. The only way for the crisis in Syria to be solved is for the Assad regime and it’s allies ( the U.S.? yeah, right) to kill Wahabi extremist terrorists faster than we can send them there. Similarly Russian probably needs to take ( at least ) all the ( very ) pro-Russian parts of E. Ukraine and hunker down. NATO won’t come. Kiev might make an attack that will be ( probably easily ) repulsed ( embarrassingly).. If Kiev continues to aspire to be a NATO military base/aircraft carrier constantly threatening Russia then they should pay the price-and get treated a lot worse than Shakasvilli in Georgia ( who literally got away with murder).

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