… by  *Lon Gibby,  Edited by Preston James



Puppet gate
Puppet gate


Recently a quite detailed snapshot into how the USG functions in secret has emerged incidental to the efforts of **Ambassador Lee Wanta to gain access to Trillions of Dollars which have been confirmed to be his personal property. This Xray view into the inner workings of the Secret Shadow Government occurred in response to the efforts of Ambassador Lee Wanta to collect the Trillions of US Dollars that were awarded to him by a Federal Court.

The following conversation was left on Lee Wanta’s Washington DC Embassy answering machine on September 1, 2014 Labor Day. According to Lee Wanta this conversation was between between Former Tennessee Governor Don Sundquist and former South Dakota State Senator Sheldon R. Songstad.(1) Apparently these two men had tried to make a conference call to Lee Wanta and when he didn’t answer, they kept talking. This conversation apparently provides a snapshot or Xray into the way that the USG is really run at this time.

Listen Here

The vast 27 Trillion USD amount of money that Lee Wanta earned honestly engaging in major international currency speculation as President Ronald Reagan’s Secret Agent under the Totten Doctrine was part of a well developed plan to end the Cold War peacefully with a win/win solution, and then to revitalize and re-industrialize America. This dynamic plan was was jointly developed between President Reagan and Lee Wanta.

Ambassador Wanta’s first part of his mission as assigned by President Reagan was to bring an end to the Cold War by destabilizing the Soviet Union’s monetary system, while at the same time offering them a win/win solution that was too good to refuse, which they actually did accept. The second part of the plan was to Revitalize and Re-industrialize America, starting with the construction of a coast to coast High Speed Mag Lev Railroad.

History will show that the the Soviet leaders accepted Ambassador Wanta’s proposal and signed an historic General Agreement of Cooperation between the newly formed Russian Federation and the United States of America which is still binding even today.

This was a major historic breakthrough that was kept secret from the public at large until just recently. This General Agreement of Cooperation is historically notable because it ended the Cold War with an economic win/win situation and resulted in the Wall (“Iron Curtain”) coming down which had separated East and west Berlin, East and West Germany, and other Soviet Satellite countries from the free nations of the West.

What has never been public information until lately is that these efforts of Ambassador Wanta have been credited for the end of the Cold War while preventing what seemed to be an almost imminent nuclear WW3 between Soviet Russia and the United States of America. This was a major historical achievement for the United States that Lee Wanta attained and if a Criminal Cabal had not blocked efforts by Lee Wanta to access money which was rightfully his, America would likely have never entered the numerous dysfunctional Mid East Wars and experienced such serious economic declines, especially the recession of 2008 and the lack of real recovery afterwards.

The remaining part of the story of what Lee Wanta accomplished attaining the General Agreement of Cooperation with the Soviet Union and its successor, the Russian Federation, which was so secret that it was kept from the public until recently. That major secret is that Ambassador Wanta made a staggeringly large, almost unimaginable profit from his currency speculation which actually totaled 27+ Trillion US dollars.

This amazing accomplishment has resulted in Lee Wanta being given the nickname “The 27 Trillion Dollar Man” by other insiders that knew what he had accomplished. The rest of the story which needs to be told to all Americans is that Lee Wanta and President Reagan had developed a very dynamic, ingenious plan to Revitalize and Industrialize America and also to Nationalize the Federal Reserve System, thereby removing all existing deficits and replacing a FIAT debt-based monetary production and distribution system with a currency backed by Gold, Silver, precious metals and valuable commodities.

Ambassador Wanta has reported in several recent interviews that he has planned all along to use the Trillions he earned and which has actually now been adjudicated as his own personal money by a Federal Court, to build a large state of the art 200 MPH+ coast to coast High Speed Maglev Railroad, and to pay off the so-called National Debt.

The construction of this Maglev Railroad would immediately result in two million good paying job opportunities, many benefits for American Soldiers and their families and for American Veterans. It would bring heavy steel back to America and a great deal of heavy industry and manufacturing, ending the net loss of American jobs.

The following story is written by Ambassador Wanta’s Television, Film and Communications Consultant producer Lon Gibby, who was a witness to this recent snapshot or x-Ray view into how the our US Government is controlled by insiders and not by “We the People”, nor those who are supposed to represent us. Lon Gibby is presently producing a very dynamic movie that tells the story on the 27-Million Dollar man, Lee Wanta.

More on this in later Veterans Today articles. You can bet this new movie “Eagle One to Wanta” will be a very interesting and revealing movie that will give every American new hope of a new America filled with plenty of good paying job opportunities and high tech American Industry, once again leading the world.

Anyone who wants to learn specifics about Lee Wanta and his plan to revitalize and re-industrialize America can read the enclosed articles.(2)

–Preston James


PuppetGate … by  Lon Gibby,  CEO Gibby Media Group, Inc.


Here is the explanation of PuppetGate, how I came upon it, and why I named it this. I have been working on a new documentary film entitled “Eagle One to Wanta”. It is the compelling story about President Reagan, and how he brought about the fall of the Soviet Union and ended the Cold War without firing a shot.

President Reagan and his secret agent Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta masterminded a creative way to financially take down the economy of the Soviet Union ( Evil Empire), and put together and negotiated a General Agreement of Cooperation with Secretary General Mikhail Gorbachev. As a result, the Russian Federation was born, and future generations throughout the entire world have enjoyed more safety from a nuclear holocaust because of this effort.

Working directly under President Reagan as a private citizen, there is a man named Ambassador Lee Wanta. Lee was mandated by President Reagan under the Totten Doctrine as a secret agent to be in charge of this effort.

In this process, Lee Wanta did amass trillions of dollars that were designated to go back to the American people by President Reagan. In his effort to carry out his mandate, Lee Wanta was imprisoned and the monetary funds that were his to distribute as planned were stolen or converted illegally by an organization known as the Federal Reserve System and used by them to this day.

Later in 2006, a US District Court Judge mandated and ordered that these converted funds be returned back to Lee with interest accruals. It’s hard to understand why, after eight years since this order was given by a US Judge, these funds are still retained.

When Lee Wanta receives his funds back it will be in the amount of 32.8 Trillion Dollars. He promised under an oath to President Reagan, after he paid his repatriation taxes on this money that he earned as Director General in his Austrian-based company, to eliminate overnight our national debt ( Approximately 18 Trillion), and our 1.8 Trillion International trade deficit at once.

Lee Wanta also pledged to pay certain sovereign nations what they were promised in the Reagan-Mitterrand protocols. This includes the French, Chinese, English and Russian Governments, where billions were promised. With the remaining funds left over, he plans to and develop and create new innovative businesses that could employ over 2 million people in the USA alone.

About the Figure above:

The Hand: Who and what is the Federal Reserve System, sometimes called the FED? It’s not a bank, like so many of our citizens are led to believe. The word FED means nothing when applied to this organization. Here is what I learned as a documentarian, filmmaker and simple small business owner. I learned that the Federal Reserve System is not a Bank, and it is not a part of our Government. It is not Federal in any way, yet it somehow has control over National and the World’s financial resources, and impacts every American and person on the planet. Just because it uses the name Federal does not make it Federal.

Federal Express was a brilliant marketing scheme which was successfully used to develop a brand. Many people believed, and still do, that Federal Express or FedEx was and is a Federal organization. Its not! At least FedEx is a real business, whereas the Federal Reserve System is not a legitimate business or Bank. The Federal Reserve System is a powerful private organization operating well outside the United States’ Constitution. It has its roots way back to 1913 when Congress lawlessly approved the Federal Reserve Act that allowed a private group of families, gangs and wealthy people the right to control the banking industry exclusively.

With a little research anyone can find out that some of the people who run the Federal Reserve System are not even Americans and represent foreign interests. Besides setting interest rates and controlling all the banks’ money, the private club called the Federal Reserve System literally controls almost all aspects of our Government on Federal State and County levels, and seeks to manipulate and control the world financial markets as well. The PuppetGate illustration will help you visualize how they control us with their five fingers.

Just like a Puppet Master controls a Marionette, or a Ventriloquist can speak for others, they have learned how to control and manipulate each key area of our Government and American society. I have learned that the Federal Reserve System operates with a team of what they call themselves — Puppet Master. These are people who are trained and skilled at payola, manipulation, bribery, blackmail and extortion.

This secret combination is most powerful, and they have support from all political parties and from well-known and respected Politicians from all parties, both past and present. No one likes to talk about them because they wield such power that even Presidents obey their commands. We have all heard and understand the saying. “Those that has the gold rules”.

They have the gold and they do rule. As history will prove, they have ruled in a selfish and brutal way, with little regard for our Citizens and the Constitution of our land. The problem is, in the case of Lee Wanta, they don’t own his gold and funds, but they have illegally taken and used his resources to sell trillions of dollars in worthless Federal Trade Notes and derivatives, and continue their illegal campaign of puppetry on the Citizens of the United States. Remember that the Lee Wanta money was never theirs to use in the first place.

The Wanta funds were mandated by President Reagan to go towards our wiping out our national debt, to improve our lives and were to be used as outlined above. Finally, understand that the massive Reserve bubble is about to burst because they do not have the resources or reserve to back up what some are calling the mother of all Ponzi schemes.

The only hope they have is to create a destabilized world by starting more wars by meddling in the affairs of other countries. Since 1913, War has been an essential part of the growth of the Federal Reserve System. Who finances and makes lots of money on wars? They do. Who suffers from the effects of war? The people. Today I believe we are seeing a desperate effort by those same puppet masters to destabilize the world and create more war. That is the pattern they have followed since 1913. It’s what history teaches us. I hope and pray we can learn from history and make the necessary changes on behalf of our people and all the future generations yet unborn. We should eliminate this unconstitutional organization that controls our lives and operates to control people and feed its own vain ambitions.

PuppetGate represents the analogy and parable of how I visualize the way our Government is currently operating. Remember “they that controls the gold rules” and that is the Federal Reserve System, Supreme Puppet Master, the big hand.

The Thumb: The Thumb represents the Banks and the strings attached to the entire banking industry. Under the Banking thumb is big corporations and small businesses who get very little support (stimulus and loans), credit bureaus and Real Estate, which all require the blessings of banks. Way down the string below another puppet master is the typical hard-working American and small businesses owners.

As we all know, the thumb and the index finger are very strong and powerful when they operate synchronized together. The Federal Reserve hand or the supreme puppet master can and does manipulate in many ways all the banking industry, including interest rates, inflation, etc.

The Index finger: This represents the Presidency White House. Notice the Presidency has a longer string than other fingers and has more strings to control under it. The NSA and CIA all take orders from the President and his Cabinet. Strings to funding State Governments can be pulled at any time if they are not following in line. Remember, there are strings attached at every level. The Industrial Military Complex is under the index finger as well, and must strive to maintain its funding levels, and needs instability in the world to feed it.

The Treasury also answers to the President. It would be nice to know how much real gold we really have to back up our dollar? No one seems to know? Yes the index finger or Presidency has strings attached to the judicial arm of the Government. Remember who appoints our Supreme Court Justices. The Judicial side of our Government, as we all know now, is not exempt from bribery, cronyism, and blackmail, just like all the other parts of our Government under the hand of the Federal Reserve System.

The middle finger: The middle finger controls the Congress, and as you can see the string is very short. There is not much room to move. Sometimes congress is like a yo-yo going up and down on the string. The more Congress is divided and contentious, the better for the Supreme Puppet Master. All political parties are manipulated by the fact that elections and pork barrel bills are all funded ultimately by the supreme puppet master Federal Reserve System, regardless of the source.

The hand influences and heavily controls who will stay in Congress for life, and who must leave after short terms. Congress has lobbyist and political parties underneath them on a string. Unfortunately, that’s about all it has going for it, besides the voters, who are also sometimes used as puppets to win elections. Most people agree today that Elections are won on the amount of money spent and creative marketing and branding ploys that influence voters. Money for this and how it is spent is controlled by the hand, Supreme puppet master, Federal Reserve.

In Congress we see examples almost every day of how deeply divided they are. I feel they should be assigned seats like in high school to sit with each other and not in a big divided group. On TV it emphasis just how divided is our country when you see a whole block stand up and one sitting down. They do not seem to be able to agree on much of anything and waste precious resources a lot of times over pride and stubbornness.

Many elected officials do not show up (unless it is the state of the Union speech) to listen to the arguments and discussions, and often simply vote as they are told by the Puppet master above them. Having a Congress that is dysfunctional means that more Constitutional power is being relinquished over to the index finger President.

Congress is commissioned to pass laws to help our people — and thank goodness — occasionally they do succeed, despite the polarization. But the fact is, most often those who have the most money behind them will win. Congress is often times hypocritical, routinely breaking their own laws that they have passed. This sets a bad example for the public and again, gives the hand more control over us.

The Ring finger: The ring finger with its gold ring band represents the finger that controls Wall Street. Lately, Wall street has been approaching record levels, giving a false appearance that the economy is growing. It’s like a movie set that has a great facade of buildings on the street . When you walk behind the set, you see it is propped up. The Wall Street facade and bubble will eventually burst, as it always does. Who will lose the most money when this occurs?

Who is making money now off of Wall Street as the bubble grows? Certainly not many middle or lower class Fellow Americans are making much investment money, since their spendable income is at an all time low. It appears an elite group is benefiting from Wall Street the way it is structured and controlled by the hand. That will be the subject of another article later.

The smallest finger: The small finger on the hand , the pinky , controls the news media and press. The Free Press is not free with a string attached. Today’s media strings that are attached would be massive advertising contracts from both parties and plenty of money on the table to make sure some of the real news is suppressed. The conditions that allow a Free Press to function are not currently working as they should.

There are some news outlets trying hard to report the truth but some of them are easily silenced with money, payola, bribes and threats that are real. The public, instead of having a watchdog, has a hamster to guard against the corruption and selfish interests of the hand. The hand basically controls the Free Press in today’s world. I believe even social media is manipulated by experts in technology who have been paid well for their work, disruption, spam and hacking. Election time is like winning the lottery for the Press and News Media.

The entertainment industry loves it too, and benefits as well. The more contention and polarization between candidates, the better. This distracts from the mission of the hand. No campaign spending limits makes it a win–win for all elite media regardless of who wins and how it impacts our country. There are a few bold organizations trying hard to report the truth, but they all dangle from a very fine thread if they do not agree to be manipulated by the hand.

Evidence: Evidence of PuppetGate can be found everywhere in our country and overseas. I believe this system of control is so commonplace that it is at all levels of government and big business. It has become the normal way to conduct business. Just one example is a recent accidental message left on a phone call to Lee Wanta.

A former State Governor and former State Representative discussed how they expected to receive personal funds in upwards of 10 Billion dollars when Lee receives his funds back.(3) The conversation goes on to plan a strategy to threaten and intimidate Ambassador Lee Wanta if he does not give in. This conversation was published on the Veterans Today News site on www.youtube.com, and the attachment can be listened to. The actual conversation is only about six minutes long, but says a lot about PuppetGate in general as to how things really work inside the Beltway.

Good News: The good news is that for a sore or boil to heal, sometimes the best thing that can happen is that it is drained or lanced. In order for a healing to take place and for us to get back to the pre-1913 Constitution, we need to remove the Federal Reserve System now. We need to make sure Lee Wanta has his funds returned, as ordered by a US District Court Judge. I believe he will do what’s right with these funds as outlined, and he will follow the leadership and direction given him by President Reagan.

We have a wonderful people in America who care about our future and will vote properly if given a good choice. Let’s encourage more qualified people from all colors and walks of life to run for office and to step up to lead. By the way, they all do not have to be attorneys at law. When anyone runs for office, they need to be oriented properly to what is the right way to function. We need to work hard to elect good strong Americans to office and expect them to maintain a higher bar than what we see now.

If you look closely at the PuppetGate diagram, you will see that our military is not dangling below the fingers or the Hand. Yes, there is a Military Industrial Complex under the President. That is the big money and big business part of the military system. But our operational military is well-equipped and is made up of mostly honorable men and women sworn to protect us and our Constitution from our enemies, both domestic and foreign.

I believe the leadership of the Military is basically strong and capable of helping to resolve any issues we now face, if required. Fortunately, we do have a number of outstanding State Governments that are setting great examples of fiscal responsibility, which the real Federal Government should learn and model themselves after, forevermore. Everyone knows what a gate is since the 1970’s.

By adding Puppet to the word gate to get PuppetGate, we get a simple visual explanation of how things operate today in America. This is not Howdy Doody time with Clarabell the Clown or the Wizard of Oz. There are Strings attached, Kickbacks, Bribery, Blackmail, Greenmail, Extortion, Payola and real criminal activity. It’s now more commonplace in politics than at any other time in our history. It’s at the top, all the way down to the bottom.

Let’s change it back to so that the Hand is “ by the people and for the people”, and let’s work and get back to the precious freedoms and liberty our constitution provides for. I’m just a small business owner, middle class family man, documentary TV and film producer who is willing to share his opinion and thoughts.

I Love our Country just like most Americans. A website is available that has the recent Biography on Lee Wanta’s life available to read and hundreds of links to documents to back up these issues with the Federal Reserve.(4)

*Lon Gibby


Here is a Snapshot or Xray into the Secret Shadow Government run by the folks that call themselves the Puppetmasters:

[youtube howxfH3xNM8]



(1) http://www.veteranstoday.com/2014/09/18/ex-us-officials-demanded-a-30-billion-dollar-bribe/

(2) http://www.veteranstoday.com/2013/12/28/high-speed-rail/





(3) http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2014/09/senator-songstad-and-governor-sundquist-caught-on-tape-planning-murder-3023332.html

(4) http://wantarevelations.com/


*Lon Gibby, CEO of Gibby Media Group, Inc.

**Lee Wanta was a former Presidential Secret Agent under the Totten Doctrine [92 U.S. 105, 107 (1875), National Security Decision – Directive Number 166, dated March 27, 1985, inter alia] under U.S. President Ronald W. Reagan, whom some experts consider to be our last legally and duly elected President. Ambassador Wanta served – under Presidential Mandate – as a close personal consultant to President Reagan and was credited with having a major role engineering an end to the Soviet Union Cold War and the “tearing down of the Iron Curtain”.




  1. Who were the losers of this $27T made through currency speculation? The Eight Banking Families (good), or the hapless taxpayers of another country (bad)?

    • Fiat Currency is generated by private Banks, but only effects the economy when put into actual use or circulation, and then it depends how it is used. It also depends on what forms it is converted to and held in account as.

      Lee Wanta’s earning of this staggering amount actually helped the Soviet Union immensely in the long run by providing a win/win solution and bringing down the iron curtain and helped both American Russian peoples by preventing WW3 and giving both nations a path to great prosperity with honest federalized banking with real currency and no national debt, and honest fair trade instead of free trade (sadly the SSG blocked it for America). It was the BCC and the IZCS that blocked Lee Wanta’s access to his funds that he plans to use to revitalize and re-industrialize America and build a huge trans-coastal High Speed Maglev Railroad that will quickly provide two million good job opportunities.

      Lee Wanta deserves much of the credit for the positive track the new Soviet federation has taken since the General Agreement of Cooperation between the USA and the Russian federation was signed. The US/SSG blocked him and has now become what the Bolshevik Soviet Union was while the Russian Federation is becoming what the original USA used to be.

  2. Mr. Preston wrote “I have seen many of the supporting legal docs. They exist, they are real, and there is now a growing number of officials and High Military inside the Beltway that want the blockade against Lee Wanta’s earnings lifted.”

    Well, Mr. Preston, if you and Mr. Wanta want to be taken seriously, I suggest that you start releasing copies of all these documents you write about but never seem to show. Are they posted somewhere I’ve missed?

    I don’t believe the Osama-Obama Death Myth because they never showed a body.

    I don’t believe you because you never show any simple proofs, just tell a really great story that’s NOW BEING MADE INTO A MOVIE!

    This Wanta thing has been circulating for years and I have never seen any documentation or copies of correspondence with President Reagan or copies of court documents, etc.

    If you can’t bring any proof to the table, I think that all the readers of Veterans Today should just get back to believing in things with real proof like reptoid aliens! .

    • Obviously you haven’t read all my articles on Lee Wanta or his that have been posted on Veterans Today. If you had you would have seen many of these docs. Numerous ones were provided that clearly established that his claims are true.

      Nice try, but no cigar. Now go back into your hole and find some where else to troll.

    • Per your kind request – please take a moment to read –

      http //www.wantarevelations.com/evidence/WANTA-Book.pdf

      Thank you for caring about Our Great Nation _ America.

      Warmest personal regards,
      Lee Wanta

  3. “The vast 27 Trillion USD amount of money that Lee Wanta earned honestly …”
    I will try (again) to ask some questions about this…
    THE AMOUNT is unbelievable
    + It is many multiples of the size of the USSR economy, which had a GDP of about $2 Trillion per annum at the time he supposed made the profit. How do you generate over 10X a country’s GDP in less than 5 years? Did Wanta (somehow) take ALL the countries income and then double it somehow?

    + Where is the money stored? Obviously, not in the banking system. I looked at JPM/Chase’s financial statements and saw their TOTAL Deposits were $1.2 Trillion. That’s ALL their customers, all around the world. JPM is the largest American bank, and other banks have much less than that. So Where is the money kept?

    + These are obvious questions. Why is no one asking them?

    • Yeah, and JPM/Chase would never hide money or fudge their financial statements, would they?

      Same with the gold.. the elite would never lie about how much money or gold they had stashed away, now would they? They would report it accurately down to the last penny!

    • ???
      You haven’t read my comment properly.
      The size is way, way wrong here.
      Certainly, Chase would not take more than 10% of its deposits from a single customer – else they would be at risk when the customer wants to withdraw those funds. 10% of $1.2 Trillion is $120 Billion – that’s less than 5% of what Wanta claims. So he needs 20 more banks the size of JPM, and banks of that size do not exist. So he would have to spread the funds around maybe 100+ banks. Do you think an operation of that size could be managed by one guy? And how would he keep it secret.

      I was turned on to this Size problem by a friend of mine (whom I trust completely), who used to be an internal auditor at Chase some years ago. He started laughing when I told him about the size of Wanta’s fortune. Then he explained to me what it was impossible. And I soon got his point.

      I think this is such an obvious problem once you understand it, the fact that no one has pointed it out before, makes me think that no one with banking knowledge is taking Wanta’s claims seriously. Else the matter would have been raised and discussed earlier.

    • (I was tired when I typed that. $120 Billion is less than 0.5% of the $27 Trillion Wanta has claimed. So he needs 200+ Banks the size of JPM. Such banks do not exist in such a size. It is all a fantasy which is maybe 10X or 100X as big as what anyone could reasonably believe. No wonder so few people take it seriously.)

    • Lee Wanta has answered these questions in his book and in his numerous interviews. As to the exact location of where the funds are and what form, there are opsec reasons why such were not specifically disclosed. Go back and listen to Lee Wants’s recent interviews available on http://www.youtube.com and go to his website and read every article published on VT. I have examined many of his docs and can tell you Lee Wanta is telling the truth and has a photographc memory as well as an incredible ability to crunch big numbers in his head.

      Folks can no longer get away with attempting to discredit Lee Wanta by saying this money never existed, that he can’t prove it, etc. Because there is now the smoking gun audio of these two individuals trying to shake him down for Billions and then plotting his liquidation if he refuses to pay. But there are also a lot of documents that have been recovered, docs which were never meant to see the light of day because Wanta’s role was designed to remain secret.

      It used to be easy to just discount Lee Wanta’s claims when folks didn’t take any time to learn the history and facts available. No it is no longer possible with the smoking gun audio.

    • Mr James,
      This is a serious objection, as I have explained in my response to Jake Gittes, and I think it requires some more serious investigation and response than I have seen so far. There’s also the problem that even if banks excepted the deposits, where would THEY park to money in turn? They cannot just go out and buy US treasuries, since the TOTAL amount of traded US debt is less than the amount claimed by Wanta.

      I heard that recording, and I got the strong impression that the guys on the talk, who were supposedly trying to shake him down, did not believe his claims at all. The talk had the sense about it of “chancers” who had decided to attempt a very clumsy shake down by making some threats. Perhaps their logic was “I don’t believe these amounts at all, but if the guy has some big money maybe we can squeeze something out of him.” If you listen with that logic in mind, the “body language” on the call makes much more sense.

  4. Wait a minute !! All of our Financial Contracts and/or Financial Instruments, including FOREX ( Foreign Exchange ) was issued in USDollars Internationally…. certainly not FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES since these CURRENCY UNITS were not issued by The Department of the United States Treasury….. nor, The United States Congress …. Simply speaking, please review –

    Whereas, The President of the United States of America, having signed H.R. 3723 on October 11, 1996, has protected this transaction by allowing Corporations the right to declare their Contracts, Clients, Internal Procedures and Information, and the transactions they engage in as a Corporate or Trade Secret fully protected under the Economic and Industrial Espionage Laws of the United States of America and the International Economic Community.

    Thank you very much for writing our REPLY for the Veterans Today readers to understand the lawless Conspiracy instituted and facilitated TOTAL MANIPULATION against Our Great Nation _ America and WE THE PEOPLE to actually destroy Our United States Constitution through a Obvious and Silent ” Coup d’etat ” Warmest personal regards, /s/ Lee Wanta – A Private American Citizen ( 06.11.1940 )

    https //www.perpetualassets.com/news/2014/09/04/nato-dead-king-dollar-wrecked-a-jim-willie-exclusive/

    DEATH OF THE DOLLAR [Sep 2014]
    http //www.dcclothesline.com/2014/09/08/death-dollar-cant-emphasize-just-serious-issue-thats-going/

    http //thebricspost.com/ruble-yuan-to-pave-way-for-us-dollar-substitution/

    http //www.bullionbullscanada.com/intl-commentary/26557-the-next-reserve-currency

    The U.S. dollar is dying an ugly death. The U.S. government knows it, and the bankers who run the U.S. government are certainly aware of it – since they are the ones who undermined its value to worthlessness. Naturally, the dollar’s ugly death is never mentioned in the Corporate media. Even with the manipulation choke-hold which this banking cabal has over our so-called “markets”; it would be extremely difficult to pump-up the value of the dollar to its present, absurdly fraudulent level if everyone knew that this was a dying currency – which will be obsolete (and thus officially worthless) in a few year’s time.

    The crooked bankers and corrupt governments of the Western bloc have already floated several trial-balloons (the Amero & Special drawing rights), in their attempts to maintain control over the global economy by being in complete control of the “money supply”. This mantra of financial criminals (in general) and crooked big-banks (in particular) is based on the simplest of premises. If one controls the printing press of a nation (or the global economy); that criminal can print-and-steal as much currency as desired – and then use all that dirty money to buy-off politicians, regulators, and entire governments. (CONTINUED)

  7. I have read Wanta’s book, its not like Marilyn Barnewall doesn’t provide documentation, she does (for every single sentence). Besides if i didn’t have faith in you guys i wouldn’t be writing for VT. Having said that Dr. James there will be no peaceful solutions. We have reached an impasse with how many people we are going to win over. I would say its about 20% right now, its not going to get appreciably higher. I would dare say the other 80% are about 21 grams short on the scale. We are at a point now where the longer we wait the more we will lose because the devil works brutal hours that we can never hope to match. Those good people you are talking about in the media. i don’t see them, not a one. All I see is VT and a few other like minded people, all of them, just like you point out Dr. James, with military connections. If they are going to get beaten and I am talking about the proverbial they, now is the time to do it.

    • Do it by their rules if necessary. They want Agenda 21 so bad, start with them. If they started disappearing, some others might be more inclined to turn states evidence. Bullies usually cave when you punch ’em in the nose.

    • If you have the book, then please just answer this simple question WHERE is all that money he claims t e owed STORED. I do not expect the name of a specific bank. In fact, it would need to be at least 200 banks, as I have explained above. And WHERE would those banks in turn invest such a huge amount. It is beyond impossible, if you think about it. Just ask a friend with banking experience, as I have.

  8. Wonderful article, I’ll send it everywhere, but really, I dream every day and wish for this or that but I know I’m fooling myself, just a girls fantasy. Even though I’m 66. I know it’s just a pastime, a fleeting thought before I go nighty-night. That’s what this article is. Is it not?
    I seem to remember a very great man who issued currency that didn’t go thru the Federal Reserve and quickly had his head blown off for it. To think that this stranglehold on the world will be reversed is a pipe dream. Stop it already. It’s a fantasy in your mind sir.

    • I have seen many of the supporting legal docs. They exist, they are real, and there is now a growing number of officials and High Military inside the Beltway that want the blockade against Lee Wanta’s earnings lifted. They want this for the sake of America. Yes, there is a growing awareness of this huge amount of money that should be accessed and used as intended by Lee Wanta. Time will tell if he is successful in his efforts, but I do think it is possible and would not be surprised if it comes to pass eventually, maybe sooner than later.

  9. A very well researched and articulated topic. Congratulations and thanks to Mr. Lon Gibby for this. Only point I would like to say is “the little finger is used to suppress ALL REAL NEWS, not some real news.

    Thanks again for reinforcing in an articulate manner what most of us already fear is happening.

  10. Thanks for this outline of the five fingers of The Hand that controls and oppresses all the people of the world. Putin was right in describing the Hand (and especially its thumb) as nothing more than a parasite. The City of London has no great natural resources to mine, develop and trade. It has only this system of barren usury and financial exploitation.

    Our fear prevents us from calling out these satanic bad actors in real life. As children we feared calling out the bad actors in our living rooms. Now as adults we live with lying sociopaths in our board rooms, colleges, and churches. We would all prefer to mind our own business and hope it goes away. But it doesn’t unless it’s confronted.

    Let us look at the fear first and find a way to eliminate it. Then we can look at the corruption in all of our civil, religious, and educational settings, and root out the satanists and parasites who would lead us to another war.

    Maybe you know someone in your own life whose own darkness needs to be addressed. Maybe you can abandon them and “shake the dust from your feet,” so they can no longer infect you with their own parasitic exploitation. It’s a modest start at the ground level.

    Here’s a portrait of “The Hand” that came to mind as I read the above article.
    *http //1.bp.blogspot.com/_1y5CkHTam6U/TQqDa8UMgRI/AAAAAAAAABs/3-BJLt06mmE/s1600/hands+of+fire.jpg*

    • Many insiders have traditionally called this the “Hidden Hand”. there is allegedly a secret Luciferian Relic, a single preserved hand allegedly buried somewhere under some major monument in DC. There was the Italian “Black Hand” of the Costa Nostra (aka “Our Thing”) which has been part of the secret worldwide occult network of the super-elite deviants who go to the Bohemian Grove and worship Baal aka Molech the Great Owl.

      These secret power groups go all the way back to Babylonia and always thrive on secret deal-making, blackmail, baksheesh, manipulation, threats and even murder when they deem it necessary. Without secrecy they rapidly start to lose power. That is why the worldwide Internet which is the New Gutenberg Press and documentary videos and movies are such a direct threat to their hold on the power systems.

      All censorship systems of the ruling super-elite deviants are now breaking down and soon there will be NO secrecy at all. This will cause a massive and emerging populism in most nations of the world and the politicians that are willing to clean house and restore rule of law and honest govt will become instantly supported by the masses. Then serous change will come and the USG may start to serve “We the People” as it is mandated to do.

    • Fravashi, more on the Masonic Black Hand goon who killed AFF and triggered a planetary conflagration. Scroll down to their answers during the trial.

    • attachment

      https //pdf.k0nsl.org/S/Scarlet%20And%20The%20Beast%20Series/Scarlet%20and%20the%20Beast%2017%20-%20The%20First%20Masonic%20World%20War.pdf

  11. My understanding is that a great deal of it is still in place and can be accessed as long as those obstructing it are blocked in their efforts. Hopefully we will learn more details about this in the near future.

  12. It’s NOT money per se — just FRNs. Blow the US, Inc., “legal tender” to kingdom come — how else could you resolve this??? — POOF! There goes Mr. Wanta’s trillions of FRNs. Are not the “Powers That Be” intent on destroying our curreny currency? Not out of stupidity, I think!

    Where in this have I made a logical mistake?

    • ” NO POOF” ALLOWED HERE !!!!!


      Whereas, The President of the United States of America, having signed H.R. 3723 on October 11, 1996, has protected this transaction by allowing Corporations the right to declare their Contracts, Clients, Internal Procedures and Information, and the transactions they engage in as a Corporate or Trade Secret fully protected under the Economic and Industrial Espionage Laws of the United States of America and the International Economic Community.


      Warmest personal regards,

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