Making You an Agent of the State


by Preston James


tvliesEver since the First Gulf War, US Government Institutions hijacked by City of London Rothschild controlled World Zionists have been doing everything feasible to create as many “Agents of the State” in America as possible.

Don’t allow them to make you an Agent of the State. If this has happened to you already, wake up, learn the truth, and stop supporting the folks who are hard at work planning the demise of you, your family and your Constitutional Republic, America.

The folks who control the USG and the Major Mass media have created and dispensed a phony, Big Lie “War on Terror Narrative” to transform as many Americans into Agents of the State as possible. Those who refuse to become “Agents of the State” and speak out against the USG, Homeland Security, the Patriot Act or the National Defense Authorization Act in any way will or express unhappiness with the Militarization of the American Police become officially labelled Domestic Terrorists, potential Domestic Terrorists and will be treated as “Enemies of the State.”

Many of these newly designated “Enemies of the State” folks will be placed on special Terror watch lists, denied the ability to fly on airlines, and a significant number especially those designated as Federal Whistle-blowers will be placed on “No Work Lists”, and assigned special Psyops harassers and folks dedicated to ruining their lives and ability to stay married and hold any job.

Their cars will be tampered with, their homes broken into and they will be stalked and smeared to neighbors and friends.

Some will be harassed by sophisticated community stalking groups deputized by DHS and/or the FBI. Others will be Psychotronically harassed with high powered triangulated pulsed beam microwaves such as cell phone tower emissions, Wi-Fi or remote wireless phones inside their homes. Some will be liquidated by “Squad Nine” FBI Div. 5, Mossad, CIA Op40 type groups, or J-Soc “wet-boy” teams using “Boston-Brakes” or sophisticated methods to murder or instill CIA/TSD developed fast growing cancers or fatal heart attacks. The goal of all these criminal acts are to completely “Neutralize” the Targeted Individual one way or another, and in some cases considered “critical” murder is deployed.

All who staff these DHS, CIA or FBI Cointelpro or “Operation Chaos” type harassment teams are promised complete immunity from any arrest or prosecution for their assigned crimes. When necessary local police are instructed that this is a federal national security matter and these individuals being targeted are suspected Terrorists.

image003This “War on Terror” Narrative is perhaps the Greatest Psyop ever in the History of the World and was designed to make you and everyone else in America an Agent of the State, their State since they hijacked America in 1913.

And since they deployed their 9/11/01 Gladio-style, inside-job, False-Flag attack with the help of a select set of Dual and Triple Citizen Traitors, Traitors in the JCS, USAF, NORAD and the FAA, they have been pulling out all the stops to inculcate the phony narrative of the War on Terror in as many naive American dupes as possible.(1)

In order to fully understand this Massive Psyop, the Phony War on Terror False Narrative Big USG Lie, it is necessary to ask and answer many questions about what it is comprised of.

But first folks must understand that the Major Mass media has been hijacked as in your enemy, a major Mind-kontrol tool promoting Secret Shadow Government Psyops against you and the American people, designed to take away all your Constitutional Rights in this phony, synthetic War on Terror.

The True source of Terror in the World and in America.

By now many Americans are Waking Up and understanding that the only Big Terrorist in America is the USG and its new blackmailer and controller the DHS, an illegal, Unconstitutional Israeli occupying force inside America.

DHS is technically an International major RICO crime syndicate specializing in illegal narcotics and weapons trafficking including Nuclear Pitts and warheads provided by the Bush Crime Cabal. It is called the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS) by Intel Insiders.

The purpose of this article is to provide an understanding of the Secret Shadow Government’s strategic game now being played out against you, a serious long term plan to transform you and every other susceptible person living in America into an Agent of the State, their State. If you refuse to become a “True Believer” that is, an Agent of the State (Their State) you will be placed in their new category “Enemy of the State.”

Who are these American dupes that are now being fed this false narrative behind the War on Terror which essentially converts those who hear this message and believe it into Agents of the State?

Who or what entity has hijacked the United States of America and how did they do this? What is their secret Agenda now and how does this relate to the Phony War on Terror Narrative that is being dispensed repeatedly by the Controlled major Mass media (CMMM)?

This whole scenario starting to look like the Bolshevik Transformation that took Czarist Russia into the most paranoid Surveillance State in history, and along with its step Child East Germany, the most evil regime since Nero’s Terror?(2) Folks should view this Psyop as attempt to deploy Bolshevik Red Terror because that is what is intended by those who have deployed this massive Psyop, best described at the Phony War on Terror Narrative which has been repeatedly dispensed to the American Masses by the World Zionist Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM).

Mayer_Amschel_RothschildIt’s the Neo-Bolsheviks, aka the City of London based Rothschild World Zionists, that are behind this synthetic Phony War on Terror.

What group is behind this Mass-Mind control of this War on Terror narrative, what is their secret history and why are they so exceedingly evil, beyond a normal persons’ ability to imagine or fathom? The folks who created and deployed this massive Psyop are the same World Zionist (WZ) group who criminally hijacked America through the seizure of it Monetary Production and Distribution System in 1913 are foreign invaders, City of London Rothschild World Zionists.(3)

These folks are World Zionists (WZs) best described as Neo-Bolsheviks. They are the same families and groups that seized Czarist Russia in 1917 (financed by the Rothschild Banksters and some Wall Street Banks) and deployed the Cheka Red Terror to torture, raper and mass-murder at least 66 million Russians (some experts say up to 100 million). They murdered the Czars Family, bayoneting the young children, and then proceeded to role out the most inhuman terror campaign in history, the Red Checka Red Terror which immediate tortured, raped and slaughtered over 20 million Russian peasants and anti-Bolshevik dissidents.(4)

[youtube d05QF78_Bcw]

The new Crusaders.

These World Zionists (WZs) are the New Crusaders run by the Rothschild World Zionist Banksters out of the City of London who are obsessed with occupying Palestine and specifically Jerusalem where they have an age old obsession to seat their NWO Luciferian World Ruler as soon as they can pull it off. And an important part of their Secret Agenda is to start a nuclear WW3 in the Mideast that will clear much of the land including Palestine and yes, even Israel so that they can destroy all religions except Luciferianism and then install their Anti-Christ.

The first thing needed to gain a good working understanding of this neo-Bolshevik, collectivist game of “Pin the Tail on the Domestic or Lone-wolf Terrorist” before folks can stop this plan cold in its tracks.

nuclear_power_10This game of attacking America with a nuclear Terror False-Flag on 9/11/01 and blaming it on foreign Terrorists was the first step in the SSG’s alchemical process of activating great survival fear in the American Group Mind.

The second step was to select a false proxy enemy that the SSG (and those financial powers behind it) intended to attack all along on behalf of the Rothschild owned and controlled nation of Israel.

The third step was to communicate the idea through each of the six Controlled Major Mass media (CMMM) that the only entity which could handle this huge threat to you and your family’s lives was the USG itself, its army, its Police and the newly emergent Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

The fourth step has been to expand the definition of Foreign Islamic Terrorist which was had been presented as the main threat to all Americans to include the newer category of Domestic Terrorist and Lone-wolf Terrorists. These categories were expanded by DHS, the main defining Agency controlling all Mass Media information about Terrorism to include Vets, returning Vets, Catholics, Evangelical Christians, Gun Owners, Ron Paul Supporters, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Tax Protestors and as Janet Reno once stated (when she was US Attorney General), anyone who goes to church twice a week and carries their Bible with them.

The DHS/Fusion Centers definition of what a Terrorist is is ever expanding and soon will include all Americans except those in the federal Family (aka those emplotyed by the USG or those who control it).

image00122And now this new expanded definition of terrorists also includes anyone who questions the policies and practices of the USG or any of its Agencies, or engages in any peaceful civil protesting which is supposed to be everyone’s legal right according to the US Constitution.

The Fifth Step has been to deploy Israeli Anti-terror training aka community involvement to Corporations (large first, then small too), church leaders, police departments and all institutions and agencies of government, even including the US Postal Service, the US Census Department, and many more (who DHS is arming up with full auto M-16 actual Assault Rifles).

There are over 100 programs to do this, one notable one is InfraGuard which has deputized Corporate Security Departments with “shoot to kill” authority for any so-called acts of Domestic Terrorism on company property. Now even Churches are being trained with Israeli Anti-terror practices. All this is being done to strengthen the mass public acceptance of this Biggest Lie of recent History, the phony War on Terror Narrative with the intention of making this World’s largest Psyop as effective as possible.

Threat-Level-225x300Mass Paranoid Delusion Fears in the American Group Mind are the intended creation of DHS and those WZs who set it up and now run it as an Israel foreign occupying force inside America.

The keystone of this Phony War on Terror Narrative is the Paranoid “Thought Bomb” dispensed by former DHS Director Janet Napolitano, the phrase “If you see something, say something.” As DHS Director, he was deeply committed to imprinting this fear of others deep in the American Group Mind, which is a subconscious reality most Americans just do not understand. It is real but is just below the surface of consciousness.

The “See Something Say Something” Agenda is a well designed and deployed DHS program to create a Paranoid American Snitch Society where folks lose all trust for their neighbors and give up all community ties in order to worship the State as their new Benevolent Parent Figure and some cases as their new God.

Here is example of what millions of dollars ripped off from American taxpayers by the illegal Taxes collected by the IRS have produced. Expertly produced, very slick propaganda but based on a very Big Lie, the Phony War on Terror Narrative.

[youtube A_hmsYOAEjc]

Yes, many of the major Urban Police Chiefs have been selected, put into office and are designated propaganda dispensers for this Phony War and Terror Message. Many of these are “true believers” and have drunk the WZ Koolaide. these men make public speeches and statements and their Sergeants and Lieutenants do training programs for large and small Businesses, Churches, and Civic Organizations and Groups. They all sound so sincere and well meaning. But understand this clearly, these Police Chiefs and their Brass have all been completely conned, misinformed and have drunk the WZ, Israeli Phony War on Terror Koolaide.

[youtube z8eoTCEn2bY&feature=player_detailpage]

These Dupes in fact have become disposable Cutouts and the true enemies within the Gates of America. They no longer Protect and Serve We the People, but knowingly or unknowingly have completely sold out to DHS and the neo-Bolshevik covert invaders that created it and now control it, and in the process have secretly consolidated all American Alphabets, Intel and Law Enforcement and deployed the resulting Mega Agency (DHS) as WZ Agents of Israel, and as a private WZ Israeli Occupying Police-State Army inside America.

[youtube T_nG9pguxyM]

The purpose of the “See something, say something” instruction is transform as many naive American dupes as possible into Agents of the State, complete snitches who give up their very souls for the idea of State-provided safety at all costs. And the cost are great, loss of freedom. giving power to an entity who has illegally seized the reins of the USG and is plotting to terrorize, tyrannize, oppress, asset strip, disarm, inter, and eventually mass-murder these naive American dupes who drink the DHS provided Koolaid. The CIA’s massive Mind-Kontrol research experiment at Jonestown allowed the refinement and perfecting of these methods which have formed the basis of this massive War on Terror narrative Psyop against the American People.

The folks at Jonestown were murdered and did not commit suicide. Special Op “Clean Teams” were deployed to murder those who fled into the jungle using small arms fire, those that wouldn’t drink the poisoned Koolaide which were most. After they were shot they were dragged back into the Jonestown Central Meeting Place and piled on top of one another.

DHS has a sinister origin and is essentially little more than a Rothschild Zionist foreign occupying military force inside America.

DHS is a RICO criminal foreign based espionage organization that was created by the Israel though the use of Nuclear Blackmail. It is nothing less than an Israeli Police State occupying force inside America that has hijacked almost all Law Enforcement, the Alphabets and much of the whole USG. The USG entity it has not completely gained control over is the US Military. The High Command of the US Military so far is independent, unlike the prior JCS and some High Military which was filled with Traitors who participated in the 9/11/01 nuclear attack on America along with VP Cheney, Rumsfeld, the PNACers, top NeoCons and their Dual and Triple Citizen partners in crime.

The Phony War on Terror Narrative is a Monstrous Lie and the biggest Psyop ever created and deployed in History.

It is comprised of the message that Islamics and now even many American Citizens want to blow things up in America and mass-murder Americans because they hate our democracy, that is our way of life in America. It is amazing there are so many naive dupes in America who accepted this narrative hook line and sinker even though there was not a single element of truth in it.

The United States of America is NOT a Democracy, and never was.

The first lie is that the United States of America is a Democracy. It isn’t, it is a Constitutional, Representative Republic. And this is far different than a Democracy. Whenever you hear this lie, know that the dispenser of it is seriously misinformed. The second lie is that Islamics and American dissidents hate the American way of life. This can easily to be shown to be completely untrue. What they hate is the complete lawlessness at every level of Government in America, all the illegal foreign wars of aggression America enters against them. And they hate the USG’s willingness to enter into these illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared foreign proxy wars of aggression to the World Zionists and Israel.

It is these American proxy wars for the Rothschild Banksters and their main action-agent Israel which destroys so many thousands wonderful American Soldiers and their futures and results in millions of innocent dead in these foreign countries which are targeted by the SSG (described by the CMMM as mere collateral damage).

The only folks that want to mass-murder Americans are those World Zionists, Israelis, Dual and Triple Citizens, PNACers, and top NeoCons who run DHS and the other Israeli espionage fronts like the ADL and AIPAC that have infiltrated America.

They mass murdered 3,000+ Americans on 9/11/01 and their slow kill from it now has over 70,000 first responders and residents living around NYC or who worled in it dying of radiation related cancers from the 9/11/01 attacks. Donna Summer a well respected Pop Singer from the 1970’s and 1980’s died of lung cancer she told friends was caused by the 9/11/01 pollution. She lived in NYC and was exposed to the dust from the nuclear demo of the Twin Towers.

Another lie of this War on Terror narrative is that these Islamics and so-called American Domestic Terrorists and Lone-wolf Terrorists want to mass-murder Americans inside America. That is not only untrue, but it is actually a psychological trick called Projection, that is, the practice of accusing someone else of what you intend to do.

Yes, the Rothschild Banksters have intended all along to use their Israeli controlled DHS and other stateside assets inside the USG and major Tax Free Foundations to tyrannize, disarm, Intern and then mass-murder all American Goyim. And with the concurrent goal of also simultaneously using the American Military and their numerous private mercenary armies to wage foreign wars for the WZs and Israel.(/strong>

But never forget that the main reason the WZs infiltrated and hijacked America in 1913 was to implant their Rothschild Bankster Franchise the Federal Reserve System in order to asset strip all the wealth and assets from what their view as the subhuman, dumb American Goyim.

At this point, even if told by friends or associates, that this War on Terror Narrative is completely false and a major Psyop based on projection, many Americans just plain cannot fit in their heads at all.

They would have to hear it repeatedly reported by the CMMM in order to believe it and this will never happen because the CMMM is completely owned and controlled by World Zionists Cutouts, stooges and Dual and Triple Citizen Traitors.

It can occur via the worldwide Internet, the New Gutenberg press and that is why this article has been written, in order to wake up folks who have believed this BIG USG and CMMM dispensed lie, the phony War on Terror Narrative that is perhaps the World’s biggest Psyop ever conceived and deployed.

DHS and the WZs who run it have been making a monumental efforts to militarize all American Police Departments. They have provided full-auto M-16s and MP-5s, grenade launchers, armored stations, some which can be elevated, armored personnel carriers and tons of s0-called “surplus military gear” to almost every single Police Department in America which is willing to sign an Agreement giving up jurisdiction to the DHS, FEMA and the “Feds” when requested.

They have provided ADL type Israel Anti-Terror Training which is nothing less than Mind-Kontrol, designed to transform most Police Officers into Paranoid hyper-vigilant, paramilitary Agents of the State who have abandoned the previous agenda of “protect and serve” to the new DHS motto of “surveil, terrorize, tyrannize and murder at the slightest back-talk or resistance”.

Expose this Big Lie Psyop and do everything you can to get this truth out to all your family, friends and associates.

Folks need to expose this huge WZ Psyop the Phony War on Terror narrative by sharing this truth with all their friends and associates. the CMMM is losing prominence by the day and less and less Americans respect it or believe their dispensed USG propaganda anymore. The worldwide Internet, the New Gutenberg Press can communicate truth at the speed of light.

Once truth is published on the Internet it spreads instantly all over the World and resonates with many. Because Truth resonates so deeply in many who are becoming increasingly awake to the Big Government Lies used to manipulate the masses, it overpowers even the craftiest misinformation and the numerous WZ stooges and sock-puppets out there.

The situation is highly fluid now and it the tipping point is soon at hand where the number of awaken Truthers exceeds and will overpower the WZ stooges and Fusion Center/NSA/USARMY cyber-warfare sock-puppets, like the special USARMY Cyber Warfare unit at Fort Huachuca that has been attacking the Veterans Today website and messing with VT writers computers, or the young sock-puppets working at numerous Fusion Centers who are misinformed Agents of the State who cyber attack numerous Truthers all over America.

Expose all the Dual and Triple Citizens like Argentina did and prevent them ever occupying any government or quasi-government offices or so-called non-profit Foundations or Defense Policy Think-Tanks.

As more and more Americans wake up there is a good opportunity coming to drive our foreign WZ invaders out of America. Like Argentina recent action, all Dual (or Triple) Citizenships would have to be outlawed and folks with this history prevented from serving in any USG or quasi-governmental roles. Lee Wanta’s vast funds must be released to him and his American High Speed Maglev Railroad must be immediately started. This alone would provide Two Million immediate good paying job opportunities.(4) And Lee Wanta’s Plans to revitalize and re-industrialize America must be immediately enacted.(5)

And this would bring tremendous prosperity back to America and an end to Free-Trade, with Fair Trade and Tariffs in place. It would also entail the creation of a true US Treasury Central Bank owned by We the People, backed by real gold and silver and commodities, without any foreign or Rothschild ownership and No private Federal Reserve System or its illegal, Unconstitutional Puerto Rican based private collection system the IRS.

A very nasty forced choice is being deployed against all Americans.

A very nasty forced choice is being deployed on all Americans by DHS and the WZs behind it who hijacked America in 1913. Essentially all Americans are being forced to make a choice, either become an Agent of the State, or you will be considered an Enemy of the State. As the convicted War Criminal Bush2 so well stated in his message for the WZs who created and run DHS on Israel’s behalf, Either you are with us or the Terrorists. This is a very crafty method to scare and intimidate the American Masses into giving up all their basic Constitutional Rights.

[youtube -23kmhc3P8U]

Watch this Bush2 Speech and see if you can catch all the Big Lies and Mind-kontrol and he beats the drums of war and dispenses some of this toxis WZ Propaganda designed to Mind-Kontrol We the People.

Never Forget that it was Bushes, Cheney, Rumsfeld, the PNACers, the top NeoCons and a select group of Traitors in the JCS, NORAD, the USAF and the FAA who helped the Mossad nuke the twin Towers and attack the Pentagon on 9/11/01.

The following video clip shows the massive lies that led to so many dead and seriously wounded American Soldiers and so many dead and wounded innocent Civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan, obvious proxy wars fought for Israel and the WZs.

Yes, it is time to get very angry about all the CMMM lies dispensed to We the People by Presstitutes and Major Mass Media Whores and scum, and the Traitors and Infiltrators behind this massive Psyop based on the Phony War on Terror “Big Lie” Narrative. This video clip is filled with Big Lies and war propaganda.

[youtube btkJhAM7hZw]

The ball is in your court. Refuse to accept this Psyops, refuse to be bifurcated into an enemy of the State (Their state) or an Agent of Their State. Let us work together to disseminate the truth about this World’s Greatest Psyop and take back our own country from these Luciferian “Synogogue of Satan” WZ hijackers.

Now for the punchline of this story. The bottom line of this sophisticated Psyop deployed against the American Masses based on this big phony USG Lie.

The War on Terror Narrative is designed to bifurcate the American People into two groups: Potential and actual Enemies of the State and “True Believers” in this Phony War on Terror narrative including the so-called “Federal Family” which consists of Federal Agents and Police.

But also included are those in the Urban police Departments who have bought into this Phony War on Terror Narrative.

These so-called Public servants (actually they are just the opposite, Agents of the State) believe they are protected by DHS/FEMA and the FBI. In the long run as this secret Israeli exported neo-Bolshevik terror machine unfolds and deploys its full range of tyranny and oppression in America, all federal Family and all so-called Police and others serving the State will be eventually systematically disposed of also. More on how this is planned to be rolled out in future articles as more insider information trickles in.

The important message here is that anyone, Police, USG Agent or otherwise that pretends to be a public servant and buys into this Phony Narrative from which this War on Terror Psyop is based will eventually become a Deer in the Headlights and an instant target of the WZ invaders. Most will probably not perceive any warning of their own imminent demise which bushwhacks them along will all other American Goyim.

This article is dedicated to all the brave, truth-oriented Police Officers, American Soldiers, USG Officials, Federal Agents and Judges who refused to be indoctrinated with the Phony “War on Terror” Narrative, refused to go along with the Phony War on Terror against We the People and have paid the price in spades, some seriously harassed and quite a few who lost their careers and pensions for doing so, some being murdered for their speaking out.

It is also dedicated to those who blindly accepted the BIG USG Lie dispensed by the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) that the 9/11/01 Attack on America was done by Mideastern Islamics, but have now rejected that Phony War on Terror Narrative and understand the the 9/11/01 attack on America was a Gladio-style, inside-job, False-Flag attack done by Israeli assets and operatives, including the Mossad, top NeoCons and PNACers that are Dual and Triple Israeli-American Citizens and Israeli-Firsters, also with the assistance of a select group of American Traitors in the JCS, the USAF, NORAD and the FAA.

And it is also dedicated to all the folks that initially drank the USG Koolaide that the 9/11/01 attack on America was run by a deathly ill Bin Laden (CIA trade-name Tim Osman) who was dying from kidney failure of Marfans Syndrome (same genetic disiorder Abe Lincoln had) while he was holed up in a cave in Afghanistan via his unscrambled cell phone, but are now just starting to understand this Narrative is all a Big Government Lie and War Propaganda dispensed by the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM).

For those who are now waking up to the Truth about 9/11/01 and the Phony War on Terror Narrative, may you have the courage to learn the real truth about this nuclear attack on America on 9/11/01 and draw a line in the sand where you refuse to harass or tyrannize, disarm, intern and mass-murder innocent American Citizens and their Families as DHS is planning to eventually order you to do.









  1. “” Americans love to dig their own graves by voting for liars and cheaters and con artists to run America.””

    That is an over-generalized assertion . It is not even certain that most voters do that since the voting system is likely very corrupted . Blaming the victims of high political crimes , such as electioneering fraud and governmental brainwashing to name just a few , is not a kosher thing to do .

  2. What Every Vet Needs to Know

    A Christian Veteran had a vision from the Lord in which he was shown America being bombed and invaded all over. He then saw Obama and his top brass get on the tv airwaves and exhort all veterans to report to recall centers immediately to “save the country”, but he was told by the Holy Spirit, “It’s a trap. When they ask you to report for recall, do not go, but listen to Me and I will give you guidance.” He then saw that those who reported to the recall centers were executed – no matter how gung-ho, patriotic, and ignorant they were. He then saw those who had not reported were put on a list, and US Mafia hit squads were dispatched to their homes to kill them. This will be a psy-op that will make the US Mafia’s job of exterminating Veterans a whole lot easier. I firmly believe it will not matter if you are a 9/11 Liar or a 9/11 Truther. If you are a US Veteran of any branch, you will be executed regardless if you are not close to the Lord.

  3. Veterans Today When are you guys going to start selling 9/11 Truth Bumper Stickers and 9/11 Truth T-Shirts, so we can bring some traffic and get the word out???

  4. The Luciferians have apparently suffered a big set back – a bunch of their deities may have been taken out, including old Luci himself. I’ve suggested soul dissolution just in case they haven’t thought of that. It seems the head of the Illuminati and the Great White Brotherhood also captured.

    • If any cabal members are reading my messages, I recommend you stop doing evil now. It’s really not good for your soul. And Happy Equinox everyone! Clif High said things will be different post-equinox and if what I’ve heard is true, they certainly will be.

  5. This whole seemingly insurmountable problem has a very simple solution Dr. James, not easily achieved but guaranteed to bring their police state to a screeching halt. Take the the mass media away from them and I won’t even say who them is. Every VT reader knows just who them is.

  6. The widespread destruction heaped upon previously functional societies continues to surface. Marxism/Communism/Socialism are perverse illnesses. There is no other way around it. Spare a thought for all the Ukrainians, Russians, and Chinese who were so viscously tormented by this criminal system.

    http //

  7. yatsenyuk and chinese sun yat sen(1905) and stalin and Ukrain and eucommision united nations russian communism and chinese communism ww1 ww2 centralbanksters nobils aipac and all Nations as commonwealths for chinese empire for millenia now…

    http //

  8. We veterans have always been pawns for the powerful, using and manipulating ‘patriotism’ to justify support for more of the same. People here brag about being VIETNAM vets, for Christs sake. A war fought that didn’t need fighting, killed and injured by the thousands for no reason at all, hundreds of thousands who didn’t need killing and maiming on the other side. And vets bragging about being a part of it. Running foot races to tell the biggest lies about the personal participation. Everyone of us who served in the military since WWII was a dupe and part of the problem. We’re fools.

    • Old Jules, Your words ring so very true! (I wish you were a writer on the staff here at VT!) As a young conscientious adult during the Vietnam War, I felt torn between supporting our troops & opposing the obvious lies of our government leaders who sent them into a “schizophrenic” war. Having friends fighting in the war, my loyalties were definitely with the troops, but many of us felt a deep disconnect with TPTB. The gruesome daily body counts on the nightly news as well as the bodies of fallen soldiers being off-loaded from planes sickened many of us. Dr. James is a hero in revealing what must be said & repeated until it sinks into the consciousness/conscience of the majority of Americans as well as the military leaders who have the power to challenge the status quo of the war-mongers…

    • Why start at WW2 when you can go all the way back to every malitia ever formed since the Hebrew genocide of the Amelkites ? Then try to figure out what would have happened if those militias had not been formed . Chances are that the lions would have eventually consumed all humans since we are really especially vulnerable as a species without our counter-predatory capabilities . Mankind’s only real existential predatory threat is from other dissatisfied human predators like the ones who are astronomicly rich and still can never get enough money or other valuable resources . The sheeple are not going to solve that problem .

  9. They have learned we are lazy and disinterested in our homeland. There are many of us. Far too many to confront directly and overtly for we would have held them accountable long ago. Yes Mr. GHW Bush, we would have run you down the streets and out of town if we knew what had done (and still are doing.) Probably the only thing in your cowardice life you’ve been right about.)
    We Americans are like the majority of people from all nations, i.e., good hearted, basically honest and patriotic to their homeland.
    We are among the worst when it comes to doing our civic duties and protecting our home from “foreign or domestic” threats. For many years the real threat has come from right here at home from the hidden cowards from own people. All they needed was a few consecutive presidents to sell out the American people by saying one thing and doing another behind the scenes where no one can notice their traitorous behavior. The Bush/Clinton/Bush/Oblunder 26 years have doomed this nation. If We the People.. do not awaken our children and forward will have nothing, and life as if incarcerated and slaving for these hidden cowards who now cannot show their face. These insiders who we blindly trusust to conduct the nations business are not our friends. Thank you Mr. James. No wonder they want our weapons while telling us the boogey man is right around the corner. How petty.

  10. Remember Bush 2 with the mega-phone next to the pile of debris shortly after 9/11/01 saying “Can you hear me? Well I can hear you,…and the people who did this are going to hear from us”

    That was far too intelligent a comment for him, ad lib, on the spur of the moment. I suspect he’d been working on that one for at least 6 months.

  11. Thanks for the article. The actions of “agents of the state” are colloquially being called gangstalking. I’ve been a target of this for awhile now. Smears, privacy invasion, my car tampered with, home security system hacked/tapped (as in they could watch inside my home and listen via the cellphone based home alarm/security system), community stalkers, cellphone tapped, etc..etc..etc…I divorced a military officer and he was obviously acting as an agent of the state. A sell out. Had neighbors giving me hints and warnings…followed by Surveillance Role Players, my computer fried, clips of various conversations left for me on my voicemail,….the sad thing is that many naive people have been lied to and led to believe they are doing a “good thing”. A website I recommend for info on gangstalking is fightgangstalking dot com (not my site but has good info). PLEASE DON’T BECOME A “USEFUL IDIOT’ BY BECOMING AN AGENT OF THE STATE…aka Stasi Community Informant. I’m a single mom, an artist and a student. I’m not mentally ill, I’m not a criminal nor am I a terrorist….I’m no threat to anyone or anything and I never have been. However, I’ve been targeted. Innocent, good people, are being targeted by psychotic criminals.

  12. “…like the special USARMY Cyber Warfare unit at Fort Huachuca that has been attacking the Veterans Today website and messing with VT writers computers…

    Wake yourself up, Dr. James. Personal security is the first order of business. Keep “them” out of your computer.

    Here’s the way to do it, and it’s free;

    https //

    If you don’t have the geek chops to do it for yourself, then make friends with a geek.

    “The keystone of this Phony War on Terror Narrative is the Paranoid “Thought Bomb” dispensed by former DHS Director Janet Napolitano, the phrase “If you see something, say something.” As DHS Director, he…”

    That was a hilarious typo. Or was it a typo?

  13. Dr. James,
    The people in this once great nation are taking quite a different path from the constraints of the repression state, than subservience vs. opposition; they are simply ignoring it.
    In a very real way, the world has changed beyond the games and gesticulations of those convinced of their own self importance. This was inevitable, with the oppression of myth and thought everywhere, no one is any longer paying attention.
    You see, sir, the ground rules have undergone a massive shift, and the psychopathy will not grasp this, until their shot up corpses litter the streets, which will happen. A healthy society cannot be managed by sick perverts, thus the sick perverts are ensuring their own demise.
    Control is only control as long as the psychopathy keeps things running. Yet it is impossible to keep things running while continuously destroying it for more short term profit and hype.
    This will get more interesting.

  14. The 1985 movie “Brazil” was thought to be at the time — like “Dr. Strangelove” and “Network” — outrageous satire. Sadly, now “Brazil” has elements which have come to pass. “If you see something, say something” conjures memories of “Suspicion breeds confidence,” one of several paranoid, snitching posters in the movie.

    • Good point, Brazil was many years ahead of its time in many ways and was actually quite predictive of the tyranny that has become the norm in America.

    • Preston, Thanks. I understand and agree with you. Thank God we have VT and you and your team.

      We need help from the rest of the WORLD in exposing 9/11/01. There MUST be a way to gain even greater traction NOW. And the people and countries from around the world that help us expose 9/11/01 will have friends here in the U.S. forever.

      Remember folks, The actions of this twisted, Zionist Controlled Government does NOT represent us.

      I just took a handful of blood pressure pills.

  15. Clif High says that the tipping point started at the end of August but it’s not a sharp pointy tip as with 9/11. Rather it will last till March 2015. He predicts that by mid April, the small frauds that people accepted as part of life will no longer be tolerated. His recent reports have very dire predictions of what’s coming for the US government. Clif’s timing really sucks but I do hope he’s right this time on this.

  16. That’s what Gaddafy told a BBC reporter who asked him what he would suggest could be done to eliminate World Terrorism. He said if a nuclear tipped cruise missile was sent into destroy the City of London Financial District, there would be no more Terrorism.

    • Maybe true but that would mean another disastrous 9/11 like strategy, which would breed another monster like the one that has risen after Nagasaki. With massive destructions it’s like with the Gremlins always the next generation spawned is worse and corrupt.

    • I just saw his speech to the Arab nations hosted in Syria right after Iraq was liberated. Interesting video. He stressed that the Arab nations he was speaking to were enemies to each other more than the US was to them, and because of that the Arab nations would fall one by one. Then the camera paned on Assad and the Saudi group.

  17. WZ hijackers forced this despicable overconfident shifty eyed little worm of a “president” upon the world seen with a lying Zionist script…”the war on terror”..they framed the blame on islam when nothing could be further from the truth…true islam is a true ally against world zionism…now they give us ISIL…”islamic state” when it is NOT islamic …. they also need to keep this division in the minds of the masses for their fear and fabrication based psyops to be effective….time to roll

    • Well put, especially “shifty eyed little worm.” Dumbya was the most-obvious liar since Nixon, always giving himself away with those shifty little eyes and phony, insincere moments when he tried to portray “thought.” He could have learned a few lessons from Clinton — bite lower lip and wag thumb. That got ’em every time. Well, most every time.

    • JC almost abolished barbarism in theology then Islam arose 600 years later to re-establish it in theology ; and everyone has always been against usury except of course banksters .

  18. Somehow there are no winners in the War on terror, except maybe for weapons production. Yep, the curse of the big empires goes on, if its not growing it is falling apart, this is of course control of thought Stalinism 101. Or Bushism as a new educational paradigm of historic tyranny. Innocent people of middle east are pigs for slaughter in this mutual marriage between CIA and the global Dark side of human hearts and minds. If US citizens are becoming informant agents and analysts then the extremist undercover islamists are becoming operative agents in the full sense of the word. Hope that all employers of these agents home and abroad might come under common sense some time near or we are all going to perish because of intelligence agency being unintelligent.

    • Yes, the goal is always to keep perpetual wars going and mass-murder and maim as many humans as possible in the process. This thins the herd according to their eugenics agenda and consumes as much war product as possible keeping war profits massive for the Banksters and Defense Contractors. Plus it destroys, disables and demoralizes most young American Soldiers, weakening the fabric of America. which is a major part of the WZ’s Agenda to mass-murder all American Goyim via DHS Dual and Triple Citizen controllers.

    • Preston, How can the people at these weapons manufactures work all day figuring out how to kill and slaughter more and more other people around the world, and then go home to their wife and kids and have a cookout?

      Compartmentalizing of info or are they soul-less?

  19. Thanks for more of your excellent reportage about the centuries-old Marxist scheme that has tormented us for so long. And thanks especially for noting that insidious “If you see something say something” trap. That only helps the schemers eliminate witnesses. One such witness who ‘saw and said’ was nurse Jenny Gallagher who was working at the time of the Colorado shooting. Some time afterwards she was found dead.

    http //

    However calling them neo-Crusaders does not follow, any more than neo-Roman legions or neo-Samurai. Those were fighters, these guys are scammers. It also gives them valor when in fact they are sissies when cornered. Even the cannibal Aztec warriors had a higher sense of honor than the gang who currently run world events.

    • Perfect analysis Ann. The architects of the ‘new world order’ are in fact simply a criminal gang of jewish conspirators. Their control of low people in high places sometimes gives the one world order plan a credibility and respectability that these deviant crooks do not and have never deserved.

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